September 2007
The Monthly Newsletter of Eisenhower School
On Wednesday, August 29th, the Eisenhower staff welcomed back our students for the start of another
exciting school year. Included in the 492 students, we welcomed 80 new kindergartners and 36 new
students who moved into the Eisenhower community.
Each year brings new challenges to our staff. We also recognize on-going challenges such as continuing
to provide timely and focused instruction to all students. In order to do this we must be cognizant of
where our students are as learners on a daily basis and plan and schedule Eisenhower staff in a way that
helps us meet student needs efficiently and effectively.
✎September 10
- Elem. String Info. Mtg. @ H.S. (7PM)
Finally. one other important aspect of every start to a new school-year is the number of new parents and
PTA volunteers who get set to make a positive difference in the lives of children. I welcome Carole King,
our new PTA President, the PTA Executive Board, and all of the parents who I look forward to working
with to benefit our students.
✎September 14
What’s New: Naming a Few
✎September 18
๏ Schedules: We have made some changes to the “norm” in scheduling. The biggest change to our day
occurs at the beginning. In school-years past, every grade level in the building started with D.E.A.R.
(Drop Everything And Read)/Eisenhower Power time. This year each grade has their D.E.A.R./
Eisenhower Power Time scheduled at a different time of the day. In addition to that change, some
students will experience their recess in the morning as opposed to the traditional after lunch time
frame. One reason for both changes allows us to break up the school day so children aren’t asked to
sit for long periods of instructional time. These and other changes will allow us to meet the many
different needs of all of our students.
๏ SWEP I: The new SWEP I/Regional Environmental Education Center (REEC) partnership will begin this
school year with site visits to the center by all elementary students from each of the three elementary
schools in the district. The REEC is located in Upper St. Clair. This initiative will promote the
development of a spiraled K - 4 environmental education experience enriching your child's science and
social studies curriculum. Program goals include: 1. Foster an understanding of community ties, as
per the Regional Environmental Education Center mission statement; 2. Assist in meeting USC science
and social studies curriculum standards; 3. Assist in meeting PA state standards in science and social
studies; 4. Introduce a voluntary community service project; and 5. Provide an opportunity to continue
the USC/REEC relationship yearly.
What Proudly Stays the Same
- PTA Meeting (9:30AM)
- Open House (7PM)(12:45 Early Dis.)
✎September 18-20
- Book Fair
✎September 25
- 4th Level Breakfast (7:30AM)
✎October 3
- Picture Day
✎October 12
- PTA Meeting (9:30AM)
The Eisenhower Edition is written and
edited by Principal Mark Miller with
contributions from Eisenhower staff, PTA
President Carole King, and other PTA
๏ Supports For All Children: We are extremely proud of how individualized, timely, and focused
supports have become over the last several years. Through classroom and resource teacher
collaboration and the use of sound and proven educational strategies during instruction, we are able
to clearly and quickly identify concepts children are or are not grasping and understanding. Our focus
has become very geared toward assessing and addressing student learning on a daily basis. No
If you have any comments or
longer do we wait until after the unit or chapter test to see if a child acquired a concept. Every day,
suggestions please direct them to
during every lesson, Eisenhower teachers are assessing children and organizing supports based on
[email protected]
this data. Because we know our students’ learning needs better than ever, it is only natural for the
next step in the process to be to use the detailed knowledge of each child to provide more individualized challenges or supports to help them
continue their growth as successful learners. The key is to provide these timely supports so children do not experience any gaps in their learning.
The bottom line is EVERY child is getting a very individualized education because of these exceptional practices. EVERY child is receiving some type
of individualized instruction or support. Academic supports come in many different sizes and shapes. We understand and do our best to avoid
making a child feel singled out. No longer is the school day one where a child comes in the morning, goes to their homeroom, only sees one
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Eisenhower Edition can also be found online at on the Eisenhower page.
September 2007
(Welcome Back continued)
teacher the entire day, and returns home. Your child may see three or four different
teachers during their school day. Throughout the day homeroom teachers team with
other classroom teachers and resource teachers to provide the most individualized
instruction possible to benefit your child. Kids are in and out of the classroom all day.
Most of the time it is in the form of small groups going here or there. There should be
NO perception of the slow group, high group, this group, that group, only our
excitement of thoroughly understanding and being able to address individual learning
needs of children. These groups change throughout the year depending on the
particular learning needs of each child. Gone is the “norm” of the teacher in front of the
classroom teaching to the entire group of children. Today, the new “norm” entails
teachers instructing smaller groups of children based on individual needs.
๏ Eisenhower Power: When your son or daughter comes home from a fantastic day at
Eisenhower perhaps you’ll hear about something called Eisenhower Power. This
valuable program is a student-named program designed to provide additional support
to help students achieve increased success in the classroom. Eisenhower Power
allows children to receive specific grade level support in various curricular areas.
Program participation is based on on-going, day-to-day teacher assessments, and
student progress toward district learning objectives. We are very proud to be able to
provide such an effective, timely, and focused program that is truly a great benefit for
children. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your child’s teacher.
๏ Teacher Collaboration: Teams of teachers (classroom, resource, and specialized)
meet on a weekly basis to discuss individual student progress, grade level goals, and
plan timely individualized challenges and supports.
๏ Targets: Keep asking your child(ren) about targets. They should be able to tell
you exactly what they’re learning in each subject. We’re excited about
continuing our initiative of clearly defining a lesson’s learning goal before,
during, and after each lesson to all students.
๏ We Care: Our “We Care” program is geared toward helping children
understand many different aspects of how to positively interact with others. We
consistently remind students that “Making A Positive Difference” can be helping a new
student feel welcomed or simply being considerate while working on something
together during class. The point is there are many opportunities in a school day to
make a positive difference. First, we are a team, TEAM EISENHOWER. Secondly, as our
students grow through childhood to adulthood, being able to make a positive difference
will not only help them be more successful individuals, but it will also help make our
community a better place!
The USC Odyssey of the Mind teams are now being formed! All interested students are
encouraged to register by Friday, September 21st. To find out about this fun program,
attend one of the “What is Odyssey of the Mind” information meetings (for K-12th). They
will be held in the Boyce LGI room on Thursday, 9/13 from 1-2pm, and from 7-8pm on
Tuesday, Sept 18th AND Thursday, Sept. 20th (just added!). Odyssey is focused on
encouraging our young people to think and collaborate creatively. Let’s make sure
Eisenhower is well represented again this year! For questions, visit
or contact Kathleen Himler at [email protected]
Contact Us:
Eisenhower School
100 Warwick Dr.
Upper St. Clair, PA 15241
Phone:(412) 833-1600, Ext. 8000
Carole King, President
The start of a busy new year brings many excellent PTA
events and great volunteer opportunities. Thank you to
everyone for all the time they spend making the school
year an excellent experience for the students.
Dates to remember
Throughout September and October there are many
exciting PTA events. The Scholastic Book Fair will be
held September 18th , 19th and 20th, with evening
hours on the 18th during Open House. Open House will
be on September 18th from 7-9pm. The Fourth Level
Breakfast will be held on September 25th. As we move
into October, School Pictures will be on the third and
don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Eisenhowler
on October 19th. The Third Level Breakfast will take
place on October 23rd. Harvest Parties will be on
Wednesday, October 31st.
The next PTA meeting will be held on October 12, at
positively pta
Things paid for by the PTA in September
★ Folders and Planners/Organizers for the students
★ Weekly Reader (Grades 1 & 2)
★ Time for Kids (Grades 3 & 4)
A special thanks goes out to the many volunteers that
have helped with recent PTA functions. Thank you to
the chairs and many volunteers that make every PTA
event a great experience!
Welcome back lunch for the eisenhower
staff: Jeanne McNamara and volunteers
Welcome PTA Breakfast: Debra Levy and volunteers
Flower Beds: Carole Mantel and Jane Taraszewski
summer movie night ike
Thanks to everyone who was able to make it in July.
After a rain out on the original date, we braved some
drizzles on the rain date. “Flushed Away” was enjoyed
by Eisenhower students and their families.
It is always a tough call in terms of should we or
shouldn’t we cancel. We do our best in trying to
predict the weather, take everything into consideration,
and communicate it as quickly as possible.
Birthday Book club
The Birthday Book Club is a great way to celebrate
your child’s birthday with their class. The “birthday
books” are celebrated with the birthday child during
their library time. Please note the form has changed
from last year. Please use the new form with the
adjusted prices of $15 for a hard back and $8 for a
paperback. Forms are available in the office. Please
contact Caroline Seeton with any questions.
Eisenhower Edition can also be found online at on the Eisenhower page.