Year 11 Parents' Consultation Evening – Thursday, 20 th November

Issue 10
14th November 2014
Principal’s Message
This week has been as busy and successful as predicted in last week’s Newsletter!
Firstly, I need to thank the significant number of Year 11
parents and students who attended our Sixth Form
Open Evening last night. It was wonderful to be supported by such large numbers for such an important evening, and I hope that everyone in attendance found it informative and enjoyable. There was a very special feel
to last night’s event, a strong sense of community, purposefulness and pride. I believe that this is mainly due to
the all-round recognition of the success of our Sixth
Form; the confidence our students, parents and wider
community show in us as they plan for progressing into
the Sixth Form; and, not least and extremely importantly,
the genuine excitement and ‘buzz’ that is felt about the
whole atmosphere in the Sixth Centre. Our Sixth Form
students themselves were totally committed to taking
responsibility for part of the evening, and no-one who
visited their Common Room could fail to be impressed
by the way they promoted our College; as always, they
were wonderful ambassadors.
Indeed, our students have been representing us superbly at events around the Island as the centenary commemorations have taken place for World War 1. My
thanks for all of those families who supported us last
weekend for the parade and service at the Minster.
Once again, our College students were praised for the
way in which they conducted themselves. College students also led the prayers in the Minster itself. On Tuesday, as you would expect, the entire student and staff
body marked the occasion admirably.
Finally, may I remind you that, on Friday 21st November
at 4.00 pm, we are welcoming Jacob Rees-Mogg MP to
the College as a Guest Speaker. It is an enormous privilege to have been able to secure such a prestigious
speaker; a man well known for his combination of wit
and intellect whom I am sure you will have watched or
heard on many occasions. I sincerely hope that some
parents will be able to join us.
As I complete this newsletter, the rains have stopped
and the sun is shining; I hope this augurs well for a wonderful weekend which we can all enjoy!
Year 11 Parents’ Consultation Evening –
Thursday, 20th November 2014 - On Thursday, 20th November 2014, you will have the opportunity to meet your child’s Subject Tutors. Appointments can be made using the easy to use,
online booking system. This allows you to choose
your own appointment times with teachers. You
will receive an email confirming your appointments. Appointments can be made now and will
close on Tuesday, 18th November. Please either
to book your appointments or via the link on the
College website in the Parent Information section.
Please login with your child’s first name, surname
and Tutor Group. There is no need to include the
year group just the staff initials. Please do not
hesitate to contact Student Services if you have
any problems.
We ask prayers for:
Christ the King College, our students, staff and parent community;
members of our College community who are experiencing ill health.
Thank you for your support so far with regards to our fortnightly
‘Literacy Focus’. For the next week, our focus is on there,
Literacy Focus
There, their
their and they’re as a lot of people have trouble knowing
when to use each one.
has two uses.
it shows a place, for example: It was over there.
it is also used with verbs, as in : There are seven days in a week.
means ‘belonging to them’, for example: It is their home.
is an abbreviation for ‘they are’,
for example: They’re working hard in that class.
Tip: If you aren't sure which one to use, try asking these questions before you choose which one to write:
Would ‘they are’ make sense in your writing? If so, choose they’re.
Is something being owned by ‘them’? If so, choose their.
If neither of the above seems right, choose there.
We hope we can rely on your support in reinforcing this important message concerning literacy and taking care
with written skills.
If you have any ideas or feedback on our fortnightly Literacy Focus, please do not hesitate to get in touch
email: [email protected] or [email protected]
National Anti-bullying week 17th -24th November - Every year the
Anti-Bullying Alliance coordinate national Anti-Bullying Week; a week
where children and young people, schools, parents and carers come together with one aim: to stop bullying for all.
This year we are calling on the College community to take action to stop
the bullying of ALL children and young people – including disabled children and those with special educational needs – children who are significantly more likely to experience
bullying in schools and the wider community.
Congratulations - Well done to George Woodburn who has just completed his Duke of
Edinburgh Bronze.
iPad Mini - The portal is now live for the Sixth Form students, offering an iPad Mini over
24 and 36 months. Please see the following website for more information and to order the iPad Mini. Voucher code: CHRISID74612
Christ the King College Website - Please visit the College website to find information from many
Island services. In particular, we would draw your attention to the November newsletter for Children &
Young People with Additional Needs and the IOW Music Service Open Day on Saturday, 15th November.
Theme: Christ the King
O God,
whose Son came to reign in majesty,
we give thanks for his justice and mercy
as our shepherd and our teacher.
May we continue to be responsive to his call
when he seeks to protect us and when he challenges us.
When we need help in deciding what to do,
let us always take his example as our model
and seek clues to our behaviour from his parables.
More than anything, let us be unstinting in our praise
and thanksgiving to our Lord and King.
Diary Dates
Tuesday 18th
Visit of Rebecca Wilson
Great Britain Olympic Athlete
Thursday 20th Year 11 Parents’ Consultation Eve
Friday 21st
Jacob Rees-Mogg MP 16.00
Wednesday 26th – Friday 28th
Jesus Christ Superstar