Children’s Books about Parental Separation situations.

Bibliotherapy is the use of books to help children cope, understand and heal.
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Children’s Books about Parental Separation
These books can be used help children work through feelings and concerns they
may experience about their parents’ separation and give them an insight into their
own situation.
My Daddy's Going Away...
MacGregor, Christopher
Giddy Mangoes Limited, 2009
This book aims to help families better understand the anxities associated with
temporary paternal separation.
Two homes
Masurel, Claire
Walker Books Ltd, 2002
A positive child-centred book about separation or divorce for young children.
When mum and dad split up
Ely, Lesley
Hodder Children's Books, 2001
Children's Books For Special Needs
Totally Uncool
Levy, Janice
Zero to Ten, 2001
A young girl talks about getting to know her dad's new girlfriend.
What do we think about family break-up?
Powell, Jillian
Hodder Wayland, 2001
How do I feel about my parents' divorce
Cole, Julia
Aladdin Books, 2001
The Frog Who Longed for the Moon to Smile
Sunderland, Margot
(A story for children who yearn for someone they love)
Frog is very much in love with the moon because she once smiled at him. So now he
spends all his time dreaming about her. He waits and waits for her to smile at him
again. One day a wise and friendly crow helps frog to see how he is wasting his life
away. All the time he has been facing the place of very little, he's had his back to the
place of plenty.
This children's book should be used with "Helping Children who Yearn for Someone
They Love" by Margot Sunderland
Speechmark Publishing Limited, 2000
You will always be my dad
De Bode, Ann & Broere, Rien
Evans Brothers Limited, 1999
A children's storybook about family breakdown. Laura's parents have seperated and
she misses her father.
My family's changing: a first look at family break-up
Thomas, Pat
Macdonald Young Books, 1998
Family break-up
Whyman, Matt
Hodder Children's Books, 1998
Using real-life stories from young people who have experienced their parents'
divorce or separation, this book provides information and advice on how to survive
this difficult time.
The Suitcase Kid
Wilson, Jacqueline
Corgi Childrens, 1993
The story of 10 year old Andy who lives one week with her Mum and one week with
her Dad since her parents divorce.
When Mom and Dad Separate : Children can Learn to Cope with Grief from Divorce
Heegaard, Marge
Woodland Press, 1991
At Daddy's on Saturdays
Girard, L. Walvoord
Albert Whitman & Company, 1987
Dinosaurs Divorce: A guide for changing families.
Krasny Brown, Laurene and Brown, Marc
Little, Brown and Company, 1986
A book for children to help them understand and cope with parents' divorcing.
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