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La Campana
Bethlehem Area School District
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program/
Center for Language Assessment (CLA)
School To Work
Students shown: Daniel De
La Cruz, Katiria Hernandez,
Ashley Perez, Marnacheliz
Rivera Cruz, Keyshla
Rodriguez, Stepahnie Batista,
Naydine Cruz, Jackeline
Garcia, Letchya Molina Rivera,
Luis Ortiz Nieves, Nicole
Velazquez, Angel Gonzalez
Beltran, Camila Contreras
Jimenez, Berkelys Guerrero,
and Mikaelie Nunes.
School to Work high school students visit the organic produce farm at St. Luke’s University Health Network.
The hospital has partnered with the Rodale Institute to develop an organic produce farm located on the
Anderson Campus. Produce from the farm will be utilized in our network cafeterias and served to patients,
employees, and visitors. Working with the Rodale Institute to develop the St. Luke’s Rodale Institute Organic
Farm will allow St. Luke’s to continue providing patients with a holistic health care experience that creates
a positive atmosphere for health and healing.
Apples of Our Eyes!
Freemansburg second grade ESOL students read
the book How Do Apples Grow? The students
then made a tree with the title, author, and
main idea. Each apple
has a detail from the book.
FALL 2014
Freemansburg first grade students Yarem Barrigan and Anju Rani (left)
and Max Machin (right) write summaries in their journals to prepare for
district-wide comprehensive literacy initiative.
A parent, Mrs. Ramirez, reads the
book Clifford the Big Red Dog
bilingually to Mrs. Paxton's class
during our ESOL Summer Program.
Daniela Chirinos, Leslie Padilla, and Songen Tang
have a great time picking pumpkins at
William Penn’s Fall Fest.
FALL 2014
Farmersville Tiger Trek
Nidhi Patel (left) Nancy Nguyen (center), and Kevin Cordon Morales (right) help
fundraise by walking during Tiger Trek on a beautiful fall day.
Anaysha (left) and Tiffany (right) from William Penn Elementary School
are growing “Tickle Me” plants with the 2nd grade plant unit.
FALL 2014
East Hills Middle School students in Mr. Schaefer’s ESOL class perform a
puppet play titled, Friday Night with the theme being: “If you don’t feel
confortable living somewhere, do something about it!” This was a
culminating assessment for their story elements’ unit. Each group
developed their own theme/message and then presented it to the class.
Using story elements, the students in groups of two and three, wrote
their own stories, adapted them as plays, and then practiced and
performed them using puppets.
Vivamus fringilla
Students are: (Back Row) Shyana Nepomuceno, Angelica Ortiz, Jeet Patel, Shechaniah
Seraphin (Front Row) Jesus Plaza, Alex Murillo-Zapata, Najum Munir
This year, one of Thomas
Jefferson's kindergarten ESOL
students is from the hearing
support classroom. Elias has the
challenge of learning both English
and American Sign Language at the
same time! His teachers and
classmates are supporting him by
helping him with his English AND
they are learning some sign
language as well! For “p” week, Mrs.
Weikert’s all day kindergarten class
is signing the word for popcorn as
Mrs. Schachter reads, The Popcorn
Book by Tomie dePaola.
FALL 2014
Fountain Hill
students from Mrs.
Amy Jones’
Kindergarten class
visited Byler’s Farm
in Slatington for
their school pumpkin
patch trip. They are
cousins, Allisson
Ramirez and Daniel
Aguilar. They had
fun hiding in the
wooden stalls.
Donegan Elementary School ESOL students use “photo booth props” to play act in order to develop their oral language skills. 5
FALL 2014
Marvine students write about their authentic experiences to learn English!
¡Estudiantes de Marvine escriben de sus experiencias para aprender Inglés!
I see JLo and Maria. They are running in the grass. They are playing tag.
Yo veo a JLO y Maria. Ellas están corriendo en el grama. Ellos juegan de coger.
I see the slide and it is purple.
Veo la chorrera y es violeta.
I see Joyce and Mrs. Wrobel. Joyce is standing up!
Veo a Joyce y a la Señora Wrobel. ¡Joyce está parada!
FALL 2014
Report Cards
Elementary & Middle
November 13
February 9
Notas de Progreso
Elemental e Intermedia
13 de noviembre
9 de febrero
High School
November 7
January 26 mailed home
7 de noviembre
26 de enero enviado a la casa
Schools Closed / Escuelas Cerradas
November 26 to December 1
Thanksgiving Break
26 de noviembre al 1 de diciembre
Acción de Gracias
December 24 to January 2
Happy Holidays
24 de diciembre al 2 de enero
February 13 Teacher Inservice
13 de febrero Taller de Maestros
January 19
Martin Luther King Day
19 de enero
Dia de Martin Luther King
February 16 Presidents’ Day
febrero 16 - Dia de Presidentes
Miller Heights
Susan Lutz
Connie VanBlargan
Spring Garden
Jessica Drager
Suzanne Lutz
Thomas Jefferson
Carole Devey Schachter
Karen Ohrem
William Penn
Connie VanBlargan
Jose Sanchez
Lorie Schwarzbach
Janice Ford
Broughal Middle
Anthony Figueroa
Carmen Perea-Cross
Melissa Mouchref
Christine Reed
Annette Zito
Fountain Hill
Danielle Frank
Michelle Sanchez
Mary Velez
Governor Wolf
Paulette Bartolacci
Elementary/elemental y Middle/Intermedia
February 11 & 12/11 y 12 de febrero
ESOL Annual State Testing
begins January 26, 2015, please
make sure your children have
plenty of sleep and eat a good
Exámenes Anuales Estatales de
ESOL (WIDA) empiezan el 26 de
enero de 2015, favor de
asegurarse que su niño se acueste
temprano y coma un buen
Asa Packer
Lynette Possinger
Olga Diaz-Casillas
Kristine Maurer
Parent Conferences/Conferencias de Padres
Elementary/elemental y Middle/Intermedia
November 24 and 25/24 y 25 de noviembre
February 26 / 26 de febrero
Doris Correll, Supervisor
Annette Zito, ESOL Teacher/Evaluator
Carole Devey Schachter, ESOL Teacher/Evaluator
Linda López, Secretary/Notary
Mariangeli Vásquez, Secretary
High School/Superior
March 3/ 3 de marzo
PSSA Testing/Examenes
Testing begins April 13 with
Math and Reading. Please
make sure your children have
plenty of sleep and eat a good
Examenes de PSSA comienzan
el 13 de abril.
Favor de asegurarse que su
niño se acueste temprano y
coma un buen desayuno.
Suzanne Lutz
Michelle Bosak
Lynette Possinger
Irene Paxton
Clarabelle Cipriano-Ortiz
Stacy Wrobel
East Hills Middle
Gary Schaefer
Sandra Thomas
Northeast Middle
Tracy Diefenderfer
Thomas Mingora
Freedom High
Karen Lynn
David Miller
Liberty High
Diane Colom
Judith Danilovicz
Antonio Marrero
Omar Porrata
Colonial Academy
Carmen Perez-Cross
FALL 2014
Roadmap to Educational Excellence
Based on the annual WIDA: ACCESS evaluation report from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE),
the Bethlehem Area School District (BASD) continues to move English Language Learners (ELLs) into higher
levels of English proficiency.
For the 2013 school year, the first state target was for districts to move 59% of their ELLs from one level to the next
(beginner to intermediate, intermediate to advance, etc.). The BASD advanced 65.2% of its ELLs, higher than the
state percentage of 62.
The BASD also continues to exit ELLs from the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program. The
second state target was to exit 24% of the ELLs. The BASD exited 37.1% of our ELLs surpassing the state average
percentage of 32.
The third target is based on reading and math scores from the state PSSA & Keystone achievement tests. The
BASD attained the 17% reading target with a percentage of 23. In math however, our ELLs did not reach the set
goal of 29%. We were extremely close at 27%.
Overall, our ELLs are doing well in acquiring English and demonstrating their learning in the state assessments.
We still need to move more ELLs into the proficient levels on the achievement tests. However, our teachers and
students are on the right track on that very road, providing instructional supports as we take alternate linguistic
detours to reach the same destination, Educational Excellence for ALL!
Mr. Antonio Marrero
Even though he will miss his students
tremendously, there is no doubt that
one of our long-time ESOL teachers;
Mr. Antonio Marrero will be enjoying
his retirement very soon.
Perhaps he will relax without a care
in the world, soak up the sun’s rays
thinking about his many memories of
30 years worth of ESOL students.
Here’s how his students
describe MARRERO!
The life of a soon-to-be retired
teacher will be asking,
“What do I do now?”
FALL 2014
School-2-Work’s Tribute to Mr. Marrero
You are a colleague, a teacher, a mentor, and a friend.
You have taught us to persevere, to dream big, and to be creative.
Thank you for your time, your talents, and your willingness to go the extra mile…
Thank you for your commitment to education, to our ELLs, and for making a difference!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Judith Danilovicz
Adjective Avalanche!!!!!!
Daniel DeLaCruz
Intelligent, Helpful, & Funny
Mr. Marrero is intelligent because he knows all about Science and Algebra. He is also very helpful when we are confused, and so
funny when he tells us his great jokes!
Keyshla Rodriguez
Funny, Helpful, Communicative
Mr. Marrero is a funny person who makes us laugh in his class. He helps us do better on our quizzes.
Mr. Marrero communicates with us by giving us good advice to do the right thing.
Marna Rivera
Funny and Clever
Mr. Marrero always makes me laugh and he is clever because he helped to create our
School-2-Work program many years ago.
Mikaelle Nunes
Patient, Friendly, & Intelligent
Mr. Marrero is a patient teacher and he’s always friendly. We can count on him to help us with our problems.
He is also intelligent because he teaches in a way that we can understand.
Nicole Velazquez
Funny, Dedicated, & Conscientious
Mr. Marrero tells funny jokes, but is dedicated to his job. He is very conscientious and
even visits parents when they can’t make it to school.
Jackeline Garcia
Unique, Hilarious, & Knowledgable
Mr. Marrero is extraordinary and there’s no one else like him. He always has something funny to share and
he remembers things that happened a long time ago.
Stephanie Batista
Funny & Persistent
Mr. Marrero is the funniest teacher I have ever met. He always says something funny to lighten our mood.
He is a very persistent teacher because he wants us to do our work well.
Cynthia Reyes
Funny & Helpful
Mr. Marrero is a very funny person and he always makes me laugh. He is also very helpful and is always very happy.
FALL 2014
Naydine Cruz
Brave, Helpful, & Honest
Mr. Marrero is brave because he has to deal with all kinds of personalities. He is helpful especially if you don’t understand
something, and he’s honest when he tells us we’ve done something wrong.
Angel Beltran
Humorous, Knowledgeable, & Dedicated
Mr. Marrero is very humorous because he always says something funny about different topics to get us more involved. He is
always well prepared and has a lot of knowledge about Science. He is so dedicated and he makes sure that his students get the
material (at any cost) or he’ll stay after school with us for tutoring.
Katiria Hernandez
Funny & Helpful
Mr. Marrero is always making me laugh when he tells jokes. He likes to help his students with everything and he tries to make
things clearer for us.
Camila Contreras
Helpful, Funny, & Generous
Mr. Marrero is a helpful, funny and generous teacher. He is always making me laugh, helping when I am stuck with projects or
classwork. Mr. Marrero buys us cookies, even though we are not always the best students in the world.
Berkelys Guerrero
Cheerful, Cooperative, & Reliable
Mr. Marrero is always happy. He makes jokes. If someone needs extra help, he will help them, and you can always trust him.
Genesis Velazquez
Goofy, Honest, & Compassionate
Mr. Marrero is goofy because he tells lots of funny stories about roaches! He is very honest with us when we do something
wrong, but he corrects us with compassion.
Letycha Molina
Informative, Funny, & Conversational
Mr. Marrero is like a book because everything he reads, he remembers. He will always make you laugh even on your worst days.
He always talks to us and makes us feel welcome.
Luis Ortiz
Funny, Friendly, & Helpful
Mr. Marrero is funny because he tells us jokes and makes us laugh. He also helps me when I’m struggling in class. He is so
friendly and if we have a problem between each other we can talk it over and work it out with him.
Ashley Perez Rodriguez
Responsible, Trustworthy, & Dedicated
I consider Mr. Marrero a responsible, dedicated, and trustworthy teacher. You can go to him with any problem and he will help
you with it. He knows how to keep a secret.
Mr. Marrero is unique in the way he teaches us differently from other teachers.
Ann Goldberg
Dedicated, Science-focused, Down to Earth
Dedicated to his students, science-focused, down to earth teaching style. Thank you for your work in building the
School to Work program, writing curriculum, and making it happen!
You will be missed tremendously!
Congratulations on your retirement!
Michael E. Facchinetto - President
Shannon Patrick - Vice President
Basilio A. Bonilla Jr.
Michele Cann
Eugene C. McKeon
Craig Neiman
Rogelio Ortiz
Angela Sinkler
Sudantha K. Vidanage
It is the policy of the Bethlehem Area School District not to
discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex,
disability, color, age, religion, veteran status or any other legally
protected classification in its educational and vocational
programs, activities, or employment as required by Title VI,
Title IX, Section 504.
Dr. Joseph J. Roy
Dr. Jack Silva
Assistant Superintendent of Education/Chief Academic Officer
Russell Giordano
Director for Human Resources
Dr. Dean Donaher
Director of Student Services
Janet Tate
Supervisor of Grants
El Distrito Escolar de Bethlehem no discriminará en sus programas
educacionales, programas vocacionales, 0 prácticas de empleos,
basado en su raza, nacionalidad, sexo, incapacidad, edad, religion,
status de veterano u otras clasificaciones legales protegidas. Esta
notifiación está de acuerdo con las leyes estatales y federales,
incluyendo Título VI, Título IX, Sección 504.
Center for Language Assessment
Northeast Middle School
1170 Fernwood Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018