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20 Dec 2014 to 26 Dec 2014
Residents sore with city's free Wi Fi service
By: Ankush Verma
Vashi: The free Wi Fi services
which were started at Vashi,
Koparkhairane and Nerul railway
stations with much fanfare do not
work all the time, complaint a
number of users. Users find
difficulty in connecting internet
through free Wi Fi connection and
at times if it connects, the
connection gets lost the next
moment. Most of the users
complained that they hardly get
connection at Vashi railway
“On first day, when it was
launched, I easily connected
internet in my mobile using the
free Wi Fi services. However, later
I have to make several attempts to
connect internet,” said Parul
Singh, a student of D Y Patil
Medical College, Nerul.
The 24-hour Wi-Fi system
was launched on August 25 at
Vashi railway station premises
making first place in city to have
free Wi Fi services. However,
within a week time, the users
started experiencing difficulty
while connecting internet.
The similar service was later
started at Nerul and Airoli station
where users also encounter
similar problems. “I commute
from Nerul railway station every
day since I am enrolled in D Y
Patil medical college. I was happy
when the service was launched.
Unfortunately, it takes too much
time to connect and even that gets
disconnected immediately,” said
Aditya Rane, another student.
According to service provider,
W-Net Internet Pvt Ltd, the 24hour Wi-Fi system has 6 mbps
speed which should give a
wonderful experience to internet
users. They have four routers for
accessing the service with 400 to
500 log in capacity.
The service provider suggest
that users sgould first switch the
Wi-Fi option 'ON' and after
opening the browser enter their
mobile number, name and email
ID on the link menu. “It is possible
that users may not be following
right process to connect internet,”
said the executive.
Sachin Adsul, personal
secretary of the Naik family said,
“We have got some complaints
regarding this issue and we taking
follow-ups with the company and
very soon it will be solved. We
have started this facility for the
benefits of the commuters who
spend their most of the time in
travelling like students, marketing
people, office goers etc. We will
make sure that everything will go
in smooth manner at the earliest.”
Drive against overloaded vehicles
Vashi: To curb the
menace caused by
overloaded vehicles on
highways, the Vashi
R e g i o n a l Tr a n s p o r t
Office (RTO) had begun
a 15 days special drive
against them on
highways and checkpost from December 3.
In the 14 days of the
drive, RTO booked a
total 215 heavy goods
vehicles and detained 41
vehicles and collected a
fine of Rs 29, 39,800 till
December 16. The RTO
office has been
conducting a regular drive with a
view to curb the menace caused
by overloaded vehicles on
RTO officers claim that
overloading causes the tyres to
burst, which is one of the primary
reasons for accidents on the
highways. The heavy loads also
cause mid-way breakdowns,
which lead to traffic jams. Dy.
RTO officer Sanjay Dhaygude
said, “The road damage is
directly proportional to the axle
load of the vehicle. Pavement
distress is certain if the vehicles
carry more load than the
prescribed limits. This
leads to destruction of
the overlays and
formation of potholes. It
becomes impossible for
the driver of an
overburdened vehicle to
maintain control of the
steering wheel which is
dangerous.” He added,
“Overloading leads to
overheating of tyres and
brakes and increased
stress on the suspension
system. Overloaded
freight vehicles add to
pollution, hamper
economic development
and increase costs. Therefore we
have started a special drive
against heavy vehicles that enter
the city”.
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