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Get your hands on the official EUROprog App.
With this app you control/programme your plug sockets (like a timer)
in individual rooms comfortably, conveniently and in a fully automated
way from your Smartphone and Tablet using Bluetooth. You save a
whole of electricity by setting up weekly time and daytime programmes for your electronic plug sockets! You thus have complete control
over your plug sockets at your home. Please note that the functions
of the app described are only available if you use a EUROtronic plug.
progtime blue
Technical specifications:
● Wireless standard: Bluetooth technology 4.0
● Mains voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
progtime blue
● Mains connection capacity: max. 3KW, 16A
● Frequency: 2.4 GHz
● Wireless range: approx. 10 m
● Number of programmable current times:
4 switching times are possible per day
● 2 year guarantee
"Quickly and simply create
own individual current/savings profile“
The EUROprog app offers you the following possibilities:
● Switching on and off of your plug socket via your
smartphone & tablet.
● Convenient changing of the time programmes
(overview of the profiles created)
● Customised regulation of each plug socket in your
house to the desired current/savings times
● Input up to four savings and current times
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Free app for your
smartphone & tablet!
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