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Cincinnati Children’s College
Hill Campus
Residential Treatment Program
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Cincinati Children’s Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
College Hill Campus
5642 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45224
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Cincinnati Children’s
A Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Referrals: (513) 636-0820 Fax: (513) 636-0810
College Hill Campus
Residential Treatment Program
The residential treatment program at the College Hill Campus of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Medical Center is a place where youth who need psychiatric care over extended periods of time
can receive therapeutic treatment. The program helps children and adolescents make healthy
decisions and express their emotions through appropriate communication. The residential
treatment program is for both males and females, ages 9to 18. Length of stay is between one to
12 months with the average length of stay around 120 days. The psychiatry treatment staff
utilizes an interactive collaborative approach and continually focuses on Family-Centered Care.
The trained / certified staff partners with youth and families in order to:
• Teach new thinking and behavioral skills to improve overall functioning abilities
• Improve parent / guardian abilities to manage difficult behaviors and improve
family satisfaction
Program Environment
Youth are under constant supervision in a secure, safe environment. Cincinnati Children’s College
Hill Campus is located on 25 acres of peaceful, wooded land in a Cincinnati suburb called College
Hill. The residential treatment program offers a living area with a home-like atmosphere that
includes a kitchen on each unit, bedrooms and private baths. An educational wing and indoor
and outdoor recreation areas are also provided. The College Hill Campus is under constant CCTV
monitoring. It is important to understand that all persons, entering and exiting are videotaped.
Program Focus
The College Hill Campus residential treatment program helps children and adolescents express
their emotions through appropriate communication and behaviors to enable them to make
healthy, positive decisions. Treatment is geared toward helping the youth develop self awareness
and self-esteem and ultimately increasing their ability to be an active, productive member in their
community. The focus of the program is essential behavioral treatment, intense family
involvement, educational and vocational rehabilitation, milieu and experiential therapy and
community re-entry services.
Treatment at College Hill Campus is provided by many different professionals including Board
Certified Psychiatrists, Registered Nurses / Licensed Practicing Nurses, Pharmacists, Therapists,
Lead Mental Health Specialists, Recreational Therapists, Behavioral Specialists, Chaplain
Services and teacher aids provided by Cincinnati Public School District. Many other services and
professionals are available for consultation within the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical
Center located 6.4 miles from Cincinnati Children’s College Hill Campus.
Admission Criteria
Meets DSM-IV criteria for a diagnosed psychiatric illness
The pattern of severe impairment is due to a psychiatric illness
Ages 9 to 18: Males and females
Demonstrated developmental capabilities to respond to structured behavioral program
History of sexual perpetration, fire-setting, pre-meditated or potential violent behavior
and/or substance abuse requires an additional evaluation prior to admission and cannot
be the youth’s primary reason for referral to Cincinnati Children’s College Hill Campus
Partners in Care
Proper and timely communication is essential with referring physicians, agencies and families.
The psychiatry staff at Cincinnati Children’s is committed to the continuum of care each youth
receives. Ongoing communication will occur throughout the treatment process and will include
frequent verbal communication and written reports.
Treatment Components
The Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children’s utilizes the College Hill
Campus facility to provide many different therapeutic opportunities through the residential
treatment program. The treatment program includes:
Individualized assessments
Individual therapy
Milieu therapy
Expressive therapy
Family therapy
Issue-focused groups
Life skills training
Behavior modification
Parenting / support groups
Animal therapy
Recreation therapy
Vocational rehabilitation
Cincinnati Public School
education services
Progression/merit system
24-hour nursing and
medication management
Non-denominational spiritual
Community reintegration
Outreach, Educational and Support Services
Our outreach and support services include helping families contact available resources for
children and adolescents within Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and throughout
the Cincinnati area. For more information on Cincinnati Children's and community resources,
please call 513-636-4124 or 1-800-344-2462 ext. 64124 or check out our website information at
Licensing and Accreditation
Ohio Department of Mental Health
9 License to Operate a Private Psychiatric Hospital
9 Mental Health Agency Certification
9 License to Conduct a Residential Care Facility
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization
9 Behavioral Health Accreditation
Title IV E Federal Participation Certified Agency
Commercial Insurance
Medicaid Certified
(Pharmacologic Management, Behavioral Therapy, Diagnostic
For further funding and /or contract questions, please contact:
Debbie Brown
Financial Senior Representative III
Cincinnati Children’s College Hill Campus
Fax: 513-636-0810
[email protected]
Gregory Renzenbrink
Business Director / Contracts
Cincinnati Children’s College Hill Campus
Fax: 513-636-0810
[email protected]
A Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
College Hill Campus
Residential Treatment Program
Referrals: (513) 636-0820
Fax: (513) 636-0810
Please submit the following documents listed below
Initial Referral Information
Referral Application
DAF: Current or Past documentation
(Diagnostic assessments, Summaries, Treatment Plans)
Health Related Documentation
Psychiatric Evaluation
Psychological Evaluation with IQ
Medication History
Complete drug/alcohol assessment (within 6 months if youth is using)
Discharge Summaries from prior placements/hospitalizations
Immunization Record / Vaccine and Health Information
Most Recent Physical Exam/Dental Exam
History/Evaluation of OT, PT and Speech Therapy
Social Service and Legal Documentation
Social History
Legal History
Educational Documentation
Educational information: current IEP, MFE, 504 Plan, SBH, etc. statement of
special educational needs. Must send copy of IEP or 504 Plan
The home school district is required for payment of residential educational
services. Must send a copy of court order if applicable
Billing Information
Funding source (agency contract, Medicaid, insurance, etc)
All insurance/Medicaid information (photocopy of front/back of card)
Copy of your last paycheck stub
Copy of your unemployment check, child support or alimony check
Copy of any other official government or income form (SSI, etc.)
Number of dependents
Cincinnati Children’s College Hill Campus
Admission Intake Coordinator
5642 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45224
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Cincinnati Children’s A Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
College Hill Campus Residential Treatment Program
Previous Referral
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Social Security #
(street, city, state, zip)
Parent/Guardian Name(s)
Home Phone (area code)
Work/Cell (area code)
Parent's School District
Current Grade
Current School Placement
IEP or 504 (circle)
School Contact
(name / title, number)
School Address
(Please include front and back copy of Insurance or Medicaid card)
Funding Source
(i.e. Insurance / Medicaid card,
agency billing information)
Parent/Guardian Name(s)
(street, city, state, zip)
Business Phone
(area code)
Fax Number
(area code)
Additional Agencies/Providers involved with youth: (name / title, address, contact number)
1. Primary Psychiatric Disorder
2. Developmental/Personality Disorders
3. IQ
4. Medical Problems
5. Social Problems
Presenting Problem
Expectations of Residential Treatment
- Please submit the Patient Referral Information page to –
Cincinnati Children’s College Hill Campus
513-636-0820 or 1-866-304-8761
Admission Intake Coordinator
5642 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45224