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3rd December, 2014
Newsletter 37
Dear Parents/Guardians, Staff, Students and Friends of St Thomas’
Thank you for the year that has been. We have been blessed to be able to work
with an incredible group of teachers, school officers, parents, community
members and students. Liz Jones and I have just finished reading and signing
all 390 student reports and believe 2014 has been a year of enormous academic
and personal growth for our students on so many different levels. Some of the
examples of growth include: - the young students have learnt how to write in full
sentences; skip count; attempt an approximation at spelling unfamiliar words;
write poems; created art and craft masterpieces and learnt many new words in
Italian. The older students have mastered two digit multiplication; written
persuasive texts and poems; competed in cross country; attended their first
school camp and addressed the school assembly for the first time.
What a year of fabulous achievement and one of which we can be suitably
proud. Congratulations to all involved in the development, nurturing and
education of the students. It certainly was a team effort.
Coming Events
3 Graduation 6:30pm
5 Liturgy 11am
5 School closes
January 2015
23 School office open
9am – 12 noon
Wednesday 28
Term 1 commences
Our end of year celebrations are wonderful occasions for our community to come
together and celebrate all the joys that have been ours during a successful 2014.
Friday evening’s Christmas concert and barbecue was a fabulous community
celebration that marks the culmination of another year together. Congratulations to all the students
who performed so enthusiastically and our heartfelt thanks go to the staff who put precious time into
practising the songs and preparing the students so that they entertained us so well on the night.
Friday evening’s end of year barbecue and disco gave us an opportunity for the school community to
come together and celebrate the end of another year. Thanks to all those who prepared, organised, set
up, cleaned and helped in any way to ensure a great evening for all.
Tonight the Year 6 and 7 students will attend their graduation. The evening involves a liturgy and a
graduation ceremony and is a very special night for these students and their families; full of wonderful
memories, a tinge of sadness and hope for the future. Each of these students is a leader in their own
particular way; however their legacy will be the kindness, generosity and dedication that they displayed
on a daily basis.
Congratulations on your graduation from St Thomas’ Catholic Primary School. Thank you for being role
models of kindness, empathy and thoughtfulness within our school. You will certainly be missed but not
forgotten. We pray that these students will continue to be blessed as they take this next important step
in their life journey.
Hannah Albury, Jake Aldiss, Keeley Allendorf, Jessica Atkinson, Guy Bacon, Harry Bailey,
Isabella Barbagallo, Olivia Belither, Charlee Bougoure, Abbey Breitfuss, Samantha Buckley,
Rebecca Cadman, Katie Cain, Timothy Calvisi, Cecilee Christie, Keenan Christie, Victoria Clunne,
Ruby Coogans-Sorby, Lachy Cox, Isabella Dickson, Bethany Dimmick, Margo Doherty, Krista Doust,
Jake Dove, Hugh Drummond, Dale D’souza, Stephanie Felesina, Jaydee Forbes, Bella Forster,
Clara Hickey, Thomas Hickey, Sofia Jimenez, Mimi Job, Charlotte Kelly, Lilli Kermode, Georgia Kopp,
Amelia Larsen, Ella Lavaring, Connor Leahy, William Lee, Lawrence Leotta, Noah Low, Luci MacDonald,
Arabella Mann, Corey McNamara, Lily Milford, Zoe Nash-Arnold, Willis Newman, Taylah Noffke,
Abigail Pellow, Amelia Pennisi, Fletcher Perkins, Naomi Perrier, Alice Power,
Brenton Prause, Isabella Price, Millicent Price, Ivan Radovanovic,
Eliza Rehbein, Lewis Reid, Paris Rowland, Madison Rubio, Oliver Ruys,
Lilly Schwarzenecker, Abbey Seymour, Will Stankunas, Lily Terepai,
Georgia Thomas, Lachlan Trembath, Alec Wilson, Charlotte Yeates, Will
Youens, Elisa Zanatta.
As you are aware students will be meeting (where possible) their 2015 class teachers tomorrow
morning. Class placement requests (remembering that these were requests only and for educational
purposes) closed on 31st October and classes have now been finalised. The class placement process is a
lengthy and sometimes difficult one. It is our intention to adhere strictly to this process as any
alterations cause a number of consequential changes. It also devalues the process itself, in that a
number of professionals have invested hours to formulate the lists.
It would be appreciated that you do not contact the school or approach any staff member regarding the
placement of your child for 2015 – the 2015 class lists will remain as they are.
Our end of year celebration on Friday will commence at 11am and will be a liturgy of thanksgiving
together in the church. We hope many of you are able to join in this end of year celebration as we bid
our Year 6 and 7 leaders farewell, as we acknowledge those staff and families leaving St Thomas’ and
give thanks for this 2014 school year. During the liturgy we will present our local St Vincent de Paul
group with our donations towards Christmas hampers for needy families.
At this stage of the year we wish to extend our many thanks to all those who have assisted us
throughout the year. The support that our parent body offers is of vital importance to our school and
your commitment is very much appreciated. Thank you for the enthusiasm, time and effort that has
gone into supporting the students in whatever request we placed for assistance during 2014. Your
support has enabled us to be a vibrant community. Special mention must be made of the following:thanks to Donna Leahy for her fabulous efforts in running our tuckshop and to their willing band of
helpers who ensure our Monday and Thursday lunches are ready when the hungry masses emerge at
lunch breaks; thanks to Paula Lisignoli who operated the uniform shop throughout the year and gives of
her time so freely to provide an opportunity for school uniform purchases to be such an easy
arrangement; thanks to the P&F executive and to the School Board members for their unfailing support
of the school.
In fact to all of our 2014 helpers, whether you helped in the classrooms, on excursions, at tuckshop, on
the P&F, on the School Board, in the library, at the fete or at any sporting event we offer our huge
thanks. To all who have played a part in supporting our school community during the past year in
whatever manner….you are a much needed and much valued part of our successful school.
We offer our special thanks to Fr Peter Casey who is a vital part of our parish/school community.
As we farewell Catherine Hertle we are endeavouring to find a replacement teacher for strings lessons in
2015. We will advise you when this happens.
I offer our thanks to all staff for their wonderful efforts during 2014. We are very fortunate to have a
genuinely cohesive group of professional, dedicated and willing staff who enjoy working with your
I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks to Liz Jones, our APRE, for her enthusiasm, support and dedicated
work in this role. I have appreciated her thoroughness, professionalism, gentleness and organisation
and I know we have enjoyed her reflective, creative prayers and celebrations in 2014. Thanks Liz! We
wish Liz a restful holiday as she takes some much deserved long service leave at the start of 2015.
On the staffing front there will be a number of changes for the 2015 school year some of which were
mentioned in previous week’s editions of Thomatalk.
We bid a fond farewell to Scott Burns, Angela Moore, Peter Barber, Fiona Allen-Ankins (Music),
Catherine Hertle (Strings), Michaela Langmaid (Year 5), Jenni Dilley (Year 5) and Michelle Daly (ESL).
Each of these wonderful people has left their mark on the students, staff and school community. They
have been a wonderful asset to our school and we thank them for their professionalism, enthusiasm and
spirit of service. We thank them for sharing part of their life with us and we wish Peter, Angela, Scott,
Fiona, Catherine, Michaela, Jenni and Michelle every happiness, peace, new challenges and an
abundance of blessings for the future.
We are fortunate in being able to offer Hilary Boxshall a further year with us at St Thomas’. We will
welcome Mr Michael Brammer to St Thomas’ as teacher of our Year 5/6 class. Michael is an experienced
teacher who, most recently has taught at St Rita’s Victoria Point. Welcome Michael. Included with this
Thomatalk is a staff list for Term 1, 2015.
Also included is an excellent article that will offer you some valuable reflection over the holiday period in
readiness for 2015 and beyond.
As we move into this season of Christmas let us remember and reflect.
“He who has no Christmas in his heart will never find Christmas under a tree”.
Author unknown
The universal theme for Christmas is peace, the gift that Jesus gave the Apostles when he said to them,
“Peace I bequeath to you, my own peace I give you, a peace the world cannot give, this is my gift to
you”. – John 14:27. Peace is a gift that resides in the heart – not under the tree. So how is it that after
a quick look around the world there seems to be many hearts that are without peace? Could it be that
these hearts don’t have room for the peace that Jesus has to offer?
The “Christmas heart” is a giving heart, a wide open heart that thinks of others first. The birth of Jesus
was an event of great significance because it poured into a “sick” world the healing medicine of love
which has transformed all manner of hearts for 2000 years. It is Jesus’ influence in our lives that stirs
within us more kindness, more respect, more love, and more concern. It is because of Him and His
teaching that we are motivated to reach out to those in trouble, distress and need, wherever they may
When Jesus was born, a new power entered the stream of history, the power of love and spiritual
transformation. That power for good is waiting in each of us. It has revealed itself to us. It is waiting
for our response, perhaps renewed response. So where will the reality of Christmas be this year – in our
heart or under the tree?
when we commemorate Your birth this Christmas
give us Your gift of peace to warm our heart,
to quicken our faith and renew our commitment to Your word.
May we truly sing,
‘Joy to the world, the Lord is come;
Let earth receive her King
Let every heart prepare Him room
And Heaven and Nature sing’
We look forward to another busy, exciting and challenging year in 2015 as we continue to grow together
as a community, but before that we look forward to the holidays ahead…a time to renew and refresh
and time to spend together with family.
God’s blessings,
Lorraine Walker
Helicopter Parents – Linda Sapadin
I’ve yet to meet a parent who admits to being a “helicopter parent”. Sure, other parents hover over
their kids – but me, I’m just checking on my kid to make sure she’s safe. Sure, some parents micromanage their child’s life – but me, I just want to make sure he won’t make a mistake that will mess up
his life.
Helicopter parents are so named because they hover closely overhead, rarely out of reach, whether their
kids need them or not. These parents rush in to prevent any harm from befalling their children – not
just physical harm but “unfair” treatment at school, on the athletic field or in extra-curricular activities.
Helicopter parents “do” for their kids when their kids have trouble doing for themselves. The reason
they “do” always seems reasonable. A child with a filled social calendar is too busy, too distracted or
too forgetful to take responsibility for his own stuff. So, a caring parent picks up an application, drops
off an assignment, fixes a fight between friends or “helps” him do his homework.
So, what’s the big deal? Aren’t caring parents supposed to advocate for their child? Well yes, on
occasion. But it’s amazing how quickly a “favour” can turn into an “expectation”, which then turns into a
“way of life”.
As strange as it may seem, it’s good for your child to be frustrated, bored, disappointed and even hurt.
We learn as we live. If kids are rescued from their emotional states, how do you think they’re going to
handle similar emotional states in adulthood? A one word answer suffices – poorly.
They won’t be prepared to face life’s predictable adversities (I won’t even address the unpredictable
ones). They will have trouble being resilient. They won’t know how to be resourceful. They will have
low frustration tolerance. They will be easily bored. Despite having received an abundance of
advantages in childhood, they may actually enter adulthood as emotionally handicapped individuals. If
every time a youngster has a fight with a friend, a misunderstanding with a teacher or an argument with
a coach, and a parent steps in to fix it, the child loses. He never gets the opportunity to be distressed –
and put it in perspective. He never gets the opportunity to feel upset – and figure out how to deal with
it on his own. He never learns the basic skills of conflict resolution which includes clarifying
misunderstandings, forging compromises, proposing changes, initiating ideas and more.
Kids also need to develop the ability to wait. In our culture of affluence, too often parents seek to
satisfy their children’s wants (expressed as needs) quickly. Advertising feeds into this national addiction
for instant gratification. We are told to rush right out to purchase the hottest toy, the latest fad, the
coolest tech innovation. Waiting, however, is a fine way to build character. Immediate gratification, on
the other hand, is a fine way to build narcissism.
A whole generation of kids is being raised with industries devoted to keeping them entertained. Though
almost all kids have more toys than their parents ever dreamed of, they’re still frequently bored, finding
themselves with nothing to do, and lacking imagination to fix the problem. When a child is bored and a
parent rescues him right away, a pattern develops in which the child does not learn how to be alone and
does not know how to initiate an interesting activity. This is a prescription for developing feelings of
helplessness, loneliness, deprivation (no matter how much they have) and lack of imagination.
Though you may not be a fully-fledged helicopter parent, chances are strong that you display some
characteristics of the syndrome. If so, consider taking a step backwards when your child is distressed,
frustrated or bored. It’s not always easy, especially when it only takes a tear or a pout to trigger your
“help” gene.
To back off doesn’t mean that you’re an uncaring or indifferent parent. It doesn’t mean you abandon
your child with no guidance as to how he might work out the situation for himself. It means that you’re
teaching your child to become empowered by providing him with the space he needs to work things out
for himself. As you offer your child the gift of independence, you also give yourself the opportunity to
be a loving, caring parent without the need to be a whirlybird.
Linda Sapadin, Ph.D is a psychologist in private practice who specialises in helping individuals and families
overcome self-defeating patterns of behaviour.
R.E. News
As we head to the second Sunday in Advent, we may take the time to reflect upon what has happened
to our spirit this year, it is a time to plan our thank yous and a time to renew. After this assessment we
may decide that it is time to make a radical change. We can often face times when we must let go of
past habits and actions that affect our spirit adversely. Use this time of Advent wisely.
I wish you all a very happy and holy Christmas, a great welcome to the new year and a safe holiday.
Farewell to those moving on and I look forward to welcoming our families back in Term One, even
though it won’t be until week four. I am sure you will welcome Helen Brittain who will be acting in my
position for those first weeks.
‘May the love of God, the peace of Christ and the friendship of the Holy Spirit
be with you now and forever. Amen.’
Elizabeth Jones, APRE
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all those who have celebrated recently especially Anton Rigolizio, Finbarr Power,
Charlotte Yeates, Malachy Cox, Neve McNamara, Flynn Hansen, Edison Murnane, Adele Day.
Hope your day was great.
Uniform Shop News
School Shoes
Our uniform supplier, Hosi Kozi, Riding Road Bulimba will donate 5% of all school shoe sales back to St
Thomas’ School. Please just mention our school name when you make a purchase.
Second Hand Uniforms
Please ensure that all uniforms donated for sale are laundered and ironed. No stained or damaged
goods will be accepted. Second hand hats and shoes are not sold.
Additional opening hours before 2015 school year
Last remaining day is Thursday, 22nd January 2015 8:00am – 10:00am
You are welcome to place orders today and pay/collect in January.
Paula Lisignoli, Uniform Shop Convenor
Thomatalk 2015
As mentioned last week, our new look, online newsletter will commence in Term 1 next year. We will be
adding a Business Directory to our website in place of the current advertising page. The St Thomas’
Community Business Directory serves to provide a listing of services available in our local
community. The purpose of this directory is to:
Provide families (and other website visitors) with the contact details of those in our community
who provide a particular service,
Provide families with an opportunity to advertise their business.
Please note that St Thomas’ School does not sponsor, endorse, or recommend any of these
organisations, services, or activities.
Businesses will be listed under the Business Directory in the Contacts & Links section of the
website menu and also via the Quick Links.
An example of how the advertisement may appear is as follows:
Domestic, Commercial,
Building and Maintenance
John Lisignoli
Mobile: 0417 620 502
Email: [email protected]
If you would like to advertise your business, please complete the Business Directory application form
(available via the Forms & Downloads section of the website) and return it to the school office. As soon
as we receive your authority to advertise, and an email containing the business logo (if applicable), we
will arrange for your advertisement to be uploaded onto our website. Please note the Principal must
approve all advertisements as appropriate prior to advertisement being accepted.
Sports News
Live your life today!
We have had a great year in the sporting field this year. Our students have been involved in many and
varied activities promoting the benefits of health and fitness. The students have played a variety of
sports from competitive team sports to individual, skill and fitness-based activities. Some of our sports
have included cricket, netball, korfball, European handball, soccer, touch football, AFL, and basketball.
Some of our individual activities include athletics, swimming, skipping, dancing and simple games. The
students have had opportunities to be involved in district trials for various sports, carnivals for the three
major sports of swimming, cross-country and athletics, gala days for various team sports, AFL, netball
and touch football carnivals and inter-school sports.
Our students have been great ambassadors for St Thomas’ at all sporting events showing good
sportsmanship and a friendly, caring attitude for other sportspersons at the event. We are very proud of
all of our students ‘sporting achievements.
We also have a number of students who have achieved in their chosen sport at a higher level, we are
very proud of all of our higher achieving athletes.
As well as having talented athletes, we are a very lucky community to have a number of parents who
generously give of their time and passion regularly to help the children especially in motor program and
Prep class lessons. There are a number of children who are now able to perform forward and backward
rolls and handstands as well as a number of specific skills and movements pertaining to team and
I wish you all a safe, relaxing, family and fun- filled and Holy Christmas and look forward to playing
again in 2015.
Janet McAfee, HPE Teacher
to all the Year 5 parents and parents from other year levels who have assisted in
making the Year 6/7 graduation reception so special. Your support of this event has
been appreciated.
Anne-Maree Timm and Amanda Yeates
Year 5 CPRs
Wrap Up for 2014
Good mental health is vital for life. Children who are mentally healthy
are better able to meet life's challenges and have stronger relationships
with the people around them. They are also better learners who are
more likely to succeed at school. Good mental health when you are
young provides a solid base for managing changes as you grow.
Here at St Thomas’ we are committed to supporting children’s mental health and that is why this year
we have taken on a whole school mental health framework and officially become a KidsMatter school!
Earlier this term we saw the launch of KidsMatter at our school which included:
Our special guest speaker Matthew Ames, who addressed both the upper and lower school with
5 very practical tips for increasing resilience or being ‘Bob Bounce Back’
Skipping mornings which have continued throughout the term
A fantastic community breakfast with guest speakers from the Mater hospital who spoke to
parents about identifying mental health concerns in our students and support options in the
The creation of a whole school artwork where every child has painted a fence post of
themselves, to remind us that here at St Thomas’ “every face has a place”.
Hopefully, you have been involved in some of these activities or have heard
about them through the students. This is just the start of us working towards
building a positive school community, which we know is an important factor
in supporting our students’ mental health and wellbeing.
Last Thursday we saw the Year 6 and 7 students donate the proceeds from
the disco to two organisations related to KidsMatter- Renovating Matthew and
The Talera Centre. Renovating Matthew manages funds raised for Matthew
Ames’ prosthetics and associated care. Some of the funds are also donated towards other organisations
that support individuals and families that are going through similar events to the Ames Family. The
Talera Centre is a local organisation that provides free ongoing counselling and support for children and
families who have had difficult, sad or scary things happen in their lives. They help children and their
families to bounce back, feel safe and live happy lives.
Next year we will continue on our KidsMatter journey, so stay tuned for more positive initiatives to
support the mental health and wellbeing of our wonderful students.
Thank you from your KidsMatter action team:
Lorraine Walker, Charlotte Mercer, Peta Ebzery, Scott Burns, Jenny Little and Jane Seymour
Band Room Banter Expression of Interest in the Band Program Years 3 to 6 for 2015.
Lessons are open to students from Year 3 to 6.
If anyone is interested in joining the band program to play flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet,
trombone, euphonium or percussion there are a number of ways we can help you with this.
St Thomas’ has a library of Band instruments, which we hire to new students to the program for one
year for a small levy of $30 per term. This helps both parents and students work out if they will enjoy
playing an instrument before a large financial outlay is made. If you hire an instrument through the
school lessons must also be attended through the school. This may be done either privately ($32 per
half hour lesson) or in a small group ($17 per half hour lesson) and is paid for by the term.
If anyone is interested in enrolling your little one in the Band program please contact me via email on
[email protected] or by phone on 0410 557 348. Thank you.
Samantha Sleep
Speech and Drama
Five clever students have participated in AMEB Voice and Communication Examinations. Those five
students all gained a High Distinction for their programs. These clever and talented young ladies
included Krista Doust, Clara Hickey, Georgia Thomas, Charlotte Yeates and Hilary Yeates.
This is an excellent result and we are all very proud of you and your excellent communication skills. Your
reports reflected your fine skills.
If you would like your child to participate in Speech and Drama next year, please collect a form from the
office and return it to school.
I wish you and your families a blessed Christmas.
Helen Galea
Enrolment at Loreto College Loreto College is currently accepting enrolment applications for Year 7,
2018 (students in Year 4, 2015). Applications close on Friday, 6th February, 2015 – offers received after
this date will be placed on a waiting list. Offers will be made during Term 1, 2015.
Year 7, 2019 enrolment applications are now open and will close on 5th February, 2016. Loreto College
only conducts interviews for students already accepted into the College and these will be held when
students are in Year 6. For more information, please contact Ms Emma Beach, Manager of Enrolments
on 3394 9999 or [email protected]
Enrolment at Lourdes Hill College Applications for Year 7 2018 close on Friday 6th February 2015
Applications for Year 7 2019 (Year 3 students 2015) now open. If your daughter is currently in Year 3, 4
or 5 and you wish to submit an enrolment for her please contact the College on 3399 8888 or
alternatively download from our website:
Free children’s dental program
Metro South Health provides free dental care to children throughout our region. Who is eligible?
All children aged 4 through to Year 10
Students in Years 11 and 12 who have a current Centrelink Card, Healthcare Card or Pension Card
0-3 year olds whose parents have a current Centrelink Card, Healthcare Card or Pension Card
2-17 year olds who are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule
A parent or legal guardian is required to attend every dental appointment.
To book an appointment, please phone 1300 300 850
Term 1
Wednesday 28th January - Thursday 2nd April
Term 2
Monday 20th April - Friday 26th June
Term 3
Monday 13th July - Friday 18th September
Term 4
Tuesday 6th October - Friday 4th December
Professional Development Days (pupil free days) to be advised
Parish News
School Applications - Parish Priest’s Endorsement
In the coming months you may need the Parish Priest’s endorsement of your application to enrol a child
in an independent Catholic secondary school. Fr Peter is happy to assist with providing an endorsement
for school enrolments however you will need to make an appointment to see him to discuss your
requirements. Please contact the Parish Office on 3398 1154 to make an appointment. Thank you.
2015 Sacramental Program
Registration for the 2015 Sacramental Program is now open. Children who will be in Year 3 and above
in 2015 are welcome to register for the program. Dates and registration forms are available through the
Parish Office or on our website - All children currently in Year 2 at St
Thomas’ should have already received a form through the school and are asked to return these forms to
the Parish Office as soon as possible. If your child will be in Year 4 or above in 2015 and has not yet
made their Sacraments but you would like them to, please contact the Parish Office on 3398 1154.
Becoming Catholic
Do you know someone who might be interested in knowing about the Catholic faith? Information
sessions are available early in the New Year at St Thomas'. Please contact Lisa at the Parish Office on
3398 1154 for details.
Thank You
Craft for Causes aid St Vincent De Paul. As with previous years, the Parish and School community never
cease to amaze us with their warmth and generosity. This year Craft for Causes were able to again
significantly aid St Vincent De Paul in their local appeal.
I would like to thank all those who baked, sewed, gave their time, sold tickets, dropped off sweets,
donated items for the raffles, made Christmas decorations, and browsed and purchased at the stall. The
Craft for Causes committee rallied together for another successful year and we are very appreciative of
the efforts of School and Parish Supporters. To all of those people, I would like to say thank you. We
wish the St Vincent De Paul every success in their appeal and to our School and Parish Community a
very warm and safe Christmas Break.
We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!
Angela McPherson
2015 STAFF
Teacher Prep Blue
Teacher Prep White
Teacher 1 Blue
Teacher 1 White
Teacher 2 Blue
Teacher 5/6 White
Mrs Cathy Manteufel
Mrs Natalie Bergin
Mrs Jane Seymour
Miss Jenny Little
Mrs Jak Baer
Mrs Tish Lee
Mrs Liz Anderson
Ms Helen Clarke
Mrs Peta Ebzery
Mrs Natasha Morrison
Mrs Tamzin Hull
Mrs Penney Taylor
Ms Alison Clark
Miss Kimberley Simpson
Mr Michael Brammer
Teacher 6 Blue
Additional Classroom Support
Learning Support Co-ordinator
Additional Classroom Support
Literacy Support
ESL Teacher
Teacher Librarian
Teacher Librarian
H & PE Teacher
ICLT Teacher
Mrs Hilary Boxshall
Mrs Suzanne Dillon
Mrs Ros Kelly
Mrs Patricia Hickey
Sr. Carmela Zammit
To be advised
Mrs Moira Stewart
Mrs Lisa Irwin
Mrs Janet McAfee
Mr Paul Shaw
Italian Teacher
Mr Mario Collura
Teacher 2 White
Teacher 3 Blue
Teacher 3 White
Teacher 4 Blue
Teacher 4 White
Teacher 5 Blue
Guidance Counsellor
Music Teacher
Administration Support
Finance Secretary
School Secretary/Teacher Aide
School Secretary/Teacher Aide
Teacher Aide
Teacher Aide
Teacher Aide
Teacher Aide
Teacher Aide
Teacher Aide
Prep Aide
Prep Aide
Library Aide
Tuckshop Convenor
Mrs Charlotte Smith
Mr Adrian Van Praag
Mrs Pattie Linning
Mrs Robyn Weston
Mrs Maree Shaw
Mrs Gillian Mazoletti
Mrs Andrea James
Mrs Lyn Kasatchenko
Mrs Paula Lisignoli
Mrs Lucy Townsend
Mrs. Michelle Gaddes
Mrs Pauline Albiez
Mrs Trudi Donda
Mrs Bernadette Kelly
Mrs. Mary Henricks
Mr Josh O’Connor
Mrs Donna Leahy
Thank you to all advertisers for your support during 2014
Safe and happy holidays everyone
Camp Hill Bowls Club
helloworld Capalaba
Ray White Morningside
Xennox Diamonds
4377 [email protected]
10 Stephen Street
Camp Hill, Qld 4152
Email: [email protected]
Please support the wonderful sponsors that support our school!
Camp Hill Bowls Club
helloworld Capalaba
Ray White Morningside
Xennox Diamonds
AJ Crossfit and Personal Training
Carina Leagues Club
Fruition Tuition - Camp Hill
Highly Strung
Imago Photography
Langlands Park Memorial Pool
Libertine Perfumerie
Mama's Home
McPherson Plant Hire
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Aaliya and I
Basils Pty Ltd
Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Café XS
Carindale Hotel
Carr Automotive
Charlies Fruit Market
Clem Jones Centre
Clout and Turner Travel
Espial Interiors + Gifts
Fluid the Color Salon
Green Earth landscaping Pty Ltd
Happy Cakes by Kylie Mann
Heinz Meats
Idyllic Beauty
Jephson Hotel & Covet Bar and
Learn Music
McDonalds Coorparoo
Morningside Picture Framing
Norman Park Central Newsagency
Officeworks Woolloongabba
Pacific Golf Club
Pizza Capers
Queensland Festival and Events
Shazzle Dazzle Face Painting
Stuart Harland -Place Camp Hill
Studio Pilates International
Tans Taekwondo
The Green Papaya
Village Roadshow Theme Parks
Watermark Plumbing
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Adorne Carindale
Australia Zoo
Big W Carindale
Birdie and Mia's
Bobbi Belle Style
Carina Meat Supply
Discount Drug Store Whites Hill
Gardiner Chess
Grill'd Camp Hill
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 Hairdressers of Camp Hill
 HART Sport
 Joanna Gianniotis – Place
 John's Barber Shop
 Laserforce
 Little Grace
 Merlo coffee
 Mookie Designs
 Sirromet
 Stanley Road News
 Styles on Stanley
 Terri Butler - Member for Griffiths
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 The Rabbit Hole
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The Workshops Rail Museum
Unsurpassable Hair
Victoria Park
Vintage Fairy