6th BSC 2014 Brochure - BBrains Scholastic Center (BBSC)

An International Conference on Science & Technology
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23-25 December, 2014
Organised by
BBrains Scholastic Center
Hosted by:
Magadh Mahila College
Under BBrains Development Society
Patna (Bihar), India
Under Patna University
Patna (Bihar), India
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BBrains Development Society
BBrains Development Society, commonly known as
"Bihar Brains", is a non profit organization
registered under society Act. Our primary focus is
on creating scientific awareness amongst people of
the State and facilitating research environment in
Bihar. The Society encourages young researchers
to come forth and show in their scientific abilities.
Our conference give young and enthusiastic
researchers an opportunity to interact to experts
and seasoned researchers in their fields.
BBrains Scholastic Center, A Gyan Kendra is a unit
of BBrains. The main purpose of this unit is to
organise scientific conference, scientific festival
and ignite Research and Development in State of
The society came in existence in 2004 and has
established its office in Patna. it is being run by
NRIs, NRBs and educated people of Bihar.
Magadh Mahila College is a premier
institution for women and well known in the
region for its value based education, quality
teaching and discipline. Established in the
year 1946, It is the oldest Government
College for girls in Bihar. This is a
constituent college under Patna University
which is the seventh oldest university in
India. This is the first girls' college in the
state where teaching in science subjects
started as early as 1947. Presently it is
imparting education to more than 3000 girl
students in 32 degree and diploma courses
in the faculty of Arts,
We feel privileged to host the 6th Bihar Science Conference 2014 scheduled on
23-25 December, 2014 on the sprawling campus of Magadh Mahila College,
Patna - the premier constituent unit of Patna University, Patna. BBrains
Development Society, with acronym of 'Bihar Brains' has started this praiseworthy
series for which young scientists of Bihar should be highly obliged. College family is
really delighted to welcome young scientists of Bihar at the college premises. The
Conference shall provide opportunity to them to interact with renowned scientists
of national & international repute, most of whom hail from Bihar and who are richly
contributing to fundamental research and technological development in India and
abroad. I am sure the participants would be enriched with excitement, motivation
and guidance during their interaction with luminaries of the scientific world.
The Conference is providing an opportunity of interaction among young scientists
of Bihar doing researches in different fields of knowledge. Eminent scientists
attending the Conference would enlighten our participants with new vistas of
scientific progress and thought-provoking discussion among young scientists
would lead to reinvigorating collaborative and inter-disciplinary research in centres
of higher education in Bihar.
We wish the Conference to be a great success augmenting original, interdisciplinary and collaborative research activities in Bihar.
Prof. (Dr.) Dolly Sinha, Chairperson, 6th Bihar Science Conference 2014.
Humanities, Social Sciences, Pure Sciences,
Commerce, Business Administration and
Computer Applications at different levels.
The location of the college is in heart of
Patna and its quality teaching, facility for
extra-curricular activities including sports,
music, NSS, NCC, Population Education
Club, Gender Knowledge Center, Green
Earth Brigade and availability of hostel
accommodation inside the campus makes
it the most sought after institution for girls
throughout the state and also from
neighboring states as well as Nepal.
Scope of the Conference
The objective of the conference is to bring together experts from various fields to
evaluate the existing information, to interpret the presented data, to discuss the
suitable measures for clear and useful results and finally to explore if the collective
efforts are promising to achieve favorable working environment for research and
development in the state.
Call for Papers/Abstracts
Theme of the Conference
Papers/abstract are invited for oral and poster presentation.
Abstract should not have been submitted for presentation to
another conference. Abstarct must be prepared in MSWORD in
not more than 300 words and must contain a title, author/s
names, affiliation, keywords and complete contact address with
Abstract should be submitted online only on
" Innovations in Science & Technology for Development"
The conference will mainly focus on the research areas in the
following disciplines:
Ÿ Physical Sciences
Ÿ Biological Sciences
Ÿ Environmental Sciences
Ÿ Electrical & Electronics
Ÿ Chemical Sciences
Ÿ Computer Science and
Ÿ Earth Sciences
Information Technology
Ÿ Medical Sciences
Ÿ Clinical Psychology &
Ÿ Mathematical Science
Behavioral Sciences
Plenary & Invited Lectures, Oral & Poster presentations, Scientists
meeting and discussion, Young Scientist Award, Student Scientist
interaction programme. Excursion Tour of Patna, High tea and Dinner etc.
Food Processing and
Conservation Technology
Agri Electronics
Nano Technology and
Nano Electronics
Solid Waste Management
Science Projects and
Models for School
Children/ Students
Scientific Temper
Rs. 1200
Rs. 1500
Spot Registration
Rs. 100
(For Society members, 15% concession in registration fee)
The registration fee will include the scientific program, tea/coffee,
lunch and proceedings of the conference. The accommodation for
international and national delegates will be arranged in hotels,
University guest houses and dormitory, which will be within 3 km
distance from the conference venue. Tariffs for the accommodation
will be soon announced and updated on the website.
Organising Committee
Prof. Yashpal, Former Chairman.
University Grant Commission.
Prof. S. E. Hasnain, Former
Member, SAC-PM, Government of
India. Professor at Kusum Institute
of Biological Science, IIT Delhi.
Prof. Y. C. Simhadri, Vice
Chancellor, Patna University.
Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman,
BBrains Development Society,
Director, TekBrains Pvt. Ltd.
Prof. Dolly Sinha, Principal,
Magadh Mahila College, Patna.
Dr. Manis Kumar Jha, Assistant
Director, Metal Extraction &
Forming Division, National
Metallurgical Laboratory,
Dr. Abul Farah, Dept. of Zoology,
College of Science, King Saud
University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Prof. A. K. Nag, Dept. of
Chemistry, College of Commerce,
19. Dr. S.D.Yadav, D e p t . o f
HOD, Physics, Patna Science
College, Patna
Chemistry, Magadh Mahila
College, Patna
20. Dr. Basabi Mahapatra, Dept.
of Chemistry, Magadh Mahila
College, Patna
21. Dr. Janardan Prasad, Dept. of
Economics, Magadh Mahila
College, Patna
Prof. Shreekant Sharma,
Prof. Bihari Singh, Dept. of
Principal, TPS College, Patna
Chemistry, A.N College, Patna
Prof. A.K.Jha, Former HOD,
Physics, College of Commerce,
Prof. B.K.Mishra, Dept. of
Geology, Patna University, Patna
Prof. Ashutosh Kumar
Sinha, Dept. of Physics, College
of Commerce, Patna
Prof. Amarendra Narayan,
Dept. of Physics, Patna University,
8. Prof. B.G Prasad, Dept. of
Mathematics, BN College, Patna
9. Dr. Diwakar Tejaswi, Medical
Director, PAHAL, Patna
10. Dr. B.C Rai, Dept. of Physics,
College of Commerce, Patna
11. Dr. Sushil Kumar Singh,
Dept. of Physics, College of
Commerce, Patna
12. Dr. Pradhan Parth Sarthi,
School of Earth, Biological and
Environmental Sciences, Central
University of Bihar, Patna
22. Dr. Subhash Prasad Singh,
Dept. of Chemistry, A.N College,
23. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh,
Assistant Professor, Center for
Nano Science & Technology,
Aryabhatt Knowledge University,
24. Ajit Kumar, Radiance Media,
New Delhi
25. M r . M a m o n M a t h e w ,
Hindustan Times, Patna
26. Prof. Abha Sharan, Dept. of
Physics, Magadh Mahila College,
27. Dr. Bina Rani, D e p t . o f
Chemistry, Magadh Mahila
College, Patna
28. Dr. Surendra Kr. Prasad,
13. Dr. Diwakar Singh Dinesh,
Scientist-c, Vector Biology and
control, Rajendra Memorial
Research Institute of Medical
Sciences, Patna
14. Dr. Naveen Nischal, Dept. of
Physics, Indian Institute of
Technology, Patna
15. Dr. Ajay D. Thakur, Dept. of
Physics, Indian Institute of
Technology, Patna
16. Dr. Manoranjan Kar, Dept. of
Physics, Indian Institute of
Technology, Patna
17. Dr. Mahesh H. Kolekar,
Dept. of Electrical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology,
18. Dr. Gopal Sharma, Scientist C
& Officer-in-Charge, Zoological
Survey of India, Govt. of India,
7. Prof. Ashok De, Director, NIT,
8. Director, B i r l a I n s t i t u t e o f
Technology, Patna
9. V i c e C h a n c e l l o r , C e n t r a l
University of Bihar
10. Vice Chancellor, Aryabhatt
Knowledge University, Patna
6. Director, Indian Institute of
Technology, Patna
Prof. S. I. Ahsan, Pro-VC, PU,
Patron, Scientific Council
Prof. Jainendra Kumar, HOD,
Biotechnology, College of
Commerce, Patna (Member:
Biotechnology/Life Sciences)
Prof. Rajmani Pd. Sinha, ExVC, L.N.Mithila University
Chairman, Scientific Council
Prof. R. K. Sinha, Head of Dept
of Zoology, Patna University,
Patna (Member: Life Sciences)
Dr. Santosh Kumar, Dept. of
Physics, College of Commerce,
Patna. Co-convener, Scientific
Prof. A. K. Ghosh, Dept. of
Environmental Sciences, AN
College, Patna (Member: Life
Prof. Vijay A. Singh, TIFR,
Mumbai (Member-Physical
Prof. Santosh Kumar, Ex-Head
CWRS, NIT Patna (Member:
Earth Science)
Prof. Raman Jha, VC, Indus
International University, HP,
(Member: Physical Sciences)
Dr. B. K. Sharma, Emeritus
Professor, Dept. of Electronics,
NIT Patna (Member: Electronic
Prof J. Thakur, Ex-VC, PU,
Patron, Scientific Council
Prof. S.P. Verma, Former
Chancellor, Nalanda Open
University, Patna
Dr. P. Das, Director, Rajendra
Memorial Research Institute of
Medical Sciences, Patna
Prof. R. K. Verma, Pro Vice
Chancellor, Patna University, Patna
Prof. Kriteshwar Prasad, Pro
Vice Chancellor, Magadh
University, Bodh Gaya
Global Scientific Council (India)
Advisory Committee
1. Prof. Rash Bihari Singh, Vice
Dept. of Botany,Magadh Mahila
College, Patna
Dr. Namita Kumari, Dept. of
Botany, Magadh Mahila College,
Dr. Janardan Prasad, Dept. of
Economics, Magadh Mahila
College, Patna
Dr. Pushpanyak Khare, Dept.
of Botany, Magadh Mahila
College, Patna
Dr.Kiran Mala, Dept. of
Sanskrit, Magadh Mahila College,
Dr. Pushplata Kumari, Dept.
of Sanskrit, Magadh Mahila
College, Patna
Dr. Aprajita Krishna, Dept. of
Physics, Patna Womens College,
Dr. Tanuja, Dept. of Physics,
TPS College, Patna
Dr. K. V. Srinivasan, Ex-HOD,
Dept of Chemistry, Patna
Science College, Patna
(Member: Chemical Sciences)
Prof. M. K. Mishra, VC,
University of Lucknow.
Prof. H. C. Verma, Dept. of
Physics, Indian Institute of
Technology, Kanpur (India)
Subject: Physical Sciences
Global Scientific Council (Abroad)
Dr. Sudhir Ranjan, Scientist,
Pittsburgh, USA .
Prof. Brajendra Mishra,
Director, Colorado School of
Mines, USA (Member-Chemical
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Singh,
Green Center for System
Biology, Texas, USA (Member:
Biotechnology/ Life Sciences)
Dr. Bhaskar Choubey, Univ of
Oxford, UK (Member: Electronic
Prof. Animesh Jha, University
of Leeds, UK (Member: Physical
Dr. Upendra N. Singh, Chief
Technologist, Systems
Engineering Directorate, NASA
Langley Research Center USA
Dr. Ajay Kumar Jha, Colorado
State Univ, USA (Member: Earth
Mr. Ashish Kumar, Univ of
Oxford, UK (Member: Medical
Prof. Hoon Taek Lee, Director
of Bio Organ Research Centre,
Department of Biotechnology
in Konkuk University, Seoul,
South Korea
* Member of Scientific Council is a part of National & International
Organizing Committee.
Online Abstract Submission & Registration Guidelines
Prepare your abstract on a separate page in MsWord in not more that 300 words containing title, Authors name, address with
email and submit your abstract online on www.bbscindia.com/ScienceConference and click on call for papers menu or Submit
your abstract link. Alternatively you can directly visit www.bbscindia.com/ScienceConferenceipost_abstract.php
After online abstract submission, generated Ref. ID will be sent on email ID of the participant. This Ref. ID is unique ID for the
participants which will be used in online registration submission and any other further communication with organizing
No hard copy of abstract submission is allowed. Submitted hard copy will be liable to be rejected.
Send your completed registration Form with registration fee details in a menu" Register yourself" of the website.
You can't register yourself without paying/transferring registration amount to the conference. Registration fee can be paid by
Demand draft in favour of "Bihar Science Conference", at Punjab National Bank, Muradpur, Patna. AlC No: 0394005504731548.
IFSC Code: PUNB0039400. Participants may deposit/transfer cash at society office/conference cell, but they must register
online by putting their receipt no.
All participants must be registered online strictly in advance or on spot. Registration fee does not include accommodation
List of accepted abstract will be updated on the conference website on November 21, 2014 and corresponding author will be
notified through email. Some of the selected full papers will be published in Manthan-An International journal of Scientific
Research & Innovation. (www.bbscindia.com/manthan) published by BBrains Scholastic Center.
Use of Hindi is allowed in
abstract and presentation
BBrains ScholastiC Center
Confe re nc e Ce ll
De pa rt m e nt of Che m ist ry
M a ga dh M a hila Colle ge , Pa t na
(under BBrains Development Society)
Malti Niwas, Road No.-1, Dhelwan (Kankarbagh,
Near Bus Stand Bypass Road), Patna-800020
Tel: +91-612-3219140. Mobile: +91-8002359537
Web: www.bbscindia.com, www.biharbrains.org
Email: [email protected]
Note: Any changes/modifications will be regularly
updated on conference website.
Last date for Abstract Submission: November 15, 2014
Release of selected abstract : November 21, 2014
Last date of Full length/Camera Ready Paper : November 30, 2014
Helpline : +91 9504193946 / 9431345662 / 9835272196 / 8002359537