Video Head Impulse Test

ICS Impulse® System
USB 2.0 to PC
Power Supply:
Device is powered through USB: 5V DC/500mA
Performance Characteristics
Inputs Head:
9 Axis Motion Sensor
Inputs Eye:
Monocular (Right eye only)
Sampling Rate:
250 Hz for Head Impulse Test; Option of 30, 60 or 120 Hz for Video Recording
Eye Tracking:
100 pixels x 100 pixels.
OTOsuite ® Vestibular software:
Windows Graphical User Interface; High Performance Analysis Software; Database Storage of
Test Data; Sophisticated Patient and Test Data Management
Greater precision...
Laser specifications:
Wavelength Maximum:
660 nm
Output power Maximum:
0.9 mW
...faster diagnosis
Goggle Dimensions:
7.25 in (18.4 cm)
0.5 in (1.3 cm) to 1.75 in (4.4 cm)
1.75 in (4.4 cm)
2.1 oz (60 g)
Safety Complies with UL 60601-1, 1st ed.: 2003, CAN/CSA-22.2 No. 601.1-M90, IEC 60601-1 (2005), 3. ed.: 1988 + A1 + A2, IEC 62471, 1st.ed., IEC 60825-1, 2.ed.
EMC complies with IEC 6061-1-2: 2007
PC Requirements
Minimum computer requirements:
Operating System:
Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit Professional, Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit Professional, Windows
XP 32-bit Professional SP3
Intel i5 processor
64-bit (Windows 8 or Windows 7): 6 GB
32-bit (Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows XP): 4 G
Disk Space:
300 GB
One USB 2.0 (for the goggles) and one USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 (for the synchronized room video)
DVD Drive:
1600 x 900 Screen resolution
Mouse, keyboard
Internet access:
An Internet connection on the ICS Impulse computer is recommended during installation for
installing synchronized room camera.
Note. Our recommended computer brands are Lenovo™, Dell™, Hewlett Packard™, and Sony™. Installation problems were experienced with Acer™.
Software and hardware improvements make
the assessment experience more comprehensible and comfortable for you and your
Building on user experiences and relationships with key opinion leaders we have
made gold standard vestibular assessment
accessible no matter where you test.
We have refined our way of developing
vestibular assessment systems to match the
exact needs of clinics, enabling greater precision and faster diagnosis.
Based on our history and balance testing
breakthroughs we develop systems that
maintain relevant traditional tests while
providing groundbreaking functionality that
is changing vestibular testing today, and
Sponsor of Balance Awareness Week
GN Otometrics, Europe. +45 45 75 55 55. [email protected]
GN Otometrics, North America. 1-800-289-2150. [email protected]
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Copyright © GN Otometrics. 2014/02. 7-26-9899-EN/04. Part no. 7-26-98909-EN.
Goggle have 2 built-in calibration lasers for patient calibration
Video Head Impulse Test
Bringing diagnostic accuracy
and efficiency into balance testing
More than 20 years
of research and development
A visit to Sydney Australia creates excitement and spawns
a collaboration for Otometrics. The lateral video head
impulse test is proven to have
comparable results as scleral
search coils.
Gold standard vestibular
testing in the clinic
ICS Impulse is launched proving reliable lateral vHIT data
is possible and introducing
the new gold standard.
Assess all six semicircular
ICS Impulse is further developed
to include the anterior and posterior canals (LARP/RALP), operator feedback, and synchronized
room video for the video record/
playback mode.
USB Impulse goggle
ICS Impulse continues to
evolve with a USB goggle
along with software
enhancements: head position
feedback for LARP/RALP, Hex
plot, and high resolution
vector based graphics.
Only video head impulse system approved by Drs Halmagyi and Curthoys
More than two decades of testing
ICS Impulse® is the first and only HIT system to be approved
by Drs. Michael Halmagyi and Ian Curthoys, whose groundbreaking work first brought HIT to the attention of the world
in 1988.
What is Head Impulse Testing?
A side of lesion specific test that identifies which ear is affected
in cases of peripheral vestibular loss. Patients with a vestibular
loss will exhibit a corrective saccadic eye movement (a “catchup” saccade) either during or after the head impulse.
Unsurpassed diagnostic precision in less than 10 minutes
In addition to providing an accurate, objective measure of the
vestibulo-ocular reflex, the ICS Impulse allows clinicians to test
patients with spontaneous nystagmus. Both overt and covert
saccades can be detected allowing for proper diagnosis and
rehabilitation recommendations. The vestibular function of all
six semicircular canals can be assessed and documented in less
than 10 minutes from patient entry to reporting.
Assess all six Semicircular Canals
Head Impulse test is the only test available to assess all six
semicircular canals (lateral, anterior, and posterior).
Complete your test
by assessing lateral,
anterior and posterior
semicircular canals in
less than 10 minutes
Head Position feedback precisely tracks motion in
free space.
Multiple test sessions can be compared using progress
graphs and progress data.
Assess all six Semicircular Canals and easily view data
results. Multiple report options: one-page, multiple test
sessions, Hex Plot and large traces.
Features and Benefits
Ultra-sensitive, High speed USB camera (250 Hz)
• Records fast eye movements that allow for identification of overt and covert saccades
• More comfortable for the patient with smaller amplitudes of head movement needed
Superior Head Motion Sensor for accurate head velocity measurement
• Ensures proper position of patient’s head for LARP/RALP testing by precisely tracking
motion in free space with superior stability and response time
• Provides operator feedback if head impulse was properly performed ensuring correct data analysis
Built-in calibration lasers
• Calibration is quick and easy, using two lasers incorporated into the goggle
• Portable system with no need for additional hardware
• Test can be performed anywhere with limited space needed (clinic, emergency room, etc.)
Head impulse algorithms based on 20 years of research
• Developed by HIT pioneers Drs. Michael Halmagyi and Ian Curthoys
• Inaccurate head impulse data is automatically discarded and only accurate data is analyzed
• Builds trust that your interpretation and diagnosis are based on accurate data
Improved Patient Care
The sophisticated camera enables the use of smaller velocity
head impulses of only 15 to 20 degrees, and the goggles are
the lightest in the industry, making the test more pleasant for
the patient.
2-D and 3-D analyses with published normative data.
Small and compact for ultimate portability
• Easy and efficient for bedside testing and better patient care
• Enables accurate testing of acute and immobile patients
Record eye and room video synchronously
• Utilize ICS Impulse goggles for other vestibular tests
• Choose recording and viewing speed allowing you to review data in slow motion for better analysis - the product - the research
Data sharing
• Ability to network multiple systems on a shared database
• Ability to export data in several formats to share with colleagues or for research purposes