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2014-15 Winter CSA Details
What’s a Share?
Winter CSA Shares begin November 18 th , and go through January 20 th . Each share
will amount to an overflowing half-bushel (between 5 and 18lbs., avg. 12lb) of produce each
week for 10 weeks. The cost of a full share is $300 ($30 per week).
Weekly produce amounts and varieties will fluctuate throughout the season depending on
which crops are maturing and the growing conditions. We grow all the vegetables on our
farm. We do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and carefully select our vegetable
varieties for color, flavor and disease and pest resistance.
Splitting a Share
Some people are concerned they will not be able to utilize the full share’s amount of
vegetables weekly. Others, who are new to the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
experience, are uncertain how it will go their first season. A popular option is to split the cost
and vegetables of a share with a share partner.
If you would like to split a share, we can set you up with a share partner from our existing
waitlist or you can find a friend on your own to be your partner.
If you do decide to divvy up the share each week, please do this away from the display area.
Produce Variety
To see a full list of the crops we will be growing and approximately when they will be
harvested, visit our website at or search for Wild Fox Farm on
We will be growing the following crops & more during the 2014-15 season:
Mustard, Ruby Streaks
Bok Choi
Potatoes, Sweet
Collard Greens
Fennel: bulb
Squash, Winter
Payment Options
The total cost of a winter share is $300. To secure your share all you need to do is send us a
$100 deposit, along with the completed sign-up sheet (below). Payments can be in cash or
check made out to Wild Fox Farm. We are happy to customize your payment plan to
suit your financial needs.
*We have a limited number of shares available for the 2014-15 season. Shares are
assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
Share Pick-up Location
On Farm
Wild Fox Farm
5015 Longview Lane
Barto, PA 19504
Tuesdays, 2:30-7:00 pm (Beginning November 18th)
Share Pick-up Procedures
We communicate primarily through weekly e-mails. Each week you can expect to receive an
e-mail with a harvest list for that week, so you can know what variety to expect, any
announcements from your farmers, as well as a few recipes using the vegetables that we
are harvesting that week. We also send out any emergency notifications over e-mail, but
please let us know if you would like to receive these over the phone or through a text
message. Please feel free to call, e-mail or text 267-424-1439 anytime in order to get in
touch with us.
On Farm
Each week shareholders enjoy a market style and primarily, "free choice"* CSA pick-up. This
means you take what you need, the variety you prefer and the quantity you will use each
week. We trust you to make the selections yourself according to your family’s eating habits
and taste preferences. This is also a great chance to try new and exciting vegetables.
Quantities and variety fluctuate throughout the year. Please bring your own bags each
week to fill with fresh veggies. When you arrive at the pick-up location, there will be a sign-in
sheet where you will check off a box by your name. A display will indicate what vegetables
are available that week, and you will be responsible for filling your own bag. Occasionally
there will be designated amounts of certain vegetables that are in short supply.
*“Free Choice”
This is something that we will be trying in the 2014-15 season in order to let you have more
flexibility in selecting the amount and variety of produce each week.
The quantity of vegetables you choose to take is meant to meet the weekly needs of your
family for fresh consumption.
If you are interested in preserving or ordering extra items for special occasions, just let us
know and we can arrange a bulk order.
If you will be out of town, feel free to send friends or family in your place to pick up your
share. You do not have to tell us if you are sending someone in your place, but please make
sure they know the pick-up procedure.
Missed Pick-up
Please let us know if no one will be able to pick up your share. Try not to miss your pick-up
day (we will address emergencies on a case by case basis). You may choose to pick up at
the farm on the alternate pick-up day once a season, but you must tell us beforehand.
Shareholder Involvement
On the Farm
We do not currently require our shareholders to work on the farm. However, we do value how
time spent on the farm encourages a more intimate experience with the land. Shareholders
are welcome to visit us or volunteer any time to enjoy the beautiful rolling hills, vegetable
fields, grazing animals and so much more. Just give us a heads up when you are coming.
Comments & Suggestions
We greatly value your feedback on anything and everything. The goal of Community
Supported Agriculture is to give people the opportunity to know their growers, where their
food comes from, and to have a more intimate relationship with the land. Please feel free to
make suggestions at any time.
Wild Fox Farm
5015 Longview Lane Barto, PA 19504
267-424-1439 [email protected]
2014-14 Winter CSA Sign-up Form
Please check the boxes to indicate which options you prefer and send this form with your
$100 security deposit or share payment.
Contact Information (please print)
Street Address
Email Address
Phone #
Share Payment
To secure your 2014 -15 Winter membership, please send your completed sign-up form
and $100 security deposit to Wild Fox Farm 5015 Longview Lane, Barto 19504.
Remember, shares are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
Winter Vegetable Share - $300 ($30 per week) November 18 th -January 20 th
☐ Full Payment Plan - $300 total by November 18th, 2014
$100 Security Deposit
$200 by November 18th, 2014
Share Pick-up Day
Tuesdays ,
2:30-7:00 pm (Beginning November 18th – January 20th)
Splitting a Share
☐ I wish to split one (1) share and ask Wild Fox Farm to put me in touch with a potential
share partner through, circle one/both: Email
☐ I wish to split one (1) share with the following person:
Share Pledge
I/We have read and agree to the CSA Details for Wild Fox Farm’s 2014-14 Winter CSA
season and assume responsibility for paying my/our share in full. In turn, the farmers agree
to provide me/us with fresh produce for 10 weeks during the 2014-14 growing season.
I/We understand that farming is not without risks. I/We agree to share in the shortfalls as
well as the abundance that might occur during the growing season.
* If you wish to split a share, please have your share partner either sign this
same form or fill out, sign and send a separate form.
*All personal information will remain confidential and will not be shared with
anyone. This includes names, addresses, phone #’s, e-mail addresses,
checking information & share payments unless permission is given.
Wild Fox Farm
5015 Longview Lane Barto, PA 19504
267-424-1439 [email protected]