Enhancing and Diversifying
The Mid-Willamette Valley Economy
SEDCOR 2014 Annual Report
Mission/Vision Statement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
President’s message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
FY 2014 Achievements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Business Expansion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Executive Council & Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Business Retention . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
Business Recruitment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
SEDCOR Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13
Program of Action . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
SEDCOR Partners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
626 High Street NE, Suite 200 • Salem, OR 97301
503-588-6225 • Fax 503-588-6240
SEDCOR serves the Mid-Willamette Valley
region of Marion and Polk Counties.
Together these comprise the Salem
Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).
SEDCOR 2014 Annual Report
Chairman’s Message
Let’s be clear. The recession is over in the Mid-Willamette Valley. Better yet, let’s declare that Marion and Polk
counties can recover in ways that will far surpass the boom of the last decade. Now, let’s get down to work and
make it happen!
Strategic Economic Development Corporation (SEDCOR) has a key role in this prosperity. We join together
to lock in the competitive advantage of the region for those of us who live here now, and those to come in the
future. We leverage our personal and organizational relationships to invest wisely.
Theresa Haskins
SEDCOR Chairman
Now we need to take advantage of this window of opportunity and make it happen.
SEDCOR members are adventurous, curious, and always resourceful. We take time and effort to share ideas
and resources with those around us because we hold ourselves accountable. SEDCOR members take the time to
introduce a supplier to another vendor or competitor. Why? Because we know the value of relationship and see
how it benefits a strong business community.
For these, I say thank you, SEDCOR members! Thank you for what you do best: invest in your businesses.
Thanks for the hard work to tackle training challenges and create a future workforce. And thank you for sharing
your time, treasure and strength to support SEDCOR and our terrific staff team.
We grow our economy by building relationships. Whether it’s the industry supply chain, or connecting investors
with great projects, we “connect the dots” to create new opportunities. Let’s each take action. Introduce yourself
and your business to someone you don’t know and create something new. Let’s use our spirit, staff energy, and
board commitment to make it happen.
Good bye, recession. Welcome, wonderful Willamette Valley 2015!
Theresa Haskins
Business Markets Manager
Portland General Electric
SEDCOR: Meeting the needs of business in the region
Five Key Industries
1 Advanced Manufacturing
2 Value-added Agriculture
Forestry and Value-Added Wood
4 Aviation/AerospaceTechnology
5 Transportation/Distribution
The lead economic development agency for
Marion and Polk Counties, SEDCOR is a nonprofit
association of 400 business and community leaders
committed to the economic vitality of the MidWillamette Valley region.
SEDCOR focuses on supporting and growing traded-sector businesses in
the region, with a targeted focus. These industries have the best potential
for job growth, to pay higher wages, and to bring new dollars into the local
The mission of SEDCOR is to leverage the strength of our public and
private partnerships to aggressively retain and attract high value jobs and
capital investment, while providing member services that support business
success in Marion and Polk Counties.
President’s Message
In the economic development world, new business announcements capture headlines and
national attention. However, the real gains come by building on the investments in a region,
one company at a time.
The past year illustrates this point, with $40 million in capital investment, and 514 new and
retained jobs. Every one of these dollars and jobs were borne out of existing local companies—
regional champions who view the future as offering more opportunity to build wealth and
strength in our community.
Chad Freeman
SEDCOR President
This year SEDCOR helped a number of companies who have made renewed commitments
to our region. These include significant expansions from companies highlighted in this report,
such as Diamond Foods, Willamette Valley Fruit and Garmin AT.
We’ve also helped companies build on their existing investments here, connecting them with
resources and support for expansion, finding supply chain and partnership opportunities,
linking them with financial, educational and workforce resources, and helping to open export
doors. This requires time and expertise that is supported by our members as well as our city and
county stakeholders.
All of this work requires exceptional leadership by a board of directors that thinks beyond
their own companies to envision and create new economic vitality in our region. This support
allows our team the ability to meet with clients to connect them with the resources, market
knowledge, financing or other tools they need to make the next jump in growing jobs.
It’s rewarding to look back on another very successful year. While we’re proud of our
achievements, we also recognize that the critical work of enhancing and diversifying the MidWillamette Valley economy requires perseverance and a long-term perspective in everything
we do.
We look forward to another great year ahead.
Chad Freeman
A.J. Foscoli
Business Retention/
Expansion, Polk &
Yamhill Counties
Nick Harville
Business Retention/
Expansion Manager
Marion County
IMOM Coordinator
Tami Lundy
Office Manager/Events
Elizabeth Peters
Communications &
Marketing Manager
SEDCOR 2014 Annual Report
FY 2014 Achievements
Aligned with Five Goals for 2013 - 2015
Goal 1: Diversify the local economy by building on five
key traded sector industries
• Finalized and launched the Make it in Willamette Valley initiative with support
from Marion, Polk, and Yamhill Counties, PGE, and Pacific Power.
• Bolstered existing key industry companies by providing significant resource
connections daily.
• Actively positioned the traded sector as critical to the region’s economic success.
Goal 2: Assist local companies to add or retain 580 traded
sector jobs per year
• Stimulated $40 million of new investment through retention and expansion
• Supported investments to achieve 514 new and retained jobs.
• Expanded the Woodburn/Gervais Enterprise Zone.
• Issued 14 Certificates of Origin to help companies working internationally.
• Engaged 26 cities/communities in a Business Retention & Expansion program.
• Connected local companies to regional and national resources at 20 events and
• Issued 20 Construction Alliance certificates; held industry training in 9 schools.
• Exposed more than 500 local students to career opportunities in the trades.
Goal 3: Recruit traded sector companies to bring in 140
new jobs per year
• Responded to 56 requests-for-proposal for new facilities in the region.
• Hosted regional firms at five national industry trade shows.
• Strengthened regional and statewide real estate connections through SIOR/
Goal 4: Market the competitive advantage of the
Willamette Valley to national and international audiences
• Partnered with Metro on a study to identify and market the strengths of Mill
Creek Corporate Center to a national audience.
• Built and launched a new website,
• Created and unveiled new recruitment print and presentation materials.
2014 Highlights Of
in Capital
514 NEW
2013-15 TO-DATE
in Capital
1,372 NEW
• Restructured magazine to highlight the region’s economy and business vigor.
• Utilized SEDCOR events to better tout our success and markets.
• Appeared in 32 news stories to position SEDCOR as a regional business leader.
Goal 5: Maintain and build financial stability for the
• Grew funding by 6 percent.
• Standardized key performance indicator tracking and reporting system.
• Hosted more than 2,000 attendees at 20 SEDCOR events.
• Planned and implemented a high-visibility regional leadership event featuring
Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard.
• Launched an appreciation breakfast to strengthen ties with agriculture producers.
Mid-Willamette Valley Business Expansion
Diamond Foods – Salem
Food Processing industry
$2,500,000 Investment
Diamond Foods is an innovative
premium snack food and culinary
nut company whose products are
distributed globally.
The company chose the MidWillamette Valley over other locations
to build a new 10,000’ addition to an
existing building to make room for
a new, state–of-the-art research &
development facility. The company
expects to add eight new jobs to help
create new potato chip products at the
new facility.
SEDCOR was instrumental in helping
our company develop options for
expansion over the next few years.
With his wide network of organizations, Chad Freeman was able to
bring together several key individuals at the city and state level as well
as experts in our field to assist us in
the process.
Kelly Yunker
Power Equipment Systems
Truitt Family Foods – Salem
Food Processing industry
$1,000,000 Investment
Truitt Family Foods upgraded
its plant and added equipment
to develop a new line of
shelf-stable hummus and
related products. The new
With help from SEDCOR and Business Oregon, Truitt Family Foods started an
initiative added 14 full-time
expansion project that will launch a new product line at its facility in Salem.
equivalent family-wage jobs
to its Salem location. SEDCOR worked with Business Oregon on a forgivable loan from
the Strategic Reserve Fund to purchase locally manufactured equipment. The upgrade
allowed the company to expand into new markets with the first-ever U.S. made shelfstable hummus product line.
Wandering Aengus Ciderworks - Salem
Beverage industry
$400,000 investment
Among the first to make their mark on the international cider boom, Wandering Aengus
Ciderworks presses and blends unique and heirloom cider apple varietals to craft high-end
cider beverages. Using Enterprise Zone incentives, SEDCOR assisted Wandering Aengus
with the purchase of equipment to increase production, adding two new jobs. SEDCOR
also connected the company to national and international markets through the Natural
Products Show and local export resources.
SEDCOR 2014 Annual Report
Garmin AT – Salem
Avionics industry
$4,000,000 investment
Now on its third expansion
in the Mid-Willamette Valley,
Garmin is in the process of
expanding the manufacturing
capacity of its facility near
the Salem Airport, adding
state-of-the-art, high-tech
equipment to create a new
manufacturing line.
Economic development partners from SEDCOR, the City of Salem and Business
Oregon came together to assist Garmin with its new 66,000 square foot expansion.
GK Machine – Donald
Manufacturing industry
$8,280,000 investment
Now in business for more than three decades, GK Machine engineers, fabricates and
manufactures reliable custom-made equipment and quality machinery for the agriculture,
construction and transportation Industries. SEDCOR helped the company with technical
assistance and Enterprise Zone support for their recent expansion that includes a new
building that will add 36,000 square feet of space to the 120,000 square foot expansion
from last year. The expansion will bring 13 new employees and allow for additional
manufacturing operations and new state-of-the-art equipment.
Willamette Valley Fruit – Salem
Food Processing industry
$2,500,00 investment
What began in 1999 as a small cannerystyle operation in a backyard warehouse
has quickly become one of the Northwest’s
leading processors of high-quality berry
products. SEDCOR worked extensively
with the company to assist with technical
support, walking them through the
process, connecting them with resources
to help them add a new freezer tunnel
and equipment. The expansion added
5 new jobs to the region. SEDCOR also
showcased the company at the Natural
Products Show, giving the company access
to broader markets.
SEDCOR supported GK Machine’s expansion that
added a total of 120,000 square feet of space to
the operation.
SEDCOR has paired us with new
customers, suppliers, and financial
advisors. They were instrumental
in developing the North Marion
Enterprise Zone. With the help of
SEDCOR we’ve grown, adding new
jobs and a 120,000 square foot
addition. They have been great,
and I would recommend SEDCOR
to anyone.
Mike Mader
Manufacturing Director
GK Machine
SEDCOR Executive Council
Theresa Haskins
Business Markets Manager,
Portland General Electric
Kevin Cameron
Member at Large
Marion County
George Jennings
Past Chair
Counsel to the President
Mountain West Investment
Patricia Callihan-Bowman
Chair Elect
Owner/Career Coach,
Express Employment Professionals
Ken Hector
City Councilor,
City of Silverton
Aaron Crane
Member at Large
Chief Financial Officer
Salem Health
Brent DeHart
Member at Large
Financial Representative
Northwestern Mutual
Rich Duncan
Member at Large
Rich Duncan
Construction, Inc.
Linda Norris
Member at Large
City Manager,
City of Salem
SEDCOR Board of Directors
Bruce Anderson
Regional Community
Affairs Manager
NW Natural
Erik Andersson
Economic Development
Pacific Power
Ricardo Baez
Don Pancho Authentic
Mexican Foods, Inc
David Briggs
Trial Lawyer, Partner
Saalfeld Griggs PC
Jim Brown
BDI Staffing
Lore Christopher
City of Keizer
Alan Costic AIA
Arbuckle Costic
Architects, Inc.
James Dooley
Larsen Flynn Insurance
Anne Easterly
Commerical Bank
Relationship Manager
U.S. Bank
Mike Foresee
Relationship Manager,
KeyBank Business Banking
SEDCOR 2014 Annual Report
Tony Frazier
Executive Director,
Job Growers Incorporated
Lesa Goff
Senior Vice President/
Loan Team Leader
Wells Fargo Bank
Larry Goodreau
Senior Vice President,
Willamette Community
Dave Hayes
LCG Pence Construction, LLC
Byron Hendricks
Prudential Real Estate
Jim Hendryx
Director, Economic and
Development Services,
City of Woodburn
Travis Henry
Vice President,
Mark Hoyt
Sherman, Sherman,
Johnnie & Hoyt, LLP
Eric Jamieson
Garrett Hemann
Robertson P.C.
Ken Jundt
Regional Manager,
Columbia Bank
Daryl Knox
AKT LLP, CPAs and Business
Tyler Kuenzi
Plant Manager,
Elkay Wood Products
Jennifer Larsen Morrow
Creative Company, Inc.
Nathan Levin
Nathan Levin Company
Rod Lucas
Turner Lumber, Inc
Johnny Mack
Jefferson Mildenberger
Executive Dean of Career and
Technical Education,
Kaiser Permanente
Chemeketa Community College
Brent Murray
Vice President,
Umpqua Bank
Anna Peterson
City of Salem
Craig Pope
Board Chair,
Polk County
Jim Rasmussen
Modern Building Systems,
Scott Snyder
General Manager,
The Grand Hotel in Salem
Steve VanArsdale
General Manager,
Garmin AT, Inc.
Randy Stockdale
Foundation Director,
Silverton Health
Mid-Willamette Valley Business Retention
Business Assistance
The primary goal of
Strategic Economic
Development Corporation
(SEDCOR) is to diversify
the local economy by
building on key industries
for our region. SEDCOR
does this through business
assistance—meeting directly
with companies every day to
help them expand, using a
variety of tools.
To put it simply: business
assistance is at the core of
our mission.
Nick Harville, and SEDCOR, have
been involved with Turner Lumber
and our growth since we moved
into our Turner operation. From
the beginning Nick helped us set
up meetings with utility companies as a commercial account and
helped us with energy efficiency
programs. We have grown Turner
Lumber with our trusted partner
SEDCOR and we look forward to
keeping that partnership for years
to come.
Rod Lucas
Turner Lumber
SEDCOR held multiple roundtables and training sessions this year to assist companies
in exporting products grown and made in the Mid-Willamette Valley.
Staff maintains contact with over 600 businesses in Marion and Polk Counties, connecting
them with resources and support for expansion, finding supply chain and partnership
opportunities, linking them with financial, educational, and workforce resources, and removing
barriers for market expansion.
In FY 2013-14, SEDCOR staff personally called on 160 traded sector employers, offering them
access to an array of development services. Staff issued 14 Certificates of Origin, and launched
SEDCOR staff personally called on 160 traded sector
employers, offering them access to an array of
development services.
a new business retention & expansion program (BR&E) that gives communities the framework
and technical research to create their own strategic development plans. By the end of the fiscal
year, 26 cities/communities were on board with the program.
To bolster export activity, SEDCOR hosted a roundtable discussion at the SEDCOR offices
on trends and new opportunities in Japan and Korea. Participants included representatives of
five different Mid-Willamette Valley manufacturing companies. Presenters Satoru Sunagawa,
Oregon Japan Representative Office (Tokyo) and Shawn Kim, Oregon Korea Representative
Office (Seoul), gave market overviews and key industries in the two countries, latest trends and
new opportunities, success stories of Oregon companies, and information on how to obtain
grants and export finance.
Face-to-face gatherings like this support our goal of bringing in dollars from outside the region
to help local companies create and keep jobs.
SEDCOR also partnered with the Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments, Job
Growers and Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership to launch the Make It In The
Willamette Valley initiative, a three-year program to help manufacturing companies in Marion,
Polk and Yamhill Counties expand their businesses, increase their global competitive advantage,
and bring jobs to the region.
SEDCOR 2014 Annual Report
Workforce Skill Development
In FY 2013 – 14, members of
the SEDCOR Construction
Alliance (SCA), along with food
processors and manufacturing
companies in the region,
donated their time, equipment
and materials to help educate
students about jobs in the trades,
and helped teach fundamental
skills to gain competencies for a
job in multiple industries.
The work was based on skills
identified by SEDCOR’s
Industrial Maintenance
Students from 20 area schools gained hands-on experience with “real world”
Operator/Mechanic (IMOM)
industry skills, thanks to SEDCOR member companies.
program. IMOM is a skills
assessment program from which training is developed. This unique program develops skill
capabilities of new employees and helps transfer the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned
workforce to the next generation of workers.
Students at schools in Marion and Polk County school districts, and those involved in
community projects, gained much hands-on experience this year. SEDCOR staff actively
coordinated hands-on activities in nine schools and issued 20 SEDCOR Construction Alliance
(SCA) Certificates of Competency.
Here are a few highlights of the year:
• Traded sector companies like NORPAC, GK Machine and
others worked with school districts to provide projects from
“real world” situations so students could learn hirable skills.
• Community leaders and construction professionals
came together in May to teach skills of the
industry to students and help “raise the rafters”
of the new Discovery Pavilion at the Oregon
Garden. Members of SCA worked with teams of
Silverton and Stayton high school students to help
build the 1,300-square-foot, covered open-air pavilion.
• More than 400 students from 20 area high schools gained
real-life exposure to the trades at the 2014 Construction Career
Day in May. SEDCOR’s Construction Alliance gave students
hands-on demonstrations.
We have continually been impressed by SEDCOR’s commitment
to our community. They have
played a crucial role in connecting
our high school to our local manufacturers.
Jason Locke
Community Development/
Operations Director
City of Dallas
Our partnership with SEDCOR and
the Construction Alliance was key
to the successful completion of our
new outdoor educational facility –
the Discovery Pavilion. We simply
could not have built it without their
partnership and commitment to
the local community.
Julie Woodward
Forest Education Program Manager
Oregon Forest Resources Institute
• Nearly 80 students were encouraged to “consider the trades” July 9 at SEDCOR
Construction Alliance Night at the Volcanoes. Between innings, out on the field,
contestants from among graduating high school seniors in the crowd were selected to
compete in a construction-themed game. Members of SCA handed out brochures and
information about great careers in the construction industry, and a special “Consider the
Trades” video was played on the jumbotron.
This industry-driven skills development focus helps our region retain and expand companies by
keeping them competitive.
Contact Nick Harville, [email protected], 503-837-1802.
Business Recruitment
SEDCOR markets the competitive advantages of the region
to national and international business audiences, working with
partners to build relationships with site selectors, key industry
representatives, and the real estate community.
In FY 2013 – 14, SEDCOR responded to 56 requests for proposal
from companies looking at the Mid-Willamette Valley as a place
to grow their business. This was double the amount from the
entire 2012/ 2013 year. These proposals were made through our
strong partnership with Business Oregon, the state’s economic
development agency.
Staff hosted six different site selector visits to Mill Creek
Corporate Center and had a recruitment portfolio of
approximately $154 million in investment, representing 1,005
potential new jobs to the region.
Without SEDCOR, the city would simply
not have the visibility and reach that it
Eileen Stein
City Administrator
City of Mt. Angel
SEDCOR continued to build a robust network of relationships
and a reputation in Japan as an ideal place for Japanese investment
and trade. SEDCOR joined Business Oregon and the City of
Salem on a visit to Japan to promote Oregon firms, meet with
Japanese companies and hold seminars on doing business in
the region. SEDCOR also hosted top executives from Japanese
advanced manufacturing firms on a tour of the region, meeting
with Oregon business leaders and learning firsthand the region’s
strengths as a business and investment location.
SEDCOR worked with the cities of Woodburn and Gervais to
create an expanded Enterprise Zone, and managed the Silverton
and Mt. Angel Enterprise Zones.
In addition, SEDCOR worked with Business Oregon to attend
multiple trade shows and actively participated with Team Oregon
Technology, Distribution, and Food Processing marketing groups.
SEDCOR built and launched a new website,
and partnered with Metro on a study to identify and market
the strengths of the Mill Creek Corporate Center to a national
audience. Staff worked with owners and representatives of large
lot (over 50 acres) industrial land to discover the industries and
companies who need this size of parcel for their next expansion,
and learn what these firms need to be successful. This project has
given nationwide exposure to the region.
City of Salem
Mill Creek Corporate Center
A Long-Term Investment for the Region
• 548 acres of flat, shovel ready land
• Turn key development opportunities
• Employment Center zoning for industries
such as manufacturing and distribution
• Enterprise Zone with 3 to 5 year property
tax abatement for eligible firms locating on
Site 1B or 1C.
(1) 22 acre lot and (1) 26 acre lot, both can
be subdivided.
(1) 90 acre site or
(2) 45 Acre sites.
State of Oregon Industrial Site Certification.
Vacant, flat land ready for development
in 180 days or less. Aumsville Highway is
improved and these parcels are fully served
by City of Salem water and sewer, PGE
electricity, CenturyLink communications,
and NW Natural natural gas.
These parcels are also State Certified and
ready for development in 180 days or less
with all utilities available.
Opportunity for Business Startups, Expansions or Relocations
• Expedited and concurrent permitting
where construction could occur in less than
180 days.
• Wetland and environmental permitting
• Population base of 1 million people within
a 45-minute radius
Chad Freeman - SEDCOR
Doug Rux - City of Salem
SEDCOR 2014 Annual Report
SEDCOR Membership
SEDCOR hosted more than 20 large and small events during the 2013-14 fiscal year, attended
by more than 2,000 people. These events provided excellent opportunities to meet and network
with SEDCOR members and business community leaders.
More than 100 agriculture producers from across Marion and Polk County gathered in the
new Mt. Angel Festhalle for the inaugural Strategic Economic Development Corporation
(SEDCOR) Harvest Appreciation Breakfast last fall. The event was created to provide
agriculture producers and suppliers the opportunity to work together to address the changes
and coming needs of the Mid-Willamette Valley agriculture industry.
Held the second Wednesday of each month, SEDCOR Economic Business Forums continued
to be a fixture on business calendars in Marion and Polk Counties. Each month, experts spoke
about timely topics pertinent to leaders across the spectrum of industries, drawing over 125
attendees every month.
At the first-ever SEDCOR evening dinner event, Forbes Publisher Rich Karlgaard offered
business insights to more than 300 business and public sector leaders in early April at the
Salem Convention Center. Karlgaard gave a compelling presentation of several success factors
among companies that are doing well following the nation’s economic downturn. The event
supported SEDCOR’s goal of showcasing and raising the stature of the Mid-Willamette Valley
as a vital business region.
In June, SEDCOR held its Annual Honors Luncheon at the Salem Convention Center.
Over 350 members attended the event, which featured an awards ceremony recognizing five
companies’ contributions to the local economy and induction of the 2013-14 SEDCOR Board
of Directors and Executive Council.
SEDCOR’s Annual Golf Tournament, held in late June, sold out with 144 golfers and over 25
sponsors enjoying a beautiful day at Illahe Country Club.
Marketing & Communications
This year, SEDCOR formed a Marketing Committee to
create an effective, industry-driven plan for marketing the
region and to support its rollout and management. The
committee created a four-part plan to build compelling
print and electronic materials, rebuild the SEDCOR
web site to showcase the region, strengthen SEDCOR’s
membership and support base, and become the media’s
go-to place for Mid-Willamette Valley business economy
news and information.
SEDCOR hosted more than 20 events this year, ranging
from a high-profile corporate dinner event featuring the
publisher of Forbes magazine to the Honors Luncheon and
the 14th Annual Golf Tournament.
To support this new direction, SEDCOR entered
into a contract with Mt. Angel Publishing to produce
Enterprise magazine. The publication has enjoyed
significant upgrades in 2014, including raising the
journalistic power of the magazine and profiling
successful businesses from the region in every issue. Enterprise is a key
communications channel for the organization, supporting and promoting a sense of regional
pride in the business community. It is uniquely positioned as the region’s primary economic
development publication.
Program of Action
Business Retention and Expansion Program
SEDCOR maintains contact with over 600 businesses in
Marion and Polk Counties, offering them access to an array of
development services, including:
• Business resources and information
• Employee recruitment, screening and retention • Management and process expertise
• Workforce development
• Community economic development planning
SEDCOR is located in the Chemeketa Center for Business & Industry building.
Industrial Recruitment
SEDCOR (a member of Team Oregon) is active in the
industrial recruitment of domestic and international
companies through:
• Regional, national and international advertising
• Relocation information to clients and hosting site tours
• Representing the region at key industry trade shows
• Marketing industrial land and buildings
SEDCOR holds over 20 events through the year to give
businesses the opportunity to network, and to facilitate the
exchange of ideas and information. These include the Annual
Honors Lunch, Golf Tournament, monthly Economic
Business Forums, the popular Industrial Site Tours, Ag
Appreciation Breakfast and more.
Manufacturing Advocacy
SEDCOR collaborates with state and local agencies to ensure
reasonable and competitive incentives are available to existing
or new companies. Potential incentives include:
• Enterprise zones
• Employee training
• Tax and energy credits
SEDCOR is involved with companies and governments
throughout Marion and Polk Counties to foster a competitive
advantage for traded sector development. Activities are
coordinated with our many partners to:
• Ensure an adequate supply of industrial land
• Market industrial land and buildings
• Support sewer and water infrastructure
• Address transportation issues
• Engage stakeholders in land use planning
Training & Certification
Publications and Website
Economic Incentives
• Industry skills development through Industrial
Maintenance Operator/
Mechanic (IMOM) Program
• SEDCOR Construction
SEDCOR exerts 85% of its
• Workforce training activities
efforts helping local firms
in area schools
retain and grow jobs.
International Trade and
Export Promotion
SEDCOR assists area businesses to locate new export markets
for their products and professional services by:
• Locating international trade leads
• Helping to arrange export financing
• Providing educational opportunities
Our publications keep members
up-to-date on the region’s economic
development progress and activities
in the business community.
•Quarterly Enterprise magazine
•Monthly Xpress newsletter
•SEDCOR Membership Directory
•SEDCOR Annual Report
•Website at
Informational Resources
SEDCOR maintains a wide range of informational
resources available through our website:
• Detailed economic, statistical and demographic data
• Industrial land and building inventories
• Latest news of interest to the business community
SEDCOR 2014 Annual Report
Business Associations and
Chambers of Commerce
Cascade Employers Association
Commercial Realtors Association
Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce
Home Builders Assoc. of Marion
& Polk Counties
Keizer Chamber of Commerce
Mt. Angel Chamber of Commerce
North Salem Business Association
Oregon Hop Growers Commission
Oregon Manufacturing Extension
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce
Salem Association of Realtors
Salem Contractors Exchange
SEDCOR Construction Alliance
Silverton Area Chamber of Commerce
Stayton / Sublimity Chamber of Commerce
Travel Salem
Woodburn Area Chamber of Commerce
County, Regional and State
Agencies and Commissions
Business Oregon
De Muniz Resource Center
Forest Biomass Working Group
Job Growers, Inc.
Marion County
Mid-Willamette Valley Council of
Oregon Department of Administrative
Oregon Dept. of Agriculture
Oregon Dept. of Energy
Oregon Dept. of Revenue
Oregon Youth Authority
Polk County
Polk County HALO program
Regional Solutions
WorkSource Oregon
Yamhill County
Economic Development
Associations and Organizations
Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
Economic Development Advisory Board
GROW Santiam
Oregon Economic Development Assoc.
Team Oregon
Educational Associations and
Atkinson Graduate School of
Cascade School District
Central School District
Chemeketa Center for Business &
Chemeketa Community College
Dallas School District
Gervais School District
Marylhurst University
Mt. Angel School District
North Marion School District
North Santiam School District
NW College of Construction
Oregon Forest Resources Institute
Oregon Nanosciences and
Microtechnologies Institute
Oregon State University
Perrydale School District
Portland State University School of
Extended Studies
Salem Academy
Salem-Keizer School District
Silver Falls School District
Salem STEM
South Metro STEM
University of Oregon
Woodburn School District
Federal Agencies and
U.S. Congressman Kurt Schrader
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley
U.S. Senator Ron Wyden
SEDCOR FY 2014 Partners*
Local Government
City of Aumsville
City of Aurora
City of Dallas
City of Detroit
City of Donald
City of Falls City
City of Gates
City of Gervais
City of Hubbard
City of Idanha
City of Independence
City of Jefferson
City of Keizer
City of Mill City
City of Monmouth
City of Mt. Angel
City of St. Paul
City of Salem
City of Scotts Mills
City of Silverton
City of Stayton
City of Sublimity
City of Turner
City of Willamina
City of Woodburn
Habitat for Humanity Mid-Willamette
Mt. Angel Oktoberfest
North Willamette Valley Habitat for
Silverton Health
United Way of the Mid-Willamette
NW Natural
Pacific Power
Portland General Electric
Salem Electric
*Organizations SEDCOR has worked
with during the 2013-14 Fiscal Year.
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