December 2014 - St. Peter's United Church of Christ

Cornerstone Newsletter
December 2014
St. Peter’s Church is a member of the Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ,
a covenanting community promoting congregational health,
vitality and pursuing God’s peace and justice.
125 W. Church St.
Elmhurst, IL 60126
Staff Directory
Rev. Dr. Rich Wolf,
Senior Pastor - ext. 213
Rev. Amanda McEvilly,
Associate Pastor - ext. 211
Rev. Dr. Robert L. Randall,
Pastor Emeritus - ext. 216
Mrs. Karen King,
Dir. of Children’s Ministries - ext. 215
Mr. Matthew Hogan,
Director of Music / Organist
Ms. Jennifer Petkus,
Director of Children’s Music
Ms. Judy Molter,
Office Manager - ext. 100
Mrs. Jan Edgley,
Bookkeeper - ext. 212
Mr. Patrick Gibbons,
2014 Church Council Officers
President: Scott Ahlgrim
Vice President: Betsy Aldred
Secretary: Claudia Burgener
Treasurer: Tricia McColl
Financial Secretary: Gene Losey
Scott Ahlgrim
Jill Graves
Betsy Aldred
Claudia Burgener
Donna Flock
Susan Frick
Gene Losey
Bob Maxwell
Bob Baird
Tricia McColl
Barbara Clarke
Julie Lundgren
Pat Porep
Daniel Caudy
Ralph Westendorf
Chris Heath
Arnie Stein
Tom Wilkin
God is still speaking
at St. Peter's United Church of Christ
"“Never place a period where God has
placed a comma" - (Gracie Allen)
From Dr. Rich Wolf
During Advent and Christmas, we focus on the promise that Christ, the light of the
world, will come to us through the incarnation. If we take incarnational thinking
one step further, it means that God calls us, as followers of the “Light,” to incarnate
the Spirit of Christ to others. An amazing display of this occurred a couple of weeks
ago, right here in Du Page County.
The nearest Jewish synagogue, Congregation Etz Chaim in Lombard, was recently
vandalized during the commission of a hate crime. The perpetrator was arrested in
the act, and found to possess firearms and ammunition at his home that he allegedly
planned to use in the future to “shoot Jews.” The congregation’s Rabbi, Steven Bob,
a friend and colleague of mine for nearly 30 years, invited religious and community
leaders from the area to Etz Chaim for a program, and to offer support if they chose
to do so (pictured above). Rabbi Bob got more than he bargained for. In addition
to national, state, and local elected officials, and Muslim representatives, more than
50 Christian congregations and/or clergy were represented, including several of
us from the UCC communities in Elmhurst. Representative Catholics, Lutherans,
Presbyterians, Methodists, Elmhurst College, and even Wheaton College showed up.
Christ’s light was made incarnate to our neighbors, in a very real way. We showed
That’s what part of the incarnation is, perhaps: just showing up. Just being present at
the times when others need us. Those who have experienced fear, or loss, or grief,
or serious illness know that there are no magic words anyone can say that will make
those feelings go away. But just showing up helps. Maybe that’s why God showed
up… in a manger… in a stable… millennia ago… and in each day of our lives.
Incarnation. Shall we celebrate it… and live it for others.
God’s peace,
Dr. Rich Wolf
Senior Pastor
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From Rev. Amanda McEvilly
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
From Pastor Amanda
Around Halloween, a colleague posted a picture on Facebook of
the manger with zombies. Yes, zombies. The manger was being
set up by two animals and one commented that adding the
zombies was just wrong. The other replied, “Well, it’s not my
fault. When stores start selling Christmas stuff in October, they
gotta expect a few zombies in the manger.” I sat in my office
reading this, laughed out loud when one said, “Aim for the head,
Baby Jesus!” and immediately posted it to my Facebook page.
The idea of zombies in the manger might make some people cringe but I find the humor
in it. Every year Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier. Commercials for holiday
sales and TV channels running 24 hours of holiday movies begin even before the Halloween candy is handed out. So sure, if the stores are going to send out ads for Christmas
toys before Halloween is over, then you bet I’m putting a zombie in the manger.
In all seriousness though, I get it. People enjoy this time of year. December is only
31 days, it comes once a year, and it is a special time. Peppermint coffees and cookies,
carols and songs – this is not stuff you can experience in July. Well, you could but it
wouldn’t be the same.
Every year as the commercials and TV stations begin Christmas earlier and earlier, I
get frustrated. So I joke about adding pilgrims and turkeys to my mother’s Christmas
decorations, though inside, I’m seriously contemplating it. I’m frustrated that this time of
year, the time of anticipation, waiting, and hope, that the true meaning of Christmas is
overlooked. I wonder if it is because church and faith have taken on new meanings in
our society. I wonder if Christmas has become too commercialized. I wonder with no
real answers.
As I boycott listening to Christmas music, enjoying a peppermint latte and wrapping the
presents I’ve bought until after turkey day, I think of Linus standing on that stage with the
spotlight on him in A Charlie Brown Christmas. I remember his words as he recites the
Gospel of Luke and tells about the angels, shepherds, and that lowly manger. Because
that’s the meaning of Christmas.
The hustle and bustle of the season may begin in October but the hope of that tiny baby,
swaddled in that manger begins with Advent and lasts all December. It is the anticipation
of what is to come on Christmas and all the joy and
love that tiny baby brings. That is what Christmas is
all about. That is what our faith focuses and revolves
May God’s hope, peace, joy and love surround you
all this month and into the new year.
Peace, Pastor Amanda
Rev. McEvilly may be reached at 630-530-6000, ext. 211, or [email protected]
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
A Warm Welcome...
A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Members…
On Sunday, November 16th we welcomed 8 new members
into our St. Peter’s family:
John Broek & Alicia Guca
live in Elmhurst. John is an Optometrist and
Alicia wears many hats as a Temp.
Chris & Tricia Goodman
live in Lombard with their children. Chris works in
Web Development and Tricia is a full-time mom and
works part-time in an office.
Pam Masek
lives in Villa Park and is a Hospital
Eric & Margaret Nelson
live in Elmhurst with their children. Eric is a
Mortgage Broker and Margaret is a Lawyer.
Bob Villiard
lives in Elmhurst and is
a Customs Broker
and Freight Forwarder.
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Our Church Family
Page 4
Please keep these
and families
in your prayers:
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
Loss and
Loss and
We extend our sympathy
and prayers
to the
family and friends of
Beryl Edwards,
who passed away
November 4th.
Beryl was the beloved wife of
the late Fred Edwards; loving
mother of Gail (George)
Visser, Scott (Julie) Edwards,
Nancy (Todd) Galloway;
devoted grandmother of
Christopher (Kim), Kevin,
Brian, and Luke Visser, Jason,
Ryan, and Ashley Edwards,
and Tyler and
Jillian Galloway;
great grandmother of two;
and aunt of many
nieces and nephews.
A memorial service led by
Dr. Wolf was held at
Knollcrest Funeral Home,
Lombard, on Saturday,
November 8th.
Memorials to St. Peter’s UCC
or Hinsdale Humane Society,
22 N Elm St, Hinsdale, IL
We extend our sympathy
and prayers to the
family and friends of
Ragnar Moen,
beloved husband of Gerd;
loving father of
Kirsten (Tom) Hinchley,
Andrew Moen,
the late Andrea Moen and
the late Haakon Moen;
proud grandfather of Kyle,
Kristoffer, Chelsey and Codie
Hinchley and Jacqueline and
Cassandra Korinek.
Sue Markuson, Bill Donehoo,
Cathy Brodt, Lynn Oblander,
Evelyn Rusteberg, Lydia Brock,
Sarah Fleege, Carole Zimmer,
Hanna Schade, Joyce Poth,
Ken Peto,
Virlyn & Betty Walter,
Taylor and Mary.
Please let a pastor know…
when you, or someone in your
are admitted to a hospital
or nursing facility.
This will help our pastors
when they come to offer
support and encouragement
during your stay.
If you’ve had
a change of address,
or a change in your
contact information
(phone number or e-mail
please let the office know.
To add someone to our
Prayer List
please contact the
church office.
To add someone to the
Sister2Sister E-mail Prayer list,
please contact Chris Wood at
[email protected]
Celebration of
On Saturday, November 15th
Sebastian Adam Seith
& Kelsey Marie Kaus,
were united in marriage by
Dr. Wolf
in a ceremony at St Peter’s.
Ragnar was the head
groundskeeper for Elmhurst
College for 38 years and
helped to create the Elmhurst
College Arboretum. A service,
led by Dr. Wolf was held on
October 31st at
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
In Memory...
All Saint’s Sunday
Along with comfort and peace, we pray for all of our
members who have lost loved ones.
On All Saint’s Sunday (Memorial Sunday),
November 2nd,
we remembered the following members
of St. Peter’s who passed away during
the church year…
Donna Voss Anderson,
who passed away 01/04/2014
Lucille Brobst,
who passed away 04/12/2014
Michael Hobbs,
who passed away 07/04/2014
Elva Braun,
who passed away 08/01/2014
Brian E. Goebel,
who passed away 07/28/2014
Carol Wittman,
who passed away 10/08/2014
The Saint’s Bell Pole
The following names were added
to the Saints Bell Pole:
Elmer Burgeson
Anne M. Caudy
Daniel G. Caudy
Del & Pat Collins
Michael M. Hobbs
Joseph G. Komendanchik
Ruth M. Komendanchik
Juanita Laaser
Robert O. Laaser
Roy Sather
Elaine Sherman
Donna Voss Anderson
Carol Wittman
Page 5
The Memorial Fund
Gifts to the Memorial Fund have been given in
memory of Carol Wittman
from Dave & Claudia Burgener,
Bill & Carol Chittenden,
Michael & Nancy Choice, Larry & Jackie Fricke,
Brian & Jill Graves, Lorraine Hollis,
Jake & Joanie Molter, Trilby Porter,
Bill & Betsy Schumacher, Joan Schultheis,
Russ & Joyce Weigand,
Allen & Margaret Buchholz,
David & Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Gerleman family,
Ray & Joan Krosnicki, Lanfranki family,
Alice Miller, and Amy’s Hairs to You;
in memory of Donna Voss Anderson
from Russ & Joyce Weigand;
in memory of Beryl Edwards from Kathryn Viskant;
and in memory of Beryl Edwards and
Brian Goebel from Marlene & Jim Dunham.
The Caring Presence Fund
Gifts to the Caring Presence Fund have been given in
memory of Carol Wittman
from Rick & Jane Nunemaker,
and Kenne & Candy Bristol.
The Open Arms Fund
Gifts to the Open Arms Fund have been given in
memory of Brian Goebel
from Barbara & William C. Gooch, Jr.,
and Gloria Hehr;
and in memory of Carol Wittman
from Ralph & Karen Westendorf,
and Kim Schoppe.
The Food Pantry
A gift to the Food Pantry was received
from Irene Kancer.
The Music Fund
A gift to the Music Fund was received
in memory of Beryl Edwards
from Barbara & William C. Gooch, Jr..
The SYF Fund
A gift to the SYF Fund was received in memory of
Chuck Hollis from Lorraine Hollis.
A gift to PADS was received from Joan Nicklas.
Church Council/Business
Page 6
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
Council Briefs from St. Peter’s UCC Council Meeting of 11/18/2014.
(for more details, the complete minutes will be posted on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall)
The following are brief summary items from the November Council Meeting:
Treasurer’s Report
 Operating fund balance ($4,044.21).
Secretary’s Report
 Average weekly attendance for October 2014 was 191.
 Church membership as of October 31, 2014 is 968 reflecting one death.
President’s Report
 The nominating committee for the 2015 Church Council and Endowment Committee has been formed. The
following people represent the committee with an additional person to be named later:
Betsy Aldred-Chairperson, Donna Flock-Council Representative, Ralph Westendorf-Council Representative,
Joan Anderson, Susie Labunski.
Board Reports
 Work continues on the budget with pledges still coming in.
 The Advent giving Tree will be up on November 23 and 30. In December it will become the Mitten Tree.
The Advent Project will benefit Mark Behle’s mission work in Lesotho, Africa.
 The Children’s Ministry Survey is being prepared for distribution to families and teachers of Faith Circuit as
well as to members of the Confirmation Class and SYF.
 A coffee mug rack has been designed and built by Dan Anderson. It will be hung in the northeast corner of
the Parish Hall.
Income for October 2014 was $43,091.95; October 2013 was $27,692.46.
Expenses for October 2014 were $32,855.36; October 2013 were $35,710.32.
The Operating Fund balance as of October 31, 2014 was $8,837.41.
Missions paid as of November 15, 2014: Back Bay Mission-$1,800; PADS-$2,500; Adult Christian Care-$4,000;
Just DuPage-$1,800; Elmhurst College Scholarship-$5,500; Elmhurst College General Fund-$1,600;
Youth Mission Trip-$1,000; Elmhurst Walk-In Ministry (EWIM)-$2,500; OCWM-12,500; Family Shelter-$3,800;
Koinonia House-$1,800; Eden Seminary-$3,100; $2,500-United Community Concerns.
Other Giving: SYF Italian Dinner/Auction-$2,575; Lenten Project (Meals on Wheels)-$2,157;
Sno-cone sale for SYF Mission Trip-$384; Sister2Sister for SCARCE-$200; Elmhurst Yorkfield Food Pantry-$3370 ;
Feed My Starving Children-$531.38; Elmhurst Yorkfield Food Pantry-$25, 000 (Capital Campaign);
Illinois Conference-$2,500; SYF Sleep Out Saturday for Bridge Communities-$1,400.
The Tax Man Cometh…
To make sure your contributions are credited to 2014, donors must deliver or mail and
postmark checks on or by December 31st to claim a charitable contribution deduction for
2014. Checks that are placed in the church offering during the first Sunday worship in
January 2015 WILL NOT qualify for a charitable contribution deduction in 2014 even if
the check is predated to 2014 or actually written in 2014. HOWEVER, checks that are
written, mailed and postmarked in 2014 will be deductible in 2014 even if the church
does not receive them until 2015. (As written by the IRS) The church office will be open
on Wednesday, December 31st until noon to accept contributions.
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
Christmas at St. Peter’s
St. Peter’s
Schedule of Holiday Services
Blue Christmas
Thursday, December 18 at 7 pm
Christmas Eve
Family Worship & Pageant
Wednesday, December 24 at 4 pm
Christmas Eve
Candlelight Services
Wednesday, December 24
at 9 pm & 11 pm
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Children’s Ministries
Page 8
From the
Director of
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people.
Today, in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you,
He is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:10-11 (CEV)
Karen King
FAMILY WORSHIP - December 28, 2014 & January 4, 2015
Faith Circuit will focus on
“the reason for the season,”
December 7th, 14th, and 21st.
Through drama, movie, and song, the story of Christ’s birth
will be explored and celebrated.
Luke: Chapter 2 will serve as the Biblical foundation of this rotation. As has become the
tradition at St. Peter’s Church, the children of Faith Circuit will present a live nativity in the
lobby each Sunday, at the conclusion of the church service. What a great opportunity for the
whole congregation to experience the spirit of Christmas as it is brought to life
by the children of the church!
Volunteers make a difference be a part of the Children’s
Ministries at St. Peter’s!
Looking Ahead….
John the Baptist
Preparing for the Light
Begins January 11, 2015
Those who are being called by
God to serve the children of
Faith Circuit can sign-up on the
Children’s Ministries Bulletin
Board in Parish Hall or contact Karen King
to become a part of the team.
We hope teens are especially feeling called
to volunteer!
Volunteering is easy and rewarding!
Children learn of the one who prepares the
way for the Light of the World John the Baptist.
Children follow John’s life from the
foretelling in Isaiah’s prophecy (Isaiah 53),
his birth, naming, ministry,
to his baptizing Jesus.
Join us in Faith Circuit
for this exciting story!
Karen King can be reached at 630-530-6000, ext. 215, or [email protected]
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
Page 9
Christmas Eve Pageant
Pastor Amanda
Planning for the 4 pm Christmas Eve Family Service is underway!
Help is needed with organizing/fixing costumes and props before,
during and after the pageant.
If your children and youth are interested in participating in
the 4 pm Christmas Eve service,
please contact Pastor Amanda by December 7.
Rehearsals for this service will be held
on Sunday, December 14 and 21 at 11 am
and hopefully go no longer than 12:30 pm.
If you wish to help with costumes and props,
or wish to participate in the service and pageant,
please see Pastor Amanda or contact her at
[email protected] or 630-530-6000 x211.
Confirmation Class & ESS Youth
Page 10
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
Confirmation Class
Confirmation Class Info:
Pastor Amanda
Class #11: Jesus Christ: Human & Divine
11 am-12 pm Youth Room
Confirmand & Mentor Christmas Breakfast
8 am Parish Hall
No Class: Winter Break
Christmas Eve Services
No Class: Winter Break
8th, 7th, 6th
ESS (eighth, seventh, sixth youth)
Upcoming ESS Gatherings:
Sunday, December 14 at 4:30 pm: Caroling
Saturday, January 10 – Sunday, January 11: ESS Lock-in!
Rev. McEvilly may be reached at 630-530-6000, ext. 211, or [email protected]
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
SYF Youth Group
Senior Youth Fellowship
SYF (Senior Youth Fellowship)
Sleep Out Saturday Recap: On Saturday, November 1, 15 SYF youth and adults slept outside to raise awareness of homelessness in DuPage County. Sleep Out Saturday is also an
event to raise funds for Bridge Communities, which assists families in need by providing
housing and tools to get back on their feet. The SYF youth raised about $1,400 in online
and in person donations. On behalf of all the SYF youth and adults, thank you St. Peter’s
for supporting the group and donating to Bridge Communities.
SYF Upcoming Calendar:
 Sunday, December 7 at 6:30 pm: SYF Dirty Santa Christmas Party
 Saturday, December 13 at 7:30 am: United Community Concerns
Packing and Distribution, breakfast to follow
 Sunday, December 14 at 6:30 pm: SYF Gathering
Be sure to check your emails for details regarding each SYF Gathering in December!
SYF Winter Retreat to Tower Hill: It’s coming! Friday, January 16 - Sunday, January 18.
Check your emails for information regarding registration. All registration is due to Pastor
Amanda no later than December 23!
Rev. Amanda McEvilly can be reached at: 630-530-6000, ext. 211 or by e-mail at: [email protected]
Page 11
Page 12
Music Ministries
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
of the
Matt Hogan
Jennifer Petkus
Our choirs are in full force this December to help celebrate the Advent and Christmas seasons!
Throughout the month we will be hearing from all of our various St. Peter’s music groups. In
addition to the wonderful contributions of our Senior Choir, we will hear from our Children’s
Choir, St. Peter’s Bells and the Youth Ensemble. This month will also include the first offering
from our newly formed Youth Bell Choir! They will enhance worship on December 7th with a
bell choir arrangement of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”.
There are many opportunities for all of us to enjoy the music of the season! In addition to
singing and hearing your favorite carols during Sunday worship, there are also live nativities,
Christmas caroling, the Christmas pageant, Christmas Eve services, and a Carol Sing during
worship on December 28th.
Wishing you a blessed Christmas season.
Merry Christmas!
Take Note
Our choirs will have a well deserved break
from rehearsals in late December and early
Please refer to the newsletter calendar for
specific dates.
For more information, contact Matthew Hogan at [email protected] or Jennifer Petkus at [email protected]
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
Sounds of the Season!
Page 13
Christmas Caroling and Dinner
Lessons & Carols
Everyone is invited to come and join us for
Christmas Caroling on Sunday, December 14th, at
4:30 pm, dinner will follow at 6 pm. We try to
bring some extra joy to members, and others, who
may not be able to enjoy the songs of the season
by attending church. All ages are invited to
The Festival of Nine Lessons and
Carols is an Elmhurst College
tradition that bridges the season
of Advent and Christmastide.
In the decorated Chapel, lessons
with hymns and carols enhance
God’s message of love to
reconcile humanity and heal all
of creation. Candles are lit to
remind us that “In Thy light, we
see light.”
If you know of anyone we should include in our
planning, please let us know. It could be someone
who comes to church weekly, you think may
enjoy hearing some carols, a friend or neighbor
who may be having a challenging holiday season.
We will be, as in years past, visiting our congregations’ homebound.
To help our planning, there is a sign up on the
lobby kiosk. Once we have shared our music,
we’ll gather for dinner at the church around 6 pm.
All the food and dessert is provided.
If you have any questions, or know of anyone
who we should include on our list, please call
Barbara Baker at (630) 832-0900. Please help us
warm some hearts with music this Holiday
Lessons and Carols consists
of nine Scripture readings,
combined with choral music
performed by the Elmhurst
College Concert Choir, Chamber
Singers and Women’s Chorus.
When: Friday, December 5th
Where: Hammerschmidt Chapel,
Elmhurst College
Time: 4 pm and 7 pm
Admission is free.
Page 14
Advent Missions
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
Advent at St. Peter’s
Your Mission program at St. Peter’s has planned
an Advent Season that offers a variety
of giving/sharing opportunities… some old,
some new… a way to join in the Spirit of the Season.
Advent Project - Mark Behle/Lesotho, Africa
Mark and his years of devoted history with our UCC Global Ministries and his work in Lesotho,
Africa is not a stranger to St. Peter’s – his parents were members….he remembers attending as a
child and recently visited with us on a Sunday evening program. Mark served as a teacher most
of his time and truly can witness to the need for education and the opportunities it provides not
only to the individual but to his/her country. Mark’s new responsibilities in Administration
continue to center on the need for more schools and more supplies – our
ADVENT PROJECT: COMPUTERS and BOOKS…..for the growing student
population. Please see the Lobby bulletin board for special information on
the country and its people. Need more information? See Global Ministries
UCC ( and search under Behle or Lesotho.
Watch for Pew envelops and special display boxes.
Checks may be made out to “St. Peter’s” with
“Mark Behle” on the memo line.
Bridge Communities
is a DuPage County not-for-profit
organization committed to transforming the lives of homeless families through
meaningful partnerships and mentoring opportunities. St. Peter’s Missions
have met with the founder and other key people and we are pursuing the
opportunity to become a sponsoring church. There is a process – first we
learn, we vote, then we train and then we begin.
On Sunday, January 11th - Mark Milligan will join us for some time during worship and then host
a Snack and Chat to guide us into the understanding and joys of this special program. Make a
note today to join us in the Parlor immediately following our service.
Mark starts us off with some brief descriptions to start us thinking… “Bridge Communities works
through local churches to provide services to homeless in DuPage County. While the local
church provides financial assistance to rent apartments and volunteer mentors to work direct with
the families, Bridge Communities provides professional support in many forms: Housing
resources; Case management; Employment counseling; Child tutoring, and programming, etc.”
Watch your Sunday bulletin for updates before Mark Milligan arrives!
- Barbara Clarke
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
Page 15
Mission Opportunities
Mission Opportunities in
The Giving Tree
This annual event sponsors family gift giving to
local area poor – the names are shared from the
United Community Concerns Association (UCCA).
For those participating in the Giving Tree project,
please note the following schedule to insure gift
(Gifts Tags were selected on:
Nov. 23rd and Nov. 30th)
Gifts need to be Returned to St. Peter’s:
Sunday, December 7th
Gift’s will be Delivered:
Saturday, December 13th
See the display in the Parish Hall.
The Mitten Tree
The Mitten Tree invites a collection of infant,
toddler and children’s winter wear – hats, mittens,
PJs and such. At the end of Advent the Mitten Tree
gifts will be delivered to the Crib program at Night
This is a great opportunity to feel the warmth and
Joy of providing Love to those in need of our
Christian Love.
The Christmas Fund
(Veteran’s of the Cross)
The Christmas Fund is one of our
annual Special Mission Offerings in
the UCC. The proceeds are a critical source of funding in providing
needed support to retired and active
clergy and lay employees.
It enables Christmas Gift Checks to
be sent to low-income retirees;
provide supplementation of Small
Annuities; provide supplementation
to help cover the cost of premiums
for low-income retirees in the UCC
Medicare Supplement Health Plan;
and provides funding to make grants
to clergy and any employees who
find themselves at a moment of financial hardship.
Please make your check payable to
“St. Peter’s”, with “Christmas Fund”
on the memo line.
Page 16
Helping the Community
December 2014 “Cornerstone”
United Community Concerns Association
is looking for volunteers to help with Holiday Food Boxes
Volunteers with Muscles are needed to help United Community
Concerns Association (UCCA) deliver Holiday Food Boxes to over
300 families on Saturday, December 13th from 8 am to 9 am from
the Elmhurst Public Works Garage at 985 S. Riverside Drive. For
more info call Susie Sands at 630-941-8116 or e-mail her at
[email protected]
December Food Pantry Challenge:
Comfort Foods:
What foods make you feel good? Mac & Cheese, PB&J, Chocolate?
Share your favorite non-perishable foods during December.
Non-Food Collection: Toiletries
or - checks may be made out to “St. Peter’s” with “Food Pantry” on the
memo line.
PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter)
The 4th weekend of each month from October to April, we support
the PADS homeless shelter at the Elmhurst Presbyterian Church
on the corner of Spring Rd. & St. Charles. Volunteers are always
needed to help make beds, provide meals, etc. Please stop by the
PADS table and sign up on Sunday!
Grace Café Recap:
St. Peter's served about 55 guests at Grace Café, October 27th.
The weather was in our favor at 72°. Our guests were served an
appetizer of cheese, crackers, and spinach and artichoke dip, homemade chicken pot pie, a Waldorf salad, rolls and butter and a variety
of delicious desserts. Each guest went home with a fall treat bag of
fruit and trail mix.
We had 28 church members of all ages who volunteered to help
that evening: greeting, handing out treat bags, preparing beverages
and food, serving dinner, playing the piano, taking pictures (only of
St. Peter's members), and cleaning up.
In addition, other members donated food, supplies and made
Each and everyone of you helped make this a very special evening
for our guests.
Thank you so much for your support.
- Sandy Biegel
Coming Soon: The Mug Rack
Very soon, a mug rack will appear in the Northeast corner of the
Parish Hall for those who wish to have a “green” coffee after church.
Space is limited, and the Trustees wish to thank Dan Anderson for
his handiwork in providing a place for those who wish to have their
own mug in lieu of using a Styrofoam cup and help in saving the
environment. Watch for the rack, and bring a mug to church.
Calling All College Freshmen!
The Youth Committee is compiling a list of all the current college
freshmen. If you have a young adult in their first year at college,
please send their name, address, school name and colors to
Lori Catalano at [email protected] no later than December 7th .
2015 Altar Flowers
The flower chart will be available on the church office window
beginning Sunday, December 7th for those who wish to sponsor the
altar centerpiece or vases on a particular Sunday.
Brian’s Bake Sale for Mission
Many thanks to all of you who contributed to our 10th Annual
Brian’s Bake Sale for Mission. Over 100 items were given by
members to satisfy some demanding palates. Those who donated
contributed $1,155.00 toward our mission work!
Whether you made a special baked good, or opened your
checkbook or wallet, we hope you enjoyed it! It was a blessing to
see the eyes of the children as they selected their favorite thing.
When your donations are put to work by our Mission Committee,
the love and kind spirit of our church members will be felt a long
way beyond St. Peter’s. Thank you!
- Michael, Barbara & Brian Baker
(Anniversaries are listed at 5 year
increments and those over 50 years)
Leonard & Darlene Boldebuck
50 years - December 21
Candy Casazza
Naomi Caswin-Meszaros
Scott Fowler
Rosemary Postula
Danielle Postula
Craig Tiede
17 Ken Peto
18 Bob Howard
Connie Zillig
19 Marcia Goltermann
Lee Selig
Janie Nunemaker
Bob Goltermann
Darrell Whistler
Daniel Caudy
Kent Sands
Gary Goebel
Emma Lefley
20 Carol Seith
Irene Kancer
Shaheen Wolff
Luke Grischow
Reid Smith
Lynn Oblander
Haley Gunst
22 Ted Stoik
Matthew Reher
Carol Doyle-Bergheger
Susan Frick
David Montgomery
23 Toni Stearns
Carol Jones
Joy Squier
Lara Templeman
24 Patricia Mukosey
Bill Chittenden
Gloria Hehr
Fred Grischow
Ann Mahoney
25 Mary Donehoo
Julia Coan
Laura Bristol-Meyer
10 Myron Walling
Mary Donahue
12 Jacob Lundgren
Jenna Lundgren
13 Carol Chittenden
Keeley Hagan
Renny Hagan
Isabella Stanley
14 Judi Stehlik
Bob Maxwell
Frank Soldano
James Nikoleit, Jr.
15 Dorothy Krause
16 Emma Voss
Dale Krafft
Michael Hilgendorf
Richard & Janet Lenowiecki
50 years - December 21
Ron & Audrey Westphal
57 years - December 22
Fred & Joan Widicus
58 years - December 23
Bill & Betsy Schumacher
62 years - December 01
21 Julie Maxwell
Patrick Howard
27 Barbara Tilden
Jane Montgomery
Dawn Hehr
28 Mary Goebel
Vivian Stogis
Holly Linneweh
Bill Seith
Jorie Lagerwey
Savannah Harrington
29 Margie Kouba
Nicole Norman
30 William C. Gooch, Jr.
Monte Weirman
Lisa Fine
31 Georgia Kernaghan
Blue Christmas
December 18
at 7 pm
Christmas Eve
Family Worship
& Pageant
December 24
at 4 pm
Christmas Eve
December 24
at 9 pm & 11 pm
8 Book Group
9:30 Family Worship
28 Carol-palooza!
8 Book Group
9:30 Worship & FC
10:30 Live Nativity
10:45 Core Mission
11 Pageant Rehearsal
3 Brownies #1922
7 Leo Club
7 PRC Computer Class
7:30 York HS Event
15 Newsletter Deadline
7 PRC Computer Class
7 Leo Club
7 PRC Computer Class
2 Daisies #50266
7 Emmaus Group
7 PRC Computer Class
21 4th Sunday of Advent 22
8 Book Group
8 Confirmand/Mentor Brkfst
9:30 Worship & FC
10:30 Live Nativity
10:30 Youth Ensemble
10:45 Search Committee
11 Youth Bell Choir
11 Pageant Rehearsal
4:30 Caroling & Dinner
4:30 ESS Caroling
6:30 SYF - Hangin’ Out
14 3rd Sunday of Advent
2nd Sunday of Advent
8 Book Group
9:30 Worship & FC
10:30 Live Nativity
10:45 St. Peter’s Bells
10:45 Sunday Singers
11 Confirmation Class
1 Roberts Memorial Service
6:30 SYF - Dirty Santa
Advent and Christmas
3 Brownies #51653
7 Deacons/Elders/Trustees
8 Council
8:30 EWIM Event
at St. Peter’s
(Office closes at noon)
31 New Year’s Eve
4 Family & Pageant
9 Candlelight
11 Candlelight
(Office closes at noon)
24 Christmas Eve
7 PRC Computer Class
9:15 The Cut-ups
9:30 Knitters
3:40 Children’s Choir
7 Senior Choir
7 PRC Computer Class
7 PRC Computer Class
(Office closed)
January 1st
New Year’s Day
25 Christmas Day
7 Blue Christmas
10 Alzheimer Group
6:30 O’Brother
7 Senior Choir
6:30 Youth Committee
3:40 Children’s Choir
6-9 ICCP using parking lot
1 Wedding
6 PADS Set up
9:30 Senior Choir
7:30 SYF at UCCA
(Food packing &
Brkfst = Breakfast
CMA = Chicago Metropolitan Association
EWIM = Elmhurst Walk In Ministry
ESS = 8th, 7th, 6th Youth Group - grades 6-8
FC = Faith Circuit Sunday School
ICCP = Immaculate Conception College Prep
M&M = Membership Growth & Marketing Team
PRC = People’s Resource Center
SYF = Senior Youth Fellowship - grades 9-12
3 Jr Girl Scouts #43008
8:30 M&M Team
9-1 Tree Town Event
1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31
January 2015
6 Tree Town Set up
Christmas Eve Worship Schedule:
4 Family & Pageant
9 Candlelight
11 Candlelight
Blue Christmas:
December 18th - 7 pm
Christmas Caroling:
December 14th - 4 pm
125 W Church St Elmhurst Illinois 60126
of of
United Church
Sunday Worship at St. Peter’s:
9:30 am
Faith Circuit Sunday School
and Childcare:
9:30 am
Church Office Hours:
9 am to 4:30 pm: Mon-Fri
Closed at Noon Christmas Eve
Closed Christmas Day
Closed at Noon New Year’s Eve
Closed New Year’s Day
Blue Christmas
Thursday, December
18 at 7 pm
Christmas Eve
Family Worship & Pageant
Wednesday, December 24 at 4 pm
To submit an article or share your
news with us in the newsletter,
or to put an event on the calendar,
please send your information to
[email protected]
by the 15th of the month.
You may receive newsletters
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Christmas Eve Candlelight Services
Wednesday, December 24
at 9 pm & 11 pm