By Jon D. Gaede –

D.L. Hughley shines at Brea Improv
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 17:17
By Jon D. Gaede –
Comedian, social scientist, political observer, D.L. Hughley blends them all into a seamless
evening of professional entertainment. Hughley conceived and stared in ABC’s “The Hughley’s”
which enjoyed a nice four year run.
D.L. has had occasional film roles and anchored his own current event news show on CNN
last season.
For those who were fortunate to catch his act at Brea’s Improv, the sell-out crowd was treated
to D.L. Hughley at his best, stand-up comedy. His delivery is edgy, rapid and honest. The
microphone is his friend as he blends tough topical subject matter with storytelling.
D.L. occasionally goes for the quick laugh. On Michael Jackson, “He was world’s best
entertainer, but a lousy babysitter!” On the recent national incident involving Dr. Henry Louis
Gates breaking into his own house, Hughley felt that “arrogance” was to blame for the behavior
of both Gates and the police officer.
Hughley’s nature is reflected in his willingness to find humor imbedded in tragedy or
controversial subject matter.
D.L. doesn’t need to play it safe, there isn’t much he wouldn’t touch. He is credible and the
audience trusts him.
Don’t try to heckle him from your safe seat, D.L. will take you apart like a surgeon.
In a change of pace, Hughley revealed his unique wit as he engaged random audience
members about their occupations. He is a master at reducing one’s “Administrative Assistant”
job title to secretary.
D.L. Hughley shines at Brea Improv
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 17:17
Like many seasoned comedians, Hughley’s wit and maturity is well suited for sharing the
dynamics of his family.
When his children remind him of his lack of formal education, he reminds them that his degree
is called “W-2” and that he is the provider. With his wife in the club, he added how bright and
accomplished his children have become.
An evening with D.L. Hughley rejuvenates the soul as this master storyteller connects the
dots, scratches our bellies and challenges our minds.