SECURITY has been beefed up at this year's

Gulf Daily News
Thursday, 20th November 2014
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n The Thai Embassy held a fashion and jewellery show at Jewellery Arabia last night. The expo is hosting the first Thai pavilion, made up of 30 companies that took part in the show last
night. The embassy also organised a Thai traditional dance during the event. It was attended by Thai Ambassador Vichai Varasirikul and Thai Gems and Jewellery Trade Association president
Somchai Phornchiandarat as well as other officials. Above, Mr Varasirikul addressing the event. Centre, the winner, and, right, the finalists.
Security boost
for gems show
SECURITY has been
beefed up at this year’s
Jewellery Arabia after
robbers got away with a
$1 million necklace last
Almost BD300m worth
of brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and
more are on show at the
event, which is being held
at the Bahrain International
Exhibition and Convention
Centre (BIECC) in Sanabis.
More than 4,600 people
visited the exhibition on its
opening day on Tuesday and
organisers expect the figure
to soar to 50,000 visitors by
Arabian Exhibition Management sales and marketing director Fawzi Al
Shehabi told the GDN the
increase in security measures was a direct result of
last year’s robbery.
“Security has been increased and that’s why you
see a lot of police inside
the exhibition this year,” he
“The security is fantastic
this year, it’s the best that
we’ve ever had in the history of the exhibition.
“Every five metres has to
have a policeman standing
there, which is around a 50
per cent increase in the number of police.
“Everyone who visits the
exhibition has to register to
get in. They have to provide
their ID and their photo is
taken, and a badge is provided.
“No one can go in without
a badge.
“We’re confident that
there are enough measures
n An Asia Jewellery model displaying some
of the pieces
n Mr Shirazi
in place with the help of the Interior Ministry, who are doing a
tremendous job.”
However, Gaspari sales and
accounting head Matthew Sgarbi said they were wary of having their most expensive pieces
even photographed due to last
year’s burglary.
“I hope nothing happens this
year, but as a jeweller you’re always worried about robberies,”
he told the GDN.
“Honestly I feel Bahrain is a
very safe place, it’s like a second home.
“[The robberies are] never
from Bahrainis, first of all.
“[In an exhibition] it’s dangerous, because there are many
people you don’t know.
“Last year, the robbers came
and said they wanted to see our
pieces because we had the most
expensive ones.
“But sometimes you don’t
feel comfortable with someone
who really pushes to come in.
earlier reported that Chinese national
Jianguo Meng
extradition to
Bahrain to face
charges in connection
the theft.
He has been
linked to at
least 14 robberies or attempted
robberies since
n Mr Sgarbi and Gaspari designer Obile Gaspari with their Desiree collection 2012 in Bahrain, Austria,
France, Germany, Malaysia,
Monaco, Switzerland and the
Thai jeweller
managing director Pimnaree Hotavithayakorn
the GDN she
designed pieces especially
for the Bahrain
“Our most
n An expert closely examines a piece of jewellery
and includes
an 11 carat di“The security guard told
“Thank God, it was our luck amond, a double-strap choker
them we didn’t have anything because afterwards we found and other diamonds over one
nice and asked them to go to out through the cameras that carat each.
other booths.
they were the robbers.”
“We have a total of 600
to 700 pieces, valued at
Bahrain Jewellery Company director Abbas Shirazi
said his pavilion housed
over 2,400 staff and 40 companies.
“They are all historical,
well-known brands, some
who have been there for 125
or 175 years, and have been
in the watch-making industry for years,” he said.
“Most of our jewellery
are high-quality European
“Last year was one of our
best and we’re expecting
an even better one this year
with an increase in sales and
Asia Jewellers director
Mayyan Jaffar said the show
was a trendsetter in the international jewellery industry.
“This is where the jewellery trend for the rest of the
year is set,” she said.
“All the latest designs
from around the world are
unveiled here.
“The latest are put in this
exhibition and people from
Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar come
because they want to see
what the latest trend is.
“Designers from around
the world give us the latest
of what they have produced.
“That’s why it’s important to take part in this show.
To have these big brands
here present for Bahrain is
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