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November 30, 2014
Volume 14, Issue 47
Sunday School 9:30am (Every Sunday)
Worship Service 8am & 11am (Every Sunday)
Men's Dept. Meeting (3rd Sun) After 11am service
Youth Service– Every 3rd & 4th Sunday (11am service)
WWAP Meeting(3rd Sunday) After Service
Minister Meetings (3rd Mondays) 7:00pm
Sunday School Meeting (1st Tues) 6:30 pm
Trustee Meeting (2nd Tues) 6:00 pm
Board of Christian Education(2nd Tues) 6:30 pm
Usher Board Meeting(3rd Tues) 6:30-7:45pm
Bible Study 12:00pm and 7:00pm (Every Wednesday)
Voices of Praise Choir Rehearsal 6:45pm
New Members Meeting (2nd Fri) 11:00am
Diaconate Meeting (1st Sat) 9:00am
AGAPE Choir Rehearsal (1st & 2nd) 1:30 pm
Little Spirits (1st & 2nd) 12:00 pm
Margie Williams Helping Hands (Every Sat) 8am-11pm
Rites of Passage Boys & Girls (2nd & 4th) 1pm-3pm
Believe Mime Team Rehearsal Every Saturday (4pm-6pm)
Rev. Herbert J. Carey, Pastor
Page 1
Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
2nd Kings 20:1 says, “In those days Hezekiah became sick and was at the point of death.
Isaiah the prophet the son of Amos/ went to him and said, “This is what the Lord says: Put
your house in order because you are going to die; you will not recover.” Then Hezekiah
turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord. Hezekiah was a man of faith and indeed a man of great faith. Hezekiah was a man of great achievements. Hezekiah went down in history as one of the greatest kings of Judah. Hezekiah was called the great reformer king.
Read II Kings 18 when you get a chance. Among other things in II Kings 18, you will find these words “Hezekiah did
what was right in the sight of the Lord just as his ancestor David had done. Hezekiah removed the high places of idol
worship; Hezekiah broke down the pillars and destroyed the temples of false gods. You see, God’s people had
strayed and were worshiping both God and Baal the idol. They worshiped both God and Asherah and both the
“Almighty” and Aquarius. They worshiped both the Lord, Leo and Libra, Jesus and Gemini, the Prince of Peace and
Pisces. Hezekiah stopped their idol worship and tore down all the monuments to these other gods. Hezekiah
stamped out all the public displays of idolatry. Hezekiah broke the pillars and cut down the sacred poles that symbolized their fertility goddess. Hezekiah, the Word says, trusted in the Lord. There was no one like him among all the
Kings of Judah “those that came after him or those that came before him”. Hezekiah did not depart from following the
Hezekiah kept the commandments the Lord gave to Moses and he was triumphant in all he did! That was his public
persona. But faith has far more to do with what one does privately than what goes on publicly. In private is where the
rubber meets the road. In private is when all the lights are off, no cameras are rolling and no tape recorders are on.
In private is when you get behind closed doors and your public mask is laid aside. In private is where there is nobody
to impress or nobody to convince. In private is when the doctor tells you that mama’s going to die or that there is
nothing more we can do for daddy. In private is when the doctor tells you that there’s nothing else they can do for
you. In those days, says the text, Hezekiah became sick and was at the point of death. In the private places of our
lives, there comes those moments when faith gets real. For some of us, it is at a place where we come to realize that
life is hard, life is unfair, and life is not always pleasant.
Some of us thought that if we played by the rules, treated people right, kept our noses clean, and were true to her or
were faithful to him, he/she in turn would be true to us and we in turn would be faithful. Well, that’s what we thought.
But we found out something else. Life is hard! Life is unfair and everybody is not playing by the same rules that you
play by. In the private places of our lives, there come those moments when faith becomes real. For some of us, it is
at those places where we discover that some problems aren’t going to ever disappear. Hezekiah was at the point of
death and Isaiah came with a word from the Lord. “Put your house in order because you are going to die; you will
not recover.” You know folks of the Bible had a way with words that is powerful and poetic. “Put your house in order!”
Do you know what that means? You know how you left your house this morning: bed unmade, papers spread everywhere, curling iron hear, shoe box over there, hangers thrown on the bed and pajamas on the floor. When you left
home this morning, you left your house the way you left it because you fully expected to go back to your house later
on today and straighten it up. But suppose you weren’t ever going back there. Suppose you would die before you
got back.
Page 2
Suppose your family members from out of town or your church members who see you dressed to kill had to go up
into your house this evening to box up your belongings. “Put your house in order!” That’s what they meant. You are
moving out of this house and moving to another building. How do you want people to see the private places where
you live? “Put your house in order because you are going to die; you will not recover.” This is the time when faith
gets real. This is the word that doesn’t come down from an intern or resident, not from an anesthesiologist or cardiologist. This is the word from God! You are about to die! You’ve got an incurable disease. You’ve got an inoperable
cancer. You’ve got a medical condition for which there is no cure! Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed to
the Lord.
You see when faith gets real, prayer becomes an exercise of the heart and not an exhibition of the head. A lot of the
praying that we do in our churches is leadership prayer. Prayers where we show others how comfortable and eloquent we are in calling God up are prayer that shows more of our skill to others than our genuine concerns. Public
prayer often tries to mask itself from God, but when faith gets real, all the pretense stops. When faith gets real, all the
showmanship ceases. When faith gets real, you are not concerned with the admiration of man. Your primary concern
is communication with God. When faith gets real, prayer becomes a sincere expression of the heart. Hezekiah was
sincere in this prayer. I know that he probably prayed many honest prayer in public. But you can believe that this
prayer in private, with his face turned toward the wall, was most sincere.
There’s nobody listening but the Lord. You’re not trying to impress the congregation just trying to get an audience
with the “Almighty”. You’re not trying to be heard by your congregants, friends, a bunch of important officials, doctors
lawyers, judges or businessmen. You’re trying to get a hearing with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He may
have said “Father I stretch my hand to thee, no other help I know. If thou with draw thy self from me, where, oh
where can I go.” When faith gets real, prayer becomes earnest. Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed to
the Lord. Our ancestors put it this way: “I prayed and I prayed. I prayed all night long. I prayed and I prayed until I
found the Lord.” That’s earnest prayer. When faith gets real, prayer becomes earnest. He turned his fact to the wall
and he prayed his prayer to the Lord. Emotions are honest when faith gets real. Verse 3 says that Hezekiah wept
bitterly. That’s honest emotion. Our tears sometimes say a lot more than our tongues.
When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all that He’s done for me, sometimes my tears tell it all. They won’t stop
flowing. Hezekiah was in the privacy of his bedroom with nobody but the God. Isaiah had left the room. And in the
solitude of his most vulnerable moments, he wept bitterly. Tears are not a sign of weakness. Tears come to show
that something matters. With nobody around, Hezekiah wasn’t trying to impress man. Hezekiah was trying to implore
God to move on his behalf. When faith gets real, prayer becomes earnest and emotions are honest.
The next two verses in this narrative show you just how much your personal relationship with God matters. You talk
about knowing how to get a prayer through. Just look at him. Before Isaiah could get out of the palace, God spoke.
God told him to turn around and go back and say to Hezekiah, “I have heard your prayers. And have seen your tears.
I will heal you” (2nd Kings 20:5). Don’t tell me prayer doesn’t work. If you got a personal relationship with the Lord,
you keep on praying. Let the professors of philosophy say what they want. You keep on praying. Let the scholars of
religion write all they want. You keep on praying. Your personal relationship matters much more than all the professional scholarship there is. When you’re sick, if you pray, God will come in the room. When you need him, you need
only to call His name. If you’ve got a personal relationship, He’ll hear your prayer and He will come wherever you are.
His presence will be made known to you.
Page 3
God cares! That’s what this text says. God cares in a personal way about those who are personally invested in a relationship with Him. He notices your tears. God cares when your heart is pained; God cares when your family is in
trouble; God cares when this old world beats you up; God cares when spouses and children are abused; God cares
when people go hungry and have no homes; God cares when you don’t involve yourself in the programs of His
church; God cares when you stick a needle in your veins or snort cocaine up your nose or fill your lung with crack
and your body with alcohol; God cares when a woman cheapens herself and gives her body to win the love of a man
who does not know how to love and respect her. God cares! He cares! He cares about how you vote; He cares
about how you think; He cares about where you sleep; He cares about what you are doing with the mind and the life
that He gave you. God cares and God comes to see about you. He takes a personal interest in you and prescribes a
personal remedy.
In Hezekiah’s case, a lump of figs was applied to the boil and he recovered (2 nd Kings 20:7). That was Hezekiah’s
case. In your case and in my case, He took the same personal interest. It was an old rugged cross applied to our
account. What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus! On that cross, He applied the blood of Jesus to my account so that I could be made whole. What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
In Hezekiah’s case, He made the sun go back 10 intervals as a sign that He would do just what He said (2 nd Kings
In your case and in my case, He didn’t make the sun back up; He made the sun go out for three hour as a sign that
the light of the world was dying for the sins of the world. Read the crucifixion story (Mark 15:33-34). It was a sign from
divinity to humanity that God cares and that He had come to see about us and to heal our sin sick souls. You need
to move into a personal relationship with Jesus this day. When the difficulties and traumas of life beset you, you need
a God who cares. When tragedy, uncertainty, fear, and confusion push you to the edge, you need a God who cares.
Jesus cares! “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways
acknowledge Him and he shall direct thy path (Proverbs 3:5-6).” Jesus cares!
With love,
Pastor Herbert J. Carey
Page 4
Stewardship: Time, Talent, and Treasure
“Bring the full tithe into the storehouse so that there may be food in my house, and thus put me to the test, says the
Lord of host; see if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you an overflowing blessing.”
Malachi 3:10
There are at least four aspects about tithing that are truly amazing. The first is that God only asks for one tenth as a
minimum expression of thanksgiving and praise. We sometimes forget that as owner of everything God has the right
to require 20, 35, or even 50 percent of all we have been given to manage. While many complain about the tithe, we
would do well to remember that God could demand so much more. While God only asks 10 percent, there are those
who will not give that. No wonder the Bible calls them robbers.
The second amazing aspect about tithing is that God trusts us to give it. Anyone who has ever received a paycheck
is aware of the system of deductions. The government deducts its share of taxes from our earnings before we receive them. Certain employers also deduct for hospital care and other fees that may be germane to that corporation,
industry, or company. These deductions are made because either the government or corporation does not trust us
or give us the freedom to pay them ourselves. After all, if humans rob God whose blessings far exceed citizen and
employee rights and privileges, why wouldn’t they rob the government or their employer? Consequently, taxes and
other fees are already deducted from the paychecks before we receive them.
The third amazing aspect about tithing is, even though God’s history of faithfulness is beyond reproach, God still
invites us to test, try, or prove God when we tithe. God could receive the tithe without any commitment to take care
of us when we tithe. After all, we have been left with 90 percent, God could have the attitude that says we just have
to make it the best we can with the 90 percent we have left. However, God does not take such a cavalier approach
towards us. God’s pledge is that if we give the 10 percent God will continue to take care of us.
The fourth amazing aspect of tithing is that not only do we have the assurance that God will continue to take care of
us as we manage the 90 we have left, but also God will also actually provide overflow into our lives when we give 10
percent. The Word of God says the windows of heaven will be opened. There are blessings in heaven at the window, however they are released by the tithe. Those blessings will come into our lives in a way that they overflow in
areas we were not even thinking about or expecting. May times we think of the overflow only in terms of finance or
material possessions.
God may bless us with overflowing finances, but God may choose to bless us in other areas of our lives with abundance. We shortchange God and ourselves when we try to limit God’s blessings in one or two areas of life. God can
bless with a dollar, but God can also bless with deliverance, God can bless with cash, but God can also bless our
children in ways they do not deserve. God can bless with money but God can also bless with miracles of healing and
mental, emotional and physical health. God may bless with possessions but God can also bless with peace and
power. God may bless with jewelry but God can also bless with job security. God can bless with riches but God can
also bless in our relationships. God can bless with an automobile but God can also bless with anointing. God can
bless with a home but God can also bless with heaven.
We TITHE because as owner, God has the right to require more but only asks for the ten percent as a minimum gift
of thanksgiving and praise for what God has already done. We TITHE because God trusts us enough to be obedient
to God’s word and we do not want to violate God’s faith in us. We TITHE because God does not leave us hanging
by ourselves when we tithe, but is committed to continue to take care of us if we simply do what we are supposed to
do. We TITHE because God has promised overflow from heaven when we give what belongs to God. We TITHE
because with the tithe we truly can’t beat God giving.
Page 5
Deacon Ida Burd
(206) 722-1090
Deacon Eleanor Lockett
(425) 204-8708
Deacon Lavern Peterson
(425) 255-8486
Deacon Chris Vinson
(425) 235-0082
Deacon Rose Filgo
(425) 204-6062
Deacon Dwight Graves
(253) 863-0423
Deacon Cheryl Graves
(253) 863-0423
Deacon Annie Smith
(206) 592-2886
Deacon Rick Wells
(206) 723-5958
Deacon Mavis Corsey
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Deacon Trolice Flavors
(206) 722-3146
Deacon Donald Jackson
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Deacon Alene Stephens
(425) 641-1207
Deacon McClain Cloy
(206) 324-0691
Deacon Barbara Jenkins
(425) 255-8534
Deacon Deborah Robinson
(253) 332-7451
Deacon Bobbi Sims
(206) 772-5172
Diaconate Chair
Carl Vinson
Page 6
(425) 235-0082
Email Etiquette
Since E-mail is not going away any time soon, it makes sense to develop some
ground rules for its usage. Here are some that we should try to follow:
1. Do not use E-mail for sensitive subjects or topics that may be especially susceptible to misinterpretation.
2. Do not use E-mail if you are having a difference of opinion with the other person. It
is very easy to come across as curt or uncaring in an E-mail message. Schedule a
meeting with the person or pick up the phone.
3. Scrutinize the tone of your E-mails. Recognize that the receiver cannot hear your
tone of voice and may not spot irony or humor.
4. Don’t put anything in an E-mail that you wouldn’t want to read on the front page of
the newspaper or while sitting on the witness stand.
5. Be wary of forwarding E-mails unless you are certain that the sender would not
mind if the message were forwarded. I’ve received forwarded E-mails that contained
some rather personal comments in addition to the business content. I doubt if the
author of the original message wanted me to know about her family situation.
6. Do Not default to “Reply All”
If it's good to reply, it should be better to reply to all; right? Yes, it is — but only if the
reply is really important to all the recipients. How often is that the case? Have you,
conversely, ever seen somebody reply to all by embarrassing mistake? That's why
it's best to use Reply to All cautiously.
7. If you want an E-mail to be regarded as urgent, then label it as such. Regard nonurgent messages the same way you’d regard regular mail and don’t expect a reply
within hours.
8. Beware of using text messaging abbreviations with people who might find it to be
unprofessional, confusing or abrupt. I recently received an E-mail from a customer
service department that was written in “textese.” I thought it was funny but not everyone would have that reaction.
9. Unless the person is on the other side of the world, the fewer messages, the better. If you need to communicate so much with someone who is just down the hall, go
see the person.
10. Beware of rushed messages. Those are the ones you are most likely to regret.
11. Forgive notes that seem unpleasant or out of character. We all have days in
which we need people to cut us some slack. Unless it is extreme, don’t let one note
ruin a relationship.
Page 7
Hosted by Pastor Herbert Carey
Time Change
Every Friday from 7-8 p.m.
Conference Access Number is 1-567-704-0264
Conference Passcode is 897700#
You will receive instructions once you have accessed the prayer line.
November 29, 2014
Special Guests this week on Prayer Line:
Deacon Flavors—Prayer Leader
Rev. Ken Curl—Words of Encouragement
High School Seniors would you like assistance searching for College Scholarships?
Attend the Scholarship Workshops
November 28th, 2014
2nd and 4th Friday
MLK Learning Center
2:00 pm—3:30 pm
Contact Person: Ms. Gila #425-533-6856
Page 8
Flap Jake Pancake Breakfast
Sponsor by
Youth Department
Date: November 29th, 2014
This Saturday
Time: 8:00 to 10 am
Location: Applebee on
Grady way
Come out , we need your
Youth Department
Thanks You
Page 9
Online Giving
You may now pay your tithes/offerings online with your debit card
through Pay Pal. Simply go to the churches’ website and click on the
Online Giving Tab and you will be directed on how to give your gift.
Lost and Found
Are you missing any items?
We have several items in the office that are missing
their owners, please check with the office to see
Health Education Ministry
Mrs. Angela Youngblood graciously volunteered her services in ministry for the
Lord under the newly added Health Education Ministry. If YOU would like
to work with Angela in getting something started for MLK in the way of a
Health Education Ministry, this would be a huge blessing to our aging congregation!!!! Angela’s email is [email protected]
Thank you all for allowing the Lord to use you in service to His people. May
God forever bless you!
Page 10
Advent Program
Our Advent program starts on Sunday, November 30, 2014 and ends Sunday,
December 21, 2014. We need four families for the readings. If your family want
to be involved, please contact Deacon Carl Vinson 425-235-0082.
Blanket Drive for the Homeless
It’s getting cold outside !! - We are in need of Clean Blanket & Sleeping Bags.
Contact persons: Jeanette Frazier 206 -722-0785 or Barbara Jenkins 253-852-5399
Make arrangements for drop-off. Please do not leave blankets at the church.
Christian Education Announcements
Santa’s Secret Shop is coming to MLK
Saturday, December 6th 1pm-4pm
Sunday, December 7th after services
Where: The Education Center
Start your holidays early, join the cake extravaganza!
Join us in helping our children learn the joy of giving to family, friends and others.
Education Center/Library - Please Place Your
Request for Use of Center/Library On Our
MLK Calendar (Meetings & Special Programs)
Thanks for your continuous Donations/Support of the
MLK Library and Ongoing Use of the Education Center.
Woman with a Purpose Announcements
WWAP are collecting donations for the Bridge Project. The program is in need
of your support to help the young women as the cold winter season approaches
us. We are asking that you help us with donating the following items: Scarves,
caps/hats, socks, gloves. They are also in need of toiletry items. We are asking
everyone to make a donation to support these young women.
Page 11
The 2015 Nomination Committee is looking for committed, willing workers to fill the following positions.
Trustees (2 positions) (3 year terms)
Trustees have the responsibility for maintaining and improving the church property, the handling of funds according to church budget and church authorization, and the buying and selling of property according to church
Treasurer (3 year term)
The Treasurer, provides for the banking and dis-bursement of funds in keeping with the church's orders.
Assistant Church Clerk (3 year term)
The Assistant Church Clerk, assists the Church Clerk in keeping all legal records, the min-utes of all congregational
meetings, an up-to-date membership roster, and writes letters of dismissal to other churches. The church
clerk should be one who respects details, who has a sense of history and a regard for the careful recording of
that history.
Superintendent Sunday School
Assistant Superintendent Sunday School
Duties include promotion, superintending, training, recruiting and improving the Sunday School.
The enthusiasm of the superintendent should be apparent in his/her efforts to make the church and the
community aware of the activities and accomplishment of Sunday School. Also responsible for VBS.
Youth Coordinator
Assistant Youth Coordinator
Work closely with the Pastor and Christian Education Board developing and implementing programs for
the youth of the church.
Board of Christian Education (12 positions)
This Board has the task of supervising and administering the entire education program in the church.
For more information about these positions, please see members of the Nominating Committee:
Rev. Ken Curl, Deacon Bobbi Sims and Deacon Annie Smith.
Page 12
Page 13
Little Spirit Ensemble
Rehearsals 1st & 2nd Saturday
@ 12:00pm
Youth Coordinator:
Treasure Robinson
Assistant Coordinator:
Elenora Northington
AGAPE Youth Choir
Rehearsals 1st & 2nd Saturday
@ 1:30pm
If you have any questions please
contact Sis. LaHoma Thomas
Youth Service is held on 1, 3, & 4th
Sundays during 11:00 a,m. service.
Believe Mime Team
The vision of BELIEVE Mime Ministry
(BMM) is to spread God's word throughout the community!
Our mission is to minister to the other Christians and non-believers and tell them all of the
wonderful things about Jesus Christ as we
bring this non-traditional art of Miming into
God's house to spread his word on every
occasion we get.
If interested, please call Deacon Rose Filgo
(Mime Team Coordinator) 425-204-6062
Page 14
Let’s keep the church secure
by following
these simple instructions:
 Only people who have been assigned both a key and a key code have permission to open
and lockup the church.
 If you feel you need a key please see me or Deacon Carl Vinson.
will be honored.
Not all requests for keys
 Please have your key code readily available when opening and locking up the church.
 Check all doors to make sure they are closed.
doors to make sure they are properly closed.
This may involve opening and closing some
 Always make sure the kitchen door to the outside and all the Fellowship Hall doors are
 Make sure you set the alarm when you leave.
then go silent.
The alarm will beep a series of times and
 Please do not give your key or key code to someone else.
If you should have questions or concerns regarding these instructions and/or need training on
how to work the key pad please contact me at (425) 443-2875 or in person. Remember we
should treat the church no different that we treat our homes (i.e. safe and secure).
Minister Ken Curl, President Trustee Board
Page 15
Pastor Carey & Diane Carey
Youth of MLK
College Students
Barbara Clark
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Mother Versie Hill
Sis. Princie Smith
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