Beeline Newsletter - Southern Adirondack Beekeepers Association

November 2014
Volume 28
Issue 6
Newsletter of the Southern Adirondack Beekeepers Association (SABA)
Officers of the Board
(area code 518)
David Wood
1st Vice President:
Dan Kerwood
President’s Column
-David Wood
2nd Vice President:
Michael Blendell 584-5067
Michael Coppola 581-8271
Secretary :
Aaren Harris
Promotions Officer: Stephanie
Webmaster :
Bruce Raver
[email protected]
Beeline Editor :
Anne Frey
The County Coordinators:
Albany Stephen Wilson
Fulton Bob Hyney
Montgomery Doug Hill
[email protected]
Rensselaer Michael Slezak
Saratoga -
“Volunteering gives you a high that
is completely legal and leaves no
[email protected]
Christopher O’Connor
Schenectady Ian Munger
[email protected]
Schoharie Leo Siemion Jr.
Warren -
Vacant !
Washington Tom Wells
Notable Volunteers
Linda Armour and Dan Jordan, who
coordinated the workers for the
Saratoga and Washington County
Fair SABA booths.
For the past 4 years I have had
the honor to serve on SABA’s
board as its president. The club is
fortunate that we have a
membership of folks with the
interest, skills, and time to
volunteer for the benefit of all of
us. Whether being a mentor,
helping at the seminar, hosting an
open hive demonstration, or
contributing refreshments at a
meeting – our members make this
club what it is. With nearly 300
dues-paying members our club has
a wonderful resource of talent.
The slate of nominated officers
reflects this talent, and with this
new leadership I am confident that
SABA will prosper in the years
In closing, thank you for your
encouragement and support
during my tenure. I speak for
myself as well as for the other
departing officers when I say that
it has been a pleasure to be on the
Thank you for your support!
SABA’ s New Librarian
Ken Hughes, who has been SABA’s
librarian for this past year, has
stepped down due to personal
reasons. I am happy to report
that Nancy Wicker has
volunteered to be our new
librarian. Nancy has a lifelong
love of books and is eager to
serve the SABA membership.
Please join me in welcoming
Nancy at our
May your hives
in 2015 be as
healthy and
productive as
in 2014! —->
Beekeeping Classes
Offered to Members
A SABA Calendar
Use This to Mark Yours!
SABA is offering a beginner and an intermediate
series of classes in 2015. The nominal student fees
partly cover class materials and teacher payment,
and SABA covers the rest.
All SABA meetings are at Cornell Coop. Ext.,
50 West High St., Ballston Spa, NY
unless noted otherwise.
Nov. 17 SABA General membership meeting
7:30pm, with beginner Q+A/Ask a Beek at 7:00.
Please bring a snack or dessert to share. Teas of
all kinds and cold drinks will be provided. Eat,
meet and greet before and after meeting!
Intermediate class topics will include bee life
cycle; advanced diseases/parasites; basic queen
rearing; splits; nuc creation and upkeep; swarms
and their prevention and use; finding, catching and
marking queens, wall cutouts and product
This class series is for people who have kept bees
for at least 3+ years and are confident in hive
December 15 SABA Joint Board meeting,
7 pm . Both outgoing and incoming Board
members, please attend!
January 12 NOTE This is a DATE CHANGE.
SABA General membership mtg. 7:30pm, with
beginner Q+A/Ask a Beek at 7:00.
To learn how to start beekeeping, building and
placing hives, installing a package or nuc, feeding
bees, supering, preparing for winter, treating
against mites, etc., please come to beginner
beekeeping classes.
February 24 SABA Board meeting 7 pm
March 16 SABA General membership meeting
Intermediate dates: Feb 5,12,19,26. 6:30-9pm
Snow date 3/5 . Fee: $75
March 21 SABA Seminar, all day in Malta, NY.
Speakers: Wyatt Mangum, Meghan Milbrath,
Allen Dick
For the beginner series, the first class is in January,
because a large part of it covers choosing
equipment and bees, which should be ordered then.
Notes from Mike Blendell, 1st V.P.
There will be a dinner with the speaker at
Augie’s Restaurant, 17 Low St. in Ballston Spa. If
you’re going please be there by 5 pm. Lloyd
Spear of Ross Rounds will be our Nov. 17
speaker. Lloyd will talk about promoting and
selling honey. Please let me know of any ideas
you have for a program, speaker or simply a
topic for a future meeting.
Beginner class dates: Jan. 15, March 26, April 2,9,16
6:30-9pm . Snow date 4/23. Fee $85
All classes will be held in the Saratoga County
Cooperative Extension building, 50 West High St.,
Ballston Spa. Cancellations will be announced on
the website and to the class members.
In May, a final class will be held in a local bee yard.
Registration will open in mid December and is
limited to 20 people in each series.
At the November 17 meeting we will also
find out which kids are the newest youth
award winners. Since 2005, 14 youths have
accepted these awards from SABA. The
awards are the August and JosephineWolf/Al
Lounsbury Young Beekeeper Award and the
Bob Stevens Young Beekeeper Award.
Contact or Ian Munger at
[email protected] or Anne Frey at
[email protected] / 895-8744
with questions.
Elections in November
SABA’s Nominating Committee Reports:
The Nominating Committee has completed their
work gathering candidates for association
officers. Committee members Linda Armour,
Jennifer Ford , Anne Frey, and Bruce Raver:
thank you for all your efforts!
This slate will be presented on November 17 for
your consideration of election:
President – Chris Cripps
1st Vice President – Ian Munger
2nd Vice President -- Gregory Stoddard
Secretary – Trisha Driscoll
Treasurer – Trish Manning
Promotion Officer – Farial English
County Coordinators:
Albany – Steve Wilson
Fulton – Dan Kerwood
Montgomery – Bruce Blender
Rensselaer – Tony Antonucci
Saratoga – Chris O’Connor
Schenectady – Walt Wojtowicz
Schoharie – Leo Siemion
Warren – Alicia Purzycki
Washington – Tom Wells
A little Q & A via email
Subject: syrup
Wednesday, October 15, 2014 5:32 PM
Hi Anne,
I put fall syrup on one hive on Tues. It's my one
Warre hive that I caught a swarm with last year.
Thought I'd give them a little boost. How long
should I leave it on? Should I have put it on
I extracted honey last week and put the frames
and some of the equipment out for the bees to
clean up. I'm always amazed at the number of
bees that show up and the job they do cleaning
– Thanks, D.
Thursday October 16, 2014 11:35 AM
Hi D,
Do Warre hives have different size top bars than
Langstroths? I only ask because it is better to
redistribute frames of honey rather than feed syrup, if
there is extra in some other hives, instead of harvesting
it as honey for humans.
Heavy syrup will be taken up well this week since the
days are warm. Some falls this would be too late.
Normally people assess brood chamber stores and
harvest in early to mid September, and feed (if needed)
right then. The bees must store thick syrup while days
are warm, so they can further thicken it, since it has to
be as thick as honey in the cells before winter.
Letting the bees rob frames is potentially dangerous,
depending on where you place them. If they are within
100 yards of the hives that will rob them, it may turn
into a "Let's rob our neighboring hive too, since it's
weaker than us!" deal. Also, if the frames are hard to get
between, lots of bees die in the frenzy. They really go
If the bees are actively foraging, you can put the wet
supers between the inner cover and outer cover and
they should clean them. But I've seen bees totally ignore
them, not bringing all honey into the brood area like I
want them to. Another thing I've seen with this is that if
the upper ventilation hole isn't closed, bees from other
hives get in there and rob it out, causing chaos.
The best thing may be to put them far away from the
hives, with the frames well spaced in each super to
make it really easy for them to get in and out, no
crowding between frames . Cover and strap, leaving
slots for bee entry. Cover because of rain (makes combs
moldy) and raccoons, etc. (they destroy combs).
—- Anne F
(Continued on page 6)
Bizarre Things I Saw This Year
At left: When feeding bees with an interior
feeder or jars, don’t wait too long to check
the bees, or they’ll build comb all over your
feeder! It is best to feed in an interior,
protected feeder rather than an entrance
feeder, but it’s better to use a feeder that
doesn’t allow bees free access to large
amounts of vacant space. They may build
comb in it, especially if a nectar flow begins.
More Comb Problems At the right, observe what
happens if a super without frames is left on a hive.
In this case, the beekeeper’s former helper, who
disappeared, left it this way and nobody knows
why. Maybe he meant to return later with frames.
This was harvested by cutting, crushing and
straining the comb.
Photos by Anne Frey
Enjoy the fall and winter days by making
and burning beeswax candles.
Photo Pages
Please take lots of photos,
and send your best to
the Beeline Editor.
When you get a call to deal with honey
bees in a tree, do as Leo Siemion does.
Cut the tree down and trim the trunk
to a size only slightly longer than the
colony. Screen all entrances, and lift it
into your truck and then into the bee
yard with your handy gripper loader.
Photo by Leo Siemeon Jr.
Are You Making Full Use of Your Car?
At left, Dan Brudos doesn’t own a truck, but being
the independent sort, he moved a live hive in his
‘98 Saturn SL for pollination. With the window
rolled down halfway, it was perfect.
Photo by Anne Frey
Praise for the Honda Fit : 16 medium supers fit in
my car. They weren’t full of honey though. I was
just moving supers to the barn after painting them.
Photo by Dan Brudos
Dues Soon Due, So Do it Soon
On December 31, it will be time to renew your SABA dues. If you get a paper Beeline, you can check
the mailing label for your “paid through” date. If you get the e-Beeline, you can check with Mike
Coppola, Treasurer, or just assume you need to pay up!
Mike will have a list at the Nov. 17 meeting for you to look over. You can pay him by mail (123 Edie
Rd., Saratoga Springs, NY 12866) or at a meeting or pay online at our website, .
SABA has a variety of payment choices, such as one year for $15, 5 years for $60 and lifetime for
Remember, during votes at SABA meetings, only one person per current SABA membership may vote.
One membership = one vote.
Check with your spouse!
Young Beekeepers Share Their Stories
At the September Potluck, the 2013 Youth Beekeeper Award winners shared their experiences and
lessons learned while working with their bees during their first year. Patrick Peters, the WolfLounsbury Young Beekeeper Award Winner, and Peter Hansen, the Bob Stevens Young Beekeeper
Award Winner, shared their trials and joys of newbees.
There were some disappointing mid-summer swarms, along with an entertaining tale of a dog and
honey bees. One hive had to be moved because of some backyard wedding plans. However, SABA
members benefitted from the fine public-speaking talent of the young beeks. Both young men have a
future in beekeeping, as well as public speaking. Special thanks to both Peter and Patrick and their
mentors, Aaron Morris and Michael Slezak. Bravo!
— Marsha Williams, Youth Award Committee Chairwoman, and the Committee: Brian Cuttler, Betsy
LaClair and Tess Smith
ESHPA Meeting, 6 Speakers
Q&A continued from page 3
Subject: a little different hive set up?
The Empire State Honey Producers
Association’s fall meeting will be held on
November 21-22, 2014 at the Embassy Suites,
6646 Old Collamer Rd., East Syracuse, New
York. Discounted rooms available.
Hi Anne,
I have two 1st year hives started from nucs.
Because I started with deep nucs and didn't
change to mediums this season, brood chamber
is a deep with 2 mediums on top (I plan to rotate
deeps out next spring).
Should I put another medium on top for them
for the winter to make sure they have enough
Thanks, D.
Hi D,
From what I'm seeing in my hives in late September,
some are not using their bottom box at all. It's just dry,
empty walk-through space. So it's possible what you
think of as one deep below two mediums is really more
like two mediums in use, with stores.
If you don't want to/can't get right in there and check
that, you should add an extra medium with honey, or
---Anne F
Featured speakers are Dave Mendes, Karen
Rennich, Greg Hannaford, Bob Talklewicz, Paul
Cappy & Lauren Williams. Live auction, honey
show with prizes. See for more
details and registration form.
Remember: When traveling to other bee
meetings, you can apply to SABA to request
funds to help pay for the trip. See Education
Scholarship Fund on our site: .
Southern New England
Beekeepers Assembly
Department of Entomology
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
POSITION: Extension Associate
STARTING DATE: January 1, 2015
LOCATION: Dyce Laboratory for Honey Bee Studies
Cornell University
209 Freese Road, Ithaca, NY 14850
The successful candidate will develop a program for
monitoring the impacts of pesticides, parasites and
pathogens on honeybees. Initial focus will be on the
needs of NYS commercial beekeepers, who have
suffered the most severe economic losses. In
addition, the candidate will be expected to
contribute to general education for commercial and
smaller scale beekeepers, such as hobbyists.
This is a two-year term position, renewable
depending on funding, available work, and
QUALIFICATIONS: MS degree in Entomology,
Biology, or related field. At least 3-5 years of
experience in
beekeeping. Outstanding interpersonal and
organizational skills. Excellent written and oral
communication skills.
SALARY: commensurate with experience
SUPERVISION: Dr. Bryan Danforth and Dr. Thomas
APPLICATIONS: Applications should be sent by
email to Cheryl Gombas ([email protected]).
Please include a CV and cover letter sent by email in
one PDF file. Review of applications will begin
and will continue until the position is filled.
Please connect to the link below to view the full
announcement, as the above is an excerpt.
Saturday November 22, 2014
Groton Inn and Suites
99 Gold Star Highway, Groton, CT 06340
Keeping Honey Bees Healthy
Co-sponsored by the:
Connecticut Beekeepers Association
Wicwas Press
Dan Conlon
Debbie Delaney, Ph.D.
Adam Fuller
David Westervelt, Chief Florida State
Dr. Larry Connor, Ph.D.
About this year’s program:
This will be an all day event (8:00am 6:00 pm), which will include current
research and practical information in
lecture and panel discussion form.
More information will follow soon.
Any questions, please contact
Larry Connor, 269-344-8027,
[email protected]
Steve Dinsmore, 860-949-5924,
[email protected]
Register at
Volume 28, Issue 6, November 2014
Treasurer Mike Coppola
123 Edie Rd.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Classified Ads, Reminders, Thank Yous, Deadlines
THANK YOU to the Stevens Family for their
continued support of the Bob Stevens Young
Beekeeper Award, which began in 2011 with their
first annual contribution of $400.
AMAZON LINK : When shopping Amazon you can
help SABA earn money by going first to the club
website, then clicking on the Amazon link to enter
the Amazon site. That’s all it takes to get 3% of
your purchase price sent to SABA! It’s amazin’ .
For sale: Two cedar hive stands – 8 frame – used
just over 1 year. Paid $14 each. Asking $10 each.
White plastic helmet, sells for over $10, asking $8 .
2 medium division board feeders. Paid $6 each.
Asking $4 each. One extra screen free.
Contact Linda Armour by email
[email protected] or call 895-2962.
Beeline Deadline for the January issue will be
December 31. Please submit your articles,
photos, announcements, etc. to the Editor via
email at [email protected] Photos should
be reduced in size before emailing. Or mail to
Anne Frey 4808 Skyline Dr. Delanson NY 12053.
Questions? Call 518-895-8744
For Sale: Steel votive candle molds and wicks. $8 for
each set of 6 molds. 5 sets available.
Wicks, 100 for $5 . Anne 895-8744