Constable 3 Newsletter

PCT. 3
Volume 2, Issue 11
November 2014
Mission, Vision, Values
To enhance the quality of life
in Southwest Travis County
by proudly serving our
courts and community with
the utmost professionalism
while building bridges that
foster partnership and
We envision a true
partnership with the
community that respects the
diverse nature of our
residents. Pro-actively
seeking truthful and open
two-way communication will
be the start of our
collaboration and continue
throughout our relationship.
Our core beliefs of honesty,
fairness, and respect ensure
that we are committed to
the highest performance
standards, ethical conduct,
and compassion in all
relationships with the Public.
In this issue:
- Message from Sally
- Constable 3 contact
- Get to know your Constable
- Pictures
-Vehicle Etching Offer!!
Constable 3 Newsletter
Sally Hernandez, Travis County Constable Precinct 3
Message from Sally
The Thanksgiving Holiday has to be one of my
favorite holidays. We all grew up with visions of the
earliest Thanksgiving meal with Pilgrims and Native
Americans sitting down together peacefully, eating,
and celebrating another year of survival as partners
in hard living conditions.
Today we celebrate a little differently. Though it still
is centered on food, family and fellowship, we’ve
now added fun and football to our day. Who
doesn’t like all the great food, like turkey, pumpkin pie (or for those of you
who prefer, pecan!), stuffing/dressing, mashed and/or sweet potatoes, and
that famous green bean casserole that just says “Thanksgiving?” I love
the commotion of getting together with friends and family and everyone
being in the kitchen. Thanksgiving will come and go before we know it, but
no matter how we celebrate it, let’s hold on to what it is all about, being
I am so very thankful to have awesome staff members that serve you with
the utmost professionalism and respect. They work hard every day to fulfill
our mission of partnership and prevention. I am thankful for all of the other
law enforcement agencies with which we partner and work alongside.
Finally, I am extremely grateful to you, the Precinct 3 Community, for
inviting our office into your neighborhoods and schools. We are so
fortunate to be a part of this lively and diverse area.
Happy Thanksgiving!
G e t t o k n ow yo u r C o n s t a b l e s t a f f e r s
This Month: Al Aranda
Constable Precinct 3
Contact Information
512-854-2107 Criminal
512-854-7245 Civil
Office Location
8656 Hwy. 71 W, Bldg. B, Ste. 132
Austin, Texas 78735
On Thanksgiving
Day, we
acknowledge our
- William Jennings
Al Aranda is one of our newer deputies. He’s
been with us for less than 2 years. He came
to the Constable Precinct 3 office with
experience dating back to the 1990s when he
started with the Sul Ross University Campus
Police Department as a dispatcher. Al has
worked in different assignments along the
way. Now, he is assigned to the Motor
Vehicle Inspection (MVI) unit. His duties
include follow up investigations pertaining to motor vehicle inspection
stations, inspectors, and registration investigations. Al also
participates in basic patrol duties (traffic enforcement, neighborhoods
and schools, etc.) and community service that our office performs.
Born in Fort Hood, Al grew up in a military family and lived in Hawaii
and San Antonio. He has numerous and varied interests from
attending sporting events and concerts to taking motorcycle trips to
playing all sorts of active games like pool and darts. He also loves
old school arcade games and pinball, bbq, and working out. Al
recently got married (in Hawaii), which came with, as he describes
her, a 7 year old diva step-daughter.
The picture above was taken at the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.
While visiting the Pearl Harbor Memorial, he was asked by a Park
Ranger to hold the US flag while she changed out the flag. The Park
Ranger told him that the flag he was holding belonged to someone
special and that she was asked to have their flag flown at the
Memorial. Deputy Aranda was very honored to assist and this was a
very memorable experience for him.
Bauerle Ranch Fall Fest
Our friends in Bauerle Ranch invited us to participate in their annual Fall Festival by
sponsoring a Child ID station. As with any event in Bauerle Ranch that our office has
been a part of, it was very well attended.
Thank you for always inviting the Constable Precinct 3 Office
to be a part of your community!
We’re on the web!
L-R: Sergeant Drew McAngus, Constable
Sally Hernandez, Deputy Janie Serna, Chief
Deputy AJ Johnson
Constable Hernandez and Chief Johnson
meeting one of the many residents that
attended that day.
Constable Hernandez and Sergeant McAngus
work together to fingerprint one of Sergeant’s
Vehicle Identification Number
(VINE) Etching Program from the
Austin Police Department
8656 Hwy. 71 W
Parking Lot
No appointment
Sponsored by:
Sally I. Hernandez
Travis County
Constable, Pct. 3
Provides free, permanent etching of
the Vehicle Identification Number
on the windows of vehicles. If the
vehicle is stolen, the windows will
need to be replaced before it can
be sold. Because VIN etching is a
permanent theft deterrent device,
many insurance companies will give
a discount to car owners who use
this program. Open the public!
December 11th
10:00 to 1:00