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22,000 patients who were seen at Daybrook
Dental Practise are at risk of infection from
hepatitis and HIV.
This news follows a whistleblower reporting dentist
Mr Desmond D’Mello for breach of infection control
throughout the 32
years that he
itself carried a high risk of infection and cross contamination.
Anyone who has received treatment from Mr D’Mello is
being urged to seek advice, a dedicated advise line has been
established on 03330 142479 for guidance on how to access
additional support and is available 8am to 8pm, seven days
a week.
Detectives investigating the murder
of Malakai McKenzie can confirm
that another man has been
charged with murder.
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Death of a
Baby Boy
Nottinghamshire Police are
investigating the circumstances
around the death of a
two-month-old baby boy.
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You Right
The Leader of Nottinghamshire
County Council reiterated his
commitment to a fair wage for its
lowest-paid employees.
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(where sold)
18 - 24 November 2014
at the dental
surgery in Gedling. In June 2014 NHS England
was contacted by a whistleblower that had concerns
about the standard of clinical care being given to
patients. The whistleblower provided NHS England
with supporting evidence, including covertly-filmed
footage of Mr D’Mello.
Public Health England has recommended screening
for all patients who have been treated by Mr
D’Mello during his time at the former Daybrook
Practise, which could include a blood test. The
number of patients amount to over 22,000 because
of the number of years he spent practising there.
He himself has been found clear of any blood
borne viruses but the clinical standards he carried
out means that those being recalled are at risk of
infection from hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.
Acceptable hygiene standards were not followed
when Mr D’Mello was treating his patients which in
Too Many Offences
Shocking new figures released for speeding offences
and road traffic accidents in Nottingham.
The second worst area in the UK for committing speeding offences
according to new figures released by Brake is in Nottingham.
Last year in the NG5 postcode there was a total of 1,524 speeding
offences and appearing again as the 7th highest is NG16 with 1,399
offences in total. The national top ten postcodes where drivers have
committed speeding offences in 2013 include three Nottingham
Road safety charity, Brake, has launched a ‘look out for each other’
campaign as the extent of selfish driving across the East Midlands
is revealed. Shockingly one third of primary school children in the
Midlands have been hit or nearly hit by a vehicle while on foot
or cycling. Last
Price 20p
year 89,829 fixed
penalty notices
were issued for
‘careless driving’
and speeding
Vernon Coaker, MP
for Gedling and Cllr
John Clarke, Leader
of Gedling Council
have said: “This report
will cause a great deal
of anxiety for local
residents. Its findings
are shocking and
disturbing. It is hugely
important that every
immediate effort is
made to alert those who
are affected and provide
information, support
and reassurance. This
must be done quickly
and effectively.”
offences in the East Midlands which works out to one
every six minutes.
The lack of patience, consideration and responsibility
towards other road users can and does result in tragedy.
It can also stop the most vulnerable from exercising
their right to a healthy, active sustainable travel. Brake
surveyed over 400 Midlands primary school children
and found that 82% of them think that roads in their
community can be dangerous for walking and cycling.
‘Vulnerable road users’ (pedestrians, cyclists,
motorcyclists and horse riders) account for half of the
road deaths in the UK. Last year 405 people were killed
and 5,160 seriously injured walking and 113 people were
killed and 3,185 seriously injured cycling. Speed is a
critical factor in all road crashes especially with regard to
vulnerable road users. If something unexpected happens
like a child stepping out suddenly, it’s a driver’s speed
that determines if they can stop in time and if they can’t,
how hard they will hit. Every 1mph reduction in average
speeds causes, on average, a 5% reduction in crash rates
and drivers who speed are nearly twice as likely to have
been involved in a crash.
Since August 2014 the former Daybrook Dental
Practise has been under new ownership by Southern
Dental, which is not in any way connected to
this incident but has offered ongoing support and
cooperation to the investigation and Mr D’Mello is
no longer associated with this practise.
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Baking Up A Storm
Red Hot World Buffet has supported this year’s
on sale to both customers and non-customers for
Poppy Appeal by baking up a charity storm.
£1, with every penny being donated to the British
Chefs at the all-you-can-choose buffet venue in
Nottingham created 1,000 cookies decorated with The city centre-based venue is the largest
poppies to mark this year’s Remembrance Day.
restaurant in Nottingham, where talented chefs
The cookies were sold in and around the venue
work across a range of cooking stations providing
in The Cornerhouse,
Trinity Square, with all
proceeds being donated
to the British Legion.
Red Hot World Buffet
also offered a special
10% discount on the
food bill for anyone
wearing a poppy
on Tuesday 11th
Kieron Bailey, general
manager of Red
Hot World Buffet
Nottingham said: “The
British Legion poppy
appeal is a great cause
that raises much needed
funds every single year.
We have a talented team
of pastry chefs working
in our kitchen, and
anything that we can
do to raise awareness
and money is really
important to the team.
Kieron Bailey, general manager, and Darshan Choudhary, group pastry chef at Red Hot World Buffet with their giant poppy cookie
The cookies will be
fresh food cooked to order from a range of world
dishes, including sushi, Punjabi, south Indian,
pizza and a world meats grill. Red Hot World
Buffet was voted by visitors to as both the best
family, and best value for money venue in The
A teenager that
keeps on giving…
A teenager from Clifton who has recently been
commended for his volunteering work has managed
to use the achievement to help local charities.
Matthew Hamilton, aged 19, was shortlisted in
the Bakkavor Desserts Young People of the Year
Awards for Nottinghamshire for the volunteering
work he does at the Framework Knitters Museum,
Matthew has been volunteering at the museum for
five years, initially starting as a general helper, before
learning how to demonstrate the framework knitting
machines. He is the youngest trained framework
knitter in the country.
In addition Matthew has learnt how to make lace
on the machines. This skill almost died out around
300 years ago when the lace industry became
mechanised, and only a small group of people have
managed to master and revive the methods.
Fake DVD Seller
Gedling Library
Shimmering Poppy Mobiles
6 -29 November, Thu 3.30-5.30pm Sat 9.3012.30pm
Embellish a CD with petals and sequins –
a fun activity for all ages! FREE of charge.
Wollaton Avenue,Gedling.
Tel: 0115 987 6886
County Council
Steps In
Nottinghamshire County Council has stepped in to
maintain a local bus service in Kimberley which
residents were set to lose.
Trent Barton is withdrawing the Maws Lane/Hardy
Street section of its 27 service at the end of the
month, leaving residents living in those areas without
a through bus service. Now the County Council is to
step up to the mark by revising the route its existing
532 Moorgreen to Eastwood local bus service takes
to include the Maws Lane area.
At the same time, wider revisions are being made to
the 532 service to extend its operations to provide
off-peak buses from Underwood and Selston via
Moorgreen to Phoenix Park.
A direct service from Moorgreen into Eastwood will
also be reintroduced.
Approval for the changes was given at the County
Council’s transport and highways committee recently
and will come into force on Monday, December 1st.
The new services – 531, 532 and 533 (previously
the 402) – will be operated by County Council fleet
vehicles which also operate journeys to and from
local day centres.
A Beeston resident has been sentenced to 12
months in prison for his part in an illegal operation
selling counterfeit DVDs with an annual turnover
of over £281,000 at Nottingham Crown Court
Daniel Blackburn, 31 of Glebe Road, Beeston,
pleaded guilty to five counts against the Trade
Marks Act (1974) and was sentenced to 12 months
in prison, of which he must serve at least half.
Nottinghamshire County Council’s Trading
Standards team and Nottinghamshire Police
caught Blackburn and Lapsley picking up two
boxes of counterfeit DVDs entitled ‘The Walking
Dead Seasons One and Two’ from East Midlands
Airport in December 2012.
Receipts from the Gold Bullion Company totalling
£22,633 were found in the Glebe Road address
during a Trading Standards raid.
The investigation found that the three defendants
sold poor-quality counterfeit DVDs from China
via internet sites such as Ebay and Amazon,
generating an income of £281,000 over an eightmonth period.
Detectives investigating the murder of
Malakai McKenzie can confirm that
another man has been charged with
After an international appeal and a reward
of J$1 million offered, Loandre Anthony
Palmer was arrested in Jamaica.
The 20-year-old, who was living in Aspley
at the time of the murder, was extradited to
the UK and formally charged on Tuesday
11 November 2014 following close liaison
between Nottinghamshire Police, the
Crown Prosecution Service Extradition
Unit and the authorities in Jamaica.
Malakai was shot outside The Hubb public
house, in Hucknall Road, Sherwood, at
about 3.30am on Saturday 21 April 2012.
A Home Office post-mortem examination
concluded that the 19-year-old died from a
gunshot wound. Last year Cameron Cashin
was found guilty of murder following a
six week trial. He was sentenced to life in
prison with a minimum term of 34 years.
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Open Evening
Friday 21st November 5pm-8pm
Head along to this lovely deli situated in
the beautiful village of Burton Joyce for an
evening of tasters, samples and Christmas gift
ideas to do your shopping locally. Presenting
you with unique items that you won’t find
in every high street store, Delights offers
a fantastic and friendly service with good
value and high quality, there’s something for
Call 01159313141 or visit their website to find out more.
Foster Avenue, Beeston.
Tel: 0115 9255168
Dr Val Besag, a top educational psychologist, has
coached a team of 32 students from Nottingham
Girls’ High School, giving them the tools and
expert advice they need to understand group
dynamics amongst girls and what makes them
tick. The girls were trained in communication,
counselling and problem solving skills, with
the goal of becoming long-term peer coaches
within the school – helping fellow students with
friendship troubles and other problems.
Nottingham Girls’ High School identified Dr
Besag as an authority in the area of peer support
and included the session as part of its extensive
Death of a
Baby Boy
Nottinghamshire Police are investigating the
circumstances around the death of a twomonth-old baby boy.
Officers were called just after 10.15am on
Saturday 8 November after the baby was
admitted to Nottingham’s Queens Medical
Centre with life-threatening injuries.
The baby died on Tuesday 11 November 2014.
The cause of the death is unknown and a postmortem examination is scheduled to take place
later this week.
A 37-year old man has been bailed pending
further investigation.
L- R Kirat Boyal and Blue Bates Cambridge
pastoral care programme, designed to support
the personal, moral and social development of
students. Working alongside the staff pastoral
team, the peer coaches will go on to help other
girls understand how conflict is caused and how
best to resolve it.
Parents and staff also took part in a parental
seminar led by Dr Besag, to make them alert to
problems that their children may be having, what
they should be looking for and how they can
support girls with any friendship difficulties.
Sue Gorham, Head at Nottingham Girls’ High
School, commented: “Investing in a renowned
and well respected educational psychologist is
demonstrative of our commitment as a school
to providing first-rate pastoral care. Girls can be
quite good at keeping their problems from others
– especially from adults – and usually turn to their
peers for support when experiencing friendship
difficulties so it’s important that everyone is
educated and aware. The girls can carry these
skills forward, sharing them with their peers and
setting the standard for how to properly address
and resolve conflict within friendship groups.”
For the rest of the year the peer coaches will put
their training into practice by identifying and
supporting girls who are struggling.
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[email protected]
Police took to the streets with drugs dogs recently
to keep bars and pubs safe in Woodthorpe.
The surprise operation was organised by
the police, Gedling Borough Council and
parking issues.
More than 250 people were tested for drugsusing the specially trained dogs and drugs testing
equipment. Of those tested 24 people were found
vehicle checks in line with taxi licencing
legislation to ensure they were roadworthy - to
ensure the safety of those making their way home.
One taxi was taken off the road for having no
Parking Enforcement Officers issued more than 10
tickets to those who were illegally parked in the
Paul Horton, Licensing Enforcement Officer at
Nottinghamshire Police, said: “The operation
builds on our continued efforts to make
Nottinghamshire’s Night Time Economy safe. We
want everyone who visits Woodthorpe to have
a safe and enjoyable night and a safe journey
home. We will continue with our proactive nights
of action in the run up to Christmas across the
whole of the county to ensure people can enjoy
themselves safely.”
You Right
The Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council
reiterated his commitment to a fair wage for its
lowest-paid employees during national Living
Wage Week. Young people from across the
county have highlighted the Living Wage as the
most important topic to them.
Nottinghamshire County Council became one of
the first local authorities in the East Midlands to
pay the Living Wage to its employees, when it
was implemented in April this year. The Living
Wage is an hourly rate of pay, set independently
every year and based on the cost of living in the
UK. More than 2,000 of the Council’s lowest
paid, frontline workers benefitted from the
introduction of the new minimum rate of pay for
its employees, set at £7.65 in November last year.
It was announced last week that the nationallydetermined rate is to increase to £7.85. Prior
to the implementation of the Living Wage, the
lowest paid County Council workers received
£6.45 per hour.
Huthwaite Library
Passive drugs dog Ross and his handler Tony Chambers, Nottinghamshire Police
Nottinghamshire County Council. It ensured
licensing conditions were being met and builds on
the Force’s Alliance Against Violence campaign.
Officers worked until the early hours checking
for drug use in pubs, examining taxi safety and
to have slight traces of illegal substances including
heroin, cannabis and cocaine, on their hands. A
quantity of drugs was seized in the street at the
intervention of police dogs.
Out in the streets taxis were subjected to rigorous
Coffee Morning
24th November 10.30-12noon
Come and have a coffee, tea, biscuit or some
cake. Cost: small Donation.
Huthwaite Library, Sutton Road,
Huthwaite, Sutton in Ashfield
Tel: 01623 554051
Councillor Alan Rhodes went out on patrol with County Council
lollipop lady, Tracey Pinkney during Living Wage Week
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It is unlikely that Arthur William
Lymn and his son Harold Lymn
would have envisaged, in 1907
when they founded their funeral
business in Goosegate that, some
107 years later, their descendant
family would continue to serve
the bereaved in Nottingham,
Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.
Indeed the business is still wholly
owned and maintained by the
Lymn Rose family.
Prior to 1907 Arthur and Harold
traded as furniture makers and
dealers but decided to specialise in
making and supplying coffins and
provision of a full “undertaking
service” as it was known in those
The business was always
hands on for Arthur and
Harold who were very much
aware of their Sneinton
heritage and the desire to
serve their local community
was paramount.
Such was the early
success that, in
1915, the business
relocated to larger
premises in Bath
Street, with stabling
in Robin Hood
Street and coffin
manufacturing in
Arthus William Lymn (Funeral Director) at the front of the finished double funeral Carlton
Handel Street all in the vicinity of
Sneinton Market.
In 1929 Arthur died and Harold
took control with his mother
Louisa, until her death in 1939.
Throughout the war years Harold
served as a volunteer at the Civil
defence Mortuary.
Post war Harold’s son Douglas
(died 1987) and son-in-law
George Rose (husband to Harold’s
daughter Sheila Lymn) continued
to develop the business.
Mindful of how cosmopolitan
Nottingham had become in the
post war years they continually
sought to serve other communities
thus building a wealth of
knowledge of different faiths,
customs and practices. George
being personally instrumental in
the first ever repatriation of human
remains from England to Pakistan
in the mid 1950s.
In 1977 the head office, namely,
Robin Hood House relocated
premises to Robin Hood Street
where it remains, in the heart of
Sneinton, to this day.
Sheila`s grandchildren Matthew
Lymn Rose, Chloe Lymn Rose and
Ben Percival who runs the stone
masonry division.
The company now operates 25
funeral homes, a stone masonry
division, City Flowers the florist,
and Lymn Luxury Vehicle Hire
which, purportedly, has the largest
privately owned fleet of RollsRoyces in the world.
Education and professional
training is an essential part of the
Lymn culture, and the company
consequently employs the highest
number of qualified staff of any
funeral business in the United
The company boasts 35 holders of
the Diploma in Funeral Directing
and 11 Members of the British
Institute of Embalmers including
three of whom are both Fellows
of and Past Presidents of that
The company is a Member of the
National Association of Funeral
Directors of which Nigel Lymn
George Rose continues as
Rose is a Past President.
Chairman of the Company and
The company is also a Member,
Sheila nee Lymn as a Director,
by invitation, of the prestigious
their son Nigel Lymn Rose is at
Selected Independent Funeral
the helm as Managing Director,
their daughter Jackie Lymn Rose a In 2007 A W Lymn celebrated its
Director as is Nigel’s wife Penny. centenary and established the A W
The fifth generation of the family Lymn Centenary Foundation Trust
is represented by George and
for the benefit of causes in the
local community.
The passage of time and cyber
world in which we live have done
little to detract from the traditional,
dignity and respect afforded to
those families served by A W
Lymn the Family Funeral Service.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Take Over
Nearly 150 schoolchildren and college
students will take over the running of
Nottingham Trent University for a day – from
its sports centres and libraries to cafes and
student magazines.
The NTU Work Inspiration scheme
Takeover Day will take place on 21
November, in conjunction with the
national Children’s Commissioner
Takeover Day.
It will give pupils in Years 11, 12 and
13 the chance to work with adults and
be involved in decision-making.
They will be able to experience the world
of work while helping to give the
University a fresh perspective on what it does
through sharing their ideas and getting their
voices heard.
Participants will be able to look round the
University, see what it is like to work in an
area they choose to, meet key members of
staff and students and receive employability
advice for their futures.
CALL 01159 314380
Effective Justice
estorative justice service
providers across Nottinghamshire
are being invited by Police and
Crime Commissioner Paddy
Tipping to tender for delivering
an integrated, county-wide expansion of the
programme which sees offenders come face to
face with their victims.
The Commissioner has frequently spoken out in
favour of restorative justice (RJ) pointing to both
Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping talking to Nottinghamshire Police Officers
its cathartic effect on victims and the positive
change it can bring about in offenders. He is now
seeking to appoint a single provider to provide
more effective services in the county, leading
to more victims and offenders engaging in the
“Restorative justice gives the offender the
opportunity of listening to their victim’s point
of view and make amends,” Mr Tipping said.
Give As
You Live
Shoppers in Nottingham are being given a
chance to support a national children’s charity
when they buy online from this month.
Be Inspired By an Incredible Child (bibic)
which works with families in the city, would
like people to register for Give as you Live and
a percentage of what they spend is donated to
the charity.
Carla Bloomfield, Fundraising Team Member
at bibic, which helps young people with
conditions affecting their social, communication
and learning abilities, explained: “We know
that many of our supporters shop online and by
signing up to Give as you Live it means that
they can support us without parting with extra
cash. When a shopper purchases an item from
any of the 3,672 stores signed up to the scheme,
which includes Amazon, B&Q, John Lewis
and Sainsbury’s, a percentage of what they
spend goes to us without them having to pay
more because it’s the retailer who makes the
donation. The money that we raise with Give
as you Live in 2014 will go towards the cost
of a specialist therapist to work directly with
children with conditions like autism, Cerebral
Palsy and Down’s syndrome.”
To date shoppers have helped raise more than
£4.5million for registered UK charities through
Give as you Live. bibic is a registered charity
“Research shows that this results in them being
less likely to re-offend. At the same time - and this
is so important - it can provide a means of closure
for the victim and enable them to move on.”
He has designated up to £230,000 from his
Ministry of Justice Victims’ Services
Grant for the successful provider to
set up the service in February and
March and deliver it until March
2016. Whoever wins the contract
will be the single point of contact
but work with the other RJ providers
in Nottinghamshire, co-ordinating
all activity to ensure that victims
have easy access to high quality
services. Their task will be to achieve
a stream-lined, joined-up approach
which starts with supporting the
victim and continues to do so
throughout the whole process.
“The provider will also work closely
with other agencies, including
those in the criminal justice field
and the Nottinghamshire Integrated
Victims’ Support Service, to achieve
the best outcomes in respect of
both the victim and the offender,”
the Commissioner explained.
“Throughout, there will be
continuous measurement of outcomes
and performance so that we can
assess reductions in re-offending and
check out victim satisfaction.
His decision to award the contract to a single
provider follows independent research which he
commissioned to help him strengthen the use of
RJ services across the county, improving support
to victims and helping offenders turn their backs
on crime.
A bidders’ conference will be held on 27
November 2014 to provide the opportunity to seek
clarification about the tender’s requirements.
that receives no government funding and relies
on support and donations to provide the lifechanging help needed by many children and their
It helps children and young people aged from
six months to 18-years-old with conditions
affecting their development and learning abilities
to achieve their potential for a happier and more
fulfilled life.
For more information on bibic visit
Carla Bloomfield, Fundraising Team Member at bibic
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
2 Courses - £14.95
3 Courses - £18.95
5 Courses
12pm or 3pm
£80 per person
£35 under 12s
& Canapes
£25 per person
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
[email protected]
The American Touch
layers from
Trent University’s
American Football
side, the Renegades,
got to train with
coaches and former players from a top
US team – and taught them a move or
two in the process.
Nottingham Trent Renegades
travelled to Watford on Friday to
meet the Jacksonville Jaguars – a
professional American football team
based in Jacksonville, Florida.
They won the chance to train with the
Jaguars’ top coaches after winning a
Twitter competition run by America’s
National Football League (NFL).
The Renegades managed to get
more retweets for their hashtag
#RenegadesNFLuk on Twitter than
any other UK university American
Football Team, leading them to
win the University Touchdown
Chris Stone, Nottingham Trent Renegades’
President, said the day had been everything they
had hoped for.
He said: “Friday was an awesome day to be a
Renegade. The Jags couldn’t have been any more
friendly and generous with the guys on the team
taking photos, signing autographs, and giving
our guys souvenirs. On Sunday we had a great
surprise when Jacksonville running back, Denard
Robinson, celebrated his touchdown by doing the
dance we had taught him. It was just a little thing,
but it showed us that the Jags enjoyed being with
us as much as we enjoyed being with them. A day
like this will be huge for us going forward. It will
be a memory and team building experience that
we can reflect on to keep building as a team to
reach our other goals this season.”
transport, and the introduction of 20mph speed
schemes supports the City Council’s public health
agenda for reducing road injuries. The Reducing
Avoidable Injuries in Children and Young People
strategy, approved in June this year, includes
a focus on reducing the number of accidents
Average speeds are down, more people are
suffered on city roads by children and young
choosing to walk and cycle and there are fewer
people. road injuries, a year after the city’s first 20mph
The Council will monitor progress in other 20mph
speed limit area was introduced in Sherwood.
speed limit areas - currently operational in the
Surveys of the scheme show there has been a
Bestwood, Bulwell, Radford and Bramcote Lane
5.2% decrease in average speeds to 21.1mph from areas. Construction is underway in the Lenton
22.3. The reduction in high speeds in the area is
area, consultation has been completed in The
also positive, with 85% of drivers recorded as
Meadows, St Ann’s and Mapperley, The Dales and
travelling at or below 27.9mph – a high speed
Bilborough areas whilst consultation is currently
reduction of 11.5%.
underway in Wollaton, Clifton and Wilford.
On the Sherwood roads
that are now part of the
20mph scheme, there
have been on average
9.4 casualties per year
in the five years before
the speed restrictions
were introduced. In the
12 months following
the introduction of the
20mph speed limit,
casualties have reduced
to eight; all of them
were slight injuries
Surveys were also
taken before and after
the introduction of the
20mph speed limit to
see how many people
chose to walk or cycle
as their preferred means
of transport. The 20mph
area has seen a 17.5%
increase across the area.
Eighteen percent of
injuries to 6-17 year
olds are caused by
Tropical Winter
Snowman Olaf will see his dreams come true
when he visits a tropical winter wonderland at the
City Council Nursery at Woodthorpe Grange Park
next month.
Olaf and his friends Anna and Elsa – stars of the
Disney film ‘Frozen’ – will be at the nursery for a
day of festive fun on Saturday, December 13, and
everyone is welcome to go along to meet them
for free.
The nursery will be open from 9.30am to 3.30pm,
when the team will be selling a variety of locallygrown plants such as Poinsettia and Cyclamen.
There will also be Christmas trees, planters,
wreaths, table decorations and other items suitable
as gifts and for the home. Refreshments will be
available, and there will also be other attractions
including face painting.
The Nursery at Woodthorpe Grange Park will also
be open for sales of Christmas trees, plants and
other festive items on Saturday, December 6 from
9.30am to 2pm. Plants will be sold from Wollaton
Hall and Newstead Abbey throughout December.
Turns Purple
A major Nottingham landmark was
lit up recently with purple lights for this year’s
World Prematurity Day.
The Council House in Old Market Square
followed in the footsteps of the Empire State
Building and the CN Tower when it was
illuminated on Monday November 17.
Purple is the official colour of the event, which
aims to raise awareness of the 15 million babies
worldwide who are born prematurely each year.
07764 466381
01773 762675
E: [email protected]
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18 Memorised (6)
19 To knife (4)
20 Savour the flavour (5)
22 Stomach (5)
24 Armed conflict (3)
25 High arcing throw (3)
26 Offer of marriage (8)
28 Fruit (5)
29 Astound (4)
30 Shepherd’s staff (5)
31 Life after working
age (10)
35 Large buzzing fly (10)
39 Labour or
Conservative (5)
40 Pavement edging (4)
41 Hernia support (5)
42 Demonstrations of
disapproval (8)
43 Sprawl out (3)
44 Earl Grey beverage (3)
45 Airbeds (5)
47 In a slovenly muddle (5)
49 Fall in drops (4)
50 Skin decoration (6)
51 Female bedwear (7)
54 Pedestrian path (8)
57 Book of attendance (8)
58 Asphyxiate (5)
59 Waterside plants (6)
60 Expectant
woman (6-2-2)
1 Disease organism (4)
2 Hospital plane (3,9)
3 Egg-shaped (4)
4 Terminates (4)
5 Embroidery (10)
6 Thirty minutes (4,2,4)
7 Nocturnal person (5,3)
8 See-the-sights trip (4)
9 Part-detached house (4)
10 Car traveller
restraint (6,4)
14 Before birth (9)
15 A given time in
history (3)
17 Be in debt (3)
20 Cigarette content (7)
21 Football team fan (9)
22 Courageous (5)
23 Momentary failing (5)
27 Printing stars (9)
32 Kings and queens (7)
33 Live within
means (4,4,4)
34 From Oslo (9)
35 Road narrowing causing
congestion (10)
36 Predictable and
customary (5)
37 Bosoms (5)
38 Performs in
showbiz (10)
39 Autopsy (10)
42 Wallpaper designs (8)
46 Scottish exclamation (3)
48 Baltic, Red or North (3)
52 Increase in size (4)
53 Level of rank (4)
54 Fool (4)
55 Mouse-like animal (4)
56 Melody (4)
You Are What You Eat
Researchers at Nottingham Trent University
are looking for participants to take part in a new
study looking at how dietary supplements can
affect our emotions.
Psychologists in the university’s School of Social
Sciences want to examine the impact of omega
acid dietary supplements upon the way in which
the brain responds to emotions such as anger,
fear and sadness.
They are looking for participants aged
18-60 – who consider themselves to have
aggressive personality traits – to take part
in the six month study.
Participants will take either an omega-3 or
omega-6 supplement, with the researchers
examining the brain’s electrical activity as they
view images intended to illicit different feelings
and emotions.
It is hoped that the findings could help to better
understand how diet might be used to reduce
depression and aggressive behaviours.
Anyone wanting to take part in the study should
contact Dr Alexander Sumich at alexander.
[email protected]
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
Christmas Winter Wonderland
Whatever Makes
You Merry!
Christmas is creeping up on all of us and
it won’t be long now until we all get to
celebrate, laugh and fill our bellies with
mince pies and mulled wine! There’s
always something around this time for
everyone to enjoy, whether it’s the food, the
family or the fun. We all know one scrooge
and even they tend to come out of their
shell at some point!
All hearts come home for Christmas…
This time of year brings all of the family
together whether it’s from around the corner
or the other end of the country, we all love
spending our time surrounded by the ones we
love. There’s so much that can be done together,
whether it’s going to watch a pantomime in
your local theatre or visiting a winter
wonderland like the one on Nottingham’s Old
Market Square. Big light switch on events are
a must, you can snuggle up together and be
wowed by what your city has to offer you this
Christmas, surrounded by different stalls to grab
a bite to eat and something to drink.
You can all spend the day or evening together
over roasted chestnuts and a lovely hot chocolate.
What’s great about a lights switch on is that
a lot of places have a special guest doing the
honours, sometimes it’s a surprise but you can
always ring ahead to see who will be showing
their festive face.
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E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Walking into The Cheese Shop I was instantly
overwhelmed by the beautiful variety of
smells and amazed by the selection of products
available. The atmosphere was friendly and
welcoming and customers alike seemed to
share this opinion calling the pair ‘The Truckle
Brothers’. Not only is it a great shop it’s a
wonderful deli and the ideal place to sit back
with a coffee and a snack.
Brothers Webb and Rob have been running
the shop for the past
ten years
specialising in selling
British artisan
cheese, developing
a wide range
throughout the
years the shop
now stocks
over 200
also a lovely
area where
frequently go
for coffee and
situated in
the heart of
city centre
provides a
opportunity to stock
some of the finest blue stilton (the king of
cheese) which is sourced locally from Colston
Basset Dairy and Cropwell Bishop Creameries;
continental cheese from all over Europe is also
The Cheese Shop has been awarded
‘Nottingham’s Best Independent Highly
Commended Business’ for two years straight
which alone is a fantastic achievement
through dedication and hard work.
Webb and Rob’s expertise and
knowledge ensures that quality
and high standards are
maintained throughout
on each and
everything they
With Christmas
around the
corner you
should pop in
and see what’s
on offer, a
hamper would be
an ideal present as
they are all bespoke
and tailored to whatever
you like. If there’s
something they don’t
have stocked Webb
recommends asking
them a few weeks
in advance so that
they can try and get
it for you, what the
customer wants the
customer gets. If
it’s not a hamper
you’re after take a
look at the quirky
items available,
the chilli section is
certainly something that
will surprise you!
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
Christmas Winter Wonderland
may be hosting or attending, there’s so much to
choose from these days you’ll be spoilt for choice!
Do bear in mind though that the shops get rather
hectic towards Christmas so you might be better
off being prepared and going early.
Decorate and celebrate!
Decorating is so much fun! My favourite thing to
Continued from page 17
do is get everything out and go mad with tinsel
The Great Central Railway in Ruddington has and baubles! Picking your tree out is important
an all-aboard Christmas steam-train journey
after all it will be standing in pride of place for a
with Santa where children get to meet the man fair few weeks to come. Whether you love tinsel
himself and get a little present as well.
and lots of colour or would rather opt for the more
It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas… sophisticated means of decorating, it’s all fun and
What would Christmas day be without a full
something to get everyone doing together- if you
plate of yummy food to delve into? It may
aren’t a perfectionist! Garden centres around this
be tradition to have turkey but it’s become
time are so much fun to go to for inspiration and
more and more common to have another
most of them have a winter wonderland section
choice of poultry like duck of pheasant and
with thousands of trinkets, lights and knick-knacks
if you aren’t a meat eater there are plenty
to spoil yourself with!
of delicious alternatives like a mushroom
Make Christmas 2014 one to remember, with
wellington or a vegetarian pie perhaps? Take
so much to do you definitely won’t be bored.
a look around the shops there are always new Whether it’s relaxing with your feet up in front of
ideas being showcased for Christmas so you
an open fire or dancing the night away to the singget to try something new to tickle your taste
along songs we all know and love, it’s only here
buds! One thing to keep your eye out for is
once a year so make the most of it, smile and be
finger food for any Boxing Day buffets you
merry with the ones you love.
Santa’s Magical Kingdom at
Meadowhall Shopping Centre
Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Yorkshire’s
premium retail destination, will be hosting
one of the most magical Christmas grottos in
the land this year, with the arrival of a brand
new design from Friday 14th November.
The Magical Kingdom Grotto, located
outside the Oasis Dining Quarter entrance,
has a range of interactive activities complete
with twinkling icicles, sparkling snow and
frosty friends to amaze and entertain the
youngsters – not to mention Father Christmas
And what’s more Santa will have a special
gift for every one of his visitors. Plus there
will be an option to buy a special souvenir
photo from the day.
The Magical Kingdom will be open 11am –
4.45pm Monday to Friday and Sundays; and
10am until 5.45pm on Saturdays from 14th
November until 24th December 2014.
Don’t miss out! Book
your tickets today!
The Magical Kingdom
Grotto ticket desk is
located in the Oasis
Dining Quarter entrance
- or alternatively please
visit www.meadowhall. for
further information.
Please note that the
ticket desk will open
every day 30 minutes
prior to the Grotto
opening and will close 30 minutes before the
Grotto closes. A £1 booking fee applies for online.
The price is £4.50 per child, which includes a
free gift.
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If you like to get out and active then get down to
Nottingham’s outdoor ice rink, with promises of
being bigger and better than any other year it’s the
perfect way to start your Christmas off whether
it’s as a family or just for the two of you.
All wrapped up!
As much as we love the feeling of receiving a gift
from a loved one, Christmas is all about giving
and making someone else smile. Around this time
of year there are lots of festive markets and craft
fairs to fill your mind with present ideas! If you’re
looking for something special then Christmas
markets are the place to be, you will often find that
a lot of stalls have the option to personalise gifts
to make it extra special. If this time of year means
that your working schedule goes through the roof,
don’t panic there’s always the option of late night
shopping, perfect for the last minute dash for the
forgotten bits too. Markets and gift fairs can be
lots of fun making a great family day out and
getting everyone into a merry mood!
Santa…Please Stop Here?!
As much as we all enjoy it the excitement of
Christmas is all about the little ones,
their faces lighting up when they see
Santa is priceless and the extra special
things to do really make them feel special.
There is guaranteed to be a Santa’s Grotto
nearby just waiting to surprise your little one,
most of them are reasonably priced and it
will certainly put a smile on their face! If you
fancy something different take a look online
and see what is happening near you, you
might be surprised with what you find.
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E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
Relax, sit back & enjoy the day
Bring your
party to ours
Available from
17th November 2014
until 4th January 2015.
(Excluding Christmas
Day and Boxing Day).
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Visit Lincolnshire at Christmas
Food, Gifts and Festivities at the Fair
Locally sourced foods, gifts,
cookery demonstrations, wine
tasting and traditional
craft workshops are on the
menu at the Lincolnshire
Food and Gift fair at the
After 13 years, the
fair is now one of
the biggest in the
County offering
everything from
Christmas dinner
master-classes to
wreath making.
The number
of exhibitors
to grow with
over 200 indoor
brimming with the very best
Christmas offerings.
Stock up your larder with
pickles and chutneys
perfect for that festive
cheeseboard and taste a
selection of wines to
them. Pick a
prize turkey, a
ham, sausages,
pork pies and
game from some of
the finest butchers in
the County. Then indulge
in mince pies and traditional
steamed Christmas puddings,
perfect for anyone with a sweet
Trade and Sponsorship
Manager Sally Mundy explains
“The Food and Gift Fair is
such a pleasure to organise.
It’s a real feel-good event,
with Christmas being just
round the corner and after
last year’s success and due to
popular demand, we’ve decided
to open more space in the
halls too.”
This fantastic event gives
a platform for local
producers to meet over
7,000 visitors in just
two days.
What’s more, local
choirs will perform
traditional and modern
Christmas tunes adding
a touch more festive
spirit to the weekend.
Watch butchers,
bakers and chefs cook up a
storm in the demonstration
kitchen from The Old Palace,
Uncle Henry’s Butchers, The
Strait and Narrow and The
Comfy Duck.
The Lincolnshire Chef,
Steven Bennett will be
working his magic creating
a step by step fish recipe to
wow guests throughout the
festive period.
Tickets are available from
www.lincolnshireshowground. or by calling 01749 814087
Outlets include Uncle Henry’s
Farm Shop, Ruddocks of
Lincoln and Noa Noa Lincoln.
Advanced tickets are £5;
alternatively tickets on
the door are £6.
Under 16’s are free.
Keep up to date with the
latest news on Twitter
Britten’s Ceremony of
Carols op 28 (1942)
Britten composed A Ceremony of Carols during his
perilous voyage home from America in the spring of
1942 and the first two performances were given the
following Christmas in Norwich and then London.
Britten conceived the performance as a ‘ceremony’,
that is a liturgical performance in its own right with the
treble voices processing in and out singing the medieval
‘Hodie’ antiphon from the Vespers of Christmas
Eve. The central ‘Interlude’ for harp, the instrument
which accompanies throughout rather than the more
conventional organ or piano, is loosely based on the
same chant, but also employs the pentatonic scale, so
reminiscent of the sound of the Indonesian gamelan
orchestra, which Britten had
heard for the first time in the
USA. Bell-sounds are also
employed in this and several
other movements, including
Wolcum Yole and Deo Gracias,
a technique which Britten put to
such effective use later in Peter
Grimes. The Ceremony manages
to deploy a wide range of texture
and colour, despite the relatively
meagre resources of three treble
parts and harp, by incorporating
solos, a duet and a number of
exciting canons between the
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
[email protected]
Is Your Car Ready?
That’s the question from
Nottinghamshire County Council
which has come up with a checklist
of tips and advice to help motorists
ensure their vehicle is in tip-top
shape to cope with the seasonal
The Council’s own gritting teams
have been preparing for winter all
summer and salted the county’s
roads for the first time last week,
having gone on full-time standby on
November 1.
But how many motorists take the
time to prepare their own vehicles
ahead of the winter period?
Statistics show that there is a peak
in casualty rates amongst drivers
over the three-month period,
November, December and January.
It’s well worth taking the time now
to make sure that your car is up
to scratch before the bad weather
really arrives.
For longer journeys or during
severe weather you should also
carry jump leads, mobile phone
charger, shovel, food and warm
drink and a reflective warning sign.
‘The perfect
to unwind’
By Melanie Lupton
After a very busy and stressful
week, myself and my friend
Danielle decided to indulge in
some ‘me time’, and headed off
to the beautiful Ragdale Hall
estate in Leicestershire, on our
arrival we was overwhelmed by
the beautiful grounds and the
warm welcoming by Sharon.
We were greeted very warmly
at reception, and shown our
itinerary for the day, followed by
our complimentary coffee and a
gorgeous smoothie. With such a calming place and
so much to experience, we took
ourselves to the beautifully
decorated changing rooms to get
ready for our relaxing day ahead.
Danielle and I then headed off to
the tranquil candle room. There
was a stunning pool, lit by warm
colours and calming music. We
absolutely loved the outdoor
lagoon, this was amazing, the
heat of the water was like a
soothing bath yet the outdoors
was rather cold, such a relaxing
After prizing ourselves away
from such tranquillity, we
experienced the tropical shower.
It was simply divine and leaves
the most beautiful scent on your
With so many rooms to
experience, including the
‘scented room’ volcanic salt bath
and a colour flow cave, you are
quite simply spoilt for choice.
Before our treatment we went
for lunch. There is a wide choice
of buffet styled
food with
fresh fish and
pasta, the soup
to start was
table service.
The taste was
something very
The restaurant
is both warm
and calming and a glass of wine
compliments it perfectly.
We headed towards our
treatment rooms, where we
experienced a beautiful back
massage and facial. This left us
completely relaxed and trouble
free. There is a choice of skin
products recommended by the
The whole day was magical and
I look forward to our next visit.
Ragdale Village, Melton
Mowbray, Leicestershire
LE14 3PB
01664 434831
Why not treat your loved one to a Ragdale Hall Gift Voucher
All vouchers come beautifully packaged and starting from only £25,
a Ragdale Hall Gift Voucher is the perfect gift that can be enjoyed
any time throughout the year ahead.
Vouchers are available for spa day packages, breaks or in
monetary values – the choice is yours.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
CALL 01159 314380
Prestigious Title
A nurse who has helped hundreds of children
with cleft lips and palates has been given the
prestigious Queen’s Nurse title.
Karine Latter, lead nurse for the Trent Regional
Cleft Network, helps to oversee the care of
young patients from across the region. She
has been awarded the title of Queen’s Nurse
as a mark of her commitment to patient care,
leadership and learning.
Karine, who has worked in the NHS for
37 years, joined NUH as a Clinical Nurse
Specialist in 2003. Prior to that she worked as a
health visitor for many years.
Bringing Life Back
An area of scrubland in Forest
Town is being brought back to life with the help
of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Supporting
Local Communities Fund (formerly Local
Improvement Scheme).
The aim of the Rushpool Open Space project is
to improve the 2.5 hectare piece of land so that it
can be properly managed, with the ultimate aim
of restoring it back to heathland and providing
interpretation boards.
The land is surrounded by houses and is to the rear
of the Asda superstore in Old Mill Lane. Before
the project started it was overgrown with gorse
and was only used as a cut-through to the nearby
The project is a partnership between the County
Council, Mansfield District Council, the Forest
everyone. I’ve been impressed with what’s been
Town Nature Conservation
Group and the Sherwood Forest Trust. The County done so far and look forward to seeing how the
Council’s SLC fund has provided £8,500 and
project develops over the next few years.”
Mansfield District Council has provided £9,500.
The funding has so far helped to provide
equipment, training for volunteers, an
interpretation panel, site surveys and a
management plan that sets out how the project will
work over the coming years.
Coun Jim Creamer, chairman of the County
Council’s environment and sustainability
committee said: “The Supporting Local
Communities fund is an exciting opportunity for
local people to make a real difference in their
community. The Rushpool Open Space project is
an excellent example of local groups all working
together with a single purpose for the benefit of
Left to right – County Councillors Jim Creamer and Alan Bell; Lorraine
Dowen, Richard Smith, Ross Lacey and Helen Johnson, all from Forest
Town Nature Conservation Group; Andy Hollis, Sherwood Forest Trust
Taking Home Gold
Willmott Dixon is celebrating after construction
manager James Elliment scooped the top
accolade at the prestigious Construction
Manager of the Year Awards, regarded
as the industry’s Oscars for construction
James won gold in the £7 - £17 million project
category for the expert way he project managed
construction of the University of Leicester’s
College Court.
James’s talent and ability as a construction
manager were exemplified on the project,
which saw the Grade II listed former student
accommodation and social block given a new
lease of life.
The Red Hot World Buffet Is Your Oyster!
questions that I had about the variety of food were
answered. With so much on offer it was good to
know that the chefs knew what they were talking
I have to say the highlight for me and my children
has to be checking out the live stations, there’s
Indian, Mongolian, Chinese and Italian and at
each one you pick what you would like off the
menu and they cook in front of you. The Indian
curries were spectacular, the spices mixed together
were brilliant and you can pick and choose what
you want to add into it. For a snack I preferred the
Mongolian lamb skewers, a nice bit of finger food
that the kids couldn’t get enough of. The Italian
station was a complete winner, we all love Italian
food and you could tell it was all fresh, for me
the best bit here is the freshly made risotto. I also
noticed there was a sushi bar where they make it
I decided to take my two children along to the
Red Hot World Buffet to see what was on offer
for families and also give them a chance to try a
number of different foods. Firstly the minute we
walked in the smell was phenomenal with aromas
from around the world I just wanted to get stuck
in, it was mouth watering.
The greeting was warm and welcoming, in fact
the service throughout was top notch and all
up for you which I think
is perfect is you are a
bit wary about trying it
for the first time. One
thing I wasn’t quite sure
about doing was trying
the different foods and
having to put them
all onto one plate but
this had clearly been
thought about because
once I had tried one
dish my plate was then taken away so that I
could sample the next one with a clean plate.
If you didn’t fancy anything heavy or there was
someone with you that was picky, there was a
fresh salad bar and fruit available; there really
is something for everyone.
All in all I would highly recommend The Red
Hot World Buffet especially for family dining.
The staff are helpful and friendly, the food is all
cooked fresh, it’s a nice and clean environment
and let’s not forget you get more than your
moneys worth.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
The Tax return final
deadline is looming!!
Are you one of those who
dread this time of year? If so
you are probably not alone.
Thankfully the majority of
people are not required to fill in
a self assessment tax return. For
those that do there are two dates
depending on how you submit
your return to HM Revenue and
Customs. If you submit a paper tax
return each year then you should
have filed this by the 31st October
following the end of the tax year.
If you choose to submit online
then you have slightly longer and
need to file it by the 31st January
following the end of the tax year.
If you missed the October deadline
you MUST submit your return
ONLINE. Failure to submit a tax
return by the 31st January will
automatically result in a £100
penalty. This is irrespective of
whether there is any tax liability
or not.
Do your tax
return now –
do not leave it
until the last
by invoices and receipts where
applicable. For more information
see HMRC website www.hmrc.
If you do not use an accountant
and want to submit your own tax
return you will need to register for Most importantly of ALL ACT
HMRC Online Services before you NOW do not keep putting it off –
the deadline is fixed and will not
can submit your return so do this
go away!!
What to do NOW:
If you do use an
accountant get your
information to them as
soon as possible. Your
accountant will no doubt
have a surge of clients
wanting their tax return
completing at this time
of year so getting your
information to them is
vital to be at the front of
the queue!!!
Remember it’s a
requirement of HMRC
that anyone required to
complete a tax return
must keep records of
the relevant income
and expenditure. These
should be supported
just as much as to the tax bill”.
“We have clients with annual
turnovers running into several
£million but most of the people
we are helping are those earning
a few hundred pounds a week
where we know our pricing, safe
and reliable pair of hands and
timely work are making a real
Are you just starting out or
recently set up a business and are “When it comes to pricing we
not sure who to turn to for help? keep it simple and price quoted
Lowcostaccounts is a
is the price you pay and should
Nottingham based accountancy cover everything you could
and tax practice already helping conceivably require from us
hundreds of local businesses
for the whole year; we don’t
to get their accounts and tax
make additional charges for any
returns submitted on time with
ongoing help or meetings”.
a minimum of fuss and at a
Lowcostaccounts promise you a
much lower cost than all of its
fixed low price comprehensive
service without cutting any
“The number of local people
corners so if you want an
who have come to us having
accountancy firm that charges far
been charged by their accountant less for doing far more to help
an amount equal to several
you, you know who to call.
week’s worth of their annual
profit is staggering”, says
For your complete accounting
needs call us on
chartered accountant Stephen
Towne, who leads the practice.
“We work hard to enable our
email us as
clients to keep as much of their
[email protected]
money as possible and think this
or visit us at
should apply to accountants’ fees
Are you fed up with
accountants that charge
too much, fail to give
timely advice or enough
warning about the size
of your tax bill?
0115 9778 378
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
BMC is one of
the top specialist
college in the
Brooksby Melton College is currently
undergoing a £27.7 million transformation
bringing the site into the modern day world,
with state of the art facilities, open to all.
Upon my arrival the main reception was
spacious and bright with a friendly welcome.
As we were guided around the campus you
get a sense of being able to relax and enjoy
studying in such tranquil surroundings, whilst
being able to fulfil your potential in one of
the many courses in which are available.
Each department has been kitted out with
all modern technology which is needed to
help the students succeed during their time
at the college. There is a sense of a relaxed
approach to student life with open communal
spaces with brightly coloured chairs and
sofas so students are able to socialise and
relax whilst studying.
As we made our move around to the Hair
and Beauty department “Reflections” as it is
known to the paying customer, the students
welcomed us with a professional attitude and
friendly smile.
in which you totally forget are students just
starting out in their careers and all at a 3rd of
the cost.
Don’t just take my word for it about the high
class at Reflections.
Reflections is open Monday to Friday, so
why not book an appointment and see for
yourself the royal treatment you are given.
Call Reflections on 01664 855440.
I was greeted by Jayne, a Level 3 student,
who was about to take me to a desert island
far far away (well that’s how I felt when I
came out) to have my facial and massage.
She explained what the treatment I was
having done entailed and if I had questions
before we began.
As I relaxed it didn’t take long to float away
to my magical island and forget about the
worries in life that we all have on a day
to day basis. When you think about being
pampered you often put it off as treatments
can be expensive at some of the health spas.
I would truly recommend Reflections, you
get a high quality service by talented people
There are a number of courses available
in the Hair & Beauty department ranging
from full time courses to part time courses,
as well as vocational subjects at Level 1 - 3
throughout the college.
Brooksby Melton College is proud to
announce it is ranked the top specialist
Salon - open
to all
Undergoing a
£27.7 million
college in the country when ranked against
other colleges that offers courses of a similar
The college through Ragdale hall, has
been recently confirmed as a ‘Centre of
For more information or
to find out about their fourth
coming Open Days please
contact them on 01664 855440
or visit the website
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
An Outstanding
The University of Nottingham has been
ranked amongst the top universities in the UK
for international student experience.
Nottingham enters the league table at
number two in the International Student
Satisfaction Awards 2014 and is one of only
five UK universities to receive a rating of
The rankings are compiled by StudyPortals,
an independent study choice platform
covering more than 1,400 universities
in 40 European countries.
Unlike other university league tables,
the International Student Satisfaction
Awards are based entirely on reviews by
international students who have studied
in the UK.
An ‘outstanding’ rating is awarded to those
universities that achieve an average rating of
9.5 or more out of 10.
Harriet Matthews, Assistant Director
of the International Office at
Nottingham, said “We’re delighted with
this award and pleased that such a high
proportion of students surveyed would
recommend Nottingham.”
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Fighting Loneliness
A campaign to fight loneliness has been given
a £50,000 funding boost to help tackle social
isolation among Nottingham’s older people.
The Nottingham ‘Looking After Each Other’
campaign will fund new initiatives aimed at
increasing social action, volunteering and active
citizenship across the city.
Commissioning Group.
The funding will pay for the roll-out of six
targeted projects aimed at supporting older
people and adults with mental health or learning
disabilities. The targeted projects are, befriending
schemes, community navigators to help the elderly
find certain activities and rally round which is a
website for further assistance.
There will be a time bank to share knowledge and
skills, a get to know your neighbour postcard to
encourage residents to speak to their neighbours
and it will also be made easier for professionals to
notice and help those struggling the most.
Councillor Alex Norris, Chair of the Nottingham
Health & Wellbeing Board, said: “Loneliness
and social isolation can affect everyone but older
people can be particularly vulnerable because they
may have lost friends and family, perhaps they
can’t get out as much as they used to or simply
have a very limited income. As the population in
Nottingham ages, the issue of acute loneliness and
social isolation is one of the biggest challenges
facing our communities. It doesn’t take much
to make a positive difference to someone’s
day - small acts of kindness can go a long way
to boosting people’s well-being. The campaign
projects we’re investing in today will have a
win-win effect of improving older people’s quality
of life, while also limiting dependence on more
costly social care services.”
A Rewarding Choice
Commissioned by the City’s Health & Wellbeing
Board the campaign is being delivered in
partnership by NCVS, Nottingham City
Council and the NHS Nottingham City Clinical
Nottinghamshire residents who are looking
for a job or a new direction in life are being
encouraged to consider home care work as a
rewarding and fulfilling career path.
The County Council is joining forces with its
four home care providers covering the county
to increase the number of home care workers
locally to meet the rising demand for this service.
Home care is increasingly popular as older
people and people with disabilities want
to keep their independence by living at home
with care and support.
The providers are looking for caring and
responsible people for the positions who will
be supported by a training programme that
will give them the skills to carry out the work
Part time and flexible hours are
available so people can fit the work around
other commitments and home care workers
do not always need to be able to drive as
their visit rounds can be set up in their
local area.
The Council’s home care contracts insist
that providers have to pay their staff a
competitive wage.
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Every Day Is Different
Are you suffering with severe job dissatisfaction
and fancy a new challenge where you will truly
make a difference? Have you considered a job in
If you want to progress, feel secure and gain an
enormous sense of personal achievement from
helping people then care work is the career for
you. There are a number of opportunities out there
and there’s also a huge demand for workers right
now so it’s the best time to be applying.
If you want to inspire and motivate but understand
that working in a team is best, if you know that
people are important and deserve respect and
dignity and if you are prepared to go the extra mile
then you would most likely enjoy working in care.
There are different types of care work such as
working in a residential home where you have a
constant support network, working with a variety
of people around the clock. Some residents need
more help than others but in general this role can
be very engaging and
incredibly fulfilling
when not only helping
someone in terms of
care but also making
their everyday lives
happy and comfortable.
If you would like to be
on more of a one-toone personal level then
home care might be the
option that you prefer.
This involves going to
see different residents in
their home where duties
tend to include helping
them to get around,
sorting out meals and
just generally being a
comforting companion.
These residents in
particular may not need
the level of care as those
in a residential home do
but their well being is
still a high priority.
Working in care offers job growth, it’s up to you
how hard you want to work to make it to the top
but there will always be that opportunity. Care
workers have a strong impact on people’s lives
and make a difference to those that need it. You
don’t need experience, training is provided on the
job and you will find that the door is open to all
The earning potential is competitive the basic
wage tends to be £12k-£16k but the higher you get
on the career ladder, the higher this figure grows.
One of the best things about this line of work is
that there is a never a dull moment, every day is
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E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Sixth Form
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What Are You Doing Next?
Doing your GCSE’s and waiting for the
results can be a stressful time, but one thing
to keep in mind is what you’re doing next. Do
you want to go onto something hands on and
vocational or would you prefer something
that requires a more theoretical, text book
It’s now compulsory to remain in education
for 2 years after school and if 6th form is
something you have always wondered about,
an open evening or open day could be what
holds the answer.
Every 6th form will have an open event to tell
you more about them and what they have to
offer, they also have staff on hand to help you
in making the right decision. If you get the
chance to speak with current students
then grab the opportunity! They have
been in your position before so will
understand how you are feeling.
Don’t think that once you are there
you have to make a decision there
and then. Going to an open evening
or open day doesn’t mean that you
have to choose that particular one,
leave your options open and do some
real research. In fact why not go home
and discuss your options with your
family, after all it’s quite a big decision.
A lot of 6th forms now offer vocational
courses too, so you don’t need to move on to
a college if it’s a diploma you want. There are
Believe, Achieve,
various subject areas for you to choose from, if
you go along for a chat there will be someone
waiting there to tell you everything that you
need to know! Whether it is hairdressing
or joinery that you want to do you will find
something that suits you, you may even find a
new interest.
These events are there for you, to show you
where you could be heading and what to do to
get there. Have a look at what’s on offer, you
might be pleasantly surprised!
“In collaboration with subject teachers and
form tutors we closely monitor each and every
student’s progress and offer support to help
With a strong reputation and proven
them all achieve their ambitions.”
tradition for providing excellent education,
During their time in Sixth Form, students will
Carlton le Willows Academy Sixth Form is an be offered a wide range of extracurricular
outstanding place to further your studies.
activities, work experience and careers
This summer Year 13 leavers achieved a
100% A level pass rate – taking the average
Students also get the chance to embrace
grade at AS level to a B – and ensuring that
the community-minded ethos central to
most of the students were able to secure a
life at Carlton le Willows and embark on a
place at the university of their choice.
fundraising effort week each year. Earlier this
Situated in a dedicated purpose-built
year more than £4,000 was raised through a
building, with IT facilities, quiet study area
variety of events to raise funds for six chosen
and large common room, the Sixth Form has charities.
a strong inclusive ethos with the desire to
To find out at first-hand what Carlton le
achieve the best for all its students.
Willows Sixth Form has to offer, students and
The Sixth Form centre now also boasts a new their parents are invited along to meet teachers
barista-style café, stocked with fresh products and existing students at an Information
handmade on the main school site every day. Evening on Thursday 27th November.
New Head of Sixth Form Rod Bond-Taylor
The event will run from 7-9pm in the West
believes everyone can benefit from the
Hall at Carlton le Willows Academy on Wood
friendly, thriving community where all
Lane, Gedling. We very much look forward to
students enjoy a wealth of opportunities.
meeting you.
He said: “We pride ourselves on offering
a varied curriculum encompassing both
academic and vocational courses. Our motto
is ‘Believe, Achieve, Succeed’ and we
are committed to supporting
the success of all our
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