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Children’s Literature & Educational Books
Sir Ratan Tata Trust and Navajbai Ratan
Tata Trust are amongst the oldest philanthropic foundations in the country. The
Trusts support institutions and initiatives
engaged in developmental and creative
endeavours. Through its grant making, the
Trusts promote development action and
knowledge building in various fields. In
Education, Trusts are focusing on facilitating systemic reform and strengthening
elementary education as a field of study. The
Trusts recognize that there is scarcity of age
appropriate reading material for children in
various Indian languages. Identifying this
need, the Trusts launched the publication
initiative, Parag.
Parag aims at:
Development and publication children’s
literature and educational material in
various Indian languages.
Creating channels for dissemination.
Facilitate development of platform for
sharing among key stakeholders.
Developing children’s literature as a
field through creating resource material,
promoting research and deliberations.
Promoting reading amongst children
and educators.
Some of the key partners of the Trusts
under Parag, whose titles published from
2005 till date. Partnerships that are yet to
result into publication of new titles are not
captured in the current catalogue.
Eklavya, Bhopal is a well-known educational organization that develops, field tests
educational innovations, provides resource
support, develops curricular material and
publishes children’s literature and educational material in Hindi, English and Urdu.
Eklavya has published over 100 titles with
support from Parag, which includes a range
of educational classics, children’s books,
magazines, instructional material and learning aids.
[email protected]
Centre for Learning Resources (CLR), Pune
is a technical support organisation, providing training and materials for improving
quality of elementary and early childhood
education. The Trusts have supported CLR for
publishing 20 recreational and supplementary reading materials in Marathi-English and
Hindi-English format, as well as reference
books and instructional workbooks for enhancing English language skills of students
learning in the regional language.
[email protected]
Anveshi - Research Centre for Women’s
Studies, Hyderabad is a support group and
a think tank on women’s issues focusing
on various themes including education.
The Trusts supported Anveshi for a project
called ‘Different Tales’ that captured diverse
lived experiences of children from rural and
marginalized communities by publishing a
selection of folk tales, songs, fictional and
autobiographical narratives in Telugu, Malayalam and English.
[email protected]
In addition, the catalogue also includes four
workbooks / instructional material published
by Jyotsna Prakashan, Pune as part of its
collaboration with two of the Trust’s partners
– Pragat Shikshan Sanstha, Phaltan and
Vanasthali Rural Development Centre, Pune.
This catalogue will provide you an overview of various kinds of books, their central
themes and ideas.
The books are categorized according to age
groups and genres. However, the categorization is suggestive and their most effective
usage lies in the hands of readers/story
tellers/educators/parents. Books marked
for ages 6+ can be well read aloud to young
children while Teachers’ Resource books can
be read by teens. Books are listed under one
category to avoid duplication.
This annotated catalogue lists the books
published by three of Trust’s partners, under
the following categories.
a) Picture Books
b) Poems
c) Young Readers
d) Activity Books
e) Teachers’ Resource Books
Title of books indicate languages in which
the book is available. If a book is available in
multiple languages same is mentioned.
More books are being developed with support from Parag and we hope to update
the catalogue from time to time and also
create an online version. We welcome your
Sir Ratan Tata Trust
Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust
Bombay House
Homi Modi Street
Mumbai 400001
Phone: 022-66658282
Website: www.srtt.org
6+ Read Alone, 3+ Read Aloud
‘Aao Padhe’: Reading
Series/ Let’s Read
(Set of 10 bilingual booklets)
Nav Chali
Story & Illustrations: V. Suteyev
English title: Me Too;
ISBN: 978-81-89976-25-5, Price: 20/Title available in Hindi, English and Urdu
A newly hatched chick is following a duckling… Do they get
into trouble? Beautiful and warm
illustrations enliven the story.
Chuhe Ko Milee Pencil
Story & Illustrations: V. Suteyev
Translation: Manzoor Ehteshaam
ISBN: 978-81-87171-92-8
Price: Rs. 15/Publisher: Eklavya
Urdu title: ISBN: 978-81-89976-30-9;
Price: Rs. 15/Title available in Hindi, English and Urdu
A story of five friends a frog, a
chicken, a rat, a lady bird, and an
ant. While strolling along they
reached a pond and were tempted
to swim in it. No one except frog
knew how to swim! Find out how
all the animals sailed through the
pond even before the frog could.
The dramatic pictures add to the
mystery element of the story.
Mein Bhi…
Story & Illustrations: V. Suteyev
Translation: Kehkashaan Anwar
Black, brown and white kitten
are on a spree to catch a rat. Read
to find out where the spree takes
them. Simple text and striking
visuals makes this a delightful
read. Also available in big book
format, which is ideal for read
aloud in the classroom.
Original Marathi Text:
Mini Srinivasan
Illustration: Jeyanthi Manokaran
Design: Sandhya Radkar
English Translation: Zakiya Kurrien
ISBN: 81-89883-01-1
Price: Rs. 150/Publisher: Centre for Learning Resources,
Title available in Marathi- English (bilingual)
ISBN: 978-81-89976-41-5
Price: Rs. 15/Publisher: Eklavya
Title available in English and Hindi
A hilarious picture story of a
mouse who found a pencil. Find
out what mouse does with the pencil. Creatively illustrated picture
book moves the story on.
Mein to Billi Hoon!
Story: Rinchin
Illustrations: Jitendra Thakur
The bilingual, Marathi-English text
series are extremely motivating for
beginner readers who are growing
into reading independently. Originally written in Marathi, texts in
this series are graded into booklets
1 to 6; according to the ‘barakhadi’
sequence. Vocabulary throughout
the text contain no conjunct letters. Exciting themes, short, simple
sentences and repeated words at
regular intervals and illustrations
assist in making this initial reading
easy and enjoyable for beginners.
The Three Kittens
Story & Illustrations: V. Suteyev
SBN: 978-81-89976-37-8
Price: Rs. 15/Publisher: Eklavya
Hindi title: Mein Bhi;
ISBN: 978-81-87171-90-4, Price: 15/-
Publisher: Eklavya
Hindi title: Billi Ke Bachche;
ISBN: 978-81-89976-08-8; Price: Rs. 20/Urdu title: ISBN: 978-81-89976-69-9; Price:
Rs. 20/- (Big book available, Rs. 150/-)
Title available in Hindi, English and Urdu
ISBN: 978-81-89976-07-1
Price: Rs. 25/-
ISBN: 9788189976668
Price: Rs . 24/Publisher: Eklavya
English title: I am a Cat!; Translated by:
Susheel Joshi; ISBN: 9788189976651;
Price: Rs. 32/Title available in Hindi and English
Little Tinti thinks she is a cat! But
her mother says that Tinti is her
little girl. Read and find out who is
Tinti? Onomatopoeic words and
charming pictures enhance the
reading of mischievous Tinti.
Pehla Ghar/ The First
House: Santhali Folktale
Retold by: Jane Sahi
Illustrations: Ranu Titus
ISBN: 978-81-89976-61-3
Price: Rs. 20/Publisher: Eklavya
Title available in Hindi- English (bilingual)
A bilingual, Santhali folktale about
two friends who set out to build a
house for the first time in the history of civilization. Unfortunately,
no one has an idea about building
houses. Read and find out who
helped them and how they built a
fascinating house.
conversations of two children in
this story. Illustrations capture the
antics of the two children in this
Tumne Mera Anda to
Nahin Dekha?
Illustrations: Kanak
Urdu Translation: Kehkashaan
How Pranav Went to
Author: Nandini Nayar
Illustrations: Dileep Chinchalker
ISBN: 978-81-89976-52-1
Price: Rs. 22/Publisher: Eklavya
Title available in Hindi and English
Little Pranav is going to school
for the first time. Read this
touching story to experience the
ocean of emotions that a child
experiences before going to
school. Endearing pictures
rightly capture the many moods
of Pranav.
School Mein Pranav ka
Pehla Din
Author: Nandini Nayar
Illustrations: Dileep Chinchalker
Translation: Shivnarayan Gaur
ISBN: 978-81-89976-86-6
Price: Rs. 25/Publisher: Eklavya
Title available in Hindi and English
On the first day of school, Pranav
looks with astonishment at the
children and the school. Find
out, why is he puzzled and how
he spent his first day in school.
Warm colours in the illustrations
enhance the story.
ISBN: 978-81-89976-31-6
Price: Rs. 28/Publisher: Eklavya
Hindi title: Illustrations: Viplav Rashi;
ISBN: 81-87171-80-4; Price: Rs. 28/Title available in Hindi and Urdu
Mamma Hen is in search of her
lost egg! She went pillar to post to
look for it. Will she be able to find
it? Big, beautiful illustrations help
the story move along.
Haathi ki Hichki
Author: James Preylar
Illustrations: Hans Vilhame
Translation: Poorva Varma
ISBN: 978-81-7655-674-3
Price: Rs. 40/Publisher: Scholastic for Eklavya
Hic…hic…hic…! Poor elephant
is troubled by non-stop hiccups.
Who’s going to help him? Beautifully drawn illustrations show the
pain of the elephant.
Mendak Ka Nashta
Author: D. Lilleguard
Illustrations: Jerry Gimmerman
Translation: Arundhati Devsthale
ISBN: 978-81-7655-891-4
Price: Rs. 30/Publisher: Scholastic for Eklavya
Simple text, lively pictures tell the
story of a frog who doesn’t want to
move at all for its breakfast. Will it
get to eat anything? Find out!
Author: Ghanshyam Tiwari
Illustrations: Dhananjay
Urdu Translation: Manzoor
Editorial Advice: Anware Islam
ISBN: 978-81-89976-32-3
Price: Rs. 12/Publisher: Eklavya
Hindi title: Nana-Nani; ISBN: 978-81-8717187-4; Price: Rs. 12/Title available in Hindi and Urdu
Who is the taller one? Nani or
Nana? Find out in the playful
Niloufar Ki Muskaan
Author: Akram Ghasempour
Illustrations: Nasim Azadi
Translation: Shashi Sablok
ISBN: 81-87171-65-1
Price: Rs. 30/Publisher: Joint publication Eklavya and
Niloufar is in search of something…her SMILE! She looks
under the bed, in her drawing
book…Read and find out where
Niloufer finds her smile. Beautiful,
warm coloured illustrations will
also make you smile with Niloufar.
Title available in Hindi and English
Kitab! Kitab! Kitab!
Author: Debora Bruce
Illustrations: Tifani Beekey
Translation: Arundhati Devsthale
ISBN: 978-81-7655-906-5
Price: Rs. 50/Publisher: Scholastic for Eklavya
The children have gone off to the
school, leaving the animals
behind who are bored.
Fortunately, a Hen comes up
with a brilliant idea which allows
everyone to enjoy themselves
except Frog. Read to know why
frog is unhappy.
Retold by: Jitendra Kumar
Illustrations: Durgabai Vyam
ISBN: 978-81-89976-79-8
Price: Rs. 25/Publisher: Eklavya
Title available in Hindi and Urdu
(Big book: ISBN: 978-81-8997602-6; Price: Rs. 120/-)
First big book format
in Hindi!
Emperor Akbar wishes to learn
everything there is to learn in the
world. Witty Birbal makes inquisitive Emperor Akbar realize that
the whole world is a classroom,
and we all are but students! Illustrations that reflect Mughal art
transport the readers to the era of
An amusing story of Birju and
his love for khichdi. This book
makes a good classroom readaloud resource for both story and
Khichdi… Ek Lok Katha is the
first book in Hindi that is available in the big book format.
The Princess Who Never
Smiled/ Rajkumari Jo
Kabhi Nahi Hasi
How Do We Weigh
Story and Illustrations:
Indu Harikumar
Illustrations: Deepa Balsavar
Design: Priti Rajwade
Title available in English and Hindi
ISBN: 9788189976842
Price: Rs. 40/Hindi title: Appukuttan ko Taulen Kaise? ;
ISBN: 9788189976835; Price: Rs. 30
Publisher: Eklavya
Title available in Hindi and English
ISBN: 978-81-89976-71-2
Price: Rs. 40/Hindi title: Shehensha Akbar ko Kaun Sikhayega? ; ISBN: 978-81-89976-72-9;
Price: Rs. 30/Publisher: Eklavya
Appu wants to know his weight.
How can this be done?
Read to find out in this wonderful
book that brings math and
science to the story in an
engaging way.
Who Will Teach Emperor
Khichdi… Ek Lok Katha
Adapted & Illustrated by: Jeyanthi
Cover & Book Design: Rashmi
Hindi Translation: Sonali Sathye &
Meeta Srivastava
ISBN: 81-903481-5-9
Price: Rs. 80/Publisher: Centre for Learning Resources,
English-Marathi title: Na Hasleli Rajkanya;
Marathi Translation: Anjali Pimpalkhare;
ISBN: 81- 903481-4-0; Price: Rs. 80
English-Urdu title: Urdu Translation: Rehana
Ilyas Sayyed; ISBN: 978-81-89895-62-4;
Price: Rs.75/Title available in English- Hindi, English- Marathi, English- Urdu (bilingual)
The palace is very sad, Princess
Jayanti never smiles! The anxious King and the people of the
kingdom are trying hard to make
the Princess smile. Is she going to
smile? A charming bilingual story
with bright colourful, intricate
illustrations makes it appealing to
the readers.
O Flowering Tree…
Illustrations: Ranu Titus
ISBN: 978-81-89976-39-2
Price: Rs.22/Publisher: Eklavya
Urdu Translation: Manzoor
Aihteshaam; Editorial Advice:
Anware Islaam
Hindi title: O Hariyale Ped…; ISBN: 97881-89976-01-9, Price: 22/-
Title available in
Hindi, Hindi- Urdu (bilingual)
A bilingual (English-Urdu) Oriya
folktale beautifully shows the
cyclic and intertwined nature of
life. Find out, what happens to the
flowering tree and its connection
with an ant.
Little Bagha
Story and Illustrations: Supurna
ISBN: 978-81-89976-21-7
Price: Rs. 35/Publisher: Eklavya
Hindi title: Nanha Bagha; ISBN: 978-81-
89976-20-0; Price: Rs. 25/Title available in Hindi and English
Little Bagha is proud of his mum
the tigress Baghini. One roar from
the tigress makes all the animals
run helter-skelter! But Little Bagha
wants to know if the animals are
frightened of him too? He decides
to test his frightening skills one
day. Read to find out if they work.
Lithographic illustrations make it
Nanhe Chuze ki Dost…Ek
Author: Ravender Kumar ‘Ravi’
Illustrations: Kanak
ISBN: 978-81-87171-55-3
Price: Rs. 18/Publisher: Eklavya
Urdu: ISBN: 978-81-89976-36-1;
Price: Rs. 20/Title available in Hindi and Urdu
In this engaging book with black
and white illustrations an unusual
friendship is shared between a cat
and a duckling. Read to know how.
I Made a Line
Story and Pictures: Leonard Kessler
ISBN: 81-87171-76-6
Price: Rs. 42/Publisher: Eklavya
Hindi title: Maine Ek Line Banai; ISBN: 97881-87171-74-4; Price: Rs. 32/Title available in Hindi and English
What can you create with a line? In
this book, you learn all about the
magic of creation with lines and
circles. Read to discover.
Baarish Ka Ek Din
Story: Jackie Jaknore
Urdu Translation: Mamuma Jafari
Design and Art: Kanak
Editor: Rinchin
The Laughing Onion
Author: Arun Elassery
Illustrations: Anita Varma
Price: Rs. 15/ISBN: 978-89976-45-3
Publisher: Joint publication Muskaan and
Title available in Hindi and Urdu
Artwork: Jeyanthi Manokaran
Cover & Book Design: Falguni
Hindi Translation: Meeta Srivastava & Sonali Sathye
This beautifully illustrated book
written by a 13 year old who
experienced a flood near her
home, shares the experience and
possibility of what happens when
it rains and pours. Read and get
swept away.
ISBN: 81-903481-3-2
Price: Rs. 80/Publisher: Centre for Learning Resources,
English-Urdu title: Urdu Translation: Rehana
Ilyas Sayyed; ISBN: 978-81-89895-61-7;
Price: Rs. 75/-, English-Marathi title: Marathi
Translation: Anjali Pimpalkhare; ISBN: 97881-89895-40-2; Price: Rs. 80/Title available in Hindi- English, Urdu- English,
Marathi- English (bilingual)
A retelling of a timeless fable from
the Panchatantra with illustrations
in paper collage.
Cock-a-Doodle-Doo! /
Story: Anurata Tribhuvan
Illustrations: Leena Mankeekar
Cover & Book Design:
Rashmi Ranade, Hindi Translation:
Meeta Srivastava
ISBN: 81-89883-03-8
Price: Rs. 80/Publisher: Centre for Learning Resources,
English-Urdu title: Urdu Translation: Rehana
Ilyas Sayyed; ISBN: 978-81-89895-63-1;
Price: Rs. 75/-, English-Marathi title: ISBN:
978-81-89895-42-6; Price: Rs. 75/Title available in Hindi- English, Urdu- English,
Marathi- English (bilingual)
Why do roosters crow at sunrise?
Read to know in this beautifully
written and illustrated story about
Soostram, the rooster.
ISBN: 978-91-89976-13-2
Price: Rs. 35/Publisher: Eklavya
How are stories created? In this
book, Naana’s little boys tell us
the answer. Bright, rich pictures
make the story-telling even more
The Lion and The Mouse/
Sher Aur Chuha
Chintu’s Cap/ Chintu ki
Traditional tale adapted by: Anjali
Pimpalkhare, Illustrations: Sandhya Radkar, Cover & Book Design:
Rashmi Ranade, Hindi Translation:
Meeta Srivastava
ISBN: 81-89883-06-2
Price: Rs. 80/Publisher: Centre for Learning Resources,
English-Urdu title: Urdu Translation: Rehana
Ilyas Sayyed; ISBN: 978-81-89895-64-8;
Price: Rs. 75/-, English-Marathi title: Marathi
Translation: Anjali Pimpalkhare; ISBN: 8189883-05-4; Price: Rs. 80/-, English-Kannada
title: Kannada Translation: Ananda; ISBN:
978-81-89883-11-9; Price: Rs. 75/Title available in Hindi- English, Urdu- English,
Marathi- English, Kannada- English (bilingual)
A Maharashtrian folk tale retold.
In this tale, a mischievous mouse
is afraid of nobody- not even the
king. It all starts with his cap. Lively pictures capture the personality
of the mouse well in this story.
i) The Gudbuds: Get Out
of a Mess
Story: Swati Jalnapurkar
Artwork: Jeyanthi Manokaran
Photography: Saju Philip
Cover & Book Design: Rashmi
Series Editor: Zakiya Kurrien
ISBN: 81-89883-12-7
Price: Rs. 75/Publisher: Centre for Learning Resources,
Hindi title: Gudbud Parivaar ne Suljaayi
Pareshaani; Translation: Meeta Srivastava;
ISBN: 978-81-89883-05-8; Price: Rs. 80/Marathi title: Gudbude Aale: Gudbudetune
Baaher; Translation: Anjali Pimpalkhare;
Price: 80/Take a sneak-peek into the world
of the Gudbud family where no
The Little Flute Player
Story: Jeyanthi Manokaran
Illustrations: Jeyanthi Manokaran
Cover & Book Design: Rashmi
Ranade, Hindi Translation: Meeta
ISBN: 81-89883-11-9
Price: Rs. 75/Publisher: Centre for Learning Resources,
English-Hindi: ISBN: 81-89883-10-0; Price:
Rs. 80/-, English-Urdu title: Urdu Translation:
Rehana Ilyas Sayyed; ISBN: 978-81-89895-
Gudbud Series
Meet the unique Gudbud family and find out what’s
the gudbud in Gudbudland. This series highlights
the importance of cooperation within a family and
recognizing family members as individuals.
Titles in the series are available in Hindi, English
and Marathi.
one likes to wash clothes… so
much that the clothes are
tumbling out of the window. Will
the Gudbuds ever wash them?
Read how they solve this problem. Innovative ‘Diorama’ form
of illustrations make the story
ii) Mama Gudbud Takes
a Break
Story: Mini Shrinivasan
Artwork: Sandhya Radkar
Photography: Sandesh Bhandare
Cover & Book Design: Rashmi
Series Editor: Zakiya Kurrien
ISBN: 81-89883-14-3
Price: Rs. 80/-
Publisher: Centre for Learning Resources,
Hindi title: Mummy Gudbud Ne Chutti
Manayi; Translation: Meeta Srivastava;
ISBN: 978-81-89883-07-2; Price: Rs. 80/Marathi title: Aayi Gudbuden Ghetli Sutti;
Translation: Anjali Pimpalkhare; Price: 80/
The Gudbud family is puzzled
as Mama Gudbud is wearing
bright blue shoes and yet looks
sad. Why is she wearing shoes? Is
she planning to go somewhere?
Solve the mystery with Bandu
and Pinky Gudbud.
iii) At The Park In
Story: Mini Shrinivasan
Artwork: Sandhya Radkar
Photography: Sandesh Bhandare
Cover & Book Design: Rashmi
65-5; Price: Rs. 75/-, English-Kannada title:
Kannada Translation: Ananda; ISBN: 978-8189883-12-6; Price: Rs. 75/Title available in Hindi- English, Urdu- English,
Kannada- English (bilingual)
Akal Badi ya Bhains!
Float on a magical mat with
Ramesh as he plays his flute.
Illustrations bring the jungle alive
to the reader.
ISBN: 978-81-89976-81-1
Price: Rs. 22/Publisher: Eklavya
Folktales compiled by Primary
Language Teaching Programme,
Illustrations: Man Singh
A collection of short folktales,
compiled from various parts of
Madhya Pradesh. Intricate black
and white pictures capture the attention of the readers and enhance
the beauty of the story. Stories
have great potential for classroom
discussions and enactment.
Chheenka- Chheenk
Folktales compiled by Primary
Language Teaching Programme,
Illustrations: Man Singh
Ranade, Series Editor: Zakiya
ISBN: 81-89883-13-5
Price: Rs. 80/Publisher: Centre for Learning Resources,
Hindi title: Gudbudpur ke Park Mein;
Translation: Meeta Srivastava; ISBN: 97881-89883-06-5; Price: Rs. 80/~Marathi: Gudbudnagariachya Baget;
Marathi Translation: Anjali Pimpalkhare;
ISBN: 81-89883-16-X; Price: 80/Gudbudland is chirping with the
sounds of children playing in the
park. Everyone seems to be having fun, except a few. Find out
how children help each other in
a beautiful way.
ISBN: 978-81-89976-82-8
Price: Rs. 25/Publisher: Eklavya
A collection of short folktales,
compiled by Primary Language
Teaching Programme, Eklavya.
Stories have great potential for the
classroom discussions and enactment. Illustrations in Gond folk
style capture the attention of the
The River at Night
Author: Nandini Majumdar
Illustrator: Zarina Khatun
ISBN: 978-93-81300-47-3
Price: Rs. 40/Publisher: Eklavya
What do you do at night? You
sleep, naturally. And what does the
river do? Does it sleep too? And
the breeze? And the fish? Find out
in this beautiful book embroidered
in Zardozi
Concept: Nandini Majumdar
Illustrator: Ishaan Dasgupta
ISBN: 978-93-81300-44-2
Price: Rs. 30/Publisher: Eklavya
English-Hindi title: English Translation: Tultul
Biswas; Hindi Translation: Madhav Kelkar
A counting book for young children that features the sometimes
active but sometimes lazing, but
forever fascinating cows on the
streets of Varanasi. The images on
each page offer rich resource for
picture-reading and group talk.
Author: Nandini Majumdar
Illustrator: Rafia Bano
ISBN: 978-93-81300-46-6
Price: Rs. 30/Publisher: Eklavya
A stitch, a hem and the clouds get
trapped. A wave of the thread and
the wind comes blowing. A prick
of the needle and the clouds burst
into rain. Let’s get drenched…
Sowing a Seed
Illustrator: Shraddha Kirkire
ISBN: 978-93-81300-00-8
Price: Rs. 35/Publisher: Eklavya
English-Hindi title: English Translation: Tultul
Biswas; Hindi Translation: Madhav Kelkar
A traditional story retold with
colourful illustrations that take the
child through the journey of sowing a seed and seeing it grow into a
plant that bears the fruit.
Rangy – The Mangy Dog
Author: Anon
Illustrator: Jitendra Thakur
Ek Thi Bitti Ek Tha Bittu
Author: Parul Batra
Illustration: Shivendra Pandya
ISBN: 978-81-89976-99-6
Price: Rs. 40/Publisher: Eklavya
ISBN: 978-93-81300-11-4
Price: Rs. 30/Publisher: Eklavya
A story of two good friends Bitti
and Bittu and their adventures
It’s a winter night. The misty
moonlight feels like snow and a
lonely street-dog fights the cold in
his unique way.
The Seventh Sun: A Tribal
Tale from Odisha
Aai Ek Khabar
Author: Shanti Agrawal
Illustrator: Soumya Menon
Author: Various
Illustrator: Various
ISBN: 978-81-89976-90-3
Price: Rs. 30/Publisher: Eklavya
A beautiful and simple story about
an elephant told in nonsense verse.
Price: Rs. 40/Publisher: Pratham Books
English-Hindi title: Hindi Translation: Manohar Notani; ISBN: 978-81-8479-230-0;
English-Telugu title: Telugu Translation:
Jayashree Rao; ISBN: 978-81-8479-233-1;
English-Marathi title: Marathi Translation:
Sandhya Taksale; ISBN: 978-81-8479-232-4;
English-Kannada title: Kannada Translation:
Shaila Manipal; ISBN: 978-81-8479-231-7;
English-Oriya title; Oriya translation: Dr.
Mahendra Kumar Mishra; ISBN: 978-818479-234-8
Title available in Hindi- English, MarathiEnglish, Telugu- English, Kannada- English and
Oriya-English (bilingual)
Once upon a time there were seven
suns in the sky. But it became too
hot and the humans decided to
kill the suns. But what would the
world be like without the bright
light of the sun? Find out for yourself in this story that talks of the
natural order of things.
Amchya Goshti: MarathiBhilori and Marathi-Pawri
(20 book set)
Author: Varsha Sahasrabuddhe
Illustration: Madhuri Purandare
Translation to Bhilori: Shiv Das
Rama Pawra
Translation to Pawri: Satu Palya
Price: Rs. 240/- for a set of 20 books
Publisher: Mulgami Prakashan
The Early Literacy
Author: Aruna Thakkar
Illustration: Rao Bel
Publisher: Eklavya
This series consists of 18 books
divided into three levels – the
yellow band represents level I,
the blue represents level II and
pink is for level III. The picture
books are targeted at early
readers and reflect children and
events related to childhood.
They reflect children’s curiosity
to know new things, relationship between siblings and
friends, identifying how things
work, etc.
Level I
This contains a set of six books.
ISBN: 978-93-81300-14-5
Price: Rs. 8/-
Opening the Door
ISBN: 978-93-81300-15-2
Price: Rs. 8/-
Big Folk
ISBN: 978-93-81300-13-8
Price: Rs. 8/-
The Banana Cart
ISBN: 978-93-81300-18-3
Price: Rs. 8/-
I Fly A Kite
ISBN: 978-93-81300-17-6
Price: Rs. 8/-
Munni Climbed up a
ISBN: 978-93-81300-16-9
Price: Rs. 8/-
Level II
This contains a set of seven books.
Amma’s Sari
ISBN: 978-93-81300-28-2
Price: Rs. 12/-
ISBN: 978-93-81300-30-5
Price: Rs. 12/-
Level III
ISBN: 978-93-81300-26-8
Price: Rs. 12/-
ISBN: 978-93-81300-25-1
Price: Rs. 12/-
ISBN: 978-93-81300-29-9
Price: Rs. 12/-
Going Fast
ISBN: 978-93-81300-24-4
Price: Rs. 12/-
Baba, I
ISBN: 978-93-81300-27-5
Price: Rs. 12/-
This contains a set of five books.
ISBN: 978-93-81300-19-0
Price: Rs. 15/-
ISBN: 978-93-81300-22-0
Price: Rs. 15/-
ISBN: 978-93-81300-20-6
Price: Rs. 15/-
On the Giant Wheel
ISBN: 978-93-81300-23-7
Price: Rs. 15/-
ISBN: 978-93-81300-21-3
Price: Rs. 15/-
A set of 10 books in Marathi-BhiliEnglish and a set of 10 books in
Marathi-Pawri- English that are
aimed at helping tribal children
make the transition from their
mother tongue to Marathi and
then English. The simply illustrated books take up familiar concepts
such as my home, going to the
market, snake, goat, cattle, etc. that
children can easily identify with.
Cycle Par Tha Kawa
Poet: Prabhat
Illustrations: Atanu Roy
ISBN: 978-81-89976-75-0
Price: Rs. 20/Publisher: Eklavya
A collection of short, interesting
has the potential to widen
linguistic abilities of children.
Handy suggestions about vocabulary and phonic sounds are also
mentioned at the back.
Collection of short poems. Bold
font size and attractive illustrations
will attract early readers to poetry.
ISBN: 978-81-89976-44-6
Price: Rs. 18/Publisher: Eklavya
Hindi title: Akkad- Bakkad; ISBN: 978-8187171-64-5; Price: Rs. 15/Title available in Hindi and Urdu
Wonderful collection of children’s
songs created by children themselves during play. Rhyming words
and rhythm add appeal.
Dhoop Khili Hai, Hava
Chali Hai
Author: Pryag Shukl
Illustrations: Taposi Ghoshal
ISBN: 978-81-89976-58-3
Price: Rs. 22/Publisher: Eklavya
Compiled by Ruth Rastogi and
Anjali Noronha
Illustrations: Kanak and Vivek
Illustrations: Preety Saluja
Translation: Kehkashaan Anwar
Urdu Editorial Advisor: Anware
Flying Man: Poems for
Early Readers
Illustrations: Ranu Titus
ISBN: 81-87171-86-3
Price: Rs. 18/Publisher: Eklavya
A collection of poems whose
rhythm and rhyme are bound to
attract listeners and readers.
Doodh Jalebi Jaggagga
Compiled by: Teji Grover
Illustrations: Ranu Titus
ISBN: 978-81-87171-84-3
Price: Rs. 20/Publisher: Eklavya
Collection of carefully chosen
couplets created by famous poets,
especially for beginning readers.
ISBN: 81-87171-99-5
Price: Rs. 25/Publisher: Eklavya
An enthralling collection of poems
for early readers. The book also
suggests various exciting activities
and points of discussions for
parents and teachers. Each poem
Kyun ji Beta Ram Sahay
Compiled by: Teji Grover
Compilation: Manoj Sahu ‘Nidar’
Aapke Japani Haiku
Compilation and Translation: Teji
Urdu Translation: Ehsaan Vaarasi
Illustrations: Ranu Titus
Editorial Advisor: Anware Islam
ISBN: 978-81-89976-38-5
Price: Rs. 16/Publisher: Eklavya
Hindi title: ISBN: 978-81-87171-79-9; Price:
Rs. 12/Title available in Hindi and Urdu
POEMS for 6+
Haiku, written about hundred
years ago, are special poems that
consist of only three to ten words.
Haikus largely talk about nature.
A fine collection of Haikus.
A collection of popular short poems and songs passed on from one
generation to another like Chanda
Mama, Titli Udi and many more.
Bold font size, familiar poems and
rhyming words will help children
become independent readers.
Tesu Raja Beech Bazaar
Author: Nirankardev Sewak
Illustrations: Ranu Titusl
ISBN: 978-81-89976-12-5
Price: Rs. 38/Publisher: Eklavya
Three Little Monkeys:
Poems for Early Readers
Compiled by: Ruth Rastogi and
Anjali Noronha
Illustrations and Design: Kanak
ISBN: 978-81-87171-98-0
Price: Rs. 22/Publisher: Eklavya
Baith Ghoda Paani Pee
Compiled by: Manoj Sahu ‘Nidar’
Illustrations: Vivek Varma
ISBN: 978-81-87171-83-6
Price: Rs. 18/Publisher: Eklavya
‘A poem is a performance’… each
word has rhythm and sound.
This collection of poems for early
readers provides immense opportunities to make reading fun
and meaningful. Suggested activities for parents and teachers will
enhance children’s excitement and
phonology greatly.
Ghumantuon Ka Dera
Author: Prabhat
Illustrator: Atanu Roy
ISBN: 978-81-89976-77-4
Price: Rs. 30/Publisher: Eklavya
A collection of beautiful poems
on things that are in motion and
moving – the wind, raindrops,
birds, bullocks on the move and
much more.
This poem written in the form
of question and answers is taken
from poet Nirankardev’s book
‘Tesu ke Geet’. It presents weird,
funny question and answers which
invariably make the reader smile.
Megh ki Chaya
Author: Prabhat
Illustrator: Atanu Roy
ISBN: 978-81-89976-76-7
Price: Rs. 22/Publisher: Eklavya
A collection of fun poems that
cover everything from the rain
to the falling of leaves, watching
birds, animals, toys and many
more such things that children
identify with.
no ordinary song it is! How does
the woman find her song and what
makes it so wonderful? Find out
more about the extraordinary song
in this hilarious folktale.
Man ke Laddu / Day-dream:
A Bangla Folk Tale
Concept: Teji Grover
Illustrations: Ranu Titus
ISBN: 978-81-89976-60-6
Price: Rs. 20/Publisher: Eklavya
A rib-tickling story of day-dreamers who dream of buying a cow.
Read to know more about this
couple and the adventure. Illustrations match the story through its
distinctive style.
the egg. Duck seeks the help of
friends. Become a part of this journey, find out what kind of an egg is
found and how the animals care for
the new born. The detailed illustrations compliment the story well.
Gav Ka Bachcha
Author: Jane Cawan- Fletcher
Book design: Adrienne Syphrett
Translation: Arundhati Devsthale
ISBN: 978-81-7655-907-2
Price: Rs. 40/Publisher: Scholastic for Eklavya
Read the heartwarming story of
two siblings in an African village.
Little Yemi has the responsibility to take care of her younger
brother Koku. Will she be able to
do it? Read the story, bolstered by
dramatic pictures.
Baraasta Tarbooz
Chhutki Ulli
Author: Mike Thaler
Illustrations: Viplav Shashi
Translation: Teji Grover
ISBN: 978-81-87171-66-9
Price: Rs. 14/Publisher: Eklavya
Have you ever wondered how deep
the ocean really is? How far the
sky? Chhutki Ulli helps you find
answers to these and many more.
Black and white illustrations entice
the readers and exhort them to
wonder along with Chhutki.
Story and Illustrations: Quentin
Translation: Shiv Narayan Gaur
ISBN: 9788179252734
Price: Rs. 60/Publisher: Jyotsna Prakashan for Eklavya
Saasau is in love. How is he going
to express his love? He is all set for
an unknown journey to woo his
lady love.
Mijbaan: A Collection of
Bundelkhandi Folktales
Compiled, Edited, Retold by: Pradeep Chaubey & Mahesh Baseria
Illustrations & Design: Atanu Roy
ISBN: 978-81-89976-48-4
Price: Rs. 30/Publisher: Eklavya
An applauding attempt to keep the
Bundelkhandi language alive in
written form through this collection of folktales. Each story has an
earthy flavour and touches various
aspects of human life. The illustrations and language exquisitely capture the resonance of the culture.
Chhutku Ud Chala…
Story: Christian Merveille
Illustrations: Emma De Woot
Geet Ka Kamaal: Ek Bundelkhandi Lok Katha
Illustrations: Jitendra Thakur
ISBN: 978-81-906971-6-3
Price: Rs. 90/Publisher: Eklavya
English title: What a Song!;
ISBN: 978-81-906971-5-6; Price: 70/Title available in Hindi and English
A woman is upset… Why? She
doesn’t know any songs. Thus, begins the search for a song. Finally,
the woman does get a song. And
Hamara John
Story: Veronica Van Den Abeele
Illustrations: Emma De Woot
Translation: Amit
ISBN: 9788179252758
Price: Rs. 60/Publisher: Jyotsna Prakashan for Eklavya
One spring morning a duck finds
an egg…but its unable to identify
ISBN: 9788179252741
Price: Rs. 60/Publisher: Jyotsna Prakashan for Eklavya
Chhutku is bored of his small nest;
he wishes to explore the big world!
Read about who all Chhutku met
while exploring and all that he
learnt on his journey. Detailed,
intricate, colourful illustrations
match the story flawlessly.
Ashraf Ka Udankhatola
Badlon Ke Saath Ek Din
Author and Illustrator: Houda
ISBN: 978-81-906971-2-5
Price: Rs. 42/Publisher: Eklavya
What a sight – the sky is filled with
clouds – red and violet clouds that
are mingling with each other, talking to one another, having fun! But
it has not rained for so long that
the clouds seem to have forgotten
all about it. Can a little girl remind
the clouds to send rain down to
Author: Fatima Akilu
Illustrator: Mustafa Bulama
Translation: Sumit Tripathi
ISBN: 978-93-81300-45-9
Price: Rs. 60/Publisher: Eklavya
Ashraf has a habit of attempting one science experiment after
another. In this book, he tries to
defy gravity by inventing a flying
machine. Read on to find whether
he is successful.
Andhere Ka Bhoot
Author: Farida Khalatbari
Illustrator: Nasim Azadi
Translation: Deepali Shukla
ISBN: 978-81-906971-0-1
Price: Rs. 35/Publisher: Eklavya
He was scared of every little thing
and his friends used to tease him
and call him ‘little rat’. But one day
‘little rat’ befriended the ghost of
darkness. What happened then?
Read on to discover his adventure.
Cycle Ka Sapna
ISBN: 978-93-81300-10-7
Price: Rs. 45/Publisher: Eklavya
This book was created out of a
workshop held with children at
the Industrial Design Centre, IIT,
Bombay. The creatively designed
book introduces children to the
concept of saving energy and the
environmental advantages of using
a cycle over a motorcycle.
Jhingur Gaa na Paye
Author: Farida Khalatbari
Illustrator: Azeeta Aarta
Translation: Sumit Tripathi
ISBN: 978-81-906971-1-8
Price: Rs. 40/Publisher: Eklavya
The moon and stars and even
the watchdog livens up when the
cricket sings; once the wind tells
the cricket that the forest is more
beautiful than the fields. The
cricket goes to the forest and sings.
But his voice cannot be heard
amid the singing of birds and roar
of other animals!
ISBN: 978-93-81300-42-8
Price: Rs. 35/Publisher: Eklavya
A collection of writings and art
by children, where they look at
life from their perspective and
experiences, which are often very
different from how adults perceive
the same.
Machaan Masti
Author: Jogesh Motwani, Mansingh Gyan and Raja Mohanty
English Title
ISBN: Not Available
Price: Rs. 50/Publisher: Damroo
Hindi Title: Translation: Sushil
ISBN: 978-93-81300-12-1
Price: Rs. 30/Publisher: Eklavya
Two sisters climb up the roped
stair that goes up to the highest
tress and experience the world
from above – the birds who nest
in those tress, the setting sun that
seems much closer, the gentle
forest air and much more, as they
get ready to spend a night on a
tree top.
Price: Rs. 45/Publisher: Joint publication Tulika & Eklavya
English title: Aditi and the Thames Dragon;
Publisher: Tulika
Author: Suniti Namjoshi
Illustrations: Shaifali Jain
Translation: Poorva
Yagik Kushvaha
Next in the series, Aditi and
friends receive a mysterious letter
from Rohit and Roshan, seeking
urgent help. The adventure leads
to bold and audacious acts which
get telecast on prime time news in
London! Read all about it.
ISBN: 978-81- 89976-97-2
Price: Rs. 45/Publisher: Joint publication Tulika & Eklavya
English title: Aditi and her Friends Take on the
Vesuvian Giant; Publisher: Tulika
Aditi Aur Ek Aankh Wali
Aditi Aur Vigyani
Author: Suniti Namjoshi
Illustrations: Shaifali Jain
Translation: Poorva Yagik Kushvaha
Author: Suniti Namjoshi
Illustrations: Shaifali Jain
Translation: Poorva Yagik
ISBN: 978- 81- 89976-80-4
Price: Rs. 45/Publisher: Joint publication Tulika & Eklavya
English title: Aditi and the One Eyed Monkey;
Publisher: Tulika
ISBN: 978-81- 89976-94-1
Price: Rs. 45/Publisher: Joint publication Tulika & Eklavya
English title: Aditi and the Techno Sage;
Publisher: Tulika
Read to enjoy the fun-filled,
adventurous story of a courageous
girl Aditi, an elephant Sundari, and
ant Sereal who set out to tame a
fiery dragon.
Aditi Aur Samudri
Author: Suniti Namjoshi
Illustrations: Shaifali Jain
Translation: Poorva Yagik
ISBN: 978-81- 89976-92-7
Price: Rs. 45/Publisher: Joint publication Tulika & Eklavya
English title: Aditi and the Marine Sage;
Publisher: Tulika
Aditi and friends are on a mission
in Australia. Everyone is excited,
but the elephant is upset. She has
forgotten her name! Will she be
able to find it? Find out in a funfilled read, with hi-tech gadgets
and underwater journeys and
dragonback rides.
Aditi Aur Thames Nadi ka
Author: Suniti Namjoshi
Illustrations: Shaifali Jain
Translation: Poorva Yagik
ISBN: 978-81- 89976-88-0
Aditi aur Uske Doston ne
Kiya Jwalamukhi Daitya
ka Saamna
Goldie the dragon is missing! Aditi
and friends follow a clue and reach
Cumae, Italy where Goldie was last
seen. They meet Sybil who knows
everything, and the tantrumthrowing Vesuvian Giant. Read to
know more!
Aditi and her friends and a cub
are off to Canada on a mission: to
deliver a message to Techno Sage.
Interestingly, the sage has sealed
her island with an impenetrable shield. Read to find out how
Aditi manages her mission in an
unusual story of friendship and
gadgets with a scientific twist.
Aditi Aur Mitron Ki Grendal Se Mulakat
Author: Suniti Namjoshi
Illustrator: Shefhali Jain
Translation: Purva Yagnik Kushwah
ISBN: 978-93-81300-05-3
Price: Rs. 50/Publisher: Eklavya & Tulika
Aditi’s grandmother is unwell, and
there is a certain rose that may
make her feel better. The quest for
the rose takes the adventurers to
the coast of Devon, England. There
they meet the little boy Grendel,
who lives under the sea, prowls
around at night, can’t remember
anything and doesn’t care!
Aditi Aur Uske Dost
Shheemek Ki Talash Mein
Author: Suniti Namjoshi
Illustrator: Shefhali Jain
Hindi Translation: Purva Yagnik
ISBN: 978-93-81300-48-0
Price: Rs. 50/Publisher: Eklavya & Tulika
Aditi Aur Uske Doston
Nein Ki Budhapest Badlu
Ki Madad
Author: Suniti Namjoshi
Illustrator: Shefhali Jain
Hindi Translation: Purva Yagnik
ISBN: 978-93-81300-08-4
Price: Rs. 50/Publisher: Eklavya & Tulika
An official visit to Prague takes a
strange turn. The naughty granddaughter of Princess Libusha casts
a spell on Monkeyji, and the only
one who can help is Shemeek – the
snow white horse. But to reach
Shemeek, Aditi and her friends
must first deal with rude Sir Sparrow, and get past Old Fiery Blue,
the good-hearted dragon intent on
a good fight!
Sweden’s acclaimed author for
children, Astrid Lindgren’s first
translated Hindi stories. Refreshing stories revolve around four
characters. The most well-known
character is Pippi, who is courageous, witty, friendly, and adventurous. Just like her, the stories are
also fun-filled and exciting, which
keep the readers riveted till the
Andman Ka Ladka
Author: Zai Whitkar
Illustrations: Ashok Rajagopalan
Design: Jitender Thakur
Translation: Poorva Yagik
Chhote Chacha Ab Aapke
Shehar Mein
Author: Vandana Singh
Illustrations: B.M. Kamath
Design: Sanjay Roy
Translation: Amit Mahajan
Badon Ka Bachpan
Author: Sanjeev Thakur
Illustrations: Dileep Chinchalkar
Cover Design: Jitendra Thakur
ISBN: 978-81-89976-62-0
Price: Rs. 90/Publisher: Eklavya
Fun, laughter, games, fights,
lies, tears, friendship…such is
childhood! The carefree,
fun-filled days of childhood are
cherished by all! Enjoy reading
reminiscences of
childhood of a wide range of
eminent personalities like
Charlie Chaplin, Bhim Rao
Ambedkar, Raja Ravi Varma
and many more.
ISBN: 978-81-89976-16-3
Price: Rs. 65/Publisher: Eklavya
An enchanting story about Chhote
Chacha. Unravel his unique
personality and read about how
Sarita, Ravi, and Chutki’s lives get
changed after Chhote Chacha’s
arrival. Simple writing and exquisite characterization makes it an
interesting read.
ISBN: 978-81-89976-59-0
Price: Rs. 80/Publisher: Joint Publication Eklavya and Tulika
Become a part of the amazing
Jarva tribal community residing
in Andaman Island, and experience the spectacular sights and
also the stereotypes attached to
the community with little Aarif. A
refreshing story that impels one to
reflect: Who we are and where are
we heading?
In Budapest, Hungary lives a
changeling (a little creature who
keeps changing into whatever
anyone thinks she is). But who is
she really? As Aditi and her friends
are drawn into adventure in
Budapest, where two dragons hold
a spectacular fire and water show,
they help the changeling discover
who she really is.
ISBN: 978-81- 8452-08-8
Price: Rs. 170/Publisher: Arvind Kumar Publication for
Pippi, Emil, Mardi aur
Carlson ke Mazedar
Author: Astrid Lindgren
Translation: Arundhati
ISBN: 9788187171676
Price: Rs. 40/Publisher: Eklavya
“Eeeee… temperature rose up to
40,” shrieked Mishka! Mishka is
excited and nervous. He has created an incubator and trying hard
to get the chickens out of it. Will
he succeed?
Parbat Ka Pret
Author: Sujata Padmanabhan
Design and Illustrations: Madhuvanti Anantrajan
Bheemayan: Asprushyata
Ke Anubhav
ISBN: 978-81-89976-85-9
Price: Rs. 40/Publisher: Joint publication- Kalpvraksha,
Snow Leopard Conservancy-India Trust,
This is a true story of a young
Ladakhi boy Rigzin, who lives in
a small village. One morning, the
villagers find an unexpected guest
around them. They are all angry
and want to kill the guest. But,
unlike the villagers, Rigzin wishes
to rescue the guest…Can he rescue
it alone?
Author: Srividya Natarajan, S.
Illustration: Durgabai Vyam, Subhash Vyam
Translation: Tultul Biswas
ISBN: 978-93-81300-41-1
Price: Rs. 210/Publisher: Eklavya and Navayana
Story and Illustrations:
Sukumar Ray
Translation: Poorva Yagik
ISBN: 9788187171850
Price: Rs. 24/Publisher: Eklavya
Renowned author Sukumar Ray’s
hilarious nonsense story starts
with a boy waking up and finding that the handkerchief that he
placed besides him before sleeping
has turned into a cat. He starts
talking to the cat. Read all about
these nonsensical talks.
Pyara Kunbaa
Author: Nicholi Nosov
Illustrations: Saurabh Das
Translation: Vijya Umranikar
What does it mean to be an
untouchable in India? Bhimrao
Ramji Ambedkar (1891-1956), one
of India’s foremost revolutionaries, recounts his experiences of
growing up as an untouchable
and being routinely discriminated
against. Battling odds, Ambedkar
went on to draft the Constitution
of India and eventually embraced
Roshan Sitare: Prerak
Bhartiya Vaigyanik
Author: Arvind Gupta
Illustration: Karen Haddock
ISBN: 978-81-906971-8-7
Price: Rs. 110/Publisher: Eklavya
This collection of stories talks not
only about the work of famous
scientists but also gives glimpses of
their likes, hobbies, their relationship and their inspirational efforts
to make the world a better place.
Rajnitik Vicharon Ki
Kahani: Yuva Pathkon Ke
Liye (Bhag-1)
Author: Rustam SIngh
Translation: Sandeep Raoji
ISBN: 978-93-81300-09-1
Price: Rs. 90/Publisher: Eklavya
This books brings together some
of the thoughts and glimpses of life
of the greatest political thinkers in
history including Plato, Aristotle,
Socrates and Machiavelli.
On Inheritance
Author: Raja Mohanty
Illustrator: Sharwan Paswan
ISBN: Not Available
Price: 60/Publisher: Damroo
The richly illustrated book with no
words poses questions of inheritance for readers. In Indian society,
children inherit several things
from parents. The book prods one
to ask what we should inherit and
what not.
Inheritance of Karma
Author: Manoj Das and Raja
Illustration: Radhashayam Rout
ISBN: Not available
Price: Rs. 500/Publisher: Damroo
This is an exquisitely-produced,
hand-crafted and lavishly illustrated book that tells the story
of Ramu and Shyamu, brothers whose actions inadvertently
change their fates.
Different Tales,
Anveshi Books
Publisher: Anveshi (Telegu)
DC Books (English & Malayalam)
Different Tales, a collection of
eight books that reflect the life
experiences of marginalized
groups who never got their due
representation in Indian children’s
literature. Stories vividly bring
out the diversity of culture, caste,
class and uneven power relation
existing within it. The unusual yet
arresting illustrations capture the
mood of the stories effectively.
Untold School Stories
The Sackclothman
Author: Jayasree Kalathil
Illustrations: Rakhi Peswani
ISBN: 978-81- 264-2032-2
Price: 65/Telugu title: Gonesanchi Abbayi
Malayalam title: Chakkupranthan
Who is Chakkupranthan? Where
does he come from? Anu’s curiosity about the village ‘madman’
leads to an unlikely friendship and
a better understanding of her own
world. Rakhi Peswani’s hand crafted illustrations bring out young
Anu’s perspective beautifully.
Telugu: Bhale Badi Pillalu
Malyalam: Puthiya School
Author: Mohammed Khadeer Babu
Illustrations: Suresh B.V.
Translation: A. Suneetha
Telugu title: Mukkaalu, Aapuretu, Bajji, Bajji
Malayalam title: Mukkalvila, Aravila,
Moon in the Pot
Time to buy old books? Wondering how to do it? The young
character uses his street smart
ways to wager a deal on old books.
Abstract illustrations offer immense opportunities to readers to
create a new world of old and new
ISBN: 978-81- 264-2030-8
Price: Rs. 50/Telugu title: Duttalo Chandamama
Malayalam title: Uriyile Ambilimaaman
b) Textbook
Telugu title: Textbukku
Malayalam title: Paatapusthakam
Author: Mohammed Khadeer Babu
Illustrations: Gulammohammed
Sheikh, Translation: A. Suneetha
ISBN: 978-81- 264-2029-2
Price: Rs. 45/Telugu title: Talakaya Koorato Bale
Talanoppaina, Malayalam title: Thalakkari
In this vividly described book
readers are treated to head curry
for the first time in Indian publishing. Read and enjoy Sunday lunch
with Khadeer’s family whom
you get to know through evocative illustrations of the renowned
painter Gulammohammed Sheikh.
a) Three Fourth, Half
Price, Bajji Bajji
Author: Nuaiman
Illustrations: Chithra K.S.
Translation: M.T. Ansari and Liji
Head Curry
Sreelatha and Suvarna are good
friends; they love to share their
beads, bindis and bangles. They
belong to different castes and it
is not easily forgotten by the villagers. Read this heart-wrenching
story of friends who do not
understand the meaning of ‘caste’.
Photographs enliven the joy and
pain of the young girls.
Young Saheer can’t find any Arabic
names in his Malayalam textbook.
Read about what happens when he
finds an Arabic name in the book.
Illustrations intensely bring out
the irony of situation.
Author: Gopini Karunakar
Illustrations: Nilima Sheikh
Translation: D. Vasanta and Uma
Old Guddawwa creates a magical world for her grandson even
though her own life has been full
of struggles and hardships. Acclaimed illustrator, Nilima Sheikh
takes the readers through this
visual wonderland.
c) Friends in School
Author: Joopaka Subhadra
Illustrations: Saumya Ananthakrishna
Translation: R. Srivatsan
ISBN: 978-81- 264-2036-0
Price: Rs. 80/Telugu title: Badilane Dostu, Oorilagaadu
Malyalam title: Schoolile Koottu Graamathil
Author: Kancha Illaiah
Illustrations: Lokesh Khodke and
Shafalee Jain
Translation: D. Vasanta
ISBN: 978-81- 264-2031-5
Price: Rs. 45/-
Telugu title: Avva poratam
Malayalam title: Ente Amma
identify both his names.
Telugu title: Waada Pillala Kadhalu
Malayalam title: Keezhala Kuttikal
b) Smells and Stenches
a) Braveheart Badeyya
Author: Sara Joseph
Illustrations: Koonal Duggal
Translation: Liji Varghese
Author: Gogu Shyamala
Illustrations: Puja Vaish
Translation: A. Suneetha
Malayalam title: Naattangalum Manangalum
Anni’s mother always makes sure
that she is neat and tidy when
she goes to the school. So then
why do her teachers act as if she
is untidy and unclean? Read and
find out.
The Two Named Boy and
Other Stories
Malayalam title: Naattangalum Manangalum Mattu Kathakalum
a) The Two Named Boy
Author: P. Y. Balan
Illustrations: Sathyanand Mohan
Translation: Liji Varghese
Malayalam title: Randu Perukalulla Kutty
Are you two people when you
have two names? Young Balachandran thinks his way through
this dilemma. Find out how his
mother made him accept and
Kancha Ilaliah, a shepherd boy,
now a university professor, proudly recalls his mother’s struggles to
lead her caste people. A beautifully
written poem comprises of details
of his mother’s work, her world
and social order.
ISBN: 978-81- 264-2035-3
Price: 70/Telugu title: Madiga Badeyya
Everybody is proud of Bedeyya
because he is the only boy from
the village who goes to school.
But not all his lessons are learnt
there. He learns, both in and
out of school. Read to know
c) Shaija’s Space
Author: S. Sanjeev
Illustrations: Lavanya Mani
b) Tataki Wins Again
Translation: Jayasree Kalathil
ISBN: 978-81- 264-2037-7
Price: Rs. 70/Malayalam title: Shaijayude Bahiraakasham
Author: Gogu Shyamala
Illustrations: Rashmi Mala
Translation: R. Srivatsan
ISBN: 978-81- 264-2035-3
Telugu title: Tataki
Little Shaija is queuing up to fill
her bucket with water. She looks
up to the sky and finds herself
travelling into space…Become a
part of her wondrous journey.
a) My Friend the Emperor
Author: Shefali Jha
Illustrations: Chinnan
ISBN: 978-81- 264-2034-6
Price: Rs. 60/Malayalam title: Priyappetta Rajavu
“History doesn’t like me,”
exclaimed Adil! It is at this time
Adil meets a mysterious friend
at the mosque. Read to discover
how this friend influences Adil
and his attitude to History. Black
and white sketches bring out the
essence of history powerfully.
Twelve-year-old Balamma is feisty
enough to water her family’s little
patch of land before the village
Karnam’s field. But will she be any
match for the powerful and very
angry Karnam?
Mathai is in despair. Who will
help him plant his field before the
saplings wither and die?
The answer comes from
unexpected quarters. Read to
savor this oral folk tale now in
b) Beloved Spirit
Spirits from History
Malayalam: Priyappetta
Author: Rekhraj
Illustrations: K.P. Reji
Translation: M.T. Ansari and
M. Shalini
ISBN: 978-81- 264-2034-6
Malayalam title: Njaaru
Tataki Wins Again and
Braveheart Badeyya
useful science activities for teachers. Well-organized, illustrated
sections on material, teaching
techniques, and experiments make
it reader friendly.
only about numbers but is a way
of living. Hence, draws linkages
with the social and cultural backgrounds.
Titliyan aur Anya
Written by: Ravindra Keskar
Sanyojan: Lal Bahadur Ojha,
Kavita Suresh
Illustration: Sarita Pare
Photos by Rakesh Gemini
ISBN: 978-81-87171-20-1
Price: Rs. 40/Publisher: Eklavya
Origami artist Ravindra Keskar
uses simple instructions to instruct
readers in the art of paper folding
while reinforcing Math concepts.
Learn how to fold a butterfly
amongst many others.
Ek Aadhar Anek Aakar
Written by: Ravindra Keskar
ISBN: 978-81-87171-09-6
Price: Rs. 45/Publisher: Eklavya
An origami book with well-labeled
illustrations makes it stand apart
from the rest of the activity books.
Ganit ki Gatividhiyan
Apne Haath Vigyan:
Rochak Gatividhiyan,
Mazedaar Prayog
Authors: Andy Boyers, N. Childs,
Chris Lane, Illustration: Villo
Cover Design: Suzane Clark Reading Birkshaear
Translation: Arvind Gupta
ISBN: 81- 87171-36-7
Price: Rs. 100/Publisher: Eklavya
A collection of interesting and
Authors: Jane Portman & Jerome
Cover Design: Suzane Clark &
Three Fold
Illustrations: Pat Moore & Gillcase
Translation: Arvind Gupta
ISBN: 81-87171-41-3
Price: Rs. 100/Publisher: Eklavya
A very useful handbook of Math
activities for teachers. It offers
various activities and effectively
communicates that Math is not
Aha! Activities
Author: Arvind Gupta
Illustration and Layout: Monil Dala
ISBN: 81-87171-88-x
Price: Rs. 100/-
Publisher: Eklavya
It’s a treasure trove of interesting activities-paper folding, toys,
thumbprints, pictorial periodic
table chart, simple science models
etc. all lucidly explained and copiously illustrated. The book opens
up possibilities of doing simple science activities and enjoying craft
with everyday material.
Kuchh- Kuchh Banana
Author & Illustrator: N. Cayar Wiseman
Translation: Arvind Gupta
ISBN: 81-87171-68-5
Price: Rs. 110/Publisher: Eklavya
Unmatched collection of exciting
activities: paper folding, embroidery, making toys with various
materials. Its lucid instructions
and eloquent illustrations make it
reader friendly and appealing.
Chitra Paheli
Compiled from Chakmak- magazine for children
Illustrations: Kailash Dubey and
Vivek Varma
ISBN: 9788187171782
Price: Rs. 30/Publisher: Eklavya
An exciting collection of picture
crosswords to tickle your brain.
Chupan Chupai
Boojho to Jaane!
Compiled: Madhu Pant and
Dharam Prakash
Illustrations: Sheeshendu Ghosh
and Joel Gill
ISBN: 978-81-89976-00-2
Price: Rs. 9/Publisher: Eklavya
Keep your pencils and calculators
aside and enjoy reading some age
old riddles and brain teasers in this
Author and Illustration: Jagdish
ISBN: 978-81-89976-98-9
Price: Rs. 25/Publisher: Eklavya
This is how it happens inside the
jungle – a bear sits hidden behind
thick foliage, a crow disappears
into the tree tops and a colony of
rabbits play hide and seek in the
dense forest. The illustrations hide
the animals and this book is a
great activity where children can
find the hidden animals with the
help of the stories.
Author: A. S. Neil
Bachche Asafal Kaise
Hote Hain
The Under- Achieving
Author: John Holt
Author: John Holt
ISBN: 978-81-89976-02-6
Price: Rs. 175/Publisher: Eklavya
Hindi title: Summerhill, Translated by: Poorva
Yagik Kushvaha,
ISBN: 81-87171-60-x, Price: Rs. 110/Title available in Hindi and English
ISBN: 978-81-89976-54-5
Price: Rs. 100/Publisher: Eklavya
Translation: Poorva Yagik Kushvaha
English title: How Children Fail
Title available in Hindi and English
ISBN: 81-87171-65-0
Price: Rs. 100/Publisher: Eklavya
Hindi title: Asafal School; Translated by:
Arvind Gupta; ISBN: 81-87171-77-4;
Price: Rs. 80/Title available in Hindi and English
‘Summerhill’ is an account of
a progressive school, set up by
A.S. Neil in United Kingdom;
which stood the test of time and
demonstrated that the happiness
of a child grows from personal
freedom. Neil’s unique, rich
experiences of the school, and his
perspectives on play, work, obedience, fear, sex, etc. makes it a must
read to get an insight into children
and learning, child rearing and
What happens in our classrooms?
Why are children not able to use
their potential to the fullest? Why
do they fail? The book revolves
around such critical questions. It
captures the author’s radical beliefs
that children are born inquisitive
and love to learn. Unfortunately,
they succumb under system’s
practices of conformity. It logically
unfolds the mystery in four parts;
namely, strategy, fear and failure,
real learning and how school fails.
The author vividly puts the
specific problems prevalent in the
education system that are a major
deterrent in children’s learning
and growth. This book raises few
vital issues like the rat race for
college, reading failures, tyranny of
testing, teachers talking too much,
etc. This is a powerful book which
impels one to reflect and reassess
one’s methods of administration
and teaching.
Learning through Art
Authors: Jane and Roshan Sahi
ISBN: 978-81-89976-26-2
Price: Rs. 250/Publisher: Eklavya
The authors strongly communicate a case for ‘Art’ in the primary
classroom. They demonstrate that
art is an essential component of
children’s learning. The book systematically unfolds the growth of
children through art and suggests
numerous ideas and activities like
tearing, pasting, clay modeling,
puppet making, book making,
origami, illustrations, using
materials, etc. for the practitioners to use art as a tool to foster
learning. It also demonstrates
how educators can integrate art
into all subjects.
Escape from Childhood:
The Needs and Rights of
Author: John Holt
ISBN: 81-87171-46-4
Price: Rs. 100/-
Publisher: Eklavya
Hindi title: Bachpan se Palayan; Translated by:
Poorva Yagik Kushvaha; ISBN: 978-81-8717163-8; Price: Rs. 90/Title available in Hindi and English
John Holt has extensively written
about children and schooling. This
book offers his views on the rights
of children. It is a compassionate
re-evaluation of how we treat our
Shiksha ki Bajay:
Cheezon ko Behtar
Karneke Tareekey
Author: John Holt
Translation: Susheel Joshi
ISBN: 81-87171-96-0
Price: Rs. 110/-
Publisher: Eklavya
One of the most remarkable
and path-breaking books by this
author; it reminds us about the
importance of ‘learning by doing’.
It exhorts one to make creative use
of underused facilities, we already
have. Author lays emphasis on deschooling as way to creative life. A
persuasive work that moves one to
think: What schooling is for? And,
what can be done to achieve its
‘real’ goals?
tents it helps come up with a more
realistic and non-‘textbookish’ way
of conceptualizing an alternative
curriculum for civics textbooks.
curriculum. The book brings out
the real tensions and risks involved
in overcoming bureaucratic and
ideological challenges. The story
of these schools establishes that
it is possible to build and defend
critical educational policies and
practices which are in the interest
of students, teachers and local
system. This multi-faceted author
urges one to follow one’s passion.
She decided to opt out of the rat
race and the competitive world
created by the education system.
Read to know more on- how effectively she created a curriculum
for herself that suited her mind
and heart!
Democratic Schools:
Lessons from Chalk face
Edited by: Michael W. Apple and
James A. Beane
Cover, Illustration and Design:
Anita Varma
Bachche Aur Sarkar:
Nagrik Shastra ki Pathyapustakon Mein Gadbad
Kya Hai
Author: Alex M. George
Illustrations: Durgabai Vyam
Translation: Poorva Yagik Kushvaha
ISBN: 978-81-89976-57-6
Price: Rs. 50/Publisher: Eklavya
English title: Children’s Perception of SarkarA Critique of Civics Textbooks
ISBN: 978-81-89976-10-1; Price: Rs. 70/Title available in Hindi and English
The author delves deep into the
children’s understanding of government or sarkar, how they perceive its structures from their own
course material? It presents rich
conversations of children which
highlights the problems associated
with the civics textbooks. While
evaluating its objectives and con-
ISBN: 81-87171-95-8
Price: Rs. 110/Publisher: Eklavya
Hindi title: Loktantrik Vidyalaya: Kaksha se
SeekheSabak; Translation: Swayam Prakash;
ISBN: 81-87171-97-9; Price: Rs. 80/Title available in Hindi and English
An account of four schools that
have successfully put in place democratic and critical educational
practices as guides to their entire
Seekhna… Dil Se
Author and Illustrator: Sanyukta
Cover Design: Jitender Thakur
Translation: Bharat Tripathi
ISBN: 978-81-89976-64-4
Price: Rs. 80/Publisher: Eklavya
An awe-inspiring journey of the
author who re-defines learning,
and presents an entertaining
critique of the higher education
Author: Kancha Illaiah
Cover Design: Indu Nayar
Illustrations: Durgabai Vyam
Translation: Bharat Tripathi
ISBN: 978-81- 89976-47-7
Price: Rs. 80/Publisher: Eklavya
Hamare Samay Mein
Shram ki Garima
Kancha Illaiah flags the issues
of caste, class and race, through
this book. He effectively portrays the social, economic and
historical characteristics of the
Meri Grameen Shala ki
Author: Julia Weber Gordon
Cover Design: Parshuram K.
Translation: Poorva Yagik Kushvaha
ISBN: 978-81-89976-68-2
Price: Rs. 150/Publisher: Eklavya
The book offers a coherent, exhaustive account of Julia W.
Gordon’s journey as a teacher in a
lives of adivasis, cattle-rearers,
leatherworkers, potters, farmers,
weavers, dhobis and barbers. It
provides a rich description about
the science and art of their skills,
so that readers understand the
value of the work done by these
communities that are considered
‘backward’. Illustrations in Gond
art form enliven the dignity of
one-teacher school in an isolated
mountain neighborhood in United
States. Meticulously written diary
of 1940’s holds much value even
today, as it validates the fact that
we must know about children,
what they are like and what they
need…A must read to witness the
power of a teacher… what one
teacher was able to do when given
a chance and a little help.
Author: Susheel Kumar
Cover Design: Jitender Thakur
ISBN: 978-81-89976-18-7
Price: Rs. 160/Publisher: Eklavya
Author: Krishna Kumar
Cover Design: Rustam Singh
ISBN: 978-81-89976-11-8
Price: Rs. 60/Publisher: Eklavya
Eminent educationist Prof. Krishna Kumar raises few extremely
pertinent issues about schooling
and education, which call for
immediate discourse and action.
A compilation of thought- provoking articles for practitioners and
ISBN: 978-81-89976-15-6
Price: Rs. 24/Publisher: Eklavya
Deewar ka Istemal aur
Anya Lekh
Illustrations and Design: Karen
This book encapsulates the
reflective account of the
Hoshangabad Science Teaching
Programme (HSTP), which demonstrated that hands on science
teaching-learning that focuses on
understanding than rote learning
is possible in government schools.
The author was one of the members of the HSTP team. The book
provides an exhaustive narrative
of ‘what happened’ during the
rich 20 year long journey of the
Anu Gupta at length discusses
about human skin, its formation,
and problems related with it. Also,
deals with the most widely spread
stereotype ‘white is beautiful’
through this book. She tries to
dismantle the myths associated
with the colour of the skin and
provides scientific answers for the
same. Lucid presentation and clear
illustration adds clarity to the issue
being discussed!
Ved, Hindu Dharma,
Authors: Kumkum Roy, Kunal
Chakrabarty, Tanika Sarkar
Cover Design: Dileep Chinchalkar
Translation: Swayam Prakash
ISBN: 978-81- 89976-28-6
Price: Rs. 100/Publisher: Eklavya
Story of Astronomy
Written and illustrated by: Uday
ISBN: 978-81-89976-17-0
Price: Rs. 80/Publication: Eklavya
Eminent historians explore some
prevalent beliefs associated with
Vedas: How Vedic are our religious
traditions? Is Puranic religion
the same as the Vedic religion?
What is Hindutva? What features
are unique to Hinduism? Is the
Bhagavad Gita the sacred text of
the Hindus? Three articles take
the readers through Vedas, Hindu
dharma and Hindutva.
The sky evokes a sense of deep
wonderment! A creatively illustrated book, told in form of a
story recounts the evolution of the
science of astronomy. The comic
book also presents the snippets of
various astronomers.
Shareer Ka Kavach:
Twacha, Baal aur Nakhun
Written by: Anu Gupta
Beti Kare Sawaal
Written by: Anu Gupta
Field work by: Anu Gupta
Field work compilation:
Shobha Shingne
Illustrations and Design:
Karen Haydock
ISBN: 81-87171-18-9
Price: Rs. 40/Publisher: Eklavya
Anu Gupta flags the deeply entrenched ‘gender’ issues attached
with the female body, its movement and place in society. The
book addresses physical changes
that occur in an adolescent body
and how societal beliefs influence
one’s notions about body. Real life
stories, experiences, narrations
augment the issue raised.
Everyday English:
Book 1
Everyday English:
Book 2
Writer: Jane Sahi
Editor: Maxine Bernstein
Illustrations: Anita Varma
Writer: Jane Sahi
Editor: Maxine Bernstein
Illustrations: Anita Varma
ISBN: 978-81-7925-194-2
Price: Rs. 75/Publisher: Jyotsna Prakashan
ISBN: 978-81-7925-211-6
Price: Rs. 90/Publisher: Jyotsna Prakashan
This English language supplementary book created by the author
after years of engagement with children of Sita School, Bangalore. It
offers various activities to strengthen vocabulary, spellings, pronunciation; beautifully interwoven into the context. Games, pictures and
activities are special features of the books that help a child to use
the book independently. Traditional tales, poems, stories enrich the
language experience of children.
Phool Se Beej Tak
Writer: Kishore Panwar
Illustrations: Bharat Jamra
Subject Advisor: Bholeshwar
Photos: Kishore Panwar
Authors: Shirin Ratnagar &
Ajay Dandekar
Design: Tarundeep Girdhar
ISBN: 81- 87171-40-5
Price: Rs. 220/Publisher: Eklavya
Shirin Ratnagar-the famous
archaeologist presents the various
sources through which historians
essay the historical events. The
book tries to show that historical
events are open to interpretations
and should be viewed without any
Explore the intriguing world of
leaves: What determines the shape,
size and colour of leaves? How do
leaves prepare food? Do they indicate something? Find out more!
ISBN: 978-81- 89976-78-1
Price: Rs. 60/Publisher: Eklavya
The author scientifically unfolds
the exotic world of flowers:
the historical background of
reproduction and how it has
developed over the years.
What is a flower and how does
it reproduce? This book also
takes the readers through the
diversity existing in the plant
kingdom. Well- labeled
diagrams add clarity to the
ISBN: 978-81-89976-09-5
Price: Rs. 35/Publisher: Eklavya
Bhartiya Itihaas ke Strot:
Pracheen Kaal- Bhaag 1
Bin Patti Sab Soon
Written by: Kishore Panwar
Subject Consultant: Bholeshwar
Illustration: Javed Siddiqui,
Shobha Ghare, Cover Visualization:
Pragati Shirbhate
Padhna Seekhne Mein
Kitabon Ka Mehtv
Writers: Anjali Noronha, Veena
Bhatia, Tanya Sehgal
Editing: Rashmi Paliwal,
Shashi Sablok
Layout & Designer: Shashi Sablok
Cover Design: Tarun,
ISBN: 978-81- 89976-25-5
Price: Rs. 25/Publisher: Eklavya
What is the role of a story in a
child’s life? How can we make
reading meaningful and fun for
young children? Writers explicate
the importance of good literature: a story or a poem keeps the
mind awake, imagination roaring,
language flourishing and boredom
at bay! Additionally, they suggest various graded activities and
books for children.
Kitna Thanda? Kitna
Developed under Social Science
Programme, Eklavya
Layout & Designer:
Karan Haydock
Translation: Usha Chaudhary
various systems. Colourful, clear
illustrations enhance the understanding.
ISBN: 978-81- 89976-51-4
Price: Rs. 30/Publisher: Eklavya
How does temperature change
with time and place? The book
provides answers to these questions. Exciting, doable activities,
illustrations, and maps enhance
the reading experience.
Bal Vaigyanik: Class 7
Developed under Hoshangabad
Science Teaching Programme
(HSTP), Eklavya
Illustrations and design: Various
Translated by: Rex D’Rozario
ISBN: 81-87171-89-8
Price: Rs. 120/Publisher: Eklavya
Bhopal Gas Trasadi:
Janvigyan ka Sawal
Based on the Bhopal Gas disaster, in December 1984, it vividly
presents the story of the destructive night. Reveals why and how
it happened, its catastrophic effect
on people of Bhopal. And leaves
us with many questions.
Authors: Developed under
Hoshangabad Science Teaching
Programme (HSTP), Eklavya
Design: Tarundeep Girdhar & Ranjit
ISBN: 978-81- 87171-50-8
Price: Rs. 120/Publisher: Eklavya
ISBN: 978-81-89976-63-7
Price: Rs. 35/Publisher: Eklavya
Bal Vaigyanik: Class 6
Human Body Systems
Written by: Anu Gupta and Karen
Illustrations and Design:
Karen Haydock
ISBN: 978-81-89976-73-6
Price: Rs. 70/Publisher: Eklavya
Bal Vaigyanik: Kaksha 8
Developed under Hoshangabad
Science Teaching Programme
(HSTP), Eklavya
Illustrations and design: Karen
Manav Sharir Ki Tasveer
ISBN: 978-81-89976-56-9
Price: Rs. 150/Publisher: Eklavya
Where is cartilage found in
body? How does the muscular
system change over a period
of time? Authors provide
comprehensive answers about human body. This book helps
the reader to understand the
basic structure of the body and it’s
inter- relationship with
Science textbook designed by
people associated with Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme
(HSTP) brilliantly illustrates the
intertwined relationship between
science and real life through doable, stimulating experiments. Book
focuses on inquiry and discovery
as a way of Science teaching and
learning. The thought-provoking
questions impel one to take up the
Hindi title: ISBN: 978-81-89976-74-3
Price: Rs. 55/Publisher: Eklavya
Lihave Netke
Writer and Illustrator: Madhuri
Photos: Sandesh Bhandare
ISBN: 9788179252321
Price: Rs. 400/Publisher: Jyotsna Prakashan
Fundamental Rights and
Duties in Our Constitution: A Social Studies
Developed under Social Science
Teaching Programme of Eklavya
Illustrations and design: Karen
ISBN: 81-87171-62-6
Price: Rs. 20/Publisher: Eklavya
Hindi title: Hamare Samvidhaan Mein Mool
Adhikar Aur Kartavya;
ISBN: 978-81- 87171-61-4
Title available in Hindi and English
An unconventional grammar book
that focuses on understanding features, patterns and idiosyncrasies
of Marathi language, rather than
rote memorization of ‘definitions’,
with the help of various interesting and engaging activities, stories
and crosswords. The author has
beautifully explicated the rules in
simple language; whimsically created illustrations and pictures also
invigorate the context being talked
about. The set includes two workbooks of 300 pages each and an
answer book that can be used by
middle school children, language
teachers’ and anyone interested in
understanding Marathi.
A Social Studies module, written
in easy, comprehensible language
systematically introduces children
to the Constitution of India,
Constituent Assembly, Fundamental Rights and Duties. Critical
thinking questions help the reader
to understand the solemnity of the
their analysis; published by various
publication houses.
A Reader-cum-Activity book
for the CLR Radio programme
for Marathi-medium schools. It
presents story series, like The Fearless Four, Nature Lovers, Travelling
by train, etc. And also provides
interesting review exercises after
each lesson. A curricular material
that many schools have successfully used to help teach English
to students in Marathi medium
middle schools.
Jeevan Ki Ikai Koshika
ISBN: 978-81-906971-4-9
Price: Rs. 100/Publisher: Eklavya
A handy and useful module on
the smallest unit of the body ‘cell’,
developed by the HSTP team. The
book traces the study of cell from
the historical times. Also provides
observational activities to be done
with the help of microscope in order to enhance the structural and
functional understanding of the
smallest unit. Various diagrams
and photographs compliment the
text well.
3+ Umra ke Bachchon ke
Liye Chuninda Kitaben
Visualization: Anjali Noronha
ISBN: 978-81-89976-14-9
Price: Rs. 40/Publisher: Eklavya
Stories, songs and poems play a vital
role in the language development of
children. But what kind of stories do
children like? This catalogue systematically unfolds this mystery through
a list of stories, poems along with
Layout & Typesetting: Ajay Ravetkar
Let’s Read and Write
Pedagogy & Text: Zakiya Kurrein,
Mini Shrinivasan, John Kurrien
Illustrations: Sandhya Radkar
Leens Mankeekar, Mini Shrinivasan
My World- My Words
Illustration: Jeyanthi Manokaran
Design: Rashmi Ranade
English-Hindi title: ISBN: 978-81-89895-49-5;
Price: Rs. 74/English-Marathi title: ISBN: 81-89895-12-5;
Price: Rs. 74/Publisher: Centre for Learning Resources,
Title available in: English-Urdu, EnglishPunjabi, English-Telugu, English-Oriya,
English-Kannada, English-Bengali, EnglishAssamese, English-Tamil, English-Malayalam,
and English-Gujarati.
A picture word book in full colour,
designed for Indian children to learn
English and the regional language.
The books with colourful pictures,
features about 1,000 words based on
the world of Indian children, relevant
for students in regional medium and
English medium schools, learning
regional language. Illustrations are
sensitive to the Indian cultural, social
context as well as the diversity in our
society. Serves as a resource book for
parents and teachers.
stantial study, this book critically
examines the status, roles, and
functions of English in present-day
India from a historical and sociopsychological perspective.
Aam Logon Ke Liye
Dawaiyon Ki Kitab
Bharat Mein Angrezi ki
Author: R. K. Agnihotri and A. L.
Hindi Translation: Barun Kumar
ISBN: 978-81-906971-9-4
Price: Rs. 90/Publisher: Eklavya
Although English is extremely important for higher education and
upward social mobility, it plays a
very small role in the domain of
hearth and home. Based on a sub-
Khel Khel Mein Ganit
(Classes 1 and 2)
ISBN: Not Available
Price: Rs. 100/Publisher: University School Resource
Network, JNU
This activity book is a resource for
teachers who can use the activities
with children to build their interest in Mathematics and also enable
them to understand concepts.
ISBN: 978-93-81300-38-1
Price: Rs. 370/Publisher: Eklavya and LOCOST
This book is an attempt to alert the
reader of the widespread crisis in
medicine created by drug policies
which go against the safe interests
of all people. India’s Pharma industry and stock market is shining,
but it is largely a story of poverty
and inadequacy amid plenty.
Sr. Title
Page No.
PICTURE BOOKS (6+ read alone; 3+ read aloud)
1 Aai Ek Khabar
2 Aao Padhe’: Reading Series/Let’s Read
3 Akal Badi Ya Bhains
4 Amchya Goshti: Marathi - Bhilori and Marathi - Pawri (A set of 20 books) 9
5 At The Park in Gudbudland
6 Baarish Ka Ek Din
7 Chheenka - Chheenk
8 Chintu’s Cap / Chintu Ki Topi
9 Chuhe Ko Milee Pencil
10 Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! / Kuk-Du-Ku-Ku!
11 Cows
12 Ek Thi Bitti Ek Tha Bittu
13 Haathi ki Hichki
14 How Do We Weigh Appukuttan?
15 How Pranav Went to School
16 I Made A Line
17 Khichdi...Ek Lok Katha
18 Kitaab! Kitaab! Kitaab!
19 Little Bagha
20 Mama Gudbud Takes A Break
21 Mein Bhi…
22 Mein to Billi Hoon
23 Mendhak Ka Nashta
24 Nana-Nani
25 Nanhe Chuze Ka Dost
26 Nav Chali
27 Niloufar ki Muskaan
28 O Flowering Tree...
29 Pehla Ghar / The First House: A Santhali Folk Tale
30 Rain
31 Rangy - The Mangy Dog
32 School Mein Pranav Ka Pehla Din
33 Sowing a Seed
34 The Early Literacy Series (A set of 18 books)
35 The Gudbuds Get Out Of A Mess
36 The Laughing Onion
37 The Lion and The Mouse / Sher aur Chuha
38 The Little Flute Player
39 The Princess Who Never Smiled / Rajkumari Jo Kabhi Nahi Hasi
40 The River at Night
41 The Seventh Sun: A Tribal Tale From Odisha
42 The Three Kittens
43 Tumne Mera Anda To Nahin Dekha
44 Who Will Teach Emperor Akbar?
1 Aapke Japani Haiku
2 Akkad - Bakkad
3 Baith Ghoda Pani Pi
4 Cycle par tha Kauva
5 Dhoop Khili Hai, Hava Chali Hai
6 Doodh Jalebi Jaggagga
7 Flying Man: Poems for Early Readers
8 Ghumantuon Ka Dera
9 Kyunji Beta Ram Sahay
10 Megh Ki Chhaya
11 Tesu Raja Beech Bazaar
12 Three Little Monkeys: Poems for Early Readers
YO U N G R E A D E R S 8 + 1 Andhere Ka Bhoot
2 Ashraf Ka Udankhatola
3 Badlon Ke Saath Ek Din
4 Baraasta Tarbooz
5 Chhutki Ulli
6 Chhutku Ud Chala
7 Cycle Ka Sapna
8 Gav Ka Bachcha
9 Geet Ka Kamaal: Ek Bundelkhandi
10 Hamara John
11 Jhingur Gaa na Paye
12 Machan Masti
13 Man ke Laddu / Day-dream: A Bangla Folk Tale
14 Mijbaan: A Collection of Bundelkhandi Folktales
15 Temru
YO U N G R E A D E R S 1 2 + 1 Aditi Aur Ek Aankh Wali Bandaria
2 Aditi Aur Mitron Ki Grendal Se Mulakat
3 Aditi Aur Samudri Sanyasin
Sr. No.
Aditi Aur Thames Nadi ka Dragon
Aditi Aur Uske Dost Shheemek Ki Talash Mein
Aditi Aur Uske Doston Ne Ki Budhapest Badlu Ki Madad
Aditi Aur Uske Doston Ne Kiya Jwalamukhi Daitya ka Saamna
Aditi Aur Vigyani Sanyasin
Andman Ka Ladka
Badon Ka Bachpan
Bheemayan: Asprushyata Ke Anubhav
Chhote Chacha Ab Aapke Shehar Mein
Inheritance of Karma
On Inheritance
Parbat Ka Pret
Pippi, Emil, Mardi aur Carlson ke Mazedar Kaarname
Pyara Kunbaa
Rajnitik Vicharon Ki Kahani: Yuva Paathkon Ke Liye
Roshan Sitare: Prerak Bhartiya Vaigyanik
Page No.
YO U N G R E A D E R S 1 4 +
1 Different Tales, Anveshi Books (Collection of 8 books)
2 Head Curry
3 Moon in the Pot
4 Mother
5 Spirits From History 6 Tataki Wins Again and Braveheart Badeyya
7 The Sackclothman
8 The Two Named Boy and Other Stories
9 Untold School Stories
1 Aha! Activities
2 Apne Haath Vigyan: Rochak Gatividhiyan, Mazedaar Prayog
3 Boojho to Jaane!
4 Chitra Paheli
5 Chupan Chupai
6 Ek Adhar Anek Aakar
7 Ganit Ki Gatividhiyan
8 Kuchh - Kuchh Banana
9 Titliyan Aur Anya Khilone
1 3+ Umra ke Bachchon ke Liye Chuninda Kitaben
2 Aam Logon Ke Liye Dawaiyon Ki Kitaab
3 Bachche Asafal Kaise Hote Hain
4 Bachche Aur Sarkar: Angrik Shastra ki Pathyapustakon
Mein Gadbad Kya Hai
5 Bal Vaigyanik: Class 6
6 Bal Vaigyanik: Class 7
7 Bal Vaigyanik: Kaksha 8
8 Beti Kare Sawaal
9 Bharat Mein Angrezi Ki Samasya
10 Bhartiya Itihaas Ke Srot: Pracheen Kaal-Bhaag 1
11 Bhopal Gas Trasadi: Janvigyan ka Sawal
12 Bin Patti Sab Soon
13 Deewar ka Istemal aur Anya Lekh
14 Democratic Schools: Lessons from Chalkface
15 Escape from Childhood: The Needs and Rights of Children
16 Everyday English: Book 1
17 Everyday English: Book 2
18 Fundamental Rights and Duties in Our Constitution:
a Social Studies Module
19 Hamare Samay Mein Shram ki Garima
20 Human Body Systems / Manav Shareer Ki Tasveer
21 Jashn-E-Talim
22 Jeevan Ki Ikai Koshika
23 Khel Khel Mein Ganit (Classes 1 and 2)
24 Kitna Thanda? Kitna Garam?
25 Learning through Art
26 Let’s Read and Write English
27 Lihave Netke
28 Meri Grameen Shala ki Diary
29 My World - My Words
30 Padhna Seekhne Mein Kitabon Ka Mehtva
31 Phool Se Beej Tak
32 Seekhna…Dil Se
33 Shareer Ka Kavach: Twacha, Baal aur Nakhun
34 Shiksha ki Bajay: Cheezon ko Behtar Karne ke Tareekey
35 Story of Astronomy
36 Summerhill
37 The Under-Achieving School
38 Ved, Hindu Dharma, Hindutva
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