November 2014 - the Denton, Texas, Kiwanis Club!

VOLUME 87, NO. 2
At the October Board meeting, the Board of Directors
approved a membership drive challenge with the Kiwanis Club
of Paris. Club members Robin Meyer and Fred Funk traveled to
Paris to present the following challenge:
The Kiwanis Club of Denton, Texas, hereby issues a
membership challenge to the Kiwanis Club of Paris, Texas. The
challenge is for a net increase in membership, with the contest
running from October 1, 2014 to April 1, 2015. If the Kiwanis Club
of Paris should accept the challenge, they will bring an Interclub
group to a Kiwanis Club of Denton’s weekly meeting to formally
accept said challenge.
Terms of the challenge are: Membership starting numbers to
be used will be each club’s membership as of October 1, 2014.
The loser of the contest will make donation to the winner’s charity
of choice in the amount of $250 and will bring an Interclub to the
winner’s club meeting to present said donation.
On October 29, an Interclub group from the Kiwanis Club of
Paris attended our regular meeting, and formally accepted our
challenge with the following statement:
Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
Let it be proclaimed from the tallest castle towers in the
Kingdom of T/O Kiwanis and thus forever known that the Royal
Kiwanis Club of Paris, Texas, doth hereby accept the challenge of
the Giant Dragon Club of Denton, Texas, and will pursueth it from
here to the beginning of April 2015.
Let it also be known that the Royal Kiwanis Club of Paris has
a new member goal that has therver in the entire history of Kiwanis
past been overcometh by any club, which includeth the all-time
record as previous recorded by the books of life and set by the
Royal Club of Paris, Texas.
It is declared that even though the mighty Dragon Club of
Denton, Texas, has a dastardly advantage in size of market over
the small Paris market, our determination, honor, and rightness will
forever prevail in this worthwhile contest; and (continued on Page 3)
New Members…
Gene Mosely, sponsored by Robin Meyer
Audra Williams, sponsored by Mia Price
Lucy Hill, sponsored by Leah Jordan
Thanks to the generosity of club member Gene Gumfory
and Sonic Drive-Ins, a check was presented on October 15 to the
Kiwanis Children’s Clinic in the amount of $10,000, from the sale of
Sonic discount cards during the month of September. Thank you,
Gene, Sonic Drive-Ins, and all who purchased the fundraising cards!
It’s time to place your orders for those dazzling red poinsettias.
We have some new choices this year:
Small (6½” pot)....................... $11
Large (10” pot) ......................... $17
These are about 75% larger than the 6½” size plants and a
better value than the 8” pots that had previously been our “large.”
Comes in a green plastic pot.
Extra Large (14” pot)................ $30
By special order only! Comes in a terra-cotta color plastic pot.
All orders must be placed by Friday, November 21, by email
to the club office ([email protected]) or at the next
three club meetings. Delivery will be Wednesday, December 3.
Your purchase can be billed to your Kiwanis account. Proceeds
from sales benefit the Children’s Clinic.
The Board of Directors has approved starting a Denton Kiwanis
Club satellite club geared toward those working professionals
who want to belong to a service organization, but whose busy
schedules do not allow them enough time to attend a lunch time
club meeting. Members of the satellite club will be official members
of the Denton noon club and governed by the same bylaws, board,
and officers. Club members Weston Thaggard, Dionna Charles,
and Aaron Newquist are heading up the organization of this group,
and their first meeting will be December 10 from 5:30-6:30 pm at
East Side Social Club. Plans so far are to meet bi-weekly, and
they have also been discussing having a crawfish boil sometime
in May 2015 as a fundraiser.
NOVEMBER 5, 2014
Program: Trey Martino: “Genealogy”
Invocation: Tim Shoopman
Song: “America”
Pianist: Troy Johnson
Song Leader: James Hilton
Chairman: Jan Nichols
NOVEMBER 12, 2014
Program: Veterans’ Day
Invocation: Josh White
Song: “America the Beautiful”
Pianist: Fred Funk
Song Leader: Ray Stephens
Chairman: Gregg Winn
NOVEMBER 19, 2014
Program: Gary Henderson, Denton County United Way:
Invocation: Monty Naylor
Song: “God Bless America”
Pianist: Arline Grant
Song Leader: Trey Martino
Chairman: Jerry Clark
NOVEMBER 26, 2014
No Meeting – Happy Thanksgiving!
Board of Directors Meeting: Thursday, Nov. 13, noon at the
club office.
Division Council Meeting: Thursday, Nov. 13, 7:00 pm at Don’s
BBQ in Whitesboro.
Children’s Clinic Committee Meeting: Monday, Nov. 17, noon
at the club office.
Taste of North Texas: March 26, 2015, UNT Coliseum.
Kiwanis International Convention and 100th Anniversary
Celebration: June 2015, Indianapolis.
Texas-Oklahoma District Convention: August 2015, Texarkana.
Allen Chick............................2
John White............................3
Mia Price.............................11
James Wells.......................13
Gregg Winn........................ 15
Robin Meyer....................... 19
Linda Glass......................... 26
Roni Beasley...................... 30
Harold Reed.............. 49 years
Bill Kamman.............. 37 years
Virginia Hammerle.... 26 years
Mary David................ 12 years
Mia Price..................... 8 years
Ryan Rutherford......... 7 years
Ray Croff.................... 5 years
Barbara Burns............ 5 years
Fil Masciarelli.............. 3 years
Lee Allison.................. 3 years
KIWANIS EDUCATION: A “service project” is defined by Kiwanis
International as “an activity, consistent with the Objects, objectives
and policies of Kiwanis International, which is devised or planned
by a Kiwanis club or a club committee and performed by members
of the club for the benefit of others.”
O God, when I have food,
help me to remember the hungry;
When I have work,
help me to remember the jobless;
When I have a home,
help me to remember those who have no home at all;
When I am without pain,
help me to remember those who suffer;
And remembering,
help me to destroy my complacency,
bestir my compassion,
and be concerned enough to help,
by word and deed,
those who cry out for what we take for granted.
The Children’s Clinic Committee met on Monday, Oct. 20, 2014,
and approved the following expenses to be paid:
Physicians $1,801.45
Pharmacy $ 853.77
There were a total of 22 applications for assistance during the month of
September: 15 medical, 5 dental, and 2 prescription only assistance.
2013-2014 OFFICERS:
JAN HILLMAN, President
CRYSTAL WOOD, President-Elect
DAVID PICCOLO, Vice President
PHIL RHODES, Immediate Past President
Bill Atkinson
Jan Nichols
Perry McNeill
Jeanetta Smith
Bill Doranski
Salty Rishel
Aaron Newquist Ken Willis
Bill Kamman
Ryan Thacker
Vicki Sargent
Gregg Winn
Membership Challenge, continued
that the Royal Club of Paris, Texas will so honorably conclude with
its winning banner flowing in the strong wind of victory, as well
as spend wisely the 250 shillings the Dragon Denton Club will so
furiously cough up and spew out as its flame of challenge dries up.
And then let it be proclaimed through the entire lands of the
Kingdom of T/O Kiwanis that forevermore it will be foolish to ever
in the future of the world challenge the mighty Royal Kiwanis Club
of Paris, Texas again in such a new membership contest.
Thus we do declare on this 29th day of October in the Year of
Our Lord 2014.
Oh, it is so on.
Let’s all get busy inviting friends, co-workers, and business
acquaintances to Kiwanis for lunch, and showing them how much
fun it is to help make a difference for children in our community
by becoming a member of our club! Not just to show those Paris
guys we can do it, but because it will strengthen our club. Come
on, “Dragons,” let’s do this!
Lt. Gov. Robin Meyer, and Fred and Dana Funk, with members
of the Paris club after the challenge was issued.
Happy “Franksgiving”
FDR Moves Thanksgiving: November 23, 1939
President schedules Thanksgiving for 1940
In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt upset the majority
of the nation when he changed the date of Thanksgiving. Up to
that point, the date of Thanksgiving hadn’t been set by federal
law, but since Lincoln’s presidency, it had become tradition to
hold the holiday on the last Thursday in November.
In 1939, though, November had five Thursdays, so
Thanksgiving was going to fall on the 30th, which retail lobbyists
worried would shorten—and therefore hurt—the Christmas
shopping season. So in August, Roosevelt decided to move
Thanksgiving up a week, to the second-to-last Thursday, the 23rd.
The move created an uproar. Not only did many people
dislike this change to what had become a tradition, but moving
the date of Thanksgiving disrupted vacation plans, football
schedules, and calendar production.
Since Thanksgiving’s date wasn’t determined by federal law,
individual governors could decide whether their states would
side with the president or keep the holiday on its traditional date.
That first year, 23 states celebrated on the old date, 22 on the
new day, and 3 on both. The two dates began to be known as
Republican Thanksgiving and Roosevelt’s Thanksgiving (also
commonly called “Franksgiving,” based on the president’s first
name), though the division wasn’t entirely along party lines.
The following year, 1940, Roosevelt again moved
Thanksgiving to the second-to-last Thursday, and that year 32
states celebrated with the president, while 16 stuck with tradition.
Come 1941, data from the last two Christmas shopping seasons
revealed that making Thanksgiving come earlier hadn’t had
a significant effect on sales, so Roosevelt decided to bow to
popular opinion and move Thanksgiving back to its traditional
date, with the change to take effect in 1942.
— One of those interesting tidbits gleaned from the internet
Members of the Paris club came to Denton to accept the challenge.
Now we have to beat them on principle, for dissing our Lt. Gov!
Meets every Wednesday at noon at First Baptist Church
1100 Malone Street, Denton
Office: 1001 N. Elm, Denton, TX 76201
Phone: 940-387-6323
email: [email protected]
Office Hours: 9:00-noon, 1:00-5:00, Mon/Tu/Thu/Fri; 2:00-5:00 Wed
Robin Funk Meyer, Administrative Secretary