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What’s Up For Students
High School Upgrading
December 1 to 5, 2014
Book Early for Winter 2015
Call 403-777-7200 now or drop by the
Information Centre to make an appointment
to register for Winter 2015 Classroom Learning
and Self-Directed Learning courses.
Classroom courses are offered mornings,
afternoons and evenings.
Complete a 5-Credit course in only 16 weeks
with Self-Directed Learning.
January Diploma Exams
For Chinook Students
Only those students
currently registered in a
diploma course can write
that diploma exam at
Chinook Learning
For Students Not
Registered at Chinook
If you are not registered
in the diploma course
you wish to write the
diploma for, you must
register to write at SAIT.
Visit Student Services,
Room 164, for more info.
January Diploma Exams
Important - Rewriting Diploma Exams
Diploma Rewrite Fees are not included in High
School Upgrading course fees. If you are
rewriting an exam within a two year period,
Alberta Education requires a payment of
$26.25 per exam before you write the Diploma
All students rewriting Diploma Exams must
provide proof of payment to Student Services,
Room 164, prior to December 1, 2014.
Visit Student Services for Diploma Exam
Registration / Rewrite Fee information.
January Diploma Exams
Accommodations / Extra Time
A reminder to students requesting Special
Accommodations and/or Extra Time for the
January 2015 Diploma Exams to be using their
accommodation/extra time logs.
The deadline to return the completed
application forms and accommodation/extra
time logs has passed. However, your logs may
still be submitted to Student Services, in Room
164 as soon as possible.
Late applications may result in
accommodations being denied.
Weekly Lunch & Learn
“Apps for That”
Learn about apps
designed to support
your studies.
 Monday to
 Between 12 p.m.
and 1 p.m.
 In the LRC
Conference Room
Discover your
capacity to improve
your course marks
with apps to support
you .
Your Learning Coach
If you would like to
discuss your learning
needs, contact Eileen
Bancroft at:
 [email protected]
 403-777-7272
Ext. 2004
You may also inquire in
the Testing &
Accommodation Centre
in Room 139 or Student
Services in Room 164 to
make an appointment
with Eileen.
The Alex Dental Health Bus
Free Dental Cleaning!
There are limited spots still available for the
The Alex Dental Health Bus coming on
December 17. Please stop in at Student
Services, in Room 164, to book your
Phones in the Test Centre
Students are reminded to do the following with
your phones when writing a test in the Test Centre:
 Shut off cell phones/smart phones prior to
entering the Test Centre
 Request and place your phone in one of the
black bags
 Position the bag in a closed position, where
coordinators can see it
Mayor’s Food Drive
For the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank
The Mayor’s Food Drive for the Interfaith Food
Bank is now on. Boxes are available for your
donations, in the main office and in Student
Services. Please consider the needy at this time of
year especially, and bring in any food items.
The following items are always included in
hampers delivered to those in need: pasta sauce,
canned fruit, canned beans, canned tomatoes,
pasta and rice, canned veggies, canned and dry
soup, canned meat, macaroni and cheese, cereal
and peanut butter.
Other items specially included in hampers for the
holidays include turkey, chicken, potatoes, apples,
juice, boxed stuffing mix and canned cranberries.
Thanks for your donations!
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