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Vol 270, No. 4
Original Contributions
A Successful System of Scientific Data Audits for Clinical
. 459
Trials: A Report From the Cancer and Leukemia Group
R. B. Weiss, Washington, DC; N. J. Vogelzang, Chicago, III;
B. A. Peterson, Minneapolis, Minn; L. C. Panasci. Montreal, Quebec, Canada;
J. T. Carpenter, Birmingham, Ala; M. Gavigan, Chapel Hill, NC;
K. Sartell, Lebanon, NH; E. Frei III, Boston, Mass; O. R. Mclntyre, Lebanon, NH
Decreased Ankle/Arm Blood Pressure Index
and Mortality in Elderly Women.465
M. T. Vogt, J. A. Cauley, A. B. Newman, L. H. Kuller, Pittsburgh, Pa;
S. B,
Associate Editors: Paul Cotton, Charles Marwick
ton, DC), Teri Randall, Andrew Skolnick
July 28, 1993,
To promote the science and art of medicine and the betterment of the
San Francisco, Calif
Pneumocystis carinii Pneumonia Among US Children
Perinatally Acquired HIV Infection.470
R. J. Simonds, M. J. Oxtoby, M. B. Caldwell, M. L. Gwinn,
M. F. Rogers, Atlanta, Ga
The Lifetime Cost of Treating
F. J. Hellinger, Rockville, Md
Person With HIV.474
Special Communication
New Tobacco Industry Strategy to Prevent
Local Tobacco Control.479
M. P. Traynor, M. E. Begay, S. A. Glantz, San Francisco, Calif
Brief Report
Morbidity and Mortality in Hypertensive Adults
a Low Ankle/Arm Blood Pressure Index.487
A. B. Newman, K. Sutton-Tyrrell, M. T. Vogt, L. H. Kuller, Pittsburgh, Pa
Involuntary Smoking in the Restaurant Workplace:
A Review of Employee Exposure and Health Effects.490
M. Siegel, Berkeley, Calif
AIDS Policy: Two Divisive Issues.494
D. E. Rogers, J. E. Osborn, Washington, DC
Accountability, Audit, and Reverence
for the Publication Process.495
D. Rennie, Chicago, III
Ankle/Arm Blood Pressure Index:
A Useful Test for the Clinical Setting?.497
W. B. Applegate, Memphis, Tenn
JAMA 100 Years
The Public Press and the Physicians.
The Present Status of the Surgery of the Prostate.
The Cover.413
Mrs Gardner in Venice, Anders Zorn,
Resident Forum
AMA-RPS Governing Council and Trustee
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Medical News &
Rural Health Care Faces Reform Too; Providers Sow Seeds for Better Future... Cause of Cuban
Outbreak Neuropathologic Puzzle... Court Ruling on 'Junk Science' Gives Judges More Say
About What Expert Witness Testimony to Allow
From the Congressional Office
of Technology Assessment....
The Journal of the American Medical Association
Therapy Under Medicare
Cholera Associated With a Newly Described Toxigenic Vibrio cholerae 0139 Strain—
California, 1993
Update: Hantavirus Infection—United States, 1993 Salmonella Serotype
Tennessee in Powdered Milk Products and Infant Formula—Canada and United States, 1993
My Mind
Washing Clothes
Domestic Abstracts.436
Reference Directories
Meetings Outside the United States. 442
Officials, April 7, 1993; US Meetings, July 7, 1993; Organizations of Medical Interest,
July 14, 1993; State Associations and Examinations and Licensure. July 21, 1993
for Otitis Media With Effusion: The
Pittsburgh Response E I Cantekin,
Rockette, C. D. Bluestone, J, L. Paradise, R. J. Nozza
The Era of the Patient R. S. Banner, A, S, Papp, S. J, Reiser
Screening for Colorectal Cancer: The Accuracy of Fecal Occult Blood D H Greegor, G P. Young,
D. J. B. St. John, D. A. Ahlquist, D. B. McGill, C. G. Moertel, C. L. Loprinzi, M. J. O'Connell
Classification of Human Papillomavirus Infection
Morrison, R. D. Burk
Radiography for Ankle Injuries R. Hatch, J. F. Waller, I. G. Stiell, G. H. Greenberg, R. D. Mcknight
Dietary Supplement Use: Significant Information in the Medical History S L Nightingale
Antimicrobial Therapy
R. M. Rosenfeld, E. M. Mandel, H. E.
Poetry and
A. Plotnikoff, MD, Minneapolis, Minn
Uwe E. Reinhardt, PhD, Princeton, NJ
Chicago, III
Anne Colston Wentz. MD,
Bassel Atallah, MD, JAMA—Middle East
Bologna, MD, JAMA—Italy
AMA Officers
President: Joseph T. Painter, MD*
President-Elect: Robert E. McAfee, MD*
Immediate Past President: John L. Clowe, MD
Obituary Listing.499
With Patients: A Basic Clinical Skill
(Myerscough) Reviewed by B. Bates
Medicine and Shakespeare in the English Renaissance (Hoeniger) Reviewed by
Easier Said Than Done: Moral Decisions in Medical Uncertainty (Heifetz) Reviewed by M. M Schapira
The Medicine Society (Scriven) Reviewed by B. Liskow
Current Opinion in Urology (Chlsholm, Paulson, eds) Reviewed by A. L. Soben, P. Soben
ASC: Anesthesia Simulator Consultant... Rhythm & Pulse: Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Simulator (Schwid, O'Donnell) Reviewed by T. Sloan
J B, Holds, M C, Kincaid
Peripheral Neuropathy in Cuba?
N. S,
Lincoff, J, G, Odel, M, Hirano
Clinical Decision Making:
From Theory to Practice
Three Battles to Watch in the 1990s D M
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From the Centers for Disease Control
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