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This Generation
The Counselor
Supersonic-Clad Pop Group
Sound Of Many Dimensions
The 5th Dimension is one of
the most e x c i t i n g nusic
groups to emerge from southern California iThe Doors is
the other) since the Mamas
and the Papas. Organized
three years ago, the group has
hit the charts several limes,
notably with "Go Where You
Wanna Go" and "Up, Up and
Away/' and it has achieved
the upper stratum of the
nightclub circuit. "We came up fast," admitted Marilyn McCoo. "We never had to go through the stage
of p 1 a y i n g grubby, little
lomiges and working our way
up To the better clubs."
The group prepared for success by investing in a wardrobe of supersonic-styled outfits. Their designer calls them
"my moon people set." The
clothes are ultra-mod, and
then some. "We figure we'll
set some styles," said Billv
Davis Jr., "not follow them."
The 21st Century might be
. willing to accept "the "moon
people" costumes for street
wear. Until"then, they stick to
wearing them for perform-.
ances. Off-stage the g i r l s Marilyn and Florence LaRue
—dress in mini-skirts with textured hose and the men—Billy
Davis, Ron Townson and LaMont
around in currently-in-vogue
turtleiiecks, stovepipe pants
and boots.
During a brief visit to New
York the 5th Dimension made
the most of it, concertizing,
appearing on TV shows, went
to Broadway shows, night
clubbing, and made a swift excursion to Philadelphia to tape
a-TV spot.
Why the flurry of publicityprone activity? The main reason was the group's new number, "Paper Cup," which isn't
exactly Jtfce. their last hit, contradicting an industry formula. It met with a puzzling (perhaps puzzled) response from
disc jockeys, as well as critics. One thought he heard a
big beat reincarnation of the
Double Six of Paris.
Whatever it is, the group's
sound is a mixture of several
styles and musical backgrounds. Marilyn explained it
this way: "Ron and I have
had classical music training,
so our approach, I guess you
could say, is pretty much of a
legitimate one. Billy has done
a great deal with gospel music
and so has Florence. LaMont
is almost completely jazz-oriented."
Said Ron: "Anyway, we
tend to approach each song
differently. We don't even
have any one, single sound.
Take the 'Paper Cup' sound. It
surprised a lot of people."
Right now the 5th Dimension
is swimming in the pop music
world and expects to stick to
the show business grind for at
least'another three years. If
they ever split up, the singers
have other things going for
Before he joined the group
LaMont was a fashion photographer and a profession il
baseball pitcher. A broken
arm put an end to his spores
Marilyn has a degree in
business administration : rid
studied theater at U.C.L.A.
Florence left teaching to sing
with the group. Ron sang with
the Wings Over Jordan gospel
chorale, worked his way
through Lincoln University
(Jefferson, Mo.) conducting
church choirs and toured with
his own 25-voice choir.
Billy has been deep into gospel singing and rhythm and
blues since he was 13, a combination that worked well
enough to make him the
group's lead singer.
Since the average age of the
five Dimensions is 25, they
have time for another career
or two. Marilyn and Ron take
an interest in the business end
of the game, and the group already has its own music publishing c o m p a n y . LaMont
keeps a hand in photography,
Florence intends to use music
to help emotionally disturbed
children. Billy, well, he says
singing is what he likes to do
To Your Goo^ Health!
How The Doctor Takes
A Blood Pressure Reading
Q. When a doctor or nurse
your blood pressure, he
ARIES (March 21 to April
pumps up the instru19) A new friend who comprement
the gauge reads
hends your ideas can make
then releases
this a most interesting and
the pressure.
happy day for you, but take
care tonight you do not argue
I suppose that 4he moment
with love tie.
the needle starts to oscillate
indicates the read the
TAURUS (April 20 to May
systolic pressure. But what I
20) If you study the situation
don't understand is how the
at home intelligently you can
diastolic pressure is known.
make important i m p r o v e—J.K.
ments but steer clear of irate
A. I can see that you've
associate in p.m.
been watching while your
GE^nNI (May 21 to June
blood pressure was being tak21) It would be wise to give
en, but you couldn't figure the
regular associates a pat on the
method out b e c a u s e you
back and come to a real meetcouldn't listen, too.
ing of minds, but avoid bumptious co-worker.
The systolic pressure, of
course, is the "pumping presMOON CHILDREN (June 22
sure" and the diastolic presto July 21) Get into that busisure is the pressure which reness project that has every
mains when the heart is not
chance of success and repumping. The pressure bequires some tall thinking.
tween beats, as it were. Hence
LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21)
vou need two figures for blood
Early morning is best for hanpressure, as 130-80 or "130
dling some very personal matover 80."
ter but take care later you
don't start an argument at
You notice that the doctor
(or nurse) uses a stethoscope.
VIRGO (Aug. 22 to.Sept. 22)
That's what tells when to read
Listen to what some expert
the gauge.
has to suggest early in the
First of all the cuff (the
day, but take care in driving
thing we wrap around your
later on.
arm) Is pumped up to 200 or
LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22)
so — whatever figure is necesContact good pals during day
sary to be higher than your
since they hold the key to your
systolic pressure. True, the
advancement right at this
gauge .may fluctuate but that
time, can solve problems.
isn't significant.
SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov.
Rather, once the pressure Is
21) Make such a fine impreshigher than your own pression on a bigwig that you get
sure, the cuff pressure is rethe credit or career advanceleased gradually. A thump is
ment vou are seeking.
heard in the stethoscope at the
instant the cuff pressure falls
to a point equal to your systolDec. 21) A new attitude is neic pressure. So we read the
cessary if you are to gain the
gauge then.
support and cooperation of the
right people today. .Bo sure
From that point on, periodic
that you garner the data you
thumps are heard. This is
your pulse, or your heart
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to beats. The pressure in the cuff
is allowed to decline some
Jan. 201- Tap your own subconmore. The point at which the
scious for the best solving of
thump—the pulse—no longer
present p r o b l e m s without
can be heard represents your
going to others for advice
diastolic, or "resting" presright now.
sure, so the second reading is
AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Fob.
taken at (hat moment.
19) Go directly to that wise asA physicist or an engineer
sociate for advice or support
could explain to you why the
your require at this time.
first thump is heard, and why
PISCES 'Feb. 20 to March
later on the pulse or heart
20) Be very sure you dig right
boats cease being heard when
into all that work ahead of you
the cuff pressure reaches your
. and give coworkers the coopminimum blood pressure. I'd
eration they need and deserve.
rather not try to explain that
technicially. But at least now
you know the mechanics of
how the gauge is read.
For a copy of the booklet,
"Mononucleosis," send with
your request a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope
and 25 cents in coin to Dr. Joseph Molner, Box 158, Dept
WCP, Dundee, 111.
fireplace wall and then onto a
Q. Can you publish a list of
black slate hearth. There ara
places in Westchester where
now water marks as well as
public ice skating is allowed?
scratches from a flower pot on
the harth. Can you tell ma
A. Ice skating is made availhow
I can remove them?
able by the Westchester CounN..F
ty Department of Parks, ReA. Water stains and scratchcreation and Conservation at
V. Everit Macy Park, Ar- es frequently may be removed
from slate by rubbing with a
dsley; Tibbetts Brook Park in
Yonkers; W i 11 s o n s Woods honing stone. One expert
states that sandpaper may
Pond in Mount Vernon; Twin
sometimes be used, and if the
Lakes in Eastchester and
scratches and stains are not
along the Bronx River Parktoo bad, a coat of wax may
way at Bronxville Lake, Crestcover them.
wood Lake and Hartsdale
Pond. Skating is also allowed
when conditions permit, at GARDENING
Q. Please tell me where I
Wampus Pond, North Castle.
Evening ice skating was start- can take a course in gardening?
ed at Kensico Dam Plaza, VaMrs. M..G
lhalla, Jan. 5. Floodlights
A. Rochambeau School, 228
were installed which are turened on at dusk and off at 9:50 Fisher Ave., White Plains, had
classes, at one time, in the
p.m. Since ice skating is unsupervised, it j s permitted only Adult Education Department,
geared to the homemaker who
when the red ball is up which
wanted to learn the techniques
indicates the ice is a minito correct or improve his lawn
mum of four inches thick.
and plantings. We were informed that if enough people
request it. (the course will be
" W h e r e w e r e y o u ? I called e v e r y auto-body
Q. I was told recently that it
offered again. Perhaps you
is a New York State law that
shop in town!"
can stimulate some interest
children born of a mixed maramong your own friends and
riage, must be the religion of
relatives. If you want a combithe mother. Is this true?
nation of flower arranging,
gardening and some socializA. According to a spokesing with people who have simman for the Family Court,
ilar interests, you may want
there is no such statute. .
to join the garden club in your
community. Also, the . New
York Botanical Garden, Bronx
Few persons find themPark, Bronx 10459, has short
Q. My roof leaked onto my
A thick wallet was credited
gaidening courses
in the fall
selves threatened with immiwith saving a bank employe
nent death only to be given anfrom being wounded or killed
other lease on life.
by a robber who shot him durVACATION
ing a holdup in Stockholm,
But whether we receive one
Q. My husband, the three
or more chances on the stage
and I are going to
The thief made off with
Puerto Rico next November
to make the most of the oppor$10,000 in cash from the bank,
for a vacation. I would like to
tunities God sends our way.
but was captured soon afterstart planning the wardrobe
By keeping ever in mind
now. What is the weather like
that each of us is on a pilgrimSaid the bank employe: "I
at that time in Puerto Rico?
age with heaven as our destithought it was a joke when the
Mrs. R.C.
man cried, 'Hand over the mo- nation, we are more apt to
Sumlead meaningful, constructive
ney." When I didn't, he whippmer
ed out a pistol and shot at me.
for cool, breezy evenings.
The bullet ripped through a
drawer and hit me in the
EDITOR'S NOTE: Qwtlofil con t»
"By his good life let him
occepted only by moll, eoeh acoompochest, but it was stopped by
show his works in the meeknied by $el»-oddre$sed stomped envelope, individual replies will be mode to
my wallet containing a thick
ness of wisdom."
those which ore not generally suitable)
check book."
James 3:13
to answer in column-.
3 Minutes A Day
Only Chevrolet puts
so much in
for the money you put out.
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Ask The Teacher
Criticism Held Proper
If Not Anonymous
Q. One of my 1st grade
teachers came and showed me
a Clipping which I recognized
as .one from your column. It
dealt with a teacher-parentchild relationship. This teacher had received it in the mail
with a" caustic comment attached.
My opinion of the sender is
that a person who lacks the
coinage and decency to speak
to a teacher directly and who
hides behind a screen of anonymity is a sick person in need
of psychiatric care. Furthermore, such a person may well
be the cause of the child's difficulties, rather than the
What is- your opinion of a
person who would clip a column and send it to a teacher
anonymously? — Mrs. L.K.,
A. I believe everyone has
the right and the duty to think
and to express his opinion.
Open discussion" of opposing
thoughts can often lead to improvement in any field.
A person does not have to be
in agreement to speak out.
However, ho should not be
ashamed or afraid to sign his
name and be openly identified
with anything ho feels is worth
Spelling is so important in
our school, social and business
lives and somehow it seems to
be taken for granted. You
would be surprised at the ev>
eryday words Which are commonly misspelled. S h i r l e y
Schraub has compiled a list of
"100 of the Most Frequently
Misspelled Words", which you
will find most interesting and
informative. You may obtain a
copy by sending a long,
stamped, self addressed envelope and 25 cents in coin to
Shirley Schraub, P.O. Box 633,
Mamaroneck, N.Y. 10543 or
care of this newspaper, requesting this leaflet by name.
Nov8 Coupo &nd Nomsd Station Wsgon top, ImpslQ Sport Coups bottom.
Our traditionally low priced Chevrolet
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