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Sunday, 23rd November 2014
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hrain’s bad drivers
e exposed
e being exposed by a Facebook
ce On Our Roads group has more
rly post photographs of poor parkin.
e GDN that he started the group to
egligent road users”.
serving its purpose well,” he said.
nting we want documented proof –
of drivers breaking the law.
ulture here in Bahrain – ignorance
blem and ego is a massive part of
nd you can’t reason with them then
book group is to try and embarrass
e hope that they will stop breaking
police could not be everywhere at all
times, it was the public’s duty to
hold reckless drivers accountable.
“I want this group to become
more popular, because the more
popular it becomes then the more
effective it will be,” he said.
“My hope is that some of the
offenders will see the group
or will hear of the posts – so
they know that they are being
watched, even while parking at a
local mall.
“Shame is an amazing motivator and we all have to do what we
can to make the roads safer and
more comfortable to drive on.”
Mr Baqer explained that posts
were monitored, to avoid expletives or people misusing the forum in anyway.
Among some of the more popular posts are examples of bad
One member of the group, Ali Al
Jufairi, posted a photo of a white Audi
SUV that was parked on the pavement
in a deserted car park.
“How lazy can you be? With three
vacant parking spaces,” he said.
Fellow contributor Stuart Blaik sent
in a photo of a trailer that had become
unhitched and was rolling away near
n Even drivers of small cars can be arrogant parkers
n Improperly secured livestock caused concern among group users
n Not even buses are exempt from the group’s eagle-eyed contributors
the Gulf Hotel.
“Trailer unhitches itself from a lorry and travels slowly about 20 metres
before coming to a stop,” he said in a
comment below the post.
“Thankfully it didn’t happen on a
three lane highway at 100kmph with
someone behind.”
Other photos of people parking across
several disabled parking bays have generated a heated public response, while
the group has also had a marked effect
on at least one driver, who was spotted
flouting the rules of the road in a Reza
Hygiene-branded van.
“I’m extremely grateful to a friend,
a member of this group, who passed a
clip to me regarding the ‘nutters’ who
n A photo posted to the group shows that even with enough room to park properly, some drivers
choose not to
n Inconsiderate parkers are exposed
drive up the dirt track on Janabiya
Highway and then push onto the main
road,” said Keith Watson.
“As the division manager for Reza Hygiene in the region, I was appalled to see
the clip of one of our drivers in a company vehicle doing exactly what I used to
complain about when I used to take my
children to school along that road.
“Not only was the driver very severely disciplined, the incident was circulated throughout our company offices in
the Gulf on the internal network – as a
warning to all other employees whether
driving a company vehicle, or not.”
For more, search Arrogance and Negligence On Our Roads on Facebook.
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n Group users questioned why these children were not wearing seatbelts