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NEWSLETTER 27th November 2014 No 38
Email [email protected]
BOT Chairperson: Kerry Looney 3084368
School Phone / Fax 3049506, 3049802, 3048924, 027 2464118
Dear Parents,
We are still have no certainty about classes for 2015. We now have an expected 49
new entrants starting next year with up to 21 other children starting. An additional
second room now seems a strong possibility. This year we had 14 classes. Next year
there could be 16 rooms.
We are having enquiries about enrolments constantly. Yesterday we had five. Unless
you live in zone you will not be able to enrol at Awakeri School in the foreseeable
future, probably till at least to 2018.
If you know of anyone arriving at Awakeri for next year they must let us know as
soon as possible. If you are not returning to Awakeri School next year or know of
someone arriving please let me know ASAP. An email will do.
There will be no rooms shown for next year on the end of year reports. Simply, we
do not know how the school will shape up next year.
We will be deciding on rooms and classes in late January. Our stationery shop
will be open on the 29th and 30th of January. (School starts on Monday 2nd
February) We will have the rooms and classes on display at the front of the school
from the 28th January.
If you would like some input into the rooms your child may go to please send me
an email asap. Please bear in mind we are not sure of which levels will be in what
rooms yet.
Well done Barrie and Andrea for a fantastic Marae experience last week.
This week sees our Year 7 & 8 intensive. This is where we thank our departing year 8
children and prepare our year 7 children for the leadership rolls they will have next
year. We try to extend our seniors by giving them as much responsibility as possible.
This is perhaps why at High School we see so many receiving recognition. A special
congratulations to Hamish Inwood who will be Head boy at Trident High next year.
Please check out next years terms and holidays on the back page of the
newsletter. Everyday counts!
Learn to Earn!
Peter Fitzgerald
Thanks to our major sponsors.
1XX, Gary Fowell Builders, Edgecumbe Spreaders, AB Contracting & Fencing,
Heikell Transport, Gateway Caravans, DB Plumbing, Julian’s Berry Farm &
Café, Haddock Spray painters, Professional Rural Real Estate, Watchorn
Transport, Blueberry Corner, Floatron Swimming Pool Purifier, Focus Chartered
Accountants, HTL Spreading, Get Fresh.
Yr. 7 & 8 Intensive
27 & 28 Nov
Room 6 & 7 camp
4-5 December
Reports / Magazine Home
Tues 9th Dec
Prize Giving
Wed 10th Dec 7pm
Junior Picnic Tuesday
9th Dec
Middle Picnic Wed
10th Dec.
Last Day Year 1 & 2
3pm 11 Dec
Last Day Yr 3 to 8
12.30 pm 12 Dec
READERS: Please check at
home for school readers and
journals. We will be doing a
stocktake soon and it is always
very upsetting to find that books
are missing. Between now and
the end of term, an amnesty is in
place for late returns. Thank you!
Ann Petersen
Awakeri School Board of Trustees Election
Declaration of Parent Election Results.
Parent representative votes:
Kiri Carter 80
Steve Dodson 79
Kim Fort 29
Kerry Looney 94
Terry White 42
Invalid votes 2
I hereby declare the following duly elected
Kiri Carter
Steve Dodson
Kerry Looney
Melva Prodger Returning Officer
Room 14 Robbie Perkinson modelling his ‘Wow’ World of Wearable Arts
creation, designed by Lucille, Tara and Stacey. Tawiri’s outfit designed by
Emily, Rylie and Shardae. Each group was required to design a ‘Wow’ outfit
in a Technology Challenge session in Room 14.
Star ship Fundraiser Next Wednesday 3rd December
Keeley Lawton has recently returned from time at Star Ship
Hospital. To show her appreciation to the hospital, she and
Ella Mattock Prince would like to run a fundraiser on Wednesday the 3rd of December. It would be a Skip- a -Thon at lunch
time. Children who participate would be asked to give a gold
coin donation.
Marae Stay
Lots of thank you’s from our marae stay last week. Firstly to Renske Forsyth
and her whanau. Even though Renske had no kids staying, she volunteered to
be our kitchen organiser for the week. Thanks to all the parents who stayed
with our various groups. Congratulations to Andrea who did her first ever
Karanga and led our school well. Congratulations to the students who did the
Karanga and Whaikorero on behalf of their groups, and well done to those
senior students who were teachers for the day to the junior rooms. Finally a
big thank you to Wairaka Marae for being so accommodating to us once again.
Barrie Hawkes
Mia Kennedy, Maci Bateson and Kenna Baker
Cody Archer
Long long ago a waka arrived at the rivermouth. When the waka came to a stop
lots of men jumped out to go and fish. There was also ladies in the waka but
they could not go fishing. 2 minutes later the waka started to move. Then it
sailed far out to sea caused by a big current. All the ladies on board became
very frightened. Whakatane! Whakatane! Act like a man!
A maiden called Wairaka shouted, taking complete charge. It’s our only chance!
Let’s take the risk! So the ladies started to paddle against
the furious sea. As they came to shore the men arrived with
sacks full of fish, not knowing what happened.
From now onwards you will see the statue of Wairaka which
represents her power and braveness. Caitlan Eivers
School Donation - For those
of you who have paid the full
amount by 1st December your
name will be put in the draw to
have it refunded.
Library Column - The Summer
Slide. Don’t let your child lose the
good work from this year! Check out
tips for holidays about reading and
learning on the website.
porting Other/Events
BOP DHB Mobile Dental Team
0272969624 or 0800 Talk Teeth
0800 8255 83384.
or Sales/Rentals/etc.
Adult Babysitter Available in
Awakeri, Edgecumbe, Whakatane area
from 6pm
onwards. To book please call Ivana on
0210383151 or 073048890.
Plant Group Monday after noons 1 to 3 pm.
No experience necessary. Past or new members
welcome. Meet behind the school house or ask
Ice-cream containers needed please
at the office. Call Margo 3085801.
for school.
Lucy’s Quirky Neck-warmers ar e back! Do
you need stocking fillers? Do you want to keep
warm around the campfire this summer? Lots of
colours and patterns. $10. See Lucy in Room 11
to order or ring 0276527991.
Annie: If you have a “little girl” between the ages of 7 and 13 who can
sing and dance, she has an opportunity
to attend a workshop to find Annie and
the orphans. Audition Workshop SaturFor Sale Br and new 4 bedroom house day 17th of January 2015, 9am to 3pm.
in Awakeri, 1 acre section, large garage, 5 The workshop is for for girls only 7-13.
mins to school Ph Paula - 027 712 8383 Contact Sue 027632 9318 ,
[email protected] ,
For Sale new 4 br m house on 2 1/2
acres. 5 mins from Awakeri School.
Kiwi Aversion Training
$470,00.00 o.n.o. Ph 0274555181.
Date: Sunday, 30 November 2014
Venue: Whitehorse Drive, Whakatāne
Quiz Night Ber r y Queen Events, all
Time: From 9.30am - each dog takes
funds to “Youth of our community”. At
only 10 minutes. Donation of $10 per
Awakeri Events Ctre, 11th Dec, $10 per dog to Whakatāne Kiwi Trust Bookings
person. Teams of 6, quiz starts from
essential Phone Er ica on 07 312 4536
7.30pm. Refreshments start 6.30pm.
or email [email protected]
Charity auction + raffle as well. Gather
your mates, bring along your brain and
join us for an evening of thinking
Save money on your power bills & support the
school. Join Tiny Mighty River 0800886699.
(nothing to strenuous!). Tickets from 3
Vet for Pets clinics Edge, Whak, Kaw.
Ph 3070759.
The School’s bank account number for internet banking is:
ASB 12-3253-0046094-00 State name and reason-stationery, Mathletics, camps etc.
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
Terms and holidays 2015
- Mon. 2nd February to Thursday 2nd April
- Mon. 20th April to Friday 3rd. July
- Mon. 20th. July to Friday 25th September
- Mon. 12th October to Fri. 18th December