Connections for Abused Women and their Children
1116 N. Kedzie Avenue, 5th Fl
Chicago, IL 60651
Dear Friends,
After fifteen years serving in various capacities, I assumed my new role as
Executive Director of Connections for Abused Women and their Children
(CAWC), on October 1. This new role affords me the opportunity to provide
leadership of an agency with a mission that I deeply believe in and one with
Board and staff who work tirelessly toward the mission of ending domestic
violence. I acknowledge the many contributions made by Cordelia Ryan, past
Executive Director and offer my sincere appreciation for her eight years of
dedication and successful leadership. She has been a true advocate on behalf of
the individuals served by CAWC.
Catherine Carraway CAWC’s new Board President and I are excited to share
this Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report which highlights the accomplishments and
impact of Connections for Abused Women and their Children services. One
major accomplishment is the expansion of CAWC’s medical-based services to
Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Prentice Women’s Hospital. Another
accomplishment is the expansion of our legal advocacy services at the Domestic
Violence Courthouse. Each of these areas impact victims/survivors during a
critical time when they seek services that involve major decisions in their lives
and the lives of their children.
During FY14, there have been a number of high-profile events that remind each
of us about the continued need for life-saving services provided at CAWC’s five
locations. We are reminded that the need for awareness, advocacy and
education on appropriate responses to crimes of domestic violence is ongoing in
all areas of the community. These high visibility cases shed light on the daily
experiences of victims/survivors whose stories of humiliation, fear and pain are
not broad casted and often remain behind closed doors. These are individuals
and families that CAWC’s dedicated staff provide trauma-informed counseling,
advocacy, legal advocacy, and safety planning for with compassion and great
This work cannot be done alone. CAWC continues to thrive with the generous
support of donors, funders, and other community stakeholders. Our hope is that
as you read this report you celebrate another successful year for CAWC and our
collective commitment as allies to end domestic violence.
Kind regards,
Catherine Carraway
Stephanie Love-Patterson
Executive Director
In the last completed fiscal year, CAWC was able to provide
safe refuge, assistance and advocacy to 1,031 women and their
Greenhouse Shelter
Provided shelter to 234 people (92 women and 142 children)
Provided telephone assistance to 171 people.
Answered 2,829 hotline calls
The Hospital Crisis Intervention Project (HCIP)
Provided counseling and assistance to 256 patients
and trained 3,004 healthcare providers.
The Humboldt Park Outreach Program (HPOP)
Provided counseling, advocacy and assistance to 245participants
(199 women and 46 children) and answered 515 hotline calls.
Domestic Violence Services at Haymarket Center
Provided individual and group counseling to 137 women.
Training and Outreach in the Community
Provided three 40-hour trainings to 27 participants.
Financials (unaudited) Statement of Financial Positions as of June 30, 2014