WRHS Cutoff Scores - CTFest Instructions 2014

Western Region High School Cutoff Scores 2014-2015
Concert Band
Piccolo – 221
Flute – 196
Oboe – 187
Bb Clarinet – 161
Bass Clarinet – 230
Bassoon – 188
Alto Sax – 196
Tenor Sax – 228
Bari Sax – 228
Trumpet – 184
French Horn – 168
Trombone – 116
Bass Trombone – 141
Euphonium – 190
Tuba – 194
Snare & Accessories – 139
Timpani – 142
Mallets – 130
Violin – 198
Viola – 167
Cello – 214
Double Bass – 165
Soprano – 170
Alto – 155
Tenor – 155
Bass – 165
See page 2 & 3 for CTFest details:
Jazz Band
Jazz Guitar – 100
Jazz Bass Guitar – 91
Jazz Drums – 129
Jazz Piano – 79
Jazz Trumpet – 74
Jazz Trombone – 64
Jazz Alto Sax – 93
Jazz Tenor Sax – 79
Jazz Bari Sax – 85
1. Go to www.ctfest.net
2. Login in the center of the page.
3. Hover over “Students”, then click “Audition Results”
To view the students audition results in detail, click on the “Medal” icon:
To view the students audition results in a printable version, click on the “Star” icon:
To accept participation in the festival, make sure the toggle switch says “Yes”:
o Please note: The default setting is “Yes”, so you do not have to alter the toggle switch.
To decline participation in the festival, click the toggle switch until it says “No”:
o Please note: when changing a toggle switch to “No”, you should receive a warning asking if you wish
to do so.
Follow the same procedure for participation in the All-State Auditions (AS Aud?).
Please note: After the acceptance deadline has passed, the toggle switch will change into the following
To print ALL of your students’ results, click on the “Printer” icon in the upper right-hand corner:
To print an invoice for your students’ participation in the Region Festival, either hover over “Students” and click
“Festival Invoice” (as can be seen above), or click on the “Money” icon:
1. If a student has qualified for more than one ensemble, their results will display:
a. The ensemble in which they are going to participate in for the regional festival and
b. “Duplicate” which allows you indicate if they will participate in the All-State auditions on their alternate
2. Make sure the “Duplicate” audition is listed as “NO” under the “Accept” column
3. Indicate whether the student is going to participate in the All-State auditions in the “AS Aud?” column. You will
have this choice for each instrument/voice for which the student has qualified.
For example, in the scenario below, Student A has scores that qualify her for both Jazz Band and Concert Band. Her
preference (not shown) indicated that she would prefer to be in Jazz Band, which is where she was assigned. Since her
classical trombone score also qualifies her for Concert Band, she is listed as a duplicate placement and is now provided
with the option of indicating whether she will participate in the All-State Auditions on either or both instruments,
Trombone and Jazz Trombone. Under “Accept”, the “duplicate” ensemble placement must be toggled to “NO”,
otherwise she would appear twice on the Region Festival Invoice.