Psalter Psalm 100 (Response 1) UMH 821 *Hymn “Now Thank We

Prayer for Illumination
Old Testament Lesson
Isaiah 64:1–9
“People, Look East"
UMH 202
Anthem (11 am)
Mark Miller
“Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus”
Lighting of Advent Candle
John, Ellen,
Catherine & Elizabeth Maxwell
“Shine, Jesus, Shine”
TFWS 2173
Children’s Time (11 am)
(Children 3 years through 3rd grade may leave for children’s
church AFTER this.)
Gospel Lesson
Hurry Up and Wait
Mark 13:24–37
Pastor Keith Ritchie
*Affirmation of Faith
The Apostles’ Creed
UMH 881
Anthem (11 am)
arr. John Raymond Howell
"The Angel Gabriel"
Mary Ann McConnell & Erin Givens, soloists
*Passing of the Peace
The Giving of our Gifts
Offertory Music
Offertory Prayer
THOSE WHO ARE SICK: Zora Roberson, Roberta
Marshall, J.B. Heldreth, Tim Nagle (Peg Hollander’s son),
H. Kenneth Martin (Shirley Self’s brother-in-law), Del
Martin (Shirley Self’s nephew), Jennifer Bradshaw, Laura
Parcell (Shirley Self’s mother), Julia Self, Lucille Self,
Lynn Barbour, Debbie Love, Debbie Reed, Mick
Brandon, Twila Showalter (Paula Ritchie’s family),
Katherine Damen, Gabriel Porras (Ruth Chaney’s great
grandson), Promise Hagan (Rhonda Enalls’
granddaughter), Johnny Matthews, Nancy Rood (Cathy
Philips’ mother), John Clark. Please call the church office to
Food Bank: For December 20th food bank, we need 300
cans of peaches or pears.
Travel the Highways of Advent Bible study will be held
on Mondays at 3:30 pm in the parlor and 7 pm in the
conference room.
Not a Silent Night Advent Bible study will be held on
Tuesdays at noon in the conference room. Bring a lunch
and experience Advent and Christmas from Mary’s point
of view.
add or remove names on our prayer list. If we have removed
someone you wished to remain on the prayer list, we are sorry.
Please notify the church office to have the person added.
THOSE WHO ARE SHUT-IN: Meta Roth, Dot Bowen,
George Lavinder, Frances Fishel, Evelyn Barnes, Louise
Grigg, Marlene Lopez, Helen Phipps, John Clark, Evelyn
Holmes, Robbie Woodruff, Tom and Gene Knight, Les
Finney, Helen Alber
THOSE IN THE MILITARY: Sgt. Justin Andes (Marilyn
Dell’s grandson), Army PVC William Scott Barlow, Bernard
Courtland Brooks, Steve Burton, YM2 Seth Buswell (son-inlaw of Lil and Paul Geib), Army Private Michael Frazier
(grandson of Lil and Paul Geib), Matthew Flint (Kelly
Flint’s brother), Jacob T. Hall (Cindy Matherly’s nephew),
Capt. Brad Heath, Michael Lewis (Rosie and Fred Lewis’
son), Evan McNeer, Beau Oakes, S. Sgts. David & Kimberly
Peay, Douglas Blake Spencer, LTC Dana Stowell (greatnephew of Belle Lynskey), Stephen Patton, Private C. J.
Emerson, Patrick Connelly, LCPL, Ozzie LCPL
and Audrey Arndt
First UMC is an uptown church
Where all are Welcome
Where all Worship
Where all Serve
To the Glory of God
UMH 94
Prayers of the People
Watching and waiting for the coming of Christ, we
pray for the promise of a new creation, saying:
Come quickly, Lord; our hope is in you.
With expectation, we pray for the church. Let your
reign of love shape us, as a master potter skillfully
forms a vessel, that we may reveal your beauty to
the world. Come quickly, Lord; our hope is in you.
With expectation, we pray for the world. Draw near to
those who wait for you. Break into their
circumstances with blessing. Heal the heart that
awaits your restoration. Come quickly, Lord; our
hope is in you.
With expectation, we pray for this community.
Transform the places in which we live. Grant that
the gifts you have given all of us may be used for the
common. Come quickly, Lord; our hope is in you.
Hanging of the Green is today at 5 pm. A reception in
the fellowship hall will follow the service.
Please join us Sunday, December 7, in the fellowship
hall at 12:30 pm to celebrate Belle Lynskey’s 100th
birthday. Light refreshments will be served. No gifts,
but cards will be appreciated.
For Christmas Clothes Closet/Food Bank – if you have
any gently used toys, children’s books, or household items
we would love to have them to distribute at our December
food bank (December 20).
The Wesley Guild has pecans for sale: pecan halves (1
pound bags) for $12 and chopped pecans (1 pound bags)
for $10. Contact Lewis Riddle (638-8567) or Martha
Clark (638-1038).
We will become more faithful witnesses for
God by providing spiritual guidance, a moral
compass, and a place of welcome and comfort
to all of God’s children.
We will do this by being aware of the needs in
our community, listening for God’s calling,
and responding with our time and talents.
With expectation, we pray for loved ones. Comfort
all who suffer and despair. Assure them of your
presence and care. Let your face shine and save
us. Come quickly, Lord; our hope is in you.
God our hope, as the promised day approaches, fill us
with the joy of your Holy Spirit and strengthen us
to serve you faithfully, through Christ, who is
coming to reign. Amen.
Lord’s Prayer (using trespasses)
November 30, 2014
Early Learning Center Monday – Friday 6:30 am – 6:00 pm
First United Methodist
The church office hours are
9 am – 5 pm Monday –Thursday, 9 am-12 pm Friday
The church office will be closed 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm for lunch.
Sunday Nov. 30
5:00 pm
Dec. 1
3:30 pm Children’s Choir, puppets
& 4-12
3:30 pm
Advent Bible Study
7:00 pm
Advent Bible Study
(Conference Room)
Dec. 2
10:00 am
12:00 pm
Dec. 3
3:00 pm
5:30 pm
7:00 pm
Trustee Meeting
Handbell Choir
Chancel Choir
UMH 206
“I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light”
Hanging of the Green
*Carrying Christ’s Light into the World
*Indicates standing interval if you are able.
We have new equipment for the hearing impaired. If you
wish to use, please see an usher.
Nursery (beside the Read Robins class) available for
infants through three-year olds for Sunday School and
11:00 am
Senior Pastor, Keith Ritchie
Director of Programs/Children’s Ministries,
Annette Huckfeldt
Director of Music Ministries, Ken McDonald
Director of Youth, Maegan Mitchell
Organist, Rebecca Smith
146 East Main Street,
Martinsville, Virginia 24112-2814
Office: 276-638-8733
Fax: 276-638-8598
Email Address: [email protected]
A cordial invitation is extended to you to worship with us
regularly. If you would like to become a member of
First Church, please speak to the pastor.
Lunch Bunch
Not a Silent Night Bible
Study (Conference Room)
2:00 pm
Staff Meeting
6:00 pm Stephen Ministry Dinner
Dec. 4
2:00 pm
Worship Team
Dec. 5
12:00 pm
Office closes
USHERS: Woods Carter, J.C. Compton, Bradford Aron,
Craig Dietrich, Donnie Eanes, Duke Easley, Alfredo
Garcia, Hugh Gerlach, Will Gravely, Puck Kiser, David
McConnell, Carol Stermer
GREETERS: Martha McGhee, Elaine Ryder, Sally
Hopkins, Greg and Sara Surratt
COUNTERS: Joe Philpott, Karen Pratt, Betsy Gravely
ACOLYTE: Catherine Maxwell
SOUND TECHNICIAN: Paul Huckfeldt & Lynn
BUS DRIVER: Tripp Smith
November 30, 2014
8:45 am & 11:00 am
WELCOME to this celebration of worship where we
remember God’s saving grace in Jesus Christ!
Bringing in the Light of Christ
Fellowship & Ministry Announcements
Please let us know you worshipped with us today by
signing the friendship pad and passing it down the pew.
We welcome our visitors and are grateful for the active
witness of our members.
*Call to Worship
Keep alert, for the day is coming soon.
Now the earth and heavens tremble.
Pray for the gift of hope from God:
Shine in our lives, Lord Jesus Christ.
“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”
UMH 211
Opening prayer
In the advent seasons, when the past has fled away
and there is nothing left to do but wait, God,
shelter us.
Be our surrounding darkness; be the fertile soil out
of which hope springs in due time.
In uncertain times, help us to greet the dawn and
labor on, love on, in faith awaiting your purpose
hid in you waiting to be born in due time. Amen.