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Volume 8 Issue 1
Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical Education High School
Helping Henna Hands
On Friday October 3, Edison held its first henna booth
in the cafeteria periods 4 through 8 and in the auditorium
periods 9 and 10. Students, as well as teachers, came out
to support the festivities. The henna designers, Navneet
Kaur, Megan Crowley, Tiffany Anderson, Nafisha Syeda,
Lamia Khan, and former Edison student, Mahnoor Ejaz
succeeded in their endeavor. They provided the henna
paste and applied henna on several students and teachers.
Lamia Khan said, “Our experience was exhilarating.
It started from a simple idea to writing a proposal to Principal Ojeda about our idea. We didn’t think it would be
this successful. We were amazed to see how many people
actually showed up to support our booth.”
The henna booth raised over $500. The proceeds will
be going to Model UN to help support and fund their conference at Yale University.
Urban Outfitters’
Blood-Spatter Sweatshirt
Causing Problems
Over the years, Urban Outfitters has managed to offend Blacks, Jews, and Native Americans. Urban Outfitters may have gone too far with this “one of a kind”
Kent State sweatshirt priced at $129. It was designed with
a blood-spatter pattern with bullet holes. This sweatshirt
was a reference to the 1970 Kent State massacre, in which
four unarmed students were shot and killed by the Ohio
National Guard during a Vietnam War protest. The Kent
State shootings are known as the May 4 Massacre or the
Kent State Massacre, during which guardsmen fired 67
rounds over a period of 13 seconds killing four students
and wounding nine others. Despite the horrible history,
Urban Outfitters decided to advertise the sweatshirt as a
vintage, one-of-a-kind Kent State sweatshirt and used the
slogan “Get it or regret it!” Only a single sweatshirt was
purchased and later listed on eBay for $550, with a $2,500
buy it now price. The shirt started with a bid of $550. The
madness over one sweatshirt is causing Urban Outfitters
many problems, and this now leads to many questions
from the consumers.
Would you want to buy this Kent State Sweatshirt?
And what do you think about the Kent State Sweatshirt? I
interviewed a few Edison students. AnnMarie Dindial stated, “I feel Urban outfitters really shouldn’t have promoted the purchase of that sweatshirt. The decorations itself
are pretty insensitive, considering there was a massacre in
Kent State. It’s a shame they want to make a profit out of
a tragedy.”
Melvin Panameno, after seeing the sweatshirt, said, “I
understand the meaning behind wearing the sweater; anyone would wear it knowing the purpose of it. However,
the design of the sweatshirt itself is something that would
affect my decision wanting to wear it. It’s obvious why
they would want that design, but I feel for some, including
myself, it’s a bit too graphic.”
Tiffany Anderson is applying henna on Orosa Amir.
Our 4th Annual
of Books
and Reading
is coming!
Our Book Fair is scheduled for November 3rd through the 10th, with
special hours Wednesday evening
November 5th and Friday afternoon
November 7th during Parent Teacher
Conferences. Parents, students and
friends are all invited. Great new
books, posters, small gifts, and raffles.
We hope to see you there!
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NOVEMBER 18, 2014
Feature Articles
In a world where technology is heavily relied on,
many of today’s average American citizens use cell phones
to communicate with others, get reminder notifications,
quickly look up directions, or even search for information,
as it is the fastest reliable method of getting what you need
when you need it. We all rely on phones or use them in
some way or another. But what if we suddenly lost our
privilege, if our phone was taken away without consent,
or was examined upon by a school official for no justified
A student’s right to privacy at school is a controversial
topic since it is believed that the U.S. Constitution prevents officials from ever searching through an individual’s
personal property. Debating if the same general law applies to students is the issue. This right isn’t as rigid as you
may think, and in many cases, public schools don’t violate
any laws. However, this doesn’t mean that public school
teachers and other officials have the discretion to conduct
searches in any manner they see fit. Do you think it’s fair
to the student? Does the school official have right on his
side in a situation like this?
Text messaging is the most common way for a teenager to express their feelings to their friends. Through these
expressions there may be information about their personal
life that they wouldn’t want to be exposed to teachers and
other officials, as it may not only embarrass the student,
but also compromise views towards them. Overall, some
may think that having your cell phone searched is unjust,
unconstitutional and unnecessary. On the other hand,
school personnel are responsible for the well-being, safety,
and education of the children in their care for six or more
hours a day. Because of this responsibility, and because a
student’s actions may at times endanger their own safety
or the safety of others, school faculty have an obligation to
monitor student behavior. Due to this, personal privacy at
school is not guaranteed, and it never can be.
With all the commotion being caused over a cell
phone, have you ever wondered why we aren’t allowed
them in school? According to Mr. Boxer, “About 20 years
ago, maybe a little less, the chancellor at the time made a
Chancellor’s Regulation with the mayor. The chancellor
stated that cell phones and electronic devices were not permitted in any school at any time. It was the chancellor and
mayor’s decision citywide.” Their reason being “ it was a
disturbance to the educational process and it also was the
reason why a lot of students were getting robbed, in or
outside of the building, in the streets, buses, it was because
of having electronic devices.”
The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects all Americans, including minor students attending
public schools, from unreasonable searches and seizures
performed by a government. But before searching through
your personal items, school officials need to have both reasonable and individualized suspicion. The U.S Supreme
court has said that school officials may search a student’s
property if they have a reasonable suspicion that the search
Enjoy the day with friends or family by exploring the corn
Thomas A. Edison CTE High School does
not discriminate against any person on the
basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age in admission, treatment or participation in its programs services and activities,
or in employment.
might uncover evidence that the student violated a school
Just cause and reasonable suspicion are regarded as
the same. In explaining the reasons for student’s searched
Mr. Boxer also said, “if there’s just cause, a reason for the
search and also two different things, there’s what school
safety agents can do, which is NYPD, and there’s what
school administration can do. School safety agents, I have
to give them the just cause. For school administration to
search a phone, to search a student for anything, I need
just cause, but it could be a lot less vague. It could be as
much as there’s a bulge in that kids pocket that could be a
weapon that would be enough to have a search.”
In recent times, cyber bullying and threats on Facebook and other social media have been big issues regarding
student affairs. To protect students from hurtful instances,
and protect the image of school, technology is occasionally patrolled by officials to make sure no negative language
is being spread around the network. Unfortunately, some
students receive the blame for saying something seen as
inappropriate to an authoritative adult. Regarding this issue, searching of a student’s phone is acceptable; Mr. Boxer said “In that case, yes, because the issue has to do with
what’s on the phone. So when I confiscate your phone,
I could ask to see it or I could take it and look at it myself, again because the issue or crime is happening on the
With all this in mind, a student’s right to privacy will
still be debated, but it all comes down to the school searching a student’s phone for a reasonable or ethical cause. So
for now, to avoid getting your belongings taken away,
keep yourself and device out of trouble, you’ll be doing
yourself a big favor!
Jasmeet Kaur protective of her cell phone.
Get Your
Fun On
Since it is fall and everyone is having a fall fever,
as in all about pumpkin and apples either pie or coffee
even candies. What could be a better way to celebrate fall,
than pumpkin picking, in Queens County Farm Museum
October is pumpkin month. Meander through the planting
fields to find your very own favorite pumpkin. It’s a fun
farm treat for the whole family. Go for the pumpkins, stay
for the corn maze, petting zoo and hayrides. There’s something special about carving a pumpkin that you chose from
the ground and not from a box at the supermarket.
The 3 acre interactive corn maze opened on September 15. The adventure begins with a stalk talk to prepare
you for the challenge of finding clues, solving puzzles
and making your way out of the maze. On Saturdays and
Sunday you can take a free guided tours of the historic
farmhouse, and ride the hayride for $2 per person, general admission is free except on special-event days. Some
of the special events are the Halloween Haunted House,
on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday October 24-26 starting at
4p.m. and the admission is 4 dollars per person. The Children’s Fall Festival Sunday October, 26 starting at 11a.m
to 4 p.m. and the admission is 5 dollars per person.
Starting October 6th- 28th you can pick your own
pumpkin. On October 7th is the Apple Festival, which is
a large variety of apples, and freshly pressed cider will
be available. On November 1st through 2nd is the Wildlife Weekend which starts at 11-4p.m and the admission
is 9 dollars per person. Admission includes Birds-of-Prey
Show, Frogs, Bugs, & Animal Show, hayrides, pony rides
and animal feeding. If you like being out and having a
good time, then you will definitely enjoy Queens Farm
Museum and what they have to offer.
Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis, commonly known as
ALS, is a disease where cells in the central and peripheral
nervous system degenerate causing the paralysis of voluntary and involuntary muscles, which include your heart
and lungs. Each year, approximately 5,600 people in the
U.S. are diagnosed with ALS. The incidence of ALS is two
per 100,000 people, and it is estimated that as many as
30,000 Americans may have the disease at any given time.
Awareness of this disease sparked through a challenge
called “The ALS Ice bucket challenge”. The “ALS Ice
Bucket Challenge” is a challenge where, when nominated,
you nominate three or more people to dump a bucket of
water and ice over themselves or they have to donate to
ALS research.
Rahmee Uddin, a nominee of the ALS ice bucket
challenge, said “I did not know what ALS stood for before
I did the challenge.”
It may be controversial as to whether or not most
people understand what the “Ice Bucket Challenge” was
meant for or if it’s actually raising money and awareness
for the research, and as said by Harmeet Singh “Some
people don’t think about the ALS concept when it comes
to the ice bucket challenge. When they do the Ice Bucket
Challenge it’s more that they’re doing it for attention instead of the cause.”
There are cases of ignorance by those who just recorded videos of themselves dumping water onto their heads,
but how did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge start? Peter
Frates, an ALS victim who advocated the awareness of the
disease, had his friends start the movement by dumping a
bucket of ice water onto themselves and challenging others to do the same or donate to the ALS Association. Not
only is he an ALS victim, he was a former division 1 college athlete of Boston College Baseball. In March 2012,
when Peter Frates was 27, he was diagnosed with the ALS
disease. Despite his motor impairments and deteriorating
body, he still managed to start a movement for ALS research and to live the best during the time he has left.
According to, the ALS association raised
over $29 million as of January 2014. However, only 28%
of those funds were used for research. So where does the
rest go? According to, ALS raised over $79 million since July 2014. stated “Over 73%
of all donations raised are going to fundraising, overhead,
executive salaries, and external donations. Less than 27%
is actually used for the purpose we donated for.”
The ALS Association responded to
with “The ALS Association spent 79% of our annual budget on programs and services last year, which includes
28% on research, ONE of three main pillars of our charitable work (see below for breakdown). If a donor would
like 100% of their donation to go to research, he/she can
simply check a box on our online donation form”. The ice
bucket challenge, though some may argue, has greatly influenced and encouraged many to donate as well as to take
the challenge. Many celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey,
Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Charlie Sheen and many
more have taken the challenge. Charlie Sheen, however,
had a plot twist to his challenge where, rather than dumping water and ice, he dumped $10,000 in cash which he
says he’ll donate strictly towards the ALS association.
32% ($8.5 Million)
14% ($3.6 Million)
($1.9 Million)
19% (5.1 Millio)
27% (7.2 Million)
Here are the statistics of the ALS fund distribution.
Feature Articles
Spooktacular Halloween!
Starting last school year (2013-2014), a new feature
to education started in Edison. Seniors in our school were
able to get an internship corresponding to their shop program to adhere to the rule of being in school for 5 ½ hours
a day. Since the internships have become more popular
this school year, some current seniors who participated in
an internship over the summer are continuing to do so now
as part of their school day. Some of the shop programs
that offer internship opportunities for students are CISCO,
Medical Assisting, and Computer Repair.
By incorporating these internships into student’s
schedules, students are learning a lot of skills every day
that correspond to what they learn in class through workbased learning. By actually doing the tasks they are learning about, students are able to understand more and get
insightful experiences. So, how are these internship experiences helpful to students? And how does participating
in an internship compare to just having academic instruction? Students who are currently participating in an internship or took part over the summer shared their experiences
of the advantages and helpfulness in further understanding
their technical field.
Over the summer, Venise Villanueva took part in the
Medical Assisting internship at the New York Hospital of
Queens. There she had the opportunity to work in different
departments of the hospital.
“I got to work in the ASU, the Ambulatory Surgery
Unit, which is where patients go for a quick procedure. My
job was to bring in the patients and tell them how to get
ready for their procedure,” Villanueva said.
There were many advantages she shared that related
to what was learned in class and about the balance between schoolwork and additional work for the internship.
Mr. Ojeda and Mr. Boxer said YES!
The Leadership class in Edison is in charge of many
events that come about in school. This year Ms.Petroutsos,
head of the class, challenged each of the students in her
class to come up with an event for school. Doua Naja came
up with the idea of a Halloween, since it’s right around the
corner. The dance, which will be called “Fright Night,” is
scheduled to take place in the Edison cafeteria, and some
activities will be held in the courtyard on Thursday, October the 30th.
Doua Najam went all around school trying to get signatures from different people who either agreed with the
event occurring and/or would be willing to attend. She
said, “It seemed far-fetched at first, but after asking around
and getting approval it worked out pretty well.”
Due to safety measures the school always takes during
these events, the school administrators agreed to this event
with a few conditions, the most important being that the
event takes place on Thursday, October the 30th instead of
on the real holiday, which is the 31st.
The administrators’ reason for this is to avoid any
dangers that may unfortunately take place during this time.
The time is tentatively to be from 6pm to 9pm and tickets
should be starting at around $5.00; food and drinks will
also be provided.
Despite these requirements, Ms. Najam said, “ And
for the conditions, I think they’re very reasonable. Each
rule has a good reasoning behind it, so I’m not too upset
about the restrictions, because the point of it was to have a
Halloween themed party and be able to dress up, which is
what we basically got, so I was satisfied.”
The idea of this event is to bring everyone in Edison
together during this time of the year where the holidays
are just about to come. During the dance there is to be
a costume contest where students should be appropriately dressed but at the same time have fun with their ideas.
Those students who are inappropriately dressed won’t be
allowed into the dance. The contest will culminate with
Look what’s brewing, the Leadership class is getting their
scare on!
three winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) who will all receive different prizes.
So get your tickets before they’re gone. You wouldn’t
want to miss the pie-eating contest (blueberry, cherry, apple and of course pumpkin pies will be sure to appear in
this activity), the pie a teacher activity and several other
surprises planned for those attending. Have a Spooktacular Halloween!
Feminism Criticism
Ryan Fazal and Naheed Fateema are CISCO Interns.
Villanueva also said, “Through my experience, I got
to improve my communication and patient care skills as
well as relate terms I had learned in class. If you do it (the
internship) during the school year it would be a bit hard to
balance. In my situation, I had a summer assignment and
it was actually an advantage, since I got to ask the nurses
and doctors for information to enhance my knowledge.”
Naheed Fateema and Ryan Fazal, are two students in
the CISCO shop program that are doing the internship this
school year and work within the school to troubleshoot
and resolve technical issues.
“We do a lot of networking, so we learn how to troubleshoot. Troubleshooting is when you try to find out what
the problem is, which helps us be able to fix any technical
problems, and that helps us understand what we learn in
shop as well,” said Fateema.
She also said “It’s a learning experience, let’s say I
don’t know how to do something, I’ll go with someone
who does and see what they do, then I can go out and do
it by myself. So we learn every day and I have learned
so much from doing this so far.” Both Naheed Fateema
and Ryan Fazal said that they enjoy doing the internship
and call it a learning experience because they learn new
skills every day by working with their peers and Mr.
Balancing their work with school every day is not
much of a challenge, however Ryan Fazal said, “When we
first started school, the work load was a lot, but now since
everything has calmed down and we know what kind of
work to expect it’s easier to balance out.”
Having also done the internship over the summer,
Fazal said, “Over the summer, I came in and didn’t know
much, but Mr. Kalloo and Mr. Rullan helped me learn
the basics and whatever else I needed to know. Also their
guidance really helped us out.”
These internships are proving to be quite helpful for
students, as well as an enjoyable experience. Based on the
information shared by Venise Villanueva, Naheed Fateema and Ryan Fazal, internships are helpful for expanding
student’s knowledge, and giving them skills that would be
useful for furthering their studies in the field. Any student
offered an internship should definitely take it, especially if
they have strong interest in their technical field and hope
to learn skills helpful for future studies.
Feminism is the advocacy of the equality of the economic, political and social grounds of the sexes. Many
women feel as if our society is bashing women for their
desires to be respected as much as men. But why exactly do women advocate feminism. Why do we need feminism?
You may ask why women would want equality when
people in America today have equal rights that have been
updated into our constitution. However, although under
the law we are seen as equals, women have always been
looked on as the inferior to men.
Andy Lopez, a supporter of feminism, said, “Everyone should be a feminist, but the people that deserve the
recognition are women who are fighting for their rights.
Take for example, gay rights. People of the LGBT community enjoy the support from the heterosexual community, but we don’t want a heterosexual speaking for us, we
want a fellow LGBT member fighting for us.”
There are double standards whereas it’s more tolerable and acceptable for a man to do something than for a
woman. I’m not just talking about it’s acceptable for men
to be the “powerful” and “stronger” gender, but rather in
the actions we do in society. Why is it that men who are
victims of sexual assaults aren’t seen as victims, yet women are. Men are praised for their sexual advancements,
and are therefore excused for assault? Women are sometimes blamed for their own rape, because their appearance
and choice of attire provoked the action, and therefore
they were asking for it. Now let me ask you this, was a
14 year old asking to have her life taken away after being
raped by her 50 year old teacher? Stacey Dean Rambold
raped a 14 year old girl three times, yet his prosecution
was postponed, The judge declared that the victim, Cherice Moralez, was “older than her chronological age,” as in
she caused her own rape due to her older appearance and
mentality. According to the Huffington Post “An ex-teacher from Montana is to be re-sentenced on Friday for raping a 14-year-old student, after a court earlier jailed him
for only one month in a judgment that outraged women’s
rights activists.”
Edison’s mission to develop the leaders
of tomorrow begins with having an informed
student body. The Edison Light is an open-forum student publication, and as such, we will
remain informed on press rights and responsibilities while focusing on delivering accurate
and balanced news, which is the product of
thorough reporting.
We believe that the rights of the First
Amendment must be respected and upheld
Sexism is
a social
Famous feminist advocators include Emma Watson
and Beyoncé Knowles. Beyoncé advocates feminism in
various ways, which include the lyrics in her songs or even
her performances. However, during this year’s 2014 VMA
(Video Music Awards), Beyoncé Knowles was criticized
for her performance, being viewed as a contradiction to
what she’s advocating. During FOX 5 news asked, “What
does it really mean to be a feminist in Hollywood these
days?” One tweeted, “Watching Beyoncé slide down the
stage with a big sign saying FEMINIST behind her just
ended me. I am done. Goodbye.”
Emma Watson, during her powerful speech at the
UN, stated, “Apparently I am among the ranks of women
whose expressions are seen as too strong, too aggressive,
isolating, anti-men and, unattractive… I think it is right
that I should be able to make decisions about my own
body. I think it is right that women be involved on my behalf in the policies and decision-making of my country. I
think it is right that socially I am afforded the same respect
as men. But sadly I can say that there is no one country
in the world where all women can expect to receive these
rights.” We live in the day and age where slavery is abolished and women won the right to vote, but why is there
so much inequality left in the world? Men may be the
biggest threat to women, but feminism is the biggest threat
to men today.
The Edison Light Editorial Policy
through the implementation of an uncensored student publication. We will report
the student-selected and student-driven
news of our school community to our
school community without prior review or
prior restraint. Our stories will be unbiased
and supported, our facts verified, and our
stories relatable. Advisers will attempt to
model professional journalistic conduct
with students and hold them to those stan-
dards. The opinions of this publication will
represent the opinions of the students of our
school and school community.
Any decisions affecting the publications on all levels will be made by the student editorial board, the advisor is allowed
to give legal advice and his/her opinion, but
the final decision rests in the hands of the
editorial board.
Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte
A Food Junkie’s Paradise
Why buy when you can make it yourself and save money too?
Fall is the season of color-changing
leaves, crisp mornings and the universal
pumpkin spice latte. September finally
comes around and local coffee shops roll
out their strictly-seasonal pumpkin flavored coffee drinks. But if you’re buying them daily or even every other day
at nearly $4 dollars each, it can add up to
plunking down a lot of dough for coffee,
which is brewed with what is essentially
nutmeg-scented, artificially colored and
flavored fructose corn syrup. But don’t
worry, you can make them at home and not
spend more than $10 dollars.
The ingredients needed are 3 tbsp
strong ground coffee, 2/3 cup water, 1/2 tsp
pumpkin pie spice, ground cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg, cardamom, 2 tsp honey,
2/3 cup milk and 1/8 tsp of vanilla extract.
Brew the coffee with the water in a regular coffee maker, while the coffee brews,
stir the pumpkin pie spice into the honey
until completely blended. Pour the cold
milk into a microwave-safe bowl. Keep
the bowl slightly tilted, so that the milk is
gathered towards one side. Using a wire
whisk, whisk the milk in the bowl quickly
for about 2-2 1/2 minutes. The milk should
be very frothy at this point. Microwave the
milk in the bowl on
for 8-10 seconds.
It should foam immediately. To serve the
latte, pour the hot coffee into a mug and stir
in the honey mixture until completely dissolved. Top with the hot milk and the thick
foam. A dash of some ground cinnamon on
top is a nice touch.
Fall For These Treats!
“Smorgasburg,” also known as the
Brooklyn flea food market holds a variety
of vendors from all over New York City.
These vendors are gathered in the market
in two locations on weekends. It is held
from 11am to 6pm from April through
November every Saturday, at East River State Park (90 Kent Avenue at North 7
Street) in Williamsburg and every Sunday,
at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5. There are
many snacks to choose from, such as jerky,
kababs, and sausages. If you are looking
for something that will fill up your stomach, there are burgers, sandwiches, pizza,
hot dogs, tacos, barbeque wings, ribs, and
more. There are lots of options, and they
have a wide range of foods from sweet to
savory - you name it.
The pricing for the food and drinks
ranges from $3 to $15. The market gets
crowed pretty quickly, so it’s wise to get
there early so you will not have to wait on
many long lines to get your food.
Senior Kevin Drigpaul said, “The
thing that I enjoyed most about my visit
to the flea food market was that it exposed
me to lots of food that I haven’t encountered before.” He added, “I would recommend someone who has never been to
this place the ice cream sandwich stand.
I really like this stand because the size of
the sandwich is comparable to your palm.
Also the different flavors that they offer
are far from ordinary; they are as tasty as
they are unique.” The ice cream sandwich
he speaks of comes from a Brooklyn-based
bakery vendor called The Good Batch.
They are sold for $6 each, and the flavors
are oat chocolate chunk, almond toffee,
rocky road, and coffee caramel.
Takoyaki balls filled with sausage from the
Mimi and Coco NY vendor.
Another vendor you may want to look
for is called, Mimi and Coco NY. They sell
a type of Japanese snack called takoyaki,
they are ball-shaped and made of wheat
flour batter typically stuffed with boiled
octopus. At the market, you have a choice
of having the takoyaki stuffed with sausage, potato, or octopus. They make it on
the spot; it’s fresh and sells for $8. You will want to go there with an
empty stomach because of the abundance
of unique and scrumptious foods you’ll
want to try. In addition, to the food you can
enjoy a nice view of the city’s skyline at
both locations.
Cronut Craze!
These cookies can be perfectly paired with milk or coffee.
The new season is upon us, and many
of us are looking for autumn treats. So if
you’re sick and tired of the same fall flavors or simply want to try something new,
then these Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chip cookies are your antidote.
This recipe was adapted from food.
com under the title of Oatmeal Raisin
cookies but alterations were made. For this
recipe you’ll need:
• 2 cups all-purpose flour
• 1 teaspoon baking soda
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 1 cup unsalted butter (softened)
• 1 cup sugar, & 1 cup dark brown
sugar (firmly packed)
• 2 large eggs
• 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
• 3 cups oats (instant, or old fashioned),
• And as many cranberries and white
chocolate chips as you want! (I usually add
2 ½ cups of cranberries, and 1 ½ cups of
the chips).
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, and
make sure the rack is in the center of the
oven. The first thing you’re going to do
is put the eggs in a small bowl and whisk
them with the vanilla extract. Place the
cranberries in the bowl to soak in that
egg-vanilla mixture (this is what makes
the cookies especially good). In a separate
bowl, mix all the dry ingredients (flour,
baking soda & powder, salt). In another
bowl, beat butter and sugars. Once they are
creamed together, stir the in dry ingredients. Stir well, ensuring no flour is visible.
Once that’s done the egg-vanilla-cranberry mixture will be added. Stir once again.
Finally, add the oats, and white chocolate
chips, giving it a last stir. Do not over beat
the cookie dough! The final consistency of
the dough should be firm.
Shape the cookie dough into small
balls onto the cookie sheet. (Don’t shape
the dough too much; the smaller the cookie, the more volume it has.) Bake for 1113 minutes, or until browned, and remove
from oven. Allow them to sit on the baking
sheet for about 2 minutes before moving
them to a wire rack to cool. If you want
these cookies extra sweet you can top it off
with a simple glaze, a humble mixture of
fat or 2% milk with powdered sugar. At last
you can enjoy these autumn delights!
Located on Spring Street in New York,
the Dominique Ansel Bakery is one of the
best-known bakeries in the city thanks to
its French owner’s unique creation of the
Cronut. As the name implies, this pastry is
a hybrid between a doughnut and a croissant!
Ansel’s name reached the ears of
many in May of 2013 when his creation,
the Cronut, became a near-global sensation. Worldwide he is a prestigious chef
known for his innovative pastry techniques
used in pastries such as the Cronut and his
follow-up sensation, the cookie-shot.
Many people line up as early as 5:30
in the morning to purchase up to two cronuts per person, a policy this pastry shop
has to ensure most of the line is able to acquire at least one of these delights. As one
is waiting, the staff hands out menus and
serves the people on the line very amiably,
introducing the Cronut flavor of the month,
offering coffee and free fresh-made mini
madeleine cookies.
Dominique Ansel is a very dedicated
man, always at the front of his bakery, baking Cronuts or simply having a chat with
some of his fans. Having received many offers to mass produce the Cronut, he refuses
to accept, saying a Cronut is not something
one can mass produce. In an interview with
Fast.Co, Ansel said, “It’s not something
you you could mass-produce, freeze, and
ship in a box. You’d just destroy it, and it
wouldn’t be the same product anymore.”
When asked, “Why not just cash in on
the name? Famous chefs do it all the time,”
he responded, “To me, it is really important
that I stand for what I believe in, which is
creativity… the Cronut is a great creation.
I don’t want to kill it, cash in on it, and
make it disappear.”
Despite his efforts to keep his Cronut
from being mass produced, many other
companies try to replicate his creations.
While on the line many people chatter that
the Cronut has “dropped its greatness in a
The Scrumptious September Cronut is
a perfect mixture of floral, aromatic and
fruity flavors - Bosc Pear and Sage Cream
with mixed citrus sugar.
variety of ways” and “has lost its glorious
consistency,” which is the major quality it’s
known for.
A woman on the line said, “Personally,
I regret waiting so much to try the Cronut
because of what is being said, but hey I’m
here willing to give it a try.”
September’s Cronut flavor of the
month is Bosc Pear and Sage. October’s
awaited Cronut flavor is Pumpkin Chai
(with maple sugar) at only five dollars each.
Surprisingly, a bit over a year since its
debut, the line to purchase a Cronut is still
so long is extends one block down from the
bakery folding onto another on the corner
of the street. Dominique Ansel’s Bakery
not only offers its customers the Cronut,
but a variety of other pastries and meals.
Many await more innovative creations
from Dominique Ansel.
My Strange Halloween
With Halloween right around the corner, everyone is excited to put on their favorite costume and go out trick-or-treating.
Trick-or-treating is a Halloween tradition
where almost every child, and some teenagers, go around the neighborhood, knock-
9th Grader Nalanie Hariprasad “... this lady gave this really big
ball of rice thing, whatever, and
it was really hard and crumbly.
It tasted like ... a basketball ... all
rubbery and not good.”
ing on doors and asking for candy. Sometimes students don’t get candy, but other
strange items instead.
Halloween and trick-or-treating originated in medieval England. October 31st is
All Souls Day or Hallows eve. Over many
10th Grader Brittany Lewis - “I got
a pair of socks but (gave) it back,
though. What was I going to do
with it?”
years, it changed from All Hallows Eve to
Halloween. During Medieval times, children would go from house to house asking
for food like cheese, grapes, bread or wine
in exchange for tricks. Some tricks that
children would perform were jokes, danc-
10th Grader Mary Couloute - “He
gave me a sack of potatoes, and (I)
carried (it) back home.”
ing, reciting poetry and singing. Today,
children walk around the neighborhood
and ask for candy, but have you ever received strange things while trick-or-treating? Check out what some Edison students
have received for Halloween:
11th Grader Andres Restrepo - “I
got Japanese money for Halloween and I was confused.”
11th Grader Edouardo Benipayo
- “I was like 10 and grateful for
whatever I got. I got (a) raw egg.”
When you go trick-or-treating, you
end up with bags full of chocolate, candy,
and other junk food. However, do you stop
YumEarth Organics Gummybears contain
a much healthier dietary content than that
of chocolates.
Editor-in-Chief: Anne Marie Mangal,
Angela Guzman
to think about the chemical additives, the
artificial flavors, and the other ingredients
that are unhealthy? Maybe it’s time to replace Hershey’s and Snickers with healthier options for trick-or-treaters.
A healthy alternative to the usual Halloween treats is dark chocolate with 72%
cocoa solids. Dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Gummy
bears are another healthy alternative, in
that gummy bears are fat-free and contain
antioxidants and nutrients. A recommended brand is YumEarth Organics Gummybears. You can also give out pre-packaged
snacks, such as pretzels, nuts, trail mix,
sunflower seeds, or animal crackers. You
can always offer a selection of juice boxes
to trick-or-treaters as well, such as Mott’s
Apple Juice. There’s always the option of
giving out fruits to trick-or-treaters.
Luisa Cuatle, a sophomore at Hunter
College, was asked what she gives to trickor-treaters and if she ever thought about
giving healthy snacks, and she said, “I usually give things like Snickers, Twix, or like
Hershey’s, but I never really considered
healthy snacks.”
By giving trick-or-treaters healthier
options, you are doing them all a favor. At
the end of the day, you’ll be proud of yourself for promoting healthy eating habits.
Instead of providing kids with chocolate
and junk food for Halloween, you should
shower them with healthier alternatives.
The Edison Light Staff
General News: Hasena Ali, Heather Anderson, Manpreet Kaur, Sherry Multani
Managing Editor: Lesley Perez, Heather Anderson
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Franco, Melodie Leong, Fernanda Urena
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Mamoun’s Falafel
One of Momoun’s signature dishes is Shawarma - slices of lamb wrapped in warm
pita bread along with tahini sauce (white
In the heart of Greenwich Village
in New York City, sits one of the most
traditional restaurants in the Big Apple.
Mamoun’s Falafel has been serving high
quality and homey Middle Eastern Food
since 1971 - making it the oldest Falafel
Restaurants and the first Middle Eastern
businesses in America.
With fine history and rich cultural
background, how can this family-owned
place go wrong? Simply put, it cannot. It
is featured in many travel guides, newspa-
pers, and books, such as 1,000 Places to
See Before You Die , as well as the Food
Network. Falafel and Shawarma have become embedded in New York City culture.
It has been a blessing to try Mamoun’s signature dish, Falafel. Fresh and
finely-ground chickpeas, onions, freshly chopped parsley, and garlic. These are
mixed perfectly with traditional Middle
Eastern spices, rolled into golf-ball shapes
or patties and deep-fried into golden brown,
chickpea jewels. Biting into the Falafel
was an experience in itself, warm, nice and
crispy on the outside, but then fluffy on
the inside. Topped with the accompanying
white sauce, it is to die for!
Even better was the Shawarma! This
Middle Eastern dish became so popular
that it was even featured in Marvel’s superhero hit The Avenger’s, increasing sales
up to 80% on opening day! One of Thomas
Edison’s substitute teachers, Ms.Sake, vividly remembers becoming curious about
shawarma after watching the post-credits.
“I wanted to try this Shawarma, so I asked
my Israeli students what it was. They said
the best Shawarma in all of New York was
at Mamoun’s.” Made with 100% chicken
or lamb, marinated with Mamoun’s blend
of spices and then slow cooked and warped
in a warm pita, this dish is something you
cannot easily forget!
Even as good as the food are the service and pricing. Getting all these tasty
Middle Eastern treats fast and for less than
$10, Mamoun’s Falafel is highly recommended for authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, for first timers or regulars!
George, Lotus Singh, Lesley Perez
Technology: Alan Chazari, Andrew Au,
Anne-Marie Mangal, Shaquinna Reid
Food: Sharmin Islam, Nazifa Ahmed,
Ibtasam Elmaliki, Angela Guzman
Journalism Advisor: Mrs Fitzgerald
Layout Advisor: Mrs. Boone
Super Student!
We have a student; we
have an athlete, put them
together and boom! What
do we get? We get a student
athlete. Students take on so
much as it is, so just imagine how much a student
athlete has to deal with on
a daily basis. Here at Edison we have a vast amount
of student athletes who are
familiar with the struggle
of juggling academics and
sports. They work so hard
to keep their academics up
to par, while trying to do
their best in the sport that
they play.
athlete Michael Wang is on
the Track and Field team;
when he was asked what
stresses him the most when
it comes to being a student
athlete his response was,
“The ability to keep up
with both, but isn’t applied
She’s ready to excel aca- so often.” He makes this
demically and in the game. student athlete job seem
so easy considering he has
good grades and performs
well in his races whenever he has a track meet.
When Junior Deandra Alvarez of the Soccer team was
asked which is most important to her, academics or sports
she responded, “Academics because majority of athletes
don’t really look for scholarships or try to play to sports
in college, but you know whenever you think about school
you think that that can help you go far in life.”
It is true that most student athletes play a sport in high
school while they have the opportunity. When it comes
to college most student athletes don’t even play the sport
because they want to focus on their major, or the requirements for the team were too hard.
Jasmin Williams of the volleyball team has one piece
of advice for student athletes dealing with stress, “Make
sure that you’re ready to take on the sport and take on
school at the same time, then you will need to learn to
manage your time efficiently.”
Being a student athlete is tons of work! But when you
listen to your fellow schoolmates and their advice on how
to overcome the stress, you will become a better student
athlete. If you aren’t a student athlete, watch the people
that are and take notes!
Planning Ahead
On September 16,
Thomas Edison students were given planners to be kept on their
person at all times. The
original intent was to
make sure students have
means of keeping track
of all homework, assignments, projects, and
even test days. At any
time, school staff can
ask students to see their
Curiously enough,
after asking for first impressions of the planer, Magaly Avelino will develop
I got fairly balanced better organization skills by
answers. For instance, using her planner.
Sanjay Subhag said, “At
first, I didn’t think it’d be much of use at all.”
On the other hand. I got positive responses, as well.
Zahi Ahmed said, “I thought it might encourage me to become more organized with my schoolwork.”
After doing further interviewing, it became evident
that these planners were more useful than expected. As
Gabriella Oviedo put it, “Many people are becoming completely dependent on their planners now; in fact most can’t
remember anything without it.”
In addition, some students may not realize that the
cover is interactive. Students need only to download an
app and take a picture to explore various careers. (All of
the directions are on the bottom of the inside front cover.)
Personally, I believe these planners are one of the
best things to happen at Edison. They allow the students
to stay organized, up to date, and on top of their school
work throughout the year. If a student were to lose their
planner, a mere $5 must be paid to receive a new one in
the guidance office.
Segregated by Choice,
No Longer by Force…
Here we have a group of friends of different backgrounds having a good time​​​
Racial profiling has become the new “norm.” Involuntarily, people have cast their own judgments and have
conducted their own actions based on their silly opinions
about the race that they have miraculously appointed dangerous. New York City is painted by the same hard-working brushes that are judged daily.
Each borough is divided into individual territories
where social classes have organized themselves into
cliques. The entire city has somehow become a high school
cafeteria. The F train begins its route on 179th Street and
ends in Coney Island, and one may witnessing some patterns in the different cultures that board each day.
When asked why she believed students choose to sit
with friends that share the same ethnic backgrounds, 11th
grader Jennifer Muñoz replied, “Probably because they
have similar cultures in their families and discuss it during
When asked if the friends she sits with at lunchtime
share the same ethnic background, 12th grader Alexa
Reyes responded, “Yes, mostly, because I can’t speak
Spanish with other ethnic groups. Some things only make
sense in Spanish.”
Apparently, most of us are too comfortable and unwilling to reach out.
Unfortunately, I myself have observed some hurtful
behavior amongst the people on the F train. A while ago, a
Lexington Avenue passenger showed signs to her assumed
husband that she refused to sit beside him because of the
colored woman that she would also be sitting beside. The
colored woman was in a deep sleep at this time. The passenger’s face showed obvious fear. With a sign, the husband tightened his face and dusted his tidy attire to then
slide over to sit next to the sleeping woman.
Racism today is not as loud or as obnoxious, but it is
just as extant as it was decades ago. Today it is discrete,
yet something about it is so piercing to encounter. Believe
it or not there is a possible solution that most of us refuse to consider. We need to learn to desegregate ourselves
and break out of our perpetual habits. This “melting pot”
is none other than a traditional high school environment
where similar classes of people chain together and refuse
to break free from their comfort zones. Yes, New York City
is diverse, but what does that matter if we don’t break free
and sit at another table?
The Story Behind the Media
On July 17, 2014, 43-year-old Eric Garner died after
NYPD allegedly put him in a choke-hold during an arrest. During the summer, this story was all the rave on the
news and social media considering a video of the event
was posted online. Many blamed his death on police brutality; however, it is always important to understand the
complete story.
Many base their opinions on what is told in the media;
to demonstrate the importance of knowing the whole story
I asked Erick Claros about his prior knowledge on the matter, and he responded by saying, “Eric died of a heart attack due to the choke-hold and his own health problems.”
It is a known fact that Eric Garner died of a heart attack while police officers were arresting him. It is also a
known fact that from the video it appeared as though there
was an excessive amount of cops to detain one person.
However, before jumping to conclusions and pointing fingers, you must look behind the curtain that the media has
put up. Prior to the video shot, Eric Garner had broken up
a fight, which brought additional police units to the scene.
Now, another question that many ask but cannot answer
is why was he arrested? Police Officer Justin Damico approached him for selling illegal untaxed cigarettes. He was
also previously arrested for the same crime.
In the video, one main portion that people overlook
is when he pulled away from the first officer. He resisted
arrest and he told both police officers not to touch him. It
led to the police having to use force to ensure arrest.
Many have to understand that once he pulled away,
he committed a crime. The whole situation of being forcefully detained could have been avoided if he cooperated
with the officers. I’m not saying that his death is his fault;
I’m just saying the whole “choke-hold” could have been
One sided stories all over the media
avoided. I agree with those that say the choke-hold was
excessive and there was no need for Officer Pantaleo to
force Eric’s face into the ground, but having to arrest a 400
pound man that even when being put on the ground kept
on trying to push himself back up can be difficult, thus
bringing the need for more man power.
After telling Immanuel Almosara both sides of the
story, he expressed his opinion by saying, “Eric didn’t exactly have to be so hostile towards the police officers; even
so, the police did not have to use such brute force on him.”
In the end, the autopsy showed that his fatal heart attack was the result of the compression to the neck, compression to the body, asthma, and obesity. When determining why this happened, you must consider both sides.
A Germy Situation Will Cable Be Able To Remain Stable?
When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard?
Did you know that a keyboard is actually dirtier than
a toilet? A keyboard is used frequently by many people
whether for work or leisure purposes. It is constantly being touched and food, dirt, and germs may have built up
over time. A UK research organization has found that a
keyboard can be up to five times dirtier than a toilet. The
cause of this would be our skin producing oil and it may be
rubbed onto the keys. Another instance is people may be
using the restroom or eating without washing their hands.
A classic bug that causes food poisoning is staphylococcus aureus. You can get food poisoning from using dirty
computer equipment. Signs of this would be diarrhea and
Graciela Solano said, “Sometimes when I get home, I
go directly to the computer and I don’t realize that germs
can fester on the keyboard.” This shows that people are
unaware of bacteria growing on their keyboards.
It is very simple to avoid germs from festering on
your keyboard. One way is to purchase a keyboard cover.
This prevents any dust or anything from building up in the
crevices of the keyboard. Another way is to use a can of
“air duster” and follow the directions on the back of the
can. Then just flip your keyboard over and wipe it with
cleaning solution.
Cell phones can be unhygienic too, because we can
wash our hands every time we want, but do we wash our
phones? Just like keyboards, cell phones are constantly
being touched. There are actually wipes sold that are specially made for removing dirt and germs from your cell
phone. There are many different brands but one of them is
Celluwipes; they are light-weight and convenient. These
wipes are sold for $3.99 per pack. They work on all sorts
of devices such as tablets, laptops, digital cameras, and
hand-held gaming devices.
Cord-cutters keep multiplying and the reason behind
the increase of these cord-cutters are online streaming
apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime. Is
cable TV becoming obsolete because of the introduction
of these apps? According to Comcast, DirecTV, TWC, and
Verizon Fios, over 1.7 million of their subscribers have cut
the cord in 2013. That number is set to increase by 10%
in 2015. It seems that cable will meet its fate sooner than
anyone has expected.
Thanks to Netflix and other apps that stream shows,
“binge watching” is something most people are commonly
doing nowadays. Binge watching basically means watching episodes of a series for a period of time. It used to
be one show a week until the end of the season, but now
people have the chance to finish series in weeks!
Mark Doninelli, a senior who is a Netflix subscriber
and a binge watcher, was asked what his favorite features
of Netflix are. He said, “I can just chill in my room and
watch any show that they currently have - anytime.” Can
the internet really bring down cable? Anyone with access
to the Internet can basically watch anything and share anything they want with the click of a button.
Not everything is perfect and there are some limitations to things. “They only have a limited amount of shows,
that’s probably their only disadvantage,” said Mark, when
I asked him what the disadvantages are from using Netflix.
However, on some occasions, Mark finds himself watching cable TV. I asked what his reasons for watching cable
TV are, and he stated, “Sometimes I watch TV for sports,
and I join in on pay-per-views for some boxing matches.”
Are you a future cord-cutter? Ask yourself that when
you find yourself using the Internet for shows and letting
dust accumulate on the surface of your cable top box.
You can become a cord-cutter with a pair of scissors, a Netflix subscription, and an unused cable set top box.
iSpy with my little eyes..
Snapchat is an app that allows you to send silly selfies and
videos to your friends anywhere
and any time. Click! *takes picture and sends to friend via snapchat* how safe are your pics?
The app allows you to set a time
limit on how long a person can
see your snapchat. This app has
become very popular among
Tweens, teens and even young
adults. Teens are crazy about this
app because the self-destructing
feature doesn’t allow parents to
see what they’re sending or can
Software called mSpy allows
parents to see what they’re child
is sending through snapchat. For
$40 a month, not only can parents
see what their child is snapchatting, but also who they’re texting,
calling, emailing and where they
are at any moment. How does it
work? The parent must download the software on their child’s
phone first. Once installed, parents can view whatever they want.
The most iconic thing is that the Is it the end of Snapchat?
child may never know the app is
running since it shows no icons on their Lets do it the old fashion way and take their
phone. If you’re rich and can afford it, then
phone. Talk about invasion of privacy!
College Advisor, Mrs.Spano believes it’s good.” She thinks it’s a nice idea but
that the software is a good idea. She be- the price is ridiculous.
Rahmee Uddin, a proud snapchat user
lieves that it’s important for parents to
know these things in this day and age. She stated, “I feel that it’s an invasion of pristated, “I know it’s a privacy issue, but vacy and it is unfair that I have not done
until you leave the house you don’t really anything illegal to deserve this brutality of
have that privacy.” When asked is this soft- my dignity.”
ware necessary she replied, “Not for $40.
Phones can bend?!
Let me try! *CRACK*
The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus finally came
out, and they are huge! These phones are
sought after by many Apple fans. If you
were planning to buy the iPhone 6 Plus,
you might want to reconsider.
You may or may not have heard about
the iPhone 6 Plus bending. According to
much customer feedback, the phone bends
right under the volume button. If enough
force is applied on the phone, it will end up
bending in that area, but who in the world
is bending their phones?!
Well, no one is actually bending their
phone for fun, and it is not recommended
for you to try to bend your phone either.
The issue is the iPhone plus is bending in
the back pockets of tight pants. Apparently the tightness of your pants has enough
force to bend the iPhone 6 Plus significantly enough for it to be noticed. Is it a problem with the structure of the phone, or are
pants just getting too tight?
I asked senior Chris Baboolal, who is
at fault concerning this issue. “I think Apple is responsible because they try to imitate Samsung and create a bigger phone.
They used aluminum material, which is
flimsy, to make it look slim,” Chris Baboolal said. “Apple should give the people
a free phone case with the phone.”
Another student, Nicholas Alvarez,
also believes that Apple Company is at
fault, and he said, “I think it is Apple’s fault
because they must have known about the
design flaw, but they didn’t notify anyone
of it… I feel that it diminishes their name.
They let down people who expect topnotch products.”
Other phones are not bending in your
pockets from sitting, and it seems that it’s
This phone has a new feature; it bends!
only the iPhone 6 Plus that has this issue.
If you were planning to buy an iPhone, it
is recommended to stick with the regular
iPhone 6.
However, realistically speaking, if
you are using a phone case for your iPhone
6 Plus, there shouldn’t be any real worries
with bending. So get a sturdy phone case
and stay away from tight pants. Bring your
phone to the Apple store and ask for a replacement if you notice any bends.
Arts & Entertainment
Remembering Robin Williams
The famous, witty and loving genie
from the Disney movie Aladdin said, “To
be free. Such a thing would be greater than
all the magic and all the treasures in all the
world.” Sad to say, it can be said that this
loving genie has now been set free.
The news of Robin Williams’ death
shocked the nation. President Obama
himself noted his passing. Since his start
in 1977, Robin Williams has brought us
hours of laughter and joy. Many of us in
the Edison community can agree that Robin Williams will always be remembered as
a renowned actor and comedian.
While expressing her love for Robin
Williams, senior Tamekah Persaud said,
“I love a lot of his movies like Jumanji,
Bird Cage, and Aladdin, but my favorite
piece would have to be the show Mork and
Mindy. I believe he will continue to be a
legendary entertainer because of his comedic attitude and innocent charm. No matter
what, I know he will always shine on television.”
Robin Williams will continue to live
on forever. We can all look forward to one
of his last pieces. Night at the Museum:
Secret of the Tomb will be released on December 19, 2014. The comic genius will be
playing the role of Theodore Roosevelt. No
doubt, he will be bringing a smile to our
Inspirational, legendary, talented, and
astounding are just a few words that can
describe the beloved Robin Williams. It
can be said that we will never forget this
amazing entertainer. In fact, we will always remember Robin Williams.
Here are just a few of Robin Williams’
most unforgettable roles.
Paid in Experience:
Free Labor?
Teenagers can take part in almost anything that fits their interests, but keeping
an open mind is essential when starting
anything new. When searching for work
experience, the first thing so many of us
look for is a salary. Once seeing the words
“volunteer” or “community service” one
immediately exits the page. Those opportunities that are put to the side are most
likely some of the best experiences one
could have.
Some of the most demanding positions
right now entails two things: teenagers and
teenagers interested in art. Places like the
52 Street Project and Guggenheim Museum are all looking for teens that fit that exact same criteria. Although compensation
is not handed over in money, things like
free entry into almost any museum in New
York City and going to exclusive member
openings are just some of the perks of volunteer work.
Art organizations never judge teenagers on their level of experience, but their
dedication and insight.
Teaching artist Antonio Perez said, “I
will work with anyone who wants to work
with me, pretty much, I like working with
people; I like working with material. I like
looking at art and talking about art.”
The next time you see an unpaid position, look at it again and see what you will
really get out of the experience besides a
There are so many opportunities waiting
for you!
You Throw Like A Girl! Is Fitness for the Misses?
Why has it become more acceptable to
equate being a girl with being weak, inferior or incapable? An ad campaign by Always
aims to promote women’s self-esteem. People were asked to show what it looks like to
run, fight, or throw like a girl. Teenage girls,
grown men, and young boys demonstrated
their interpretation of the command. You
know, arms flailing, legs discombobulated,
a face that shows complete struggle, the
whole works. Why is this term “like a girl”
so offensive?
Senior Cristian Guzman was guilty of
interpreting the command the same way
some people did in the ad. “The term is
used to say that someone is weak or bad at
something, saying ‘like a girl’ is offensive to
girls because they feel weaker than boys,”
Guzman said.
Guzman is on the Edison boys soccer
team and has heard his fair share of hostile
comments from his teammates. Back when
he was a rookie, the boys would tell him he
ran like a girl.
“I never really listened to them, I have
a sister and she runs faster than me, so I
guess running like a girl is a good thing,”
Guzman said.
In the ad, young girls, around ten years
old, were asked to run, fight, or throw like
a girl and they gave their best effort. These
girls put their all into it, they used all of
their ability to run, fight, and throw to an
extreme extent. They felt that the term is
just a way to tell them to try their hardest.
I asked senior Karlene Fabian how she
would respond if someone told her to run,
fight, or throw like a girl.
“I would prove them
wrong and show them
that females are not as
weak as they think,” she
Fabian feels that the
term is very offensive and
it’s as if being a girl is all of
a sudden an insult.
“We as women get
degraded so much as being weaker and unable to
accomplish what men can
do,” she said.
Somehow society began to use the term “like
a girl” subconsciously to
demonstrate when something is not being done in
its best effort because girls
may seem weak and don’t
have the same physical
aspects of a male. In actuality, the term is offensive
to females and affects the
way the society looks at
them. We can get passed
this by realizing that feLEAH ALLY
males are capable of the
Athletic best friends Jasmin Williams and Tiffany Anderson same things as males.
show off their muscles.
Kuronn Green is impressed by Lucie Monosiet’s perfect pushup position.
When students at Edison see the
weight room, they think of big, burly,
athletic guys sweating through their gym
uniform hoping to gain some serious muscle. Nobody ever pictures girls doing the
same. Fitness is probably the most requested gym class and, let’s face it, room G22A
can barely fit the students assigned. Most
of these requests come from boys, but no
one is guaranteed a spot in. However, the
majority of girls in Fitness don’t work as
hard as the boys. So, should Fitness be a
class only for boys?
Senior Oscar Cortes does not think
Fitness is pointed more towards boys than
girls and said, “... it’s really up to the person if they really want to work out in the
class or not.”.
Even though Cortes is what they call
a “lifting fanatic,” he still believes that everyone should have a chance at working on
their body.
On the other hand, senior Lucie
Monosiet disagrees and said, “I do believe
that Fitness is a class that is more pointed
towards boys. Many people believe that
girls are too weak to be lifting weights and
other equipment.” Monosiet loves to work
hard in the weight room and feels that Fitness shouldn’t be allowed only for boys.
“There are many girls who enjoy Fitness
itself, and if Fitness was only allowed
for boys, it wouldn’t make boys and girls
equal,” Monosiet said.
Both Cortes and Monosiet work their
hardest in the weight room, and both agree
with one another that Fitness should not
only be allowed for boys.