November 2014 Welcome to the Eastway Division Response Area

November 2014
Welcome to the Eastway Division Response Area Three “On the Beat” monthly newsletter
for November 2014. As the holiday season quickly approaches there are a few reminders
that we want you to be aware of to help you enjoy this time of year. We tend to see a slight
increase throughout the holiday season in residential burglaries and larcenies from
vehicles. Please utilize the following tips to decrease the chances of becoming a victim:
Lock your vehicle.
Don’t keep anything valuable in your vehicle.
If you need to keep valuable items in your vehicle, lock them in the trunk.
While out shopping at night, park in well-lit areas and be aware of your
Keep a record of any valuable items (electronics, jewelry, etc.) inside your residence
by taking photographs and documenting the description and serial numbers.
Notify your neighbors if you are going to be out of town.
Keep an eye out for your neighbor’s residence.
Use light timers for exterior and interior lights.
Response Area Three officers will continue to focus on the prevention of residential
burglaries and robberies from person. With that being said please remember to call 911
when you see something suspicious. Be your neighborhood watchdog. Be vigilant. We
would rather you be wrong about someone and call 911 instead of being right about
someone suspicious and not call 911.
Below are a few of the significant arrests made in Response Area Three within the past
Isiah Lockhart
Armed Robbery
Jaquavius Jordan
Armed Robbery
CMPD Eastway Division: Response Area 3 Newsletter
John Moree
Residential Burglary
November 2014
Please remember if you are not a member of NEXTDOOR.COM contact Officer Propst at
[email protected] to find out more information. This is a valuable tool to keep you in the
We will continue to provide the best police service in Response Area Three. Along with
our coordinators and patrol officers, I will be out in the neighborhoods ready and eager to
assist the community members in any way we can to make Charlotte a safe place to live,
work and visit. I can be reached at anytime at my email address, [email protected] or in
the office at 704-336-8535. If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns contact me
or any of the coordinators.
Thank you all, be safe and have a blessed holiday season,
Lieutenant Jackie Bryley
CMPD Eastway Division: Response Area 3 Newsletter
November 2014
Eastway Division Response Area Three
The map below represents the area defined by the CMPD as Response Area Three of the Eastway
CMPD Eastway Division: Response Area 3 Newsletter
November 2014
The officers above are your community coordinators.
Eastway Division RA 3 Community Meetings and Events
CharMeck Court Watch
Eastway Sheffield
November 3rd and 17that
November 18th at 7:00pm
Medford Acres
Medford Crossing
Windsor Park
November 11th at 6pm
November 18th at 6pm
CMPD Eastway Division: Response Area 3 Newsletter
Eastway Division office
Eastern Hills Baptist
Memorial United Methodist
Eastway Baptist Church
Windsor Park Elementary
Winterfield Elementary
November 2014