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TBT’s Newsletter
Winter Break Dec. 22-Jan. 2
Semester Exams Jan. 13-16
End of Semester Jan. 16
Report Cards Feb.10
A Note from Mr. Ippolito
Dear Parents and Students,
The end of the calendar
It’s hard to believe that
year also signals the end
2014 is coming to a close.
of the academic semesThe end of the year is often ter. Students are prepara time for reflection and
ing to take End of Course
goal setting, and as I look
exams and semester exback at the first half of this
ams. It’s important for
school year I realize that we students to be prepared
have a lot to celebrate. Our and to do their best on
Titans have maintained a
these important assesshigh level of academic focus ments. January 21st
and our athletic teams have marks the beginning of
demonstrated how hard
the second semester and
work and dedication can pay I know we are all curious
off. I am continually pleased to see the new FSA
and humbled by how often
(Florida Standards Asour students give back to
sessment) in the spring
the community by volunand how it will impact
teering their time and talour students. Thank you
ent. This newsletter has
to families and teachers
served as a great opportuni- for working so hard to
ty to recognize and highlight stay informed about the
some of these students and changes and to help prefaculty members.
Winter Holidays 2014
pare our students for
As always, if you have
any questions please contact us at 744-8360. And
don’t forget to follow us
on Twitter @TBTechHS!
Michael Ippolito
Mr. Ippolito
In This Issue...
Ms. Woody
Think you know Ms. Gar-
Ms. Sparano
AP Magnet
Ms. Carmody
AP Administration
Mr. Derflinger
AP Student
Mr. Buffano
AP Student
Dr. Chapman
AP Student
Titan Up!
cia from the Main Office?
Learn more about a familiar face on page 2.
Our Titan family has
been busy in the community. Check out pages 3 and
4 to see what our students
have been up to.
In celebration of Black
History Month, Hillsborough County Public
Schools is proud to an-
nounce the LEAD Student Contest. Find out
more on page 5.
Lookin’ good Lady Titans! Find out how to
support our Titan athletes on page 6.
Find out important
dates of college entrance exams and get to
know your guidance department on page 7.
The Titan legacy lives
on! Go to page 8 to find a
link to an incredible story
about a 2012 graduate.
Big changes are on the
horizon for the TBT cafeteria. Everything you need
to know can be found on
page 9.
As always, TBT’s Vision
and Mission statements,
as well as many helpful
links can be found on
page 10.
Titan Up!
Page 2
Meet Ms. Garcia, APA Secretary!
We would like to recognize a special member of the Titan family in this month’s
newsletter. Ms. Denise Garcia is the APA secretary here at TBT and is this year’s
recipient of the Instructional Support Personnel of the Year award. Instructional
support personnel are recognized for ensuring students and schools have the
proper care and services
available to promote an
enriched and safe environment.
Ms. Garcia grew up in
Patterson, New Jersey.
She moved to Tampa in
2000 to get away from
the cold weather and to
join some family that
was already living here.
She began working for
the district in 2001 as the
secretary of Belle Witter
Elementary. From there
she went on to work at Greco Middle School, where she met lots of future Titans.
In 2009 she joined our Titan family as APA secretary. Her first year here she was
also recognized as Instructional Support Personnel of the Year.
All of her time outside of TBT is spent with her family. She has five brothers and a
sister, so her weekends are filled
with family gatherings. She also
has three sons: Jayden, 13, G-den,
9, and Elijah, 2. Their favorite
place to hang out as a family is
Chuck E. Cheese’s.
Ms. Garcia says that her favorite
part of working at Tech is the staff.
She says that she has amazing coworkers. When asked if she had
any advice for our students, she
said, “Enjoy your high school moments, because once they’re over,
you can never go back.” You can
find Ms. Garcia in the Main Office.
Titan Up!
Titan Up!
Page 3
Titan Activities, Awards & Achievements
TBT Senior Health Academy students in the Radiology Assisting
program working with equipment at Erwin Tech Center
Support Award
Ms. Garcia
ECE students celebrated
Thanksgiving with
preschoolers and their
TBT students participated in a blood drive
on November 20th.
Titan Up!
Titan Up!
Page 4
Titan Student Awards, Activities, & Achievements
TBT NJROTC and Jereminique
Cannon at the Strides for
Education 5k
ASL students showed their sign
language skills at their annual ASL
concert in November.
Want to see your picture and accomplishments in the TBT newsletter? Send stories and pictures about
your group’s activities and/or accomplishments to: [email protected]
Titan Up!
Titan Up!
Page 5
In celebration of Black History Month, Hillsborough County Public Schools is proud to announce the LEAD (Lead, Empower, Advocate, Dream) Student Contest. Leaders impact us in
so many ways. We encounter leaders at home, in our schools, religious institutions, on the
playing field, and many other places throughout our community. The LEAD contest challenges
students to create an artistic interpretation expressing how he or she has been inspired by a
local black leader.
For example, consider the following possibilities:
Pastor, Family Member, Judge, Lawyer, Doctor
Advisor/Mentor, Musician, Artist, Community Advocate
Teacher, Educator, Principal, Coach, Friend
Fireman, Policeman, Military Member, and many more
Are there different categories?
There are three arts categories: Literature, Performance, and Visual Arts. Winners will be selected in each category from each student division. An entry will be judged primarily on originality, creativity, and how well the student uses his or her artistic vision to portray the theme.
What kind of prizes can students win?
Student prizes include scholarships, monetary awards, laptops, sports memorabilia, and more.
When is the contest entry deadline?
All entries must be submitted by the close of business (5:00pm) on Friday, January 9, 2015.
Winners will be notified the first week of February and invited to the School Board meeting on
Tuesday, February 17, 2015, to be recognized.
What are the contest rules?
Go to the HCPS website and type "Go lead" in the search box or click on the link below for contest rules, the online entry form, contact information, and more.
Titan Up!
Titan Up!
Page 6
Bras for a Cause
Left: TBT Senior, Vincent Shanberg,
models the Titan choice winning bra
designed by TBT’s cheerleaders
Early Childhood Successfully Opened Another Year of
Little Titan World Last Month
TBT Swimmer Qualified for States
Support TBT’s Winter Sports
Boys and Girls Soccer Home Games 6pm & 8pm
Dec. 2, 9
Boys and Girls Basketball Home Games 6:30 & 8:00
Dec. 1, 4, 12, Jan. 9, 16, 23, (27, 29 7pm)
Competitive Cheering 6:30 pm
Dec. 3 6:30pm
Swimmer, Ben McGregor qualified for the State Swimming Championship Competition held November 8,
2014 in Stuart, Florida. Ben competed with the other
top performers in the state. This is a tremendous accomplishment—especially as a sophomore. Congratulations, Ben!
Titan Up!
Boys and Girls JV Basketball Home Games 12pm
Dec. 6 girls, Dec. 13, 20 boys
Wrestling Home Match
Feb. 10
Titan Up!
Page 7
College Entrance Exams
Dec. 6, 2014*
Jan. 24, 2015
Dec. 29, 2015
March 14, 2015*
Feb. 13, 2015
May 2, 2015*
April 6, 2015
June 6, 2015*
May 8, 2015
Dec. 13, 2014*
Feb. 7, 2015*
Jan. 9, 2015
April 18, 2015*
March 13, 2015
June 13, 2015*
May 8, 2015
*test offered at TBT
What is the SAT Subject Area Test? The College Board offers numerous Subject Area
Tests for students to verify ability in specialized academic areas. AFTER appropriate
scores are attained on the SAT Reasoning Test, and if referred or recommended by the college/university of acceptance, then students may register for the SAT Subject Area Test
(s). These tests are not offered on every SAT test date, so check your registration carefully! If you register for the SAT Subject Area Test in error, be sure to make the correction with the College Board PRIOR to the testing date. There is a charge for the correction.
Should you take the ACT optional Writing test? The writing portion of the ACT is optional. Many colleges, however, are beginning to use this portion of the test for placement
purposes. Some colleges are using it as part of the evaluation process. The be certain of
what your college is looking for, check with an Admissions Counselor at that school, or the
college's website.
Learn who can help
Anya-Kaye Francis. ext. 382 [email protected]
answer your questions.
College & Career Counselor
From classes to college,
they can help!
Shelly Hollingsworth, Dept. Chair, ext. 246 [email protected]
Academy of Health Professions 11th & 12th grade
Early Childhood Education, seniors
Beta Club Sponsor
Nakisha Seay, ext. 245 [email protected]
Auto Collision & Repair
Commercial Art
Computer Repair & Networking
Culinary Arts
Transportation Services
Jessie Finlayson, ext. 244 [email protected]
Academy of Health Professions 9th & 10th
Early Childhood Education, grades 9-11
ETS Coordinator 504 Coordinator
Kim Tymoczko, ext. 242 [email protected]
Business Health Administration
Brittany Diehm, ext. 225 [email protected]
Guidance Assistant
Titan Up!
Titan Up!
Page 8
Tech! Tech! Tech! What?
Tech Class
of 2012
Since graduating from Tech in 2012, Ny’a Crum has been helping to make a difference in her community. Currently a student at UCF, Crum devotes a significant
amount of time to a local homeless program, the Sunday Knight College Food
Share program .
“I keep doing it because I know how some of those people
Read the story here. may feel when they are homeless because I went through
the same thing,” said Ny’a Crum .
Beta Club is collecting Yoplait lids - just drop
CLEAN lids off in Mrs. Hollingsworth’s office!
Titan Up!
Titan Up!
Page 9
Date: __October 31, 2014_________
Dear families,
In an effort to improve your child’s dining experience,
Student Nutrition Services (SNS) is in the process of updating the look of your school’s serving areas. We are looking
forward to enhancing the merchandising of food selections,
and making service more convenient for our customers and
Rest assured, while under construction SNS will continue to provide complete and nutritious school meals to
students. Lunch options will include selections such as Ham
& Cheese Wraps, Dannon Yogurt Munchables, and Turkey &
Cheese Subs. In addition, daily servings of fruits and vegetables will be provided, as always. To view a complete menu,
visit www.sdhc.k12.fl.us/sns and click on “Resources” to
view the menus. Go to “Construction Site Menus” for the
weekly menu. You may also download the free “School
Lunch by NutriSlice” app on your smart phone and view
“Construction Site Menus”.
Please contact your school’s administrative staff if you
have any questions or concerns regarding this project.
Thank you for your patience and we hope you are as excited
about this news as we are!
Titan Up!
Hillsborough County
Public Schools, FL
Helpful Links
mySPOT: Student
Vision Statement
Tampa Bay Technical High School will provide a caring
and educationally rigorous experience to develop
successful students.
Parent Online Toolkit
Hillsborough County
Public Schools
Tampa Bay Tech
TBT Guidance
Mission Statement
Tampa Bay Technical High School will maintain the
highest standards of excellence for all students as they
acquire career and academic knowledge to become life
-long learners and productive citizens.
TBT School
TBT Media Center
TBT Magnet
TBT Technical
SDHC Calendars
ELP/Tutoring is
offered most days
Tampa By Technical High School (TBT) was established
in 1969 as Tampa Bay Vocational Technical School.
TBT’s program is now an exceptional blend of
academic rigor and technical relevance. A dedicated
faculty provides instruction in everything from
advanced placement to certified technical skill courses.
The campus resembles a community college campus
with large laboratory facilities for several unique
technology programs. The students must apply to this
school and transportation is provided.
after school. See the
schedule on the
media center
window for available
on Twitter
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