Newsletter - St Pius Catholic Primary School Banyo

Term 4 Week 8
27th November
Principal’s Message
Staffing News
As always happens at this time of the year, we are confronted with change
that might not suit us all. In what is the classic case of “I have good news and
bad news”, the good news is for Mr Bradforde and the bad news if for the rest
of the St Pius Community. This week our much loved PE teacher, Mr B, was
offered the position of ‘Head of Boys Sport- Yrs 5-12 at St Peter’s Lutheran
College Indooroopilly. This is due recognition for Matt on the quality of teacher/ sports coordinator and person he is. Whilst we congratulate Matt on his
new appointment, we are all personally and collectively disappointed to see him go. Matt has been a
real mover and shaker in the PE/ Sports department since he started here in 2013. He has successfully
raised the profile of HPE and sport and has worked tirelessly to better the experience and opportunities
for our students. We have advertised for his replacement and hope to announce this before the end of
the school year. Best wishes in your new position Matt.
In other staffing news, we also farewell Mr Mike Cahill. Mike would not be known to many of our parents
as he epitomises the definition of ‘the quiet achiever’ and a ‘gentleman’. Mike has worked with us in the
IT area one day per week for the last seven years. Mike’s role has been to ensure our network and technology is all operational. He would not only ‘trouble shoot’ for us but also ensured that we were aware of
developing technology opportunities. Through Mike’s hard work and commitment we are well placed
with our infrastructure and future IT planning. We wish Mike well for his retirement with his wife Bette on
the Gold Coast.
This year we welcomed Mrs Jane Ryan to our staff in the role of School Officer. Jane works both in the
Office and in the classroom supporting students. It was very clear from day one that Jane would be an
asset to our community. She is a delightful staff member who is extremely capable in whatever role is
required of her. Her previous nursing experience was appreciated by the many students who benefitted
from her expertise and TLC when needed in the sick bay. Jane will be sadly missed by our staff and students. We wish her well for the move to ‘sunny’ Canberra with her family.
We will farewell Matt, Mike and Jane as part of our final liturgy (11am Friday- Dec 5).
We also wish Mrs Emma Canavan well for the upcoming birth of her third child. Emma is now 34 weeks
pregnant and has just returned from Yr 5 camp! I know Emma is looking forward to a bit of a break before her due date in early January. She will be taking Maternity Leave for the 2015 school year.
Classes 2015
Classes for 2015 have now been finalised. Students will be informed of their class teacher and grouping
on Thursday November 27. Students will transition into their 2015 classes for an hour to meet the teacher, learn of their classmates and spend some time ‘setting up’ for the new school year. Mr David Stewart
(Yr 5 2015) who cannot be with us on Thursday has arranged to come to meet the Yr 4 students on
Tuesday. No changes are possible after classes are announced and students have met their teacher.
Address: Apperley Street, Banyo Qld 4014
Phone: 07 3267 7306
Fax: 07 3267 1217
Email: [email protected]
Banyo-Nundah Catholic Parish: Ph: 3266 1444 Fax: 3266 4088 Office: 20 Donkin Street, Nundah
Principal’s Message
Yr 5 Camp
Last week our year 5 students attended their two day stay at
YMCA Camp Warrawee Joyner. The yr 5’s enjoyed activities and experiences that were designed to challenge their
leadership capabilities. Special thanks to Mrs Emma Canavan for her thorough organisation of this unique experience. Thanks also to other staff who assisted: Mrs Melissa
Lucas; Mrs Kim Barrett-Coade; Mr Michael O’Rourke and
Mrs Susan Stock. I was fortunate to spend the night with
the group and have full confidence that they too will develop
into the high quality of leadership group that we have been
blessed with over the years.
Board/ P&F Dinner
Last night we thanked the committed volunteers that comprise the two groups that assist with and determine policy direction at our school. The members of the School Pastoral Board and the P&F Executive
form the link between school leadership and the parent community. Through their support we are able to
progress policies and work within a supportive community structure. We are most grateful to these generous men and women. We took the opportunity to thank and wish well those members who won’t be
returning to us next year. We thank Michelle (P&F president) and Mark (School Board) Jenkins, and
wish them all the best as they embark on their family ‘trip of a lifetime’, enjoying a year travelling around
Europe. Thanks Mark and Michelle, we will see you back with us in 2016.
I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful mums and dads that make up our Pastoral Care group.
These wonderful people too form a key support system for our school. Thanks!
Technology Program Information Evening—relocated to Year 1 classrooms.
A reminder that the Yr1 2015 1-1 Program Information Evening will be held tonight in the year 1 classrooms at 7pm.
P&F Christmas Picnic
I look forward to seeing as many people as possible at the annual P&F Christmas party on our school
oval on Saturday afternoon (4-6pm). This afternoon is particularly enjoyable for its simplicity. BYO everything! Mr Peter Erbacher will again be here to keep the children busy. It is a very pleasant way to celebrate another year of learning together and wishing one and all a
merry Christmas.
Term 4
Yr 1 (2015) 1-1 Parent information evening Nov 27
Family Christmas Picnic (Nov 29 4pm-6pm)
Christmas Concert (Dec 3 – 9:15am)
Reports sent home (Dec 3)
Yr 6/7 Grad (Dec 3)
Adrian Fabila Concert (Dec 4-9am)
2015 Classes announced (Dec 4)
School Concludes (Dec 5- 12pm)
There are also many ‘year level specific’ activities for you to be aware of in the coming week.
As next week’s newsletter is our last it will be quite brief.
Best Wishes for the rest of the Term
APRE’s Message
Pastoral Care On Tuesday night our Pastoral Care Parent group
gathered for their term 4/break up meeting. It was a lovely occasion
in which we thanked the very dedicated, caring group of parents for
their active compassionate presence in our community. Thank you
especially to Mrs Sue Vanden Bergh who gives tirelessly to this
group and is a great support for all here at St Pius.
We already have our Prep Pastoral Care Parents for 2015. They are
Sharon Doran, Alicia Perkins and Tenielle Stewart. Thank you ladies for taking on this essential role in our lovely St Pius school family. We are
now seeking parents who are interested in becoming a pastoral care parent for
their child’s class in 2015.
Please either email Sue Vanden Bergh [email protected] or myself [email protected]
Prayers Please
Please continue your prayers for Annabelle Parry (Yr 6/7) and her family as she continues to improve in hospital
after an acute illness. We ask God’s blessing and support for this beautiful, vivacious girl and her lovely family.
Final Week
Wednesday- Christmas Concert -9:15 –assembly area and Year 6/7 Graduation- church at 6pm
Thursday- Adrian Fabila Concert- 9am -$2 from excursion levy per child will go to a family in Timor that the Fabila’s have sponsored for many years.
The final day liturgy will commence in the church at 11am. Throughout this liturgy we will thank God for the great
year we have had at St Pius as well as ask for his blessings for both those who are leaving us and for all to have a
safe, peaceful, family centred Christmas break. During the service Peter will present a gift to various members of
our parent body who have worked tirelessly for the benefit of our school. We will also present the St Vincent de
Paul society with a cheque from the money raised through our St Vinnies Christmas appeal.
Please note that as our school grows in numbers we will need to reserve certain areas for both parents
and students. These areas will have signage. Thank you for your cooperation.
Book Packs
The books packs are scheduled to be delivered today. Many of you have arranged for your child to
bring this pack home from school. If you are picking these packs up from school yourself they are now
kept in your child’s classroom and not in the office.
Blessings Kim
With the term drawing near to an end we have had to shuffle around some of our PE lessons with Lucian coming in from North Wizards Basketball this Friday. With the weather also heating up I thought I
would change my PE lessons to include some free time in the pool for the final week of lessons as well.
Therefore please see the organisation for remaining PE lessons for Term 4, 2014.
Friday 28th November
Years 3 – 6/7 will be participating in various Basketball workshops during Friday’s PE lessons from 9:30 onwards.
Come one, come all and watch how selected students go against the might of the St Pius Staff team.
Tuesday 2nd December
Year 4 G & Y - BRING your togs, free swim in the pool.
Year 3 G & Y – You are already in the pool for your Splash n Swim.
Prep G & Y – BRING your togs, free swim in the pool with your buddies, Mr B, Mrs Brown, Mrs Deeks & Miss Courtney
Year 1 G & Y - BRING your togs, free swim in the pool
As students won’t have their normal swimming lessons in the last week, we thought it might be a nice way to finish off what has been a great year of PE.
Yours in sport,
Mr B
You are Invited to The Didjeribone Show
On Thursday 4th December 2015, 9am,
Tjupurru aka Adrian Fabila (Jake in Year 7)
will present the Didjeribone Show at our St Pius School.
All parents, carers and relatives are invited to attend.
The Didjeribone Show presents a seamless entertaining and educational exploration of the ancient didgeridoo and modern technology. Tjupurru captivates students with his extraordinary live interactive performance, which enables students to develop a wider appreciation for traditional and cultural arts whilst students are introduced to the amazing world of modern music technologies.
All monies from this Didjeribone Show will be donated to the Guterres Family from East Timor. Some of our
community members may remember the Guterres Family spent 12 months living here in Banyo and supported the Holy Trinity Parish and our community in 2004. The family continues to commit to use this money to
fully fund their children’s education.
From The Fabila Family - We would like to extend our sincere
gratitude to the St Pius School community for supporting our
Indigenous Culture by welcoming the Didjeribone Show each
year. Thank you especially for leading the way and supporting
a cause which has assisted the full and proper education of the
Guturess Family in East Timor. In total, they have 5 children
and 4 relatives (that have lost their parents) which they will
continue to educate and we will continue to support. Their oldest son, Fidel (front left in the photo above) was awarded a
scholarship and has just completed his first year at Wollongong
University NSW, whilst their other children continue to successfully top their year levels. Free education does not exist in
East Timor, so the children’s education success is a result of
their continuous enrolment at school, and their personal effort to learn. The family continues to send their
heart-felt thanks to the St Pius community for their continued support.
SHOW: The Didjeribone Show
DATE: Thursday 4th December 2014
COST: is covered by the excursion levy (so don’t bring a thing,)
Parents may wish to contribute “at the entry”
Friday 28th November is the last day for
school banking.
No banking on Friday 5th December
Save your Christmas gift money
for banking in 2015
Your local Families
is available now
from school.
Please take a copy
from the shelves at
lost property.
TIME: 9am
Instrumental News
Instrumental forms for 2015 have gone home today.
They are also saved as an attachment to this newsletter.
If your child is continuing or is starting lessons for
2015 please fill out the form and return it to your
child's class teacher by next Thursday.
The program will be running for Year 2 to Year 6 students only.
Thank you for all your support this year.
Joy Dawson
Music teacher
Banyo Nundah Catholic Parish-Sacramental Journey 2015
The parish is now inviting parents to enrol their children into the next phase of their sacramental journey; Penance, Confirmation and First Holy Communion.
Parents of children who are in Year 3 or older and whose children have been baptised in the
Catholic Church are invited to an information session on Wednesday 4 th February 3.30pm4.30pm at St Joseph’s school library, Leslie St, Nundah or 7-8pm at St Pius school hall, Apperley St, Banyo.
You will receive a handbook about the dates of the sacraments and small group sessions,
as well as 'God Work' to take home and complete with your child before the first group session.
Please bring along a photocopy of your child/ren’s Baptismal Certificate and the fee of $35.
For further information please contact me by email
[email protected]
I am looking forward to working with the children and
their families as they continue their
Sacramental journey.
God Bless,
Angela Greathead
Christmas Mass Times
Wednesday 24th
6pm Banyo and 8.30pm Nundah
Saturday evening Nundah 6pm;
Sunday morning Banyo 7.30am,
Nundah 9.30am;
Sunday evening Banyo 5pm.
25th December
7.30am Banyo
and 9.30am Nundah.
There will be no
evening Mass on
Christmas Day
Message from Fr Bernie
Dear school communities of St. Joseph Nundah, and St. Pius V Banyo, I have been away for a few months and
will return to the parish in time for the final week of school. The final week of school coincides with the first
week of Advent. It can happen that preparations for Christmas are easily overlooked as those last minute
tasks, which occupy the end of another school year, are completed. During the four weeks of Advent I encourage individual and family prayer which is focussed on the birth of Jesus Christ. There would be no Christian religion and no Catholic schools like St. Joseph and St. Pius V and no Banyo Nundah Catholic Parish if
there was no birth of the saviour.
May your Christmas be blessed with joy and peace as you prayerfully prepare for it. On behalf of the parish I
thank our school principals, Kerry Latimer and Peter Surawski, school teachers and staff, for the joyful and
generous ways in which they share Christian faith with our children.
At the beginning of every holiday period I like to pass on some advice to the children. I advise them 'to be
happy, healthy, and holy'. This is my Christmas wish for the school communities of our parish.
Every Blessing.
Fr. Bernie Gallagher
Parish Priest.
P&F Message
School Uniforms
will be held 25th February 2015
All St Pius School uniforms including hats and bags
are sold at Lowes Toombul
Please name ALL of your child’s items
If you are interested in getting involved in the school’s
P&F, please nominate for the positions of:
Vice president,
Nomination forms for P&F positions are available at
the school office.
Annual St Pius
Christmas Picnic
On the oval
4pm to 6pm
nibbles, drinks, picnic and chairs
St Pius Swimming Caps are available from the school
office for $8 each
Please check Lost Property regularly
for forgotten and lost items.
All items will be donated at the end of next week
please check for your child's forgotten items.
Volunteers for Friday 28th November
Lynda Cadman
Chris Fabila
Christine Digby 1st break
Amanda Hetherington 2nd break
It’s the final tuckshop for 2014.
A huge thank you to all who
have helped during the year.
Volunteers needed for 2015
please call
Theresa Appelton on 0407 115 662
Free Lunch Competition
Have your lunch order in on Thursday and
your name will go into a draw each week.
2 winners will be drawn each Thursday to
enjoy tuckshop lunch for free on Friday.
Free Lunch Competition
Winners announced on awards
page No 7
Prep G - All Prep Green Boys
Prep Y - Scarlet Hodson
Year 1G - TBA
Year 1Y - Madeline Waugh
Year 2G - Chloe Cole & Lachlan James
Year 2Y - William Storey
Awards will be
present at
assembly on
Year 3G - All of 3G
Year 3Y - Emma Hibberson
1st December
Year 4G - Alex Nguyen
Year 4Y - TBA
Year 5G - Noah Harbourne
Year 6/7G - Sinead Kwan
All Welcome
PE Class - Yr 6/7
Music Class - All year 4
Library - Grace Nolan
Tuckshop Free Lunch Awards this week go to:
Junior - Tully Storey - PG
Senior - Mia Birtles - Yr 4Y
Congratulations and enjoy your lunch
Helpful Parent Reminders
We are a NO NUT school as we have children with
all different types of nut allergies.
2015 Bookpacks - collect from classrooms 27th
School Fees for Term 4 are overdue to be paid.
St Pius swimming caps available for sale in the office for $8 each (compulsory).
Qualified Swimming contact - Rae 0411 862 441
(for swimming lessons).
Banyo Community Swimming Club contact Gary
Kehl 0401 820 231 (flyer on page 7).
All St Pius School uniforms are sold at LOWES
Toombul including hats and bags.
If you are not receiving the weekly newsletter or
the school fees each term please notify the
school office ASAP to have your email address
All phone number address email changes please
notify the school office by email to update ASAP on
[email protected]
No hat no play policy.
Please send spoons with snacks and lunches when
When your child receives sacraments in Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation in the Catholic
Faith please send a copy to the school office to update information.
Direct Deposit forms for school fees are to be
completed each year, available now for 2015
Volunteer forms for parent and grandparent helpers
are to be completed each year.
Medicines/action plans stored in the office please collect on Friday 5th December
Reminder to please collect
all medications kept at
school on
Friday 5th December
by 12pm
(after liturgy in assembly area if
not collected from the office)
All Medical Action Plans are
required to be dated 2015
when returning to school
next year.
Check all medication expiry
dates to ensure it is current
for 2015.
Upcoming Dates...
Friday 28th November
Yr 1 & 2 Splash & Swim 8.40 to 10.30
Yr 3 swimming lessons moved to 11am
Basketball Clinic Yr 3 to 6/7 9.30am to 1.40pm
Saturday 29th November
Family Christmas Picnic - oval 4pm-6pm (BYO everything)
Monday 1st December
Yr 6/7 Splash & Swim at Chermside pool
Swimming classes Yr 4 & 5 (apply sunscreen at home)
Tuesday 2nd December
Yr 3 Splash & Swim 8.30am to 10.30am
Yr 3 party in the hall 11am to 1pm
PE class is swimming ( Yrs 4G, 4Y, 3Y, Preps, 1G, 1Y)
(parent helpers required for Preps -11.10am to 1.10pm)
Wednesday 3rd December
Christmas concert at 9.15am
Yr 4 & 5 Splash & Swim 11.10am to 1pm
Last AFL AusKick on oval
Reports sent home
Yr 6/7 Liturgy 6pm Church & Graduation Dinner
Thursday 4th December
Adrian Fabila Concert 9am (Gold coin donation)
Classes announced—transition 12.10pm (for students)
Free swim for all students from 2pm
Friday 5th December
Farewell Liturgy in church at 11am
School concludes at 12pm
Wednesday 28th January 2015
First day of school for all students
(special arrangements for Preps either starting 28th or 29th January 2015)
Yr 3 Science Show
Year 3 had a great time at their science incursion on Wednesday. They learnt about dry and wet
ice and got to watch solids turn back onto gasses. They saw things explode and got to experience
some hands-on activities. It was a great day.
This week Year 3 had Brett from Big Bang come to entertain us.
We learnt about gases and temperatures and Brett almost set Ms
Mills on fire. Mrs Maher had a choice of sitting on 1 nail or 400
nails, she chose 400 nails - because 1 nail will pierce you in the
bottom. We also got to play with science toys. We liked it because
it was really interesting and fun. By: Joe.C and James.W (3Y).
Banyo-Nundah Catholic Parish
Sustainable Gifts Expo
Help others trade out of poverty
Buy a quality handmade gift or Christmas decoration that will last - a Fair trade product from the Trading Circle or
Ethica Accessories
Buy a Caritas Australia Global Gift card - a tax deductible way to give a gift that makes a real difference
After Mass
Saturday 29th November
7:00pm to 8:00pm, Nolan Hall
Sunday 30th November
8:30 - 9:30am Holy Trinity Banyo (front of the church)
10:30am - 12:30pm - Nolan Hall
6pm – 7pm Holy Trinity Banyo (front of the church)
Credit Card facilities will be available for some products.
For more information, or to volunteer to help on the weekend, please contact Jack Greathead – 0403 978 744.
Hand made goods from the Trading Circle
fair trade shopping that empowers women in dire circumstances to trade out of poverty - a not for profit run by the
Sisters of the Good Shepherd
toys, bags, scarves, home wares, gift ware, Christmas Decorations, cards, tea, coffee and chocolate
Hand made goods from Ethica Accessories
Ethica Accessories give marginalised and impoverished women in Peru the opportunity to earn a fair income by
providing the resources to make products for sale in Australia and paying a fair wage for those products.
bags, hats, jewellery, homewares, toys, Christmas Gifts, alpaca products, accessories and novelties
Caritas Australia Global Gifts Cards
Your support enables Caritas Australia, the Catholic agency for International Aid, to direct funds where they are
needed most.
Choose a gift card –prices range from $10 to $200,
Send it to your loved one or colleague
Change people’s lives by helping to provide the most basic of needs, such as food, water and medical support,
and emergency preparedness to communities around the world
All Caritas Australia Global Gifts are tax deductible.
Christmas is about fun, love and the
Holy Spirit. Have joy and love
Running through your body: exciting!
In the midnight sky when it is dark
Santa comes by your house,
To bless your family and to have a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
And so we hope you have
So much fun with your family.
By Rebecca, Holly, James and Domenic 3Y
St Pius School Pool Redhill Road entrance
Come along and see how much fun it is. We are a friendly, relaxed swim club the whole
family can enjoy.
You don’t need to be a super fast swimmer. Points are based on improving your own
We offer half length races and the not so confident competitors have a competent swimmer
in the lane with them at all times. All ages and standards are welcome.
Cost is $35 per swimmer or $70 per family for the season.
More information please contact Gary Kehl on 0401 820 231
St Pius Playgroup
Under 5s
Every Friday
during school term
8.30am to 10.30am
in the school hall,
$1 per week,
including tea & coffee
Angela Wilcox
0432 835 536
PILATES - Pilates strengthens the stabilizers of the spine, pelvis and shoulders through mat based abdominal
exercises to improve coordination, posture and rehabilitate injuries. The breathing techniques will help improve stamina and promote relaxation.
Improve posture and coordination
Increase flexibility, tone and strengthen
Increase lung capacity
Core stability and balance
Reduce stress and fatigue
Reduce low back pain
Helps to flatten abdominals
Less time off work due to injury/illness
When: Thursday 7.30 – 8.30am @ Nudgee Beach Rev, meeting on basketball court
Friday 6 – 7am @ Banyo Memorial Park, meeting at Rotunda
Come and give it a go! These classes are provided FREE by Brisbane City Council
Sharon Shepherd
Advanced Pilates Instructor,
Diploma Fitness,
M: 0439 996 049 E: [email protected]
to take part in an exciting research project investigating the early development of literacy and
numeracy skillsA team of researchers at The University of Queensland is seeking Year 1 students to participate in a study that aims to investigate how early literacy learners process sounds and numbers. Each student
will be asked to complete some listening, speaking, and reading activities that are similar to tasks the students will have
performed at school and two simple computerized tasks involving deciding whether two words rhyme and which of two
numbers is the larger. The computerized tasks will be completed while the student is in a MRI scanner so that we can
record how the student’s brain processes the information. This is a very safe procedure with all students being carefully
screened beforehand to ensure their suitability. All assessments can be undertaken outside of school hours either at the
student’s home or at The University of Queensland. At the completion of testing, each student will receive a $20 book
voucher and a picture of their brain. Their parents will receive a brief written report of their child’s test results and $50 to
reimburse them for any travelling expenses. The children may not benefit directly from the results of this study, however, the study will contribute to our understanding of the language processing difficulties that result in reading and numeracy problems. Your child’s participation in this study is totally voluntary and he/she may withdraw at any time. If you
would like further information, please contact the principal researcher, Dr Wendy Arnott, on (07) 3365 9725, or email
Do you have a child between 2 and 10 years old?
If “Yes”, share your parenting experiences
Researchers at the University of Queensland invite
you to participate in a cross-cultural parenting
study involving parents residing in Australia and
Indonesia. Share your parenting experiences by
completing an online survey at the website:
For further information, please check the website or
contact Agnes Sumargi at (07) 33656207,
e-mail: [email protected]
ABN: 45199085148
Instrumental Lessons
St. Pius
Instrumental Permission Form for 2015.
In order to streamline operations, I have implemented a new policy for 2015.
To reduce paperwork processing for both myself and my clients the JD’s
permission form now covers the entire year.
In every other aspect, operations will continue as normal. Fees will still be
invoiced on a term-by-term basis. If circumstances change and you need to
withdraw your child, this can be done at any time, and will take effect at the
end of that school term. Withdrawal should be confirmed via email.
The teachers for 2015 are as follows:
Matthew Hobbs (Band Instruments) on Tuesday (limited amount of lessons);
Louise Fossa (Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin and Piano) Tuesday and Thursday; and
Bryn Samuel (Drum) on Tuesday.
Term 1 Instrumental lessons will start in Week 2. All other terms the lessons
will start in week 1. Full payment is due upon receipt of invoice. The
structure of our program is such that there is little to no flexibility. As such
we are unable to make up lessons missed due to student sickness or
holidays. In the event of a lesson being missed due to an excursion or
teacher illness, we will offer a replacement lesson. If there are any credits on
your account these will be deducted from your next term fees. Please note
there are no student cancellations during the term.
$30 per Individual lesson per week (normal rate is $35)
$17 per Group lesson per week
We have increased our fees due to operating costs.
Invoices will be sent home when the permission slip is handed in.
Please fill out and return the following form to the front office by
Thursday 4th December. Invoices will be sent out in Term 1. If you have any
questions or would like to sign up via email, you can contact me on
[email protected]
Thank you for encouraging your child to be part of the Instrumental
Joy Dawson
Music Teacher
Instrumental Coordinator
(Return form to class teacher by Thursday 4th December 2014)
(one form per child)
My child______________________ in Yr_________will participate in the
Instrumental Program for 2015
Cost of: $17 per group lesson or $30 per individual lesson.
____ Shared
(Please tick the appropriate lesson type)
Contact Name______________________________
Contact Phone number ________________________
(Please tick)
emailed invoice____
printed invoice____
Address ___________________________________________p/c_______
Email Address________________________________________________
(please print clearly)
Signed ____________________________________Dated____________