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December 2014, Volume 15, Issue 12
Wisconsin Santa Train provides early Christmas Cheer
by Stefan Loeb
Senior Vice President, Markeing & Strategic Planning
On Saturday November 8, the City of Hartford,
Wisconsin, was treated with the presence of two
guests; Santa
Claus and his
special 101 yearold sleigh. The
sleigh in this case
took the form of
restored Soo Line
steam locomotive
number 1003. The
event took place
on Wisconsin
and Southern
Railroad's mainline through
town with several
Santa made a special visit to
WSOR Teamthe City of Hartford, Wisconsin, in caboose pulled by a 101 mates assisting
year-old steam engine.
Santa in makPhoto by Don Pingel ing this event so
Preserved by the Steam Locomotive Heritage
Association in Hartford, 1003 and its consist
of cabooses, one filled with elves and the other
with Santa, greeted visitors in advance of the
steam, as well as the special red and white clad
city’s annual Holiday Parade shared with the city
guest from the North, provided plenty of exciteof Slinger. Burt Mall of the Steam Locomotive
ment for young and old alike!
Heritage Association reported that the event was
The Santa train could not have been made
a tremendous success hosting over 600 children
possible without the seven enthusiastic sponsors
and parents in only three hours of display – a new for the event that included WSOR/Watco Comrecord for attendees for a 1003 led Santa train.
panies, Hartford Finishing Inc., DJS ManufacturYoung revelers were not only able to meet Santa,
ing, Laufer Trucking, Helgeson, Scoop DeVille,
but were also rewarded with delicious candy cane Don Crego DDS from Slinger, and the AmericInn
Hotel of Hartford. And of course we cannot forget
Mall and his team spent months preparing 1003 the tremendous efforts of Burt Mall and his team
for service. The locomotive, a 2-8-2 Mikado type,
at the Steam Locomotive Heritage Association for
was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1913.
restoring and caring for the 1003.
In celebration of the locomotive’s 100th
birthday, the team performed dozens of
duties to get the locomotive under steam
again including running gear inspection
and repair, air compressor valve repair, inspection of axle brasses, as well as inserting
a new electric dynamo, GPS speedometer
and other modern day equipment to allow
1003 to run in today’s railroad environment.
Don Pingel, WSOR road foreman of
engines, said that the WSOR was honored
to help with the event and to provide the
Restored Soo Line steam locomotive number 1003 brought
communities of Hartford and Slinger
a special guest, Santa, to Hartford, Wisconsin, on November
something special for the holiday season.
Indeed, the presence of the 1003 under
Photo by Don Pingel
Oklahomans excited to board the "Polar Express"
It's hard to say who was more excited to board the "Polar Express" train the kids or the adults. The excursion, based on the 1985 book by the same
name, takes passengers from the
Bristow, Oklahoma, depot on a magical hour-long train ride to meet Santa
at the North Pole. Passengers, not
just the kids, don their pajamas and
robes for the special holiday ride and
are treated to a reading of the holiday
story. Along with the reading, dancing chefs serve cookies and coco to all
on board.
There will be a total of 29 "Polar
Express" rides which started on November 22nd and will be continuing
Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb
on until December 28th. The Eastern
spoke to the crowd in Bristow before
the "Polar Express" left the depot on
Flyer is bringing the "Polar Express"
its first trip.
to Oklahoma and the cars are pulled
by Watco's Stillwater Central (SLWC)
locomotives. The trains will run on
the rails of the SLWC. Many of the
weekend trips are sold out but there
are still seats available. The Eastern
Flyer ran excursion trains early in
the year to gauge the interest of the
communities in passenger rail
and the rides sold out within
a few days.
Top right photo: Santa and one
of his elves visit with a passenger on the "Polar Express".
Bottom photo: Three of the
dancing chefs on the "Polar
Express" show off their cookies
before they start their show.
Dispatch page 2
December 2014
Record canola crop harvested in Western Australia
Smashing records is what Watco's Western Australia
Rail (WWAR) team and the CBH Group are all about.
Although some wet weather is putting a damper on the
harvest, WWAR is estimated to move 8,100,000 tonnes
of grain and they are pushing for more. The total crop
estimate finishing in 2015 is about 12,100,000 tonnes.
Jim Griffiths, WWAR chief operating officer was able
to visit CBH Group Board of Directors Chairman Wally
Newman at his farm in the Newdegate area in early
November to witness to the cutting of the record canola
crop. Newdegate is in Western Australia's grainbelt and
located in what is called the Albany Zone.
The record canola crop follows up a year of records for
both CBH and WWAR. WWAR moved more grain to
port than ever before. Griffiths is hoping to break that
record again this spring!
Left photo: Wally Neuman, CBH Board of Directors Chairman (right), his son and New England
sheep dog in Wally's paddock in Newdegate. Right photo: A record canola harvest in progress on
Newman's land.
Birmingham Terminal Railway reaches one year injury-free mark
Alabama's Birmingham Terminal Railway (BHRR) Team celebrated their
one year injury-free mark on October 22. There are currently 128
team members at the BHRR and
that one year consisted of 295,00
General Manager David
Tarwater, said, "That's a
huge accomplishment by
all of our team members.
We will continue to push towards our goal of being injury-free."
To celebrate the occasion, a cookout was held for the team members with
Tarwater and East Region Director of Operations Bill Richmond manning
the grill.
The BHRR began operations of the 75.9 mile line in February of 2002. The
main commodities shipped on the line are iron ore, coal, and steel sheets
and pipe. The railway hooks up with the Port of Birmingham Terminal
which barges shipments to the Black Warrior River. The line dates back to
1878 when it was used to transport coal from the fields to the blasting furnaces in Ensley, Ala., and Birmingham.
Team members at the location who helped reach this goal are: Aaron
Greene, Andre Williams, Andrea Harville, Antonio Green, Arthur Bradford,
Austin Osborn, Benjamin Tarran, Bobby Garmon Jr, Bobby McFadden, Brad
Payne, Brandon Williams, Brent Aycock, Carlton Young Jr, Cedric Graham,
Charles Layfield, Charles McCarty, Christopher Hammond, Christopher
Preuc, Cody Gilliland, Damien Cantrell, Daniel Caine, Daniel Farr, Darrious
Colley, Darryl Marshall, David Caffee, David Stott, David Tarwater, Derek
Brown, Donald Mixon Jr, Donald Myrick, Dwight Browning, Dylan Hoggle,
Eric Caine, Eugene Stevens, Gary Harville Sr, George Freeman, George
King, Gilbert Spencer, Howard Green Jr, Jace Fisher, Jacob Bagby, JaCorey
Murray, James Brown, James Crawford, James Lathum III, James Mobley,
Jared Humphrey, Jeffery Cargill, Jeremiah Williams Jr, Jeremy Hollis, Jeremy
Williams, Jerome Lawson, Jerry Lowe, Joe Fells, John Castleberry, John Davis, John Gaither, John Gaither II, John Herron, Joseph Bristow, Joseph Free-
L ance
Team members at the Birmingham Terminal Railway celebrated their one year
injury-free anniversary on October 22.
man, Joseph Reid, Joshua Harris, Joshua Vines, Justin Hoggle, Justin Mead,
Keith Owens, Kenneth Olson, Kenneth Smith, Kerry Lloyd, Kevin Boyd,
Kevin Hampton, Kevin Jeter, Kristopher Colley, Kyle Ratliff, Leslie Pearman,
Luke Houston, Mal Moland, Mark Lynn, Mark Perry II, Martin Phillips,
Martin Strickland III, Mary Reardon, Matthew Davis, Matthew Hutcheson,
Matthew Morrison, Matthew Tarwater, Megan Gwin, Mem Webb III, Michael Brown, Michael Gwin, Michael Lavender, Michael Marino, Michael
Milligan, Michael Pollard, Mickey Goodman, Monica Simpson, Montez Tedford, Nathan Harris, Nicholas Darnell, Nicholas Graham, Nicholas Robbins,
Norman Jones, Patrick Smith, Phillip Forrest, Quinchez Marshall, Reginald
Dickens, Ricky Chappell, Robert Boyd, Rodger Isbell, Rodney Gresham,
Ronald Tapley, Roy Jones, Shawn Romine, Ta'Darius Dawson, Tammy Arbuckle, Terry Wall, Thomas Dawson, Timothy Boyd, Timothy Dunn, Tony
Montabana, Ty Furgason, Tyrus White, Warren Sanderson, William Carroll,
William Chase, William Cooper, and William King.
Get your wellness checks and your
biometrics in by December 31, 2014
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December 2014
Winter Freeze safety program underway
Watco Team Members need to be very
We must all “FREEZE out” injuries to
careful this winter; they might get ticketed.
keep ourselves and our families’ safe –
And if they do get ticketed, it can lead to
especially through these hectic winter
good things. The Winter FREEZE Safety
Program kicked off November 24th and
In addition to the cold weather being a
runs through March 31st. In an effort to
distraction, it's easy to lose focus at this
keep team members focused on safety, "I
time of year worrying and thinking about
Did It Right" ticket cards will be handed out
family issues, holiday bills, gift purchasing
when they are caught in the act of performand increased family time together. The
ing their duties correctly during efficiency
kids will be home from school more often,
testing. Not only does this reward team
there are decorations to put up, household
members for their performance, but it also
bills seem to increase, and there is more
reminds managers to praise correct actions
focus on issues of faith, family, and home.
as well as correct errors. Team members will
It’s easy to let your attention drift a bit,
get their tickets punched and can then trade The Grand Elk Railroad's 4002 locomotive leads the way as snow
thinking of all those things. The last thing
in their tickets for rewards.
anyone wants is for an accident to hapfalls in Elkhart, Indiana.
The "FREEZE" (Following the Rules
Photo by Reese Martin pen and turn a joyous season into a tragic
Everyday Ensures Zero Errors) program
one that is forever etched in a family's
lies still have us coming home to them each and
was started to help promote awareness and
focus team member concentration to the job at
By identifying, recognizing, and rewarding exwell-being and an injury to any of us will certainly cellence, we are aiming to meet the ultimate goal
hand. It is critical that everyone be aware of the
consequences of our actions or inactions while on affect our families, our ability to provide, the com- of eliminating injuries and accidents. Success of
the job. Errors on the job can lead to serious, even pany we work for, the Customers we serve, and
this program relies on active and enthusiastic parour co-workers who have to “fill the gap” left by
fatal consequences. We must stay focused and
ticipation, so Watco Team Members get on board
an out-of-work or injured team member.
make good decisions at work to ensure our famiand get your ticket punched!
Wooo Shock locomotive gives Santa a lift
When Santa visited Wichita, Kansas, on November 28th he left the reindeer at home so they could rest up for the big day and instead, arrived in
railroad style. Santa rode into the Prairie Pines Christmas Tree Farm aboard
the Wooo Shock locomotive to officially kick off the Christmas season.
There were hundreds of families that came out to pick out Christmas trees,
take pictures with Santa, and go for hay rides at the farm.
"The kids loved it," said Jimmy Patterson, Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad
(KO) general manager. "They were lined up an hour before the train even
arrived to get a good view."
Although Santa arriving on Wooo Shock was the highlight of the day,
other activities kept the crowd at the tree farm in the Christmas spirit. Other
events that day included tree cutting, a live string and brass band playing
Santa hopped on board the Wooo Shock locomotive to kick off the Christmas
season at at Prairie Pines Christmas Tree Farm in Wichita, Kansas.
Christmas music, hay wagon rides,
and a small train for the kids to ride
on within the tree farm. The farm's
barn is filled with ornaments, fresh
green floral baskets and custom
made wreaths of different shapes
and sizes. The only thing missing to
complete the total Christmas package was the snow.
"Think of a Norman Rockwell
painting – it really was like an old
time Christmas you’d see in black
and white movies," said Patterson.
The tree farm was celebrating their
40th anniversary of providing this
unique Christmas experience. In the
past Santa has arrived via fire truck,
sleigh, and he has even sky-dived in.
Just as the drought affected the
Kansas wheat harvest, it also had an
impact on the farm's tree production.
They were only able to grow about
400 trees on site, and so they had to
have some more shipped in to keep
up with demand.
Patterson, said, “When the KO
dedicated the Wooo Shock Locomotive last March, we committed to
using it to not only serve our Customers but also as a tool to become
better neighbors and partners with
the communities we work in. This
is just another way of fulfilling that
Top photo: Elizabeth Winegarner,
18 mo., granddaughter of KO track
inspector Sam Winegarner and Watco
Dispater, Delia Winegarner, decides
Santa may not be all that great yet.
Elizbeth's brother Trenton, 5, looks a
little happier as he poses with the train
at the Prairie Pines Christmas Tree
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December 2014
Terminal Team begins first operations in Washington
Watco's Terminal Team just expanded their
footstep into yet another state. On November
17th, the team unloaded their first unit train of
crude oil in Ferndale, Washington.
Ferndale is located in the northwest corner of
Washington near the Nooksack River but the terminal operations are on the west side of the city,
The mention of winter evokes images of sparkling
snowflakes and skaters gracefully gliding across the
ice. But winter can also be a time of illness and one of
those that often hits is the "common" cold. More than
100 viruses can cause colds so few people escape
being exposed, most people in the U.S. average about
three colds per year. Once it enters the body through
the nose or throat, the cold virus begins to multiply,
causing any of a number of symptoms: sore throat,
sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, aches and pains,
mild fever, nasal congestion and coughing. A cold can
usually last a week or two.
The best way to treat a cold is to take a mild pain
reliever, get as much bed rest as possible and drink
plenty of fluids, especially fruit juices. Over-the-counter
cough and cold remedies may relieve some of the
symptoms, but they will not prevent, cure or even
shorten the course of the illness.
Keep up your natural resistance through good
nutrition and getting enough sleep and exercise. Turn
your thermostat down and keep the humidity up in your
home. Avoid direct contact with those who have colds
and wash your hands frequently.
closer to the Rosario Straight which leads to the
Pacific Ocean.
"Both the train crews and the transloading
crews performed flawlessly and with the professionalism Watco Teams display everywhere," said
Sam Ricci, manager of facility support.
Ricci added, "We want to thank everyone that
assisted in the safe start
up. From the Business
Development Team,
who led us to this opportunity to Human
Resources, who con-
ducted interviews and screening and helped us
find the right team members. Watco's Purchasing
Team worked closely with us to make sure we had
the right equipment to do the job and the EHS
(Environmental Health & Safety) Team not only
provided training, but kept the team engaged
throughout the four week training period. And
last, but not least, the ”Go Team” for taking the
lead with hands-on training and working with
the new team members throughout the unload
The Go Team was instrumental in facilitating
the start-up. The group consisted of several team
members from different locations who shared
their knowledge and
safety practices.
Please welcome the
following new team
members to our Watco
Team: Alexis Pierson, Andrew Ross, Bryan Meyer,
Charles Staley, Charles
Warner, Christian
McVickers, Cody Treloar,
Cory Stevenson, Daniel
Bragdon, Erik Faiola,
Harold Duncan Jr, Jered
Ruback, John Shoup,
Top left: Aerial view of the Ferndale refinery (the
Jordan Williams, Justin
crude unloading site can be seen on the far left).
Bos, Michael Blusiewicz,
Bottom left: Group safety training taught by Don
Michael Parker, Michael
Latimer, Dan Perry, and Dave Echols. Right: First
three rail cars coming down the track with a rail car Pecovish, Parker Helland,
mover operated by Ferndale Terminal Manager Bry- Patrick Russell, Quina
an Meyer and Wellington (Utah) Terminal Manager Wiebe, Richard Bost,
Robert House, Sheldon
Mark Rice. Rice and several other members from
other terminals were on hand to help with start-up. Gudde, and Thomas Frey.
Watco U holds classes and team building exercises
While many universities are getting ready for finals
week and December graduation ceremonies, Watco
U instructors will continue their usual course schedule. In November, Watco 101 and TS&IC courses
were held along with team building exercises.
December's schedule includes a Watco 101 class
being held in Refugio, Texas, and a Primary Values
Class in Birmingham, Alabama. Team building exercises will also be offered at different times throughout
the month.
Top photo: Recruiting Team Members (l-r) Becky Beaudry, recruiter for WSOR, GDLK, and AA railroads;
Amy Miori, recruiting director; Amanda Smardo,
South Region recruiter; Susan Quanstrom, West Region
recruiter; and Kylie Collier, Central Region recruiter,
take part in a team building exercise.
Bottom photo: November 2014 Watco 101 graduates
(l-r) Stacey Dawson, payroll manager; Brian Spiller, PES
terminal manager; James Gibson, Watco Dock and Rail
manager; John Harrigan, IT SAP director; and Shane
Smith, Pittsburg terminal manager.
Dispatch page 5
December 2014
This section is dedicated to the Watco
Team Members to give you a chance to
share what’s happening in your corner
of the Watco World.
Raquel Aida Hernandez, granddaughter of
Jose Hernandez, team member at the Jacksonville, Florida, mechanical shop; graduating
Summa Cum Laude from the University of
Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology
and a Minor in Family, Youth and Community
Logan Dawn Falletti,
Watco Communications
Intern, graduating from
Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas,
with Bachelor of Arts in
Relations with a Minor in
12 year-old rolls for ring
Twelve year-old Michael J. Turiano, Jr.,
son of Terri Turiano, team member at the
Hollidaysburg GBW shop, recently bowled
his first 300 game.
Michael has been bowling since he was
two years old and will
be presented a ring
commemorating his
perfect score.
Michael's dad, John,
is a former pro bowler
and said he didn't bowl
his first perfect game
until he was 20. Michael is the youngest
ever bowler to hit 300
Michael J. Turiano, in Altoona, PennsylJr.
Michael says now
that he's reached this milestone he can relax.
"I've proved to
myself I can do it," he
said. "I don't think that
I have to try to hit the
300 mark any more."
Congratulations to the following team members
celebrating their anniversaries!
1 Year: Sergio Aguilar, Tanya Beard, Kelsey Berger,
Micheal Berzas, Joey Bitner, Michael Boyanton,
Brian Buxton, Andria Calloway, James Casula,
James Clyde, Jason Cooper, David Daughdrill,
Navario DeBose, Shannon DeVries, Connie Ebarb,
Mathew Eddy, Crystal Fritzemeier, Robert Greenfeder, Colin Gribble, Robert Harbour, Kyle Henson,
Corey Jones, Hayden Jones, Benjamin Kraus,
Kevin Krohn, Ramzi Lakkis, Courtney LaRocque,
Matthew Louviere, Brennan Lyons, Brian Maxey,
Augustus Maxwell, Tad Mayfield, Gabriel McCoy, Michael Misegades, Angela Naden, Katie
Noorlander, Stephen Potts, Donte Raymond,
Joshua Roberts, David Rooney, Kyle Ross, Alfredo
Sanchez, Tiffany Schmidt, Nathaniel Schroeder,
Gonzalo Serrato-Sanchez, Courtney Shaw, Dustin
Sieve, David Silva, Daniel Smith, Ryan Smith,
Prentice Washington, Theophus Williams, Joshua
2 Years: Kyle Brown, Genaro Guzman, Stephen
Howard, Kevin Hudspeth, Michelle Ivey, Jason
Jewell, Brian King, Keith LaCross, Patrick McPhillips, Jennie Morris, Brenna Prestholt, Victor Smith,
Ricky Soto, Scott Titus, Fernando Zelaya
3 Years: Michael Antoine, Dexter Cahill, Jason
Cathey, Christopher Corpe, Hector DeHoyos, Tom
DeLafosse, Charles Engels, Brian Grewing, Dana
Hartleib, Jeremiah Herman, Kurt Koontz, Ryan
Krull, Sherene Metoxen, Brent Nettleton, James
Rader, Samuel Savelkoul, Aaron Snow, Terry Valverde, Jerrod Walls, Christopher Walther, Steven
4 Years: Noland Bailey, Hector Barrientos, Spencer
Batton, John Bowers, Jeffery Davis, Mike Gonzales,
Michael Hancock, Jennifer May, Lisa Powell, Sharon Sexson, David Showalter, Jesse Victoria
5 Years: Robert Aldredge,
Timothy Eccles, Earl Evans,
George Freeman, Daniel Giacalone, Luke Houston, Donyelle Newton,
Charles Price, Shawn Romine, Eugene Stevens,
Robert Taylor, Montez Tedford, Dillon Thibodeaux,
Joel Wilmoth
6 Years: Robert Brown, Randy Canada, Ernest
Gonzalez, Weston Hamilton, Steven Harmon,
Johnny Jones, Esteban Robles
7 Years: Pedro Balensia, Jeffery Bland, Misael
Cervantes, Kurt Kilgore, Steven Reida, Jeff Washington, Penny Wood
8 Years: Eddie Arredondo, Joshua Hargis, Richard Hensley, Peter Mars, Bruce Martin, Transito
Pedraza, Rafael Ramirez, Jon Tavernaro
9 Years: Cedric Bonner, Matt Drake, Michael Kissee, Joe Mercer, Joshua Williams
10 Years: Rafael Hernandez, Crezentia Van Becelaere
11 Years: Johnnie Brown, Tony Clark, John Edwards, Ismael Mondragon
12 Years: Craig Richey, Calvin Turner
13 Years: Roy Buckhalter, Denver Conley, Ernesto
Elizondo, Johnny Johnson, David Larch, Larry
15 Years: Thomas Cooper, Joel Estermyer, Charles
16 Years: Ricky Absher
17 Years: Jason Stutzman, Anthony Tillman
19 Years: Bryan Miller, Roger Schaalma
20 Years: Mike Carr
22 Years: John Byrd, Jean Kincade
23 Years: Danny Anderes, Robert Washington
24 Years: James Horner, Claude McGuff
27 Years: Rodney King, Michael McGinn, Manfred
Nelly, Allen Oltjenbruns
35 Years: Joseph Escott, John Herron
44 Years: John Cole
It takes the distance of
18 football fields
for an average train to stop
Pacific Sun Railroad goes six years injury-free
Six years ago Watco began operating it's first
relationships with the Customers. Matt has done
lines in the Watco system. Their average speed
short line railroad in California. Not only does
a great job as chief mechanical officer, right now
clocks in at about 55 mph. This is due to the fact
the state have a reputathe PSRR is at a zero failure rate on the locomothat the line is shared with
tion for being sunny, it's
tives thanks to Matt's expertise. Tyler is the team's commuter trains which go
also proving to be a safe
peer trainer and is responsible for ensuring all
even faster down the line,
place as well. Since the
team members are aware of, and following, the
around 90 mph. The PSRR
first day of start-up the
safety rules. Another team member is in training
Team works on a short
PSRR Team hasn't had
and should be joining the group soon.
time schedule, running
an injury. The
General Manager James
on a 6.5 hour
team celebratMoore, said, "It takes
window two
ed this great
dedication from all team
nights a week
milestone on
members for us to reach
when traveling
October 24th.
this milestone. Each team
to Miramar,
James Moore
Cesar Oglesby
There are
member must put safety
Calif., and a
currently four team members on the
first, from when they come
five hour window three nights a week
PSRR Team: Cesar Oglesby, Matthew
on duty to when they go
on the trips to Escondido, Calif.
Hinojosa, Tyler Pruitt, and James
The PSRR main commodities
Moore. Cesar has been a long-time
The trains are a little
shipped on the line are corn and
Matthew Hinojosa
engineer and is known for his great
different than most short
Tyler Pruitt
The newsletter for Watco Companies, LLC and Watco Transportation Services, LLC
December 2014, Volume 15, Issue 12
315 W. Third Street
Pittsburg, KS 66762
Arkansas Southern Railroad
celebrates nine injury-free years
The Arkansas Razorback football team has
had some pretty exciting wins lately. Beating
Louisiana State University and Ole Miss were
huge accomplishments for the Fayetteville team.
Another Arkansas team with an amazing accomplishment is the Arkansas Southern Railroad
Team. The team recently celebrated going nine
years injury-free. The short line began operations
in 2005 so you can do the math and conclude
that they have not had an injury since taking
over operations from the Kansas City Southern
The ARS is made up of two separate lines, the
32-mile northern branch runs east from Heaven-
er, Oklahoma to Waldron, Arkansas. The 30-mile
southern line runs from Ashdown, Arkansas to
Nashville, Arkansas. Tyson is the largest Customer on the ARS and ships in corn and soybeans.
One unique aspect of this team is that most
of them have worked together for several years.
Thomas Williams and Steve Westfall have been
with the ARS since the start. Billy Barton joined
them in 2007 and in 2008 Rendall Thompson
and Guy Evans Jr., joined the group. Michael
Corbell is the new kid on the block and he's been
with them since 2011. Michael is the trainmaster
and Cory Smith was named general manager of
the team in 2012.
Team members on the ARS are: (l-r) Cory Smith, general manager; Rendall Thompson, Waldron conductor;
Guy Evans, Jr., Waldron engineer; Thomas Williams,
Nashville engineer; Billy Barton, roadmaster, and Michael Corbell, trainmaster. Not pictured, Steve Westfall, Nashville conductor.