Handiquilter HQ-16 Long Arm Quilting Machine For Sale

Handiquilter HQ-16 Long Arm Quilting Machine
For Sale
I have recently purchased a new handiquilter long arm quilting machine so I have my current Handiquilter
HQ16 for sale with the QuilTABLE.
The machine has little use and is in great condition. It has a stitch regulator, front and back handle,
laser,and bobbin winder, upgraded wheels, ruler base, extra tracks, horizontal spool pin and free lessons
by Nancy. I also have kept the original packing boxes. For more information, see Handiquilter.com.
The QuilTABLE is constructed from the highest grade of materials available for strength and stability and
is precision manufactured in the USA. For convenience, QuilTABLE adjusts in both length and heght.
Because it adjusts from six feet to over ten total feet in length, the QuilTABLE can be used in the smallest
room to the largest studio. The QuilTABLE has been designed for permanent use, but its’ industrial
strength wheels allow it to be moved for storage when not in use.
All metal frame for a durable, long lasting product.
Powder coated finish for a clean look that is resistant to nicks, rust and chips.
Welded construction for long wearing use.
Wood laminate top for use with the laser stylus on continuous line patterns and pantographs.
Rolling casters for easy mobility and storage
Accommodates king size quilts with a frame size of 30” x 10.5’
Batting bar for large rolls of batting
Vertically adjustable
The asking price is $6500 OBO.
Nancy - 770/516-4413 - [email protected]