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Worship & Study
Sundays worship at 9:30 am
Advent Wednesday Evening Soup
Suppers & Study 5:30 pm,
Worship 7 pm 12/3, 12/10, 12/17
Church Council meeting
Sunday 12/14 at 8 am
Christmas Potluck
Sunday 12/21 at 11 am
Christmas Eve Worship Services
5 & 11 pm
Christmas Day Worship Service 10 am
Wishes for peace and joy
from your pastor at Christmas!
1420 Cordova Street
Anchorage AK 99501
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Dear partners in ministry,
People who are searching for answers to life’s
impossible questions often accuse Christians of
being naïve, unaware of the harsh realities of the
world around us. How could God let these things
happen, we hear from the skeptics? We have no
answers. We have faith.
No, we don’t ignore the harsh reality of life, we just
know by faith that one day God will make
everything right. That is the hope of this holy
During this holy season of Advent, we listen to the
voices of the prophets who dared to ask the same
questions so very long ago. The beautiful hymns of
the Advent season remind us of God’s presence in
times of trouble. In the midst of famine, weariness,
and despair Isaiah still had the faith in God to
reassure the people that God sends them words of
comfort (Comfort, Comfort, My People). He tells
them to be patient, that one day they will, once
again, be singing God’s praises (Soon and Very
Soon, Glory to God in the Highest). We experience
this roller coaster of emotions when we listen to
Handel’s masterpiece, Messiah.
Your sister in Christ’s love,
Pastor Judy Wozniak
Merry Christmas to the children of Central
Lutheran Church! ‒ by Pastor Judy
Dear girls and boys,
The Lutheran Church is a liturgical church. That
means that we have a certain structure that we
follow, a structure that dates way back to the
ancient church. We read 3 lessons from the Bible
Some things change but many things remain the
each Sunday, 1 from the Old Testament, 1 from the
same. That’s the big picture of history. While it
letters, and 1 from the 4 gospels. The pastor gets
begins to feel more and more like Christmas with
her ideas for the sermon from the Bible readings
snow falling, lights twinkling, carolers singing, and and tries to relate them to the lives of the people.
consumers spending too much money, we cannot
The music, the hymns, the prayers, and the
ignore the tragedy around us. People we love still children’s sermon all reflect the theme of those
struggle with cancer, drugs and alcohol continue to Bible readings. It takes good team work to make
plague our community, the homeless seek shelter this happen and a lot of people are needed to help.
from the harsh weather, and more people are
lonely and sad once again this holiday season. The A liturgical church follows the calendar of the
riots in Missouri are a sharp reminder that racism church year. The year begins with the season of
and other prejudices still infect our nation.
Advent (blue) and ends the long season of
Refugees around the world are dying from
Pentecost (green) with the finale of Christ the King
starvation. It is only natural to ask, “Where is God, Sunday (white), when Jesus reminds us that there
is hope for all of us. We are in the season of
Advent, the countdown to the birth of Jesus. We
Advent is the season that confronts this tension
light candles on the wreath to help us with the
between despair and hope, sadness and joy,
countdown. As the weeks go by we get more and
skepticism and belief. The child lying in the
more excited until we finally sing with the angels,
manger brings you the quiet contentment that
“Glory to God in the highest. Gloria in excelsis
comes with the gift of faith. Faith helps us
overcome all the bad stuff that threatens to bring
us down. How wonderful it is to have faith in a God Don’t forget that Christmas is all about Jesus!
who continues to comfort us, will never abandon
us, and who gets down and dirty in the muck of life. Your sister in Christ’s love, Pastor Judy
Bible Corner ‒ by Pastor Judy
Let’s keep it simple this year! This year on our
three Wednesday evenings in Advent, children and
adults will have an opportunity to share and learn
from one another as they reflect on the beginnings
of the four gospels. We tend to remember the
Christmas story as one big narrative. Let’s take a
look at how the different gospel writers recorded
their ideas about Christmas. You’ll be most
familiar with Christmas according to Luke. You’ll
find the Three Wise Kings in Matthew’s gospel.
John’s Christmas might make a good introduction
to a Star Wars sequel, while Mark begins his gospel
with the baptism of Jesus and ignores the birth
altogether! Let’s talk about it. Come for soup at
5:30 each Wednesday, December 3, 10, and 17, and
we’ll share our thoughts. The advent worship
service will begin at 7 pm those same evenings.
center in Washington State, during the winter of
1986. It’s a lovely setting of vespers following the
traditional form while using contemporary and
inclusive language. Many, many thanks to our
musicians Debbie Pankow and Holly (Emmel)
If you are interested in being a reader for Midweek
Worship, let me know ([email protected], 3381882). If you would like to attend Midweek
Worship and do not drive or are concerned about
driving in the winter, let me know and I will do my
best to arrange transportation.
We will resume our Thursday evening worship
schedule in the New Year.
Advent is Here!
Handel’s Messiah* is a familiar event scheduled in
Our Tuesday morning Bible study group arrives at
many cities around the world during the Christmas
6:30AM for just one hour to engage in a lively
or Easter holiday season. The fine Bible Study
discussion of various biblical books and other
series published by the Kerygma Program of the
topics. We are studying the book of Kings. All are Presbyterian Church, offers an in-depth look at the
welcome. (No gathering on Dec. 23 or 30)
biblical background to Handel’s oratorio. Pastor
Judy will present the Advent portion of the Bible
Our Wednesday at noon Bible study meets each
Study on the Sundays leading to Christmas as an
week for 1 hour in the Cordova Room to gain
adult class on Sunday morning. You do not have to
insight into the texts that will be read the following be a music expert nor a Bible expert to benefit from
Sunday in church. All are welcome. (No gathering this course. The schedule is as follows:
on Dec. 24 or 31)
November 30: Advent 1:
Comfort, Comfort My People
There are women’s groups that engage in Bible
December 7: Advent 2:
study throughout the year. I urge men to form one
Who May Abide the Day of His Coming?
or two, and maybe a young adult study and a
December 14: Advent 3:
couples study, too! Nurture your faith. It is a
For Unto Us a Child Is Born
precious gift.
December 21: Advent 4:
Glory to God in the Highest!
Midweek Worship
Watch for a course on Lutheran Basics next year.
‒ Sandy Mjolsnes, Synodically Authorized Minister
* Hear Central members and folks from our
In Advent, we will begin holding midweek worship community perform The Messiah here in Anchorage
on Wednesday evenings, sharing Holden Evening
on Sunday, December 7, at 2 pm. The performance
Prayer at 7 pm following our traditional soup
will be at West High School Auditorium at 2 pm, and
suppers at 5:30 pm. All ages are invited to dine,
tickets are available at the door: $10 adults, $5
study, and worship, on Wednesdays, December 3, youth, and discounts for large families are available.
10, and 17.
Learn more at
Central Seniors will meet at Central at 1 pm to
Holden Evening Prayer was composed by Marty
carpool to the performance, and then share a dessert
Haugen, a prolific liturgical composer, while he was afterward.
on sabbatical in Holden Village, a Lutheran retreat
I am a late-comer to Christmas Day worship.
own people did not accept him. But to all who received
him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become
children of God, who were born, not of blood or of the
will of the flesh or of the will of man, but of God. And
the Word became flesh and lived among us, and we
have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son,
full of grace and truth.
My mother's ancestors were Swedish, my father
adopted her family as his own, and Christmas Eve
WAS Christmas. It began with a simple family meal,
early in the evening. The family was not scattered in
those days, and my parents and grandparents and
uncles and aunts and cousins and brothers were all
there, crammed into my parents' living room around
the tree. The tree was always ceiling-tall and
covered with blinking lights and tinsel. We opened
presents one by one, so that there was no mad dash
that obliterated the joy of seeing each gift received.
And then the whole family went to Christmas Eve
worship. I remember the familiar carols, the
Christmas story from Luke, and singing Silent Night
in the darkened sanctuary, holding a small lighted
candle, one candle among many shining in darkness.
Brian Stoffregen comments, “the Christmas
confession of John's community... extends beyond a
baby being born and wrapped in cloths and laid in a
manger. It is the belief that he existed before
creation and he comes and lives among us
now.” (emphasis mine)
Frederick Beuchner writes:
“The Word became flesh …. Incarnation. It is not
tame. It is not touching. It is not beautiful. It is
uninhabitable terror. It is unthinkable darkness
That was Christmas the way it was supposed to be
riven with unbearable light …. You can only cover
done. When I married Ed there was some
your eyes and shudder before it, before this “God of
negotiation about when we were to open presents
God, Light of Light, Very God of Very God …. who
(he came from a Christmas morning family), but I
for us and for our salvation”, as the Nicene Creed
prevailed and we did it my way for many years. And puts it, “came down from heaven.”
I don't remember ever worshiping on Christmas Day
– until last year, when I was privileged to lead
I write these words on the first Sunday in Advent
Christmas Day worship here at Central.
and today's gospel from Mark exhorts us to “keep
awake.” Advent is a time to meditate on holy things,
The readings for Christmas Day do not necessarily and we might begin with the prologue in John 1:1include the Christmas Story from Luke – the baby in 14. What does it mean that Christ existed before
the manger, the shepherds, the angels we have heard creation? What does it mean that he is both true
on high. For many years here at Central we have
God and true man? What does it mean that he
used John's version of the Christmas Story at the
comes and lives among us now? Can we see these
Christmas Day service. This text (John 1:1- 14) is
words with new eyes in these weeks before
called the prologue, and is often described as “a
Christmas? What do our answers mean for the way
cosmic hymn.”
we will live our lives in the future?
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was
with God, and the Word was God. He was
in the beginning with God. All things came into being
through him, and without him not one
thing came into being. What has come into being in
him was life, and the life was the light of all people.
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did
not overcome it. There was a man sent from God,
whose name was John. He came as a witness to testify
to the light, so that all might believe through him. He
himself was not the light, but he came to testify to the
light. The true light, which enlightens everyone, was
coming into the world. He was in the world, and the
world came into being through him; yet the world did
not know him. He came to what was his own, and his
I invite you to Christmas Day worship this year,
knowing full well that for many of you Christmas
Eve worship IS CHRISTMAS, and that many of
you have never worshiped on Christmas Day in your
life. I look forward to preaching on John's Christmas
story again this year. And whether you worship on
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or both, I invite
you to ponder this text in your heart throughout the
Advent season. It contains many riches ready to be
unwrapped, gifts far more valuable than anything
under the tree.
Sandy Mjolsnes, SAM
The call committee is: Juliana Andrew, Larry Helgeson,
Sam Monroe, Nelson Priddy, Jonathan Reece
(Secretary), Judith Muller (Vice-Chair), Debbie
Pankow (Chair) and alternates Madeleine Bulkow,
Hedric Hanson, and Bonnie Kragt. Our Ministry Site
Profile will become public soon to potential pastoral
candidates, and we continue to ask for your prayers
throughout this process. Members of Central can bring
forward names of those to be considered for the position.
Those names, however, must go directly to Bishop Shelley Wickstrom at [email protected] or (907)
Call Committee
The call committee asks that you respect the privacy of the details of who is being interviewed. We can
discuss the call process with those interested.
Please reach out to any of the Call Committee members with any of your thoughts and concerns. While we
have been elected to carry out the interview process, we want to be sure your concerns are taken into
-- Jonathan Reece
Anchorage Thanksgiving Blessing: Thank you to
all those who donated
corn, green beans,
gravy, stuffing, and
cranberry sauce – we
achieved all our
collection goals – and
to all those who gave
their time and energy
on November 24 in
distributing the complete Thanksgiving meals to 1,325
local families.
LSSA Christmas Stockings: Central women made
and filled 70 Christmas stockings for the children of
LSSA clients again this year. Many thanks to
organizer Kay Zernia and all those who provided
goodies, donated book credit to Central at Title
Wave, and came to make and fill the stockings.
Christmas Potluck
Sunday, December 21, we’ll share a
Christmas Potluck immediately
following 9:30 am worship. All are
welcome; bring a friend and a dish to
share ‒ main, dessert, or side.
At the annual meeting on Sunday, January 25, 2015, we
will be voting on constitutional and bylaw changes to
our constitution. Some of these changes are required by
the ELCA, and some are recommended by the ELCA.
The council has also recommended some housekeeping
and cleanup changes, and some new changes. A copy of
the proposed changes can be found on Central’s website
at or
you can get a copy from the office. The changes have
been color coded to help you figure out whether a
change is ELCA mandated, recommended, constitution
or bylaw. The constitution and bylaw changes
recommended by council will have an effective date of
March 25, 2015.
Most of the major new changes (both constitutional and
bylaw), which were recommended by the endowment
committee, can be found in Chapter 21. There are two
philosophies on the use of endowment funds and these
committee recommendations reflect a change in
philosophy, so read them carefully. They apply to the
unrestricted part of the endowment fund.
If you any questions regarding these proposed changes,
please talk to Carol Norquist, 2nd Vice President.
Model Constitution Mandated Changes
-in effect after January 2015 majority approval
Model Constitution Suggested Changes
-in effect after January 2015 majority approval
Constitution Change
–majority approval in January 2015 with an effective
date of March 25, 2015 after approved by Synod,
ratify in January 2016 by 2/3 vote
Bylaw Change
– majority approved in January, in effect on March 25,
Submitted by -- Carol Norquist,
CLC Council 2nd Vice President
On All Saints Sunday, November 2, Central
welcomed Katrina Nordgaard and Madeline Maurer
as adult members of Central Lutheran through
confirmation. Pictured, Pastor Judy Wozniak, Katrina
Nordgaard, Heather Helgeson, and Madeline Maurer.
The Confirmation Youth are offering a Jar of
Thanks. Pick up a jar from the middle school youth,
and as you think of things that make you thankful,
deposit a coin. Coins may then be added to the Big
Jar of Thanks weekly at church -- donations will later
support a community service project.
Sunday School continues through December 14, and
resumes January 4 - May 17, with Pastor Judy and
friends offer confirmation class for middle school
youth (grades 6-8) on the first two Sundays of the
month. Heather Helgeson & Jonathan Reece
welcome high school youth for weekly Sunday
School in Room 1. Bonnie Kragt, Sharon Jones and
friends welcome youth ages 4 through elementary
school. Cheryl Demetz and friends welcome toddlers
to Winkie Bears - a Sunday School class just for wee
Current 7th - 12th graders, join Heather Helgeson,
and register now for the Youth Mission Immersion
Friday-Saturday, January 16-17, 2015. Info &
Eight youth, grades 8 - 12, have reserved their spots
at the ELCA Youth Gathering this July in Detroit.
Learn more at or
contact organizers and chaperones Jane Hanson,
Heather Helgeson, or Jonathan Reece. Donations
of airline miles or companion certificates
welcome to support youth travel.
Our greetings to all of our mission
partners this sacred season of the year
from the Kuwaa Mission. Christmas is
typically a season of the year for which
we give thanks to our friends, and the
Kuwaa Mission has much for which to
be thankful. Your support is at the top
of the list. Without your prayer and
financial support the Mission would
not have been able to accomplish what it did.
CHAL and the LCL (and the country) have been
recently blessed by the visits of Dr. Gisela Schneider,
** Due to space constraints, please read the rest of the Director of German Institute for Medical Mission
December prayer letter on the Kuwaa Mission
(DIFAEM). Dr. Schneider has made two short, highwebsite here. And now, a special letter on Ebola and impact visits to Liberia recently. We appreciate her
visits and the bold ways in which she has assessed
our programs and made recommendations.
Greetings from “Ebola-land,” soon to be “Former
Fear of the disease continues to impact the level at
which our medical institutions function. None of these
institutions is functioning at full capacity; but they
First, we are grateful for the prayers you offer on our are functioning. We are glad that they remain open
behalf. Thank you also for the many ways you
for the treatment of non-Ebola related cases.
continue to identify with us during these challenging
Dr. Allen Gobeh, the young doctor designated for
Curran, is still waiting for the Ministry of Health to
Although it is far from being over, a lot of good things issue him his letter of appointment. The Deputy
are happening! Some of you know that LCL has
Minister of Health for Administration and I meet
joined CHAL in their slogan: “Christmas without
today on the issue.
Ebola!” The positive things that we see happening
make us hopeful that we will achieve this goal! Again, We have had problems releasing the container from
you are helping in the process and we are grateful!
GHM because it has some expired materials.
Commerce has become very strict! Please make
Thanks to our partners around the world, the Ebola
certain that there are no expired materials on any
Treatment Units (ETUs) have increased significantly! shipments to Liberia.
At the same time, most of the beds in our Ebola
Treatment Unites (ETUs) are empty. There are fewer Thank you again for the prayers; thank you also for
outbreaks every day. There is evidence now that if we the partnership.
do what we ought, we can control the disease. This is *Rev. D. Jensen Seyenkulo, Ph.D.*
shown in the fact that the areas that were once
Bishop, Lutheran Church in Liberia
epidemic centers hardly report new cases today.
News of most new cases are coming from the leastThank you for your continued prayers
affected regions in the past.
and financial support.
The progress has not caused complacency so far; we
remain vigilant. Ebola has required us to streamline
all of our programs and we plan to keep it that way
for a long time. We continue to create awareness,
train and retrain, provide supplies, provide psychosocial help and do whatever we can to meet needs
and help the Ministry of Health fight this virus.
Donations may be given in two ways:
1. Make out check and send to: The Kuwaa
Mission: c/o Bethany Lutheran Church, 1340 8th
Street, Slidell, LA 70458
2. Go to the Kuwaa Mission Website at use PayPal to make a one
time or automatic monthly donation
Lutheran Social Services of Alaska
We have been truly blessed this past month of
November and for that we are grateful. The annual
Harvest of Hope Auction was held November 15th
and was a huge success and we were blessed to have
an amazing auction committee led by Lynn Boots and
Mary Dodge. Thanks to everyone who served on the
committee, donated, volunteered or attended the event.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s
Thanksgiving Blessing such a success. We were
blessed with thousands of cans of corn, green beans,
and cranberry sauce, and mountains of stuffing, collected by Anchor Lutheran School, First Christian
Church and our Lutheran congregations. Thank you
also to those who contributed financially and to those
who volunteered their time to help with set-up and distribution. Many thanks to Central Lutheran Church
for allowing us to host the close to 1,325 families we
served that day. And also, thanks to Joy Lutheran
Church for hosting this event in Eagle River.
also looking for people to volunteer during the event.
Volunteer shifts are on Monday, December 15th from
9am to 12:30pm for set-up and from 12pm to 5pm and
4:30 to 8pm. On Tuesday the shifts are 12pm to 5pm
and 4:30pm to 8:00pm. To learn more, please give
Sue at call at the LSSA office: 272-0643 ext. 10. You
can sign up to volunteer on-line by going to LSSA
website and following the link to the Salvation Army
website (reading online? click here).
Many thanks to all who serve at the Mobile Food Pantry each week in the parking lot of Lutheran Church of
Hope. Our numbers have remained strong with close
to 100 families even though the temperature outside
has dropped. A reminder to our volunteers that we
will have a MFP on December 2nd and 9th and 23rd
and 30th. We will not have a MFP on December 16th
because of Neighborhood Gift.
Last January, approximately 800 men, women and
children were served during the Project Homeless
Connect in Anchorage. We are asking anyone who
knits, crochets or sews to donate hats and/or scarves
for this project. If you would like to volunteer at Project Homeless Connect, please visit The date of Project
Homeless Connect is January 28, 2015.
Thanks also to all who donated Christmas stockings
for the children of the families we serve in the Food
Pantry. These stocking
with the Christmas story
included bring hope and
joy to our clients and their
children. It is not too late
to Soon you will have the opportunity to sign up for your
donate stockings as we distribute them through De2015 PFD and we ask you to please consider a charitacember 23rd.
ble contribution to LSSA through the Pick.Click.Give
program. In November, LSSA received $18,025 in
Christmas will soon be upon us and LSSA is collabo- contributions from 227 donors. Thank you to all who
rating with the Salvation Army, Marine Corps Toys
contributed in the past and to our future donors!
for Tots program and the Food Bank of Alaska and
Anchorage City Church to host the Neighborhood Gift God has truly blessed us and for that we are grateful.
program. This program provides many ways to share Joy resounds in the hearts of those who believe in the
the spirit of the season. First, you can purchase gifts
miracle of Christmas! Wishing you all the peace, joy,
and drop them at a Marine
and love of the season!
Corps Toys for Tots or a Salvation Army drop-off location. Together Caring for Others,
These are located in the various malls and stores through- Alan Budahl
out Alaska. We again will be Executive Director
using the Sullivan Arena as our Lutheran Social Services of Alaska
distribution site on Monday,
1303 W. 33rd Ave., Anchorage AK 99503
December 15 and Tuesday,
December 16 from 1pm to 8pm both days. We are
Have you heard about the
Little Free Library? Coming
Coming Events
soon to Central, and the first
in Fairview, will be a tiny
Coming Events lending library for our
neighborhood. How can you
Central Seniors, your next Golden Opportunities are help? Ask Anna Bryant and
attending the afternoon "Messiah" performance at
learn more. What are these
West High School on Sunday, December 7 (carpool
Little Free Libraries? Read up
will meet at Central at 1 pm), followed by a dessert get at
-together; a special music performance by the Central
Little Free Library
seniors; a lunch potluck and planning gathering on
Monday, January 12 at noon; and Saturday, January
17, we’ll see silent film "Steamboat Billy" with the
Can’t get to Church this week? Need a quick pick-meAnchorage Symphony Orchestra accompaniment.
up? A few local ELCA Alaska Synod pastors are
Tickets are $32 and will have to be paid for in
creating weekly 10-minute worship services and
advance, again, so that we can buy the tickets in a
posting them online at http://
group. Please have your money to Dave Hillemeyer Or, you can subscribe
by Dec. 5. We went as a group last year for a Charlie to the 10W emailing list by texting 10W to 22828.
Chaplin double feature and it was hilarious--and well Many thanks to: Pastor Daniel Bollerud, Pastor Julia
worth the money. Future: Family Camp and
Seymour, and Pastor Martin Eldred!
Valentine's Day lunch or dinner.
Join in the United Way's 2015 Walk for Warmth &
Book Group is reading Stewards of Stories: Reflecting 5th Anniversary 5k and your efforts will help LSSA
on Tensions in Daily Discipleship by JoAnn A. Post, a and other local providers to provide utility assistance
former associate pastor at Central Lutheran in the mid to Anchorage’s needy. Choose the one-mile or the 5-K
to late 1980's. These are well-written stories about real course for Saturday, February 15, and walk, run, skip
people drawn from actual events--accounts that will
or jog to raise funds. Runners, Skinny Raven will
prompt thoughtful contemplation and conversation
provide a timer chip for those selecting the timed
among the faithful about saints and sinners in
course. Learn more or register now at http://
everyday congregations and situations. Questions at -- those registering by
the end of the chapters are meant to stimulate thought November 30 can register at a lower cost!
and dialogue and one reviewer felt that this book
would be a good read for congregations in the process Central Lutheran's local organizing team of AFACT
of searching for a pastor. We welcome all who read
(Anchorage Faith in Action - Congregations
Together) will meet next on Tuesday, December 9,
this book to join us on Monday, December 29 at 6:30
5:30 to 6:30 at church. New and returning folks
p.m. in the Cordova Room at Central.
welcome at this faith based community organizing
In your Sunday bulletin you’ll find an order form for group. Come learn what we do and how to make a
Christmas greens. You are difference in our community.
welcome to sponsor a
Sanctuary Christmas Tree Decorating: C’mon down
portion of the cost of the
and help to decorate the Church for Christmas! All
Christmas tree, wreaths, or
poinsettias. Poinsettias may welcome! String lights, hang wreaths, arrange
be taken home following the garland, hang chrismons on the Sanctuary tree, and
more. Saturday, December 13, at 9:30 am. Even
late service on Christmas
Eve, or donated for delivery better, let a member of Altar Guild know to expect
to a shut-in or a care facility. you, by RSVP’ing to the Church office, or Jean
Boecker, Sandy McKinney, Paula Zawodny, Sue
Tonkins, Helga Heulskoetter or Vickie Helm.
ELCA World Hunger prints by local artist Marianne
Wieland may still be available from Karen Voris. The
proceeds are given to ELCA World Hunger programs.
Coming Events
Central Lutheran Prayer Chain will sincerely pray for your needs, joys
and sorrows. Our prayer chain always welcomes new links. If you would
like to contact the prayer chain with a prayer request or become a part of
the chain, please contact Karen Emmel at 345-5709 or
[email protected]
Wayne & Sandra Johnson
Stephen Sylvester& Mollie Mathieu 12/13
Stephanie Birch
Kenneth Helm
Jonathan Reece
Judy Peterson
Heath Brown
Maxamillian Helgeson 12/5
Helga Huelskoetter 12/6
Molly Vandergon
Linda Padden
Torsten McDonald 12/8
Dahna Graham
Edward & Sandra Sanders
David & Marilyn Blumer
Grant & Sara Bryan
Brady & Stacey Nieder
Bryant & Amanda Lofgren
Michael Dale
Declan Preziosi Priddy 12/13
Mara Michaletz
Jean Ward
Leann Denn
Shayla Marshall
Julie Lucht
Gary Bergman
Edgar Preiss
Carol Norquist
Judy Hagler
Jennifer Thirlaway
Charles Coe
Bryce Sanders
Judith Wozniak
Josie Martin
Dick Friest
Allen Griswold
Michael Padden
Dusty Greene
Steven Jones
Mardell Kiesel
Sorry, directory updates are not posted in our online edition.
Members, please contact the church office for directory information.
Central Lutheran is praying for. . .
December ELCA Alaska prayer partner: Epiphany Lutheran Church in Valdez
Central members or close family of our members who’ve passed in the last year:
Marjorie Madsen (mom of Else Goltz), Joyce Suckow (aunt of Elaine Bergman), June Thompson, June
Shoemaker (sister of Ruth Rapp), Katherine Skinner (mother of Dixie Foley), “Sy” Aldrich Syren, Sceone
Grasse, June Hanson (mother of Steve Hanson), Elaine Dick, Viola Stansell, Helen Strusz, Sue Salas Peterson, Ryle Amberg, Mary Ann Lindbeck, Mera Lou Anderson (mother of Vickie Helm), Kenneth Foley
(father of Shannon Foley), Jeff Dusenbury (friend of Voris family), Henry Klapproth (grandfather of Kathy
Freeman), Adele Werner (mother of Linda Padden), Elaine Bergman, Kerri Hanson Krump (sister of Steve
Hanson), Bob Hawkins (brother-in-law of Jane Hanson)
Central Lutheran Church
Rev. Dr. Judith T. Wozniak, Interim Pastor
1420 Cordova Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
December 2014
Central Lutheran Church is Here for You! We want to include you in our prayers, arrange for pastoral
visits and announce information to the congregation, when appropriate. Please notify the church office
(277-1622) as soon as possible when:
 A member of your family or a friend dies;
 Hospital or home visitation would be a blessing;
 You or someone you know wants to plan a baptism or wedding;
 You or someone you know is ill or grieving;
 You move or change your telephone numbers or email.
Please contact the church office if your address has changed
or you no longer wish to be on our mailing list. Thank you!