I remember waiting in line with my daughters Bekah and Rachel with

Pastor Paul Marzahn
Christmas is on
December 25th but for
many Americans, the
celebration begins the
day after Thanksgiving.
This day has been called,
"Black Friday" and is
now creeping into
Thursday. Newspapers
and websites boast of
glad tidings with great
joy at all the sales. You
can celebrate Christmas
with a big screen
television, or an entire
shelf of clothing at 50%
off. Unbelievable deals
and the bonus of losing a
night of sleep while
shopping away. I use to
get up at 7:00am, then it
became 5:00am, and
then 3:00am, and then
not going to sleep at all.
December 2014
I remember waiting in line with my daughters Bekah
and Rachel with a cup of coffee and a pocketful of
coupons. I would make my list of times and places where
the deals were best. Sometimes we would divide and
conquer; Deb
would go with Bekah,
and I would
take Rachel so we
could hit two
different parts of the
store at the
same time. It was
fun and
adventurous. But
one year I
remember it was
dangerous. We were
pushed and
shoved. Someone
started a fight
in the store. The
lines were so
long I finally left my
“treasures” in the store and just went home.
Somehow through the years I have come to appreciate
the more simple things. Maybe it is because I was raised
on the farm. Maybe it is because I am getting older. But
lately, I have liked things more simple. When it comes to
Christmas, the story is quite simple. It is about God
becoming a part of humanity to share the Good News
that He wants to be in relationship with us. It is about
God using an average man (Joseph) and an average
woman (Mary) to bring hope to the world. It is about
God inviting average people (Shepherds) to the birthday
party. It is about God proclaiming the good news with
special messengers (Angels) so the world will know
Emmanuel - God is with us. My hope and prayer for you
this season is that you will simplify your Christmas. My
prayer is that you will experience the love of Jesus Christ
this Christmas and share His story of love with others.
December 2014
December 2014
Krissy and
Sarah are
excited that
the Christmas
is one church, many
season is upon
The supporting campus is
located at 17671 Glacier
Way, Lakeville, MN 55044
Sunday worship services are
at 9:00am and 10:30am.
Children's Ministry,
Confirmation class, and
Adult Bible studies are
running simultaneously
with the service times.
us! We will be
focusing on
teaching the
children about Jesus’ birth, the true reason for the season!
The children will also
continue practicing for the Crossroads Christmas Pageant
that will be held on Wednesday,
December 17th. This is such a wonderful and special
experience for the children to be a part of.
It’s amazing to see their self-confidence grow and the
feeling of belonging they develop among
Throughout the week we
offer various small groups
and a mid-week discipling
p r o g r a m c a l l e d
program designed for
infants through high
their peers!
December 10th Dress Rehearsal for Christmas Pageant
Please join us on Wednesday
nights for Community Meal
(5:30p-6:20p) featuring home
cooked meals. Cost is
through a free-will donation.
December 14th Kids Sing in Worship 9:00a & 10:00a
December 17th Christmas Pageant 6:00p-8:00p
December 24th Family Christmas Eve Service at 5:00pm
Please remember that rehearsals for the Christmas
Pageant take place on Wednesday nights, during
Crosstraining. We hope you will all encourage your children
to take part in this CROSSROADS tradition!
Important Dates:
M o n d a y - F r i d a y
December 2014
December 2014
CROSSROADS Christmas Happenings
DEC. 5th - OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD - Join us at the Operation Christmas Child
warehouse as we box presents to be shipped around the world. (Details on church website.)
DEC. 17th - SIMPLY CHRISTMAS PROGRAM. - Children and Youth acting out the traditional
Christmas story. Supper provided. Tickets available at no cost.
DEC 21st - BLUE CHRISTMAS - Minneapolis Campus - Historic Wesley Center - 101 East
Grant Street. Meet us in Minneapolis or ride the bus downtown.
4:00 - Bus departs from Lakeville Campus. 4:30 - Bus departs from IGH Campus
5:00 - Candlelight Worship
6:00 - Supper at Wesley
7:00- Lights Display at Lake Phalen
8:30 - Bus returns home
3:00 - Inver Grove Heights Campus - Historic Chapel
5:00 - Lakeville Campus - Candlelight and Communion
10:00 - Lakeville Campus - Candlelight and Communion
Our Christmas Eve offering will be going to our Outreach Designated Fund to help with
important projects like our Grocery Giveaway and Community Meals. If you would like to make a
special contribution this year to help others, feel free to use one of the offering envelopes
provided or mark Outreach Designated Fund on your regular offering envelope.
We hope you enjoy the Sunday Worship services and special events this Christmas season that
help us focus on Jesus. May you and your family be blessed.
December 2014
December 2014
one church, many locations.
Our Recovery Campus is
located at the historic Wesley
Church at 101 East Grant St.
Mpls, MN 55404
Sunday worship service is at
5:00pm. An Adult Bible study
is offered at 4:00pm and a
dinner meal is served after
worship at 6:00pm.
This year, our Minneapolis campus is hosting
the Blue Christmas Eve service. The holidays
can be a difficult time for many people,
especially with the loss of loved ones. For those
interested, we will hold a special service at our
George Gipson - Campus Pastor
Minneapolis campus. Bus transportation is
Dave Boeltl - Worship Leader
available. Meet at the Lakeville campus before
4:00p, we will stop at IGH, then head to
Minneapolis to enjoy the service, a home
cooked meal, and tour of Christmas lights and
return to the Lakeville campus by 9:00pm.
No cost for the evening but a free will offering
will be taken.To make reservations, go to the
website EVENTS page or contact
[email protected]
December 2014
December 2014
Crossroads Welcomes New Staff
Right in Time for the Holidays!
Keanu Krech- Youth Director
Keanu grew up in South St. Paul with his mom, dad, 17 year-old brother and eight
year-old sister. He is a junior at the University of Northwestern, studying Pastoral
Ministry. He enjoys many things, such as hanging out with his friends, playing
guitar, and having fun! Keanu has played in worship bands, led many small groups
of all ages, and has been a camp leader. He interned at Hastings United
Methodist Church where he was in charge of directing a student-led worship
service known as Overflow.
Growing up he rarely went to church. When he was in ninth grade, he blew up his
face with some various firework powders, and he had first, second, and third
degree burns on his face and neck. The doctors told him it was a miracle that he
did not die, and that he would heal completely from the burns. When he was in
10th grade, he heard the phrase, “even Satan believes in God.” He realized that he
was living his life nowhere near how God would want him to, and that if he would
have died from the burns, he would not be in heaven. He began to ask many questions and received many
unfulfilling answers, so his parents got in contact with the youth pastor of a church in Hastings, MN. That summer
he gave his life to Christ at a summer camp.
“I would not be where I am today, or even have a relationship with Christ, if it wasn’t for my youth pastor. I
understand the importance and the impact of this position. I have a burning passion for God and introducing
youth to Christ. I am honored to be a part of the Crossroads team.”!
Monica Nelson- Office Administrator
Monica grew up in Woodbury, MN with her parents, Meg and Randy. She has
three sisters , two of which are in college and the other a second grade teacher
in Sioux Falls, SD. Monica went to school at Winona State University and
graduated with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Business Administration.
Throughout college she worked with adults with disabilities as well as traveled to
Uganda, Africa for a summer.
Upon graduating from college Monica traveled back to Uganda, Africa for six
months and worked with an organization fighting against child sacrifice. Also
while there she worked with children in various villages sharing the good news of
the Gospel and showing them Christ’s love. Monica then worked as a behavioral
therapist for children with Autism and eventually became the Office Manager at the Minnesota Autism Center.
She has been involved in ministry, leading bible studies and small groups for many years. Monica is excited to
use the gifts God has blessed her with to serve everyone here at Crossroads Church.
However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord
Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.
-Acts 20:24
December 2014