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December 21, 2014
Something Beautiful – 885 (all ) – Ray Brunner
Scripture Reading: James 4:7-10
Welcome & Announcements - David Wood
Beautiful - 66 (1, 3)
Have Thine Own Way, Lord – 197 (1 & 4)
Prayer: Barry Kughn
At Calvary – 53 (1 & 4)
Communion/Contribution: Ed Prada
(Children to Little Worship)
Because He Lives – 68 (1, 3)
“What Shepherds Can Teach Us” – Steve Cordle
Come To Jesus - 103 (1, 3)
Memory Verse: Psalms 13:6
My Hope is Built On Nothing Less - 438 (1)
Closing Prayer: Gary Rasbury
Singing: Ray Brunner
Prayer: Jay Meadows
“Inaugural Sermons: Prospering God’s Way”: Steve Cordle
Lord’s Supper: Ed Prada
Closing Prayer: David Wood
Priscilla Clark – Cancer. Friend of Barbara Milton. Wife of Steve Clark,
Ensley minister.
Kim Higginbotham – Jimmie Rasbury’s daughter. Blood clots &
Olen Moore – Fell and fractured his neck. Denese Pound’s father.
John Sehon – Neurosurgery on December 22.
Helene Sutliff – Moved to Columbia Cottage, 3776 Crosshaven Dr, Room 19,
Birmingham, AL 35226 near the Summit.
Ron Williams – Breathing issues-on IV antibiotics at home.
Lottie Wilson – Home. Pelvis cracked in three places.
Jean Alexander
Mildred & Sandi Boshell
Pauline Burnette
Nell Cameron
Nell & Terry Canady
Fannie N Fuentes
Foy Guin
Robert Hancock, Rm.5A5123
Marcilene Holt
Anthony Johnson
Wesley Irvin
Kathi Klein
Bill & Barry Kughn
Barbara Milton
Mable Long
Kathy Parrish
Carolyn Reeser
Kevin Reeves
Imogene Roberts
John Sehon
Helene Sutliff
Eddie Wiggins
Ron Williams
Tommie & Lottie Wilson
Jean Yerby
Family &
Katherine Barnard
Elaine Blair
Gary Bouldin
Don Brunner
Sarah M Calcatera
Terry Claunch
Freda Cleland
Dana Cooper
Bryan Crow
Gregory Dean
Blake Duncan
Flossie Duncan
Jane Ford
Marian George
Jan Hall
Ginger Harris
Della Hobey
Jackie Hunt
Johnny Laney
Josh Lasseter
Nicki McIntyre
Lester McNatt
Houston Meadows
Thu., 25 – Carolyn Williamson
Sun., 28 – Jay Meadows
Annette Mills
Donald Minor
Kent Murphy
Olen Moore
Cathy Mullican
Eva Nell Naramore
Rebecca Nelms
Tyler Pounds
Catherine Rich
Richard Schaffer
Gail Sutliff
Geneva Setliff
Billy Shikle
D. Smith
Jackie Stagner
Donny Taylor
Dianne Wells
Mary F. White
Jimmy Willmon
Jay Wright
Offering 12/14/14
Donation 3,872
-- 6,046
Average -- 6,076
Dec. 18 – Raymond & Dale Hawkins
Attendance 12/14/14
AM Worship - 120
PM Worship – No Service
There will be NO lunch served here on today, December 21 and
next Sunday, December 28. The next lunch will be on January 4,
There will be no Wednesday night service on December 24,
Christmas Eve, and December 31, New Year’s Eve. The next
Wednesday night service is January 7, 2015.
Steven Cordle is here today with his wife, Debbie and their young
adopted daughter, Amelia, who is of African and Middle Eastern
Steven has 18 years of full time preaching experience, mainly in
Florida, Colorado and in Ontario, Canada. Steven has also served
at churches in Indiana, Oklahoma and California.
After getting a degree in criminal justice, he went back to school
after he was converted. This time he went to school to learn to be
a minister.
Steven has two books that have been published, plus three other
books that have not yet been published. He has also had articles
printed in seven different publications.
If you would like to help on the needs of Jimmie Rasbury’s
daughter, Kim Higginbotham, you can put items in the big box at
the back of the auditorium or you can make a check to Palisades
and designate it for Kim H.
Sympathy is expressed to Matthew Glasscock whose brother was
killed in a Saturday, December 13 vehicle accident.
Lessons Learned From the Shepherds
Luke 2:7-20
The Shepherds Teach Us that Everyone Is Important
to God
God Has Great News For All Who Believe
How You Respond To God Is Important
What You Do With This good News Is Very
Psalms 127
I. We Prosper When We Listen To God.
II. We Prosper When We Draw Near To God
III. We Prosper When We Make Our Faith and Our Walk In
Christ Real
By Steven Cordle – July 3, 2009
Like many people I was inundated last week with all the celebrity deaths
that suddenly occurred. Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael
Jackson, all died during the week, then on Sunday we learned of the
passing of TV pitchman Billie Mays. When a well-known person dies
we hear all about his or her accomplishment in life, their hit records,
movies, the money and other possessions they accumulated. After death,
we also hear about the abusive and bizarre behavior as well as generous
acts that celebrities performed in life, as well as how good or bad a
business man and money manager they were. Now let’s consider the
bottom line of all the accomplishments of people like Ed McMahon,
Farrah Fawcett or Michael Jackson: none of them matter. The opinions
of friends, colleagues, fans and reporters don’t matter, how they died
their position in life and catchy nicknames, none of these matter. All that
matters now is where they stand with God.
Many times in this life we get hung up on matters such as
celebrity status, exalted titles, making as much money as we can and
acquiring as many material possessions as we can. The fact is, God will
not be impressed with our money, clothes, houses, cars or anything like
that. All God is concerned about is whether or not we have obeyed His
Son. Jesus said, “If you do not believe that I am He (the Messiah or
Savior), you shall die in your sins”. There are a lot of people who claim
Christianity as their religion, but how many really have obeyed Christ?
When we close our eyes in death it is too late to obey Christ. The time to
do it is now. I don’t know what Frank Sinatra’s standing with God is and
even if I did, it’s too late to do anything about it now. But, for those
reading this essay, it’s not too late. What is your status with God? If
there is any question, say something so we can help you settle the most
important question you will ever have to answer.
We recently entered the summer season, a time when we observe
life in nature by looking at plants and trees in full bloom, plus animal life
around us. What better way to make the arrival of a season and time of
the year that commemorates life than to be born again and raised to a
new life and beginning with God? Or, if you have at one time obeyed
the gospel and have not been faithful this is a great time to renew our
relationship with God. Will you do that?
William B. Kughn
Jesus climaxes the sermon on the mount, showing how many
paid their allegiance to Him with a degree of honor, saying, “Lord,
Lord.” Jesus was well aware of their deceptive and dishonest actions
confessing him to be their Lord but failing to obey Him. He dealt with
their pretentious actions with a direct and pertinent question, "Why call
ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” (Luke 6:46) The
supreme importance of salvation requires doing the Lord’s will as set
forth in the impressive parable of the two builders.
The Wise Builder: "Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings
of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built
his house upon a rock" (Mat.7:24). He erects his house in a valley
containing the bed of a watercourse. During the dry season this bed is
dry or nearly so, with the result that there is no harm to either house.
However, everything depended on the foundation! Therefore, the wise
builder removed the gravel and dug deeply to the foundation rock, upon
which he built his house. So far so good, but the day of testing arrived:
The terrific storm is ushered in by the sudden winds, the dry bed begins
to fill with water, becoming a torrent, deep swift and furious flood,
threatening the very supports of the wall. While the Gale pommels and
beats against the house, “it fell not” (Mat. 7:25). According to the
teachings of Jesus the wise man listened, put the Lord’s words into
practice, and delivered from the destructive force of the storm. By the
grace of God the wise man did this.
The Foolish Builder: "And every one that heareth these sayings
of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which
built his house upon the sand”: (Mat. 7:26) The foolish builder builds his
house upon the sand, thinking any kind of a foundation is entirely
unnecessary. He seems to think that bright and sunny days will never
cease. This represents the man who is urged to follow his own sinful
will. He is sure to hear Christ's words, but does not place his trust in
them. Therefore, he completely fails to obey the Savior's commands. The
day of testing arrived. The fierce deluge undermined its walls, carrying
away the very sand on which it was erected. The ruin of this house was
complete. In reality, it describes the eternal destruction of the man who
hears the words of Christ, refuses to obey them, rejecting the grace of
God. God bless!
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