Emergency Contact Details for Managed Properties

 During the Christmas and New Year period we will close at 1pm on 24th December, we will then be open
from 10am- 1pm on the 27th, 29th, 30th & 31st December 2014 and re-open on 2nd January 2015 at 9am.
We will also be monitoring the following email account during the closed period
[email protected]
Please read these notes VERY carefully BEFORE engaging any of the contractors listed on this sheet
The following are a selection of contractors whom we have experience of and who we would probably
use should a maintenance issue arise.
In the event of a real emergency situation occurring over the Christmas period when you cannot
contact Marshall Vizard, then please contact the contractor from this list that you feel is most relevant to
deal with the problem and email us notification.
If it is not an emergency and can wait, please contact Marshall Vizard when we re-open in January.
We would emphasise that these contractors cannot be guaranteed to be able to attend unsocial hours.
Plumbing & General Maintenance Randall’s Finishing Touches Colin Randall 07801 631 863 Heating Engineer & Plumbing Marshall Mc Geever Alan 07770 466 782 Locksmith S.E. Connor Glazing 07540 886 866 07504 259 120 Bridgewater Glass 01923 237 533 Electrician DCS Electrics Chris Eagan Danny Smith 07885 708263 [email protected] These numbers are supplied to you without any specific endorsement and unless they are instructed by Marshall Vizard, then we will accept no liability for the efficiency of their service, the work they undertake or the reasonableness of their pricing. Please note that YOU WILL BE LIABLE for any and all costs incurred in instructing these contractors, unless it is deemed that the charge would fall to the Landlord. Please either email us or call your Property Manager on 2nd January 2015 to inform her of any contact you have had with our contractors over the holiday period. Thank You and Merry Christmas.