Flat Weave Rugs – An affordable substitute of handmade rugs

Flat Weave Rugs – An affordable substitute of
handmade rugs!
Flat Weave Rugs can be used as the alternative of handmade rugs. They are less expensive in comparison to handmade Persian or
fine oriental rugs and require less maintenance as well. But at the same hand, they did not have higher resale value and even they
are not considered in antique rugs.
Flat weave rugs are basically woven through a loom (a tool that is used to weave a rug or carpet). Due to their construction, they
have the perfect blend of threads, designs and lustrous fringes.
Due to their thinness, they can be used as multipurpose like: wall hangings, floorings, saddle pads, and prayer rugs. Their flat
design makes them versatile and useful for every kind of purpose.
As they weave through loom, they are light weighted, and reversible. Flat weave rugs can be knotted through machines and hands,
but in both cases, flat weave rugs did not have a pile. As their flat constructions, it is difficult for an expert to identify their woven
style (handmade or machine made).
These kinds of rugs are woven from centuries and known as traditional rugs in several countries with different patterns and
different styles. Some of famous flat weave rugs are: Kilim, Soumak, Rag Rugs, Dhurrie, etc. Traditionally, the weavers of Flat
weave rugs use wool and cotton as the primary strands, but with the time and demand, they started the use of synthetic strand as
Due to their thinness, they need a rug pad to neglect their slide hazards. Even, some flat weave rugs curls on the edges after
So, to get more effective and affective hand woven rugs at an affordable cost, just go with Flat Weave Rugs. You can prefer them
for any purpose and can buy from online and offline stores. For a myriad patterns and designs of Flat weave rugs, you can click
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