November 23, 2014 - Ebenezer United Methodist Church

Ebenezer United Methodist Church
November 23, 2014
Ebenezer United Methodist Church is a
Stephen Ministry Congregation.
Flowers on the altar are given in memory of
Rodney Reed. They are given by
his family.
Worship Leader:
Assisting with Today's Services
8:30 Bob & Rhonda Vible
11:00 Ron & Peggy Case
8:30 Ed Wolfe & Curtis Reedy
11:00 John Humphreys & Don Grimes
8:30 Wayne Anderson
11:00 Don Pruden
8:30 Justin Dennis
11:00 Haden Helojoki
Commitment Sunday
"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the
least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'”
Matthew 25:40
Sunday, November 23, 2014
8:30 & 11:00 am
Kindly sign our pew register and pass to your neighbor.
Please sign your name, address, and phone number
as we’d like to acknowledge you being with us today.
United Methodist Student Day Offering
Sunday, November 30
“Songs of Thanks and Praise”
Good Chimes
Sharon Elery Rogers
Italian Hymn, Lyons & The Ash Grove
*CALL TO WORSHIP (Responsive)
Sheep and goats are welcome here.
Saints and sinners are part of God’s world.
Come; rejoice in Christ Jesus, who welcomes us all!
Come; share in his grace,
that we all might become sheep—
who feed one another,
who show compassion and love,
who offer comfort and mercy,
who give as we have received.
Come; rejoice in Christ Jesus, who welcomes us all!
“Come, Ye Thankful People, Come”
St. George’s Windsor
Children K – 5th grade may leave for Kids Own Worship, 11 am Service only.
Jesus Christ, our sovereign,
who is seated above all powers in the heavenly places,
we worship you with gladness,
for you are over all things,
the head of the Church.
Jesus Christ, Son of Man,
who stands with us when we are hungry and sick,
we give you thanks and bless your name.
We come to you,
you who are enthroned above all,
even as you stand among us,
and we thank you for your faithfulness to all generations. Amen.
Ephesians 1:15-23
This is the Word of the Lord.
Thanks be to God.
“His Name Is Wonderful”
Audrey Mieir
Matthew 25:31-46
This is the Word of the Lord.
Thanks be to God.
“All Thy Gifts of Love”
Youth Singers
David L. Brunner
For food in a world where many walk in hunger,
for peace in a world where many walk in fear,
for friends in a world where many walk alone,
we give you thanks, O God.
For health in a world where many walk in sickness,
for joy in a world where many walk in grief,
for friends in a world where many walk alone,
we give you thanks, O God.
For love in a world where many walk in anger,
light in a world where many walk in darkness,
friends in a world where many walk alone,
we give you thanks, O God.
For these and all the many things unspoken,
for gifts unknown or, as of yet unseen.
For these and all thy gifts of love,
we give you thanks, O God.
“Come, You That Are Blessed by God”
Anne Krentz Organ
Chancel Choir
Words: adapt. Matthew 25:34-40
Rev. Ted Day
Tom Fort
*RESPONSE TO THE WORD (responsive)
In the past few weeks we have been challenged to consider our Stewardship
commitment supporting the Ministry programs of our Church for the coming
year. We have been given an opportunity to express our intentions. We have now
arrived at the time when our pledges will be dedicated publicly,
together with our own commitments to our Ministry here at Ebenezer.
People: We give You but Your Own, whatever the gift may be;
All that we have is Yours alone, a trust O Lord from You.
Leader: As You have chosen us, O GOD, and enriched our lives,
People: We offer ourselves, our talents, and our substance to You.
To the Ministry of the Gospel, the inspiration of sacred music, and the singing
of the Hymns of the ages.
We offer ourselves, our talents and our substance to You.
To the Christian Education of Children, the Guidance of youth, and to the
Spiritual Security and Renewal of those of mature years.
We offer ourselves, our talents, and our substance to You.
To the Christian character of our neighborhoods, the spirit of tolerance and
good will.
We offer ourselves, our talents, and our substance to You.
For the Christianization of the world, the economic and spiritual elevation of
untold millions.
We offer ourselves, our talents, and our substance to You.
Looking for that day when the Spirit of Christ shall clothe itself in the hearts of
all people, swords shall be beaten into plowshares and peace shall cover
the earth.
We offer ourselves, our talents, and our substance to You.
(Presentation of pledges and gifts.)
“We Thank You, Lord”
For the gift of life and family,
for all the beauty that we see.
For the way You love eternally:
we thank You, Lord.
Michael J. Will
When we grieve a loss or suffer pain
and face the things that cause us shame,
there is hope and healing in Your name:
we thank You, Lord.
And we return to You
our gifts and service
with a glad and gen’rous heart.
And we return to You
a glad and gen’rous heart.
And we return to You
our gifts and service
with a glad and gen’rous heart.
And we return to You
a glad and gen’rous heart
For the gift of life and family,
for all the beauty that we see.
For the way You love eternally:
we thank You, Lord.
We thank You, Lord.
Almighty and Everlasting GOD:
You have given us life,
Christian homes,
indeed all that we have.
Accept our gifts and these pledges
which symbolize the giving of our lives.
Transform the gold from our purses
into programs which enlarge our vision
and strengthen our Church,
seeking the happiness of Children,
the stimulus of Youthful ideas,
and the assurance of the rewards of righteousness.
We pray in Jesus’ Name. AMEN.
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.
Come, you who are blessed!
Inherit all that is prepared for you!
We leave this sacred space
to claim the riches and glorious inheritance
that are ours through Christ.
Go out into the world to share your blessings
with all in need. Amen.
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,
and the love of God,
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with you all. Amen.
“Whatever You Do”
St. Denio
1. “Whatever you do to
the least ones of these,
I tell you in truth that
you do unto me!”
Lord Jesus, you taught us!
May we learn anew
that when we serve others,
we also serve you.
3. In prisons and jails, Lord,
we find a surprise:
we see you in people
whom others despise.
At hospital bedsides
we offer a prayer
and find, when we visit
the sick, you are there.
2. When poor, waiting children
pray hunger will end,
when those long-forgotten
cry out for a friend,
when thirsty ones whisper,
“O Lord, where are you?”
we hear, in their longing,
that you’re calling, too.
4. When we reach to others
in flood-stricken lands
and offer our hearts there,
and offer our hands,
we notice, Lord Jesus,
the gift of your grace;
we see, in the crowds of
the suffering, your face.
5. “Lord, when did we see you?” Your teaching is clear
that when we serve others, we’re serving you here.
And when your church heeds you and helps those in pain,
then out of the chaos, hope rises again.
© 2008 Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. Used by permission. Worship & Song 3128
“Now Thank We All Our God”
setting by Carlos Staszeski
*please stand, as you are able.
UMH: The United Methodist Hymnal (red)
*This Order of Worship is subject to the direction of the Holy Spirit.*
Scriptures in preparation for the 1st Sunday of Advent, November 30, 2014:
Isaiah 64:1-9
Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19
1 Corinthians 1:3-9
Mark 13:24-37
Our Prayers
Our Nation Our President and Congress
Family struggles;
Job opportunities;
Peace in the Middle-East Salvation of loved Ones; Our Schools; Guidance and protection of children,
especially the young girls and their families abducted in Nigeria; North and Northeast states and Arizona
suffering the effects of flooding; Texas and California suffering from drought Countries in turmoil,
especially Syria Ukraine., Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia,; Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea suffering from the
Ebola crisis
Persecuted Christians in Egypt, Iraq, Malaysia &
Singapore and the Fiji islands ; Nigeria, Uganda, and Sudan; Central Africa, Mali, Pakistan;
Charleen Demetrio
Jon Eric Klair
Lauretta DeHaney Carol Dietz
Esther McElhinney
Tom Fort, Jr.
Hazel Meyer
Jan Klair
Megan Wittman
Zach Trexler
Mary Simmons
Lucille Zinn
Donald Bogert
Channie & Betty Dennis
Dot Godwin
Chris Snyder
Evelyn Stehman
Scott Lemmon
Debbie Alexander Akshay Luthra
Jenny May
Wendy Bosari
Luke Bogert
Wallace Hudson
Ruth Dore
Ken Bieri
Evelyn Lapointe
Sherry Brelsford
Shirley Worden
Alex Botlluk
Kevin Smith
Helen Woods
Family of Everett Warrington
Lynn Lucht
Please continue to remember those who serve our Country in the Military.
Especially pray for Aaron Swatski, Autumn Bogert; Corey Matthis,
Seth Meney, Matt Devestine and others represented from our Congregation.
Ecumenical Thanksgiving Eve Service
Wednesday, Nov. 26, 7:30pm
at Resurrection Parish
3000 Videre Drive (off of New Linden Hill
Road) Wilmington, DE 19808
Come, ye thankful people, come,
as we gather together to ask the Lord’s
blessing! We come from:
First Presbyterian Church-Newark,
White Clay Creek Presbyterian
Ebenezer UMC
to gather at Resurrection Parish to raise
the song of harvest home!
Our own Rev. Ted Day is bringing the message,
musicians from all four churches
will be leading us in worship, and a combined handbell choir made up of ringers
from First Presbyterian, White Clay and
Ebenezer will be ringing their praises.
Non-perishable food offering
for Resurrection Parish Food Bank and
cash offering for Doctors Without Borders
for their response to the Ebola crisis will be
Ebenezer is participating in The Salvation Army Red kettle Campaign again
this year! The location is ZINGO’S on 3 consecutive Saturdays:
December 6, 13 & 20.
As we did last year, we have committed to 1 hour slots from 10:00 am to 9:00
pm. We need volunteers to take part in this vital ministry…individuals, teams,
families, no musical ability required! We’ll have sign-up sheets Sunday morning as well.
Ebenezer Christmas Ornaments $10.00 each
Glass ornaments: Available in burgundy or blue with the Ebenezer logo proudly displayed
Great addition to any Christmas tree!
Makes a great gift!
All proceeds benefit Ebenezer Education Committee
See Carolyn Hafer for more information
Sunday December 14th at 7 P.M.
There will be a prayer vigil for Zach Trexler in the sanctuary.
Pageant Rehearsals
As we approach the Christmas season the children’s Sunday School classes will begin preparing for the
Christmas Pageant. This preparation will require a change to the Sunday School schedule. Beginning Sunday,
November 23, classes will meet for half of the time and the practice will be during the other half of the hour.
Students will continue to report to the classroom then be accompanied by the teachers to the practice.
Advent activities will be the focus of the class time during Advent.
Sunday Breakfast Mission
60-Ton Food Challenge
The Great Thanksgiving Box Food Drive
Ebenezer is again supporting the Sunday Breakfast Mission’s annual food drive. There is a box in the hall by the CLC
for you to use in delivering your food gifts. This food will be used to fill Thanksgiving food boxes for the needy in the
Wilmington area or you may leave your food items in the baskets at the altar.
SBM Food Collection Items
Canned Cranberry Sauce
Boxed Stuffing Mix
Boxed Cereal
Canned Vegetables
Canned Fruit
Canned Soup
Canned Yams
Canned Gravy or Mix
Pie Filling
Instant Pudding and Jell-O
Instant Potatoes
Mac and Cheese
Spaghetti Sauce
Canned Tomatoes
Canned Beef Stew
Canned Ham
Canned Spam
Canned Beef
Canned Chicken
Canned Tuna
Peanut Butter
Drink Mix
Baby Food
Please note that this list serves as a suggestion list. Additional non-perishable food items can also be donated.
Tis the season!
It’s time for Ebenezer’s traditional Angel Tree gift-giving in support of this
wonderful outreach program for incarcerated parents and their children. This year
we’ve been assigned 22 children.
We are asked to provide two gifts for each child for a total of 44 gifts, to be
delivered to the children’s homes before Christmas. The Angel Tree and Tags will be
available beginning November 23, 2014, in the narthex, please select an angel tag
and complete the sign-up sheet. Wrapped gifts ($20 range) must be returned no
later than Sunday, December 14. We hope you prayerfully consider helping. What a
great way to share the love of Christ!
Deb August, & Jean Coulbourne
A Gentle Reminder…
We love all our children here at Ebenezer, but for the safety of all, our church nursery is
for children infant to Pre-K only. Children who are in Kindergarten or above should attend
their appropriate Sunday School class during the Sunday School hour or attend the
church service with their parents. Kids Own Worship is available for children during the
11:00 service.
Be a part of the 4000 plus young people and their leaders that
will converge on Ocean City in 2015! The 28th Annual Youth
Rally lasts for three worship-filled days, starting Friday, January
9th and concluding on Sunday, January 11th.
RECOMMENDED AGES: grades 7th - Older
FINAL REGISTRATION ENDS: December 15, 2014 (asking for
those interested to commit* by Sunday, December 7th...PLEASE!)
FEE: $79/person (youth and chaperones)
If you are interested and/or need more information, please contact: Vicki Bouchat-Maynard at [email protected]
302-540-4547 OR
Visit the website:
*NOTE: payment in full by 12/7/2014
Additional Youth Leaders participating in this wonderful event
include: Tim Hudson, Jennifer Simmons, Jean Harlan and others.
Gifts for the Christ Child
“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me.”
Matt. 18:5
At all of Ebenezer Church’s
worship services on Sunday,
December 7th and 15th, 21st and at each special service on Christmas Eve you are welcome to bring a gift of
baby food for the Christ Child.
The items we collect will be
distributed to families in need through
St. Stephen’s Food Pantry in Wilmington. Your food gifts will truly be a
blessing to the young innocents among us for whom our Lord has a special place in his heart. Please consider this ministry while
shopping for your holiday meals and make a visit to the baby food aisle.
Thank you and may God’s Peace be with you in this blessed season.
Paul and Beth Manchester
Once again we are collecting home-baked cookies to distribute to inmates in Delaware
prisons. This is a small way to show them that God hasn’t forgotten them.
We need your help to get 70,000 cookies this year. This would be a good project
for circles, youth, men , etc. as well as individuals.
Please send sturdy cookies with no Brownies, Peanut Butter or Nuts, and no Aluminum
Foil wrapping.
The cookies will be packed at Peniel United Methodist Church. Please have the
cookies in the Ebenezer kitchen in boxes listing how many are in the box
by the morning of December 2 and I will deliver them to Peniel.
Phil Gardner
Hebrews 13:3 says "Remember those in prison as though in prison with them"
Contributions can only be made online at
We are asking for donations to be made for Sue Givens to continue you her
good works Paraguay. The UMCOR Advance number is # 3021089.
This goes directly to the school in Paraguay. And Global
Ministries will allocate the “matching funds” dollar for dollar.
On the Calendar this week….
3:00PM Millcroft Ministries
1:00pm Staff Meeting
9:30 Advent Bible Study (Rm. 204)
11:30am AA (Rm. 204)
12:30pm Daybreak Counseling
7:00pm Advent Bible Study (Rm. 204)
10:00am Hope Dining Room
11:00am Intercessory Prayer (Pastor’s Study)
6:30pm Cub Scouts (CLC)
7:30pm ALAnon (Room with a View)
7:00pm Ecumenical Thanksgiving service
(Resurrection Parish)
Office Closed
6:45pm N A (Rm. 204)
Office Closed
9:45pm NA (CLC)
Looking Ahead
11:30am Social Single Seniors
9:30am Advent Bible Study (Rm. 204)
7:00pm Missions Meeting
5:00pm UMW Christmas Dinner
6:30pm Health & Wellness
Ted Day, Pastor
Kerry W. Dietz, Minister of Worship & Music
Calvin Keeler, Sr. Minister of Visitation
Kathy Bieri, Preschool Director
Judy Nazarewycz, Administrative Assistant
All our members, ministers
Church email: [email protected]
Website: EbenezerUMCNewark .org
Phone (302) 731-9495
A poinsettia display will adorn our church altar again this Christmas. If you would like to participate, place an order by using the form below. You may put the completed form, along with your payment, in the offering plate or send it to the
church office.
In lieu of flowers, a gift of equal amount may be given to support homeless families.
The deadline to order is Sunday, November 30th. The cost of each poinsettia will be a $12.
Please pre-pay your order by making checks to Ebenezer UMC, indicating in the memo line whether it is for poinsettias or
a donation to the homeless.
I want to order
_______ (indicate number) poinsettias.
I want to donate _______ (indicate $ donation) to homeless families.
Check enclosed _______
Cash enclosed _________
[Please print] (Please complete…we do not keep information from previous year)
IN MEMORY OF: ________________________________________________________________________
IN HONOR OF: __________________________________________________________________________
[envelope number________]
I would like my poinsettia delivered to a home bound member after 11:00 a.m. service on Dec. 21.
I will pick up my poinsettia on December 25.
I am willing to leave my poinsettia the sanctuary through December 31.