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Isaiah 61:3
EST. 1974
Post Office Box 507 • Springville, AL 35146
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P.O. Box 507 • Springville, AL 35146
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July/August 2012
“So they will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified” Isaiah 61:3
Big Oak Ranch is a Christian home for children needing a chance. The
Ranch takes in children between the ages of six and eighteen who are
orphaned, abused, neglected, or homeless. Comfortable two-story
brick houses are home for up to eight children and a quality Christian
couple. Our houseparents provide the consistent love, discipline and
direction our children so desperately need and deserve.
Big Oak Ranch, Inc. is a non-profit, non-denominational organization that is privately funded. The ministry consists of:
A) Big Oak Boys’ Ranch in Gadsden, AL
B) Big Oak Girls’ Ranch in Springville, AL
C) Westbrook Christian School in Gadsden, AL
The Timbers mailing list is confidential and is not shared with any
other organization. Questions, comments or corrections should be
addressed to the attention of Rhonda Hindman.
Board Members
Big Oak Ranch is owned and operated by Big Oak Ranch, Inc.
and its board. We would like you to know our working Board
of Directors:
Miller Welborn (Chairman), President, Welborn &
Associates Inc., Lookout Mountain, TN
Patsy Burks, Chairman of the Board, Lighting & Lamp,
Birmingham, AL
Richard Grimes, Senior Vice President, RealtySouth
Birmingham, AL
Jim Leonard, Leonard Properties
Birmingham, AL
Tony Miller, Esq., Maynard, Cooper & Gale, P.C.,
Birmingham, AL
Darrell Piatt, Alabama Power (Retired)
Birmingham, AL
Sandy Sansing, Owner, Sandy Sansing Nissan, BMW &
Chevrolet, Pensacola, FL
William B. Eyster, Jr. (Board Emeritus), Eyster
Properties, Inc., Birmingham, AL
Randy Pittman, (Board Emeritus), Samford University,
Birmingham, AL
Houston is 14 years old
and lives in the
Spradling Home
with his houseparents
Lester and Leslie Hales.
ummer is over, and it’s time for the back to school buzz! Our house is
no different than yours, except that we are sending 113 children back
to school. Can you imagine how many back-to-school clothes, shoes,
backpacks, etc. are needed? And what about school supplies!!! I think you
get the picture.
We are getting more children ready for school this fall than we ever have in
the history of the Ranch. We could not do this without your help. We thank
you so much for your belief in us, not only in giving our children a home but
also educating them for their future. I personally wasn’t the best student. It
wasn’t because I couldn’t do the work; I was just focused on other things. Our
children have spent a lifetime having their attention diverted by things that
they should not have to worry about. For some it was wondering where their
next meal would come from, where they were going to sleep that night, or
fearing that they would be hurt in the middle of the night. Because of you and
your love for them, these distractions are no longer a part of their mental or
emotional concerns.
We thank you so much for allowing our children to have the ability and chance
to focus on their education and improving their life. You have been faithful,
and we plan on doing the same.
Thank you for loving our children!
Your friend,
John Croyle
Executive Director
The Big 12 Club
Wills & Estates
Did you know it takes approximately $1,000/month to provide
the basic care that one of our children needs – including food,
clothing, shelter, education and insurance? We provide for our
children the same things that you do for your children with one
exception – we have to hire houseparents to take your place.
Your membership in the Big 12 Club covers the cost of raising
one of our children for one year. Would you like to be a member of the Big 12 Club? Each member pledges $12,000 over a
one year period (usually paid in increments of $1,000/month).
If you would like more information on the Big 12 Club, or have
any questions, please call (205) 467-6226.
Your will is one of the most important legal documents you
will ever sign. Yet, over 70% of American adults do not have
a will. Leaving your family without a will means that the
laws of your state will determine how your property is
distributed, without your input or desires. Is that what you
want? Your will is the primary way to determine how your
assets will be distributed after your death and offers you
a way to care for the people and charities who have
shared your values. Please contact the Miller Welborn at
(205) 467-6226, ext. 1213 if you have any questions, or would
like to add the children of Big Oak Ranch to your will.
John & Tee Croyle
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, goes unrewarded.”
Colby helps his little
brother Khai with a
cool glass of lemonade
Chase models a
lizard as an
while his pal
crusty the crab
looks on!
17 years old
Jonithan is
such a
Dylan and Brien cleaned up nicely for their formal dinner
12 years old
Is 17 years old
Has been a resident of Big Oak Ranch for 5 years
Lives in the McCollough Home with houseparents John and Robin O’Leary
Is a senior at Westbrook Christian School
Is pursuing an Advanced Academic with Honors Diploma
Plans to pursue a degree in accounting after graduation
Played JV football and has served as a manager for the varsity football team
Is on both the varsity basketball and football teams at Westbrook
Is part of the Track and Field Team at Westbrook and has made it to the
State Track Meet each year he has participated
• Holds the school record in the 400 Meter
• Worked hard and saved his money and was able to purchase his first car
• Attends Rainbow Presbyterian Church with his family and is active in the
youth ministry
L to R: Ty, Braxton & Houston sitting around the new dinner table that
was made and given to their family to enjoy in the Spradling Home.
Thank you, Fred Gustin, Mel Evans, Pat Lynch and
Charlie Vick Jr. for a job well done!
And as you wish that others would do to you, do
so to them.
Luke 6:31
DVD Players
Plastic Containers w/Lids
Life Jackets for Canoeing
Patio Umbrellas (Brick red)
School Supplies (Folders with
Brackets & Pockets, Notebook
Paper, 3 in. Black or White 3-Ring
Binders, Spiral Notebooks)
• Large Skillets with Lids
• Heavy Duty Cookware
Please send donated items to:
Big Oak Boys’ Ranch Inc.
250 Jake Mintz Road, Gadsden, AL 35905
“God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight.”
Scarlet, Norma, Rebecca & Paige getting set to enjoy a drive in movie
Happy Birthday
Tiffany & Lorien flashing those beautiful smiles
11 years old
Amanda, Izzy & Jessie are such beautiful angels
8 years old
Is 11 years old
Has been a resident of Big Oak Ranch for 3 years with her sister Paige
Lives in the J.E. Black Home with houseparents Charlie and KT Miears
Was excited about going into 5th grade at Westbrook Christian School
Is an active member of the children’s programs at her church
Said this year’s birthday was the best ever – she got her ears pierced!
Is always ready to have her hair and nails done by her older sisters
Loves to play house, school, and dress-up; she had fun in our
Tacky Fashion Show
• Learned to love reading through missionary autobiographies
• Has a giving heart and always keeps God first in her life
Kelsie and
Faith are
growing up so fast
Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will
support you, so take courage and do it. Ezra 10:4
• 7 Laundry Baskets
• 7 Small Cork Boards
• 10 Matching Seat Cushions
(for dining room chairs)
• Vacuum Cleaners
• Postage stamps
• AA and AAA batteries
• Large Plastic Storage Tubs
• Face Wash
• Sleeping Bags
• Gift Wrap Supplies
• Cardstock
• Notebook Paper
Please send donated items to:
Big Oak Ranch Inc.
P.O. Box 507, Springville, AL 35146
Thanks SO much to Heath Patton and all of the volunteers
who spent so much time and energy making Wake the World
2012 SO much fun for all of our kids. They all enjoyed a
wonderful day on the water — everything from demos by some
of the “master” wakeboarders in the group to lessons on riding
the waves themselves and feeling what it’s like to learn a new
skill. Thanks also for feeding everyone a wonderful lunch and
dinner, and for being SO hospitable!
Thanks Wake the World - we are looking forward to next year!!
This summer we were blessed to attend two different STUDENT
LIFE camps. During the first week, our boys were able to attend
as Staffers and actually be a part of the staff of Student Life at
Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Our
second week was regular camp at Covenant College in Blue Ridge
Mountain, Georgia. A special thank you goes out to our Camp
Directors, Ryan Childress and Jared Brown, and the rest of the
staff of Student Life for providing us the chance to attend the
camps as well as following the call that God has placed on their
lives. It continues to make a lasting impact on our kids! We hope
you enjoy these pictures as we attempt to show you a glimpse of
what our children and staff were able to experience.
Phone: 205-706-1084
Email: [email protected]
The following people have made contributions to Big Oak Ranch in Memory or in Honor of family members, friends, and loved ones.
The contributions were received between 03/31/2012 — 06/05/2012. If your name does not appear, please look for it in our next Timbers.
We regret the unintentional omission or misspelling of names on these lists.
In Honor of:
Ray and Gracie Armstrong
Mr. & Mrs. Leo H. Rogers Jr.
Ms. Suzanne Ash
Mrs. Sara Sistrunk
David and Sue Belcher
Mr. & Mrs. H. Arthur Edge Jr.
Mr. Richard Bielat
Ms. Suzanne Bielat
Mrs. Gracie Boissel
Ms. Carolyn F. Jefferson
Mr. Danny Brothers
Mr. & Mrs. Lowell D. Galloway
Mrs. Florence Brown
Ms. Constance Thomas
Mr. Alvin Bryant
Mr. & Mrs. William Bryant
Mr. Joe Burney
Jimmy and Shelby Knight
Ms. Haley Burns
Mr. & Mrs. David Champa
Mrs. Barbara Cartledge
Paul (Bill) and Kay Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. John Croyle
Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Anderson
Shepherd Devane
Mr. & Mrs. James DeVane
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Earnest
Col. Tim Smith
Edgewood Academy Football &
Baseball Players and Coaches
Mrs. Dale Gantt
Mrs. Fritz Flury
Mr. Paul Flury
Mrs. Violet T. Geier
Ms. Helen Matheny
Mrs. Kathryn Harcrow
Ms. Connie Reeves
Mr. & Mrs. Zackery Jenkins and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert York
Mr. Derek Liddell
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Gober
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Livingston
Mr. & Mrs. John Neely
Mrs. Lorene McKenzie
Ms. Connie Reeves
Mike and Suzanne Miller and Family
Mr. & Mrs. Mike B. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Norton
Mr. & Mrs. L. W. Hand Sr.
Mr. Howard Palmer
Dr. & Mrs. John T. McCarley
Jadyn and Jordyn Panzer
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Panzer
Mrs. Gaie W. Pittman
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Pittman
Ms. Maria Ricketson
Ms. Abigail Andre
Ms. Joyce Roden
Ms. Connie Reeves
Dr. & Mrs. P. D. Sadler
Mrs. Sallie E. Hubbard
Mr. Dave Sington
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Berman
Mrs. Frances Stanley
Mr. Dennis T. Barrow
Ms. Mary Stanley
Mr. Stanley
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Strain
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Moore
Lance & Jamie Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. James Taylor
Mr. Chris Townley
Baker-Montgomery Exteriors
Mr. & Mrs. Robert “Bill” Turner
Dr. Nancy Turner
Mrs. Sue Virciglio
Ms. Kimberly Virciglio
Ms. Karla Whitcomb
Mr. Jason Whitcomb
Mr. Rich Wingo
Barton First Baptist Church
Mr. Doug Wyant
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Chavez
In Memory of:
Mrs. Esther Acre
Ms. Jean M. Johnson
Mr. Austin Allen
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Main Sr.
Todd Anthony
Miss Francis Anthony
Mr. Bobby Jack Armstrong
John and Teresa Stanley
Aunt Sharon
Ms. Terrie Didier
Mr. Jack Barr
Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Hearn III
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lundberg
Ms. Inez Barrow
Mr. Dennis T. Barrow
Mrs. Nina Baxley
Mrs. Frances Culbert
Mr. Seth Beard
Steve and Jackie Griffith
Mr. & Mrs. David Smith
Mrs. Bridget Beasley
Alpha Delta Pi Reunion Group
Mr. Howard Wayne Bentley Sr.
Mrs. Betty Bentley
CK Business Solutions, P.C.
Mr. Buster Walker
Mr. Mickey Bjornlie
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Mason
Mrs. Mary Blalock
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Crabbe
Mrs. Joan Boerner
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Boerner
Mr. Larry Bonner
Charles and Shirley Nichols
Mr. Rodney Bradford
Ms. Jennifer Ahia
Dr. Jim Brichen
Mr. & Mrs. Howard C. Alexander
Mr. Charles Burt Brock
Ms. LaVonne Brock
Mr. Mack Brook
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Taylor
Pastor Carl Brooks
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Samples Jr.
Mr. Jim Brotherton Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Virciglio
Mrs. Margaret Bryan
Ms. Connie Reeves
Mrs. Lady Mae King Burleson
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Stevenson
Mr. Alfred Burnette
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Ellis Sr.
Mr. Mylan Joseph Burt
Mr. Pete Hanna
Ms. Mary Butterworth
Mr. Louis S. Butterworth
Mrs. Chris Buttram
Mrs. Carol Grissett
Jack Calk
Mrs. Eugenia Calk
Mr. Darrel Calvert
Jimmy and Shelby Knight
Dr. Craig Cantrell
Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Norris Jr.
Benjamin Henley Carr
Ms. Linda Bergmann
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Carr Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Lee DeFore
Thalia and Alison Freeman
Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Tomlinson
Ms. Dorothy Cartledge
Mrs. Carol Grissett
Mr. Jim Chambers
Mrs. Carol Grissett
Mrs. Brenda Chandler
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Taylor
Mr. Gerald L. 'Bubba' Childress Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Childress
Mr. Andrew Chiles
Mrs. Clara Mauberret
Mrs. Janice Chisholm
Mr. & Mrs. William Gibbs
Rev. Larry Coats
Nora Jean & Rabbit Culver
Mr. Bill Cobb
Ms. Connie Reeves
Mrs. Vonceil Foster Coleman
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bailey
Mrs. Letris Corley
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hurst Jr.
Mrs. Elderine "Bill" Cotton
Mr. Benjamin Whitten
Mr. Billy Cox
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Clark
Mr. James E. Coyle
Mr. & Mrs. T. L. Laggy
Mr. David Crocker
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Crocker
Mrs. Helen Crowe
Mrs. Nancy Gilmore
Tab Culbert
Mrs. Frances Culbert
Dr. Roy Davidson
Mrs. Louis J. Levaughn
Mr. James Davis
Mrs. Margaret Culp
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Trammell Jr.
Mr. William Delmont
Mr. & Mrs. Hilbert W. Wilkinson
Mrs. Betty Scott Dempsey
Mr. & Mrs. David Busby
Mrs. Virginia Dismukes
Ms. Carolyn F. Jefferson
Mrs. Carol Dutt
Cobblestone Squeare HOA
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Harris
Mrs. Sadie Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Norton Montague III
Mr. Michael Price
Ms. Pat Weitnauer
Mr. Dan Ellis
Mr. & Mrs. William Gibbs
Mrs. Neva Emanuel
Ms. Betty First
Mrs. Fair
Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Conway
Mrs. Vera Ferguson
Ms. Charlotte C. Koon
Mrs. Frances Stamps Fields
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Taylor
Mr. Steve Finnell
Baptist College of Student Services
Mrs. Mary Frances Flournoy
Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Jones
Mrs. Arminda Floyd
Mr. Bill Floyd
Mr. Gary Foley
Because We Care Group Tallaweka
Baptist Church
Mrs. Yvonne Fortner
Ms. Joanie Griffin
Ms. Elizabeth J. Nunnelley
Mrs. Elizabeth O'Neil
Mrs. Kathryn Fossett
Mrs. Anita R. Barnett
Mrs. Evelyn M. Pierson
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Yeats
Mr. Connie Frederick
Mrs. Sandra C. Frederick
Mrs. Gail Davis Frohoff
Mr. & Mrs. L. R. (Ray) Davis
Mr. Andrew Howard Furnas
Mr. & Mrs. David Arrington
Mr. Michael Gaffney
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Young
Mr. Simon Anthony Goode
Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Jones
Hugh and Ruby Goodwin
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Goodwin
Ms. Randi Michelle Goodwin
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Goodwin
Mr. Jack Grace
Leslie and Betty Longshore
B. J. Harris
Higginbotham Companies
Mr. Jack Harris
Mr. & Mrs. William Roy Jr.
Mr. Michael Harris Jr.
Mrs. Susan Cotton
Mrs. Walter Duminski
Mr. and Mrs. W. O Leach
Miss Helene Piazza
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Strahan
Mr. James Hartline
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Davidson
Kelley Hayes
Mr. Kyle Hayes
Mr. J. O. Helms
Ms. Betty First
Mrs. Mary C Henley
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Joganic
Mr. Johnny Hollis
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sport
Mrs. Jeanna Hosch
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Crabbe
Floyd Hubbard
Mrs. Patricia McLaren
Mr. Eric Hurt
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ingram
Mr. Frank Ingram Jr.
Mr. Luther Pierce
Mrs. Julia Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. David Ewing
Mr. Robert Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Donald T. Moore
Mr. Greg Jacobs
Ms. Connie Reeves
Mr. Parks Jacobs
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Crabbe
Ms. Janice S. Noojin and Family
Mr. Billy Dean James
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Mason
Mrs. Clara E. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. John Nasir
Mrs. Jewell Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Jones
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Jones
Mrs. Elizabeth Elliott
Mr. & Mrs. Elton Howard
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Shepherd
Mrs. Mary Jo Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Carroll
Mr. Thomas G. Keaton
Mrs. Thomas Keaton
Mr. Charles Kerr
Gail Moebes
Mrs. Nellie G. Kidd
Mike and Sarah Stonicher
Mrs. J. Helen Kirschenfeld
John and Teresa Stanley
Mr. Steve Langston
John and Ruth Ray
Mr. David Leet
Ms. Joyce McClusky
Ms. Beuna V. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Lewis
Mr. Ted Lewis
Ms. Peggy Lumpkin
Mr. Bobby Lott
Mr. Don Wilson
Mr. Yancey Lovelace
Ms. Sharon Crenshaw
Dr. Richard Lytle
Mr. & Mrs. V. C. Haydock
Mrs. Bobbeye L. Lessman
Mrs. Vivian P. Matthews
Dr. Carl Martens
Mr. & Mrs. Donald T. Moore
Mr. Martin
Mr. James P. Luttrell Jr.
Mrs. Thelma Mason
Mr. & Mrs. Hilbert W. Wilkinson
Mrs. Elsie Mauro
Mr. & Mrs. Hilbert W. Wilkinson
Mr. Robert Mark McKee
Mr. & Mrs. Fred N. Beason
Mrs. Thera Booker McLain
Mr. Charles Earl Mclain
Mr. McNeer
Mr. Don Melching
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Main Sr.
Evan A. Melton
Ms. Eva R. Scott
Rev. Edwin Messerschmidt
Mr. & Mrs. V. C. Haydock
Mrs. Judy Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Bell Jr.
Mr. Shatteen Coker Mitchell III
John & Carolyn Josey
Mrs. Myrna Montgomery
Jama & Hazel Pruitt
Mr. Darrell Morlan
Mr. & Mrs. Hilbert W. Wilkinson
Mr. Stanley Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Newby
Mr. Barry Mullins
Dr. & Mrs. William R. White Jr.
Mr. Gary Neal
Mr. & Mrs. B.R. Westbrook
Mr. Phil Neel
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Samples Jr.
Mrs. Mildred Nesbitt
Ms. Sarah H. Flickinger
Mrs. Louise Newman
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Stevenson
Mrs. Fleeta Baldwin
Mr. George Owens
Dr. & Mrs. C. Eugene (Gene) Brown
Mr. Richard Owens
Ms. Laura Bost Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Grady Burton
Mr. Bennett Emory
Mr. & Mrs. James N. Herrin
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Hoy
Mrs. Rosemarie Livings
Ms. Carnell (Connie) Pharo
Mr. & Mrs. Sam J. Tumminello
Mr. Bruce A. Oyler
Kevin & Heather Oyler
Mrs. Anna Ozley
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Samples Jr.
Martha Pardee
Cdr. & Mrs. Bernard L. Minetti USN
Mrs. Melissa Parker
Ms. Charlotte C. Koon
Mr. Sam Peeples
Ms. Deveaux Robinson
Ms. Peirce
Mr. Dennis T. Barrow
Mr. James Penney
Mr. & Mrs. C. & Claudine Northcutt
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sansom
Mrs. Louise Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Chester Parker
Mr. Pete Pierson
Ms. Martha Pierson
Mr. Scott Price
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wilson
Mr. J.W. Purser
Clay & Jeraldean Morris
Mr. Bill Quigley
Mr. Pete Hanna
Mr. Richard Reeve
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Virciglio
Mr. Thurston Reeves
Mrs. Lucy Phillips
Mr. Billy "Scope" Renfroe
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Main Sr.
Mr. Autry Rickett
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wilson
Mr. Paul Rigsby
Steve and Jackie Griffith
Mr. Bill Riley
Clay & Jeraldean Morris
Mrs. Alma Roberson
Interstate Sheet Metal Co., Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Smith III
Mrs. Hywatha Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Davis
Mrs. Dee Rockett
Mr. & Mrs. Jim McElroy
Mr. Farrell Roden
Mr. & Mrs. T. L. Conner & Family
Mr. Michael Russell
Mrs. Betty Russell
Mr. John Schmidt
Ms. Dottie Benak
Mrs. Dorothy Schrimsher
Bentley Wholesale
Mr. Bubba Scott
Mrs. Sandra C. Frederick
Mrs. Lucille Shackelford
Dr. & Mrs. Jack Hale
Bessie Shaible
Mr. Bruce Trick
Mrs. Carolyn Lindsey
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Skelton
Mr. John Dyer
Mr. Bill Smith Sr.
Steve and Jackie Griffith
Mrs. Deborah Smith
Mr. Roy W. Wilson
Mr. Quitin Smith
Mrs. Carol Grissett
Mr. Riley Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Wayne Lewis
Mr. Steve Smith
Mr. Roger Fuston
Mr. Curtis Snead III
Ms. Ann Davidson
Mr. Dan Spencer
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Taylor
Ms. Alice Springer
John and Ruth Ray
Mr. Wade Stevens
Ms. Diane Coats
Mrs. Anna Avil Stribling
Mr. Rutledge Gross
Mrs. Barbara Strickland
Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Diane Davis
Mr. Bruce Sudduth
Mrs. Blonnie Sudduth
Mrs. Sadie Sundberg
Ms. Betty First
Mr. Garston Swain
Mr. Robert Swain
The Woodham Family
Ms. Billie Heaton
Mr. John Tilburg
Mr. Bruce Trick
Mr. Tischler
Ms. Arlene B Ferrante
Mrs. Sharon Licht Kingsmore
Mrs. Wilma Dean Vinyard
Mike and Sarah Stonicher
Mr. Eddie Walker
Bob and Trish Walker
Hardy Lee Walker III
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Garner
Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. McRae
Mr. Jake Warr Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Skip Dorlon
Mr. Anthony Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Mason
Mr. Dick Webb
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry N. Oxford
Ms. Marie Suttle Webb III
Robertson Banking Co.
Mr. Thomas Weymouth Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Smith III
Mr. Jere F. White Jr.
Mr. Roger Fuston
Mr. John T. White
Mr. & Mrs. Shan Bruce
Mr. Dewey Willingham Jr.
Ms. Joyce McClusky
Mr. Billy Joe Windham
Mr. & Mrs. Dewitt Barton
Mr. Henry Winslett
Ms. Sara Erwin
Mrs. Bessie Griffin Wyatt
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Taylor
Mrs. Lynn Yancey
Ms. Rhyda Yancey
Mr. Zachary Lane Young
John and Teresa Stanley
This we believe. We must be good stewards of God’s blessings by:
A. ensuring that your contributions are used to enrich the lives of our children--spiritually, mentally,
emotionally, and physically;
B. maximizing every gift to its fullest; and
C. conducting every area of business in an honorable way.
This plan will ensure that your support is used where you and God intended - to relieve the suffering of children.
-- Board of Directors of Big Oak Ranch