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Jean DeSchriver
n Rossmoor Library Guild
Fred Shapiro
Library News
by Dena Leep
t the end of the last
“Library News”, I wrote
that this column would
be about new books.
“All the Light We Cannot
See” by Anthony Doerr is a
gripping story about a blind
French girl and a German boy
whose paths collide in occupied
France as both try to survive the
devastation of World War II.
It is 1922 and London is
tense. Ex-servicemen are out of
work, hungry and demanding a
change. In south London, a poor
widow and her spinster daughter
are obliged to take in lodgers. A
young couple arrives and shakes
up the lives of all of them. The
name of the book is “The Paying
Guests” by Sarah Waters.
Colm Toibin’s new book is
“Nora Webster”. It is set in
Ireland and is about a fiercely
compelling young widow and
mother of four. With not enough
money, Nora has lost the love
of her life and her children their
father. Though strong willed, she
finds solace in her life.
A very interesting book is titled
“The Mockingbird Next Door” by
Marja Mills. While Harper Lee
has said nothing for the past 50
years about the book, she and
her sister welcomed a reporter in
2001 from the Chicago Tribune
for a long conversation about
many subjects and why, among
other things, she chose to never
write another novel.
A wonderful “read” is “Stella
Bain” by Anita Shreve. The main
character has no memory of her
past when she wakes in a hospital
bed in France. It is 1916. She wears
the uniform of a British war nurse,
but speaks with an American
accent. Soon her memories come
racing back and she must confront
the person she used to be.
So, here are some new books
to ponder. Hope you find
something you will like.
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2 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
Holiday Schedule
Christmas Eve, Wednesday, Dec. 24
Security: Gates open, mini bus and supplemental transportation
available weather permitting.
MedStar Health: Close at noon.
E&R: Close at 4 p.m.
Restaurant: Close at 3 p.m.
Christmas Day, Thursday, Dec. 25
Security: Gates open, no mini bus. Call Main Gate for
supplemental transportation.
All other offices and facilities closed.
New Year’s Eve, Wednesday, Dec. 31
Security: Gates open, mini bus and supplemental transportation
available weather permitting.
MedStar Health: Close at 3 p.m.
E&R: Clubhouse I close at 6 p.m., Clubhouse II close at 8 p.m.
Restaurant: Call for hours.
New Years Day, Thursday, Jan. 1
Security: Gates open, no mini bus. Call Main Gate for
supplemental transportation.
Restaurant: Opens at 3 p.m. for dinner.
All other offices and facilities closed.
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Owned and Operated by BENNY Since 1980 "or ask for my son DAN."
Includes 30 Point
Robert Dargel
14011 Georgia Ave.
Tire Rotation
Jean DeSchriver
Leisure World News
Elaine Selby
The Leisure World News is a publication for the benefit of Leisure World
residents. Its mission is to provide news and information about community
governance and other relevant issues, events, and activities, and to provide
residents a forum for their opinions and an opportunity to contribute articles of
general interest. All matters concerning the Leisure World News will be decided
with this mission in mind.
Managed, edited, and produced collaboratively
by Leisure World staff and the Leisure World News Advisory Committee
[email protected]
Assistant Editor: Dee Martymuska
Publications Assistant: Kathleen Brooks • Bookkeeper: Angela Bufalo
Editorial, Classified, or Display Ads: 301 598-1310
3700 Rossmoor Blvd., Silver Spring MD 20906
[email protected] or [email protected]
The Leisure World of Maryland News reserves the right to reject or discontinue any advertisement believed
not in the best interest of Leisure World. We shall accept advertising on the same basis as other reputable
publications: that is, we shall not knowingly permit a dishonest advertisement to appear in the Leisure World
of Maryland News, but at the same time we will not undertake to guarantee the reliability of our advertisers.
n Model Train Club
Model Train Club Open House
by Marilyn Chmielewski
ur Winter Open House
is Saturday, Dec. 27, 10
a.m.-3 p.m., Clubhouse
II. Everyone is invited!
Bring yourselves, children,
grandchildren, and friends!
There are three gauges of
trains: N, HO, and O/Lionel
running on four layouts. Lots
to see—mountains, streams,
bridges, tunnels, factories,
towns, roundhouses, farms,
train stations, city people,
farmers, railroad workers, plus
many, many trains: steam and
diesel engines, freight cars and
passenger cars.
We welcome new members to
this fun hobby club enjoyed by
all ages, both men and women.
Whether you enjoy working on
buildings, landscapes, electrical
wiring, ballast work or running
trains, come join us.
The club meeting is the
second Thursday of each
month. Club members meet
Mondays and Wednesdays
from approximately 6-7:30 p.m.
as well as Thursdays from
approximately 2-4 p.m. to work
on the layouts. Stop in. For more
information contact Marilyn
Chmielewski, 301-438-3259.
Robert Dargel
❒ Leisure World News Advisory Committee
Leisure World News Deadlines Are Changing
Notice to Writers for Clubs, Organizations, Advisory Committees
& Departments
he deadlines for news,
announcements, club
articles, and all other
editorial submissions to the
Leisure World News will
change in January 2015.
Editorial deadlines will be
on Tuesdays. Advertising
deadlines will be on
Wednesdays. This change is
made for two reasons: (1) to
allow adequate time for writing,
fact checking, proofreading,
and other editorial processes;
and (2) to end the necessity
of weekend and night work
for layout services and unpaid
resident staff who also reconcile
last minute changes and
proofread/correct several galley
proofs of the paper. At this
time, the paper will continue to
be available for distribution on
During 2014, the Leisure
World News Advisory
Committee managed a major
transformation of this news
publication. We hope that the
organization, readability, and
content, reflected in the design
established in July are working
for residents. This year the
committee also established
a number of operational
editorial protocols and the new
printer we helped secure has
provided the consistent quality
promised. A dozen or so unpaid
resident volunteers have
stepped up to report and write
about the people and activities
of Leisure World as well as the
decisions made by the Leisure
World Community Corporation
that affect all residents.
Comments and ideas
are welcome. To contact
the Leisure World News
Advisory Committee, email:
[email protected]
gmail.com. This notice is
being sent by email to all
known Leisure World News
writers for clubs, groups,
organizations; departments,
advisory committees, mutual
newsletters, and members of
the Leisure World Board of
Maryland Board of Directors.
Reminders will be published in
upcoming editions of the paper.
— Martha Robinson, Chair.
January Deadlines for
Leisure World News 2015
Tuesday, Jan. 13 &
Tuesday, Jan. 27.
Seniorita Sunshine
Warming hearts w/song, dance
& laughter!
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 3
Crystal Ballroom
Thanksgiving Dinner
Move Forward
with the Facilities
Enhancement Plan
Many LW residents have
purchased older units where at
some point they’ve had to paint,
put in new carpeting, flooring,
and window treatments, new
kitchens and bathrooms, and
some have even added more
space. All of these projects
have improved their quality of
life and raised their property
values. Why shouldn’t we do
the same for Leisure World’s
common properties?
Change is very hard. Some
residents don’t see the need to
spend money, but we shouldn’t
allow a small vocal group to
jeopardize the future of Leisure
World. The LWCC Board
needs to follow its vision and
proceed with the proposed
updates. They are essential
to revitalizing the community
facilities which will attract
and encourage people to own
property and participate in
managing and maintaining
Leisure World in the future.
The LWCC Board is made
up of the board members from
each mutual. They are not
paid professionals; they are
residents, our neighbors and
friends. They are endeavoring
to do what they were elected
to do for all of us - make
decisions and guide LW
into the future. They have
hired architects to provide
ideas and plans. They have
informed residents of the most
viable options and allowed
for community input. They
have explained the funding
which comes from the Resales
Fund (whose sole purpose is
for capital expenditures and
enhancements, not routine
We support the
enhancements to the
restaurants and ballroom, golf
course, fitness center, and new
administration building. The
opposition to the proposed
access road was an unnecessary
distraction given that a new
administration building will
allow for parking closer to
Clubhouse I. Green space is a
valuable commodity and while
the lawn activities are not cost
effective, perhaps gardens
can be planted in their place
eventually. We must make the
small compromises so the big
plan can move forward.
We appreciate the efforts of
the LW Board. It’s a thankless
job and not without stress and
aggravation. We know that they
have our best interests at heart.
We urge other residents who
feel as we do to speak up.
— John Radcliffe, Linda O’Neil,
Kathy Viney, Jim Moores,
Barbara Martin, Bobbi Palmer,
Vicky McCarty How Much
Do We Care?
Leisure World is an amazing
community. We are all so lucky
to live here. So many of us go
along our merry way enjoying
all the amenities and assuming
that our boards of directors are
taking care of everything else. And you know what? They are. They’re doing what they think
is best for the community, and
they hit the mark most of the
However, a difference of
opinion erupted recently about
the Administrative Building
project, after the Board of
Directors voted to demolish the
existing building (see photo)
and build a new one. Since
then many opinions have been
voiced in this newspaper and
there has been much discussion
at our mutual board meetings.
When a headline appeared a
month ago in the LWN with the
figure $5,000,000, suddenly
a lot of people sat up and took
notice, with some suggesting
that renovation of the existing
building would be preferable to
building a new one. Because of
this, the Board is considering
these differences of opinion
and could decide to change the
plan. The bottom line is that
either approach is viable, but
here is a brief summary of some
of the issues involved:
According to estimates,
renovation would cost $3
million less than replacement.
In either case the money
4 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
LW Administration Building
comes from the “resales fund”,
which receives 2 percent of
every resale in LW. The main
issue is to provide more space
for the administrative staff to
function more comfortably.
This can be accomplished
either by replacing the
building or by reassigning
space within the present
building or using space
in Clubhouse II when the
new fitness center is built.
(For example, 600 sq. ft.
will become available when
Weichert Realty moves out.)
Another issue is the age of
the building. Some people
think that buildings should be
replaced every 50 years. On
the other hand, a complete
refurbishment and updating
of infrastructure would be
included in the renovation,
thus prolonging the life of the
Other issues include: (1)
Providing temporary quarters
for the staff during renovation,
such as vacant rental units or
trailers. (2) Freeing up space
for more parking, either by
destroying the existing building
or perhaps using other areas
adjacent to Clubhouse I.
Given the magnitude of
this project, we urge you to
let your opinions be heard. If
we don’t speak up, we have
no right to complain. Let your
mutual representative know
how you feel, or perhaps
notify the board directly.
(If you email [email protected]
com, your representative and
other board members will
receive it.) You can also get
the phone number of your
representative from your
mutual office. You might also
attend the January meeting
of your mutual board, and
perhaps visit neighbors in
your mutual to explain what
is happening and get their
proxy vote on the matter. — Rodney and Karen Brooks
My husband, his sister,
our granddaughter, and I
had Thanksgiving Dinner
at the Crystal Ballroom and
it was WONDERFUL! The
room looked beautiful, very
festive and it was arranged
perfectly with beautifully set
tables around the outside,
and the buffet tables on
the inside. The food was
excellent, plentiful and hot,
something you don’t always
get at a buffet. There was an
amazing selection too! The
service could have been better
but, with the help of one of
the hostesses, we managed
to get what we needed. You
shouldn’t have to chase the
server down to get water, but
it was the last seating of the
day and she was probably
I still can’t get over how
good everything was. When I
called to make our reservation,
I asked Ed Richardson if they
would have dark meat and
was told no, just turkey breast. However, he then said I was
not the first person to have
asked about that so he told me
he would check and call me
back. He called me back in 5
minutes saying the new chef
said you absolutely must have
dark meat at Thanksgiving!
He said it would be by request
only and would be brought to
our table, and not available on
the buffet. Sure enough, the
server brought a plate with way
more meat than we needed....
two giant legs and other carved
meat under the legs. We ate
our fill and asked if we would
be able to take the rest home—
just the dark meat that was
left on the plate. We were told
no! At first the server told us
they would make soup with the
leftovers. Huh? We explained
to her that it would be against
the food safety laws for them
to take leftover food from a
table and re-use it. We thought
it was a terrible waste and
felt badly that no one seemed
to understand that we didn’t
want to waste the food that was
already on our table, but we
couldn’t seem get through to
anyone, so we didn’t press the
issue any further. Nevertheless,
it was a good meal and we will
definitely consider it again next
— Judy Rosenthal
An Earlier Letter
I read with interest the
lengthy article entitled “Our
Troubling and Troublesome
Less Than 1%” in the Dec.
2 edition of Leisure World
News. The writer’s praise for
Leisure World residents who
generously share their time and
talents serving the community,
both inside and outside the
confines of Leisure World, was
well warranted.
However, I did take
exception to the writer’s sharp
criticism of many other Leisure
World residents he chose to
label (with no accompanying
data), as “the 1%”. These
residents, he implied, were a
threat to the well-being of this
community. On the contrary,
I believe these residents also
give their time and talents
to strengthening the Leisure
World community by (among
other things):
orking to improving
transparency in governance
dvocating for the adoption
environmentally healthy
landscaping practices
romoting the empowerment
of all residents as they
seek access to complete
information regarding
expenditures of both the
Resales Fund and the
Operating Budget
roviding more direct
channels for residents to voice
their opinions on decisions
that that will impact the entire
In the final sentence of his
article, the writer alluded to
the “L.W.dispute resolution
process.” I attended one
such meeting as an observer.
The meeting began with the
complainant being excoriated
for having brought a computer
to the session. This was almost
immediately followed by the
members of the Executive
Committee voting to close the
meeting to all but themselves
and the complainant. Other
observers and I were told to
leave the room. This appeared
to be a resolution process in
name only! A suggested remedy
for this situation follows. Just
as Leisure World retains an
attorney to render legal advice,
in the same manner, it would
benefit this community to have,
on retainer, a certified mediator
who would act as the arbiter
in any “dispute resolution
process.” This could ensure a
fair and objective procedure
for both parties in bringing
resolution to any such disputes
in the future.
— Marybeth Ardike
A Testimony to the
Water Aerobics Class
My name is Camille Palombo
and I am a fairly new resident
here in Leisure World. When
I moved here, I was fairly
immobile. I could walk from
my 3rd floor elevator to my car
and I could walk from my car
to a store but almost always
used a power cart to shop.
There were no shopping malls
in my life as I knew I couldn’t
go the distance. My trips out
of the house were short and
quick; walking wasn’t easy and
I couldn’t walk far.
I knew when I got here
that I wanted to get healthier
and decided to try the water
aerobics class. Within one
week, I started feeling stronger
and recognized that I could
walk farther and without as
much pain as when I started.
Within six weeks, I finally
got the courage up to try and
walk from my condo to the
Giant Supermarket outside
our neighborhood. To my
excitement, I made it the entire
way! I took a bus back home.
There is much more walking
in my future and I attribute
it to this class. The instructor
is amazing and knows how
to make exercise fun. She not
only got my body moving but
I have less pain now than I did
when I started. If you want to
improve your movement and
have a great time doing it, come
and join us on Tuesdays and
Thursdays in water aerobics
class. See Classes & Seminars
in the LW News for more
— Camille Palombo
Make Residents
Voices Heard
On page one of the Leisure
World News (Dec. 2, 2014
issue) the article regarding
the Leisure World Board of
Directors’ Meeting on Nov.
25 states that a petition was
presented to the board with “a
reported 500 signatures stating
opposition to the construction
of a new Administration
Building at an estimated cost
of $5.2 million. The signers are
also calling for an engineering
study of the existing structure
to be followed by a ‘resident
referendum’ before any final
decision is made regarding
construction of a new building.”
According to a letter in the
Residents’ Forum on page
4 of the same issue there is
a “trouble or troublesome
less than 1 percent who are
disruptive to our community by
questioning the actions of our
Board of Directors’. The 500
signatures out of approximately
8,500 residents requesting the
Board to ask the residents if
they want to spend $5.2 million
for a new building without
even considering the possibility
of refurbishing the present
Administration Building
constitutes approximately 6
percent of the population of
Leisure World, not 1percent.
Leisure World res idents
should now ask themselves and
discuss with their neighbors the
Are the board members
acting on behalf of all the
residents of Leisure World or
in their own self interests? Has
any board member polled their
constituents as to how they
should vote on the issue? How
is questioning the acts of the
Board harming the reputation
of Leisure World? Don’t we
live in a Democracy where the
participants have a right to
voice their concerns and expect
to be heard?
It appears to this resident
that the new building was a
done deal before it was even
officially submitted to the board
and I’m concerned the board
is merely rubber stamping a
project without listening to the
residents of our community.
— Paul Johnson
LW Needs More
Volunteers and Their
If I may, I would like to
comment on a letter in the
Dec. 2, 2014 edition of the LW
News, entitled “Our Troubling
and Troublesome 1%.” I would
also like to commend the
writer of another article in that
same edition, “Join a Leisure
World Club or Group,” which
encouraged volunteers to step
As noted in the opinion
article, it seems to be widely
accepted in many circles that
a representative percentage of
people who actively participate
as volunteers for leadership ,
as well as donating funds, in a
typical organization is in the
realm of twenty percent. So the
19% stated is not that far off the
norm. However, that does not
preclude people within the 20
percent or the 80 percent from
being critical of the way an
organization, or community in
our case, is being run. Too often
being close to the problem
is one way of not seeing the
We shouldn’t discount
criticism of the way Leisure
World is being governed or
managed by dismissing the
dissenters. Much of what I have
seen during my experience
as a management consultant,
requires residents to question
and sometimes challenge
decisions to move forward on
policies or construction. The
one criterion I would hold up
to the dissenters is the need for
them to also provide a solution,
not merely a complaint.
That is why I think the
article on volunteers is the
better approach to encouraging
the people who find fault to
participate. Would we not be
better served if more people
took part, as well as those in
positions of governance were
more open to the views of the
The strength of those
organizations that have
prospered in Leisure World has
been due to residents who have
sought benefits to the members
of the organization and the
community as a whole.
This brings me back to the
article on volunteerism. Every
organization and club here
in Leisure World depends on
the insertion of new blood.
Leadership should recognize
that times are changing and
we should cater to the new
demographics of Leisure
World residents. This can only
be accomplished if residents
volunteer their services, both
in leadership roles and in
participation. Nothing is to be
gained by simply criticizing;
however, participating and
bringing your experience and
insight to move the governance
and activities of Leisure World
forward can gain much.
— Fred Shapiro
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 5
Governance & INFORMATION
General Manager’s
Report December 2014
Community Topics
November financial statements
are targeted to be distributed the
week of Monday, Dec. 15.
Preliminary estimates
indicate that net operating
expenses will be at or slightly
below budget for the month.
Metrobus Service
Effective Monday, Dec. 15,
Metro will be reinstating bus
service which will essentially be
a restoration of the service that
the Leisure World community
was receiving before changes
were made to the schedule
effective Aug. 24.
On Dec. 10th at 2:00 p.m.
in the Montgomery Room in
Clubhouse I, there will be an
informational meeting for
residents regarding Metrobus
service. Please note that this is
the first of three meetings that
will be held for this purpose.
Year-End Reception for Board
Members and Committee
Chairs and Vice Chairs –
The year-end reception
honoring LWCC Board
members and Chairs and
Vice-Chairs of LWCC Advisory
Committees for their service
throughout the year will be
held on Thursday, Dec. 18, at
3:00 p.m. in the Ballroom of
Clubhouse I. Mutual Presidents
who do not represent their
association on the LWCC Board
are also invited. If you have not
already done so, please RSVP to
Berri Sommer at 301-598-1370.
Organizational Meeting
Tentatively, the
Organizational Meeting of
the LWCC Board of Directors
has been scheduled for Jan.
9, 2015, at 9:30 a.m. in the
Montgomery Room. At this
meeting, the Board of Directors
will elect officers and at-large
members of the Executive
Committee for 2015.
Pedestrians on Golf Course
Please be advised that at
the LWCC Board of Directors
meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 25,
the Board passed a resolution
restricting access to the golf
course to golfers only. This
resolution reverses a previously
approved policy allowing
pedestrians access on the golf
course from Nov. 1 to March
31st in the morning until 10:00
a.m. on an identified walking
LW of Maryland
Director of Communications
Leisure World of Maryland
Corporation has elected not to
pursue employment with the
individual previously reported
as candidate for the position of
Director of Communications.
The recruitment process has
been resumed. Management is
working with a subcommittee
of the Leisure World News
Advisory Committee.
n Foundation of Leisure World
Venice: City of Dreams
Sponsored by the Foundation of Leisure World
18th of Travel Video Series (Free)
Monday, Jan. 12, 2 p.m.
Auditorium – Clubhouse 2
his is a “Heads Up” notice about the Foundation’s next
Travel Video. More specifics will be given in the next issue
of the LW News. Please mark your new 2015 calendars.
This series of Travel Videos is only one of many Foundation
Also note that there is a vacancy on the Foundation’s Board of
Directors. If you are interested, please submit a short bio to the
E&R office before January 15. Interviews will be arranged.
6 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
Dial 301-598-1313
for recorded Daily Events
2014 Broadcast Schedule - Channel 974
Each meeting begins its broadcast on the Thursday the week AFTER
the meeting. It will broadcast every day at 4 and 7 PM until the next
Executive Committee Meetings Board of Director Meetings
The Nov. 20 Executive
The Nov. 2 Board of Directors
Committee meeting is
is broadcasting now.
broadcasting now.
Group Email Addresses
Residents wishing to contact Leisure World Management, the LWCC
Board of Directors, or the Executive Committee may send an email
to the appropriate email address listed below. It will automatically be
forwarded to all members of that group who have an email address
on record.
Messages to any of the email groups should pertain only to the
management and operation of Leisure World trust properties,
services, or activities. Please do not send emails to all three
addresses, as there will be a duplication of recipients and will not
result in a faster response to your question or comment. Messages
pertaining to mutuals or anything else which Management, the
Board of Directors, or Executive Committee does not control should
also not be sent to these groups.
The group email address are:
• LWMC Management - [email protected]
• LWCC Board of Directors - [email protected]
• LWCC Executive Committee - [email protected]
Indoor Pool News
from the E&R Department
2015 Annual Pool
Pass. 2015 annual
indoor pool passes
will be available
for purchase in
Clubhouse II
beginning Tuesday,
Dec. 16 at 8:30 a.m.
Cost of the resident
annual indoor pass
is $145; there will
be no charge for
residents for the
outdoor pool. Rates will be pro-rated quarterly.
Locker Rentals. Annual locker rentals are also available to
rent beginning Tuesday, Dec. 16 at 8:30 a.m. Small lockers
are $35; full locker rentals in the men’s locker room are $65,
women’s locker room $55 (in the women’s you also have to
purchase an annual pool pass).
Hours Extended. Reminder: January through May, on
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the pool will stay open
until 8 p.m.
Assisted living - memory support
During the last 64 years, Brooke Grove Retirement Village has built a
reputation of excellence in Montgomery County. Partnering with national
leaders in the field, we’ve set a new benchmark in memory support.
Our staff have specialized training in anxiety-reducing techniques that
decrease the need for medication. Creatively designed programs
stimulate memory and build independence and self-esteem.
18100 Slade School Road
Sandy Spring, MD 20860
301-260-2320 or
Independent living
assisted living
long-term care
memory support
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 7
Health & FITNESS
n Low Vision
Avoiding Computer Eye Strain
Focus on 2015
ccording to the
American Academy of
Ophthalmology (AOA),
staring at computers and other
digital devices for long periods
won’t cause permanent eye
damage but your eyes may feel
dry and tired. Studies show
that we blink half as often while
using these devices. The AOA
encourages the following steps
to reduce eyestrain:
• Sit about 25 inches from the
computer screen (if you can
and still see the screen) and
position the screen so your
gaze is slightly downward.
• Reduce glare from the screen
by lighting thee area properly,
and use a screenfilter if
• Post a note on the computer
that reminds you to BLINK.
• Every 20 minutes, shift your
eyes to look at an object at
least 20 feet away, for at least
20 seconds: the “20-20-20”
• Use artificial tears to refresh
your eyes when they feel dry
(ask your ophthalmologist for
a recommendation)
• Take regular breaks from
computer work and get good
night’s sleep.
• If you have to be at your
computer for a marathon
work session take regular
breaks and use tired or sore
eyes as a signal that it is time
to stop working and get some
rest. Remember, your eye
doctor’s goal is to help you
keep your eyes healthy and
Learn more about practical
and medical solutions about
eye health and comfort by
attending Leisure World Low
Vision Group meetings. All are
welcome. Call Jane Brinser,
❒ Patients’ Rights Council of Leisure World
LW Social Worker Wilma Braun January Speaker
by Mary Ann Johnston
he Patients’ Rights
Council of Leisure
World will not meet in
December. The next meeting
is Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015
at 1:30 p.m. in Clubhouse I.
Our speaker is Wilma Braun,
MSW, a social worker at the
MedStar Medical Center in
Leisure World. Mrs. Braun will
speak to us about the assistance
available to us through the
Department of Social Services.
More information about the
program will be given in the
next issue of the paper.
The Patients’ Rights Council
presents informative health and
life issues speakers that address
Work with the agent that does it all!
New Villa Cortese V
Open Saturday and Sunday, 1- 4 pm.
Call sales office #115 from lobby phone
to be buzzed in.
Direct: 301.651.3082
Office: 301.681.0550 x 161
Email: [email protected]
2 bedrooms, 2 baths,
open kitchen 1321 sq. ft.
2 bedrooms, 2 baths, library,
open kitchen 1538 sq. ft.
2 bedrooms, 2 baths,
and a library 1530 sq. ft.
Model O
Model R
Model U
Model Q
3 bedrooms, 2 baths 1575 sq. ft.
Model S
3 bedrooms, 2 baths,
powder room 1790 sq. ft.
All units feature stainless appliances, granite counter tops,
full size front load washer and dryer, and enclosed
sun porch with tile floor.
Rare “L” #403 Villa Cortese IV
3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, newly carpeted and painted.
1520 sq. ft. $345,000
Vantage West “FF” with Garage #521
2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, newly carpeted and painted.
1305 sq. ft. $299,900
8 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
our concerns associated with
aging or chronic and debilitating
illness. We are part of the group
who are most vulnerable to the
physician-assisted movement
that too often views life as a
burden. Our lives are always
valuable and we hope our
programs demonstrate that
to our audiences by giving
information about the help that
is available to us and that we can
continue to enjoy life despite our
The Patients’ Rights Council
participated in the Leisure World
Community Fair in November. We
had literature available about our
group’s purposes and programs
and made many new contacts. All
residents and guests are welcome
at our meetings. Dues of $10 per
year are voluntary and may be
given to the treasurer starting in
January 2015.
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 9
n Camera Club-Photo Matinee
Alpine Countries
by Al Lukas
he photo matinee
covering the culture
and scenery of the
Alpine countries in Europe
will be presented by Richard
Bambach of the Rossmoor
Camera Club on Jan. 18
in Clubhouse II at 3:30
p.m. Richard and his wife
Susan toured the Alpine
region, which included
Germany, Austria, Italy and
Switzerland, in September
2014. That will be the most
current photo presentation of
the region.
The Alpine tour started
at Rothenberg in Bavaria
of Germany, continued
through the Alps to Vienna,
the mountain range of
northern Italy, and the heart
of the Alpine mountains in
Switzerland. The tour covers
Lake Misurina, Italy, by Richard Bambach
that greatest mountain system
in Europe. The photo matinee
includes medieval towns,
cruising on lakes, Napoleon’s
route across the mountains,
views from highest cable car
rides, the culture and scenery
of the region.
Richard Bambach is an
advanced photographer at
the Rossmoor Camera Club
and is a former president of
the club. In previous years,
he presented Photo Matinees
on the Low Countries,
China, Italy and France.
By profession, Richard is a
geoscientist. He has a BA
degree from Johns Hopkins
University a MS and a PhD
from Yale University. He
is a professor emeritus of
paleontology from Virginia
Tech and currently is serving
at the Smithsonian National
Museum of Natural History.
You will enjoy his Photo
Matinee presentation of the
Alpine countries on Sunday,
Jan. 18, 3:30 p.m., in
Clubhouse II’s auditorium.
as low as
New. Used. Refinance.
*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Certain restrictions may apply. 1.49%
APR available for up to 36 months. The monthly payment on a $20,000
loan for 36 months at 1.49% APR would be $568.41. Rates are subject
to change without notice. Your actual rate may vary based on your past
and present credit performance. Not all borrowers are eligible for the
lowest rate. Refinance offer is only for vehicle loans NOT currently
financed with Signal Financial FCU.
not-for-profit | member-owned | personal | business | mortgages
800.368.0108 • sfonline.org
10 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
301.933.9100 x 105
Olney Big Band Returns
Swing, Swing, Swing
sponsored by the E&R Department
hase the winter blues away! On Jan.
17 at 4:30 p.m., the Olney Big Band
returns to the stage in Clubhouse
II’s auditorium.
The Olney Big Band is one of the few
outstanding, non-profit, big band jazz
ensembles in the metropolitan area. Formed
in 2002, the band performs big band jazz
numbers from the 1930s to present day.
They have appeared at venues both here and
abroad including Blues Alley, Strathmore
Music Center and the Montreux Jazz
Festival in Switzerland. The bands annual
production of Swing! Swing! Swing! and
Big Band Jazz at the Olney Theatre Center
continues to draw enthusiastic sellout
crowds, as have past performances at
Leisure World. The bands 17-musicians and
two vocalists will have you tapping your
feet to their music and humming the songs
played long after the concert is over.
Tickets for this event go on sale on
Tuesday, Dec. 16. Watch for more details
in the next issue of this publication.
Celebrate the
Season with
the Olney
Concert Band
sponsored by the E&R Department
he Olney Concert Band (OCB)
is excited to return to Leisure
World for this annual concert
tradition! This performance of concert
band and holiday classics is scheduled
for Wednesday, Dec. 17 at 7:30 p.m. in
Clubhouse II’s auditorium. The band
will perform music across many genres
and styles. Guaranteed to put you in
the holiday spirit, there is sure to be
something for everyone!
Tickets, $5 per person, are on sale
now in both clubhouses. This is a family
friendly event, bring the kids and
grandkids! Please bring your Leisure
World ID when purchasing tickets.
Fireside Forum
Civil Rights Talk by Author Howard L. Feinstein
Law School and has studied
international law in Britain.
Because of his wide-ranging
experience in the struggle for
equality for all Americans,
Mr. Feinstein has been a
highly popular speaker on
civil rights, legal and criminal
justice systems, and the
history of the movement for
Howard Feinstein’s book
Fire on the Bayou takes
us inside the grand juries,
courtrooms and killing fields
of the Deep South. This is
by Jonas Weiss
n Sunday, Jan. 4 at
2:30 p.m., the Fireside
Forum program will
feature the author Howard
Feinstein who has devoted
his professional life to
working for the protection
of all Americans, through
his legal work, writings and
speaking appearances. He
has been a prosecutor and
civil litigator within the
Civil Rights Division of the
U.S. Department of Justice,
seeking justice for victims of
a story of a young attorney
thrust into a cauldron of hate
and violence, including the
fatal Ku Klux Klan bombing of
a Florida civil rights pioneer
and his wife.
These free programs
are held in Clubhouse II’s
auditorium. This speaker is
hosted by Flora Wolf.
the Ku Klux Klan and other
racially motivated terrorist
organizations and individuals.
He also pursued matters of
housing and employment
discrimination, school
desegregation and gender
As a faculty member
of George Washington
University, Feinstein has
designed and taught a variety
of courses, including civil
rights, constitutional law, sex
discrimination and criminal
law. He graduated from the
George Washington University
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 11
Sunday Afternoon at the Movies
August: Osage County
he E&R Department
is pleased to present
“Sunday Afternoon at
the Movies.” They are shown
in the auditorium of Clubhouse
II at 2 p.m.
on Sundays.
The next
screening is
Sunday, Dec.
28 for August:
Osage County
(2013, rated R
for language
and for drug
material; 2
hr. 1 mins.;
not closed
Free tickets,
limit two per
person, are required; they can
be obtained from the E&R office
in either clubhouse beginning
at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday,
Dec. 16. Please bring your
Leisure World ID card.
When their father
disappears, three strongwilled women return to their
childhood home and to their
equally strong-willed mother.
As they search for
their patriarch,
the dysfunctional
family members
wind up
facing difficult
truths about
The movies
are for your
there is no
charge. Be sure
to pick up your
ticket(s) if you
plan to attend.
Please note
that no one
will be seated
after 2 p.m.
Donations to help cover the
expenses associated with the
presentations are gratefully
accepted. A basket will be
available for your contribution.
Seven Costly Sins of Estate Planning
Please join us for light
refreshments and an
engaging discussion on the
seven costly sins of Estate
Planning and how to avoid
Allison L. Lee
Paley Rothman
Wednesday, September 17, 2014
10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Leisure World Conference Center
Chesapeake Room
Michelle J. Chapin
Seating is limited. RSVP to
Brett Broussard at 301.656.7603 Paley Rothman
Philip Fish
Vice President
Sandy Spring Trust
• Not FDIC Insured • No Bank Guarantee • Not a Bank Deposit •
• Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency • May Lose Value •
12 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
We here at the
restaurants would
like to take time out
to wish all the
residents of Leisure
World a Happy
and Healthy
Holiday Season…..
We look forward to
a Great 2015 with
all of you……
Wine of the Month
Will be
Kendall Jackson
$5 Glass
$20 Bottle
l of
New Year’s Eve
in the
Crystal Ballroom with
The Winstons and their
“Memories of Motown and
Soul Revue”
They put on a fantastic show and
space will go quickly….Stop by the
Restaurants to purchase Tickets….
$65 per person or $115 per couple
Includes Appetizers, Seated
Dinner and Dessert
New Year’s Eve
Dinner in the
Cascade Bistro
Reservations available
at 5pm and 7pm
Please call 301 598 1330
Dinner Entrees
Will include:
Filet Mignon
Lamb Chops
Lobster Tails
Fresh Fish
Crab Cakes
And more…..
Terrace Room
Casual Dining
Monday - Saturday 9am - 9 pm
Sunday 9:30am - 9pm
ay Funct
Cascade Bistro
Will be available
for private parties
Casual Attire Appropriate
Stein Room
Casual Dining and Cocktails
Monday - Thursday 9am 9pm
Friday - Saturday 9am - 9pm
Sunday 9:30am - 9pm
Please cut out this coupon and
bring with you to the restaurant
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 13
n Rossmoor Woman’s Club
The Holidays Are Here
by Ileana Eblighatian
e are all excited about the coming
holidays and are planning a
special celebration together with
our family and our friends!
Looking ahead, the Rossmoor Woman’s
Club has great plans for 2015! They
include the entertaining monthly general
meetings/luncheons, New Members Tea
in February, the spring fundraiser, our
famous “Vendor Sale,” a spring trip and
more! Through each of these projects,
we make it possible for our members to
enjoy many intellectual, cultural and some
unique events in a really comfortable
way, creating at the same time the funds
for our financially assisted organizations.
The Rossmoor Woman’s Club volunteers
are working non-stop; the need to help
is always there and problems pop-up all
the time. Some might be temporary. Our
positive attitude and our motto, “Every
problem has a solution,” help us to find a
way out.
Our Pecan and Fruitcake sale is over!
Thank you all for your support and we
will see you again next year with another
encore! All proceeds will go to our
financially supported organizations in our
area and for scholarships. The Rossmoor
Woman’s Club thanks members and
residents who have been so supportive of
our project; we have one recommendation
for you and your lucky friends: “Enjoy!”
We also thank Mary Sue Pletcher and Ann
Connolly and all the volunteers who helped
with this project organizing or/and helping
in the selling process. They all made this a
very successful project.
The Rossmoor Woman’s Club general
meeting/luncheon organized by Aggie
Latest Advances in Cataract Surgery including the Restor© & LenSx (Femtosecond)
Treatment of Glaucoma & Macular Degeneration
(Avastin, Lucentis & Eylea Injections)
Complete Exams and Contact Lens Exams
Full Service Optical Shop
Glasses, Sunglasses, Contact Lenses
We offer the latest diagnostic equipment for assessment
of retinal disease and glaucoma.
ON PREMISES: Visual Fields, Cirrus HD - OCT,
Fluorescein Angiography, Stereo Disc Photographs,
Corneal Pachymetry and Topography.
3801 International Drive, Suite 208
Silver Spring, MD 20906
14 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
Eastman was Wednesday, Dec. 3 at the
Manor Country Club. As always, a delicious
buffet was offered and the holiday-related
entertainment performed by Elaine
O’Leary. There was joy, friendship and
a cordial, relaxed atmosphere, reflecting
the Rossmoor Woman’s Club’s successful
goals and aspirations. We thank Aggie
Eastman and her volunteers for presenting
a wonderful program and Stephanie
Crissman for planning Elaine O’Leary’s
The next Rossmoor Woman’s Club
Executive Board meeting/lunch bunch is
Jan. 8, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. Please check the
directory in Clubhouse I’s lobby for the
meeting’s assigned room; all members are
welcome to attend, comment or suggest
new activities. Come and just ask for Janet
Soslow, our membership committee chair.
The first general meeting/brunch is
Jan. 21 at 10:30 a.m. in Clubhouse I. All
members are invited to come, participate
and make suggestions. We give special
attention and evaluate each suggestion
our members offer. More details will be
announced in the next issue of LW News.
A very important anniversary is coming
up in January: Ida May Fuller (1874 –
1975) was the first American to receive
a monthly benefit Social Security check
(another first for women). She received
the first Social Security check number
00-000-001, amounting to $22.54, on
Jan. 31, 1940. She was born on a farm
outside Ludlow, Vermont. She retired
in 1939, having paid just three years of
payroll taxes. She received monthly Social
Security checks until her death in 1975 at
age 100. By the time of her death, Fuller
had collected $22,888.92 from Social
Security monthly benefits, compared to
her contributions of $24.75 to the system.
She later said about going to the Social
Security office, “It wasn’t that I expected
anything, mind you, but I knew I’d been
paying for something called Social Security
and I wanted to ask the people in Rutland
(Vermont) about it.” (Wikipedia)
Back to today, Rossmoor Woman’s
Club Executive Committee wishes all our
members and all LW Residents a Happy
Holiday season, may all your dreams
to come true, in good health. Merry
Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy New
In closing, your Rossmoor Woman’s
Club LW News correspondent wishes you
a great Holiday season; celebrate it in its
entire splendor, together with your loved
ones! See you next in 2015!
A valon
n Fun & Fancy Theatre Group
Good Times for All
by Allan Okin
hanks to Dee Smiley,
her cast and crew for
“Holidays around the
World,” which introduced
new faces, dances and songs
to the Leisure World crowd
drawing the most guests ever
for a monthly show. The near
to capacity crowd was thrilled
to the rhythms and spirit of
multicultural entertainment of
the season!
Now, everyone can look
forward to “The Music of
Jerome Kern” on Jan. 7
following our next meeting at
7:30 p.m. in the auditorium.
Ken Tash will present your
favorite singers performing
such oldies as A Fine Romance,
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, I
Can’t Forget You, Long Ago
and Far Away, Why Was I
Born?, and many other Kern
Tin Pan Alley hits. Yours truly
will stage the most beloved
songs of the classic musical,
Showboat, with music direction
by Elaine O’Leary.
Jerry Payne, with an assist
from his beloved Barbara,
welcomes all residents to
an evening of love songs in
recognition of Valentine’s
Day on Feb. 4. Auditions are
planned for Thursday, Jan. 8 at
7-9 p.m. and on Tuesday, Jan.
13 at 3-5 p.m. in Clubhouse II’s
auditorium. Come prepared
to audition with Paper Moon,
Moonlight and Roses, Shine
on Harvest Moon, Fly Me to
the Moon, Blue Moon, The
Man in the Moon is a Woman
and others. Perhaps, someone
should sing Mooning from
Grease. For other suggestions,
contact Jerry (240-301-6783 or
[email protected]).
President Gotkin has
formed a reading committee to
choose a play for production
in May 2015; actually they will
arrive at a selection of about
five plays to be presented to
the board of directors. Prior
to that on April Fool’s Day,
Hannette Allen will present
Nail Spa
much merriment celebrating
the days of vaudeville. So
those of you wishing to test
your talents on stage, think
back to those glorious days
of the 20th century when
comedians, in and out of baggy
pants, dancers, ventriloquists,
strippers, magicians, singers,
musicians, jugglers and sketch
artists plied their trade. Come
to Hannette’s auditions when
they are announced.
As this goes to press,
everyone can be thankful that
our ailing members are on the
mend. It was wonderful to see
Jean Hessman at the holiday
show after an absence of several
months. Jean McGoldrick
and Michael Schwartz, we
are rooting for your complete
recovery, so we can enjoy your
company soon!
Rita Bienstock and family
appreciate the generosity and
kindness of everyone in the
community who supported
them following the passing of
3846 International Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20906
(Leisure World Shopping Center)
(301) 598-5780
(301) 598-2000
Mon - Sat 10:00-7:00pm
Sunday 11:00-5:00pm
Your Leisure is our Pleasure !
10% OFF
any service
W hat Makes Olney Assisted Living
U nique?
Olney Assisted Living is a memory care specific community for
seniors with dementia. We provide compassionate care and daily life
enrichment programming with the goal of enhancing cognition, feelings of
accomplishment, and quality of life.
Ask the Expert
Join us for our next
educational event.
Essential Truths About Dementia:
The Importance of Managing Family & Staff Expectations
Presented by Dr. William Mansbach
Thursday, January 15 • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
{registration at 5:30 pm}
Free event. Light hors d’oeuvres. RSVP to (301) 570-0525.
Hosted by Olney Assisted Living at 16940 Georgia Avenue.
Take a tour while you’re here and learn more about our new
community or call us to schedule your personal visit.
Memory Care
Call (301) 570-0525 or visit
16940 Georgia Avenue
Olney, MD 20832
Coordinated Services Management, Inc. - Professional Management of Retirement Communities Since 1981
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 15
n Jewish Residents
Hanukah + New Sabbath Services
by Jonas Weiss
Long and Foster at
Leisure WorLd PLaza
Maynard E. Turow
Agent 18 years...Listings, Resales, New Sales
Or Friends-Relatives Buying?
Living in and working in
this community, I give
you the attention to detail
your property needs to
sell successfully. I know
the marketplace and can
bring you excellent results.
(O) 301-598-7500
Free brochures, Comps, Layouts, Info
Direct: 301-518-3834
[email protected]
Website: MaynardTurow.LNF.com
anukah, the Festival
of Lights, begins on
Tuesday evening,
Dec. 16 and continues until
Tuesday, Dec. 23. This holiday
celebrates the victory of the
Jews over the Syrian-Greeks
and the rededication of the
Holy Temple in Jerusalem.
Signifying the triumph of light
over darkness and spirituality
over materialism, we light an
eight-branched menorah in
our homes and public places.
Menorahs will be shining in the
lobbies of both Leisure World
The new 90-minute Saturday
morning service starts on Jan. 3
at 9:15 a.m. in Clubhouse II and
will take place every Saturday
morning except the second
Saturday of the month when
there is a regular, full-length
service. It will be held in a
meeting room in the clubhouse
and include the Shacharit and
Musaf services as well as the
interactive study sessions on
the Torah portion and the
Mishnah section of the Talmud.
Contact Religious Chairman
Allan Firestone (301-598-7311)
for more information or to
indicate your interest.
A Conservative religious
service will be held on Friday
evening Jan. 2 at 7:30 in the
Inter-Faith Chapel. Rabbi Gary
Fink will officiate.
Our traditional Saturday
morning service will be held
on Jan. 10 at 9:15 in Clubhouse
II. Cantor Michael Kravitz will
officiate, Jerry Miller will do
the preliminary service and the
Haftorah and Sid Sussan will
deliver the D’var Torah.
Herb Hodes (301-476-4377)
is our new Shiva Minyon
chairman. He will help
coordinate a Shiva service if
Do not forget our Sunday
brunch on Dec. 21. Bruce
Thomas will entertain us
with songs and an interactive
program. For reservations,
send checks of $10 per person
made out to JRLW to Shirley
Gordon, 15311 Beaverbrook
Ct., Apt. 3A, Silver Spring, MD
Send donations needed for
the Torah fund (with checks
made out to JRLW, $25
minimum) to Annette Cooper
at 15107 Interlachen Dr., Apt.
812, Silver Spring, MD 20906.
Donations for Yiskor, Kiddush,
an Oneg, or general tzedukah
should go to Susan Weiss at
3739 Glen Eagles Dr., Silver
Spring MD 20906.
Whether Buying or Selling, let Sue guide you in her 55 + Community of Leisure!
Let her ENERGY, 25 years of experience, floor plans, contractors, staging, color brochures,
visual tours, website & statistics ELECTRIFY your Real Estate Experience!
Sue Heyman 301.580.5556
Office: 301.681.0550 x 115 Email: [email protected]
Top 1% Agents Nationwide  Community Resident  Former Mont. Co. Teacher
Senior, Relo & Regency Specialist  Riderwood Preferred Realtor
JUST LISTED! $135,000
Greens “F”
Popular 2BR, 2FB, model with
fresh paint, updated table
space kitchen, newer HVAC,
enclosed balcony!
COMING SOON! $155,000
Fairways “O”
2 BR, 2FB, multiple exposures,
beautiful views, fresh paint,
table space kitchen with
window, closet to elevator
Greens “G”
2BR, 2FB, new stove & carpet,
newer HVAC, fresh paint, splendid view of golf course pond!
JUST LISTED! $200,000
Greens “H” with Garage
2 BR, 2 FB, almost everything
new, beautiful views & lots of
thought put into renovation!
Greens “N” with Garage
Grand 3BR, 2FB, 1HB, fresh paint,
enclosed balcony plus coveted,
reserved garage space!
MY Oct/Nov Sold
Listings & Sales
• Vantage Point W “H”, 2BR, 2FB
• 2 Cabots, 3 BR, 2 FB, 2 car gar
Creekside “G”
Vantage Point Hi Rise “J”
Almost new 2 BR, 2 FB, fabulous Spacious and bright, 3BR, 2FB,
balcony view, great kitchen and fresh paint, new carpet, custom
over-sized laundry room
built-ins, large balcony
16 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
Prince Frederick Patio Home
Oak Hill Model, The Regency
Spacious 2 owner’s BR, 2 FB, Elegant10 yr old home w HOA only,
stylish updates, Florida rm, close 4 BR, 3FB, hardwood flrs, loads of
to Norbeck Gate & Clubhouse II premium extras, wooded setting!
• Co-op TH, 2 BR, 1 FB, 2 HB
• Fairways “J,” 2 BR, 2 FB, gar
• Regency, 4 BR, 3 FB, 2 car gar
• Greens “H”, 2BR, 2FB
n Book Club Network
Happy Birthday Bookies
by Verna Denny
ookies,” our youngest daytime
book club, celebrated their oneyear birthday at their November
The book read was Lowland by Jhumpa
Lahiri. Members had mixed feelings about
Lowland. Those who read Ms. Lahiri’s
earlier books, such as The Namesake,
thought they were more engaging and
better written. Some thought she is a
better short story writer (Interpreter of
Marilyn Boesch facilitated the
discussion. She began with background
information on the author that she found
at litlovers.com. This site also provides
summaries, discussion questions and
book reviews. It was clear that many
of the elements in the novel were
The writing was descriptive and detailed.
At least one member thought this impacted
on the flow of the story. But like many of
Ms. Lahiri’s books her prose provided a
colorful description of India.
The story line gave historical
information on the political climate in
India in the 1960s, facts that were new to
Birthday cake at the Bookies’ celebration. Photo
by Verna Denny
most “Bookies.” Through the characters,
insight was gained into the mind of
radicals. Members questioned whether a
parallel could be drawn between what was
happening in India 50 years ago and ISIS
Most agreed that the biggest flaw of
Lowland was the characters. They just
were not likable. With the exception of
Bela, the daughter of the protagonists, it
was hard to feel empathy with the struggles
they endured or situations they got
themselves into.
Spoiler alert: The last chapter is a game
changer and leads the reader to view the
whole story in a different light. Marilyn
wisely suggested we discuss this chapter
first to frame the ensuing conversation.
The meeting was topped off with a
delicious birthday luncheon, birthday cake,
presents and good conversation.
“Bookie” members are Ann Clark, club
leader; Marilyn Boesch, Lila Edwards, Lois
Falck, Bernie Genovese, Lois Hink, Ellie
Javel, Luda Murphy, Marian Newman,
Karen Pergler, Gerry Smith, Betsy Starks
and Joan Thomas.
The Book Club Network is a collection of
book discussion groups. If you would like
to join a book club or have an idea for a
new club let us know. Clubs are formed on
an ongoing basis. Prospective members are
put on a waiting list. When four new people
express an interest in a particular club an
organizational meeting is scheduled. For
further information, contact Verna Denny
(301-598-1418, [email protected]).
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 17
n Republican Club
Celebrate the Christmas/Hanukkah Season with
The Republican Club of Leisure World
by Fred Seelman
he next meeting of
the Republican Club is
Monday, Dec. 15 at
1:30 p.m. in Clubhouse I (a
daytime meeting again). At this
meeting, the club will celebrate
the Christmas/Hanukkah
season with a holiday party. We
will sing, eat, drink and be
merry. Chorus Director Karen
Collins will lead us in the
singing of carols. There will be
special holiday food delights.
Review and renew will be
part of the celebration. We
will talk about what we have
achieved. And we will renew
our friendships and pledge
to be even stronger in the
coming year. Bring guests so
that as many as possible can
savor both the pleasures of the
season and of having recently
elected a Republican governor
and lieutenant governor, Larry
Hogan and Boyd Rutherford.
During the meeting, the
club will also receive an
eyewitness report about the
Maryland State GOP’s 2014
Fall Convention on Dec. 6.
Club President Fred Seelman,
who was recently sworn in as
a member of the Montgomery
County Republican Central
Committee, was a delegate and
will give us a review of what
happened there.
In addition to the precinct
leaders and workers who were
mentioned in the last two
columns, the club wants to
recognize some additional LW
Personal Care Services In The Comfort Of Your Home
Family Owned & Operated
Serving Montgomery County
Household chores
Medication reminding
Daily living and companionship
Meal planning, preparation and
monitoring of eating habits
• Overseeing activities, such
as walking, to minimize
the risk of accidents
• Shopping for groceries,
with or without client
• Bathing and grooming and
general personal hygiene
• Help with planning and
making decisions
• Nursing services and many more!
Call for a Free Consultation and Assessment  301.717.2212  www.bestseniorcare.us
Why Sell & Buy with Me?
Go to my Website -
dougbrasse.com - Book Mark
Doug Brasse
(301) 448-8708
[email protected]
Aspen Hill /
Leisure World Plaza
3816 International Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20906
(301) 598-9325
(301) 681-0550
(301) 448-8708
1 Million Dollars Plus Sales
Volume in 2014 and 1 Million Plus
in Current Listings
as of 6/27/2014
Last 50 Properties Sold
in Leisure World
Call me for - Free Market Analysis and Customized
Marketing Plan for Your Home
Leisure World Benefits and Advantages
Leisure World New Resident’s Survey
New Resident Survey Key Points
Properties I’ve recently Sold, Rented &
Current Listings (30)
Weichert Website & Lead Network
My Favorite Links
Montgomery Mutual
Maryland Housing Stats July 2014
Duplicate Bridge-Tues & Friday
Wed Night Chicago Bridge Results
2014 Golf Results
2013 Golf Results
2104 MISGA GOLF Results
3701 Liverpool Pl Unit 37,
Silver Spring, MD 20906
Beds 2; Baths 2; 1,004 Sq.Ft,
301-681-0550 (O)
18 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
3422 Gleneagles Dr #77-B
Silver Spring, MD 20906
Beds 2; Baths 1 1/2; 1,513 Sq.Ft.
301-448-8708 (Cell)
Republicans who worked at the
LW polls on election day: Mary
Zenchoff, Sharon Jordan, Betty
Hollrah, Pat Burrows and John
Quill. Also the club thanks
the 25 people who made an
average of 60 calls each to
Leisure World Republicans
encouraging them to vote for
our Republican candidates.
Send comments or
questions about these or any
other matters and/or offers
to volunteer to the club’s
president, Fred Seelman, by
emailing them to [email protected]
gmail.com, sending him a letter
at his address in the LW phone
book or calling an officer. Join
us for another quality event
at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec.
15. Expand your political
horizons and enjoy both
the conversation and the
holiday food and drink delights.
n Camera Club
The Roads We’ve Traveled
Algis Lukas, A Bridge over the Ionian Sea, Greece
by Nina Parish
n Tuesday, Nov. 25,
the Camera Club
hosted Bob Leonard as
our judge for our Roads and
Highways competition. Due
to his many years of awards,
exhibitions, articles and the
judging of many photography
contests, Bob has been selected
as an Honorary Member of
the Photographic Society
of America (PSA). He is a
master of sports and 3D stereo
photography. Right from the
beginning Bob stressed, that
when judging between equally
stellar photos, his judgment
almost always comes down
at the end to a personal
connection that a photo instills
in him. He stated that he loves
to judge works at LW because
of the high quality of photos
with which he is presented.
Over and over Bob reiterated
that, when photographing
roads and highways, the
photographer should, in a safe
manner, try to photograph
from the middle of the road.
In this way, the yellow or
white lines draw the eye into
the photo. This will often add
excitement to a photo. He also
advised us to flip a photograph
of a road if it begins in the right
hand corner and curves to the
left. In the West, we read from
the right to the left so our eye
wants to go into a photo of a
road in this direction. Finally,
Bob spoke of the emotional
impact a photo can have. If
a photographer can capture
and relay this in a photo, it
will prove to have a powerful
impact on the viewer.
Here are the winners of
our Roads and Highways
competition as judged by
Bob Leonard. Advanced
Print Division: 1st place-Fred
Shapiro, Traffic Jam, so he
walked; 2nd place-Chuck
Bress, Snow at Sundown III;
3rd place-Joanne Mars-Mirror
Image; Honorable MentionsStewart Lillard, 34th West,
Manhattan; Stewart Lillard,
Don’t Cross Yellow Line.
General Division: 1st place-Lou
Paley, Utility Road; 2nd placeWilliam Kister, Brighton Dam
Advanced Digital Division:
1st place-Joanne Mars, To
Monument Valley; 2nd placeRichard Bambach, Pompeii
Street; 3rd place-Stewart
Lillard, N Bronx Subway Lines,
NYC; Honorable Mentions:
Stewart Lillard, Pennsylvania
Ave., NW, DC; Algis Lukas,
Greece, Bridge near Rio; Larry
Mars, Kolob Canyon Road.
General Digital Division: 1st
place-Nina Parish, Street
in the Village of Guatape,
Colombia; 2nd place-Steven
Kline, Bridge over a Gorge,
Big Sur, California; 3rd placePeter Oswald, Graffiti Road;
Honorable Mentions-Jean
DeShriver, Chicago; Julie
Friedman, Salta, Argentina;
William Kister, On MD Route
80; Peter Oswald, Curve
Ahead; Peter Oswald, Way to
Wild Horse Canyon; Robert
Stromberg, LW Knows How
to Clear Roads; Philip Yaffee,
Vancouver Bridge.
On Tuesday, Jan. 13 at
7 p.m., Sue Alexander will
be teaching about how she
produces experimental and
abstract photographs. She will
show several of her prints on
the light box. Stu Lillard will
compile a set of his digital
works, which can be viewed
via the projector. If individual
members have one or two
experimental or abstract works
that they would like to bring in
and show, please let Stu know
and send the digital work to his
personal email ([email protected]
yahoo.com) between Jan. 3
and 10.
Sunday Photo Matinee
Jan. 18, 2015
Richard Bambach’s presentation on
“The Alps.”
Best Italian
Join us to Celebrate
New Year’s Eve
Call for reservations
Full Bar • Fine Italian Wine
Fresh Seafood • Veal • Chicken
Pasta • Homemade Bread
Reasonably Priced • Cozy Atmosphere
20% off
Max. $20 Discount
Exp. 12/30/14 • Limit One Coupon Per table.
Not valid with Early Bird or other discount.
Not valid on New Year’s Eve.
Tues - Fri., 11 am - 9 pm • Sat - Sun 4 pm - 9 pm • Closed Mondays
Closed December 24, 25 & January 1
1302 E. Gude Drive, Rockville • 301-838-9050
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 19
n Democratic Club
Preview of Annapolis General Assembly Session
by Emile Milne
he Democratic Club of
Leisure World (DCLW)
and the District 19
Democratic Club will cosponsor
a legislative forum featuring
the four-member Dist. 19 State
delegation to the Maryland
General Assembly.
The event is on Thurs., Jan.
8, starting at 7 p.m., in the
Clubhouse I’s Crystal Ballroom.
Light refreshments will be
The delegation, which
represents Dist. 19 in the
Annapolis General Assembly,
includes Sen. Roger Manno,
Delegates Ben Kramer, Bonnie
Cullison, and Delegate-Elect
Left to right: Del. Bonnie Cullison, Sen. Roger Manno, Del. Ben Kramer, Del-Elect Marice Morales
Marice Morales.
The event on Jan. 8 is
designed to preview the
delegation’s legislative program
and to provide an opportunity
for DCLW and District 19 club
members to comment and ask
questions in advance of the
legislative session, which will
begin on Jan. 14, 2015. The
program is cosponsored by
the DCLW and the District 19
“Democratic Club under the
leadership of its new president,
Charlotte Crutchfield.
n Kiwanis
“Friendship” Volunteers Needed
by David Firestone
n Nov.21, Tammy
Schmidt discussed
the Friendly Visitor
Program managed by the
Mental Health Association
of Montgomery County
(MHA). The Friendly Visitor
Program offers friendship
sEnior living At its BEst
3330 Leisure World Blvd., #5-823
Silver Spring, MD 20906
• 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths
• Well maintained
• Lots of natural lighting
• Bright dining room
with window
• Sun-filled table space
kitchen with walk-in
pantry and window
• Garage parking
space included
Call me for more information
or a private tour!
Office: 301-681-0550
EunicE PhilliPs 301-455-8167
20 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
and support to about 100
homebound elderly individuals
who are isolated and lonely
due to physical or emotional
concerns. Lonely people
need friendship. Each person
is matched with a trained
volunteer with similar interests
so that both are enriched by
the relationship. The program
seeks additional volunteers
who must be at least 21 years
old and enjoy the company
of seniors. Volunteers attend
orientation followed by ongoing
training and agree to visit
an hour a week and commit
to a year of service. Once
friendships are established,
they often continue for many
years. For more information,
call 301-424-0656.
Our Kiwanis Club
Community Service Committee
chaired by Syra Weiss is
collecting household items
for “A Wider Circle” of Silver
Spring. All items, such as
kitchen utensils, appliances,
bedding, lamp, and furniture
are welcomed. Items for the
home that are duplicates or
slightly used will be collected
at our January meetings and
larger items will be picked up at
your homes.
Kiwanis supports “Our
House” in Brookville, which
works with young boys 16 t0
21 who have been in trouble.
Tammy Schmidt
It currently houses 16 boys,
teaching them trades such
as carpentry, roofing, auto
mechanics, as well as classroom
studies for their GED. A new
dormitory is soon to be built at
the residential program’s 140acre Brookville farm to expand
its service population to 24. The
big challenge now is raising all
of the $2.7 million needed for
the project.
n Mt. Scopus Hadassah
2015 Officers to be Installed
by Barbara Eisen
ris Tishkoff, the chapter past
president of the Greater
Washington Area, will install
the new officers at our meeting
on Wednesday, Dec. 17. The
2015 officers of Mt. Scopus are:
president – Barbara Eisen, VP for
fund raising – Faye A. Freedman,
VP committee for programming
– Faye A Freedman, Janet Lazar,
Joan Lees, and Naomi Kline, VP
for education – Joan Lees, VP
for membership – Janet Lazar,
recording secretary – Susan
Weiss, administrative secretary
– Naomi Kline, and treasurer –
Barbara Eisen. Cantor Michael
Kravitz will present a program of
“Jewish Music in Pop Culture.”
Hanukah refreshments will be
served. Socializing begins at 12:30
p.m. and the meeting starts at 1
in Clubhouse I. All residents are
welcome to attend.
The Mt. Scopus Judaic Study
Group meets on Monday, Dec.
15 at 1:30 p.m. in Clubhouse I.
New members are welcome. For
further information call Joan Lees
Your last opportunity to buy
mah-jongg cards from Hadassah
is by our deadline date of Jan. 9.
Standard cards are $8 and large
print cards are $9. Indicate how
many cards of which size that
you wish to order. Send your
check payable to Hadassah to
Carol Wendkos, 14805 Pennfield
Circle #212, Silver Spring, MD
20906. Be sure to encourage all
your mah-jongg friends to buy
their cards from Hadassah. If you
have any questions, contact Carol
(301-598-1745 or [email protected]
Our chapter-wide opening
meeting is on Sunday, Jan. 11
from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the
Microsoft Building in Chevy
Chase. The cost is $18 and
reservations must be made by
Jan. 5 either on-line at www.
or by phone at 301-881-8203. A
tasting of kosher, vegan soups
by Supergirl will precede the
program. Speakers include
Rhoda Dermer, wife of Israel’s
ambassador to the United States;
Sarah Hurwitz, special assistant
to President Obama; Sara Polon,
Soupergirl entrepreneur and
comedian; and Judy Erdheim,
2015 chapter president. Janet
Lazar (301-598-4066) is
coordinating transportation.
Please let her know if you can
drive or you need a ride.
The Scholar Series program
on the “Iron Dome” that was
canceled has been rescheduled
to Feb. 17 at 7:30 p.m. at Ohr
Kodesh Congregation, 8300
Meadow Brook Lane, Chevy
Hadassah sponsors many
activities to further the
worthwhile projects it supports
in medical, educational and
social programs in Israel and in
the U.S.A. If you are interested
in knowing more about our
group, call our membership vice
president, Janet Lazar (301-5984066).
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 21
Successful First Meeting
for Leisure World’s GLBT Community
by Pat Ritter
e had a great turnout
of both woman and
men at our first ever
GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,
Transgender) meeting on Nov.
22. The people who attended
came from diverse backgrounds
and cultures. The main theme
that ran through the meeting
was how grateful the people
are that there is a GLBT group
starting here in Leisure World.
The amount of courage
it took for people to come
to the meeting, especially
at the clubhouse, cannot be
overstated. Many voiced their
concern of being “outed”
because of being seen by their
neighbors. As we all know
from the varied backgrounds,
religions, cultures and
22 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
races that make up the LW
community, we can identify
with the fear of being different.
Feeling comfortable to be open
and honest about who we are
enables us to live a complete
satisfying life and enrich our
Many suggestions and ideas
were discussed and we are
looking forward to setting the
guidelines for the future of our
group’s meetings.
We received calls and emails
from people who were not
GLBT but who are supportive of
our group. We are grateful for
the acknowledgement and love
you are sending our way and
look forward to meeting you
in the future. There are many
groups who work side by side
with the Gay community; one
which you may have heard of is
PFLAG (Parents and Friends of
Lesbians and Gays). Hopefully,
in the future, this will be part
of the services of our group.
For the time being, we are still
working on what we want to
accomplish as a group.
We want to welcome any
newcomers who were unable
to make the first meeting to
join us at the next meeting on
Jan. 10, 2015 at 11 a.m. We
hope to see you there.
Special thanks go out to
Barbara, Mary and Pam for
taking the first steps down
the yellow brick road and
supplying the refreshments,
paper products and the
courage to stand up!
Check your email for more
information, or contact Pam
or Mary. RSVP: Pam 631575-5524 [email protected]
com; Mary 240-669-9962
[email protected]
NA’AMAT Plans Trip to Hillwood Estate
by Althea Steinberg
his New Years Eve,
Na’Amat will ring out
the old and bring in
the New Year with plans for
the entire evening. There is a
change in the location for bus
pickup. The bus will load at
the Administration parking
lot at the entrance to the
Administration Building. Please
park your car in the first row
facing Leisure World Blvd.
The bus will depart from the
Administration Building at
6 p.m. and return to Leisure
World for the reception at 11
p.m. For more information,
contact Joann Cadeaux (301438-0737). Be a part of this
innovative plan for celebrating
the 2014 New Years Eve.
On Wednesday, Dec. 4, the
RBZ Chapter of Na’Amat held
its annual Game Day. All the
tables in the room had women
playing Mah Jongg. There
were at least eight wonderful
looking, smelling and tasting
kugels. The old standard
noodle kugel has come a long
way over the years. Thanks
to Selma Perry for taking
the reservations and Theda
Rosenblum for coordinating
and overseeing the food
Although are no general
meetings in January or
February, there will be board
meetings. If you would like to
become more acquainted with
our organization’s mission, to
come to a board meeting. The
board meets in Clubhouse I at
10:30 a.m. the third Tuesday
of each month: Jan. 20, and
Feb. 17. The meetings are
open and new ideas are always
Na’Amat is taking orders for
the 2015/2016 cards. Under
the leadership of Chairperson
Adele Traurig, the Leisure
World mutuals have been
divided and there is a rep
in each mutual to take your
check, made out to Na’Amat,
and your order for a regular
or large size card. The regular
cards are $8 and the large cards
are $9. Please put your name
and address on a paper and
place in an envelope with the
check. This information can be
put under the door of the rep.
The deadline for orders is Jan.
20. The following women will
be collecting the Mah Jongg
information: Building 1 - Helen
Fried #824, Building 2 - Natalie
Cohen #108, Building 3 - Adele
Traurig #422, Building 4 Gladys Blank #117, Building
5 - Theda Rosenblum #117,
Building 6 - Jacky Goldberg
#328, Vantage Point West
- Barbara Stolov-#1017,
Vantage Point East - Althea
Steinberg #612, Overlook Flo Brown#625, TurnberryBuilding #1&2 - Muriel
Brenner#212, TurnberryBuilding 3 - Doris Weiss
#509, Villa Cortese - June
Kessler #102, Creekside - Yetta
Silverman #410. If you have
any problems when ordering,
please call Adele Traurig.
Plans for a day bus trip to
Hillwood Estate, Museum and
Gardens in April are being
finalized. There will be more
details in the flyer as well as a
listing in future issues of the
Leisure World News.
Remember that when
you attend these events you
are enjoying yourselves as
well as contributing to the
fundraising goals for Na’Amat,
RBZ. Fundraising supports
important programs for the
children, as well as families and
women, in Israel. This is an
important time to keep up our
Goldie Hutt has 2014/2015
Entertainment Books for $25.
Call her at 301-438-9626.
Tribute Card’s chairperson,
Harriet Chaikin, can be reached
at 240-560-7487.
Any questions? Please call
Co-Presidents Ruth Reid (301598-4051 or Trudy Stone (301438-0016). For membership
information, call Helen Fried
(301-438-3325) and for
information on how you can
volunteer, call Bernice Kisliuk,
the Volunteer coordinator (301438-8455).
Three GreaT ChoiCes
Overlook “B”
Fairways “B”
3100 Leisure World Blvd.
3330 Leisure World Blvd.
New paint, carpet, hardwood New updated kitchen and baths,
floors in main living area.
fresh paint and carpet. Beautiful
Unique, French doors to sunny
view of pond and fountain.
balcony with lovely view
of green space/water
garden ponds.
Turnberry “ M”
2900 Leisure World Blvd.
1 BR, eat-in kitchen, sep. DR, lots of
storage, BR with walk-in closet, BA with
tub and sep. shower, enclosed balcony
with serene view, storage cage on 1st flr.
Marilyn GreGGs
Direct: 301.908.8838
Office: 301.681.0550 x 217
Email: [email protected]
Website: marilynsellsmdhomes.com
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 23
n Baby Boomers
Baby Boomers Like to Get Together
by Beth Leanza
aby Boomers usually
meet on the first Sunday
of the month. The next
meeting is Jan. 5 at 7 p.m. in
Clubhouse II.
There is no age limit, so
yes, anyone can join the Baby
Boomer Club! Although the
club got started because some
residents wanted to meet the
younger people here, there is
no “age check.” If you want to
join, contact our membership
chair, Diane Grivois (240-2936877) Our annual dues are only
You can “Google”
BBCLWMD. Our web page is
the first “hit.” Or you can type
this URL into your browser:
site/bbclwmd/). There are
two calendars, a hosted (club
activities) and an un-hosted
(other activities some Baby
Boomers participate in.) We
communicate mostly by email.
After you join, we can add you
to our email group.
Because we mainly want
to get to know each other, we
focus on social events. We
play games on Sunday nights
in Clubhouse II; if you have a
favorite board game, bring it to
Clubhouse II on Sunday night
around 6:30. We also use the
Wii (that E&R owns), mostly
playing Golf or Bowling.
We watch movies (here in
LW or in a local theater) or
go out to theater events and
racetracks. And do not forget
that we love to eat! Also, we
usually bowl once a month
(usually the fourth Sunday) in
Residents who know how to
play Mahjong, meet Tuesday
or Wednesday nights at 7
p.m. in Clubhouse II. For
information contact Donna
Copeland (240-433-0391 or
[email protected]).
Each weeknight from
Monday to Friday, walkers
meet at Clubhouse I at 5:15
p.m. and walk around the
24 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
Broadwalk (in Montgomery
Mutual), which takes about
an hour. Each walker goes at
his or her own pace. A longer
walk (around the LW Blvd.
circle) takes place on Sunday
mornings at 8:30. Meet at 8:30
starting at Arden Court or at an
outside location. (Check the unhosted calendar.)
One member leads walks
in nearby parks on Fridays,
usually at 1:15 p.m. All ages
are welcome! You walk at your
own pace. Bring water. Dec 19:
NOTE: time change to 11 a.m.
Union Station Metro Station,
Washington, D.C. sightseeing
tour of Christmas decorations.
Meet at the top of the escalator
at Union Station at 11 a.m.
Bring water. Take the Red Line
to Union Station. Enter Union
Station at the left end of the
building and take the escalator
up to the second floor. We
will have lunch in the eatery.
Dec 26: Brookside Gardens,
Silver Spring, MD. Meet in the
Visitor’s Center, which is the
first entrance into the gardens
off of Glen Allen Ave. at 1:15
Transportation from Leisure
World to the walk site is
available. For information and
directions, call Dawn Carlisle
(301-598-7098) by Thursday
evening if you want to share a
ride or check the Baby Boomer
Calendar for un-hosted events
for directions.
The local AVA clubs hold
longer walks (usually three
miles) that some Baby Boomers
participate in. You can check
the Baby Boomer Calendar
for un-hosted events, where
some of these AVA (American
Volkssport Association) walks
are listed.
n Writer’s Workshop
Leisure World Tales
by Mary Zenchoff
ur group met full of
plans to enjoy a cheerful
Thanksgiving holiday
with family and friends, and
looking forward to our next
meeting on Dec. 18 at 11 a.m. in
Clubhouse I.
Danuta Montorfano began
her day with thanks that
the feared muscle cramp
that sometimes grabs her
calf subsided. Instead of
complaining that the cramp
had seized her leg, she focused
on the pleasure she felt when
she was free of that misery!
Carlos Montorfano gave
us a chance to laugh when he
wrote about allergies and the
way they pester people, as
they react to pets, pollen, bees,
foods and so forth. Finally after
exploring various “cures for
nagging allergies,” Carlos stated
that allergies can drive one to
drink. He finally concluded
that although alcohol can give
the allergy sufferer the DT’s, he
may die from too much of that
“CURE.” At least, says Carlos,
the one who imbibes too much
alcohol may die, but at least he’ll
be free from (allergies) sneezes!
Grace Cooper offered a sweet
poem, in more ways than one,
in her verses titled, “Chocolates
and Roses.” In the past, she
says, she wanted chocolates in
little silver cups, and roses, shyly
peeping from hastily wrapped
newspapers. Now she would be
satisfied with a sweet kiss on the
cheek, rather than deep kisses
long and lingering. A Hershey
bar and a pretty cup of blossoms
as she sits close to a loved one,
listening to music from times
gone by will be enough.
Joe Fickey gave us a tale of
ducks crossing South Leisure
World Boulevard recently. He
managed to divert the ducks
by flagging down the oncoming
traffic. His feathered-friends
followed him across the road
and headed from there to
the lake in the golf course. A
driver stopped, rolled down his
window, and said, “Nice job,
Mister. I’m sure Mother Duck
is very happy.” Joe went home,
and said to himself, “It was only
a group of ducks, but they have
a right to live, too!”
Radha Pillai presented us
with a thoughtful poem in which
she discusses an America that
tries to spread her ideals, but
is a super democracy in name
only. She says America keeps
whirling and trying to make the
world homogenous. “Maybe,
just maybe,” says Radha, “no
one will notice the parts that are
rotten, if it keeps on whirling.” A
poem to think about, Radha.
Verna Denny presented a
poignant account of a woman
at home in her own apartment
watching a tennis match alone.
The commentator began
calling another much older
woman, who was sitting at the
stadium, Gran. “She comes to
all the matches of that young
player. Isn’t she an adorable
old lady?” Suddenly, when the
young player began winning,
Gran stood up and began
waving wildly, almost losing
her balance. The commentator
grinned and got a second shot
of the struggling oldster. The
lone watcher at home went
over and clicked off the TV.
“It’s hopeless,” she said angrily.
“They wouldn’t do that to
someone else.”
Ron Davis gave us a gripping
poem, “Fear and Awe,”
which provided the reaction
of children as opposed with
adults, when they see war
pictures. The children worry,
thumb in mouth, even curling
up in fetal position. The adults
may be invaded by nightmares
with a feeling of uncertain
survival. Both have their own
way of dealing with the searing
pictures of war.
Waltruda is taking a parttime job, struggling to buy the
first laptop computer that she
can find on sale at a thrift shop
in Mouseville. She used to
have money when Jake was the
owner of the local Cheese Nips
factory, but since she lost the
election for mayoress last fall,
times are hard. Anyone who
can hire Waltruda for a few
hours will be richly rewarded
by gossipy tales of the behavior
of Mayoress Bertha Van der
Al Batter read a humorous
piece on how to deal with
those pestering telemarketers.
After trying several different
techniques, he thinks he has
found a perfect way to stop those
calls. He answers those calls
announcing, in his best electronic
voice, “This is the Kensington
Colonoscopy Clinic. We are not
here now, but please leave your
name and we’ll call you as soon as
possible to schedule a procedure”
So far, no one has left their name
and number.
Marion Bedell told us of the
time when she was 43 years
old, living with two collegeage sons, and she decided to
take a college entrance exam.
It was predictable that her
children would offer advice on
how to proceed with her plans,
especially with her being close
to 50 and feeling weak in math.
They finally condescended,
“You go and have a good time.
Only please try not to be in any
of my classes. We’ll even help
with the shopping, cleaning and
cooking.” I was going to a party
(according to them) while their
studying was work. “Oh well,
only time will tell, and I’ll sure
hold them responsible for that
last sentence.”
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 25
n JustUs Club
n LW Association for African American Culture
Leisure World Acronyms We Have a Dream
by Florence Butler
by slkatzman, President
ustUs” has prepared this list of Leisure World
commonly used acronyms. Clip and keep handy.
Let us know of any additions you might suggest.
Budget and Finance
Board of Directors
Best Practice Management
Commission on Common Ownership Communities
Chief Financial Officer
Clubhouse I
Clubhouse II
Common Ownership Community
CONDO: Condominium
CO-OP: Cooperative
Community Planning Advisory Committee
Department of Natural Resources
Education and Recreation
Facilities Enhancement Plan
Golf and Greens Advisory Committee
General Manager
Home Owners Association
Integrated Pest Management
Information Technology
LWBOD: Leisure World Board of Directors
Leisure World Community Corporation
LWLAC: Leisure World Landscape Advisory Committee
LWMC: Leisure World of Maryland Corporation
LWNAC: Leisure World News Advisory Committee
McFall and Berry
Maryland Homeowners Association
Montgomery Mutual
MMBOD: Montgomery Mutual Board of Directors
Physical Properties Department
A vaccine that causes infertility [re: deer]
Request for Bids
Request for Proposals
Security and Transportation Advisory Committee
“JustUs” meets every Friday at 2 p.m. - Clubhouse I - Annapolis
Room (check lobby directory) - meetings are open to all Leisure
World residents.
For further information-email: [email protected] or
call Myra (240-558-4585).
26 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
n Monday, Jan. 19,
the Inter-Faith Chapel
and the Leisure World
Association for African
American Culture (LWAAAC)
present the annual Martin
Luther King Jr. Day observance.
The commemorative service,
beginning at 10 a.m., will be in
the format of spoken word and
music. At 11:30 a.m., brunch
will be served in Clubhouse I.
Tickets to the brunch are $20;
they will go on sale at the E&R
office in Clubhouse I on Dec.
29 and must be purchased in
advance, since no tickets will
be sold at the door. Make your
check only payable to LWAAAC.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Day is a federal holiday
commemorating the birthday
of Dr. King and is observed on
the third Monday in January,
close to the date of his birth
on Jan. 15. In November 1983,
President Reagan signed a
bill creating a federal holiday
honoring King and it was first
observed on Jan. 20, 1986.
However, it still remained for
the individual states to declare
official holidays. On May 2,
2000, South Carolina became
the last state to recognize the
day as a state holiday.
We welcome all residents
and their guests to both
events. As we look forward
to the new year, let us plan to
honor Dr. King at both of these
memorable events.
n Mac Users Group
Using Your iPhone
by Brent Malcolm
his month’s meeting on
Dec. 18 is cancelled. Our
featured speaker from
Apple was forced to postpone
his appearance until January.
Therefore, we will not have a
meeting in December. Please
watch this space for news of
January’s meeting.
iPhone Tips
Use Siri to make a call. It
took me a while to get used
to using this tip but now it
is second nature. Instead of
clicking through menus to
initiate a call, merely start Siri
and say, “Call home” or “Call
my wife” or “Call John Doe.” If
the person has more than one
phone number, Siri will politely
ask which number to call.
Do you have trouble viewing
your iPhone in bright sunlight?
If so, try reversing the colors
to display as white lettering
on a black background. To
achieve this, go to Settings,
select General, then select
Accessibility and under the
Vision sub-heading, turn on
Invert Colors.
Ceramics Club
There’s Still Time!
by Gail Bragg
he Ceramics
Studio Holiday
Open House
was a great success,
and thanks again to
all who purchased
items and to those of
you who came in just
to look around. We
still have holiday and
other items for sale,
so feel free to stop by.
Our usual hours are 11
a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday
through Thursday…
and anytime a
Poinsettias painted on a slip casted plate.
club member is in
By Angela Chang
the studio working
(including weekends).
If you would like to join us and learn how to craft your
own homemade ceramic pieces, we would love to have you.
Membership is $10 a year and this includes your lessons! You
can also view some of our ceramic pieces at our Website. It can
be reached via the Leisure World site www.llwmc.com. Select
“LW Residents” then “Residents;” there you will see a listing of
all the clubs with Websites. You can also go directly to http://
sites.google.com/site/cccofleisureworld/. We hope to see you
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 27
5Star ASP140802-Chef_Ad_R5 10/27/14 4:00 PM Page 1
Meet Aspenwood Senior Living’s Chef
Chef Brad Smith
Aspenwood Food Service Director
Growing up in Maryland, Chef Smith learned
to cook alongside his mother and grandmother.
After studying at L’Academie de Cuisine in
Gaithersburg, he honed his skills at several
popular D.C. restaurants. His passion led
him to the kitchens of Miami, Philadelphia,
and Atlantic City before joining the Five
Star Senior Living team.
“I love surprising and delighting our residents every day.”
How’s the food? It’s one of the top questions families ask, and it’s why we
ensure that every meal we create is Five Star.
• All Day Dining
• Always Available Choices
• Favorites designed by celebrity
Chef Brad Miller
• Over-the-top culinary events
Call today to tour & experience our Five Star dining and Senior Living
14400 Homecrest Road
Silver Spring, MD 20906
©2014 Five Star Quality Care, Inc.
I N D E P E N D E N T L I V I N G • A R E A ’ S O N LY I N D E P E N D E N C E P L U S
28 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
Dreading Winter?
Forget winter weather worries and
experience winter at its best at
Aspenwood. Whether you prefer being
inside and cozy or out and about, we’ll
shovel the ice and snow and even take
care of the driving so you can enjoy
carefree retirement living.
• Five Star dining and hospitality
• 24-hour care team at your service
• Full calendar of social and
recreational programs, no matter
what the weather
• Scheduled transportation for
shopping, outings and appointments
• On-site generator for power outages
• Maintenance and most utilities
• Monthly rental apartments,
with no buy-in fees
Call 301-598-6424 for details.
14400 Homecrest Road • Silver Spring, MD 20906
©2014 Five Star Quality Care, Inc.
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 29
n Chess Club
Santa, Drones and Chess
by Bernie Ascher and Pat Leanza
o handle the Christmas
mail, the U.S. Postal
Service currently is
making home deliveries seven
or eight days a week. It expects
to deliver 450-470 million
packages during this period.
The major package delivery
services also will deliver
millions of packages: UPS
estimates 585 million; FedEx,
290 million. The combined
total well exceeds one billion
Do you know how long
it would take to count one
billion packages? If you started
immediately and counted one
package per second, it would
take more than 30 years.
Hopefully, the express delivery
services will be able to help
Santa deliver the packages
faster than they can be
counted; hopefully, in time for
Tell Santa: “help is on the
way.” Last year, Jeff Bezos,
CEO of Amazon, appeared
on CBS’ 60 Minutes and
revealed that Amazon was
working on possible package
delivery by unmanned aerial
vehicles—drones. Amazon
envisions delivery times of 20
to 30 minutes after the order is
placed, but the system is not yet
This is no longer in the realm
of science fiction though. A few
months ago, in Germany, DHL
launched the first commercial
drone delivery system,
sending a package of medical
supplies from a pharmacy on
the mainland to the North
Sea island of Juist. Further
experiments are in progress,
such as drone deliveries to
secure stations where recipients
can pick up packages, as well as
grocery deliveries from stores
to the trunks of parked cars.
n Bridge-Duplicate Tuesday & Friday
by Ileana Eblighatian
Partnership necessary to play. Need partner?
For Tuesday and Friday games call Palma Seeger @ 301-598-8505
Friday, November 21, 2014
1. Roz Dixon - Victor Stewart
1. Susan Weiss - Bernice Felix
1. Diane Keiper - William Hudson
1. Saul Penn - Lori Hegel
2. Joann Quinn - Betty Brawley
2. Bob Kerr - Marlys Moholt
3. Shirley Light - Rosmarie Suitor
3. Ted Michos - Sue Swift
Tuesday, November 25, 2014
1. Gerald Lerner - Marlys Moholt
1. Susan Weiss - Bernice Felix
2. Victor Stewart - William Hudson 2. Sue Swift - Rosemary Kuntz
¾. Lewis Gold - Saul Penn
3. Mildred Lieder - John Hartwell
¾. Ted Michos - Arthur Podolsky
Friday, December 2, 2014
1. Rosmarie Suitor - Thomas Leahy 1. Robert Kerr - Jeffrey Caplan
2. Aaron Navarro - Judith Dausch
2. William Hudson - Elly Gotkin
3. Temma Kanowith - Arthur Podolsky 3. Mary Lafferty - Patti Anschutz
30 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
Aside from drones, in the
transportation field various
companies are experimenting
with driverless automobiles,
automated trains, and
unmanned cargo vessels,
according to press reports.
These developments, however,
will take time and will provide
no help to Santa this year. Poor
Santa practically has no time to
play chess this season.
Home deliveries are
complicated. Not everyone
lives in a detached single
family home with a chimney.
Santa will have to solve the
problem of delivering to highrise apartment buildings and
condos in heavily populated
areas. He will need exceptional
creativity and, most of all, great
imagination to make the system
The delivery system in the
United States will require
authorization by the Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA).
In designing regulations, the
FAA must grapple with problems
of air traffic control to avoid
congestion and mid-air collisions
and safety of civilians and
their properties on the ground.
Developing rules for air delivery
by drones may not be that great
a challenge for an agency that
has developed rules for flying
reindeer. Anything is possible.
Meanwhile, despite the
holiday season, chess games
continue at Leisure World, as
illustrated by the diagram on
this page. In this game, White
is on the verge of winning the
game by moving the Queen to
a7. It is Black’s turn to move.
What is Black’s best move?
While you are trying to
answer that question, we
take this opportunity to
inform you that you can get
your mind off shopping and
partying by playing a friendly
game of chess during the
holiday period. Just drop in to
Clubhouse II between 1 and 4
p.m. on Monday, Wednesday
or Friday. Membership is
free and all are welcome.
For further information, call
Club President Bernie Ascher
(301-598-8577) or Activities
Chairman Pat Leanza (301598-4569).
Answer: Black’s Queen can
win the game by capturing the
Pawn at b2. Checkmate! What
an interesting end game! Both
sides were one move away
from checkmate, but Black
beat White to the punch!
So do not wait for FAA
regulations! Do not wait for
drone delivery! Do not wait for
next Christmas! Play chess now!
Chess fans note: In Sochi,
Russia last month Magnus
Carlsen (now 24 years old)
defeated Viswanathan Anand
to retain the world chess
championship. In a bestof-twelve match, sponsored
by FIDE, the world chess
organization, Carlsen won in
the eleventh round, 6.5-4.5.
hursday Afternoon Ladies
December 4
First - Catherine Davenport, 3900
Second - Hellen Hughes, 2900
Third - Bernice Davis, 2790
n Friday Bridge Club
November 21
First - Shirley Rosenhaft, 3,860 points Second - Bob Stromberg, 2,650 points
Third - Ray Kurlander, 2,340 points
Fourth - Hymie Rosenberg, 2,200 points
Fourth - Irwin Bauman, 1,950 points
A Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Montgomery County, serving Seniors
and their families for over 21 years.
Independent Living * Independent Living with Services
Assisted Living * Health & Rehabilitation Care
Assisted Living Apartments Now Available!
Our residents enjoy:
Private Spacious Studios & 1 Bedroom Apartments, all with full baths
Designated Care Managers assisting in your personal care needs
Monthly wellness visits by a licensed nurse
Licensed nurses overseeing daily care needs
Trained staff available 24-hours-a-day and emergency call response systems
Three delicious home-cooked meals, including snacks
Weekly housekeeping, daily trash removal, laundry and scheduled transportation
Daily programs that nurture the mind, body & spirit
Frequent socials & outings
We have immediate availability in our 1 bedroom apartments and studios!
To schedule a tour call 301-598-2900 today.
Reserve now and save 15% off of our daily rates!
Move by the end of the year and experience outstanding savings of up to 15%
on monthly fees for both Independent & Assisted Living!
To inquire about our next events or schedule your personal tour and
view our beautiful new models please call 301-598-2900 today!
Bedford Court wishes you a very a Happy Holiday Season and
Best Wishes for the New year!
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 31
Residential & Commercial Real Estate ▪ Mortgage ▪ Title ▪ Insurance ▪ Property Management
Your Old Friends From Cathy Gilmour Real Estate
Are Now Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.® – Come See Us!
FALCONCREST – Fabulous detached house located in THE REGENCY. Four bedrooms, 3 full and 1
half baths, including spacious owner’s suite on the
first floor. Master bath has separate shower and
soaking tub. This was the builder’s model and contains wonderful upgrades, beautiful millwork, hardwood floors, gas fireplace, granite counters, stainless steel appliances, fully finished basement w/bar
and additional upgrades, two car garage. $825,000
ARUNDEL – 4-Plex townhouse in MONTGOMERY
MUTUAL with light on 3 sides. Two bedrooms, 1-1/2
baths, updated kitchen, wood laminate flooring 1st
floor, glass-enclosed large sun room, updated vanities, close to golf course and Clubhouse I. $159,000
BRISTOL – Two bedroom, two bath bungalow in
MUTUAL 11 has updated kitchen, private patio with
views of trees and green space, new HVAC, freshly
painted, clean and ready to move in!
NOTTINGHAM – 2 bedroom, 2 bath rambler in
MUTUAL 13 has attached one-car garage with full
2-car driveway, and an extra room! Bright kitchen
opens to pretty, fenced patio. Wood flooring Living Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms, hall. Updated
master bath.
Two Bedroom Apartments
H w/GARAGE – On the 6th floor in FAIRWAYS
SOUTH, this apartment has light on two sides with
windows in the updated table space kitchen and
dining room, updated baths, bright enclosed balcony, garage space.
F – Two good-sized bedrooms with en-suite baths,
table space kitchen & separate dining room, raised
terrace accessible from enclosed balcony – a seldom available plus! Easy access to rear door of
building 4 in The Greens ll.
Our 2015 Pocket Planner Calendars
are here! Stop by and pick up yours.
Two Bedroom Apartments
C – In OVERLOOK, two bedrooms, two full baths,
open table space kitchen, living room, dining area.
Enclosed balcony faces northeast, giving you
morning sun without excessive heat during the rest
of the day.
this two bedroom, two full bath garden apartment
has light on two sides, cross ventilation, glass-enclosed balcony, ready for your personal decorating
J – Panoramic golf course views from this sunny 2
bedroom, 2 bath apartment in GREENS II. Bright,
enclosed balcony is accessed from both living room
and 2nd bedroom. Master BR has walk-in closet
plus another closet! Table-space kitchen. Approx.
1300 sq. ft. of living space. New carpeting, fresh
F – Great opportunity in Bldg. 4 – THE GREENS
– updated kitchen with newer cabinets, appliances
and flooring. Updated baths, new carpet, fresh
paint, great view.
H – Wonderful two bedroom apartments in Bldg. 4
of THE GREENS II has light on three sides, large
enclosed balcony overlooking golf course! Renovated kitchen has custom wood cabinets, granite
countertops, stainless appliances. Updated bathroom vanities. Shows like a model!
One Bedroom Apartments
A – In Villa Cortese, Bldg. 2 – 3rd floor location
w/ powder room, great updates, enclosed balcony
table space kitchen.
ESSEX – 1,014 sq. ft of living space makes this the
largest 1 Bedroom in MONTGOMERY MUTUAL.
Beautifully polished wood floors, bright and sunny
balcony, private laundry, close to Clubhouse I and
Metro Bus stop.
AA – In VANTAGE POINT WEST – 3rd floor
apartment has powder room, large table space
kitchen, new wall to wall carpeting, flooring, paint.
Give Our Agents A Try
Haola Assani-Pio: [email protected]
Peg Beck: [email protected]
Eve Burger: [email protected]
Andrea Essex: [email protected]
Dan Harper: [email protected]
Eileen Kane: [email protected]
Kathleen Kane: [email protected]
Slavka Novakova: [email protected]
Frank Sergovic: [email protected]
Frances Silk: [email protected]
Maynard Turow: [email protected]
Dedication makes a difference!
Toys For Tots Collection
The Leisure World Plaza Long & Foster
Office – located between Gold Castle
Jewelers and the Dry Cleaners – is an
official Toys for Tots drop-off site. Bring
by new unwrapped toys through
December 18th to make the holidays
more special for children less fortunate.
BURGESS – Conveniently located in Whitehall
Court of MONTGOMERY MUTUAL, where can
you live so well for so little! Apartment will be painted throughout for new owner.
Three Bedroom Apartments
G w/GARAGE – On the 3rd floor in VILLA CORTESE. 3 Bedrooms, 2 full baths plus powder
room, master bath has soaking tub and separate
shower, beautiful view from the large enclosed
balcony, separate dining room plus table space
CAPRI – Large apartment with new wall to wall
carpeting, fresh paint, new stainless steel range,
refrigerator, dishwasher, electric fireplace, enclosed balcony, covered parking. Move in ready.
M w/GARAGE – Located in beautiful CREEKSIDE, this fabulous 3 bedroom apartment is loaded
with upgrades. Hardwood floors, new carpeting,
freshly painted, lots of extras, home warranty, and
an offered $3,000 BUYER SUBSIDY at settlement!
ELLICOTT – Located in MUTUAL 19B, this 3 BR
apartment has a wooded view from the enclosed
balcony. Breakfast area, separate laundry room,
freshly painted, lots of closet, additional storage,
assigned parking.
LANDLORDS: Our quality of service will please
you. List with us and make your property work for
you! TENANTS: Rentals can be hard to find but we
work with you to get the job done. Call SLAVKA,
our rental specialist, at 240-506-2772 or email her
at [email protected]
ELLICOTT – 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, separate
breakfast area, laundry room in apartment, pets
under 30 lbs accepted on case-by-case basis.
$1,375/month includes utilities
F – In GREENS I, Beautifully remodeled, renovated kitchen, light Pergo flooring, neutral carpeting, glass-enclosed balcony, beautiful view.
$1,600/mo + electric
Come Join Us
We are always looking for real estate agents
− experienced or not.
To learn more contact:
Susann Haskins, [email protected], 301-907-7600
Leon Nasar, [email protected],
Free Notary Service by Appointment for Residents!
Please call and ask for Manard Turrow.
Leisure World Plaza Office ▪ 301-598-7500 ▪ LongAndFoster.com
Visit, call, search or follow us!
Proudly serving this wonderful community since 1965
32 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
Classes & SEMINARS
No sign-up will be taken
for any newly advertised class
before the date of the issue of
Leisure World News in which
it appears. All sign ups begin at
8:30 a.m. in Clubhouse I and
Clubhouse II. Residents can
register for themselves and two
other residents. Please bring
your Leisure World ID.
If required enrollment is not
met five days prior to start date,
class will be cancelled.
***Please note fees for
non-residents: add $10 for
1-6 session classes and $20
for classes of 7 or more
sessions. ***
***Community Classes
policy/procedure for
inclement weather: If
Montgomery County
Schools are closed, all
classes will automatically
be cancelled. If there is a
delayed school opening,
classes will be held at
the discretion of the
Payment can be made
by check or credit card
(MasterCard, VISA or Discover)
in Clubhouse I (daily) or
Clubhouse II (M-F 8:30
a.m. to 4 p.m.); no cash will
be accepted. Checks must
be made payable to Leisure
World of Maryland Corp.
Please sign up in advance of
the starting date of the class
since instructors need to know
how many will participate.
Note: Registration will not
be accepted nor refunds
issued after the completion
of two sessions!
Leisure World does not
discriminate on the basis of
race, color, national or ethnic
origin in admission policies,
education policies or programs.
NEW – German
Conversation: This is not a
teaching class. Members need
to have sufficient knowledge
of German to carry on a
conversation. Topics cover
everyday life, traditions and
customs (no politics or religion).
Class meets Wednesdays, Jan.
14-March 18, 3-4 p.m. Fee:
$15. Register: Clubhouse II.
Great Decisions in
Foreign Policy with David
Frager, a CLL class:
Everyday we are assaulted
with descriptions of world
events that tale away out
sense of security and well
being as Americans. The
Center for Lifetime Learning
(CLL) is presenting the 2015
version of the Foreign Policy
Association’s Great Decisions
series. This years discussion
topics include: Russia and
the Near Abroad; Privacy in
the Digital Age; Sectarianism
in the Middle East; India
Changes Course; U.S. Policy
Toward Africa; Syria’s Refugee
Crisis; Human Trafficking in
the 21st Century and Brazil’s
Metamorphosis. The class may
discuss additional emergent
topics that may be timely and
which the class wants to explore.
Participants will share their
experiences and knowledge.
We will identify significant
drivers of these events, for
example, sovereignty, resources,
ethnicity, national interests, and
personalities, and the impact
of these factors on the United
States’ ability to identify and
influence the desired course of
events. Each topic is discussed
in depth using Foreign Policy
Association (FPA) materials
and additional experiences
and materials brought to the
seminars by the participants.
The FPA has also prepared a
DVD featuring foreign policy
experts from academia and the
public sector, which introduces
each session. The class leader
is resident David Frager, who
is a docent at the Smithsonian
National Museum of American
History and taught for three
years at the National Defense
University during a career at
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 33
the Department of Defense. He led the
highly regarded previous discussions of
Great Decisions and is the instructor for
the Building America: Personalities and
Perspectives series on American History
for the Center for Lifetime Learning. He
is also a member of the Creekside Board
of Directors and the Board of Directors of
Leisure World. For information on CLL visit
www.cllmd.com. Class meets Thursdays,
March 5-April 23, 2015, 2-3:30 p.m. Fee:
Fee: $35, includes book; or $50 per
couple using 1 book (registrants will
be notified when to pick up book).
Register: Clubhouse I.
Geography of the Middle East, a
CLL course: Geography is concerned with
physical processes, human processes, and
man’s interaction with the natural world. In
the Middle East, one physical geographical
process involves the pulling apart of the
tectonic plates (witness the Great Rift Valley
extending from Syria in the north down
through the land between Israel and Jordan
and ending up far south in the African
country of Mozambique). Landforms such
as mountain ranges affect the weather and
climates of the Middle East. Mt Hermon,
in the Golan Heights of Israel, receives
up to 32 inches of annual precipitation,
whereas the Dead Sea, which is in a rain
shadow location some 1,300 feet below
sea level, gets only 2 inches a year. An
important physical process is the creation
and presence of deserts in the Region. We
will examine how all of these geographical
processes work. In the Middle East are
a variety of important bodies of water:
Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Gulf of Aqaba,
Gulf of Suez, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman,
Gulf of Aden, and the rivers Nile, Jordan,
Tigris and Euphrates. How have these
bodies of water affected--or been affected
by--the physical geography of the Region?
Is the Dead Sea really dead? Humans have
inhabited the Middle East for thousands
of years. What human processes have they
utilized in trying to adapt to this unique
region of the earth? Early on, scarce water
led to a nomadic way of life. Later, in the
valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates, Jordan
and Nile rivers, humans began farming in
what became known as the Fertile Crescent.
There, cities sprang up after farming
practices were sustained and the people
were able to store their crops for future use.
But, what of other human processes, such
as how human beings deal with each other?
Throughout the history of the Middle
East, conflicts have arisen between tribal
Innovators in Memory Care
Arden Courts’ mission for 20 years has been to provide a home-like, safe
and supportive setting that nurtures the individuality of those living with
memory impairments and provides their families peace-of-mind.
Arden Courts:
• 100% dedicated to memory care
• Through experience and research, our umbrella of programming has been carefully
developed to maximize our resident’s capabilities and independence
• Part of the HCR ManorCare family and continuum of care which includes
skilled nursing, rehabilitation, home health, IV therapy and hospice care
• For the past seven years the number one reason Arden Courts were chosen by
families was based on their good reputation*
* 2008-2014 survey data (“excellent” and “good” responses) from annual My InnerView customer satisfaction results.
For additional information or to schedule your personal tour, call the location nearest you.
Experience makes a difference.
Silver Spring
34 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
groups and between peoples of different
religious beliefs. Often, the drawing of
political boundaries in the area has only
exacerbated these regional conflicts. We will
examine these conflicts and reflect on the
current state of affairs in the Region. What
are prospects for the Middle East--for the
land and its peoples? Will there be peace
and prosperity in their future? Instructor
Tom Conger holds a BS in geography
from University of Georgia and an MA
in geography and MCP (masters in city
planning) from the University of Cincinnati.
Professionally, Tom worked as city planner
for 12 years and was president and CEO of a
small life insurance company for 20 years.
He has taught World and U.S. Geography at
Northern Arizona University for four years
and worked as a substitute teacher in the
Flagstaff, AZ, school system for 14 years.
In Montgomery County, Tom is a member
of Himmelfarb Mobile University, which is
sponsored by Jewish Social Service Agency
(JSSA). Class meets Tuesdays, Jan. 13Feb. 3, 2015, 1 p.m. Fee: $15. Register:
Clubhouse I.
NEW – Chair Yoga with Robin:
Age well. Prevent or diminish the chronic
degenerative disease processes that
frequently accompany the aging process.
Gentle yet effective movements done
while sitting in a chair. Increase joint
mobility, balance, flexibility, strength,
tone, circulation of blood and lymph, and
improve breathing. Optional standing
balance exercises included. Relaxing and
fun! Mindfulness training introduced and
basic holistic lifestyle habits discussed.
Instructor Robin M. Hartman, CHHC,
RYT, PTA, is licensed to perform physical
therapy in the state of Maryland. She
is also a certified holistic health coach,
registered yoga teacher, and yoga therapist.
Robin is very passionate about healthy
living, and she hopes that you join her
in the journey towards greater health and
happiness! She is available after class to
answer your questions or you can call her at
240-350-8820. Class meets Mondays, Jan.
12-March 23 (no class Jan. 26, Feb. 2 or
March 9), 2-3 p.m. Fee: $100. Register:
Clubhouse II.
NEW – Zumba Gold with Denny
– Mondays or Fridays: This program
was designed for the older active adult,
a person who has not been exercising in
a long time or individuals who may be
limited physically. The biggest difference
between Zumba Gold and Zumba Basic is
that Zumba Gold is done at a much lower
intensity. It is just as much fun just not as
fast! Zumba Gold utilizes the same great
Latin styles of music and dance that are
used in the Zumba basic program. Class
meets Mondays, Jan. 5-19, 10:30 a.m. or
Fridays, Jan. 2-16, 1 p.m. Fee: $18.25 for
3 sessions. Register: Clubhouse II.
Clubs & Groups
Short Story Group: On
Dec. 17 at 11 a.m., Kathleen
Kerwin will lead a discussion
on “The Resemblance Between
a Violin and a Coffin” by
Tennessee Williams. On Jan.
7, Mary Lou Furgurson will
discuss “The Country Husband”
by John Cherner. The Short
Story Group meets on the first
and third Wednesday of the
month in Clubhouse I. For
information, call Sylvia Stoff
Knitting Corner: Join us
the 2nd and 4th Friday at the
Inter-Faith Chapel from 10 a.m.
to noon. No meeting on Dec.
26. Our next meeting is Jan.
9, 2015. Bring your knitting
and enjoy the conversations.
We have patterns and yarn for
your project. Yarn donations
gratefully accepted. Call Joan
(301-438-1486) if you have any
Quilting Group: Come
and join us for fun sessions
of quilting, sewing, knitting
or any needlecraft in which
you are interested. We meet
in Clubhouse II (in the MultiPurpose Room) every 2nd
and 4th Thursday from 9:30
a.m. to noon. Come for all or
part of the session. If you have
unfinished projects with which
you might need some help,
bring them and we will put our
heads together to help you. Call
Marianne (301-598-0444) for
more information.
Stitching Group:
Needlepoint, cross-stitch, and
more. If you enjoy stitching
or would like to learn, we
meet in Clubhouse II (in the
Multi-Purpose Room) every
1st and 3rd Thursday from 10
a.m. to noon. Come and share
your finished work and enjoy
stitching with us while we learn
new skills together. Call Audrey
Clipper Workshop:
Clipper Workshop is recruiting
members to help assemble
clown hand puppets for Holy
Cross Hospital. They are used
in the pediatric and emergency
rooms. No special skills are
needed. Some sewing skills are
necessary. We need a sewing
machine stitcher. Bring a
bag lunch (we will eat in the
lunchroom). We meet every
1st and 3rd Monday of each
month in Clubhouse II from 10
a.m. to 2 p.m. or any portion
that you can devote to making
a child smile. We are looking
for donations of cotton fabrics,
stuffing, thread and iron-on
facing. Contact Joan Mahoney
(301-438-1486) or Jane Brinser
(301-438-2599) for further
Model Railroad Club:
The Rossmoor Model Railroad
Club is located in the basement
of Clubhouse II. We have 3
operating displays: O, HO,
and N gauge. Over 700 sq ft.
Club members get together on
Mondays and Wednesdays,
from approximately 6pm to
7:30pm. On Thursdays from
approximately 2 to 4pm.We run
trains and/or work on scenery,
track, etc. Our monthly meeting
is the 2nd Thursday of each
month at 4 p.m., Clubhouse
II. Call Marilyn Chmielewski,
301-438-3259 for further
information. All are invited to
our annual “Winter Open
House” on Saturday, Dec.
27, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Amateur Radio Club:
Calling all hams! All resident
amateur radio operators
(hams) – or would be operators
– are invited to join in business
meeting/lunch the second
Tuesday of each month. We
meet in the Stein or Terrace
Room in Clubhouse I at 1 p.m.
For information or to learn
more about Amateur Radio, call
Bryan West (301-598-0137).
Stamp & Coin Club: The
Stamp and Coin Club meets
on the first Thursday of each
month at 3 p.m. in Clubhouse
I. Members discuss their
collections, including first day
covers, day of issue programs,
yearbooks, coins, medals
and more. Also, they bring in
their stamps for “Show-andTell” and hold an auction of
members’ stamps. A door prize
of a gift certificate from Coins
of the Realm in Rockville is
awarded at each meeting. All
residents and non-residents
are welcome to attend. Annual
dues are $5. If interested,
contact Mason Goldman (301598-6749).
Wood Workers Users
Group of Leisure World:
Leisure World residents
interested in woodworking
and woodcraft are offered the
opportunity to visit and join
the woodshop. The woodshop
is located on the lower level
of Clubhouse I with entrance
from Gleneagles Dr. The shop
is open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.3 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m.-noon.
The shop is well equipped
with hand and power tools
needed to work with wood. A
reasonable annual fee provides
access and membership to
all. An experienced monitor
is on duty when the shop
is open to assist members
with their work and provide
instructions on operating and
using the hand and power tools.
Members are often willing to
repair and refinish projects
of Leisure World residents
for the cost of supplies. For
further information, call the
shop 301-598-1308, John Van
Dyke (240-650-9165) or Alan
Pechner (301-598-2824).
Hispanos de Leisure
World: This is to remind
residents who are Spanish
speakers that this club
continues to offer cultural
activities such as movies (every
month), bingo and other table
games on Fridays at 3 p.m.
in Clubhouse I, plus other
opportunities to meet and
socialize, such as the annual
“Fiesta de la Amistad” and
Christmas dinner. The annual
membership is $15 per person.
If interested, please contact our
president, Jose Soto (240-3081262) or vice president, Elsa
Fowler (240-780-6320).
“JustUs”: “JustUs” is
the Leisure World resident
advocacy group. Our intent
is to enhance the quality of
life for all residents. “JustUs”
members advocate and
endeavor to assure that Leisure
World policies, practices, and
decisions are consistent with
that goal. We listen, research,
inform and advise residents
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 35
on issues impacting them and
the overall LW community.
All residents are welcome to
attend our informal Friday
“think tank” discussion group
meetings held at 2 p.m. in
Clubhouse 1 - Annapolis Room
(check lobby directory). To
accommodate those residents
unable to attend daytime
meetings, starting in January
2015, we will also be holding
evening meetings. For further
information Email: justus.
[email protected] or call Myra
Jewish Friendship
Group: Our next meeting is
on Sunday, Dec. 28 from 10:30
a.m. to noon in Clubhouse II.
At the meeting, we will review
current events in the Jewish
world and discuss current
Jewish issues. We welcome
all residents who would enjoy
and want to participate in our
discussions and presentations.
Centering Prayer: Join
our group of centering prayer
practitioners on Wednesdays at
3:30 p.m. at 3588 Gleneagles
Drive. Centering prayer is a
method of silent meditation,
where you rest in God without
saying anything just happy
to be in God’s presence.
Our intention is be aware of
the presence of God and to
welcome the action of God
within us. Beginners are
welcome as are people of all
faith traditions. For more
information, call Eileen at 301438-0422.
Call for Open Prayers:
Share your intentions via
prayers. Join us—share and
receive inspirational goodies;
birthday blessings; name
day, etc. remembrances. Old
prayers, new prayers, original
prayers, traditional prayers.
We meet Thursdays, 2-3 p.m.,
Inter-Faith Chapel. Questions?
Call Deb (301-332-0361), Anna
(240-669-6546) or Miriam
Monday Night Bingo:
All residents and their guests
are invited to play bingo in
Clubhouse I’s Crystal Ballroom
on Monday nights. Play begins
at 7 p.m. A $500 jackpot is
available each week as well as
a 50-50 drawing and 14 cash
prizes. All proceeds benefit the
service projects of the Kiwanis
Club of Leisure World and
charities within Montgomery
County. Come join the Kiwanis
Club in an evening of fun and
Chess Club meets in
Clubhouse II on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays
from 1-4 p.m. Membership
is free. Please contact Club
President Bernard Ascher
(301-598-8577) or Activities
Chairman Pat Leanza (301-5984569) for further information.
Wanted! Mah Jongg
• Looking for three or four
Leisure World women for Mah
Jongg game at home. Call Bea
• Beginners wanted to learn
Maj Jong call 301-598-3438.
Wills, Wealth Planning & Trusts
Phone: 301-518-0423
[email protected]
Housecall: No charge!
Simple will:
$175/person; $330/couple
Financial power of attorney $90
Living will/medical directive
Probate: flat fee or hourly, not
a percentage of estate.
Luann Battersby
Leisure World neighbor
3510 Chiswick Ct
Estate and tax planning.
I also assist clients in other
related matters when they need
my help.
36 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
• The Wednesday Night
Chicago Bridge Group is
looking for new members. The
group meets every Wednesday
in Clubhouse I. Play begins
promptly at 6:45 p.m. Bring
a partner and be ready for a
few hours of friendly games.
Questions? Call Doug (301448-8708).
• Men’s Bridge seeks
players. We meet Mondays
and Thursdays at 12:30 p.m.
in Clubhouse II. No partner
needed. Please, no beginners.
• Thursday Ladies Bridge
welcomes more card players.
If interested, call Trixie Lopes
• A few openings available
at the Greens. Thursdays 7-10
p.m. No prior experience
necessary. If interested, call
Earl (301-438-2822) or Al
• Men’s Poker are seeking
new members. Play is daily,
beginning around 9 a.m. in the
Game Room in Clubhouse II.
Pinochle Players: If you
enjoy pinochle, please join us at
Clubhouse II Monday evenings,
6:30-8:30 p.m. Call us at 301775-7238 or 240-669-8720.
Scrabble: Have Scrabble
game; will travel to Clubhouse
II, Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. Call
Arlyne (301-438-7442) if you
are interested in playing.
Cribbage: We meet for
150 minutes of competitive
fellowship Thursdays at 9:30
a.m. in Clubhouse II. We have
cards and cribbage boards,
and would be pleased to teach
you the game. It is a mixture
of rummy and pinochle and is
pure fun (we do not even keep
score). For more information,
call George (301-598-9747) or
Bill (301-598-7270). We look
forward to seeing you.
Jigsaw Puzzle: We now
have a jigsaw puzzle table in the
Clubhouse II lobby. Please feel
free, at your leisure, to work on
Shuffleboard: Outdoor
Shuffleboard is a great
game that is suitable for all
ages and skill levels. From
novice to seasoned, all levels
welcome! Play Thursdays from
9-11 a.m. on the Shuffleboard
courts located next to
Clubhouse I.
Bocce: Anyone can play
bocce! Once you play, you
are hooked. Bocce requires
little athletic prowess, it is a
game of skill, focus, fun and
teamwork. The game is also
simple to learn. Come out and
give it a try, meet others doing
the same! Bocce is played every
Wednesday from 9 to 11 a.m. at
the court next to Clubhouse I.
Duckpin Bowling: Join us
for the Duckpin Mixed Bowling
League Mondays at 12:30 p.m.
at White Oak Bowling Lanes,
11207 New Hampshire Ave. We
need bowlers of all skill levels
and will welcome you into our
enthusiastic group. We carpool
regularly so non-drivers need
not stay away. Call Grace White
(301-438-7892), Bud Money
Rockville Concert Band presents
Sunday, Dec. 21 at 3 p.m.
No tickets; $5 suggested.
Rockville Chorus presents
Sunday, Dec. 21 at 7:30 p.m.
No tickets; $5 suggested.
F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre
Great performances in the neighborhood.
Rockville Civic Center Park • www.rockvillemd.gov/theatre
603 Edmonston Dr., Rockville, MD 20851
Box Office: 240-314-8690
(301-949-1599) or Flora Wolf
(301-598-5807) to join as a
substitute or regular bowler.
Tennis: Looking for tennis
players (USTA 3 to 3.5 level) to
play Doubles or Mixed Doubles
every Saturday and Sunday
morning (9). Please call Sam
Verma (240-669-8504) if
Fitness And Exercise
Club (supporting all Leisure
World physical activities):
Membership is open to any
resident interested in either
attending an existing activity
or in creating a new activity.
No membership fees. Sign
up by e-mailing your name
to [email protected]
com. The club is looking for
a representative from each
mutual to help us communicate
pertinent news through their
mutual newsletter, bulletin
board notices or mutual
meetings. If you have signed
up but are not receiving any
e-mails announcing special
programs or updating on
the progress of the new
Fitness Center, please resend
your e-mail address. With
flu season approaching, it
is recommended that all
Fitness Center users wipe
off the equipment that you
are using, before and after
each use for maximum
protection. Four CPR classes
have been completed with
approximately 60 participants
becoming certified in CPR
and AED operation. New
classes will begin in spring
2015. If interested, e-mail
[email protected]
and you will be notified of
future class dates. If anyone
is interested in joining a small
committee to research the
viability of having a miniature
golf course in Leisure World
or any other outdoor activity,
please e-mail Richard Sherman
at [email protected]
Health and Well-Being
Patients’ Rights Council:
The Patients’ Rights Council
of Leisure World meetings,
the second Wednesday of each
month, will resume this month.
The purpose of the council is
the education of residents on
end-of-life issues and to voice
opposition to the legalization
of physician-assisted suicide.
The council provides wellqualified speakers on these
critical issues and encourages
compassionate treatment and
care for vulnerable individuals.
Contact is Mary Ann Johnston
(301-598-0647 or [email protected]
Stroke Support Group:
The Montgomery County
Stroke Assn. (MCSA) meets
monthly from 1:30-3:30 p.m.
on the 4th Wednesday in
Clubhouse II. Stroke survivors
and caregivers are welcome. No
registration is necessary. For
more information, call Irene
Spector (301-598-8103).
AL-ANON Meeting: AlAnon (for family and friends
affected by alcoholism) meets
Fridays at 2 p.m. at Our
Lady of Grace Church Parish
Center (near Leisure World,
enter through the back door),
15661 Norbeck Blvd., Silver
Spring, MD 20906. For more
information, call Mary Ann
Alcoholic Anonymous
(AA): Newcomers welcome.
(If outside LW, check in at
the main gate.) Meetings
are: Mondays at noon (Step
Meeting) and Thursdays at 6
p.m. (Big Book) in Clubhouse
I. Any questions! Contact Don
Food Addicts in Recovery
Anonymous (FA): FA meets
every Wednesday, 8:30-10
a.m., at the Overlook, 3100
NLW Blvd., in the party room.
For more information, call Bea
Alzheimer’s Caregivers
Support: The Alzheimer’s
Support Group meets the 1st
and 3rd Wednesday of each
month at 3 p.m. in the InterFaith Chapel library. For more
information, call Sunny (301438-2446).
Free Blood Pressure
Testing: Free blood pressure
testing is available on the 1st
and 3rd Tuesday of the month
from 9 to 11 a.m. in Clubhouse
Medicare Benefits
Counseling: Senior Health
Insurance Assistance
Program (SHIP), a Maryland/
Montgomery County agency,
provides free individual
counseling to help with your
Medicare problems, Medicare
Part D, Medigap choices and
the many incoming savings
programs. Call 301-590-2819
to make appointments, 4th
Tuesday of each month 10 a.m.
to noon in Clubhouse I.
Wealth Management &
Estate Planning Clinic: SPC
Financial, Inc. Independent
Registered Investment Advisor/
SEC conducts a Financial
Wealth Management ~ Estate
& Tax Integration Clinic in
Clubhouse I every Friday
morning from 9:30-11:30 by
appointment only. We plan,
develop, integrate and advise
on comprehensive financial
and tax planning issues. To
schedule an appointment, call
the E&R office in Clubhouse
II (301-598-1320). Be sure
to specify topics of interest.
Estate & Tax Law Inquiries;
Long Term Care & Life
Insurance Inquiries; Wealth
Management & Tax Integration
Inquiries; Charitable Gifting &
Transfer of Wealth Inquiries.
www.spcfinancial.com, 3202
Tower Oaks Blvd., Suite
400, Rockville, MD 20852
(301-770-6800). Securities
offered through Raymond
James Financial Services, Inc.
State Law: When operating
windshield wipers, headlights
must be on. Headlights must
be in use between sunset and
Searching for LW
Chamber Musicians! Call
Millie Perlow (301-598-6647)
or e-mail [email protected]
Foot, ankle or lower leg problem? Call our
podiatrists today, our practice has been
serving Leisure World 27 years!
Dr. Freedman and Dr. Venegonia
Leisure World Plaza Professional Building
3801 International Drive, Suite 204,
Silver Spring, MD 20906
On the Web: www.footandankle-usa.com
Did You Know?
You can put your worries behind you!!
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 37
Preserve Your
Family Memories!
Photo Scanning
with a Personal Touch
Personalized service
at an affordable price
Volume discounts available!
Call Kim at
(301) 438-3140
Virtual Computer Services
Please note which instruments
you play and your telephone
number or e-mail so that
groups, time and places can be
Lost and Found: The FISH
Office in Clubhouse II serves
as the community’s Lost and
Found. Each month, one of
our members goes through the
items turned in and discards
the oldest ones. The discarded
items are donated to a church
or thrown away. FISH has
all sorts of items: car keys,
umbrellas, books, jackets and
lots of other clothing.
Rossmoor Library: is
located in Clubhouse I right off
the main lobby. The hours are
Mondays 1 to 4 p.m., Tuesdays
to Fridays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and
Saturdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Leisure World Post
Office: Located in the
Administration Bldg., it is open
from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday-
Friday, and provides stamps,
mailing boxes, certified
and insured mail. Payment
by check or cash only. It
cannot provide Express or
International Business services
due to local restrictions.
Hunan Delight
Featuring the Finest in
Hunan, Szechuan, Mandarin Cuisine
Unique Low Fat Menu
No M.S.G., Less Salt, Less than 2% Oil
301-774-7944 - 18220 Village Mart Drive, Olney, Md. 20832
10% OFF
10% OFF
to Leisure World Residents
May not be used for lunch.
May not be used for lunch.
to Leisure World Residents
With This Coupon.
With This Coupon
Club Trips
Next deadline for trip submissions is Thursday, Dec. 18
The trips listed below are sponsored by Leisure World groups and organizations and not by Eyre Leisure World Travel. These trips are open to all residents, not
only members of the specific club. For information, contact the person listed with each trip. (Do not contact the Eyre Leisure World Travel or E&R Office.) Leisure
World clubs and organizations that want to be included in this column must send a typewritten submission to the News by Thursday at 4:30 prior to the deadline.
Due to space limitations, the Leisure World News reserves the right to edit or delete submissions. You may e-mail your information to [email protected]
Please Note: Member/Non-Member pricing is at the discretion of the individual clubs.
“Diner” @ Signature Theatre
Wednesday, Dec. 31
The scene: Baltimore. The time: the 1950’s. A group of boyhood friends, obsessed
with girls and the Colts, has reunited at their favorite old hangout to celebrate
the upcoming wedding of one of them. This is “Diner.” Barry Levinson and
Sheryl Crow have joined forces to create a musical adaptation of his iconic
movie, which will have its world premiere run at the Signature Theater in
Arlington, Va. Na’ Amat has been able to obtain tickets for the New Year’s Eve
performance, Wednesday, Dec. 31, and we invite you to join us. Please Note:
Bus pick-up will be at the Administration Building, not Clubhouse II. The bus
will be on the parking lot side of the Admin. building. Please park in the first
38 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
lane, closest to Leisure World Blvd. The bus will leave promptly at 6:00 p.m.
Following the performance, we will return to Clubhouse I to complete our holiday
celebration with a reception featuring an assortment of hors d’oeuvres and a
cash bar. The price of $119 includes the theater tickets, transportation, reception
and all gratuities. For further information, call JoAnn Cadeaux (301-438-0737).
Attention Travellers!
All Leisure World travelers, please note that no group on travel can park
more than 12 vehicles overnight/long-term in the Clubhouse II parking
lot. Also, parking overnight/long-term is at the owner’s own risk.
did Richard
and Ann move
to Riderwood in
Silver Spring?
For worry-free living in a great location!
Richard and Ann were already living maintenance-free, but they wanted to
find a community where they could feel completely secure about the future. At
Riderwood in Silver Spring, the Houghtons enjoy the peace of mind that comes
from having a full continuum of health care right on campus.
Living at Riderwood has also given Richard and Ann the opportunity to pursue
their passions and live life to the fullest. “There are so many activities here,” says
Richard. “I’m taking five classes.” “I’m in two choirs,” says Ann. The Houghtons
also love dining at the different restaurants on campus. “It’s a wonderful way to
make friends,” says Ann.
See why your friends and neighbors are choosing
retirement living at Riderwood. Call 1-877-871-5213
for your free brochure.
Silver Spring | EricksonLiving.com
“The transportation here is wonderful. You
don’t have to program your life around a
schedule. You go outside, and a shuttle is
there within minutes.
Richard & Ann Houghton,
Moved from Leisure World
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 39
Eyre Leisure World Travel
Travel & Tour Department
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:30 AM-2:00 PM
Reservations can be made Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM-5 PM by calling 301-854-6600 #4
Eyre at Leisure World Travel Office, located in Clubhouse I, is a department of Eyre Bus, Tour & Travel. We offer a full service travel agency that specializes in
airline reservations, cruises, group tours, vacation packages, hotel accommodations and auto rental. We have been providing “Excellence in Travel for 60 Years”.
Inclement Weather Policy: Please call 301-598-1599 after 7 am on the day of a trip to find out if we have cancelled, postponed or are going. If a trip is cancelled, you will also receive a phone call from us once the office is open.
Day Trips
Just Added!
EL Greco at the National Gallery of Art,
Washington, D.C. – Wed., Feb. 4 – 9:00 am-3:00 pm
$30.00 per person
A symposium celebrating the art of EL Greco in the 400th anniversary of the artist’s death.
Transportation only.
Philadelphia Flower Show – Thurs., March 5
8:45 am-8:15 pm – $84.00 per person
Experience the magic of movies and horticulture as the 186th PHS Philadelphia Flower Show
celebrates the silver screen. Lights, Camera, BLOOM! will be unveiled Feb. 28, 2015. The
Flower Show offers an on-site food court and numerous vendors with a wide assortment of
flowers and gardening items for sale.
American Treasures, Oaks, PA – Mon., March 16
8:00 am-6:15 pm – $95.00 per person
See tens of thousands of items displayed over three acres on the American Treasure Tour.
A 90-minute guided tram tour takes you through decades of American history. Two of the
major exhibits are mechanical music and classic preserved automobiles. Additionally, they
also have a jam packed display of animated store window advertising, dolls, doll houses,
model airplanes, circus, patriotic, holiday items and many surprises. Lunch included.
Draper’s & Damon’s – Wed., March 18
10:00 am-3:00 pm – $35.00 per person
Light snack service and provided by Drapers. 25% off all purchases in store that day.
Ford’s Theatre “Freedom Song”
Fri., March 20 – 10:00 am-6:30 pm – $125.00 per person
Immerse yourself in the production commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln’s
Assassination. Visit the Peterson House where the mortally wounded president died. Lunch
prior to the production at Carmine’s Italian Restaurant.
9/11 Memorial and Museum Trip – Sat., March 28
6:45 am-11:45 pm – $120.00 per person
The Memorial Museum is an educational and historical institution honoring the victims
and examing 9/11 and its continued global significance. The museum displays artifacts
associated with the events of 9/11 while presenting stories of loss and recovery. (Security
screening on-site.) Includes a $10 Gift Card to Cracker Barrel.
Cherry Blossom Tour – Fri., April 10
9:45 am-2:55 pm – $69.00 per person
Drive the tidal basin and visit some memorials along the way! Lunch included at Old Ebbitt
Odyssey Cherry Blossom Luncheon Cruise – Mon., April 13
9:30 am-3:15 pm – $99.00 per person
Enjoy a leisurely lunch cruise along the Potomac River for a breathtaking view of the famous
Cherry Blossoms.
Van Gogh, Manet & Matisse: The Art of the Flower Exhibit
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond – Tues., April 14
8:45 am-7:15 pm – $105.00 per person
Enjoy this breath-taking exhibition of floral still life. Trip includes docent lead tour and lunch
featuring edible flowers.
“Funny Girl” at Dutch Apple Theatre – Thurs., April 16
9:00 am-6:00 pm – $105.00 per person
Dumbarton House & Tudor Hall
Sat., June 13 – 9:30 am-4:00 pm – $99.00 per person
Trip includes: docent lead tours for Dumbarton House, Tudor Place, lunch at the Daily
Grill Restaurant, Eyre Escort, taxes, motorcoach transportation and meal gratuities.
Plaza Suite at Allenberry Playhouse – Tues., May 5
8:45 am-5:45 pm – $99.00 per person
Three charming comedies, all in one show, and all set in Room 719 of New York City’s Plaza
Hotel. You’ll love meeting a couple trying to rekindle the flame; a Hollywood Producer on
the prowl and a bride who has locked herself the bathroom! Lunch, show and transportation
Longwood Gardens & Hotel Du Pont High Tea
Fri., May 8 – 7:45 am-7:00 pm – $99.00 per person
See stunning displays that elevate the art of horticulture on over 1,000 acres of gardens at
Longwood Gardens. Then it is off to the Famous Hotel Du Pont for a dazzling ad delectable
High Tea!
The Barnes Foundation or Philadelphia Museum of Art
with lunch on the Moshulu!
Sat., June 20 – 7:50 am-7:20 pm – $124.00 per person
We invite you to discover the Barnes’ world-class art collection or take in the wonderful
exhibits at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, plus lunch at the MOSHULU!
Back by popular demand! The Marine Barracks Parade in
Washington, D.C. – Fri,. June 26 – 6:30 pm-11:00 pm
$30.00 per person
The Evening Parade display is an amazing amount of control and precision, which features
performances by the United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps and the United States Marine
Corps Silent Drill Platoon. Reserved seating. Handicapped seating available
“Damn Yankees” at Allenberry Playhouse – Tues., June 30
8:00 am-6:30 pm – $110.00 per person
Trip includes: transportation, show and meal.
mulTi-Day moTorCoaCh Trips
Atlantic City – March 18 – 2 nights
Greenbrier – April 12 – 2 nights
Charleston, Savannah, Jekyll Island – April 18-24
Niagara Falls, Canada – June 21-24 – Passport Required
Boston Pops at Tanglewood – July 12-15
Northern National Parks – June 5-12, 2015
Alaska Cruise & Land Tour – July 28-Aug. 9, 2015
You don’t need a passport to Explore the Embassies-experience the food, art, dance, fashion
and music. Food vendors on site.
Springfest in Ocean City Maryland – Sat., May 2
7:45 am-9 :00 pm – $60.00 per person
What a great way to spend the day but in Ocean City! Transportation only.
(all Trips
DeparT from
Clubhouse ii)
Easy Walking
Casino Trips
Horseshoe Casino – Wed., Jan. 14, 2015
9:00 am-3:00 pm – $33.00 per person
Hollywood Casino, Charles Town, WV – Fri., Feb. 20, 2015
9:45 am-5:45 pm – $35.00 per person
Harringtons Casino – Thurs., March 12, 2015
8:00 am-5:45 pm – $44.00
*Slot play and promotions come directly from the casino and subject to change.*
Some trips require a certain amount of walking. The shoe symbol
We can book any cruise line anywhere you want to cruise.
Trip includes: motorcoach transportation, lunch and show.
“Around the World Embassy Tour” in Washington,
D.C. – Sat., May 2 – 8:00 am-4:00 pm – $75.00 per person
ouT of
Grandeur of the Seas – Bahamas – Oct. 24 – 8 nights
provides an indication of how much walking may be involved.
More Walking
A Lot of Walking
For more detailed itineraries, please see the Eyre Representative at the Eyre Leisure World Travel Office.
40 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
Calendar of EVENTS
Sunday, December 14
Clubhouse I
10:15am Jewish War Vets
Clubhouse II
7:00pm Baby Boomers Group
Monday, December 15
Clubhouse I
9:30am Stretch & Tone Class
10:00am Smart Driver Class
2:00pm LW Chorale
5:00pm Stretch & Tone Class
6:00pm LW Lions Club
7:00pm Republican Club Meeting
7:00pm Bingo
Clubhouse II
9:00am Senior Sneakers
10:00am Clipper Workshop
10:30am Zumba Gold Class
12:30pm Men’s Bridge
1:00pm Chess Group
2:00pm Chair Yoga
4:00pm Ba Duan Class
6:30pm Pocket Billiards Play
Tuesday, December 16
Clubhouse I
9:00am Blood Pressure Testing
6:15pm Move to the Beat
7:00pm Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi
11:00am Mild Exercise Class
11:00am Water Exercise Class
1:00pm Non-Impact Fusion Water Class
12:30pm Scrabble Group
1:30pm Comedy & Humor
3:30pm Internet for Everyday Use
Wednesday, December 17
Clubhouse I
9:00am Gentle Yoga Class
10:30am Library Holiday Luncheon
11:00am Short Story Group
12:30pm Hadassah
6:45pm Chicago Bridge
Clubhouse II
11:00am Mild Exercise Class
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Ping Pong
2:00pm Chair Tai Chi
5:30pm Aqua Fit Class
7:30pm Olney Concert Band
Thursday, December 18
Clubhouse I
9:15am Stretch & Tone Class
11:00am Writers Workshop
12:30pm Ladies Bridge
Clubhouse II
9:00am Senior Sneakers
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi Class
10:00am Mac Users Group
10:00am Stitchers Group
11:00am Water Exercise Class
12:30pm Men’s Bridge
1:00pm Movie/American Hustle
1:00pm Non-Impact Fusion Water Class
3:00pm Aquasize Class
3:30pm Internet for Everyday Use
5:00pm Tap with Gerry
Friday, December 19
Clubhouse I
10:00am Book Club Network
12:15pm Kiwanis of LW
2:00pm JustUs Group Meeting
7:00pm Friday Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
10:00am Chinese Club of LW
10:00am Book Club Network
11:00am Ping Pong Club
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Friday Bridge Club
1:00pm Zumba Gold Class
Saturday, December 20
Clubhouse I
9:00am Gentle Yoga Class
Clubhouse II
7:00pm Going It Alone Social
7:00pm Baby Boomers Movie
Sunday, December 21
Clubhouse I
10:00am Jewish Breakfast Forum
Clubhouse II
7:00pm Baby Boomers
Monday, December 22
Clubhouse I
9:15am Stretch & Tone Class
2:00pm LW Chorale
7:00pm Bingo
Clubhouse II
10:30am Zumba Gold Class
12:30pm Men’s Bridge
1:00pm Chess Club
1:30pm JRLW Movie
2:00pm Chair Yoga
4:00pm Ba Duan Exercise Class
6:30pm Pocket Billiards Play
Tuesday, December 23
Clubhouse I
7:00pm Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi
11:00am Mild Exercise Class
12:30pm Scrabble Group
1:30pm Comedy & Humor Club
3:30pm Internet for Everyday Use
6:15pm Move to the Beat Class
Dial 301-598-1313
for recorded Daily Events
Governance Calendar
December 2014
December 16, 10:00 a.m., Clubhouse I
Government Affairs
December 15, 2:30 p.m.,
Sullivan Room
Education & Recreation
January 6, 9:30 a.m., Clubhouse I
Community Planning
January 5, 10:00 a.m., Clubhouse I
Sunday, December 28
Clubhouse I
Have a Happy Day
Clubhouse II
2:00pm Movie/Osage County
7:00pm Baby Boomers Group
Monday, December 29
Clubhouse I
9:15am Stretch & Tone Class
2:00pm LW Chorale
7:00pm Bingo
Clubhouse II
9:00am Senior Sneakers Class
12:30pm Men’s Bridge
1:00pm Chess Club
4:00pm Ba Duan Exercise Class
January 2, 2:00 p.m., Sullivan Room
6:30pm Pocket Billiards Play
Tuesday, December 30
Clubhouse I
7:00pm Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi
11:00am Mild Exercise Class
12:30pm Scrabble Group
1:30pm Comedy & Humor
6:15pm Move to the Beat Class
Wednesday, December 31
Clubhouse I
9:00am Gentle Yoga Class
6:00pm New Year’s Eve Ball
6:45pm Chicago Bridge
Wednesday, December 24
Clubhouse I
6:45pm Chicago Bridge
Clubhouse II
11:00 Mild Exercise Class
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Ping Pong Club
2:00pm Chair Tai Chi Class
Thursday, December 25
Clubhouse I
Clubhouse II
Friday, December 26
Clubhouse I
2:00pm JustUs Group Meeting
Clubhouse II
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi class
10:00am Chinese Club of LW
11:00am Ping Pong Club
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Friday Bridge Club
1:00pm Zumba Gold Class
3:00pm Yiddish Conversation
Saturday, December 27
Clubhouse I
Have a Happy Day!
Clubhouse II
10:00am Train Club Open House
7:00pm Going It Alone Social & Bingo
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 41
Clubhouse II
11:00am Mild Exercise Class
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Ping Pong
2:00pm Chair Tai Chi Class
Thursday, January 1
Clubhouse I
Happy New Year!
Clubhouse II
Friday, January 2
Clubhouse I
12:15pm Kiwanis of Leisure World
2:00pm JustUs Group Meeting
7:00pm Friday Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi Class
1:00pm Ping Pong Group.
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Zumba Gold Class
1:00pm Friday Bridge Club
3:00pm Yiddish Conversation
Saturday, January 3
Clubhouse I
9:00am Gentle Yoga Class
10:00am ANG Group
Clubhouse II
9:00am JRLW Religious Service
7:00pm Going It Alone Social
Sunday, January 4
Clubhouse I
Have a Happy Day
Clubhouse II
2:30pm Fireside Forum
7:00pm Baby Boomers Group
Monday, January 5
Clubhouse I
9:15am Stretch & Tone Class
1:00pm Paintbrush & Knife class
1:00pm CLL General Meeting
2:00pm LW Chorale
7:00pm Bingo
Clubhouse II
10:00am Clipper Workshop
12:30pm Men’s Bridge
1:00pm Chess Club
4:00pm Ba Duan Exercise Class
6:30pm Pocket Billiards Play
Tuesday, January 6
Clubhouse I
9:00am Blood Pressure Testing
9:30am Art Class/Any Medium
1:00pm Art Class/Any Medium
7:00pm Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi
11:00am Mild Exercise Class
12:30pm Scrabble Group
1:30pm Comedy & Humor
6:15pm Move to the Beat
Wednesday, January 7
Clubhouse I
9:00am Gentle Yoga Class
9:30am Water Colors/Any Level
11:00am Short Story Group
12:30pm Na’Amat USA
1:00pm Oil/Acrylics Class
5:00pm Stretch & Tone Class
6:45pm Chicago Bridge
Clubhouse II
11:00am Mild Exercise Class
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Ping Pong
2:00pm Chair Tai Chi
4:00pm LWAAAC General Meeting
7:30pm Fun & Fancy Theatre
Thursday, January 8
Clubhouse I
9:15am Stretch & Tone Class
10:00am Painting for Everyone
11:00am Writers Workshop
12:30pm Ladies Bridge
1:00pm Oil/Acrylics Class
7:00pm LW Democrats
Clubhouse II
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi
9:30am Quilters Group
12:30pm Men’s Bridge
4:00pm Model Train Club
5:00pm Tap with Gerry
Friday, January 9
Clubhouse I
9:30am Basic Drawing Class
1:30pm Watercolor/Any Level
2:00pm JustUs Group Meeting
7:00pm Friday Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
10:00am Chinese Club of LW
1:00pm Ping Pong Club
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Zumba Gold Class
1:00pm Friday Bridge Club
3:00pm Yiddish Conversation
Saturday, January 10
Clubhouse I
9:00am Gentle Yoga Class
10:00am Open Art Studio
Clubhouse II
9:15am Shabbat Services
7:00pm Going It Alone Social and Bingo
KENSINGTON Antique Village. We
buy items or estates for immediate
cash. 35 years experience. Call
Georgina. 240-645-9029. (1.2015)
to furniture, collections,
accumulations. Buy out- clean up.
301-520-0755. (12.16)
Bath condo, table spaced kitchen,
great condition. 2nd floor with
balcony. All utilities included.
$1,300 per month. Long and Foster
301-548-9700. Call Greg Marinik
240-994-5258 or Eve Marinik 301221-8867 (12.16)
in Florida. Tired of the cold? Come
to sunny Florida, Saint Petersburg,
on the west coast. 2 bedrooms,
2 bathrooms, 1235 Sq. Ft., fully
furnished, renovated like new. Close
to shops, bus stop and beaches.
Available immediately, US$1,400
monthly, 3 months minimum stay.
Complementary parking at Saint
Pete Beach. Phone: 727 360-9547 or
727 403-9313 Mrs. Sowa (12.16)
SILVER SPRING/Leisure World M/F to share large furnished 2BD
condo with one man (age 60). Very
quiet elevator building, top floor on
Pine Orchard. Private full bath
and a large bedroom; share living
room, kitchen, dining room,
washer-dryer, balcony. Comcast
cable, Internet, utilities and all
LW amenities included. $750.00
per month. One year lease
preferred. Must be at least 50
years old. Application includes a
background and credit check. One
month security deposit. Please call
Steve at 443-687-3881. (12.16)
scooter. Same models on sale on
eBay for $695 to over $1,000.Will
sell for best offer over $500. Like
new condition. Will supply new
batteries, $200 value. Used only
in Leisure World. 301-438-7316.
FOR SALE BY LW resident. Ranch
mink coat size 10-12. Perfect
condition. 52” length. $3500 or
offer. Tel. 301-598-3555 (1.6.15)
TVs, HITACHI 46” LED, 2.5 yrs,
$230 (bought $600+). Samsung 23”
LCD, occasionally used, $60 (bought
$200+). Panasonic DVD player, $15.
All in very good condition. Call 301598-1263. (12.16)
The Leisure World News will allow
only those advertisers who show
proof of certification to advertise
that they are “certified nursing
experience. Great reference.
Available for long days or nights.
Can drive. 301-806-3691. (1.6.15)
Senior Citizens – Care you can
trust and is affordable. Reliable
and qualified aide and nursing staff
available. Companionship, personal
42 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
care, meds, housekeeping, shopping,
driving. Full/part-time or live-in.
Flat rate for live-in care. Call 240533-6599. (2.2015)
affordable care you can trust.
Loving, dependable caregivers
for hourly, live in/out. Licensed,
insured, bonded. Services include
medications, bath and personal
hygiene, appointments, meal
preparation, housekeeping, laundry,
errands. Very low rates. Call for free
assessment (301-740-7667). Visit us
also at www.victoryhomehealthcare.
org. (1.6.15)
you can trust and afford.”
Companionship, hygiene care, meal
preparation, housekeeping, errands,
appointments. Loving, dependable
caregivers for FT/PT or Live-in. We
offer a flat rate for live-in care. Low
rates, no deposit required. Call 301490-1146. www.lovinghomecare.org.
SUPPORT: Serving residents
of Leisure World for over 20
years! Call for a special, reduced
rate for Leisure World residents
only. Mention this ad to get your
special discount. Call today for your
complimentary in-home assessment.
240-430-1500. (8.18.2015)
Aide Caregiver – I have proof of
certification, license and 15 years
of experience. I’m looking for a
fulltime private duty job. I will
provide health care services, tender
loving care to you and your loved
ones. Companion, housekeeping,
daily grooming, personal
hygiene, shopping and doctor’s
appointments. Excellent references.
Please call Bola, 301-996-5180.
experience. Can drive. Available
Monday through Sunday.
References available. Call Jane at
240-486-1614. (12.16)
over 25 years experience proving
care, companionship, personal
healthcare, shopping, running
errands, etc.; seeking weekday parttime evening hours. CPR/first aid,
medical technician certification with
excellent references. I live within
three miles of Leisure World with
my own transportation. Contact
Debbie: 240-715-2403/[email protected]
aol.com. (12.16)
tactful and diplomatic CNA/GNA
with over 20 years as nursing
professional. Tender hearted,
enthusiastic and dedicated lady,
seeks a private homecare position.
Excellent references. Please contact
Norma at 240-472-8834. Available
for immediate employment. (12.16)
CARE SERVICE BY LW resident of
13 years. Bachelor’s degree in health
ed., recreation, biology, & P.E. (premed). Master’s degree in counseling;
14 yrs. experience. Advanced firstaid. Book for 1 hr. $23, 2 hrs. -$22
per hr., 3 hrs. -$20 per hr. Also will
do food shopping and driving. Call
Suzie 301-438-3968. (1.6.15)
HONEST, CARING, licensed
CNA, Med. Tech. You or a loved
one coming out of rehab? I can
be available when you are. Hours
negotiable. Good ref. Brenda Young,
240-277-0496. (12.16)
housekeeping, light cooking.
Available Mon.-Fri. from 9-5. Call
Flo @202-422-9280. (1.6.15)
I’M A CNA/GNA with 10 years
experience looking for work. I’m
honest, caring, committed and love
taking care of the elderly. Call Amy,
240-471-3937 or 301-947-1373.
loving compassionate care to your
loved one in the MD.DC.VA areas.
Our caregivers are professionally
screened, experienced and certified.
Please call 410-8748-210 or 571-2124121. (12.16)
assistant with reference available
for work and can drive. Please call
Rebecca at 240-701-8169. (1.20.15)
caring, compassionate, licensed
professional with over 20 years
experience seeks employment as
private duty aide. Great work history
with family and nursing care. Please
call Mary at 301-580-8597. (12.16)
seeking a job. I have CPR
certification and five years of
relevant experience. I am well
versed in delivering basic patient/
elderly care services. Available to
work seven days a week; hours
are flexible. Reference upon
request. Etsegenet, 240-449-5799,
[email protected] (2.3)
Also live-in. Twenty-five years
experience. Reliable, drive. Call 240354-5372 or 301-306-0073. (2.3.15)
CNA/CMT – OVER 15 years
experience. Hospice patients
welcome. Trustworthy. Reasonable
price plus good references in
LW. Cooking, getting to doctor’s
appointments, running errands.
Have own car. Call Ana, 240-4918978, 301-622-6633. (12.16)
time, night time, weekends, Live
in. General services, personal care,
transportation. Good reference from
Leisure World. Please call 240-3300468 or [email protected]
looking for private duty work with
the elderly and all of their daily
needs. Evening shift, live-in or
overnight. Call Naana, 630-2009592. (1.6)
loving, caring, reliable caregiver/
companion? Look no further, I am
the right person. Good references
and rate. Call 240-552-4222. (12.16)
distress? Try therapeutic massage.
We will come to you. Gift certificates
available. Now accepting regular
customers. 240-277-7971. Licensed,
insured and board certified. (12.16)
NURSING assistant, over to years
experience in general geriatric
skilled nursing care, hospice,
rehabilitation and private homes.
Have own car. LW references
available upon request. Please call
Denise 301-569-1143. (thru 1st issue
15 years exp. and reference.
Errands, dr. appointments, light
1 year of experience. I am looking
for a full-time, private duty job. I
will provide health services, tender,
loving care to your loved ones and
companionship. Call Emmaculate,
240-428-5407. (12.16)
in Olney is seeking a boy’s middle
school lacrosse coach for the 2015
spring season. The ideal candidate
should possess strong organizational
and communication skills. Prior
coaching or playing experience is
required. Practices are Tuesdays and
Thursdays from 3:15-4:30. Practices
begin in March and conclude in
the middle of May. Interested
candidates should submit a resume
and cover letter with references to:
Kim Hutcherson, athletic director,
St. John’s Episcopal School, 3427
Olney Laytonsville Road, Olney, MD 20832 [email protected],
301-774-6804 x196, 301-774-2375
fax. (12.2p)
money management services for
disabled adults. Sponsored by the
Representative Payee Program.
Volunteers spend about eight hours
a month paying routine bills and
budgeting for an individual in need
of money management services.
Training and ongoing supervision
are provided. Call 301-424-0656
x541 for further information. ©
money management services for
disabled adults. Volunteers will
be trained to assist clients with
routine bill paying and budgeting.
Lend your expertise for about 6
hours per month and make a huge
difference for a person in need.
Training and ongoing supervision
are provided. Representative Payee
is sponsored by Mental Health
Association of Montgomery County.
Email [email protected] or
call 301-424-0656, x541 for more
information and how to apply.
Montgomery County Historical
Society. Work two weekday
afternoons or one weekend afternoon
per month from noon to 4 p.m.
Receive on-the-job training on local
history and museum interpretation.
Also receive special admission
to programs and a 20% discount
in the Museum Shop. Call Karen
Lottes, 301-340-6534 or [email protected]
montgomeryhistory.org (c)
difference! Make a lasting
contribution by offering one hour a
week to a child in need. Interages,
a non-profit agency pairs adults
with school age children in reading
and mentoring. Talk, read and
share your experiences with a child.
We do the work by preparing the
activities and offering support in the
classroom. All you need to do is care
and listen. We like to think of it as
being a friend. Schools are in close
proximity to Leisure World. Call
Sharon Gobel at 301-949-3551 for
more information. (c)
shop for and visit frail elders in
their own homes. Must have own
transportation. The Jewish Social
Service Agency, 301-816-2639. (c)
WASHINGTON Ear, a nonprofit
organization, is currently seeking
individuals to volunteer for its
Look-Up service, radio reading
or dial-in newspaper service. The
MWE provides a free multi-media
reading service for the blind,
visually impaired and physically
handicapped. Call 301-681-6636
between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday
through Friday. (c)
American Cancer Society needs
volunteers for various fundraising
events; Daffodil Days; Relay for
Life; the GALA; office assistance in
the Wheaton/Silver Spring office, as
well as help with a variety of patient
services. Contact Joan Dickson,
volunteer coordinator, 301-9339350, ext. 202. Visit our website:
www.cancer.org to check all of our
events and programs. (c)
– The Jewish Social Service Agency
of Metropolitan Washington
critically needs volunteers to shop
for and visit with frail elders who
live in their own homes. Shoppers
receive a weekly list from the older
adult, purchase the items and
deliver the groceries. Visitors are
expected to visit the frail elder at
least every other week for an hour or
two. The homebound elders live in
Montgomery County and northwest
DC. Must have own transportation.
Call Diane Hays-Earp, 301-8162639. (3/2 (c)
Bedford Court. Serve a snack, run
a movie, share your travel slides,
read and discuss a news article,
play a game, teach a game or sit and
talk with a new friend. Call Sarah
Walker, activities director, 301-4386651. (c)
Jewish Social Service Agency needs
volunteers to teach English to new
immigrants from the former Soviet
Union. Free training and materials
provided as well as ongoing support
from JSSA staff. Contact Nina
Sznurman at JSSA, 301-770-5120.
Maryland, Inc. has an urgent
need for volunteers on Thursday
and Friday’s to deliver meals to
homebound persons in the Leisure
World. Call Emily Trotter at 443573-0925 or email [email protected]
org. (7.15c)
isolated elderly who live throughout
Montgomery County. Visit once a
week for an hour. Training provided.
Call Emily Kamin, Friendly Visitor
Program at 301-424-0656 x541. (c)
National Capital Trolley Museum,
located in Colesville, is seeking
volunteers to train as docents,
leading to qualification as conductor
and motormen. These motormen
would drive passengers on our mile
long track through the northwest
branch and give a brief talk to them.
Must be at least 18 years old. Also
volunteer opportunity to restore
streetcars. Training is provided.
Contact Joanie Pinson, 301-3846352. (c – 3/7)
Program - Compeer trains and
matches volunteers in friendship
relationships with people
recovering from mental illness.
Compeer has been proven to
reduce hospitalizations, increase
self-esteem and promote
independence for people with
mental illness. Opportunities: 1:1
friendship, supportive phone calling,
pen pal, monthly group activities.
The life you change may be your
own. Contact Beth Duffin at 301754-1102 ext. 15. (c – 5/16)
like working with people? MedStar
Montgomery Medical Center
(MMMC) is looking for individuals
who would like to volunteer 4 hours
a day, 1 day a week. We currently
are looking for volunteers to serve
positions in surgical waiting, the
information desk, the emergency
room greeter area and the medical
library. Although not necessary for
these positions, persons who are
comfortable using computers are
especially encouraged to inquire.
Please call the volunteer services
coordinator at MMMC at 301-7748629 for more information. You can
also visit the hospital’s website at
www.medstarhealth.org (10/3c)
VOLUNTEERS needed by Holy
Cross Hospital’s Home Care &
Hospice Department. Seeking
patient care volunteers who want
to make a significant contribution
using their skills and talents while
receiving great satisfaction. Seeking
volunteers willing to give comfort
and care for up to four hours a
week. Tasks may include providing
respite relief to allow caregivers
needed time for themselves; grocery
shopping, driving to appointments,
gardening, reading with the patient,
visiting and lending a sympathetic
ear. A spring training is planned.
Call Louise Faulkner, coordinator of
volunteers, 301-754-7744. (c)
on Wheels of Wheaton needs
volunteers to deliver meals or pack
meals for frail, disabled and home
bound people in Leisure World and
in Wheaton. Please help by calling
301-942-1111. ©
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 43
area seniors. Jewish Council for the
Aging, Connect-A-Ride program
needs volunteers of all ages and
faiths to help connect seniors to
needed transportation services.
Based on their particular interests
and skills, volunteers are trained to
update resources, answer phones,
conduct follow-up calls, assemble
materials for mailings and outside
events, etc. Basic computer skills
are needed. To learn more about
JCA and volunteer opportunities,
call Abby Levin at 301-738-3252 or
email [email protected] (5/15c)
MEALS ON WHEELS that serves
the Leisure World area in Silver
Springs and the Phelps Center
area in Laurel is in critical need
of volunteers to deliver meals to
individuals who are homebound,
frail and elderly. Volunteers pick
up pre-packaged meals at Leisure
World or Laurel, and then return the
empty cooler and hotbox containers
to the same location. Delivery routes
take approximately one hour to an
hour and a half to complete. Contact
Karen Saul, 410-730-9476 or 1-866558-0827. (6/5c)
Sponsored by Meals on Wheels of
Central Maryland (MOWCM), this
campaign is targeted to mothers
and grandmothers who realize
the value of performing volunteer
activities with their children and
grandchildren. Meals are delivered
every weekday around 11 am at
distribution sites throughout the
area. Volunteers are needed once a
week, every other week or even once
a month in their community. 410558-0932 x 10925 or [email protected]
mowcm.org (6/5c)
expertise, wisdom and your giving
nature are needed to work with
6, 7 and 8th grade middle school
students every Wednesday, 3-5 p.m.
Notice from the
Security and
Visitor Passes
and cultural field trips at White Oak
Middle School. The Ambassadors
Invested in Mentorship program
needs your help and experience.
Mentor training provided. A.I.M. is
a mentoring program directed by
MCPS personnel that aims to inspire
young men and women to achieve
their highest potential. Contact
Ronald Harris, director, 301989-5780 or F. Franklin Chisley,
assistant director, 301-748-8687.
EVERY 2.5 MINUTES, someone
in America is sexually assaulted. It
is an issue that affects our friends,
children and grandchildren. The
Rape, Abuse & Incest National
Network is seeking volunteers
to help give hope, support and
referrals to victims of sexual assault
on the National Sexual Assault
Online Hotline. Avoid commuting
and help those in need from your
home computer. We provide
training. No skills required. For
more information, contact Michelle
Spradling at 202-544-7370 or
[email protected] (12/4c)
sponsored by JSSA, needs
volunteers to deliver meals to
elders. Volunteers pick up meals at
the Hebrew Academy in Rockville
and deliver them to elders in
Montgomery County and northwest
Washington. No minimum time
commitment for volunteer drivers
and mileage reimbursement is
available. Call Diane Hays-Earp at
JSSA, 301-816-2639. (2/5c)
on Wheels program is in need of
volunteer drivers on Mondays
and Fridays to deliver meals to
residents who are homebound in
Leisure World and surrounding
area. Drivers pick up meals around
11:15 a.m. at the Interfaith Chapel,
Leisure World. The delivery route
takes approximately and hour and a
half to complete. 1-877-730-9476 or
[email protected] (3/4c)
volunteers who are willing to give
comfort and support for up to
four hours a week. Tasks include
providing respite relief to allow
caregivers time for themselves,
For the safety of
all those living in
Leisure World, it is
the responsibility
of every resident to
request their guest
destroy or return
to them all expired
Visitor's Passes.
44 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
grocery shopping, driving to
appointments, gardening, reading
with the patient, visiting, on-going
grief support for family members,
clerical tasks to support the
Hospice team and more. For more
information regarding training and
requirements, call Louise Faulkner,
coordinator of volunteers (301-7547744). (7/1c)
program – Compeer is a pioneer
mental-health program that trains
and matches volunteers in oneto-one friendship relationships
with people recovering from
mental illness. Program has been
proven to reduce hospitalizations,
increase self-esteem and promote
independence for people with
mental illness. Volunteer
opportunities include 1:1 Compeer
Friendship Match, Compeer
Calling – supportive phone calling
and Skillbuilders – monthly
group activities. We give you the
training, guidance and support to
facilitate your volunteer experience.
301-754-1102 ext. 15 or www.
compeer.php (10/21c)
surgical room, 1 day/week or more
at NIH Clinical Center. Contact
Laura Cearnal, 301-496-2626 or
email at [email protected] (1/20c)
thrift donation shop, Bombe Chest,
a totally volunteer-run shop located
across from the Woodley Park
metro station at 2629 Connecticut
Ave. NW. People with an interest in
antiques, as well as those who would
like to learn are welcome. Shop is
open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
alternating Saturdays from 10 a.m.
to 4 p.m. All proceeds subsidize
JSSA’s services for individuals and
families in greatest need. Call Diane
Hays-Earp, 301-816-2639. (5/19c)
needed – Jewish Social Service
Agency’s volunteer program seeks
shoppers to buy groceries and
other household items on a weekly
or bi-weekly basis for frail elders.
Shoppers are particularly needed
for the areas of Silver Spring and
Olney. For more information, call
Diane Hays-Earp at 301-816-2639
or [email protected] (5/18c)
Coalition for the Homeless is
seeking reliable volunteers to help
staff our reception desk. They will
ensure that all visitors and donors
will be greeted with a friendly smile
and pointed in the right direction.
Volunteers will provide a vital
service to the daily operations of
MCCH; while at the same time
being able to learn more about how
a non-profit works. Duties include
greeting visitors and donors as they
arrive at the office, answering and
directing phone calls, accepting inkind donations and maintaining the
donation logs. Volunteers must be at
least 18 years old and able to make
a minimum four hours commitment
each week. Please contact Amanda
Lewis at [email protected] or
301-917-6654 if interested in the
position. Orientation and training
will be provided. (8/17c)
AFRICAN PALMS USA, an outreach
ministry of St. John’s Episcopal
Church in Olney, is looking for
daytime volunteers. Volunteers
are needed to help with packing
boxes and with quality control,
which includes counting, sorting
and bagging palms crosses. The
tasks are simple and the fellowship
is great! Villagers in Tanzania hand
weave palm crosses, which are then
shipped to the United States and
sold to churches for Palms Sunday
celebrations. Proceeds from the
sale of crosses fund basic human
needs projects in Africa. Since
1976, African Palms has granted
over $1.8 million to these projects.
The chairman of our Board of
Trustees, Jim Cooper, is a resident
and would be happy to talk further
with you about our organization.
You can contact him at 301-4601421 or [email protected], or
you can visit our website at www.
AfricanPalmsUSA.org. We would
love to have you join us! (12/7/10c)
Kensington Wheaton Youth
Services, a program of the Mental
Health Association seeks volunteers
as Homework Helpers and Reading
Buddies for its afterschool program.
Volunteers will work one-onone with adolescents. Flexible
schedules but volunteers must
make commitment of two hours
per week for six months. For more
information and how to apply, call
301-424-0656, x541. ©
NEEDS volunteers to help our
Leisure World neighbors live
as independently as possible
by offering help with grocery
shopping. Volunteers can either
shop for an individual or escort
them to the store. Trips are
typically scheduled during nonrush hour and are less than five
miles from home. Volunteers
receive training, recognition and
are covered by the organization’s
liability insurance. Volunteers
feel a great satisfaction knowing
that they are giving an important
service to their neighbors. Currently
there are many Leisure World
residents who receive the services
from volunteers of The Senior
Connection and there are only a few
of us who volunteer. To learn more
about the volunteer opportunities,
please call Mary Murphy at 301942-1049 or email her at mary.
[email protected]
org. Also you may wish to visit The
Senior Connection website, www.
seniorconnectionmc.org. (10.7c)
help with a community project.
The Montgomery Coalition for
Adult English Literacy (MCAEL)
supports over 60 literacy programs
in Montgomery County. MCAEL
is planning a first ever “state of
literacy” public awareness and
fundraising event and needs
volunteers to help with marketing,
organizing and planning.
Responsibilities include serving
on a marketing committee and
attending monthly meetings on
the third Thursday, noon – 2 p.m.
in Rockville plus two hours/week
identifying and scheduling meetings
at various organizations, calling/
emailing media contacts and writing
text for invitations and the event
program. If interested, please
contact [email protected] or call
301-881-1136. For more information
about MCAEL see www.mcael.org
put together care packages for US
troops at local organic skincare
company in Silver Spring. Hours
flexible. skincando.com 202-2158991. (6.19c)
Wheels needs volunteers. We
are an independent group of
volunteers that deliver meals in the
northeastern Silver Spring area to
those who, due to an ailment, are
unable to cook for themselves. If you
are interested, please call 301-3845735. (9.17c)
tutor! The Literacy Council of
Montgomery County “Skills for
Life.” Help an adult learn to
read, write or speak English. For
orientation schedule, contact
301-610-0030 or email [email protected]
literacycouncilmcmd.org. www.
literacycouncilmcmd.org. (10/1c)
Meals on Wheels (MOW), which
runs out of the Inter-Faith Chapel
site, needs more volunteers to
deliver meals. If you have or know
someone who has one and a half
to two hours every other week or
one time a month and might be
interested in serving in this capacity,
please contact 410-730-9476.
MOW is a wonderful program that
helps individuals remain in their
homes and independent as much as
possible. The personal contact is as
important as the good nutrition. (c)
Maryland, Inc. has an urgent
need for volunteers on Thursday
and Friday’s to deliver meals to
homebound persons in the Leisure
World. Call Emily Trotter at 443-
573-0925 or email [email protected]
org. (7.15c)
Maryland NEWS reserves the
right to reject or discontinue any
advertisement believed inimical to
the best interest of Leisure World.
We shall accept advertising on
the same basis as other reputable
publications: that is, we shall not
knowingly permit a dishonest
advertisement to appear in the
Leisure World of Maryland News,
but at the same time we will
not undertake to guarantee the
reliability of our advertisers. (c)
GIVE AWAY – Free computer for
you. Windows XP Home Edition.
Call for details. 301-598-6291
Service - Free weekly support
groups are available to anyone
widowed less than two years.
2-3:30 p.m., Thursdays, Holiday
Park Senior Center, Wheaton; 24 p.m., Thursdays, Jane Lawton
Community Center, 4301 Willow
Lane, Chevy Chase; and 1- 2 p.m.,
Mondays, Margaret Schweinhaut
Senior Center, 1000 Forest Glen
Road, Silver Spring. Monthly
education meetings, travel and other
activities also offered to anyone
widowed regardless of time. For
more information, call 301-9497398. (c)
Veterans Auxiliary, Ernie Pyle
Unit #4. Help us help our
disabled veterans! Eligibility:
wife, mother, daughters, widow,
sisters, granddaughters, greatgranddaughters. Meetings held
every second Wednesday at 7 p.m.
VFW Post 2562, 11316 Fern St.,
Wheaton, 301-933-1588. Contact:
Commander-Queen E. Pulliam,
301-460-0509; adjutant, Ruth
McMichael, 301-946-3264. (c)
Montrose Road, Rockville. For
newly bereaved spouses. Prospective
members are asked to wait to join
until two or three months have
passed since the death. Offers
mutual support in coping with
grief. Group meets the 2nd and 4th
Wednesday of every month, 9:3011 a.m. and the 2nd and 4th Friday
of every month, 10:30 a.m.- noon
at JSSA. Free. Pre-registration
required. 301-816-2683. (c)
become a member of Silver Spring
Memorial VFW Post 2562 at 11316
Fern St., Wheaton (next door to
Ferdinand’s Restaurant). Diversified
progressive post with ladies’ and
men’s auxiliary. Post home has a
front lounge, kitchen, ballroom
and a pool/game room. Monthly
newsletter. Annual dues, $25 with
an initial first membership fee of
$5. Life memberships available. Call
Post Commander Tomas F. Bunting,
301-384-6562 (home) or 301-9331588 (post). (c)
– Hospice Caring, Inc. sponsors
bereavement support groups for
adults grieving the loss of a loved
one, including Anticipatory Grief,
Coping with a Suicide Death, Loss
of an Adult Child, Loss of a Parent,
and Loss of a Sibling or Friend,
Widows & Widowers and Spousal
and Partner Loss – 50s and 60s.
These groups are free of charge
and provide a safe and caring
atmosphere where stories can be
shared and feelings understood.
For further information and/or to
register, contact the bereavement
coordinator at 301-890-0854.
Hospice Caring, Inc. is the
volunteer, non-medical hospice in
Montgomery County that provides
free practical and emotional support
to terminally ill patients and their
families, and to anyone grieving the
loss of a loved one. To learn more,
www.hospicecaring.org ©
day program for people in the early
stages of Alzheimer’s disease and
other dementias located at 12320
Parklawn Dr., Rockville, MD 20852.
Hours are Monday through Friday
10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Opportunity for
peer support, cognitive and physical
activities. Includes physical and
cognitive exercise, discussions on
range of topics, guest entertainers,
morning coffee and lunch. Club
size limited to 10 per day. Members
may attend one to four days a week.
For information on membership
and fees, call manager (301-2554204) or email [email protected]
accessjca.org Kensington Club is a
nonsectarian program of the Jewish
Council for the Aging of Greater
Washington. JCA is a nonprofit,
nonsectarian agency serving people
of all faiths and walks of live. ©
Can Cope – last Wednesday of each
month at MedStar Montgomery
Medical Center, 7-9 p.m. Call 301774-8881 or 301-570-7490. ©
anxiety and depression is held
weekly in Silver Spring four miles
from Leisure World. A free self-help
group for anxiety, panic disorder,
depression, OCD and other nervous
symptoms meets every Thursday
evening at 7:30 at the Glenmont
United Methodist Church in Silver
Spring at the corner of Georgia
Avenue and Weller Road. Please
note that there are several other
meetings in the greater Washington,
D.C. area also, but the Glenmont
meeting is the closest to Leisure
World. For more information, please
call Mary Ann at 703-899-4087 or
Tom at 301-422-7439, or visit www.
recovery-inc.org. ©
CAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUPTo explore the issues of caring for
an aging loved one. Meets the 1st
and 3rd Thursday of the month at
6:30 p.m. Landow House, 1799 East
Jefferson St, Rockville. Contact #:
301-816-5032. ©
HAVE AN ORGAN Transplant?
Enjoy playing sports? Come join us
on Team Nation’s Capital. We are a
group of local transplant recipients
who have fun competing in the
National Transplant Games. We
compete in golf, swimming, track &
field, tennis, table tennis and many
more, all in our own age group. At
the same time, we are helping to
enlighten the public to the need
for organ donors. Contact Wayne
Hart, your LW neighbor, for more
information at 301-871-8668. (c)
Olney Dog Park now open. On
Emory Lane, one block from the
pool in Olney Manor Park. Three
areas: for small, medium and large
dogs. ©
Morton A. Davis, coordinator and
resident is available to discuss
identity theft prevention, driving
and shopping habits, frauds and
scams, home safety inspection and
property crimes. The program is
part of the Montgomery County
Police Department Volunteer
Resource Section. Davis is a member
of The Commission on Aging of
Montgomery County in conjunction
with the Montgomery County Police
Department. Call Morton A. Davis,
240-242-3742 or 240-773-5625. (c)
Shoppers Program seeks to help
disabled seniors who are unable
to get their groceries into their
homes on a regular basis. We
match individuals 60 years and
older with incomes of $30,450/year
or less for singles and $34,800/
year for couples with a volunteer
shopper. Shoppers are matched
on a one-to-one basis and will
shop either for or with a senior.
Application forms and a brochure
describing the program are
available by calling Greg Muncill,
Shoppers Program Director, 301942-1049 or by e-mail to greg.
[email protected]
org. Also contact Greg if you wish
to be a volunteer shopper. The time
commitment to serve is 2-3 hours a
week for 6 to 12 months. ©
– 2 to 3 p.m., first Tuesdays,
The Studio, Arden Courts, 2505
Musgrove Road, Silver Spring.
Traffic Rules
Bicyclists are required to
ride as near to the right
side of the pavement as
practical. All vehicular traffic
regulations must be adhered
to, i.e., stop, yield signs,
pedestrian right-of-way, etc. Then designated arm/hand
gestures are required when
making left, right turns and
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 45
For caregivers, family members or
friends of those who are living with
Alzheimer’s disease or a related
dementia. Facilitated by Cathy
Lonas, RN, BSN, MSBA, registered
nurse and geriatric care manager
in private practice. Objectives:
Discover how other family members
and caregivers have addressed
challenging situations, find out
valuable care giving tips from other
caregivers, get the extra guidance
and support you may need from
others who are in a similar situation
and decrease your care giving stress
and improve your well being. 301847-3051 or email [email protected]
arden-courts.com ©
Orientation sessions are every
Monday at 11 a.m. and the second
and fourth Thursday of each
month at 6 p.m. RSVP required
at 301-634-7500. Location: Hope
Connections for Cancer Support,
5430 Grosvenor Lane, Bethesda.
Ongoing, professionally facilitated
support groups. Find support,
explore ways of coping with the
stress of a cancer diagnosis and
treatment and learn how to be
active in enhancing their health
and well-being. Hope Connections
offers weekly groups for people
with all types of cancer, weekly
groups for caregivers and a weekly
bereavement group. 301-493-5002
or [email protected]
org ©
World of
Leisure World
of Maryland
is committed
to providing
and courteous
services to the
residents of the
Leisure World
Come see us in the Leisure World
Plaza - located between Gold Castle
Jewelers and the dry cleaner. See
our full-page ad this issue. (12.16)
Marilyn Rubinstein of Weichert
Realtors. Your expert in this great
community. Top 1% Nationwide. #1
Office Producer with over 40 years
of experience and hundreds of sales
right here. Call me for a free market
analysis. Please call and we’ll talk. I
make buying or selling an enjoyable
and successful experience. Call
Marilyn today – 301-674-1288.
home or that of a relative? Business
in 2014 has been brisk. Inventory
is slowly increasing. Days on
the market remain less than two
months! Prices are stable, call for
specific stats on your property. I’ve
loved living in our community for
over 10 years. Meet me at the Plaza
office or our satelitte office in the
Leisure World Admin. Building. I
know all the floor plans and how to
price them! In the first quarter of
2014, I was #1 in community listings
sold and sales for Weichert. I love
to list…especially close to home! My
color brochures, multiple websites,
staging techniques and new visual
property tours display your home
and community at its best. My
weekly reports detailing web hits,
showings, & competing properties
keep you updated. Call for a free
competitive market analysis.
References available. Sue Heyman,
Top 1% of Agents Nationwide,
Senior & Relo Specialist, 301-5805556. (12.16)
IT’S A “HOT” RENTAL market in
Leisure World! Looking for unit
owners and investors who want to
earn income from their property.
Call Eve Rados Marinik, 301-2218867, Long & Foster Real Estate,
301-548-9700, [email protected] or
Gregory Marinik, 240-994-5258.
SUNSPLASHED! $233,100 Bask
in the sun on a bright sunny day
in this 2 bedroom, 2 full bath unit.
Enter the large glass enclosed
balcony from the spacious living
room and bedroom. Located in one
of the newer buildings in the 55+
community, this unit has a separate
dining room, table space kitchen,
washer and dryer and efficient gas
heat. See today! Joan Brown 240277-3132 or 301-681-0550 x138
Weichert, Realtors (12.16)
JUST LISTED! $74,714 This newly
painted and carpeted “Hampton”
unit in Montgomery Mutual, 55+
community, features a lovely
renovated walk-in seated shower!
Won’t last! Call Joan Brown 240277-3132 or 301-681-0550 x138
Weichert, Realtors (12.16)
ALTERATIONS - 27 years
experience in Leisure World! Men’s
46 | Leisure World News DECEMBER 16, 2014
& woman’s garments picked up and
dropped off at your convenience.
Very competitive prices. Call Mimi,
301-990-6468. (5.2015)
LOCKS - Deadbolt locks installed, or
your present lock re-keyed. Special
locks for people with arthritis. For
free estimate call Glenn Murphy at
OLNEY LOCK SERVICE, 301-7747727. 10% off with this ad. (12.16)
Remodeling – Cabinet and
countertop replacement, and
bathtub to accessible shower
conversions. Please call Joe at JML
Remodeling. 301-598-8400. Serving
Leisure World since 1988. MHIC#
36674. Thank you. (2.2015)
with your PC or Network? Computer
Systems Engineer will come to you
with help. Home, Business. Call
David G., 301-642-4526. (2.2015)
serving the Leisure World
community. Quality service at
affordable rates, weekly, bi-weekly,
monthly intervals available. Please
call CC & Son for free estimate. 301253-0544. (2.17.15)
MEMORIES! Don’t let your precious
photos be forgotten or fade over
time. I’ll transfer your photos,
slides, and mementos to a CD so
they can be easily shared with
friends and family. Once they’re
scanned, I can bring your photos to
life in a memorable DVD slideshow
that will make a creative and unique
gift for any occasion. Call Kim at
Virtual Computer Services, 301-4383140. (12.16)
LLC – We conduct every move with
care – all your items are treated with
utmost respect – small or large –
prices to match the items. Insured
notary. 240-286-5854, [email protected]
yahoo.com. (12.2015)
SERVICES - Need help with
your computer? Training, new
computer setup, troubleshooting,
installation. Lessons at
your residence at your
convenience. Teach basic computer,
email, surfing the web, Windows
8, photos, digital cameras,
smartphones, and more. Patient
trainer will sit by your side and
teach you in plain English - no
technical talk! Shopping assistance
for all electronic & computer
items. Senior specialist since 1996. Senior discount. Call David at 301762-2570. ComputerTutor (4.2015)
LOCKSMITH – 35 YEARS servicing
the community. I pay particular
attention to detail and always leave
every space immaculate. I wouldn’t
settle for less—you shouldn’t either.
If you need me, I’m right around
the corner in Longmead Crossing.
Licensed, bonded and insured. I
look forward to serving you. Steve
Allen, 301-346-9380. (2.2015)
only. Take down – rehanging/no
charge. Free pickup and delivery.
Free estimate. Call Barbara, 301384-4390. (2.2015)
Good references. Good rate. Once a
week or every two weeks. 240-2863807. (2.2015)
Installer - $50/hour. Clean up
viruses, spyware, diagnose hardware
problems, install PC’s/printers,
set up secure wireless laptop/PC
connections. Son of a Leisure World
resident. Gary, 301-339-3544.
comes to Leisure World! We’re
happy to help by offering our
cleaning services 7 days a week.
Want your home looking spotless?
Call United Cleaning Group today at
240-464-5104. (12.16) SPRINTER MOVERS – 1-888-4730110. Call George. Local moving
company. Full packing service
available, reliable, experience and
gentle with your furniture and
cherished possessions. Friendly,
caring, professional manner. www.
SprinterMovers.com. (2.2015)
honest women with seven years
experience in cleaning houses and
apartments. Good references. Good
prices. Free estimates. Please call
Rosibel at 301-655-4576 or by
email: [email protected]
Free in-house diagnostic of your
computer, Printer, or basic set-ups.
A+ certified, virus removal, back up,
and retrieve important data, photos,
and music. Also will teach lessons
on Microsoft Office and basic
computer skills at your home. Alex
Nowrouzi, (301-312-2277). I reside
in Leisure World. (8.2015)
bi-weekly, free estimate. Young
responsible person, experience in
LW and very good references. Good
price an accessible schedules. Call
Samara, 240-701-9435. (12.16)
handyman services. 301-399-4803.
Realty-Maintenance.com. Painting,
flooring and general maintenance.
of 13 years. Bachelor’s degree in
health ed. Recreation, biology and
PE (pre-med). Master’s degree
in counseling. Fourteen years
experience. Advanced first aid. Book
for one hour, $23; two hours, $22
per hour; three hours, $20 per hour.
Also will do food shopping, driving.
Call Suzie, 301-438-3018.
- The area’s #1 fully insured &
bonded pet care service for 10 years. We provide live-in pet sitting and
private midday dog walking with
just us and your dog. Visit our
website at www.c-pup.com. Contact
the owner direct at 301-699-1133 or
[email protected] (12.16)
references. I will thoroughly clean
your home for a fair price. All
supplies included. Please call Sara,
240-477-2104. (1.6.15)
– Don’t take the risk if you have
a wrinkled carpet to trip and fall.
Ten years working at L.W. Good
references, painting and general
home improvements. Small jobs
welcome. Handyman. Special
discounts. Call Jesse Morales at 301747-5054. (1.6.15)
WANT TO FIND OUT how to feel
younger and have more energy?
Come find out how! Meet and Greet
on Thursday evenings at 6:30 at
Stephanie’s house…15111 Glade
Drive #1C. Call 301-922-5080.
OLD FASHIONED cleaning for an
old fashioned price. As low as $65.
We clean your house as we do our
own. No wiping; all scrubbing. Very
experienced. References available.
240-855-2477. (2.3.15)
– Small, family-owned business
catering to you and your household
needs. Friendly, reliable and
trustworthy with many years of
experience. Reasonable rates and
flexible hours. Licensed and insured.
Help with household organization.
Free estimate with appointment.
Call 301-442-5032. (2.3.15)
shopping at Hagerstown outlets?
Excellent experience. Grocery
shopping. Limit four persons at
a time. Nice car and good driving
record. Call 301-933-2404 (home)
or 317-989-8040 (cell). (12.16)
recliners and sofas, new cushions
and padding, scratches, webbing,
rush, caning and refinishing. “If it’s
broke, I can fix it.” Doug Wehrle,
301-908-6970, [email protected]
com. (2.2015)
& Delivery Service. If you need
furniture, packages or other items
delivered to you or to another
location, please contact me at 703896-2545. www.TheRosieNetwork.
org. [email protected]
com. Veteran owned – Sgt. Penn.
experience. Worked in LW for
eight years. Reliable, honest, great
references. I live in Aspen Hill. Call
Alice, 301-946-5996, 301-520-0074
(1st issue 3.20-15)
MD locksmith license #219, bonded
15k, ins. 1 mil. Knobs, deadbolts,
rekeys, repairs, auto and residential,
lockouts 24/7. Senior discount
10% off total bill. 301-871-1859.
Emergency: 240-671-9433. Rewards
for referrals. Keys made for vintage
furniture. (2.3.15)
The Angels Garden Assisted
Living LLC is owned and
Operated by an experienced
Registered Nurse and a team of
caring staff. We
offer Holistic
care in beautiful
homes settings.
All-Inclusive Rates
Physicians visits on-site
Social programs
In home Registered Nurse
Medication Management
Call Us
for a Tour :
Three Beautiful Homes near Leisure World Community!
 4101 Bel Pre Road, Rockville, MD 20853
 14017 Breeze Hill Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20906
 3200 Bustleton Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20906
301-806-0151 www.angelgardenhomes.com
IT IS MY pleasure to give you the
new service: haircuts, color and
perms in your Home. Please
call Silvia, 240-277-0890. (1.6.15)
seeking position as a Personal
Assistant (Concierge) to assist with
a variety of life’s management tasks.
Services to include organizing,
shopping, running errands,
keeping a daily calendar, dealing
with emails/phone calls and other
administrative duties as agreed
upon. Please contact Joanne at 803517-0308 or email [email protected]
comcast.net. (12.16)
PUT THE MUSIC YOU love back in
your life! Enjoy live jazz and swing
on the first Friday of the month at
Hollywood East Café, Westfield
Wheaton Shopping Mall, 7 to 10
p.m. Listen to the Night & Day
Combo perform the classic standard
songs of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s,
from Cole Porter, Gerswin, et al.
Great music, great food, no cover
charge! (2.2015p)
Art display by Ms. Hema
Padmanabhan, a Leisure World
resident. The exhibition of her work
will be on view through 12/31/14.
dollars paid for your used car! Over
40 years experience serving Leisure
World. Leave message 24 hours. I
will come to you. Cash or cashiers
check at your request. I can also
help with your new car purchase,
any make or model! Md. Dealer
#U2927. Call Marty Salins, 301325-1973. (c)
Committee would like to take this
opportunity to thank all of you
who have donated the beautiful
furniture, in the past that was used
to furnish the houses provided by
the organization. We are again
accepting furniture, in good
condition. Please call the Housing
Unlimited, Inc. office at 301-5929314. (c)
items. Cash paid for silver, gold,
coins, pocket watches, vintage
wristwatches, art, Asian antiques,
guns, knives, estates, collections.
Call Tom, Silver Spring resident,
240-476-3441. (1.2015)
SEEKING space to store my old car
and parts. Will not be working on
car. Contact Tom, 301-385-8496.
Nephew of LW residents. (12.16)
Coming in 2014
The E&R Department of Leisure World is pleased to provide
the following programs.
Sat., Dec. 13, 2:30 PM
Akhmedova Youth Ballet
Wed., Dec. 17, 7:30 PM
Olney Concert Band
Holiday Concert
2015 - Save the Date
Sat., Jan. 17, 4:30 PM
Olney Big Band
Sat., Jan. 31, 4 PM
Frank Plummer
Watch the Leisure World News for more information on these and other
upcoming programs throughout the year.
*Sponsored by the Foundation of Leisure World.
Recycling Reminder
From the Sanitation Department
If you don not have a designated area in your building for disposal of cardboard, put it out with your
newspaper pick up. Thank you!
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Leisure World News | 47
Stan Moffson
Authorized Leisure World®
To all My Clients,
Leisure World Residents
and Leisure World Employees,
I Wish You a Happy,
Healthy and Prosperous 2015!
Experience for yourself why Stan is #1 in Leisure World®
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Cell: 301-928-3463 Web: www.stanmoffson.com
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