Missoula Children’s Theatre 2014 Children’s Theater Arts Camp June 23­28, 2014 Featuring the internationally acclaimed

2014 Children’s Theater Arts Camp
Featuring the internationally acclaimed
Missoula Children’s Theatre
production of
June 23­28, 2014
Weekdays 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Saturday performances at 3pm & 7pm
Funding for Missoula Children’s Theatre Camp provided, in part, by the North East Community Foundation.
The North East Arts Council is once again pleased to present Missoula Children’s Theatre
(MCT) in a week­long summer theater day camp. Kids entering grades 1­12 are invited to join this fun, dynamic experience. The camp will run the week of June 23­28, 2014 and will be an immersive arts event that your child will remember forever!
King Arthur, of legend and song, strode across Medieval England with courage and confidence…or did he? What if the troubles of his kingdom threatened to overwhelm him? Watch the Damsels in Distress sound the warning of trouble. Witness the Lady of the Lake as she produces the sword in the stone. Hide with the Camelotians when the Ghost of Arthur’s Father visits the castle. See the Giant tower over the questing knights. Cheer for the King when he makes friends with the terrible dragon. Listen in as Morgan le Fey and Mordred propose a better plan. Join the Knights and Squires of the Round Table as they try to do the right thing. Hope for the best outcome as your favorite characters of Camelot ­ Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, Taleisin, The Raven and Lancelot wrestle with the challenges faced by their people. Follow the original twist on this familiar story as it weaves its way through a landscape full of surprises!
Who can participate?
Children who are entering grade 1 through grade 12.
When will it take place?
Camp is Monday, June 23th through Friday, June 27th followed by two public performances on Saturday, June 28th. Campers must commit to all rehearsals and performances.
This year’s camp & performances will take place at North East High School 1901 Freeport Rd. North East, PA. What are the hours?
Monday: Please arrive at 9:30am to sign­in, have your photo taken, and register for optional workshops. Camp & auditions will begin at 10am sharp! All campers will be done at 2:30pm.
Tuesday: 10am sharp to 2:30pm (plus an optional age­specific workshop from 2:45­3:30pm) Wednesday: 10am sharp to 2:30pm (plus an optional age­specific workshop from 2:45­3:30pm) Thursday: 10am sharp to 2:30pm (plus an optional age­specific workshop from 2:45­3:30pm) Friday: 10am sharp to 2:30pm.
What about lunch?
Children should bring their own lunch and drinks every day. Water bottles are recommended! How much does it cost?
It only costs $80 per child for the whole week! How do I register?
Simply fill out the attached registration form and mail it with your check for $80 per child (payable to North East Arts Council) to:
Rebecca Weinheimer
13 North Mill Street
North East, PA 16428
Registrations are taken on a first­come, first­served basis. There are a limited number of scholarships available. For information, call (814)572­8457 or email [email protected] Please register early to ensure your child’s spot as camp often fills to capacity!
Questions? Call (814)572­8457 or email [email protected]
You will be notified with more details once your registration has been received. Thank you!
NEAC Theatre Camp featuring Missoula Children’s Theatre June 23­28, 2014
Please fill out a separate form for each child.
Mail to: Rebecca Weinheimer 13 N. Mill St. North East, PA 16428
Child’s Name:
Recent Grade Completed:
Date of Birth:
Emergency contact: (to whom your child may be released)
Name of child’s physician/medical provider:
Dr. Phone:
Special needs/disabilities:
Medical or dietary information necessary in emergency situation (Incl. allergies):
Other information on special needs of child:
Health insurance provider:
(Please fill out both sides of the form.)
I give permission for ____________________________________________ (child’s name)
to participate in NEAC’s 2014 Children’s Theater Camp at North East High School. I understand that my child may be photographed/video­taped for marketing reasons and/or for securing future grants and give consent for use of his/her image.
In event of an emergency, I give the NEAC staff and volunteers permission to treat and respond to my child’s needs including doctor’s care and emergency medical facility care. I will assume responsibility for any charges/treatment through insurance or direct payment.
X ___________________________________________ Date:________________________
Parent Volunteers are always needed & welcome! If you’d like to help out during camp week, please sign­up below:
____ Lunchtime Volunteer, noon to 12:30 on _______________________(M­F)
____ Decorate Lobby for Performances (Sat. am)
____ Sell Tickets for Saturday 3 pm show
____ Sell Tickets for Saturday 7 pm show
____ Tear down the set after 7 pm show
____ Pack costumes after 7 pm show
* We welcome a small number of high school students to volunteer as student directors for the week. If your child is interested in volunteering as a student director, please contact Rebecca (814­572­8457) to inquire about availability. Student Directors are volunteers and are not required to pay the camp fee, but will need to submit the registration forms. THANK YOU!! We’re looking forward to a great week of camp!! ____________________________________________________________________________________
(for office use only)
Date received:______________________ Registration # :_____________________________
Circle One: (6/7) (8­12) (13­18) Check or M.O. #: __________________________ Responded:_________________________ Refund Date: _____________________________