GD's Got Talent Show

GD’s Got Talent Show
Friday, January 23, 2015
Students and teachers are invited to dust off their tutus, tune up their
instruments, or warm up their voices for GD’s Got Talent Show 2015!!
Auditions: Thursday, December 4, 2014
GD Cafeteria 6:30 to 8:00pm
Talent Show Rules
To be Eligible:
 The show is open to Gardner Dickinson students in grades K-8 and staff. Staff and family members
may perform with a student.
 All students and staff must return a completed and signed Talent Show Participation & Permission
Slip at the time of the audition (see back).
 Students/Staff who are part of a group act should submit their forms together in one envelope.
 Students must attend the December 4th auditions and rehearsal January 15th. No one will be cut, these
practices are for appropriateness.
Planning your act:
 Rated G please! Lyrics, costumes and performances should be compliant with school policy and
appropriate for all audiences. Music and performances will be screened for appropriateness.
 All equipment for the student’s act must be provided by the student. We will have a microphone and
music player.
 Notes about accompanying music
o If singing please use a Karaoke or Instrumental version with no vocal tracks
o Music must be provided to the Talent Show Committee at the time of the auditions with the
student’s name(s), song name, artist\composer AND a printed copy of the lyrics for review.
o Try to keep the song to about 3 minutes in length
 General Time Guidelines – you may be asked to trim down time at your audition.
 Singing act – 3 minute max
 Acting skit or story telling- 3 minute max.
 Dancing/martial arts - 3 minute max.
 Band performance - 3 minute max.
 Jump rope/pogo/juggling/hula hoop - 2 minute max.
 Piano/instrumental - 2 minute max.
 Joke telling - 1 minute max
Any questions please contact Darcy Mack at 286-1434 or [email protected]
2015 GD’s Got Talent Show
Performer Name______________________________ Grade______ Teacher_________________________
Music Song Title (if applicable): ____________________________________________________________
Parent Name___________________________________________ Cell Phone________________________
Parent Email__________________________________
Other Performers in Act ___________________________________________________________
Note: If you are performing together with other students, please turn in your participation sheets attached
together as one unit.
Auditions are mandatory and will take place December 4, 2014 in the cafeteria at 6:30pm.
A full costume dress rehearsal is mandatory and will take place at School.
Dress rehearsal will take place on January 15, 2015 at 6:00pm.
1. All participation, permission slips and volunteer form are due by Thursday December 4, 2013.
2. Music needs to be submitted at the audition. Please consider having a 2nd song choice in case we
have too many wanting to sing “Let it Go!”
3. Only Music, Lyrics, Dress, and Acts appropriate for elementary-age audiences will be permitted.
Please supply a print out of the lyrics your child will be using.
4. All students must follow district behavior guidelines to participate in this school related, PTO
sponsored activity.
5. Auditions and Dress Rehearsal are mandatory. Dress must be appropriate for elementary age
6. As a Parent/Guardian, I accept full responsibility for my child’s behavior and understand that I must
be present for the auditions, rehearsal, and the show at Gardner Dickinson.
Name of Student_______________________________
Signature of Parent_____________________________
I hereby give permission for my child to be videotaped and/or photographed during the
2015 GD’s Got Talent Show for sale and distribution to students and families of Gardner
Parent/Guardian Signature ___________________________ Date: ______________
Any questions please contact Darcy Mack at 286-1434 or [email protected]