THE GRAPEVINE November 23rd,2014

Black Top Paving Project -Goal 2015
First United Methodist Church
November 30th, 2014
Our Mission: Making Disciples of Christ
Equipped to serve God and neighbor!
Christmas Program
Sunday, December 14th we will gather for one
service at 10, and the annual Children’s
Christmas Program will take place. Following
services, there will be a Birthday Party for Jesus
at 11 AM in Fellowship Hall, join us for cake!!!
Pavement Project Update
The weather has put the paving project on hold until
warmer temperatures return, in the Spring of 2015.
The Trustee’s encourage the congregation to
continue to support the paving project. Donations
between now and spring time will serve to lower the
need to borrow funds; which will be appreciated by
us all. The paving contractor has given a written
guarantee of his price, even though the work will
done in 2015.The same will be the case of the
interest rate, for the expected bank loan.
Thanks, from your Church Trustee’s for your
support of this project !!
John Cressey, Chair of Trustees
Report on Estimate of Giving Cards
Budget Building Fund
$24,142 (2014)
$31,142 (2015)
85 cards received compared to 81 last year.
As other cards are received we will keep you
updated. This is a very good start!
Custodial Request
We are looking for a good, used washing machine
so that we can laundry wet mops and other janitorial
supplies on site. If you have a working machine that
you would be willing to donate, please contact the
church office
The thermometer represents the estimated
dollars to complete this blacktop project. The
funds available so far are $15,597.31 Our goal
is to obtain an estimated $42,025 to complete
the project.
If you want to give to this project please
mark in the memo of your check “Blacktop.
We will be taking orders for Poinsettias for our altar
area at church during the Christmas Holiday. The
cost will be $15.00 each (tax included). Orders must
be in by December 10th. Call the office @ 652-4420
Craft and Bake Sale
Church will be open and accepting baked
goods and or craft items in the Memorial
Room on Saturday, December 6th between 15 p.m. and Sunday morning before Church
Services. If there are any questions please
call Vivian River 563-559-0155.
Commitment Sunday Estimate of Giving Cards
The Finance Committee is hoping to conclude this
part of our planning for next year, so if you have not
filled out a card yet, please do so. If you have been
giving electronically we also need you to renew
those commitments if you wish that to carry over
into 2015. Thank you!
Scripture Reader
8:15 a.m. – Ann Otteman
10:30 a.m. – Steve Schmudde
Coffee Hosts
November 30: 1st Service: Joel Cornelius
2nd Serve: Susan Dadisman
December 7: Both Services UMW
Christmas Tea
December 14: Children’s X-mas Program
December 21: 1st Service: Joel & Kathilene
2nd Service: Host Needed
December 28: 1st Service: Gary & Tammy
2nd Service: Host Needed
*Sign up is located in fellowship hall*
Attendance Last Week— 127
8:15 a.m. – 66
10:30 a.m.- 61
Mitten Tree
The Mitten Tree is located in the Sanctuary. Please
bring hats, scarves, gloves, socks, sweatshirts/pants,
and any other winter item that children could use
this winter.
Christmas Tea
Happenings in the church
November 30th –December 6th
Sunday November 30
Radio Sponsor: Gale Stickley; In memory
of Donna Stickley.
Monday December 1
9 a.m. Jolyn Bible Study
1 p.m. Knitting Group
Tuesday December 2
9 a.m. Miriam Circle
6:00 p.m. Ruth Circle
7 p.m. Finance Mtg
Wednesday December 3
9 a.m. UMW Meeting
5:30 p.m.-7p.m. W.O.W.
6-8 Youth group
7 p.m. Chancel Choir
Thursday December 4
9 a.m. Prayer Group
Friday December 5
9 a.m. Bulletin Folders
Saturday December 6
Help Wanted:
We are seeking individuals for Ushering during
December and 2015 as the New Year begins. If you
can help for the month or a couple of weeks, please
call or email Amber in the office!
Church Office Hours
December 7th from 9:15 a.m. – 12:30
p.m. in Fellowship Hall.
Our UMW will be serving refreshments
after first service and during and after
2nd service. There will be a bake sale
and crafts/gifts available. Invite your
friends and neighbors 
Monday -Thursday 8:30-11:30 12:30-3:00
Friday: 8:30 to 12:00
If you need assistance outside of these times, you may
contact Pastor Jeff @ 563-249-7661
Pastor: Jeff Dadisman – 563-249-7661 (cell)
Email:[email protected]
Secretary: Amber McLaughlin
Organist/Pianist: Sherry Krogman
Ministry Assistant: Colleen Petaros (563-321-0450)
Joyful Noise/ Chancel Choir: Joel Hagen (652-4196)
Treasurer: Connie Cressey: 563-357-0498 (cell)
Custodian: Hal Machael (652-5464)
Parish Nurse: Doris Currier (652-4403)