Wigs and Headwear UHN Suggestions for coping with temporary hair loss

Wigs and Headwear
Suggestions for coping with temporary hair loss
Chemotherapy and radiation treatments often cause partial or complete hair loss, including body hair,
eyebrows and eyelashes. The following suggestions from Look Good Feel Better program may assist you
with coping with hair loss.
• Before treatment begins, get photos of yourself taken from different angles so that you can match
your current hairstyle if you decide to get a wig.
Patient Education
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• Consider cutting your hair shorter before treatment so if hair loss does occur, it will seem less dramatic.
• Before, during and after treatment, use a super-mild shampoo and light conditioner. Rinse
thoroughly and pat dry, never rub.
• If you decide to get a wig, look around until you find a shop where you are completely comfortable.
Select a specialty wig store where the staff are caring and where you will have privacy.
• When shopping for a wig, take along a trusted friend or relative who will give you an honest opinion.
• Ask your doctor for a prescription for a hair prosthesis. Private health insurers may pay all or part of
the cost or receipt may be eligible for income tax purposes.
• Consider a synthetic wig. They are comfortable, easy to care for and less expensive than human hair wigs.
• Get your wig cut and styled to suit your features.
• Care for your wig with products designed especially for wigs.
• Do not expose synthetic-hair wigs to any heat sources, including blow dryers, heated rollers and
open oven dryers. (Some more expensive models may be styled with light heat; ask your wig
technician whether this is safe before attempting.)
• Get a hat with good coverage for days when you don't feel like wearing your wig. Select a hat
with a breathable, loose-weave fabric. The hat should come down low at the base of your neck for
maximum coverage.
• Get a sleeping turban to keep your head warm at night. Consider some dressy designer turbans for
daytime wear.
Please visit the UHN Patient Education website for more health information: www.uhn.ca\patient\health_info.
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2 Hour Free Workshop:
Manage your Appearance Related Side Effects of Cancer Treatment
Look Good Feel Better (416) 946-2075 Zain Haji
Look Good Feel Better Workshops are offered:
1st Wednesday of each month is a Teens
workshop, 1pm-3pm. 2nd, 3rd, 4th Wednesday of
each month is an Adult Workshop, 10am-12pm.
1st & 2nd Thursday of each month is an Adult
Workshop, 1:30-3:30pm. Please call:
416-946-6596 to register. 2 hour free workshops
include makeup tips, wigs and hair alternatives.
Princess Margaret
Hospital, 3rd Floor
Room 642
Where to Obtain Wigs or Headwear
Princess Margaret Hospital Resources
The Wig Boutique
545 Jarvis Street
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 413-7412 Beauty Salon in
basement of Princess
Margaret Lodge
PMH Wig Salon &
(416) 946-6596 Zain Haji
Accessories Boutique
Princess Margaret
Hospital, 3rd Floor
Room 642
Call Monday to Friday – someone will
get back to you to set up an appointment;
operated by the Canadian Cancer
Society; wigs and turbans are free of
The PMH Wig Salon offers a large
selection of wigs and hair alternatives
at not-for-profit prices. Private
consultations with a professional wig
specialist are by appointment only and
include help with colour, style, and
shaping of wigs purchased at the PMH
Wig Salon only.
Toronto Central
Continental Hair
92 1 /2 Avenue Rd,
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 923-7747 Peter
Tues. - Fri., 9 am - 5 pm;
Sat. 10 am - 3 pm;
Sun. & Mon. closed;
appointment preferred.
Discreet and caring service for people
undergoing treatments; carries a wide
range of human hair wigs, synthetics and
blends. Children’s wigs also.
Body and Soul Shop
84 Scollard Street
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 920-2639 Harriott Charmaine
Hours by appointment only.
Tues. 10:30am-5pm,
Wed.-Fri. 10:30 am - 3 pm;
Sat. 9 am - 5 pm; closed Sun. & Mon.
Specializes in wigs and wig care for
people undergoing treatment for several
medical problems.
Dawn Rivard
15 Scadding Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 429-1402 Dawn Rivard
Custom made wigs. Private consultation
and styling.
North York
Hair Prosthesis
365 Fairlawn Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 787-1550 Joanne Shaw
Tues. and Thurs. 9:30 am - 7 pm; Wed.
9:30 am - 5 pm;
Fri. 9:30 am - 5 pm;
Sat. 9:30 am - 4 pm;
Sun. closed; on Mon. appointments at
Barrie office (see other entry)
Reflections by Rachel (416) 782-6908 Rachel Weinles
42 Shelborne Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Day is very flexible (9 am - 5 pm) by
appointment only; Sun. and evening
appointments are also available. Large
selection of wigs. Home and hospital
Continental Hair at
Toronto Sunnybrook
Regional Cancer
2075 Bayview Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 480-4623 Some free wigs
Older ones at a
discount price
Tues., Wed. and Thurs. from
9:30 am ‑ 4:30 pm; by appointment only.
Carries a complete line of wigs, does
styling and modification. Also carries
turbans, scarves, etc.
Fashion Wigs
302 Wilson Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 630-7864 Georgina Grunberger
Synthetic, Human and
Mon. - Fri. 10 am - 5 pm; closed
Saturdays, Sundays and evenings by
appointment only. Private consultation
and styling. Home and hospital visits
Gabi’s Wig Boutique
3561 Bathurst St.
North York, Ontario
(416) 787-3129 Gabi Messinger
Custom made
(more expensive)
Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 5 pm; closed Sat. and
Sun. by appointment only. Gabi carries
a wide range of wigs and turbans, and
specializes in customers undergoing
Jay Lea
718 Morrish Road
Scarborough, Ontario
(416) 281-0170 Jean Bickerstaffe
Open 7 days a week by appointment.
Catering to chemo patients. Wigs,
turbans and bangs for turbans. Home
visits available.
Hazel Lindgren
921 Midland Avenue
Suite 403
Scarborough, Ontario
(416) 264-4687 Hazel Lindgen
Fashionable turbans (most turbans are
100% cotton and polycotton and jersey).
By appointment only.
Truly You
154 Queen St. S.,
Suite 112
Mississauga, Ontario
(905) 821-1092 Amalia Ruggiero
1st consultation no charge
Tues., Wed. and Sat. 9 am-5 pm;
closed Sun.; Mon. by appointment.
Personalized service for people
undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.
Wigs cut and styled. Carries hats, sunhats,
designer turbans and other accessories.
Staff will make house and hospital calls.
Will cut/re-style/re-fit later if desired.
Hair Prosthesis
Center in Barrie
20 Bell Farm Road,
Unit 4
Barrie, Ontario
(705) 722-3849 Joanne Shaw
Mon. only by phoning for an
appointment through the week. Carries
wigs, hats, scarves, turbans, etc.