Postdoctoral Position at Children’s National Medical Center

Postdoctoral Position at Children’s National Medical Center
We are seeking a highly motivated and talented postdoctoral fellow to work in the
Advanced Pediatric Brain Imaging Research Laboratory in Diagnostic Imaging &
Radiology, and Fetal & Transitional Medicine, at Children’s National Medical Center,
George Washington University.
The goal of our research program is to study brain development in the healthy and
compromised fetus. The recent successful application of high-image reconstruction
algorithms using fetal MRI has the potential for opening major windows in our
understanding of normal fetal brain development, and on the timing of insults that disrupt
normal developmental processes.
The research project will focus on developing novel mathematical and computation
techniques to quantify and model global and local cerebral cortical development (e.g.,
gyral/sulcal development, cortical surface/thickness) of in vivo second and third trimester
brain MR images of healthy and high-risk fetuses.
Profile of successful candidate
A PhD in the computational sciences (computer science, biomedical engineering, etc)
with a dissertation topic closely related to brain MRI post-processing.
Experience in software programming and scripting using C++, Python, and Bash.
Experience in mathematical modeling and statistical analysis using Matlab and/or R.
Computer programming experience in medical image processing and visualization
using ITK, VTK.
Experience in using major neuroimaging software packages such as FSL, AFNI,
Familiar with DICOM/NIFTI image formats
Familiar with Unix-based operating systems, preferably Linux OS
Experience with parallel computing and GPU programming is a plus
Familiar with cortical reconstruction software (e.g., FREESURFER, CRUISE,
SUREFit, Brainvoyager) is a plus
Good record of publications in major conferences and/or journals.
Highly creative, strongly motivated and quick learner.
Excellent command of the English language (verbal and written)
Excellent oral presentation and communication skills
The position is funded by the Advanced Pediatric Brian Imaging Laboratory at Children’s
Nation for one year, renewable for a second year, and will begin over the summer of
2014. Candidates should submit a CV, list 3 references, and provide a brief statement of
research interests, by email to Dr. Limperopoulos. Applications or informal inquires
should be addressed to Catherine Limperopoulos, PhD ([email protected]).
Catherine Limperopoulos, PhD
Director, MRI Research of the Developing Brain
Director, Advanced Pediatric Brain Imaging Research Laboratory
Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology/Fetal and Transitional Medicine
Children’s National Medical Center
Associate Professor of Radiology, Neurology, and Pediatrics
George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences
111 Michigan Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20010
Email: [email protected]