Training Opportunity for “Young Graduate Trainees

Training Opportunity for “Young Graduate Trainees”
Specialist Area
Duty Station
Closing Date
Technology Transfer
14 December 2014
Overview of the Division’s mission
ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) aims to stimulate the beneficial and commercial uses or adaptations of
space technologies for non-space applications by:
identifying new business for space providers
maintaining and increasing expertise in the European space industry
facilitating creation and business growth of start-up companies through incubators
promoting wider use and acceptance of space technologies and systems
fostering technology exchange and spin-offs between the space and non-space sectors
TTPO operates mainly through its network of technology brokers in Member States who act as intermediaries between space
and non-space industries. Essentially the brokers identify technologies developed for ESA’s space programmes which might be
suitable for transferring to non-space sectors and for finding potential applications for these technologies – especially those
which enhance the quality of everyday life by bringing benefits to society as well as industry. They also try and identify
technologies and applications developed within non-space industries which might be of potential interest to be spun-in to the
space sector.
An important activity of the TTPO is managing the ESA Business Incubation Programme, that supports entrepreneurs with
innovative ideas for using space technologies or developing applications, to create new products and services in the non-space
In addition TTPO leads several initiatives in view of stimulating private investment into space spin-off, among which the Open
Sky Technologies Fund.
For further information on the Technology Transfer Programme please refer to
Overview of the field of activity proposed
The Young Graduate Trainee (YGT) will assist the team in charge of the promotion of ESA’s Intellectual Property portfolio
towards other sectors than space. In particular, the applicant will be supporting the establishment of an Intellectual Property
database of Software products owned, used or acquired by ESA and their promotion towards non-space markets.
The work will benefit to both the TTPO and the ESA Software Licensing Board (ESLB) consisting of representative of the
procurement department as well as technical departments.
The tasks will involve:
Liaising with TTPO and ESLB in order to establish the relevant data structure for the database
Identifying opportunities: researching in the database of SW issued in the various ESA establishments,
interviewing the technical initiating services, reviewing contract files and programme work plans.
Data entry
Developing technology profiles for promotions
Working on the best route to market and initiating promotion actions
The YGT will acquire the knowledge of the technology transfer process from the identification to the promotion of a
commercial opportunity. The YGT will also be expected to pro-actively propose ideas to optimize the process and, eventually,
to realize them.
The Trainee will also be expected to interact where necessary with experts and brokers.
The Trainee will also actively contribute to other existing activities in the TTPO when required.
Educational and other requirements
Applicants should have just completed, or be in their final year of a University course at Masters Level (or equivalent) in law
and/or a technical discipline with specific focus on management of intellectual property and software licensing. In addition,
diplomas or experience in one or more of areas such as technology transfer, marketing, economics, business administration,
entrepreneurship would be useful.
Applicants should have good interpersonal and communication skills and should be able to work in a multi-cultural
environment, both independently and as part of a team.
Applicants must be fluent in English and/or French, the working languages of the Agency. A good proficiency in English is
How can I apply?
Please fill in the online application form.
Please note that only one application may be submitted for the YGT Scheme.
The YGT Scheme is open to recently qualified young men and women
who are nationals of one of the following states:
Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy,
Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK,
or Canada as a Cooperating State, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia and Slovenia as European Cooperating States (ECS).