Monthly Newsletter - Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

November/December 2014
Worship with Us!
Sunday Worship
8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 a.m.
Sunday School
9:30 and 11:00 a.m.
Our choirs; youth, chancel, new song, bells, cherub,
Masters’ Singers are wonderful additions to our worship
offerings, and we thank all those who labour in those
vineyards, enhancing our worship experiences.
The Rev. Dr. Charles D. Bang, Senior Pastor
A Word from the Pastor at All Saints
I thought I would take the opportunity to address the
congregation from this page to talk about the new
worship schedule.
As many of you know by now, we have decided to add a
third worship opportunity to our Sunday morning
schedule of services. Our tradition for as long as many
can remember is to have two worship services at Gloria
Dei, one beginning at 8:15 am and the other starting at
11:00 am.
Over the past several months, there has been much
discussion, in and out of committee, about the tenor and
style of our worship services. Worship and music
preferences are as different as those who attend our
worship. Some prefer a more traditional worship setting,
with liturgies that follow the order of one of the
prescribed settings in the worship book of the church
(our ELW). Some have come to appreciate a more
“contemporary” feel to worship. Some would like to
hear every hymn accompanied by the wonderful organ
we have at Gloria Dei, others enjoy hearing the piano
from time to time and others still, that style of music that
our worship band offers, with guitar, drums, and other
In an attempt to listen to and respond to those who have
voiced their preferences for worship, we thought it best
at this time to try to adjust our worship offerings so as to
provide meaningful experiences for as many varied
tastes and preferences as possible. It became apparent to
us that two services could not adequately address all the
different genres people have come to expect at Gloria
Dei. Therefore, we thought it best to expand our
“contemporary,” and the best of our tradition in
whatever form it exists.
So, starting on Sunday, November 2, All Saints’ Day,
we will offer three worship services each Sunday.
8:00 am will be our most traditional worship, with organ
music playing the starring role. Our hymnody will
reflect the best and most familiar of our church’s
tradition, and the liturgies contained therein will follow
the sequenced order found in a majority of the church’s
ELW resource book. Chancel choir, bells, cantor, and
soloists will be the primary additions to our regular
9:30 am we are calling our “New” worship. Our
worship band will be the primary accompanying
ensemble for this worship service, with a mix of organ,
piano, band, and other instruments. Youth choirs, new
song choir, cantor, and soloists will round out the
musical offerings. The format for worship will be our
familiar liturgical order, but we hope to introduce
movement, drama, and percussion.
We hope to
introduce the congregation to an occasional Service of
Healing, and other traditions from our Church’s vast
store of rich worship resources. Children will remain in
church until the Children’s Sermon and will be
dismissed for Sunday School from the worship service.
Adult education offerings will occur at this hour as the
schedule permits.
Our 11:00 am service will be a service of Holy
Communion each week (as will 8:00 and 9:30). All of
our choirs will present their offerings from time to time,
and we will present the best of our tradition’s music with
organ and piano, supplementing with special musicians
(harp, brass, woodwind, etc.) when appropriate and
according to season and festival needs. There will be a
Word for the Children at each service after which the
children will be dismissed for Sunday School.
If my memory serves me well, there were over 670
acolytes from 92 churches represented. The pageantry
of the procession was awesome, the vestments beautiful
and the participants beamed with the type of pride that
comes from the joy of serving. The procession was so
long that it took six designated “processional hymns” for
all the participants to process in! And, of course, the
final processional hymn was “Siyahamba, We are
Marching in the Light of God.” It was AMAZING!
As always, we welcome congregational participation in
any and all of these services and if you would like to be
a lay reader, a communion assistant, an usher, a greeter,
a sound technician, assist with Altar Guild or coffee, or
be a part of the order of the Cross and Crown (acolytes
and crucifers), please know that NONE of these are
either age or gender specific, especially at our “New”
service. So please contact the church office if you would
like to be a willing servant in any of these capacities.
The word acolyte comes from the Greek, meaning “one
who follows.” Our acolytes follow the cross in our
procession and receive the light from the torches to light
the candles on our altar. Our lighted candles are a sign
of the divine glory of the One who comes to dispel the
dark shadows of evil and to make the whole universe
radiant with the brightness of His eternal light.
(Sophronius, seventh century) It brings to mind the
words of our Lord, “I am the light for the world! Follow
me, and you won’t be walking in the dark. You will
have the light that gives life.” (John 8:12).
It is our fervent hope and desire that the worship life of
our congregation will be blessed and enhanced by these
offerings. I remain
Sincerely yours,
Pastor Bang
The Rev. Dr. Phyllis B. Milton, Associate Pastor
Just like “acolytes,” those of us who are called by the
name of Christian, are “ones who follow” after the cross
of Christ. We live our lives in His Light of grace, mercy
and love. And in turn, we share that same light with
others as we live among God’s faithful people, and share
together in the word of God and the Holy Supper; as we
proclaim Christ through word and deed, care for others
and the world God made, and work for justice and peace.
I am sure these words sound familiar. They are just a
few of the promises of the covenant that sponsors are
entrusted to help the newly baptized to live into and as
we grow in our faith; we as the baptized promise to
continue. So in a literal sense, we have all been called to
this ministry of service.
We are all “acolytes,”
marching, praying, dancing, and living in the light of
Help Wanted!
We are Living in the Light of God
On Saturday, October 11, I attended the National
Acolyte Festival at the Washington National Cathedral
with “Cross and Crown” youth participants and several
The theme of the Festival was “We are marching,
singing, serving, in the Light of God.” The theme is
actually a South African hymn that became popular in
North American churches in the 1990’s. In the Zulu
language, the title is Siyahamba. The Festival was a
celebration and affirmation of the commitment that so
many adults, youth and children make when they
volunteer to serve as acolytes in Christ’s Holy Church.
Gloria Dei Lutheran School is in need of a bus driver.
CDL-Class B, Air Brake certified, at least 21 years of
age, +5 driving record, experience preferred.
If interested, call Gloria Dei, 851-6292, and speak to
Michele Lewis or Linda Robinson.
Mrs. Linda K. Robinson, Principal
Gloria Dei Lutheran School
What a busy first quarter we have had. Students and
teachers have settled into their new routines, and it is
amazing how well the Fox Hill Campus has
accommodated our needs for the interim period as we
wait for our Willow Oaks Campus to be completed. The
cooperation and teamwork of parents, students, church
members, and staff have certainly helped for a smoother
transition. A special thanks to everyone for the support
and coordination of efforts and resources.
Progress is being made daily at our new site. Our three
educational buildings have been moved and placed on
the foundation. Our new computer lab is under factory
construction, and the Pastoral Leadership Center has
been demolished. As with any project, there can be
unanticipated delays beyond our control – weather,
acquisition of equipment, waiting period for inspections,
coordination of services, etc. Although we were hoping
our facility would be completed by the end of October,
we will not meet that targeted date. The developer and
contractor are evaluating the progress, and soon we will
have a projected date. In the meantime, rest assured that
our program will continue to thrive and all efforts are
being given to make sure our students have a quality,
enriched, educational experience.
I would like to update you on some of the
improvements, purchases, and projects we have or will
be able to put in place as a result of our relocation,
fundraising, planning, and budgetary efforts.
 A campus-wide computer network upgrade
 A campus-wide telephone upgrade
 Construction of a brand new computer lab
 New computer lab furnishings
 Revisions and updates to our preschool and twoyear-old program curriculum
 Replacement of many CD players for
 Additional white boards for classrooms
 Additional art supplies for art program
 Replacement lighting in hallway areas
 Purchase of printers for classrooms
 On line enrichment, reinforcement computer
program for middle school students
Playground structure will be ordered for Fox
Hill playground
Implementation of after school clubs –
computer, art, drama, guitar lessons
I would like to congratulate Eagle Scout Candidate,
Miles Campbell, for a job well done on his Eagle Scout
Project. Miles, a Gloria Dei Graduate, chose Gloria Dei
Lutheran School for his service project. He was
responsible for the renovation of the playground for our
younger students. This included relocation of the
fencing, new fencing, and barrier to accommodate a
larger play area. Thank you Miles!!!! The children love
the new play space.
Also congratulations to our newly-elected Middle
School Student Council officers and room
President – Hannah Zollmann
Vice President – Ashley Rogers
Secretary – Reanne Baise
Treasurer – Andrea Ducar
Chaplain – Jordan Ballard
8th Grade Room Representative – Gbemi Easter
7th Grade Room Representative – Riley Hylton
6th Grade Room Representatives – Luke DeConcini and
Jackson Smith
As we move into the holiday season, may you and your
family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Enclosed in our Newsletter you will find the Christmas
Program schedule for our students. Save the date and
join us as our children share the Christmas story.
God bless,
Linda K. Robinson
Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Science News
Science activities for the prekindergarten (PK) and
kindergarten (K) classes began the first week in
September. The K classes come to the Science Lab every
Tuesday, and the PK classes come to the Lab every other
Thursday. There is some type of “hands-on” activity
with each lesson.
I have enjoyed presenting various topics to the children
for discussion and exploration. We will learn about
many exciting things in the world that God created for
our enjoyment.
In the PK classes, we began with the sun and our planet
earth. Next, we discussed the water and the land on our
planet, followed by plants that live on the land and
creatures that live in the water. We will move on to
birds, bees, reptiles, and mammals. The second semester
begins with the construction of a plastic skeleton of our
bodies, and then we will learn about our brain, heart, and
lungs. We will explore all five senses before the year is
In K, we began with live caterpillars, which transformed
into butterflies in our classrooms, and then were released
near a butterfly bush on campus. We observed up-close
what once was a live octopus, and some of the children
even touched it!
We have experimented with
magnifying glasses and gravity. We learned about the
underground network of ant hills and participated in an
“alligator rescue!” In the D letterbook we had the
opportunity to view a variety of dinosaur books and even
construct a model of a Triceratops. We planted pumpkin
seeds as we discussed the life cycle of a pumpkin. We
will continue to explore the many fascinating things that
are a part of God’s marvelous creation as the year
continues. Topics will correspond to the letterbooks that
the children are completing in the classroom.
Resource reports will be included in the report card
envelope for each of the grading periods of the year. Be
sure to look for the most recent activities there.
Mrs. Fullen
Science Teacher-PK & K
This quarter all of the Gloria Dei classes including
Spanish were located at the Fox Hill Campus, and the
transition has been very well orchestrated. It has been a
great opportunity for the staff and the students to get to
know each other. In general, the Spanish curriculum has
remained the same this quarter, and the students are
enjoying the adventure.
The kindergarten students have been learning the
Spanish alphabet with books, posters, worksheets, and
songs. Some letters are pronounced differently or not at
all in Spanish. For example, “ll” makes the “y” sound in
English and “h” is not pronounced in Spanish. C is for
Calabaza the Spanish word for pumpkin. Otoño (fall) is
a good time of year to learn about calabazas.
Each quarter the 1 - 5 grade students have Spanish
words of the quarter to help them learn Spanish
vocabulary. This quarter all of the students made flash
cards to practice their vocabulary words. The first
graders’ words for the quarter were the numbers, and the
words of the quarter for the 2nd - 5th grade students were
the colors. In addition to having a variety of worksheets,
the 2nd and 3rd grade students used Twin Sisters’
Workbook and CD (a leader in children’s educational
music) to learn Spanish numbers and colors. The fourth
and fifth graders used Skinny Skits - Short and Simple
Funny Skits for Beginning Spanish Speakers by Patti
Lozano to help them learn their colors in Spanish. El
Caballo No Es Azul (The Horse Is Not Blue) was one of
the humorous plays that the students read aloud in class.
The 1st-5th grade students were tested on their words and,
in general, they did very well.
The study of Hispanic culture and the geography of
countries where Spanish is spoken is also an important
element in the Spanish curriculum. Each elementary
class concentrates on a particular country each quarter.
The 1st quarter, the 1st graders studied Spain; the 2nd
graders studied El Salvador; the 3rd graders studied
Panama; the 4th graders studied Venezuela, and the 5th
graders studied Argentina.
Last summer, new full-sized flags of Argentina and
Spain were purchased for the Gloria Dei students. I
can’t wait to display these flags in the new Willow Oaks
Campus! ¿Sabías…? (Did you know?) that the Spanish
flag is red and yellow or that the Argentine flag is light
blue and white and that the yellow sun in the center is
called The Sol de Mayo (The Sun of May)?
Spanish 1 is a high school level class at Gloria Dei, and I
am very proud of all of the Middle School Students who
have been working diligently to learn Spanish. This
school year, the 6th and 7th grade students will attend the
Hispanic Flamenco Ballet’s Latin American Carnival
production. This show celebrates the culture and history
of the Hispanic countries of Central and South America
with song and dance.
As the year progresses, all of the Spanish students will
be learning more about Spanish language and culture,
and I am fortunate to have the privilege of helping them
to learn.
As Thanksgiving approaches, may we all be thankful for
God’s many gifts.
Vaya con Dios (Go with God)
Vanessa S. Vaught
Ways You Can Help!!!!!!
Listed below are some easy ways you can help support
Gloria Dei School. Please pass information to family
and friends.
Farm Fresh - 1 2 3 4 the Community Program –
When you shop at Farm Fresh, save the cash register
receipts that state your total sales and turn them in at
our collection basket on the little table in the right
corner as you enter the Atrium from the Tower.
Farm Fresh will contribute a portion of the sales to
our school for the purchase of books, audiovisual
equipment, computer programs, etc. This also
includes receipts for gas purchases.
Campbell’s Labels for Education Program –
When you buy Campbell’s products, save and send
in the labels. Labels can be redeemed for needed
school supplies. They may be placed in the basket
on the little table in the right corner as you enter the
Atrium from the Tower.
General Mills Box Tops for Education – Buy
General Mills products, cut out the “Box Tops for
Education” coupons, and deposit them in the basket
on the little table in the right corner as you enter the
Atrium from the Tower. We receive 10¢ for each
Target School Program – If you have a Target
charge card, you can designate Gloria Dei as your
sponsored school.
Gloria Dei will receive a
percentage of each sale.
The Funding Factory – Gloria Dei participates in
the Funding Factory Cartridge Recycling Program.
These programs are FREE and easy, but will not
work without your support. Simply donate your
empty printer cartridges to Gloria Dei Lutheran
School, and we will take it from there. We will
recycle the cartridges through The Funding Factory
to earn points which we can exchange for new
technological and/or recreational equipment. Did
you know that over 300 million printer cartridges
were thrown away last year alone? Help us turn this
waste into valuable school equipment. Donate your
empty laser and inkjet printer cartridges by placing
them on the counter behind the Information Desk.
Capri Restaurant Night – The third Wednesday of
each month is Gloria Dei night at Capri Restaurant,
Willow Oaks Shopping Center. We will receive a
percentage of the sales. When you pay at the
register, you need to mention that you are from
Gloria Dei.
Chick-fil-A Night – The second Wednesday of each
month is Gloria Dei Night at the Chick-fil-A on
Coliseum Drive. Gloria Dei will receive a % of the
sales for the evening from Gloria Dei patrons. Just
turn in your sales receipt at the Gloria Dei table.
Anna’s Pizza – Dine at the Anna’s in Buckroe
Shopping Center on the first Wednesday of the
month and a portion of the sales will be contributed
to our school. When paying your bill, be sure to tell
your server/cashier that you are with Gloria Dei.
Gloria Dei Lutheran School
Saturday, December 6
Beginning at 10:00 am
Great time to Christmas Shop.
Mention Gloria Dei School, and we
receive a percentage of the sales.
Thanks for your support!!!!
School Carnival – Saturday, May 30, 10:00 am –
3:00 pm. Save the date and come join the fun or
volunteer to help. More information to come.
Thanks for your help and support!
Linda K. Robinson, Principal
Interim Update: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, School, and Land Project
With the successful start of our 2014-2015 school year, you don’t have to look very far to notice there is a lot of activity.
In November 2013, the Congregational Council formed a School and Day Care Vision Committee to explore
recommendations for improving the operation of our school and day care. Over fifty individuals from the congregation,
school, and day care worked in committees to develop the prioritized recommendations presented to Council in May
2014. Council has reviewed the recommendations, and has scheduled working sessions in November 2014 to fully
explore and prepare a plan of implementation for all recommendations presented by the committee.
Some Committee recommendations were programmatic and did not require funding, and some were scheduled in parallel
with the move to leverage the down-time of the campus. Major activities to address the Vision Committee
recommendations include:
Recommended HVAC upgrades
Campus/church-wide computer network upgrade
Campus/church-wide telephone upgrade
Deactivation of existing computer lab building to prepare for a new lab building
New computer lab furnishings
Implementation of a mobile laptop computer classroom at the Fox Hill Campus
Website upgrades
Updated staff handbook that included wider staff recommendation input
Revised leave policy
Reduced before and after school transportation cost
Revised multi-child transportation fee discounts
Revised two-year-old and preschool program skills assessments
Revised two-year-old and preschool program curriculum
Additional actions not specifically recommended by the Committee, but deemed appropriate to enhance church, school,
and childcare operations include:
Call to Dr. Phyllis Milton as Associate Pastor to continue with her school duties
Major kitchen renovation
Renovation of relocated church and school offices
Deactivation of the Pastoral Leadership Center, relocation to Fox Hill campus
Lighting upgrade in the Fellowship Hall
Luther Library furniture upgrades
Expansion of a Fellowship Hall storage area
The following approved activities are in-progress:
Full relocation of the old Harris Creek campus to the new Willow Oaks campus
• Move existing buildings
• New entrance off Willow Oaks Boulevard with exit to Harris Creek Road
• Relocation of the playground equipment
• Many interior and exterior upgrades
New sound system in the Nave and Atrium areas
Eagle Scout projects:
• Miles Campbell - two-year-old playground expansion & renovation project
• Austin Honyoust - exterior renovation project (flagpoles, lighting, benches)
We will continue to keep you updated as we progress with both the Harris Creek Land Project and the plan to address the
Vision Committee recommendations.
Our Land Sale and Development
We have completed many of the stated goals of our major strategic undertaking that was begun over two years ago. The
Land Development Project is well underway and like many construction projects, delays have occurred. A combination
of City/bureaucratic, legal, weather and contractor situations and complications contributed to a slow start and
interruptions to the process. However, now is a good time to reflect upon this project. Our accomplishments to date
1. First and foremost, the lowering of our overall debt service by $966,965, effectively paying off the debt incurred
from the Rice Land purchase (with over $20,000 of additional debt paid down reducing the Atrium mortgage).
2. Successful sale of land assets deemed excess land (Pastor Leadership Center and surrounding land). This funded
our first accomplishment as well as other needed improvements.
3. Successful application and approval for zoning changes and use permits from the City of Hampton for both the
sale and the relocation of school buildings.
4. Relocation of the three school buildings on the Harris Creek campus.
5. Contracting for the improvements of the entire Harris Creek campus regarding overall presentation, parking,
traffic circulation and landscaping.
6. Acquisition of a new Computer Lab building for the Harris Creek campus.
7. Continued planning and analysis of the remaining "Rice Land" tract for future uses.
As of October 18, all three of our school buildings have been moved and have been situated on their new foundations.
Utility connections and site work are well underway. The "lake" has been partially filled to allow for the construction of
the new parking and roadway entrances and the curb cuts and sidewalks have been started with concrete poured in some
areas. Security lighting, fencing, playground areas, extensive landscaping and many other aspects of the relocation should
greatly enhance our Harris Creek campus.
Our target date for completion is mid-November, but as we know weather is a big factor. While the delays have caused
frustration and complications, we had anticipated this possibility, and we created various contingency plans that have
served us well. Thanks to Church and School staff, all of the classes that were scheduled for the Harris Creek campus
have been accommodated on the Fox Hill side using available space including the Atrium, Simeon Center, Luther Library
and the Fellowship Hall. We are closer together and more compact, but everyone seems to be actually enjoying the
temporary locations. We still are looking forward to our new location as we finish the Harris Creek campus
Financially, we have met our goals of debt relief per our announced plans and approved budget. The pay down of our
mortgage relieved us of a large burden and has allowed us to undertake other program improvements. With God’s help,
along with assistance from countless members of our congregation, our staff, as well as our community, we are moving
forward to make our Church, our School, and our Community a better place.
We are planning another update in a January congregational meeting.
Andi White, Music Director
Ps. 96
Sing to the LORD a new song;
sing to the LORD, all the earth.
Psalm 40
He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear the LORD
and put their trust in him.
Isaiah 43:18-19
“Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.”
The Psalmist speaks of singing a new song to the Lord.
Isaiah reminds us that God is constantly doing new
things in our lives. He tells us not to dwell on the past,
and to notice the new things God does.
We are encouraged to sing to God a new song. As a
composer and creator, I have looked for, listened to, and
longed for innovation and inspiration for songs never
sung before, never heard of before, new, and interesting.
Baptized and raised in the church from infancy, I am
very familiar with traditional hymns and traditional
church music. I also look for new things.
I ask of each new thing, how will this help us to love
God more? How will we love each other more with this
change? Are we remaining true to Biblical worship?
Are we focused on the only Audience of our worship,
God, who alone is worthy of praise? These are the
criteria I use in determining what will be used in
worship. Many churches around the country are using
visitor-friendly styles of music that leave people with an
upbeat feeling when they worship. I caught the upbeat
bug in Utah, where much is done out there to be
musically inclusive to the greater culture in which we
find ourselves. Do we cling to the styles of the past in
order to be comforted and to keep our church distinct
and separate from the greater culture? Or do we include
some of the styles that are already in the greater culture
in order to transform the culture to hear the message of
love and acceptance offered to all in Jesus’ name?
Some changes that will happen in our music program
due to the new service include:
 Chancel Choir and Adult Handbells will rotate
between the 8:00 AM service and the 11:00 AM
 The Master’s Singers will rotate between the
9:30 AM and the 11:00 AM services.
 Youth Choir and Youth Handbells will serve at
the 9:30 AM service.
 Worship Band will be at the 9:30 AM service.
 New Song Choir will rotate between the
9:30 AM and the 11:00 AM services.
 Children’s Choirs and handbells will be at the
11:00 AM service.
I pray the worship of our loving God will become more
and more an act of sacrifice and devotion, as we grow
more and more into His likeness.
Soli Deo Gloria,
WELCA - Women of the ELCA
At Gloria Dei all women of college age and older are a
part of Women of the ELCA. WELCA is an avenue to
shared growth in spiritual development, women centered
Bible study, engagement in social ministry and social
justice, and nurturing friendships rooted in our Christian
faith. We also like having a good time while we do
good stuff! Please feel free to get involved in any way
your schedule will allow; there are no formal
memberships or meetings.
WELCA Book Group: will meet on Monday evening,
November 3, at 7:00, at the home of Renee May. The
book this month is The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate.
Call or e-mail Renee at 848-5787 or [email protected] to
let her know you are planning to attend. Her address is:
759 Charthouse Circle, Hampton. You will need to call
her when you get to the gate so that she may let you in to
her neighborhood. If you need a ride, call or e-mail
Debby Bang, 757-915-6995, [email protected]
Holiday Fair Trade Market
November 16, 23, 30
December 7, 14
Upcoming Dates:
Women of the ELCA of Gloria Dei
November 24, 6:30-8:30, Simeon Center
Introduction to Drawing with art instructor, Debby
WELCA Lunch Bunch: Saturday, December 13, at
Women of the ELCA of Gloria Dei
Monday, December 15, Simeon Center
Making Chrismons, with the Gloria Dei Designing
Council Corner
Many topics were covered in the September and October
Council meetings.
 New Worship Opportunities – On September 21,
Pastor Bang called a special session of Council to
propose an additional worship service. The initial
details of time and general format were discussed
and supported by Council. Pastor will work with the
staff to determine the details of each service.
 Pastoral –
o Council agreed with Pastor to hold one service
the Sunday after Christmas, December 28, 10am.
o Pastor Bang proposed an updated wedding fee
schedule, which was supported by Council.
o For Pastor Bang’s Mutual Ministry Committee,
Derry Mace will replace Rita Foringer. For
Pastor Milton’s initial Mutual Ministry
Committee, Council approved Dianne Congrove,
Leonard Mayo, and Pam Hess. Our sincere
appreciation to those supporting this important
 Gloria Dei Lutheran School – Ernie noted that the
school did a tremendous job with the location
transition and opening of the school.
expressed accolades to Linda for a job well done by
her and the school teachers and staff in their efforts
to ensure that the school is up and running well.
Linda Robinson attended the Council meeting, and
the use of fundraising monies that would be
acceptable to the parents was discussed. Recent
changes in the security procedures were discussed to
support the congregation and school staff to ensure
the security of the children.
 Harris Creek Land Project – With the current
timeline, it was suggested that a report to the
Congregation in January 2015 should provide
sufficient time to finalize the financials to present.
 Synod – Council welcomed Wyatt Gretka for a
synopsis of the youth events at the 2014 Synod
Assembly. Wyatt asked that Council consider
sending the max number of youth to Synod next
year. The Synod’s malaria campaign was successful,
and Pastor Delaney has been a tremendous leader for
the youth. Congratulations to Wyatt, elected for the
third year…this year as Vice President!
 50th Anniversary – The Committees are making
progress, and the dinner location has been approved.
 Worship – Jason stated that the Ushers/Communion
Servers Breakfast was held at Embassy Suites, and a
great time was had by all. The evaluation and
timeline of a new sound system continues.
 Care – Rita noted that celebration of new babies
will be added to the Diaconate duties.
 Christian Ed – Alison highlighted a successful
Rally Day with 36 registered children, additional
children who will be registering, and a wonderful
lesson plan for the semester selected by Pam Hess.
 Community – Aaron reported $690 raised at this
year’s Fish Fry (which will be placed in the church’s
Memorial Fund to defray the cost of a new tent in
10-15 years when this one needs replaced), 206 cans
of tuna, and $70 in the fish bowl. Special thanks
from the Council to Mike Riley and his team.
 Sunrise House – Garth announced the Daybreakers’
Bible Study will meet at Sunrise House on Nov 4,
Men’s Bible Study will meet there on Nov 11, and
there will be an Open House in January.
 School Vision – Work continues to move forward
with the School Vision plan. Garth announced
emails have been sent to Council members to
include the 15-year goal plan, ministry site profile,
and goals for the future of Gloria Dei. The strategy
session will be held on Nov 1. Pastor commended
Garth on his work, and Garth asked everyone to
bring their ideas from the vision committee.
 Constitution – The number of Trustees was
discussed, and a Constitutional amendment was
approved by Council for presentation to the
 Eagle Projects – Council extends their gratitude to
Miles Campbell for a job well done on his Eagle
project to expand and enhance the 2-year-olds’
playground for the school. Austin Honyoust’s Eagle
project has begun; he will be installing two flag
poles and industrial lighting along the walkway from
the main door to the parking lot. He also refinished
the three benches on our grounds.
Peace from Your Council
Carolyn, Ernie, Keri, Lynn, Rita, Jason, Aaron, Garth,
Alison and Pastor Bang
Annual Homeless Coat Drive
As you may remember, last winter I collected coats for
the homeless. Well, we have already had people asking
for coats and clothing for the winter. We need coats,
sweaters, sweatshirts, back packs, and belts that you may
have to give. We need mostly men’s clothing, but we
will take anything. I will have a drop box in the Atrium
starting Sunday, November 2, and will be collecting all
month. We will distribute these items on December 6
when we pass out lunches in Phoebus.
Thank you for your help!!!
Andrew Sutherland
Senior High Youth Activities
J.O.Y. (Just Older Youth)
Friday, November 7
7:00 p.m. – midnight – Lazer Rush in Newport News.
$22 unlimited play.
Come join us for some pleasant company, conversation,
and the delight of a satisfying meal. Please call Joan
Hudgins, 851-3532, by the Monday evening prior to the
luncheon date if you cannot attend.
Sunday, November 16
12:30 p.m. – Simeon Center
Christmas Tree Sales Meeting for all those attending the
youth retreats. The Senior High will have a cookout and
Talent Show following this meeting in the Fellowship
Hall. Show off your talents!
Friday, December 5
6:00 p.m. – Hanging of the Greens
Stocking stuffers for the Salvation Army in the Luther
Library after dinner.
Sunday, December 21
Christmas Caroling – the congregation is invited.
We will end at Pastor and Mrs. Bang’s home.
Junior Youth Group Activities
Sunday, November 16
Christmas Tree Sales Meeting – 12:30 p.m. in the
Simeon Center
Mandatory Lost & Found Meeting – 1:00 p.m. in the
Simeon Center – pizza will be served.
November 21 – 23
Lost & Found Retreat
Sunday, December 14
Bowling at Sparetimes
Leave 12:30 p.m., return at 4:00 p.m.
More information to follow.
Sunday, December 21
Christmas Caroling; leaving at 6:00 p.m.
Olive Garden
Red Lobster
Olive Garden
Community Thanksgiving Worship
Tuesday, November 25, 7:00 p.m.
Community Presbyterian Church
400 Fox Hill Road
50th Anniversary Fund
Greetings from the 50th Anniversary Planning
Committee! Beginning with offering envelopes in
January 2015, and continuing throughout the year, you’ll
notice envelopes labelled “50th Anniversary Fund.”
Proceeds from these offering envelopes will be used to
help defray costs for 50th Anniversary events like the
Celebration Dinner in November 2015. Any excesses
from offering envelopes will be combined with proceeds
from other anniversary fundraising activities, and will be
put toward funding both designated Gloria Dei projects
and external contributions to the greater Synod/ELCA.
More information to follow.
Of course, you’re always welcome to make a
contribution to the Anniversary Fund at any time by
contacting the church office. But we thank you in
advance for considering making a contribution to the
50th Anniversary Fund through your offerings.
Sock Hop Scheduled!
Newsletter Deadline for
Remember, we are publishing a bimonthly newsletter.
The deadline for the next issue is Monday,
December 15, to [email protected] Thank you!
SAVE THE DATE! The first big event for Gloria Dei's
50th Anniversary Celebration is the 50's Sock Hop!
Mark your calendar for the evening of Saturday,
February 28, 2015. The sock hop will feature a live
band, dancing, food, photo booth, and more! Tickets go
on sale Sunday, January 4. Watch for the poster in the
Atrium! For more information, contact Kevin Morse
(757-288-0268) or Sandy Dunn (757-262-8247).
Mutual Ministry Committee Update
New Member Schedule
We have entered into our third year with Pastor Bang.
This quarter, we are in the performance review period.
This year, we are requesting the leaders of the
congregation to complete an evaluation form. We will
gather the information and report back to Pastor Bang in
If you are interested in knowing more about
Gloria Dei and its mission and ministry, you
are cordially invited to
Also, with this anniversary year, it is time for a change
of members on our committee. We would like to thank
Rita Foringer for her time and dedication to this
committee for the last two years. Her willingness to
listen to and relay the messages of our congregation
have been of great value to our group.
We would like to announce and welcome Derry Mace to
the group. We feel he will be a great addition to our
team. Please feel free to contact any member with
questions, concerns, or comments that you would like
relayed back to our leadership. We are available
Jenny Sutherland, phone #757-851-4641
email [email protected]
Joe Morrison, phone#757-868-4635
email [email protected]
Derry Mace, phone #757-826-5435
Thanks be to God!!
Your Mutual Ministry Committee,
Jenny Sutherland, Joe Morrison & Derry Mace
Merry Christmas to
all from
the Gloria Dei
Church and School
Wine & Cheese
Tuesday, November 4, 6:30 p.m., in the
Luther Library
Q&A Session
Sunday, November 16, 9:30 a.m., in the
Simeon Center
Reception of New Members will be
Sunday, November 23, at 9:30 a.m. in the
Koinonia Atrium.
Any questions or to RSVP, please call the
church office, 851-2838,
or speak with Pastor Bang.
Josh Rice, Yvonne Roberts, Eli Roos
Megan Gretka, Jennifer Howell
Ryan Curtis, Fred Phillips
Heide Hackworth, Tom Nance, Matthew Zorumski
Eddie Freeman, Dan Singer, Vel Slusar,
Kenny Sutherland, Barry Zorumski
Jerry Burks, Isabella Epps, Rebecca Grossman,
Bo Lomax
Megan Canny
10 Jennifer Price
11 Ellie Congrove, Sara Keyser, Laura Ann Madott,
Austin Whitney, Jerry Woodlief
12 Thomas Dadez, Alexander Gore, Bob Hess,
John Matthews, Pam Tracey
13 Joanne Aheimer, Bob Hudgins, Eric Johnson
14 Matthew Cousins
15 Nancy Davis, Bill Green, EV Robertson
16 Alexis Harris
18 Jessica Singer
19 Donna Vanorsdale
20 Cota Berry, Julia Dickseski, Dawn Olson
21 Prescott Wheeler
22 Pastor Bang, Ruth Grimes, Grey Hansen,
Bill Monroe
23 Jonah Hutchison, Allison Mault, Vicki Venable
24 Tex Rathkamp
25 Walt Engelund, Kieran Phillips, Kellie Wendel
27 Stephen Hodge
28 Brittany Neuharth
29 Julie Hutchison, Marilyn Luter
Amy Etheridge, Joy Hough, Tracy King,
Jenny Sutherland, Gwenyth Wheeler
Gregory Gore, Gabriel Hutchison, Kim Wheeler
Hannah Kjelvik, Shae Kleinschmidt
Dean Grimm
Jeff Hunsberger, Jim Stewart, Crystal Via
Cassie Berry, Michael Gill, Erin Kleinschmidt,
Ann Myers
Becky Barnhart
Kevin Bryant, Ed Kleinschmidt, Josh Lowman
Sara Alligood, Jim Cunnison, Breanna Nixon
10 Jack Adams, Zachary Bryant, William Karlson
11 Alian Astorino, Ginny McCreery,
Keegan St. Laurent, Mikaila Whitney
12 Kim Quinn
13 Harvey Burks, Nancy Monroe, Jared Williams,
Alan Zorumski
14 Fred Bradley, Krista Hester
15 Fred Bound, Jr., Tyler French
16 Brian Mason, Jesse Scheib, Zach Scherrer
Cheyenne Berry, Miranda Venable,
Kristen Wallis-Thomas
Vivian Griese
Pam Hess, Tom Hooks, Kathy Ofsdahl
LaRue Dickinson
Marshall Kjelvik, Shoe Shoemaker
Ed Mault
William Grimes, Samantha Jones
Zachary Alberg, Reverie Rowlett, Gabriel Storms
Chloe Krause, Elyse Roos
Leann Coleman, Barbara Hite, Kayla Kernan
Paul Garcia, Craig Staton, Jenna Turner
Scott Astorino, Luci Gartrell
Laura Engelund, Shawnae Lacy, Chip Lomax
JP and Amanda Gill
Steve and Pam Robnett
Michael and Shannon Sexton
Kevin and Kristy Fyfe
Richard and Laura Fox
Pastor Art and Dale Pedersen
Mark and Jennifer Tunstall
Kyle and Kristen Leckrone
10 Matthew and Brynne Peterson
Bill and Mitzi Siefers
12 Kevin and Jennifer Bryant
15 Dan and Ginny McCreery
21 Bob and Nancy Haberman
23 Richard and Jennifer Howell
24 Martin and Holly Sunderland
Michael and Christine Hunnicutt
28 Paul and Judy St. Pierre
29 Ross and Kim Miller
30 Leon and Sara Alligood
Gordon and Michelle Robertson
Joe and Mary Capone
18 Bob and Joan Hudgins
Bob and Vivian Reynolds
20 Matthew and Katrina Krause
21 Russell and Virginia Lyeth
Don and Marti Grenier
22 James and Yvonne Roberts
23 Brown and Rowena Cornwell
27 Glenn and Sandy Taylor
Pastor Charlie and Debby Bang
28 Keith and Mary Jane Leckrone
31 Buzz and Anita Hamilton
Theo and Christy Gardner
THIS NEWSLETTER guides you through Gloria Dei’s preparation for and celebration of the
birth of Jesus Christ.
The church season is called Advent, which means “coming.” Advent is a four-week period of
preparation for the Nativity—Jesus Christ’s birth. It is a season marked by joyful anticipation
and hope.
HANGING OF THE GREENS is a time for the Gloria Dei congregation to decorate for the
Advent and Christmas seasons. Dinner is served by the men of the congregation on Friday,
December 5, beginning at 6:00 p.m. Decorating and caroling follow with crafts and activities for
children. A nursery is provided.
During Hanging of the Greens, the Junior and Senior High Youth will meet in the Luther Library
to stuff stockings for young children for the Salvation Army.
FESTIVAL OF CAROLS AND LIGHTS on Sunday, December 7, at 7:00 p.m. is a worship
service to anticipate the celebration of our Savior’s birth. This service includes carols, lessons,
and special music by our choirs and bell ringers. The lighting of our Chrismon tree is a highlight
of the evening. A nursery is provided.
CHRISTMAS TREES will once again be sold by the Gloria Dei youth groups to help defray
the cost of the Virginia Synod youth retreats. If your family purchases a live tree, please
consider us!
THE VIRGINIA CHORAL SOCIETY will present a concert entitled, “The Glory of
Christmas,” which will be held on Sunday, December 14, at 3:00 p.m. in the Nave. General
admission for this event is $18.
SUNDAY SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM will be presented Sunday, December 14, at
the 11:00 a.m. worship service. Come and share in this telling of the Savior’s birth. This is a
traditional service with Holy Communion. For those who do not wish to attend the Christmas
Program, Pastor Bang will have a sermon at the 8:00 and 9:30 a.m. services.
CHRISTMAS CAROLING, sponsored by the Senior High Youth, begins at 6:00 p.m. on
Sunday, December 21. Carolers will travel by Gloria Dei bus. We will end at Pastor and Debby
Bang’s home. All are welcome to join in the singing.
FATHER AND SON BREAKFAST will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve, December 24,
at the Elks’ Lodge, 99 Tide Mill Lane, in Hampton. This annual event is sponsored by the
Men’s Breakfast Bible Study. The full breakfast buffet will cost $7.50 for adults and is free for
boys under 5 years old and under.
The Christmas season, beginning with Christmas Eve, is the occasion for
telling the story of Christ’s birth. This joyful season lasts for 12 days.
is intended for families with Preschool through Kindergarten age children. The worship includes
familiar Christmas carols and music by our SonShine Choir. This is a 45-minute service and
includes a family Christmas blessing. A nursery is provided.
This service is for families and those who desire an early evening service. It includes the festive
sounds of carols with special music by our Youth Choir and Youth Ringers. A nursery is
Prelude music begins at 10:30 p.m. The Chancel Choir and Adult Ringers will provide special
music. There is no nursery.
EPIPHANY SERVICE will be Tuesday, January 6, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. Preceding this service,
we will have a potluck supper at 6:00 p.m. (bring your favorite dish to share) and the last of your
Christmas cookies. Come for a fun evening, which will end with taking down our Christmas
Tree sales begin Saturday, November 29, 2014
MON.—FRI. 5-8 p.m.; SAT. 9a.m.-9p.m.; SUN. 1-5 p.m.
— Sponsored by the Gloria Dei Youth Groups—
ALL proceeds support three Synod Youth Retreats!
It is the goal of the Salvation Army that every child receive a stocking. The Salvation Army in Hampton seeks
to fill over 7,000 stockings for children in the Virginia Peninsula Area this Christmas. They ask our group to
fill the stockings with items appropriate for gender and age (newborn – 13) with the exception of food.
November 2014
8, 9:30 & 11 AMWORSHIP
9:30 & 11AMSunday School
All Saints Day
Book Group
8 AM-Daybreakers
Bible Study at
Sunrise House
10 AM-Fellowship
Bible Study
4 PM-ExAdCom
6:30 PM-Worship
4:15 PM-The
Master’s Singers
6 PM-Memorial
7 PM-Sr.
Lazer Rush
8, 9:30 & 11 AMWORSHIP
9:30 & 11AMSunday School
2 PM-Needlework
4:15 PM-The
Master’s Singers
6 PM-Adult
7 PM-New Song
7:45 PM-Chancel
12-4 PMCouncil
8, 9:30 & 11 AMWORSHIP
9:30 & 11AMSunday School
12:30 PM-Youth
Christmas Tree
Sales Meeting
1 PM-Lost &
Found Meeting;
Sr. High Cookout
and Talent Show
7 AM-Men’s Bible
Study Breakfast at
Sunrise House
10 AM-Fellowship
Bible Study
5PM- Council
6:30 PM-Worship
Church Office
8 AM-Daybreakers
Bible Study
10 AM-Fellowship
Bible Study
6:30 PM-Worship
12:30 PM-JOY Fellowship
at Olive Garden
5:30 PM-Youth Dinner
6 PM-Youth Choir
6:30 PM-Midweek Bible
6:45-Grades 5 & 6 Bible
7:30 PM-Confirmation; Sr.
High Discipleship Group
3:30 PM-Son Shine Choir
5:30 PM-Youth Dinner
6 PM-Youth Choir
6:30 PM-Midweek Bible
6:45-Grades 5 & 6 Bible
7:30 PM-Confirmation; Sr.
High Discipleship Group
4:15 PM-The
Master’s Singers
6 PM-Adult
7 PM-New Song
7:45 PM-Chancel
Lost &
Lost & Found
8, 9:30 & 11 AMWORSHIP
9:30 & 11AMSunday School
Lost & Found
with Debby
12:30 PM-JOY Fellowship
at Red Lobster
3:30 PM-Son Shine Choir
4:15 PM-Jubilate Ringers
5:30 PM-Youth Dinner
6 PM-Youth Choir
6:30 PM-Midweek Bible
6:45-Grades 5 & 6 Bible
7:30 PM-Confirmation;
Sr.High Discipleship Group
3:30 PM-Son Shine Choir
4:15 PM-Jubilate Ringers
6:30 PM-Midweek Bible
8, 9:30 & 11 AMWORSHIP
9:30 & 11AMSunday School
7 AM-Men’s Bible
Study Breakfast
10 AM-Fellowship
Bible Study
6:30 PM-Worship
7 PM-Community
Church Office Closed
December 2014
8, 9:30 & 11 AMWORSHIP
9:30 & 11AMSunday School
7 PM-Carols &
8, 9:30 & 11 AMWORSHIP
9:30 & 11AMSunday School
12:30 PM-Jr.
Youth Bowling
2 PM-Needlework
3 PM-Virginia
Choral Society
8, 9:30 & 11 AMWORSHIP
9:30 & 11AMSunday School
6 PM-Christmas
8 AM-Daybreakers
Bible Study
10 AM-Fellowship
Bible Study
4 PM-ExAdCom
6:30 PM-Worship
7 AM-Men’s Bible
Study Breakfast
10 AM-Fellowship
Bible Study
4 PM-Luther
5 PM- Council
6:30 PM-Worship
8 AM-Daybreakers
Bible Study
10 AM-Fellowship
Bible Study
6:30 PM-Worship
8 AM-Men’s
Christmas Eve
6:30 PM-Worship
12:30 PM-JOY Fellowship
at Olive Garden
3:30 PM-Son Shine Choir
4:15 PM-Jubilate Ringers
5:30 PM-Youth Dinner
6 PM-Youth Choir
6:30 PM-Midweek Bible
6:45-Grades 5 & 6 Bible
7:30 PM-Confirmation; Sr.
High Discipleship Group
3:30 PM-Son Shine Choir
4:15 PM-Jubilate Ringers
5:30 PM-Youth Dinner
6 PM-Youth Choir
6:30 PM-Midweek Bible
6:45-Grades 5 & 6 Bible
7:30 PM-Confirmation; Sr.
High Discipleship Group
12:30 PM-JOY Fellowship
at Longhorn
3:30 PM-Son Shine Choir
4:15 PM-Jubilate Ringers
6:30 PM-Midweek Bible
4:15 PM-The
Master’s Singers
6 PM-Adult Ringers
7 PM-New Song
7:45 PM-Chancel
6 PMHanging of
the Greens
4:15 PM-The
Master’s Singers
6 PM-Adult Ringers
7 PM-New Song
7:45 PM-Chancel
4:15 PM-The
Master’s Singers
6 PM-Adult Ringers
7 PM-New Song
7:45 PM-Chancel
5, 7, & 11 - WORSHIP
Church Office Closed
10 AM-Fellowship
Bible Study
6:30 PM-Worship
Church Office Closed
10:30 AMCarols &
10 AMBarnes and
Noble Day
Lunch Bunch
4 PM-Mault/
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
250 Fox Hill Road, Hampton, Virginia 23669-1793
Telephone (757)851-2838 FAX (757)850-3935
e-mail: [email protected]
Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday
Sunrise House: (757) 896-0800;
Gloria Dei is a congregation of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Non-Profit Organization
Hampton, Virginia
Permit NO. 216
Dated Material
Sunday: 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 a.m.
Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 a.m.
Children’s Sunday School 9:30 &
11:00 a.m.
The Christmas season, beginning with Christmas Eve, is
the occasion for telling the story of Christ’s birth. This
joyful season lasts for 12 days.
intended for families with Preschool through Kindergarten age children. The worship includes
familiar Christmas carols and music by our SonShine Choir. This is a 45-minute service and
includes a family Christmas blessing. A nursery is provided.
service is for families and those who desire an early evening service. It includes the festive sounds
of carols with special music by our Youth Choir and Youth Ringers. A nursery is provided.
Prelude music begins at 10:30 p.m. The Chancel Choir and Adult Ringers will provide special
music. There is no nursery.